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HD Passion HD Two teens sucks and fuck a dick
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Although I had been touching myself between my legs for some time, enjoying the way it felt, and the flashes it sent through me, it wasn't until the summer before I turned fourteen that I had my first orgasm, (although at the time I didn't even know what it was), just that it felt wonderful.I was in heaven, and from that day forward I couldn't come enough, or often enough.

I graduated from my fingers to the hand held shower head, to trying everthing from candles to carrots to even a cucumber. Although I didn't yet even know what my clit was, I knew there was one little tiny spot just above my slit that felt better than anything else.

Even though I loved the feeling of having something deep inside my pussy, it wasn't the same feeling as teasing my little magic button. It wasn't until half way through the summer that I discovered just how great it could be to do both at the same time. ((My middle finger on my right hand rubbing on my clit, while my left hand was furiously pumping something or other in and out of my pussy.

My early fears that something was wrong when my pussy used to get really wet and start leaking juice went away when Jennifer, (my official best friend), told me that that's what happens when a girl gets excited, and it's perfectly normal. (More on Jennifer in later chapters.) But for the rest of summer, Jennifer became my "sex ed" teacher. Although my age, she seemed somehow much wiser and more experienced. She's the one that explained to me that a girl's pussy getting wet was just like a guy's penis getting big and hard.the sure sign of exceitement.

PENIS!!! Although I had seen my dad's before, ( and my older brother Ricky's), usually coming out of the shower, I had never thought (or knew) that they would get big and hard when excited.

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I became infatuated with thinking about penises, penises getting big and hard, and started wondering what it would feel like if I could make a guy get excited enough to make his penis hard. Constantly thinking about penises, and penises getting big and hard made my masterbation sessions more and more frequent.lying in my bed, sitting on the toilet, standing in the shower.I just couldn't get enough, and just couldn't get the thoughts of a hard penis out my mind.

This is where my story begins. Chapter One: By age fourteen, my body had pretty much matured. At 5' 5" tall, I weighed only 102 pounds, but my breasts had filled out to a nice 36C. I had a little tiny waist, fairly long legs, and virtually no butt. (My brother Ricky (older at 17) used to tease me that I had "an ass like a ten year old". I had only a very fine wisp of hair around my pussy, and kept the reddish blonde hair on my head at medium length.

After my best friend Jennifer had explained a few of the facts to me, like my pussy getting wet being the equivalent of a guy's penis getting hard, I couldn't get the thought of a hard penis out of my mind. I began to pay more and more attention to the bulge in my dad's pants, and even more attention to my brother Ricky's crotch, always wondering what they would look like if their penis got hard.

I got to deliberately taking to try to time my bathroom entrances with their exits, always hoping to catch a glimpse of their penis. My first real rush came one night when my parents were out, leaving Ricky in charge of us at home. I had gone to bed fairly early, and as usual wore just a short filmy (almost see through) nightie, and a pair of skimpy panties. I awoke some time later needing to take a pee. As I started past the door to Ricky's room on my way to the bathroom, I could hear sounds of moaning and groaning coming from his room.

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I slowed and very quietly crept uo to his door and peeked through the open crack. My heart stopped and my pussy quickly became drenched. Ricky was lying naked on him bed, one hand curled around his penis, stroking it up and down. He was watching his TV playing a movie with two naked people actually going at it. I mean on the screen you see everything!! His penis, her pussy, everything. At first she was just stroking his penis, just like Ricky was stroking his, but then the guy put his penis in her pussy and started stroking in and out.

Everything was right there on the screen in plain view!

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I had never been so turned on in my life. My hand immediately found it's way under my nightie and inside my instantly wet panties, and I started stroking my soaking, dripping slit, mesmerized at the sight of Ricky stroking himself while watching the couple on the screen. My fingers left my slit alone and moved to my clit. I gasped at the contact and had to stifle a moan of my own. My finger started moving faster as I watched Ricky's hips start to buck up and down on the bed, and his hand started moving faster and faster.

I was so wet at this point that my pussy was literally dripping, and I was afraid the honey was going to start running down my thighs. I was almost there, very close to coming, when Ricky arched his back and let out a powerful groan.

Seconds later, his penis shot a burst of white cream right into the air, once, twice, then a third time! I couldn't help it.I gasped.

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Ricky's head jerked around, and I quickly ducked away and back into my room, terrified that he might have seen me. My heart was pounding as the seconds ticked away, but after a few minutes with no one pounding on my door, I decided I was safe and hadn't been caught. However, in those few earlier extremely horny minutes, I had completely lost sight of the fact that the original reason for getting up was to go pee, and now it was urgent.

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I slipped out of my door wand walked as nonchalantly as possible down the hall to the bathroom. I couldn't help but glance into Ricky's room on the way past as his door was now wide open. Not seeing him on his bed I just continued on and rounded the corner into the bathroom. Ricky was standing there, stark naked, penis in hand, peeing into the toilet.

My mind instantly flashed to the squirts I'd seen come out earlier when he was stroking himself, and I froze, momentarily paralyzed.

He tuned his head and growled, "What's the matter.never seen a guy pee before?" "It's not that," I stammered, still somewhat in a trance.

Fascinated and mesmerized by the sight of the stream flowing out the end of his penis, I managed to mumble "I just really need the toilet." He grinned.

"Wait your turn." The stream of golden pee flowing out of his penis slowed to a trickle, then stopped. Then, to my utter amazement, he proceeded to shake his penis up and down several times. "What," I stammered, "are you shaking it for?" He grinned again, "Gotta make sure it's all out so I don't drip." "Oh" I mumbled and blushed, hoping he had no idea how turned on I had gotten watching him pee, and then shaking his penis.

He finished, turned, and walked right past me, not bothering to even try to cover himself. Although my eyes were riveted on his groin, I couldn't help but notice as he passed that he seemed to be trying to stare a hole right through my nightie. That in itself gave me quite a tingle. I lowered my panties and sat on the toilet seat. But as I relieved myself, my mind kept going back to Ricky's penis, how soft and innocent it looked while he was peeing, and how big and hard and throbbing it looked when he was stroking himself.

And mostly the way it jerked when he squirted. I finished and went to wipe myself, but when the tissue rubbed against my clit I almost jumped right off the toilet seat.

I hurried back to my room, tightly closed the door, and jumped back into bed. It was only a matter of seconds before my hand found it's way inside my panties, and started lightly stroking the lips of my slit. As I continued, my breathing became heavier and my heart started racing.

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I could feel the juices running out of my drenched pussy, bathing my fingers and soaking my panties. My breathing became rather ragged as images flashed through my mind.Ricky holding his penis.the stream flowing out the end, Ricky stroking his penis while watching the horny movie, how big and hard it got while he stroked it, his penis tensing and then shooting the spurts into the air on his bed, his eyes boring through my nightie when we passed in the bathroom.

My fingers left my lips and moved up to my clit. The very first touch caused me to jerk, and as my fingers continued to tease my hot spot, my breathing soon turned into panting.

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My body was bucking as all the different images of penises kept flashing through my head, but the image that stayed with me as I started to come was that of Ricky trying to stare right through my nightie. My fingers moved faster and faster over my engorged clit, and bucking and humping I came. My butt lifted up off the bed and my pussy desperately humped at my fingers as spasm after spasm racked my body. I moaned quite loudly as my orgasm washed over me, and even though I tried to stifle the sound, the thought occured somewhere in the recess of my mind that anyone anywhere near my bedroom door would quite clearly hear my noises and have no doubts what exactly was going on.

When the last spasm subsided, I collapsed on my bed, still panting heavily, sweating heavily, but totally satisfied.


Until I heard the noise just outside my door. Slipping out of bed and tiptoing to the door, I pressed my ear against the wood, struggling to control my still somewhat labored breathing. Listening intently, I heard nothing at first, but then heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps retreating down the hall. Terrifed, I returned to my bed, certain that Ricky had been standing outside my door and had heard everthing, knew exactly what I'd been doing. That realization was bad enough, but even worse would be the embarassment if he knew, or even suspected that the images of his penis, and him staring at my nightie, were the primary causes of my arousal, and heated self pleasuring session.


As I started to doze off, I realized that my emotions were turning from embarassment and humiliation into kind of a quiet arousal. I remembered the sight of him stroking himself while he was watching his movie.

I rmembered the way he tried to stare through my nightie when we passed in the bathroom.

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My imagination started to wander."I wonder if he got turned on by listening to me pleasure myself.I wonder if he got big and hard again while he was listening.I wonder if he stroked himself.I wonder if he squirted again.I wonder how he would have acted if he could have actually seen me?" I sat bolt upright!

What if he had seen me? What if he COULD see me? Would that be a trun on? He tried to look right through my nightie. What if he could see EVERYTHING? As I laid back down, those were the thoughts foremost in my mind, and as I started drifting off to sleep, my plot starting unfolding in my mind.

(Plot to unfold in Chapter 2)