Meet and Fuck Your Rent is Due

Meet and Fuck Your Rent is Due
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Faith, the New Student This is a 2nd version to an earlier story titled Jay and Faith. (chapter 1) This is meant for a girl to read, as it is 2nd person.

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Guys will not like it. It came from an actual dream I had after texting a pretty young lady on kik.

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So I woke this morning and my dick was rock hard from a dream I had. It was about you.

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After I woke up and remembered how hot the dream was I replayed it in my mind as I stroked off my cock. It felt so good to have my hand around it thinking about what my dream was about.


The dream was like this. I was teaching class and a knock came on the door. I opened the door to my surprise it was the assistant principal with the new student, you.

I froze for a minute making sure that my mind was playing tricks on me, I regained my composure, told you to come on in, and welcomed you into the class. It was an open seat at the front of the classroom, you found the seat in the classroom and sat down and I went back to my desk and sat down.

I knew it had to be you. I will never forget your body from the pictures you gave me on kik earlier during the summer.

You were in a hot bikini and your legs and beautiful body were etched into my mind. I continued to teach the class with my mind that was consumed by this new found surprise. I kept glancing over at you while I was teaching. You had on a short skirt that showed off your long sexy legs.

After I finished my lecture I went back to my desk and sat down. I had my phone on my desk and got a kik notification from Faith. I knew then that it was you.

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It was a simple message that said "hey Mr. Wells" with several emoji's that were suggestive in nature. I texted you back with more sexy little messages and send one saying "you need to stay after class for extra help".

I looked at you across the room and you were smiling at me. You opened your legs wide under your desk showing me your pair of pink lacy panties teasing me.

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You moved your hand down between your legs and began to play with yourself under the desk where only I could see you. In my dream my dick began to get hard from watching you. I could feel it pressed against my pants.

I had to reach under my desk and in my pants to adjust it. Class went by quickly and the bell rang for the end of the day.

Everyone left but you, you stayed behind to see me. We briefly talked about how surprised we both were and you told me why you moved from Washington to Florida. You leaned up against me at my desk. I could feel your soft beautiful body against mine. Then you asked me "do I still get that extra help me Wells?" I gently picked you up and sat you on my desk.

We began kissing as I held your body in my hands. I felt your tongue enter my mouth and I began to explore your body with my hands. I grabbed your breasts and squeezed them I went down under your shirt and found them again. I pulled your bra up and over your nice sized tits and began to caress them. I felt your nipples in the palm of my hands. I moved my hand downward, down your tight tummy a between your legs and up under your skirt.

I felt your thigh and worked my way to your pussy. I could feel the dampness of your panties from where you had been teasing me in class. I made it worse and rubbed your pussy outside your sexy pink panties.

Just then I realized that you had started to unbuckle my pants and you reached in and pulled out my hard thick cock. It felt so good for you to hold it in your hands. You began to stroke it and play with my balls more. I reached inside your panties with two of my fingers and probed for your fuck hole. It was so wet and my fingers slipped right inside your pussy. I began to finger you and work your pussy faster and faster.

I found your clit and pressed on it and rubbed it up and down and in a circular motion.

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I told you to lean back on my desk more I pulled your panties to the side exposing your wet and hot pussy. I knelt down on my knees with your pussy right in front on me I began to kiss it and lick all around it slowly.

I licked right up between your pussy lips and lapped up all your wetness. The tip of my tongue found your hood and pressed against your clit. I enjoyed myself for 5 mins then you said "fuck my pussy Mr.

Wells" and I stood up and rubbed my hard dick on your wet pussy lips and then slammed it deep inside you. "Fuck!" You screamed as I began to pump in and out of you. I held your legs up while we fucked and I played with your tits too. We started moaning more and more.

You wrapped your legs around me and squeezed me deeper inside you. I told you to turn around and I pulled out of you and you hopped off my desk and you bent right over it. I grabbed your ass and guided my dick back inside your wet fuck hole.

I remember looking at my dick and it was covered in your pussy juice. Dripping. We start pumping faster and faster again. Oh god it felt so tight. The base of my dick was slamming into your ass and my balls were swinging back and forth. After several more minutes you started to climax and moan even louder.

You made me get more excited thinking about you cumming with my dick inside you. "Yes!" You screamed as you slammed back pushing my dick deep inside you. I held you there as you released a flood of cum around my cock. I reached up and squeezed your tits and held you tight. I started feeling my cum build up and I told you I was gonna cum too.

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I pumped you a few more times and then you pulled my dick out of your pussy and got down and took my dick and held it in front of your mouth and began to lick and kiss it. It only took a few times of putting the head of my dick in your mouth before I let out a moan and shot several loads of cum on your tongue and on your lips.


I woke up from my dream with the biggest cock I have ever had and I have never had a dream that was hotter than that one. I wanted to type it up as soon as I could to remember it. As I read this back to myself I still am so hard right now and I am stroking my thick dick remembering every detail of my dream.

I hope you enjoyed my dream too.

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I wish it would become a reality. (to be continued. see Jay, Faith, and Friends, chapter 2)