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Hot gay sex Eager Karl Jumps In For
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Written About life on a world that orbits the sun every 1106 days, thus ages are 1/3 what they would be on earth. I started to implement my plan at a parent teacher conference. Why was I there? well I'm not a parent, so I bet you can figure it out. And this is how it went. Melisa Teal had requested an earlier slot, but I had to give her the last one of the night, 7:30, for everything to work out.

"Welcome Melisa." I said shaking her hand briskly, "I'm Ms. Rogan, I'm so happy to finally meet you. Sorry it had to be so late." I lied.

"could you wait in the hall a few minutes Emily?" I asked. "Thank you" she said. I showed her to a small second grade seat. She had a curvy little bottom, and a perky set of 'C's, and a short cut on blonde hair that made her look cute and pixie like in a very seductive and contradictory sort of way.

Emily Teal was 7 and got most of her mothers good looks, with hair so blonde it bordered on white, but where Melisa was all of 5'4" with curves, Emily was tall for her age at 4'1" with long coltish legs. The small drop of 'potion' I applied to her hand went unnoticed, and I let it go to work.

Potion you ask? well, it's my own combination of Xanax, GHB, some hormones to cause a raging libido, and a few secrets I invented to induce a hypnotic suggestive state, the perks of an advanced degree in chemistry. It works quickly to cause a euphoric state with easy programming, and almost uncontrollable sexual urges. It works equally well on children, except the hypnotic suggestive state part, that only seems to work on adults.

After a few moments of small talk, she started do develop a glassy stare and become a bit fidgety. I grabbed my small brown bottle of potion, and walked around behind her, and applied a couple of more drops to the back of her neck, she either didn't notice, or didn't care.

While it went to work, completing it's job, I sat down in front of her, this time I brought the stool from the front of the room. As I sat, with the stool at her eye level, I made sure my dress rode up very high, having unbuttoned half the buttons down the center of the dress made this process easy. With the emerald green dress parted up well past mid thigh, Melisa first seemed to notice my legs, then was drawn to the lacy cuff at the top of my stockings clasped with the exposed ends of the garters.

She seemed to peer for something unseen, and there was a noticeable gasp of relief when I opened my legs several inches and showed it to her. "You are a naughty girl aren't you" I said to her.

"Yes" was the simple reply "You are now my property, do you understand?" I gave the first of many hypnotic commands. "Yes Ms. Rogan" she responded. "Good, now here is what we are going to do" And I went on to give her, her new programming. When I finished, it had been about 20 minutes, she had yet to take her eyes off my slit, hairless and pink it seemed to almost stare back it her, but I had never told her to stare at it, that was all on her own.

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"Do you like the look of my pussy?" "Yes Ms. Rogan, very much." "Would you like to lick it?" "Very much Ms." she said. Her eyes were glassy, and her voice breathless. "Very good then, give it a good quick lick, then we must be going" I told her.

I had barely finished speaking and she was lunging forward, on her knees and burying her face in my slit. She was no amateur, she licked it up once, found my rock hard clit, and started sucking on it like a baby on a bottle. I had to stop her before I came, I am NOT a quite cumer, and it's not always dry either.

We gathered up Emily, jumped in my car and headed to their house, where they lived alone. Melisa wouldn't take her eyes off of me, the lustful look was neither hidden or subtle.

At the house she continued to look at me like a future meal, and Emily thanked me for coming over. "Here Emily, You should try this perfume, it's nice." with that I sat my large bag of goodies for later down, and pulled the potion bottle out of my purse.

I put one drop on each wrist, and told her to rub them together. She did so and then smelled them, "Smells kind of oily." she said. "It takes a few minuted to warm up" I told her.

"Go ready yourself." I told Melisa, and she ran off to the bathroom with instructions to shower, shave and wait for me. Not long later, Emily was glassy eyed and seemed only in partial control of here head as she played on the living room floor. Thinking she was not being watched, I would catch her quickly giving her nipples a pinch, or rubbing her hand across the crotch of her jeans, not seeming to understand why. When Melisa emerged from the shower, I took in her body, her breasts were as perky as could be, and capped with smallish pink areolas, and lovely large red nipples that seemed to have ideas of their own.

"Wear this" I told her, and she dressed. Black stockings, held up by the garters of a lovely, lacy black merry widow that could do nothing to hide her spectacular tits, nipples unrestrained by the simple fabric. The panties did equally little to hide the freshly shaved pussy that was quickly creating a small damp spot. "Here." I said handing her the 5 inch black patent leather heels that brought her closer to my height. Her make up had already been done, a soccer mom meets high priced call girl sort of look.

"Now go get her dressed." I stated, and handed her a small bag of cloths as she rushed off. I waited impatiently for what seemed like hours, but was merely minutes. I removed my dress and let it fall to the floor, before picking it up and folding it. I stood in a emerald green corset, which cause my breasts to stand alert, nipples uncovered.

The tiny nipples at the end were nothing compared to Melisa's, but I liked them. The black thigh high stockings hung to defy gravity, leaving nothing to obscure the wax job Monique had done on my crotch. I put on my jewel green stilettos that were wholly inappropriate for a second grade teacher, close to 6 inches, and a metallic heel that made me almost 6'3".

She returned with the prize, Emily was wearing an outfit I made for her, the benefits of learning from a seamstress mother. A pure white merry widow of satin and silk, with the garters holding up stockings of equally pure white, that were still almost too big for her thin legs. She seemed more mature with the 4 inch heels in white satin giving some more womanly shape to her legs, it was only her absent titties that gave it away. Her prepubescent mound looked little different from mine or her mothers, and the potion had done it's work, with the engorgement of her labia causing them to protrude in an unnaturally erotic manor.

Her hair was pulled back tight i a high ponytail, and she walked in an unsteady manor, thanks to the heels and the potion. Her mother did her makeup, crimson lips, pink over the eyes, and she looked like an angelic little princess, something from the nightmares of Disney.


As she entered the bedroom, both of my girls were ready, and I would use them to my wishes. A couple of more drops of potion on Melisa, and she was nearly catatonic, something like a horny drunk, but with better motor control. Emily was simply confused, horny, and willing to do anything asked, but not really understanding what her own body was doing. I put mom on the bed, and told her to play with her titties for us.

She scooped each out in turn, and started to pinch and pull her nipples with abandon, as her legs spread without thinking. "Your mommy is sexy isn't she?" I asked Emily. "Yes." came a slightly horse reply. "Can I do that to?" She added "You can." I stated "Or I can help you." Slightly puzzled, she looked up and nodded. "Climb on to the bed, and get on your knees" I said. And she did without hesitation. I motioned her to the edge, and on the tall bed, her chest was right at my face.

The merry widow I made her had two small buttons in the front that held the top together, I undid them, and folded the silken fabric away to reveal two hard and perfect pink nipples, like her mother, hers were small in diameter, but with the nipples sticking out at least 1/4 inch.

I suckled each greedily, as if my life nourishment depended on it.

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She moaned as she put her right arm around my head, holding me firmly to left nipple. As I looked up, I saw she was watching her mother intently. When I pulled my self away from my new lovers breast, she stared at her mother still enjoying her own tits. She was laying on her side, pinching and rubbing her right nipple, and showed off her flexibility by using her left hand to bring that nipple up to her mouth, and nursed on it like a starving baby.

Her hair had flew across her face, and hung there as she looked through strands of blond, at me watching me suckle her daughter. "Melisa, do you think Emily is sexy?" I asked her. I had programmed her to do all I say, and be my sexual toy, but had implanted nothing about Emily. "She is, she is, so lovely" she stated, before going back to sucking herself. "Does she get you excited?" I asked, "Do you want her?" Emily was still dazed, and looked longingly at both of us. "I want her so bad." gasped Melisa.

"How long have you wanted her? How long have you thought about her?" I questioned. "Forever." was her simple statement. I was getting more excited by this, all this had nothing to do with me, Melisa truly lusted for her daughter. "Come off there sweetie" I told my little lover Emily.

I helped her to her feet on the floor, still unsteady on her new shoes, I steadied her. I sat on the edge of the bed, near her mom, and pulled her to me between my legs. I gave her a kiss, starting slow, and working slowly to engage her tongue to mine. He mouth was so tiny, and sweet. I pulled away from her slowly, and with a slight whimper from Emily, she forgave me as I brought her mouth to my right nipple.

She was awkward and a bit clumsy with it, but made up for it with eagerness. "So did you ever do anything about your lust for Emily?" I asked her mom, who couldn't take her eyes off her daughters mouth wrapped around my nip. "Yes." came the quick response, now using both hands on her now red nipples.

"When? and what did you do to our precious angel?" "When she was a baby, I would lick her pussy after a diaper change." "Did you enjoy it?

I asked "Did she?" Emily kept nursing, I switched her to left nipple, giving mom a better view. "I did, she did to.

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I took her cherry before she was 1, and I used to put her hand up in me." Mom confessed. "Do you want to do it aga.?" I didn't even finish before she answered an enthusiastic "YES." I liked knowing her hymen was already busted, I don't like doing that. "Melisa, you may now play with you pussy and your ass, but no clit, and no orgasm." I told her. She quickly buried her middle and ring fingers on her right hand deep in her pussy, as her left hand went around behind to tease her ass.

"OK sweetie, come around here." I pulled her off my nipple with a bit of a sucking sound, exciting mom even more, turned her, and sat her on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off the edge.

I went to my bag of goodies, the wet sounds of mom filled the room as she fingered herself rapidly, her middle finger buried in her ass now, legs spread wide for me to see all of it. Emily's long, silken covered legs hung from the bed, her head hung slightly sideways, watching her mom and rubbing her nipples through the silk.

They poked through proudly off her flat chest. I found and put on my strap-on harness, and snugged it up, located the dildo of choice, and attached it to the front. About 9 inches long, much longer then needed or usable on such a small child, it looked like a series of attached balls, starting at 1 inch in diameter, with the largest at only a bit under 2.

It hung slightly down, and the sight of it seemed to get mom even hotter. After locating my new bottle of Astroglide, I returned to Emily.

Her legs were spread wide, without me ever telling her. As I approached, I gave in to my urges, dropped to my knees in front of her hairless lips parted in front of my face her clit poked out beyond her lips, it was larger then mine.

I kissed her gently on her clit, and she brought her legs up and wider. I lowered my head lightly and gave a big tongue kiss to her sweet little pussy, and she responded with a moan.

Her tiny pussy was wet, and opened itself as far as it could for my tongue, and was still tight. I had never seen a child's pussy so wet, the lube was going to be unneeded. After eating my sweetie for several minutes, she almost came twice, but not yet, I stood to see her mother staring at her like a wolf looks at a deer.

She was filled with an animalistic lust that turned me on even more as she continued to fuck herself hard. Pulling Emily so her ass hung just off the bed, I lifted her legs, moved in between them, and she held her legs up and spread wide. I raised the dildo with my right hand, bringing it right to the opening of her pussy. The first, and smallest ball pushed in with some resistance. As I pushed, Emily moaned a groaning moan that seemed somewhere between pleasure and pain, seeming to love them both.

As the first ball moved through her opening, her pussy shut tight around it, and she let out a kitten like whimper of pure pleasure. I started pushing the second ball in, again she groaned a lustful groan, and then the kitten like whimpering moan as her cunt swallowed the ball eagerly. Next ball, another groan of lust, followed by the kitten moan. As the balls got bigger, there was more grunting in the groaning, but even at the fifth ball, she moaned lustfully as her lips shut tight around it.

He mom had stopped the hard self fucking now, she was just watching in a blissful euphoria. With almost 5 inches in her, I started to pull out, slowly. Again we alternated between a lustful grunting, and kitten like moaning, grunting, moaning, grunting, moaning. Her head lay back on the bed, eyes closed, her legs had fallen and hung from the bed.

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Leaving the first ball in, I started to invade her again. "Do you like this Melisa? Do you like watching me fuck your little girl?" I asked her mother.

"Yes, oh yes, fuck her." Came the simple response. Starting back, it was just as tight, and the grunting and groaning, followed by the lustful moaning continued with every ball. In 4, out 4, in 4, out 4, always leaving one inside her. Her tight little cunt never seemed to loosen up, and after about 5 minutes, I could see her little cunt lips getting bright red. With other plans, I started to pull out, from 5 balls in, groan, kitten moan.

4 balls, grunt, kitten moan, 3, 2. Her little slit was red and engorged, and still very wet and slick. As I started to pull the last ball out, she could tell what I was doing, the most surprising thing happened.

Two slender, stocking clad legs raised up, and I could feel silk of her stockings, followed by the satin of her heels on my bare ass. Then those slender, tiny little legs, showed remarkable strength, pulling me back in to her, faster now then before. The balls of the dildo disappeared faster, the grunting and groaning seemed to lessen, while the moaning became louder, but still very kitten like.

She took it all the way to five balls, twice as fast as I had done it. Then my angel brought her satin heels around front, and pushed me out just as fast.

Returning her legs to behind my ass, she pulled me harder again, swallowing the dildo in her bald little cunt faster then I thought possible, going past the 5th ball, engulfing number 6.

The moaning was louder, and faster, and more perverse and thrilling. I let her control the pace now, using her heels to push me out, and wrapping her legs around me to pull me back in. Soon we had 7 balls in her, and she was moaning almost constantly, and pulling me in harder and faster each time. 8 balls in, and about 8 inched in her tiny little pussy, I looked down as she pulled me hard in to her, and when the 8th balls popped inside her tight vagina, you could see a slight, but noticeable bump in her belly as the dildo pushed from the inside.

Out again, her heels digging in to my hips to make me go faster, the wrapping around my ass, thrusting me in to her harder then ever, all 9 balls, all nine inches, and a not so slight bulge in her belly. She looked up at me, blinked, "Fuck me hard, all the way in." I was taken by her statement, and I obliged. Out fast, and in hard, watching the dildo poke out her belly with every thrust. Mom had noticed too. As I fucked her baby, she reached a hand over, and rested it on her abdomen, so she could feel the distorted shape it took with every thrust.

no more then for or five more times after that, as I plunged the final ball in to her cunt, and ground my mons on her clit, she climaxed with an orgasm I have never seen the likes of before. Her body started to shake, her eyes rolled back in her head, her legs came up again, and her silken embrace around my ass held me in even tighter. She shook, and trembled so much I was worried for a moment.

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Then everything in her body relaxed. As I pulled the dildo out of her, it made a sucking sound so perverse and nasty I almost came.

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She lay there for a moment, cunt gaping open in a way unnatural for someone this age, and looking erotic and sexual in a, equally unnatural way. A whitish froth had developed and covered her normally bright pink, now red, pussy lips. "Her pussy is messy," I told her mother, "Clean it" As Emily lay half aware, Melisa scrambled off the bed, crawled on her knees between her sweet babies legs, as sit about licking every bit of her dilated cunt.

She licked and sucked her outer labia clean, then the inner. She spread her lips and licked deeply in her cunt. Reaching down, she put her hands behind her daughters knees, lifted and spread them as she stood. She then bent over and began to lick clean her ass, licking all the pussy juices that had flowed down the crack.

I had removed my harness, and grabbed another, smaller one equipped with a 8 inch, ribbed dildo in bright pink. "Do you want to cum?' I asked Melisa. "Yes, oh please yes." "Have Emily eat you to orgasm." I told her. She jumped on the bed, and without a moments hesitation, squatted down over Emily's sweet face.

She realized she was still wearing panties, so she reached down, and in one motion, tore the g-string from her pussy, a small amount of fluid dripped and poured from it on to Emily's mouth. She spread her cunt wide, and dropped forcefully on to her daughters face. "Suck my clit you little slut" she told her daughter. Emily had little choice, and in her excited state, moments after her lips touched her mother clit, Melisa was rocking in an incredible orgasm, similar to Emily's in intensity.

But the older woman added a steady flow of fluid from her slit, pouring on to Emily's face. As Emily seemed to be almost drowning, her mother was to involved in her own orgasm to an extent she didn't notice, I jumped on the bed, and pulled Melisa off her just enough so she could breath. Small threads of liquid streamed from her cunt, bathing Emily's face in a glossy glaze. As Melisa came back to her senses, she got off Emily, and sat beside her. "Clean her Melisa." I said sternly.

Melisa went to licking her daughters face until all traces her woman cum had been removed. "Emily," I said, "I need to cum now, would you like to lick me, or fuck me" holding up the miniature strap-on harness with dildo. Without hesitation, she sat up, grabbed the harness, and said "I want to fuck you." She fumbled with the harness for a moment, got it on, and I tightened it down good, with the inside clit rubber right on the spot.

I got on the bed and laid beside her mom, spread my legs wide, patted my wet pussy and said "come get it baby". then gave my hand to Melisa to clean my pussy juice off of it. My long, slender legs, more like Emily's then the lovely curves of my new slut Melisa, clad in black, came up, knees wide, as my pussy made a wet sound as it opened.

Emily crawled up on the bed, moved between my legs and stood on her knees. Walking on her knees closer, staring at my cunt, she brought the head to my cunt, and in one motion, drilled it all way in. I gasped, but her eyes never left my cunt. Before I was over that initial shock, she had it pulled out and thrust all the way in again, her tiny hips seemed to almost disappear between my thighs.

I wrapped my black silken legs around her and locked me feet in the small of her back, from here I could control her better. She continued to fuck me with a reckless abandon, I controlled her thrusts somewhat with my legs, while mom watched and fingered herself. I came in a moment, the sight of that little angel fucking me was just too much to take. I dropped my legs around her ass, pulled her in hard, as my hips bucked against her, my hands were pinching my nipples hard, until Emily replaced one of them with her mouth, and when she bit me, I screamed with an orgasmic bliss never before achieved.

My pussy flowed around the dildo, and soaked the bed. Once recovered, Emily stayed inside me, and I told Melisa to get my bag. After she returned, I told Emily to pull it out, and for Melisa to clean me up, and she did an excellent job, especially cleaning around and in my ass hole.

"Emily," I said, pulling the dildo off her harness, "You fucked me good, and I fucked you good," She nodded, "But your mommy needs a good fuck too." And then I pulled out a giant dildo, 12 inches, and 3 to 4 inches in diameter, and attached it to her harness. "Think you can fuck her good?" I asked her. "Spread you legs slut" was her only reply to her mother. "NO, get on your knees, I'll fuck you like the bitch you are." Melisa agreed all to eagerly, rolling over, up on her knees, with her face on the bed.

She then reached around with both hands, and spread herself wide for her daughter. "Spread your legs wider cunt." Emily scolded her mom. Melisa did as told, lowering her cunt to the level of her daughters plastic and rubber phallus. The dildo was much too big for Melisa, who hadn't had sex with anyone since molesting Emily as a baby.

I grabbed the lube, and lathered it up good, then put some on the mom-sluts cunt. Emily had no inhibitions, and started pushing the enormous dildo inside her mother, who's pussy resisted the intrusion. I worked Melisa's labia out wide, around the dildo to help, as Emily pushed harder. Melisa groaned loudly. She pushed with her arms, back against her daughters thrust, doing all she could to engulf the toy.

I rubbed her lips, which were stretched tight, and rubbed her anus, it was not close yet. Emily drew back a few inches, then thrust hard at her mom. Melisa screamed at the pressure, the dildo move a slight bit further. Another withdrawal, and Melisa, whimpered "no." but Emily thrust harder at the cunt in front of her.


Melisa screamed again, and buried her face in the bed. "Keep driving sweetie" I encouraged. Emily smiled and reached forward, grabbed her mommy's hips, and thrust with all her might. The dildo slowly forced it's way in, as Melisa cried a small set of tears. The dildo made it in two inches and stopped. "Keep going sweetie, she wants it all." I said "You want it all don't you Melisa?" "Yes, fuck me Emily, fuck me hard" Emily was off, driving hard, harder, driving that dildo in and out, soon five inches were gone, Melisa was groaning, panting, and moaning.

Emily drove hard and soon every inch had disappeared, and Melisa's belly distended just as Emily's had for Me. I held my hand on her belly, feeling the thrusts from Emily extend her abdomen. the thrusting was fast, and hard, and soon my hand was joined by Melisa's, who seemed to get off on feeling her own belly distorted. My free hand soon found Melisa's anus, and somehow buried itself in it, I could feel the dildo through the walls, savagely fucking her soon to be worthless vagina.

Moments later, Melisa came hard, such a little slut. She came violently again, bucking and thrusting back at Emily, and a flood of fluid poured from her cunt, splashing down on the bed. Emily pulled out the dildo with little concern for her mother, Melisa cried out, and Emily smiled. "Clean the bed Melisa" I commanded.

And Melisa spun slowly, and began lapping at the puddle of girl cum, urine, and traces of blood like a dog. Emily and I watched for a few minutes, then left her to clean up. Emily tapped me on the shoulder. "Ms. Rogan." "Yes Emily," I said as I bent down to her. She brought her mouth to mine and kissed me, the lovely taste of her mom's pussy still on her breath, pinched my right nipple gently, and then we went for ice cream.