Long dick had her running from me

Long dick had her running from me
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A couple of days went by and all of could think of was Mya. I thought of her in school, when my bestfriend took me home or when my besfriend and I would go out. When Friday came it was a teacher work day so the Jefferson's told me to come over after two. They were going to visited family for the weekend and they wanted me to watch Mya until Sunday night. I walk two doors down to Mya house I walk up to her door I ring the door when Mya open the door.

I stare at her boobs they must of got bigger "Jessica here" Mya yells as her parents came walking down the hall with two suitcases. "I left you and Jessica some food money" Mya mom says as she kiss her on the cheek goodbye. A taxi pulls up the taxi driver help them put their bags in the trunk. Once they get in the back seat we wave, then we go inside "my mom such a fool she left her car keys, and I took her cerdt card" Mya says as she laughs, then I lock the front door.

So what's the plan for today ? Mya ask "lets go upstairs" I say we both go upstairs to her bedroom "I had too some toys from my mom closet that we can use". "Okay" Mya undress and lay on the bed "all the toys are in the duffel bag". I walk over to her bed I unzip the duffel bag to see a lot of vibrators and a bottle lubricant that wasn't expired until next year. "I clean and sanitize all of these" I grab the short vibrator that look purple "sit against the wall of your bed.

Mya moves her body against the wall she spread her legs open I get on my knees I lean forward and I lick Mya pussy "ahhhhh yeah" she moans as I lick her pussy again. I move my tongue around and stick my tongue in her pussy. I start to fuck her pussy with my tongue I use two fingers to rub her clit as I kept going.

"I'm going to cum" she says as I keep going then she cums all her cums drips into my mouth. "Now my turn" Mya says as I stand up she unbuckle my pants and pulls my panties down I step out of them and lay on her bed I spread I legs open and she fucks my pussy with her tongue. I grab her long hair and push her closer to my pussy she starts to go deeper and deeper with her tongue.

"Don't stop" I moan in pleasure "I can't breath" Mya says as I let her hair go "sorry" "it's no problem baby". "Did you just call you your baby" "yes ,if you don't". "I like it". We both lay on her bed naked "how about we go out for a lovely dinner tomorrow I have a lovely surprise".

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"I love surprise" Mya says as she lay in my arms "okay, but how about pizza". I sit up an grab my cell and call Pizza Hut when the pizza came we both undress and ate together in her den naked. "I never had a girlfriend before" Mya committed "well now you. "I don't care, as longest you come on the weekends and let me licks that juicy pussy of yours".

"Mya" I say as I pause "I'm your girlfriend" "I'm yours first". "Now lets go take a clean shower" we both head upstairs we take a shower then I walk to my house so I can grab some cloths. Later that day we watch some romance movies an eat ice cream then tongue fuck each other pussy before we drift off to sleep.

The next morning I make breakfast then we eat "on today agenda were both go get ready for a day of romance, then later on tonight is our lovely dinner, and to wrap it off is my surprise". After breakfast we both take turns using the showers, then I drive her mom car to go shopping one store we went to was call Mini's dresses it was a store that sell all kinds of dresses We enter the dress store.

Hi I'm Denise need any help ? "yes my girlfriend here need a lovely dress for our date tonight" so you two are lesbians ? "yes",then the lady grab Mya hand "you just sit while me and … "my name is Mya" "just sit tight while Mya and I look for some dresses".

Mya tries on so many dresses I didn't like until I saw her in this light blue dress that show her boobs a little and made her small but stick out where it actually made it looks like itwas big. "That the one" I say as she stares at herself in the mirror "she right that is the one" Denise says. Mya goes back in the dressing room to take the dress off and I pay for it with the cerdt card then drive to my favorite adult store not that far from our houses.

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Mya ask as I park the car. "Yes" "I can't jsut tell you on my cell phone what I want from this adult store" "no, now lets go". We get out the car we enter the adult store the man behind the cash register stare at us we flash our ID's then the man look away.

We look around when we saw different color strapons on the walls in small packages and Dido's toys on a large shelf. Mya walks back over to the front door and grab a basket to carry she pull some package dido's off the sheilf. I grab a long strap-on dick I grab two long ones in two different colors I stick them in the basket and walk up to the cash register and pay for all this stuff. "Have a nice day" the man says as he hand us our bags once we leave we head to Mya house.

Once we get inside Mya house she straight on her computer and hack into her mom ceridt card and delete all the stuff we brought today. Later that day we get ready for our date while Mya was at home getting ready, I walk to my house that was next door to get ready I put a lovely dress on with some nice high heels, also I wear matching earrings with the dress and some make up. Once my hair was done curling I put my heels on then I spray some perfume on and head next door to Mya house.

I ring the doorbell to see Mya open "your ready to go" Mya says "no, were having dinner here" "uh". "Lets start on dinner" I say as I enter the house carrying my flats we both head to kitchen to start on dinner when dinner is ready we both set the dinning room table and sit.

We eat and talk for a while "I'm full" Mya says as she rubs her belly "don't do that" I say as I laugh. A lot of people rub their belly's after their full from eating" "I just don't like when you do it, now go in the den, I'll get Dessert ready" Mya goes in the den, then I go in the kitchen and grab the spray able whip cream from the refrigerator.

I carry the can into the den to see the TV on Mya puts the TV on mute and looks up.

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What's the whip cream for ? "It's our dessert" "were eating spray whip cream". "No, now take your cloths off my little darling" Mya quickly undress I grab her hand I show her to the dinning room again I remove the china from the table and she lay on the dinning room table I spray some whip cream on her B cup tits. I bend forward and start licking the whip cream off her tits "this makes me feel tinging" Mya says I keep going once the whip cream is gone from her tits I keep going then I spray some on her pussy and start licking her pussy clean.

"Ah fuck" Mya moans as her legs jerk a little as I kept licking Mya pussy I felt her pussy tight around my tongue as I lick deeper, then she moans some of her cum drips into my mouth and some drip onto her legs and the dinning room table. I lick the cum off her legs and the dinning room table. "That was amazing" Mya says as she sits up I lean in and kiss Mya and she kisses me back then we start to making out I lift Mya off the dinning room table.

I grab her hand and show her upstairs to her bedroom she grab my arm as we make up to the top of the stairs "your the best girlfriend I ever had" Mya says as she grab the knob of her bedroom door and turn the door knob and pushes the bedroom door open. We enter "tonight is your night" I say as Mya lay her naked body on her bed. I lay on top of Mya and kiss her we make out, as we make out Mya reach under my shirt and lift my bra up and squeeze my tits.

"Someone is eager" I say as I unhook my bra an take my shit and bra off. Mya sits up on her bed and play with herself as I stand up and take the rest of my cloths off. I then lay on Mya bed and have Mya lay on top of me. Mya licks my pussy for awhile "god dam" I moan as Mya sticks her tongue in my pussy she start to stick it deeper into my pussy.

When Mya got to my G-spot I was ready to explode "slide your body down a little Mya stops what she doing her slide her body down a little where her pussy was right in front of my mouth. I start to lick Mya pussy while she started to lick my again when we hear a cell phone was ringing. Mya gets off me an it was my cell phone I grab it and answer it. "Hello". Jessica hows Mya ? "Mya and I are watching a comedy movie in the den" I lie.

Did she use the pump today ? Mrs. Jefferson whisper. "Yes" I lie as Mya sits next to me she lay her head on my lap I run my hand through her hair are you ready for more ? Mya ask I shush her. What was that ? "Mya, she was asking me am I'm ready for another movie". "Well, we won't be back until Sunday, and you two have a lovely day" Mrs.

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Jefferson laughs. Mrs. Jefferson ends the call my face expression started to change what's wrong ? Mya ask do your house have cameras ? I ask "yeah, but I turn them off the first day you came to babysit me, I don't need my parents watching me all the time I'm teenager now not a five year old they hired you because they thought I needed help because they think I'm a kid with problems.

At first when you first came here I thought you'll be one those babysitter who would treat me like a little kid, but within a hour my feelings against you change, after you found my DVD I let everything else fall into place". So you like me since you first met me ? "That correct". "Well all I have say is come here". Mya sits closer to me and I kiss her "Mya Jefferson I love you" "I love you to Jessica Blackwell" she says as she kisses me back.


"Now you lay here while I change" I head down the hall to the hallway bathroom I enter I put the long black vibrating strap-on on, then put a robe on then head back to Mya room to see her in this g-string out fit. "Where you get this" "I brought this outfit at the adult store earlier without you noticing it was a surprise" Mya says as she gets off her bed.


I walk over we kiss and move my hands all over her body. I take the outifit May an Mya untie my robe and it drops Mya gets on her knees and lick the strap-on first then she sucks it for awhile. I moan as she suck it, then I grab Mya hair I push her head father where she almost choke. I let go of Mya hair, I had got carry away with her again "I wish this fake dick cum".

"There is fake dicks can cum, but those our expensive and were not lesbian porn stars" Mya stop sucking my strap-on and sits on her bed. "I don't know if my lesbian yet, when I'm with you I get so excited, but when I'm around boys at school I get all weird out".

"That what it means to be a lesbians" I say, Mya gets up an gets on her knees and suck my strap-on more time then sits on her bed. How do you want this ? "laying down" Mya says as she lay down on her back I grab the K-Y jelly off her dresser an squeeze some on the strap-on and rub it all over the strap-on.

Once I was done I pull Mya legs closer I crouch a little I slide the strap-on into her slowly Mya moans. Is this your first time ? I ask. "Yes" Mya says in pain. I slowly slide into Mya pussy some more "Ah" Mya moans in pleasure and pain. I slide all the way in when I see blood on the strap-on I start to fuck her slowly "finally the pain stop, now fuck me" Mya says. I start to fuck her real hard, I lean forward and Mya squeeze my tits and lick them then she wrap her legs around me then I kept fucking her.

The next day I wake up to see Mya entering her bedroom in a tee shirt and no underwear. "Good morning" Mya says as she carry a tray of food into her bedroom she sits on her bed. We eat then after breakfast we sit together when my cell phone started to ring I grab it off Mya dresser and I answer it.

"Hello" I answer "Hi Mrs. Jefferson" "My husband and I will be home at six". "Your coming a little early".

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"Yeah the nice weekend together was cut short". "Well I'll see you later". "Before I go tell Mya that we say hi". "I will, and see you guys at six". "Who was that ? Mya ask as she wraps her arms around me "your mom their be home at six instead of ten".

"So what" "we have to get freshen up, and maybe we can clean up this house of yours ". "Okay" we both undress and walk down the hall to the bathroom I stop at the hall closet and I grab a clean towel and we both enter the bathroom together.

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I hang my towel up and we both step into the tub Mya turns the water on water sprays on her sexy sixteen year year old body. I close my eyes for a minute when I felt some fingers rubbing my pussy.

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I open my eyes to see Mya hugging on me rubbing my pussy. "ooo. that it" I moan as I start to rub her pussy I stick three fingers in her pussy I start to finger fuck her pussy. "A little deeper" Mya says as I slide my finger deeper into her pussy, then we finger fuck each other.

Mya stops and swats and starts to lick my pussy while the water wets her hair.

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"Ah fuck" I yell in pleasure as she kept licking my pussy once she was done we wash each other bodies, then step out the tub. We both go back to her room and change into some clean cloths after all that we start to clran her house. It was after three when we finish cleaning "how about we order some sea food" Mya says "sure" I call Snappers one of my favorite sea food place to go to when I'm in the area. An couple hours later we were in the den watching a TV.

May had her head on my lap I rub my hands through her hair she stares at me for a minute then I kiss her we started to make out when we hear the front door open. We stop and I enter the hallway. "Hi" they say as they carry suitcases inside "let me go pay you" Mr. Jefferson's says as he pulls his wallet out. He had me the hundred bucks instead of the six bucks. "Well I should be going" I grab my jacket when I turn around to see Mya pulling me into a hug "I love you" she whisper "I love you to".

"See you next Friday" Ms. Jefferson's says as I step out the door to see May following me she kisses me goodbye then I head off to my house next door.