Ripped ebony guy anal fucked after sixtynine

Ripped ebony guy anal fucked after sixtynine
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This is the tale of a young lady in her twenties who goes to confess her sins. The story contains graphic sex including groups. Please feel free to comment on my stories and all comments are valued, both positive and negative or feel free to email me direct with your comments or ideas for stories on [email protected] The Purple Dress Amy, dressed in a long black coat that was buttoned at the front pushed the heavy door open and peered into the ornate room.

As soon as she did the talking seemed to stop and a number of people all seated in a circle, in the centre of the room looked towards the doorway, to see what the interruption was.

Cautiously Amy walked in and closed the door quietly behind her before turning towards the group. A ginger bearded man with a kind smile stood up from his chair and smiled.

"You must be Amy? Please come in and join us!" He said and pointed to an empty chair just away from him. For some reason Amy suddenly felt embarrassed and very nervous. She shoved her hands, that seemed to be shaking deep into her coat pockets and walked slowly towards the group.

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There was silence in the room except for the clip clopping of Amy's heels across the wooden floor, the sound of which seemed to echo. Eventually Amy reached the chair and looked nervously around before perching herself down and crossing one stocking clad leg over the other.

Her blonde hair was in ringlets and curved delicately around her pretty face and she glanced up, her blue eyes glinting under the light in the room. "Would you like to introduce yourself?" Smiled the bearded man and once again Amy looked cautiously around the room wondering what they would think of her.

She felt her cheeks flush slightly and glanced down nervously at her lap. "Don't be shy!" Smiled another man. Amy wasn't listening. She was nervously playing with a ring on her finger and trying to tell herself to pull herself together.

Okay, she was ready now and looked up. She stood up, still with her coat tightly buttoned, ready to make a run for it, in case she needed to, and looked cautiously around the room at the ladies and men sitting around. "Hello!" She said "My name is Amy, I am 26!" She paused slightly then continued. "I, um, I am a slut!" She proclaimed, albeit timidly. "Sex addict!" The bearded man corrected. "Oh sorry, yes! That's what I meant, I am a sex addict!" Amy stated firmly feeling her cheeks flush once again as she looked around the assembled people.

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"Well done, Amy!" Said a voice from the other side of the room and others started to clap. "Yes, good for you!" Said another. Amy felt your cheeks flush and sat back down.

A man leaned forwards slightly on his chair. "Would you like to tell us why?" Amy nervously cleared her throat and peered around as all eyes were now on her. "I've been going with a guy for two years. Richie, my boyfriend! He says I'm his insatiable little slut, and I love that! Our sex life is exciting and we've enjoyed it in many unusual places.

He always encourages me to enjoy sex while I'm still young and has offered to invite other guys to join us to spice things up for me!" She paused before continuing. "But that hasn't happened. Well not yet anyway!" Amy allowed a slight smile to curl her lips. "As long as we enjoy it together, he's okay with anything I'd like to do and I love that about him!" Amy started to relax as she spoke.

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"It's never another girl, he just enjoys me having a good time and it always excites him when I'm having an orgasm.

With the idea of another guy involved we like talking dirty to each other and I love to tease Richie. It's exciting for both of us you see!" Amy looked around the room as if waiting for approval but none was forthcoming. "So what has brought you here today?" A man sitting in a white coat interjected and Amy looked across to see him. He was in his 60s with greying hair and a kind smile. "Well, Richie just loves seeing me totally satisfied. He always said it'll never happen but it would be his ultimate sexual fantasy.

Mine too!" "What would?" The Therapist asked. "To um…………………well…………&hellip.Last week, as a new experience we went to a swingers bar. I was unaware Richie had something arranged. He said it was a classy place." "What did you wear?" Said a female voice. "Well I wore a new purple dress that Richie and bought me." "Describe the dress!" The Therapist interjected.

"Well it's…………&hellip.!" Amy suddenly thought she didn't need to describe it. Instead she stood up from her chair and unbuttoned her coat allowing it to fall onto the floor below and stood in all her glory in the same purple dress.

"This is the dress!" She said proudly. All eyes were on her now and she could see the men, and some women running their almost hungry eyes up and down her body in the skin tight purple dress, that was clinging to her hips running down to mid thigh aswell as scooping low at the front exposing a generous amount of her deep cleavage. She sat down again.

"So I wore this dress and, um…& bra or panties. Richie said he wanted me to feel vulnerable and exposed!" "And how did that make you feel?" Amy glanced up to see the therapist was now asking questions to her over inflated 34F chest. He quickly diverted his eyes to her pretty face and Amy flushed. "Oh it excites me, knowing he is excited. And Richie can make me cum so easily and often!" Amy paused and sipped a glass of water. "Walking into the club we sat at the bar enjoying the music.

Almost immediately Richie had taken my coat and I was sitting in this dress. We noticed some of the couples dancing were getting pretty naughty with each other. I mentioned to Richie that I really liked this place. Then he put his hand between my legs and played with my clit. I was getting wet." Amy paused again looking around at her audience and noticed some men were fidgeting uncomfortably, their eyes devouring her exposed flesh caused by the purple dress.

The women too seemed to be edging forwards as Amy spoke. "Richie told me he could tell and hoped I would have a good time tonight! It wasn't long before a nice looking guy named Ian asked me to dance. I always loved older guys and he was older and hot. He saw what we were doing and Richie just smiled.

He said, 'if it turns Amy on, it's fine with me'. I felt a little like a piece of meat being offered to the first bidder. Walking to the dance floor Ian smiled when I saw a girl stroking a guy's cock.

I couldn't help pausing and watching him cum all over the dance floor. Ian could tell I liked the sight of that but I just smiled. What girl wouldn't enjoy seeing a gorgeous cock like that, it had to be at least 8 inches!

And it was such a turn-on watching him shoot his cum!" Amy smiled as she looked around the room noticing one of the girls with her hands now under her skirt gently stroking! "As we danced Ian was rubbing against me and I liked the feeling of his hard erection. He started touching my breasts and my nipples were so hard. He knew I was excited. I was surprised and even more excited when he reached between my legs. Well you can imagine, with no panties, he just helped himself.

I remember gasping. I was trying to hold in a loud moan as he slid his finger into my wet pussy. Sitting next to the dance floor his friends were smiling watching me moan and sigh as he finger fucked me. It wasn't long before he was making me cum!" Amy suddenly and quite unexpectedly felt her panties start to feel damp as her mind raced back to the events of the week before. "He didn't stop until the music did, then he walked me back to the bar. Smiling at Richie he said "she was definitely turned-on' and he thanked me for the dance.

Sarcastically I said we both knew the pleasure was all mine. I sat down asking my smiling boyfriend if he enjoyed watching a stranger finger fucking me in front of all his friends. He laughed softly and said he wasn't the only one that had enjoyed it." Amy paused for another drink and noticed some of the men now had their legs crossed hiding their obvious erections. "I went to the toilet blushing but was desperate for more and fingered my fanny until I came again while in the cubicle! When I returned, Richie was sitting with Ian and his friends.

He waved for me to join them. Walking over I noticed at the next table a girl was actually sucking a guy's cock. I couldn't help staring as Richie interrupted me with a smile and introduced me to Ian five friends. Blushing I sat down next to Richie. We were drinking and flirting, talking a little dirty and under the table Richie was playing with my sopping wet cunt. He was touching my clit driving me crazy and I'm sure the guys knew it!" Amy paused to take another drink of water.

"Richie, your not gonna make your slutty little girlfriend cum in front of us again are you?" Said one of Ian's friends, butI didn't care. I was dying to get one of the guys home with us and couldn't wait to get fucked hard and more than once!Then Barry, one of the guys asked me to dance giving Richie a teasing smile. I took my boyfriend's hand from between my legs and reluctantly I accepted.

While we danced Barry was holding me against him with an enormous erection and I was still smiling at Peter. Suddenly my smile turned into that 'Oh My God!' look, when Barry suddenly pulled the top of my dress down. My boobs just popped out, much to the enjoyment of Barry.

He started licking and sucking my breasts!" As Amy spoke she felt her nipples starting to harden in her tight top and felt them pressing against her lace bra underneath. "Well if there is one thing that I really love, it's having these beauties…&hellip." She glanced down at her breasts. "Sucked and played with and…………………!" She stopped herself from actually saying 'fucked' although that was also a love of hers.

"Then Barry was reaching between my legs, helping himself to my exposed wet pussy he started finger fucking me. I saw Richie just sitting there smiling and that's when I realised he was up to something. So to tease him I started rubbing the huge bulge in Barry's jeans. I was ready for whatever my nasty boyfriend had arranged. My legs began feeling a little weak and I was starting to cum, when Barry suddenly pushed me to my knees.

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Right there on the dance floor he pulled his throbbing hard cock from his jeans and rubbing it over my face. He just said, 'show that wimp of a boyfriend how much you want to suck my cock you fucking horny cunt!' I couldn't help myself and grabbed his stiff cock licking up and down its entire shaft and running my tongue around its head as I was looking right at Richie.

Then I sucked and gagged the whole thing down my throat like a cock hungry little slut starving for cum!" Amy sipped some more water and accidentally let a little of the water dribble down her chin and it splashed down into her deep cleavage.

"Oops!" She giggles softly, knowing exactly the effect she was having on the others in the room. "Go on!" Said the therapist. "Please?" "At that point the men and Richie had their cocks out, stroking and watching with a look of anticipation as Barry stood me up. He picked my clothed body up and laid me on the table in front of the guys and they all started undressing.

Barry leaned over me. "I'm hungry for this hot wet little cunt and I'm gonna eat it!" He declared. I looked at Richie sitting next to me stroking his cock and he just watched as Barry held my wide spread legs in the air and started eating my pussy. I started yelling in pleasure!" Even the therapist now had a massive hardon and I watched in amazement as some of the men in the group were now openly stroking their cocks through their trousers. "I looked at Richie and he just smiled shoving his cock into my mouth.Barry licked me to an amazing climax and then started fucking me hard exploding in my cunt while I was still cumming.

Richie started cumming down my throat and I was gagging sucking him hard and swallowed every drop of his cum. Then he sat back telling the men his girlfriend liked to get fucked hard and eat cum like a little slut, so help yourselves! They didn't need encouragement as they all went crazy and started gang banging me, one after another fucking me hard and playing with my tits, sometimes splashing cum on them and my dress!" Amy glanced down. "They did like my tits!" Giggling Amy pulled her top down slightly to expose them in the blue lace bra.

"Do you like them?" She smiled and knew from the nods of approval around the room that they liked them too. "And if you look carefully………" She lifted one breast slightly and pointed to a spot on the dress just below her breast.

"You can still see a cum stain!" "They kept taking turns shoving their cocks in my mouth and they fucked me hard in different positions. I was having one orgasm after another and Richie was stroking his cock urging them on saying things like 'Fuck her hard' and 'Make her cum'! They ravaged and used me for their own personal little cum dump. It seemed like there was cum everywhere and I was scared, but out of my head with desire and I wanted all I could get.


But in all the excitement I didn't notice there was another older guy sitting with two other men. All three guys just sat there naked, stroking their big cocks just watching and waiting to use them on me. It really scared me but seeing Richie wanking off with such excitement and making no attempt to stop it, I knew I wanted more. With cum all over me and dripping from my mouth, Ian and his three friends were just about spent.

Then I heard a girl's voice. "Cum on her face again!" A younger guy was fucking me hard when he pulled out and started cumming in my open mouth and all over my face.

I was still quivering in orgasm as the three older men were approaching me with those big stiff cocks. I knew that if I wasn't already, I was about to become a little cock whore!" Amy paused and looked around the room seeing all the audience was now either touching themselves or their neighbour irrespective of gender. With a cheeky grin on her face she slid her hand up inside her bra and pulled out a fleshy pale breast.

Seconds later she was sliding a hand under her skirt and inside her panties. "There were people watching and waiting to see three old men fuck me, a little white slut in all my holes at the same time. Richie just stood up wanking his cock and watching intently as the oldest man slowly crammed his big cock into my wet little cunt.

As it filled my pussy I was crying out, practically begging him to give it to me and fuck me so hard! He was now fucking me hard as I was groaning and gagging with a mouth full of cock. One pulled his cock from my mouth as the oldest man lay down on the floor. Richie was watching in disbelief as I lowered my arse towards that big wet shinny cock and I was filled with both fear and excitement.

With the head of his cock stretching into my little arse I was screaming, crying out in pain and pleasure as I slowly let myself all the way down, taking the rest of his huge cock in my arse. Once the pain faded, he had his arms around me holding my tits and pulled me back on his chest. He literally stuffed his cock in my wet little cunt and I was yelling." Amy paused as she felt the thrill of her fingers tickling her clit.

"While I was screaming, another put his cock to my mouth. It looked to be at least 10 inches and I knew he'd never get it all in. But gagging, sucking and swallowing I was going to try my best.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy watching me taking three big cocks at the same time, but not like I enjoyed it. Some girls were urging them on.

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'Fuck the little slut! Yea fuck her hard!' Some were sucking or fucking other guys. It was a wild exciting atmosphere and I just kept cumming again and again. Richie was also urging them on and it seemed like every time I looked at him he was cumming again!" A cock was pulled out of my pussy to cum in my mouth. I was choking and swallowing his cum as it overflowed onto my face and in my hair.

Another slid his mammoth cock in my used wet cunt and Richie encouraged this. Another started fucking me really hard as I cried out in orgasm. With every stroke of his cock, he was hitting a spot that I never knew existed, totally blowing my mind and making me cum like crazy.

Richie was right! I loved it and every orgasm was more intense than the last. The rhythm these guys had going was unbelievable and I was literally screaming.

I was in a constant state of orgasm, at a height I never thought possible and was feeling dizzy. They started fucking my mouth again and I was sucking, gagging, moaning and cumming.

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These guys were actually fucking me totally senseless and my orgasms kept growing more intense. As my loud crying and moaning faded to a muffled whining whimper, Richie was telling them what to do! And he wasn't holding back" "One by one all three started grunting and yelling, shooting their hot cum in all my holes and I was floating in an intense state of orgasm. Then the yelling voices began to fade as I was getting fucked out of my mind and I climaxed into darkness." Amy felt herself cumming as her fingers played with her pussy as she recounted her story.

The therapist was standing now in front of her along with two other men, huge cocks in their hand rearing in front of her face. "You were right the first time!" He smiled. "You are a slut!" Moments later he stuffed his cock into her open mouth and she felt 7 pairs of male and female hands clawing at her body.


And moments later her purple dress was covered in cum once again as it had been a few days earlier in the club.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… "How did the session go?" Richie asked when Amy got into the car.

She smiled holding her coat tightly around her. "It was okay. But I need to go back next week." "But I thought it was a book club you were going to?" Richie queried. "Oh, um, I think I might have gone into the wrong room then!" Amy giggled and felt her pussy warm and wet.