Indian Bengali village bhabhi sex video Wowmoyback

Indian Bengali village bhabhi sex video Wowmoyback
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MY NAKED DOPPELGANGER I have never shown much interest in science fiction and all that futuristic stuff. Life on other planets all alien to me! Couldn't resist that - sorry! But honestly, time travel, alien invaders, other dimensions etc etc have always seemed impossibility that is really not worth thinking about. That is until three weeks ago! I work as a doctor's receptionist in a small surgery in my home village of Darkwood.

I have lived here for the whole of my thirty nine years to date and even bought houses in Darkwood for both of my marriages. Almost everyone knows me, particularly since I took on the receptionist role at Doctor Blackwood's surgery in Conduit Street.

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I have worked there for five years now and find the work extremely satisfying and enjoyable. There are five of us working there. Doctor Andrew Blackwood our boss our good looking boss, same age as me and a fellow pupil when we were at grammar school. Helena Blackwood his equally attractive wife who works in the office doing all the paper work, and fills in for me as receptionist when I am not there. Gillian Menzies the practice manager.

Rhona Dickinson practice nurse. Diana Smart telephonist, filing clerk and general office worker, and finally Tom Smart the gardener and general factotum.

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It was a Wednesday three weeks ago. I kissed my husband Richard goodbye about ten minutes to nine in the morning. He would normally be at work himself but he had taken the day off to catch up with creosoting the garden shed and fencing. The surgery was only a ten minute walk away as I left the house. Elaine our next door neighbour was brushing her front step and greeted me as I passed.

"Off to work Tania?" she asked chirpily "Nice day for it!". "Sure is Elaine" I replied, nodding towards the lovely morning sun. "Morning Mrs Daniels!". Greeted Mr Thompson at the corner shop as I passed. "Morning Mr Thompson" I replied happily. I nodded and greeted several more fellow villagers before arriving at the pedestrian crossing outside the ironmongers opposite the surgery. "Good Morning Tania!" Came the dulcet tones of George Toon, from inside the shop.

"Hiya Tan!" Yelled Jim Winthrop, his twenty year old assistant. Both men were in Richard's snooker team at the local conservative club, and I had spent many an hour drinking and chatting with them as the dreary process of a snooker match dragged through the hours. I crossed the road and walked round the side of the surgery to the main door.

I stopped dead on my tracks as I was confronted with not ONE main door - but an identical door to the side of it! The only difference seeming to be that the door knob was on the left of the door on the one to my right, and on the right of the door on the other. I tried the door that looked the most familiar with the left hand knob. It wouldn't open. I tugged at the knob but it was in vain. I then pulled on the knob on the other door and that didn't come open either.

I then decided to turn it and push - it surprisingly then opened inwards, not outwards as normal. I shook my head, puzzled by this apparently strange happening, and went in. I pressed in the door code of the surgery reception and walked in. "You are late Tania!" snapped the practice manager Gillian "Get your clothes off before Doctor Blackmore sees you; you know what a stickler he is for you being naked before the first patient arrives?" "Take my clothes off?" I murmured almost incoherently "…being naked?".

To say that I was confused and bewildered would be an under statement as I sat down on my receptionist's chair and stared vacantly at Gillian. Nurse Rhona looked at me. "Are you with us Tania?" she enquired with genuine care. I shook my head to clear it.

"Will you please get yourself undressed Tania?" Gillian snapped again "You are being paid as a naked employee, so get your kit off and do what you are paid for!".

"Naked employee…?" I murmured quietly, and looked around to see if I was in the right place. Rhona was sitting by the photocopier writing in the event book. She looked different in some way but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I noticed - she was writing with her right hand, when I knew she was a left hander.

I looked across at Gillian. She too looked different. I surveyed her for half a minute before realising that she too was writing with her left hand instead of her normal right. I then looked through into the main waiting area and stared in disbelief. There on the wall where the photographs of the surgery employees were displayed was a photograph of me, twice the size of the other photos, and I was completely naked!

Above the photograph were the words:- TANIA DANIELS. OUR NAKED EMPLOYEE. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I blinked and looked again. Sure enough! There was I in all my naked glory. Totally full length and full frontal nude! I got up and went to the reception counter to get a closer look. Yes it was me alright! For there under my right breast was the small mole that I have often wondered whether to have removed.

Just a minute. Surely the mole is under my left breast? I stared vacantly at it. "Tania!" yelled Gillian in complete exasperation "Get your bloody clothes off!". "OK!" I replied in a daze "sorry". Without further thought I just obeyed, and almost robot like began to undress. I unzipped my dress and allowed it to fall to the floor.

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It was a warm day and so I only had bra and pants on underneath. I unhooked by bra and allowed my full mature breasts to spill from cover.

I absentmindedly dropped the bra into the waste paper basket. I sat on my chair. I lifted my left breast to view my mole. It wasn't there. In trepidation I lifted my right breast. Sure enough - there it was! "Knickers!" yelled Gillian in a higher decibel range "Get 'em off!". I smiled weakly at her and stood up. I eased my pants down and stepped out of them. "That's better!" Gillian remarked in a calmer voice "now get into Doctor and let him check you over!".

I walked zombie like from the office but stopped abruptly on seeing the information sheet - headed 'Official Naked Employees rules'. I read, with growing interest, the rules and information regarding my apparent role. An EU ruling the previous year had made it legal for businesses that dealt direct with the public to engage ONE employee who would work totally naked - being classed as an official 'Naked Employee' with legal rights to be naked 24/7 both in work and in the public domain.

It was not a legal requirement for businesses such as shops, doctors and dentist surgeries, filling stations etc etc to comply with the requirement, but those that did were allowed to claim 50% of their taxable profits back from the exchequer.

Apparently Doctor Blackmore had made the surgery compliant in order to get this not insignificant rebate. How I had been appointed as the surgery's naked employee was a mystery. On further thoughts I naturally assumed it was because I was the best looking female there.

However, by checking with telephonist Diana afterwards, I discovered it was because no-one else had wanted the job, and that my exhibitionist nature had been recognised.

Also, apparently, I had pleaded for the role which doubled by wages! With the full facts now explained by the notice I walked more confidently into Doctor Blackmore's surgery. He looked up from his desk, glanced at his watch, and gave a grunt.


He beckoned me to stand in front of him. He placed his hands on my hips and turned me round to survey both my front and back. "Not bad Tania!" he quipped "Not bad at all - I think we definitely chose the right girl! However…!". He stopped and picked up a comb from his desk. "You really must consider having these pubic hairs removed!

They are almost hiding your vagina from view!". He proceeded to comb my pubes away from my cunt so as to bring my labia into full view. He then licked his fingers and ran them around the full extremity of my cunt lips.

He then stepped back to survey the improvement. "That's better!" he smiled "now the hunter can see the rabbit! Try and keep your labia wet like that Tania. Looks much better glistening in the light. Very well, get back to work". I turned to go "Oh, by the way" he whispered "put a spot of rouge on your nipples love; it will make your breasts look even lovelier!". I returned to the reception office where Gillian was waiting with a wad of prescriptions in her hand.

"Been passed for muster then Tania?" she giggled "I see he's cleared the forest from your pussy!". "Yes, and seemed to enjoy doing it to" I snapped "wants me to rouge my bloody nipples too!". "Hmmm! Maybe a little" Gillian replied "but don't overdue it and look like a tart".

"The courier from the chemist is ill and they want you to drop these scripts round to them in the high street". "OK" I replied, happy to be able to get into the fresh air. I went to put my dress on. "Naked!" snapped Gillian "We don't pay you double to go out dressed!". I recalled the bit on the rule sheet regarding 24/7 nudity, and shrugged. I didn't mind. In fact I was looking forward to legally walking naked in the street. I applied a touch of lipstick to each nipple, surveyed myself in the mirror, and prepared to leave.

"I bet Jack will be pleased to see you again" giggled Diana. "Who is Jack?" I queried. "The door security supervisor at the pharmacy" she answered "he is their naked employee". "A man is a naked employee?" I asked in amazement.

"Yep! Thankfully we can't have sexual discrimination in these enlightened times". I left the surgery and crossed the road. George was outside his shop arranging the pavement display. He turned and smiled naturally as I passed, totally unperturbed. "Morning again Tania" he grinned "nice to see you in your working attire". "Hi again Tan" shouted Jim as he ran from the shop top greet me and have a gander. I smiled to myself. This was lovely being greeted by people who had known me for ages - in this, my state of total nudity.


I nodded as several more people greeted and gave me the once over before I reached the chemist in the high street. I stopped in amazement as I recognised Jack standing outside the front door. He had his security hat on, together with well polished black shoes. Apart from that he was totally naked!

"Well you are sight for sore eyes and no mistake!" I giggled, surveying his nudity with more than a touch of surprise and delight. He had the biggest limp cock I had ever seen, hanging at least eight inches in its state of limp limbo. He was circumcised with a not inconsiderable light purple bell end to his gorgeous cock. "You are not a bad sight yourself Tania!" he replied, openly looking me up and down.

I noticed his cock twitch twice before starting to rise in complimentary erection. "I notice you are pleased to see me then?" I laughed, and watched as his dick lifted firmly upwards, filling out, thickening and lengthening as it reached full erection.

A crowd began to gather around us to watch as Jack, totally oblivious to the effect his enormous erection was having on the passers bye, smiled as he replied. "As you can see Tania, I am always pleased to see you. Are you going to help me out as you usually do?". I must have looked puzzled as my gaze moved from his eyes to his gorgeous erect dick. "How do I do that?". "Have you forgotten us fucking on the bench over there?".

"No!" I lied, grabbing him by his cock and pulling him to the bench he mentioned. I lay on the bench face up. I opened my legs wide. "You better get yourself in here" I grinned. The gathering crowd cheered as Jack knelt on the bench between my parted legs and slid his throbbing cock into my grateful cunt, and thrust hard inside me. "Ohhh yes Jack!" I lied again "I do remember. You get rid of that erection lad!".

Whether I was in the Fifth dimension or not. My own doppelganger or not. It didn't matter. Jack gave me the fuck of my life, which was made all the better by having a watching and grateful crown clapping in time with his thrusts into me.

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I now know what a football team feels like when the crowd is on their side, for I responded eagerly to their cheers and applause on each thrust into my eager cunt. To be fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen, never mind had hard up me, was made even more incredible with being in the open air, in the high street with an enthusiastic crowd watching and appreciating our expertise. Seeing our naked bodies entwined in sexual intercourse in an absolutely legal situation. Two naked employees, each fucking the other's brains out for both their own and the crowd's pleasure.

We seemed to fuck and kiss for ages. Yes Jack kissed me as we fucked. I love that. Always seems so much more intimate. It must have been fifteen minutes later that the sexual sensations translated themselves into the erotic climb to the climaxes in both out bodies. My own sensations spread from my cunt throughout my whole body, enveloping my brain in a mind blowing explosion. Jack clung tightly to me, thrusting his dick deeper and deeper inside my naked body as his own orgasm began to reach fruition.

Faster and faster he thrust his awesome manhood into me until in a fantastic mutual climax we exploded. I clung tightly to him as I enjoyed my awesome orgasm, and felt his manly juices flowing deep inside me, spurting his live giving sperm into my grateful throbbing cunt. Paradise! Our mutual feelings for each other began to subside and his cock started to diminish in size while still inside me.

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I smiled at him and gave him a final kiss on the lips as he pulled his dick out of me, and I watched it become limp before my eyes. The other employees from the chemist were on the pavement cheering along with the rest of the crowd, and Jack and I regained our composure and stood accepting the appreciative applause from the enthusiastic audience. "Thanks for helping me out Tania" Jack whispered into my ear. "No problem - glad I could help" I replied with a grin.

We both looked down to see his penis regain it's fully flaccid eight inches. I nipped across the road to the supermarket toilet to clean up and empty myself before delivering the prescriptions to the pharmacist in the chemist. I then returned to the surgery. "Did Jack fuck you on that bench again Tania?" asked Diana. "Yes Diana, it was gorgeous". "I wish I had been brave enough to apply for the naked employee job".

"I'm glad you didn't" I replied honestly. At three o'clock I was left alone to run the surgery section, as everyone apart from Rhona and Doctor Blackmore left for home. I enjoyed the patients looking at me and appreciating my nudity, particularly the male patients. Due to Doctor Blackmore's previous insistence on having my cunt on full show I tended to sit open legged to give it air and exposure, after first ensuring that no straggly pubes were covering venturing over my labia.

Labia still lovingly wet and still glistening from Jack's manly juices. The practice nurse and the last patient left the surgery as I tidied the magazines in reception and Doctor Blackmore came out of his surgery.

"Another day over Tania, you beautiful naked creature" Have the patients enjoyed seeing your body today?". "I sincerely hope so doctor".

"Now it's my turn" he grinned, and slipped his arms around me from behind. His hands cupped a breast each and he gently fondled them, before one hand slid down over my tummy and played the fingers through my pubes. I began to thrill to his touches, realising that this was probably part of my contract as a naked employee. A single fingertip ran around the circumference of my labia before plunging into my thankful cunt.

"What about your wife doctor?". "She knows the rules Tania. Your contract states I can fuck you once a day after the surgery is closed". "In that case I better lock the door and close up then". "Yes you better" he smiled, and watched as I walked to the door and turned the key. "You really do have an incredible body Tania - so very fuckable!".

"So it appears" I laughed "So it appears". Doctor Blackmore and I fucked for about twenty minutes before I tidied and emptied myself once again. The doctor left for home and I was left to lock up and set the alarm.

I bundled my clothes up into a carrier bag and as I turned the key outside something made me lift my right breast and look. The mole wasn't there! I looked under my left breast and there it was, exactly where it should have been. A wolf whistle from a passing youth made me realise that I was back in my own dimension. I shrugged my shoulders in my disappointment and emptied the carrier bag. I hastily donned my bra, pants and dress.

I crossed the road to see George locking up the ironmongers. "Goodnight Tania. Another boring day over … eh?". "If only you knew George" I replied "If only you knew". He watched with a puzzled expression as I walked away down the road with a smile on my face.

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Maybe I won't be such a hater of science fiction from now on. I punched the air &hellip. "Yes!". "Did you have a good day darling?" asked Richard as I walked into the lounge. "One of us did" I replied with a giggle "one of us did!". "Eh?" he queried. "Never mind love!". I am wondering if I will ever see those double surgery doors again.