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Sperm swapping sluts getting fucked hard
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Making love for the first time was a huge disappointment, but not for the reasons you probably think! I was fourteen and just beginning my freshman year of High School. About three weeks after school started, we were in Biology class learning about genetics.

The teacher was explaining that we were made up of a combination of characteristics inherited from each of our parents. Additionally, we carried the genes of their parents, etc. Then the teacher suggested that we think about things we had in common with our parents, such as eye color, hair color and other physical characteristics then share them with the class.

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When it was my turn, I commented about the usual things. "Yeah and she inherited her chest from her dad," said one of the boys in a loud whisper. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment! Everyone laughed while my face burned red. It wouldn't have been so bad, but it was true! While all the other girls were showing off their new figures, I was still wearing a double A bra.

Somehow I managed to live through the rest of the day and tried to sneak out of school without being seen. I was so tired of hearing people tell me to say "Hi" to my dad, that I just wanted disappear. As I was sneaking down the back hall, I heard a couple of the tough girls talking about me. "Hell, I was as flat chested as Sandy until I started having sex, then they just grew like overnight," she boasted showing off her 34 Cs.

Well at least there is some chance I thought. I just started to brighten up when the next thought hit me.

How would I ever have sex with a boy when they wouldn't even look at me in the first place other than to laugh at my flat chest? I started walking home when Paul fell in step with me. Paul and I lived in the same general direction from the school. I kind of liked him, and after helping him with his English in the Seventh and Eighth grade, we got to be friends. It was a two-way deal since he was really sharp in Math and Physics and helped me with those subjects as well.

Although we never dated, I started hoping he would develop a romantic interest in me. Even as I thought about it, I dismissed it because I didn't have breasts big enough to attract them. "So, do you want to study when we get home?" he asked cheerfully. "Why, you got problems with your English?" Paul nodded, saying that he had to write a two page essay on any topic of his choice, and didn't have any idea what to write about.

I told him that would be fine because I needed help with my Geometry. We decided to meet at my house right after dinner. We liked to study in the basement office that Dad had set up when he was working on his MBA. Now that he had completed his degree, the office was rarely used. It made a perfect place to study without the interruption of family, TV and other distractions. Right on time, Paul showed up, and after accepting a piece of pie from Mom, we went to the office and began our studies.

After about fifteen minutes, we had the outline of Paul's essay worked out, and we began on my Geometry lesson. We were making good progress when Paul began trying to explain the definition of a curve. It just wasn't sinking in at all. Finally out of frustration I blurted. "I don't think I have much more chance of understanding curves than I do of having curves." The instant I said it, I wished I hadn't.

Paul just stared at me for a moment before responding. "Yeah, I heard what happened," he replied sympathetically. I glanced at him and saw that his face was as red as mine. I also saw him staring at the place where my breasts should be. Even though I was wearing a padded bra, there just wasn't much to look at. I turned away so Paul couldn't see what I didn't have and felt tears begin to slide down my cheeks. When I pulled open the drawer where the Kleenex box was kept, Paul reached for it and handed me one.

I wiped my eyes and blew my nose. Paul sat silently until I regained my composure. "I'm sorry, what can I do?" he said with a look of concern.

"Maybe its true that I inherited my chest from Dad," I sniffled. Paul laughed with me, then without warning leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I was so startled that I jerked back. "I'm sorry," Paul said quickly, "I didn't mean to make you mad, I was just trying to cheer you up." "You didn't make me mad, it's just that you surprised me," I said quickly putting on my best smile.

Paul sat awkwardly for a minute or so then kissed me again, but this time he kissed me right on the lips! I stared at him with my mouth open.

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I had never been kissed by any one but my family, and wasn't expecting my first kiss to happen this way, if indeed I was ever to be kissed.

Paul sat there with a smile on his face, then gathered me in his arms and pulled me to him. This time he gave me a long kiss, then held me against his chest while he stroked my hair. After a couple of minutes, I gently pulled back and looked at Paul with a questioning look. "Did you do that because you feel sorry for me?" I challenged.

"No! I did it because I like you, and the size of your breasts don't really matter!" he said forcefully. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here was a boy who was saying that he liked me, not my breasts. We talked for a while and finally we were both laughing about what had happened in Biology class.

"Don't you like to see big breasts?" "Well, yes I do, they look nice, but you know, Kay has big ones, and she is really a pain to be around. She seems to think that all she has to do is wear a sweater and she can say mean things to nerds and we have to take it," he said angrily. For the first time I realized that it wasn't just girls that had to struggle with acceptance, but boys had similar problems. Of course the big difference was that their equipment was displayed so prominently!

What he said was absolutely true, Kay was really mean to anyone who wasn't in her crowd. Of course, not all girls with nice breasts were mean, but I began to realize that not all boys looked only at big breasts.

For the next few weeks we continued to study together, but in addition, Paul began to ask me to the movies a couple times a week. Mom was happy to see me start dating, but didn't really give me any guidelines or any restrictions. I guess she felt like she had known Paul for so long that there was nothing to worry about.

It didn't happen over night, but I began to develop an idea. Although Paul didn't seem to be too concerned with the size of my breasts, I still wanted to have something better than double A size.

For some reason, the talk of the girls I had overheard on the fateful day in Biology class haunted me. I wasn't sure if it was true or not, but I was willing to do anything to stop the continued jokes about my father's chest! When Mom and Dad decided to go out of town for a few days, I convinced them that I could stay at home alone and take care of Cathy and Jennifer.

We worked out a compromise, Cathy and Jennifer were farmed out to Uncle Dave and Aunt Susan, and I was to house sit, but stop by every morning to see my sisters and report in to Aunt Susan. They never mentioned Paul, but I knew very well that they expected him not to come by while they were gone.

The first day I was home alone, I told Paul that I needed his help with Math, but I needed to bring in the garbage cans. Therefore we approached the house from the back alley.

After moving the trash cans to their racks, we went in the back door. After getting some cookies and milk, we went down stairs to study. It didn't take too long before I told Paul that I understood the problem, and would do my homework later. I told him that I needed to get something from my room.

We went up the stairs to the living room and after a moment or two I asked Paul if he would like to come with me. He shrugged and followed me upstairs to my room. I had been careful to have it clean and neat. I went to my jewelry case and put in different earrings and gently closed the lid. As I turned, I saw Paul watching me intently. "What's the matter?" I asked. Paul shrugged and replied, "I've just wondered what your room would look like, and am just looking around." "Help yourself," I laughed, "There isn't much to see." "Well, it's just that it is so pretty and you have all these neat things sitting around," he responded with a friendly smile.

I gave him my sweetest smile. "Well, don't miss the chance to look!" Paul sat on the bed and looked all around the room, asking about the different stuffed animals and toys.

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I sat on the bed beside Paul and snuggled up to him. Paul responded by sliding his arm around me. In a moment we were locked in a passionate embrace, and inevitably were soon lying on the bed. I pressed myself against Paul, and put everything into my kisses that I could think of. We kissed and cuddled for perhaps half an hour before Paul pulled back. "What's the matter?" I whispered. Paul hesitated a moment before speaking thoughtfully.

"I'm afraid if we don't stop I won't be able to," he said with a serious look. "I don't want you to stop!" I blurted out. Paul's mouth fell open, but just for an instant. Before I could even think about what I had just said, he was on me. This time, he began running his hands over my body and onto my little breasts. I know he couldn't feel anything because I was wearing my padded bra, but this didn't seem to bother him. Pretty soon I felt him fumbling with the buttons of my shirt, so I rolled back to give him room.

In a moment, he had it open and tugged it out of my jeans. I sat up and let him pull it off my shoulders. He stared at my bra then began tracing the outline.

I snuggled against him and felt him following every part of my bra. Then, what I had hoped for began to happen. He began to slide my bra up. Since my breasts were so small, it wasn't difficult to slide the bra up under my arms and leave my breasts bare.

I held my breath as Paul pulled back to take a look at my tiny chest. I saw his face break out in a big smile as he looked at me. I had nicely shaped nipples, but not much more than that. Never-the-less, they had always been incredibly sensitive, in fact the main reason I wore a bra, other than to take advantage of the padding, was to eliminate the feeling of my blouse rubbing on my nipples. Soon, Paul began rubbing and squeezing my nipples. It felt so incredible that I thought I would faint from pleasure.

I began moaning and grinding my bottom into the bed. Paul stopped for a second "You really like that, don't you?" "Oh YES!

OH YES! It feels so good," I whispered. He played with them for several minutes while I soared to heaven. "Just a minute," I whispered as I sat up. "What's wrong?" Paul asked. I didn't answer; I just reached behind myself and unhooked my bra letting it fall off.

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It kind of hurt way up there," I explained as I lay back again. Paul began playing with them again, but after a while I observed that one of his hands was wandering lowered and lower.

Finally he encountered my jeans. He looked at me with a questioning look. In answer, I raised my hips. It took Paul about a mili-second to tug my jeans open and off!

I was naked except for my panties, but Paul was completely clothed. I decided to begin to remedy that situation. I unbuttoned Paul's shirt and soon had it lying on the floor beside my blouse. I saw his slender chest moving with his rapid breathing.

I melted into his arms and felt my tiny titties melt against his chest. We rolled onto my bed and stretched out to full length. Paul settled between my legs and kissed me hard. That wasn't the only thing hard about him! I could feel his penis pressing against my bottom, and Paul was wiggling and grinding against me. After a couple of minutes of kissing and grinding, Paul rolled off and began to unbuckle his belt.

It didn't take long for him to have his jeans on the floor. We were sitting on the edge of the bed, me in my panties and Paul in his shorts. I could see his erect penis pressing his shorts out at what seemed an impossible distance.

I wondered how we would proceed, but Paul's hungry passionate look was quickly followed by action! He stood up pulling me with him. He slipped his hands under my panties, and stripped them right to the floor. I wondered if he expected me to take his shorts off, but before I could react. He stripped them off as well. Before I could get more than a fleeting look, he gathered me close and pulled me against him.

We cuddled and ground ourselves against each other for a moment or two when Paul pulled back looking at me intently. "Can we do it?" I nodded and sat back on the bed. Paul sat beside me, pressing me back. Quickly he pressed me back and got between my legs. Swiftly he lowered himself until I felt his penis probing for the right place. Instinctively, I guided it to where it belonged, and before I had a chance to prepare, he pressed it right in.

Even though I expected it to hurt, I wasn't quite prepared for the sharp stinging sensation, and for a moment I clung tightly to Paul as tears formed in my eyes, but before long all I felt was a stretching sensation, then very full. I could feel my mouth fall open and was aware that my eyes were wide. Paul lay still for just a second, and then began pounding in and out, but only about three or four times.

Then he collapsed on me and trembled a few times. After only a few seconds, he rolled off and lay on his back breathing hard.

I could feel his juice between my legs and generally felt very sticky. We lay there for a few minutes when Paul rolled off the opposite side of the bed and stood up with his back to me.


"What's the matter?" I asked. "I have to get home," he said keeping his back to me. With that, he worked his way around the bed keeping his back to me and dressed quickly. I didn't know what to do, so I rolled myself into the bedspread until he had left. I was stunned. What was wrong?


I thought every boy wanted to make it with a girl, and I just couldn't understand him. After I heard the back door close, I got up and took a shower, then surveyed what had happened. I was no longer a virgin, which didn't particularly bother me, I knew very well that most of the girls had done it at least once before they were sixteen, and was pretty sure some of my friends had already done it, so it really wasn't a big deal.

I could see that the bed was a mess and I would have to wash the bed spread. I touched the sticky stuff mixed with traces of blood that had gotten all over the bed, wondering at its milky sticky substance. The other thing I did was to feel my breasts. The indeed felt more tender and sensitive than normal, perhaps they were already growing!

Why I wasn't worried about the most serious thing is beyond me. For some reason the thought of getting pregnant never really entered my mind, I just wanted my breasts to grow.

The next day I watched for Paul, and when I finally saw him in the hall, he avoided making eye contact with me. I was hurt and mad! All I needed now was to have him start bragging about making it with me, as if I didn't have enough problems with the size of my chest. That afternoon, I waited until I saw Paul head for home then followed until we were out of sight and ear shot of any of our friends. I sprinted after him and grabbed his arm.

"What's the deal, did you just plan to do it and forget me?" I demanded. "Aren't you mad at me?" Asked Paul with a downtrodden look. "Yes, I'm really mad at you. You just fucked me then ran out without a word, how do you think I feel!" I yelled at him.

Paul just hung his head and refused to look at me. "Come on Paul, talk to me, what's going on?" I pleaded. "I shouldn't have done it to you," he said, "you were alone and I should have been stronger that that," he said miserably. "So, you think I'm mad at you for getting my cherry and blame you for it?" I demanded. "Well, don't you?" he asked. "You got to admit you are really mad at me for taking your virginity, aren't you?" he demanded as forcefully as I had. "No!" I replied with conviction, "Why should I be mad?" "Well, I just thought you would feel like I did, so I ran." "What do you mean, feel like you did?" I demanded.

Paul explained that after he had come in me, he felt so guilty that all he could think of was to run away. He assumed I felt the same way. We walked home and snuck in the back door again. We ate a few of Mom's Chocolate Chip cookies and drank some milk.

After Paul began to relax a little, I gave him a tender kiss and told him that I loved him. He looked startled then whispered that he loved me too. "What do you want to do now?" He whispered huskily. In answer, I took his hand and led him to my room. "Hey, Paul, except for a quick glance I didn't get to see what you look like and don't think it was fair!" I said forcefully. He kind of grinned while I unbuttoned his shirt.

This time I stripped him completely naked while I still had all my clothes on. I gazed at his pulsing penis, which was standing fully erect, and at attention.

Carefully I reached out and touched it, then began exploring it in earnest. I felt his tool then went down to feel his wrinkled bag and balls.

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After satisfying myself with his mysterious equipment, I began to stroke his hot stiff rod. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and held it tight while gobs of white stuff spurted all over my blouse and skirt. After about a minute he relaxed his grip and stepped back. I could see the same look on his face as I had seen the day before. Before he could bolt, I took him in my arms and cuddled him close.

"I love you," I whispered over and over. Before long he began to respond that he loved me too. Soon, we were naked on the bed, and once again I felt him slide into my wet slick pussy.

This time he banged in and out for a considerable time before collapsing on me.


I held him tight refusing to let him get away like he had yesterday. Later, we showered together then I cooked some hamburgers. About two weeks later we had a section in Biology about sex and reproduction.

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The teacher was fairly specific and blunt. About half way through class, I began to get a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. The teacher explained how easy it was to get pregnant, and yes, it certainly was possible to get pregnant the first time! I tried as hard as I could to keep a bored look on my face, but as I looked around I could sense that a couple other girls had tears in their eyes.

As class was being dismissed, the teacher said she would be available to answer questions in private if any one wanted to talk to her. I didn't go to see her, but the rumor was that two or three other girls did. One of them missed a few days of school a couple of weeks later saying she had a bad case of flu.

For me, I got my period after about three days late, and I can say with some authority that they were some of the longest days of my life late. Paul and I did it a few more times, but only after we got some condoms! So what was the big disappointment? My breasts, they never did grow beyond a size A!