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"Cheers!" I shouted raising my shot glass. "To the real world," my cousin Josh replied as our glasses collided. We quickly gulped down our drinks. I felt the burning sensation almost all the way down to my stomach followed by a warm tingle all over. I guess my face gave away my initial shock. "You good, Kylie?" asked Josh. "I guess that's why they call it Fireball!" Although we would still be out at the bar for hours to come, that was Josh's first and last drink of the night.

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His DUI two years ago had put his hard partying days to rest. It forced responsibility into him which is what was keeping him sober even this night, celebrating our college graduation together, with me graduating one year early and Josh, one year late.

The two year age gap made us the closest in age in the whole family. We practically grew up together, so I felt close to him, safe with him, and I knew he was there to take care of me. So all that considered, my night of drinking was far from over. The more I drank, the sloppier my dancing became, and the more physical Josh became as he helped me straighten up when I lost my rhythm.

I always had a thought that he may have a crush on me. He often told me how beautiful my strawberry-blonde hair was, and he never hesitated to run his fingers through it. He complimented my big blue eyes, and sometimes I swear I could tell he was getting lost in them. He's an attractive guy for sure. He stands 6 inches taller than me; he's rugged and has confidence by the buckets. His calm and almost reserved demeanor can be intimidating.

His arms fill up his sleeves, and his chest muscles are visible through just about anything he wears. He kept his dark, almost black, hair short.

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Saying he was in shape was an understatement. I knew I had the attention of most of the guys at the bar, but with Josh around, none of them made it too obvious. Josh, however, was not so subtle about snatching a glance. I knew I had caught him more than once. I realized how much I enjoyed thinking about him looking at me while I danced. I wore a sleeveless black shirt, which was snug tight around my C cup breasts but dangled below them and cut off just above my belly button. Fitness is one of the many things in my life I take very seriously, and I loved that Josh noticed; at least, in my head he was noticing.

I imagined him watching the V of my torso lead into my hips, my hips swaying with the music leading to my ass, and my ass, which I loved so much, flowing into my long legs. Our whole crowd was having a blast in celebration. I knew my schedule was clear for the next day, and then Sunday would be me and Josh's graduation party with the family. Since I had my designated driver and a whole day to recover, I had a long night of partying ahead of me.

We kept dancing, and I kept drinking. *** I woke up the next day to the sun piercing through my curtain and prying at my eyes. My heartbeat sounded like a pounding in my head. I was dizzy every time I opened my eyes. My stomach turned. The previous night was mostly a blur, but one memory stood out. I began to put together bits and pieces, trying to remember exactly how it happened. I know that by the time all of our friends had bought me drinks I was spinning.

The evening started fading. I remembered calling it a night at that point and getting into Josh's car. The whole ride back to my parents' house was gone; I must have fallen asleep as soon as I sat down. My next memory is pulling up in front of the house. This is where is happened. I leaned in to kiss Josh on the cheek, but at the last second I decided to plant one right on his lips instead. He kissed back and I returned even harder.

The rest of the kiss was not so clear in my memory. I know our tongues met each other, and besides rubbing my hand into his crotch, I know it went no further than that. I do remember breaking the kiss off only because I had to pee.

I struggled to recall if we had said anything after it happened, but I couldn't remember. I know I clumsily stumbled toward the house, and the next thing I remember is sitting in the shower. I think I was too drunk to give much thought to the "was it right, was it wrong" question.

My next and final memory of the night is lying in my bed, sliding my hand into my panties to masturbate, but I think I fell asleep before I could.

I grabbed my phone to see if there was any text message from him, but there were none.

If he would have texted anything I probably would have told him to come back and fuck me in his car outside the house. My whole day went to nursing my hangover and recovering and on Sunday everyone came to my house for the party. Seeing Josh again I was a little ashamed, unsure of how I should feel. Trying to avoid the awkwardness, I successfully kept myself out of any situation in which Josh and I were alone.

Our eyes met a few times, and I knew he could tell I remembered our kiss quite well. He was a gentleman for not trying to get me to go further. All he would have had to do is tell me to just pee outside and then get right back in the car.

I would have obeyed. *** The party was wrapping up, and Josh and I were saying our goodbyes and thanking everyone for coming. Josh and I hugged each other and said goodbye and I went to my room, waiting for the last few guests to leave. As I walked down the hallway, I could hear my parents' voices fading as they walked outside with my aunt and uncle.

"Hey," I heard from behind as I walked into my bedroom. I turned to see Josh. "I didn't really get to tell you bye the way I wanted to," he said.

With that, he pressed his lips into mine and kissed me hard. I felt his hand on my ass give a little squeeze. I pushed him away. "Josh!" "Can I text you later?" he asked, as if he didn't even realize I had put an end to his advances.

"No." "Kylie, what's wrong?" "What's wrong?" I repeated "What's wrong is that we're cousins Josh. We shouldn't have done that." Josh said nothing but only nodded. "I know I started it," I said, "and you were perfectly sweet for not pushing it further because you absolutely could have and I would have been ok with that at the time." "Why would you have been ok with it then?" "Because I was drunk!" Josh looked at my slyly.

He knew that wasn't the only reason.


"And because." I started, "you know." "Go on." he coerced with a smile. "Because I'm attracted to you. Because I haven't been with someone in a while. Because the whole night I was hoping you were watching me." We heard my parents come back in and the front door shut. We had to cut this short. "Well," he said with a wink, "I guess I better be going." *** It was getting late and my parents were going to bed.

I was lonely, had nothing to do, no obligations, and all I could think about was Josh. "Why didn't I just let him kiss me," I thought to myself. I could have probably been with him right then if I had just let him continue. Truthfully, I was waiting to get a text from him. I knew my cousin, and just because a girl told him not to text didn't mean he wouldn't.

Still, I thought he would have by now. It was almost 11. I ran the shower and let the steam fill up the bathroom. I stripped off my clothes in front of the mirror. I thought about Josh watching me. I wished he was joining me in the shower. I stepped in. The warm water splashed against my silky skin. I took in a breath of steam, opening my lungs. I soaped up my shower sponge and ran it up my leg, following it with my razor. I did the same on the other leg. I ran the sponge up my stomach to my breasts. The suds covered my light pink nipples and then washed away.

I squeezed the sponge on my neck and let the soapy water drip down me. Then I moved down to my pussy. I brushed soapy circles with the sponge and picked up the razor again. Carefully I shaved away the stubble.

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I squatted down to get access to every spot and inspected my work with my fingertips. The warm water ran across my pussy and followed my body down to my ass, clinging tightly to my skin around every curve, and then skating part of the circle of my asshole before dripping off into the tub.

The feeling of the water and motion of my fingertip was exciting me. My pussy felt so smooth I couldn't stop touching. I stroked downward from my pubic bone, my four fingers together sliding in unison, and when I reached my clit I let a small gap appear between my middle and ring finger so that I could glide down past without actually touching the hood.

With my other hand I pinched one of my nipples. It was already stiff. I circled it with my finger while the water kept splashing on me. As my other hand reached the bottom of my opening and was making its way back to my clit, I was sure that I heard my cell phone buzzing on the bathroom counter.

Normally I would have never let this interrupt me, but there was a chance it was Josh texting me. I grabbed my phone and saw that it was him. I opened the message to find a picture of his erect cock, his hand wrapped around the base positioned to stroke. With his fingers as basis for comparison, it looked big.

Along with the picture was the text: 'Are you still up?' "Jerk," I said to myself with a smirk and giggling while so intrigued. I certainly had not expected this. 'Yes I'm still up, just got out the shower' I wouldn't give him the pleasure of a comment on his picture. 'Show me' I covered my nipples with my left arm and snapped a selfie from the waist up.

I know this would be a good tease for him. He texted back immediately: 'Come on you can do better than that' I put up my left arm again, this time bringing my hand up to my face and seductively biting my fingertip.

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My left breast was still covered by my elbow but my right was bare and visible. 'How's this then?' I replied. 'Can you sneak out?' Excitement washed over me. 'Yeah.' 'Come over' Of course I wouldn't turn this down. 'Be there in 30.' I ran to my bedroom and threw the towel which wrapped me onto my bed. I slipped on a pair of lacy black panties and matching bra, a tank top, and a short rah-rah skirt. I slid into my flats as I walked out of my bedroom and snuck right out of the front door.

The drive to Josh's apartment was not long, especially close to midnight on a Sunday, but I didn't want to seem like I'd arrived too fast. I didn't want him to know just how eager I was. I drove slower than I normally would have. I breathed deeply, trying not to let excitement overwhelm me. I could already feel warm dampness between my legs. My heart raced as I knocked on his door. He answered almost immediately. Without thought or hesitation, I leaned into him and kissed him.

He pulled me inside as we kissed, and he shut the door behind me. Again I felt his large hand gripping my ass as his lips kissed from my lips to my cheek to my ear and then down to my neck. I rolled my head back as Josh sucked on my neck. I put my hand up to him, resting it on his chest muscles. "Come on," I said as I pulled him toward his bedroom. We sat on his bed and continued kissing as his hand made its way up my thigh. I gasped lightly as his finger ran across the wet material of my panties.

He started to rub me so lightly and so gently, becoming faster and more aggressive as our kissing became more intense. He laid me back on his bed and kissed down my neck. His hand reached up my top and settled on my right tit over my bra.


I could feel my body pulsing as my heart pounded. He lifted my shirt and pulled down my bra, exposing my stiff nipple. He hovered over me for a second before taking it in his mouth and sucking. He licked circles around it and caressed it with his tongue, eventually pulled down the other cup and doing the same to my left. With my eyes shut my fingertips ran up and down his back as I cooed. I tugged on his shirt.

He sat up and took off his shirt as I removed my top and unhooked my bra, giving him full access to my chest. We resumed our positions, my nipple in his mouth but this time he played with the other between his fingers.

My panties could no longer contain my wetness, and I felt it dripping to my inner thighs. "I wanted these tits in my mouth for so long." "I am so wet for you, Josh." He kissed down my stomach and tugged at my panties, leaving my fluffy skirt in place. The cool air against my soaked pussy made my shiver. His kissed up my thigh added to my excitement. His head disappeared beneath my skirt as he reached my pussy. He planted light kisses near my pussy lips and then opened his mouth and sucked the area right in between my pussy and my thigh.

My back arched. I couldn't wait to have all of him. He came back with his kisses before sucking the same spot on the opposite side. Finally I felt his loving tongue exploring me. It slid all the way inside me. I felt his top lip meet my clit over and over again as he slid his tongue in and out of me.

His hands slid under me and lifted my ass to give him better access. Withdrawing his tongue he moved up to my clit. His tongue flicked across it in a rhythm. My hands gripped his sheets and my back arched more intensely as my moans grew louder. He brought me close but wouldn't bring me to the edge. He came back up and kissed me deeply.

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Now it was my turn. He laid back while I kissed down his tight, toned abs. I licked his stomach with quick flickers of my tongue. I looked into his eyes, biting my lips with anticipation as I slipped his pants off.

His dick stood before me, just like in the picture. I gripped his stiff cock and leaned in. My lips opened to take as much of him into my mouth as possible. I felt his hand come to rest on the top of my head as I slowly bobbed up and down. I looked into his eyes again as I moved up and down again.

I analyzed every detail of his thick, hard cock, his swollen head passing the tip of my lips and the entirety of my tongue as my lips traveled farther down.

I came back up once more and popped his dick out of my mouth. Smirking at him I stroked him slowly. "I want this in me," I told him. Pulling off my skirt, I noticed him reach into the half-open drawer of his nightstand next to his bed.

It took me a second to realize he was grabbing a box of condoms! I grabbed the box and threw it out of his hand as I mounted him. "Won't be needing these. I've been on the pill for years." Josh laid back and relaxed as I mounted him and guided his dick into me. I slowly lowered myself. "Oh Josh." His cock felt so big invading my tight pussy. He breathed heavily while my hands moved up and down his arms.

I began rocking my hips back and forth. "Mmmm this pussy nice and tight for you baby?" "You feel so fucking good Kylie," he said. He reached up with one hand and took hold of my breast. I moaned and sighed, grinding my hips into his, trying to take every single bit of him into me. My body still in motion I lowered myself down and kissed him. Our tongues sloppily collided together while my tits pressed into his chest.

He took hold of my ass and we thrust into each other in rhythm. I sighed and moaned into his ear. With every thrust I could feel the head of his cock sliding past my spot and I knew I wouldn't last too long. I straightened up again and leaned my head back, forcing my breasts outward as my rocking picked up speed.

I could hear my juices squishing with every plunge. As I approached the point of no return, I felt something on my clit. It was his thumb. He was rubbing me. This was it. I was in a frenzy.

I could hold out no longer. I felt like I was still moaning but no sound came out. I leaned toward him a bit and braced against him, my hand on his chest muscle, as I bucked violently. My thrashing subsided as orgasm washed over me. My body shuddered and convulsed before finally becoming still. I felt my pussy pulsing still, contracting on his thick cock. I breathed deeply and swallowed in this short pause. "Your turn," I said.

Josh took me and laid me down on the bed. He positioned himself between my legs and slid into me once more. He was thrusting into me so hard that my tits were bouncing uncontrollably and our skin was slapping against each others'.

He plowed into me over and over again with such force I thought I would crash into his headboard. I gripped the muscles of his arms as he grunted out his raw, sexual energy. He drilled into me faster and I knew he must be getting close.

"Cum for me baby," I whispered into his ear over and over again. "I'm gonna cum for you baby I'm gonna fill you up." "Yes yes cum in your cousin's tight pussy." I think that is what sent him over the edge.

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His pumps slowed down and became more forceful, and with every thrust I felt his hot cum squirt into me. I don't think I had ever been with someone who came as much as he did. He must have shot ten blasts into me, each as loaded as the one before, painting my walls. I felt it leaking out of me before he was even finished, and every burst after that added a quick gush to the waterfall now cascading out of my pussy.

We lay next to each other for a while after, just breathing heavily and panting together. I reached out and touched him, and he did the same. We tried to speak too soon. We were still too out of breath to make a sentence. Finally he was able to get some words out. "That. was incredible. Kylie, holy shit that was amazing." "It really was. I never finished so fast before," I said, giving him an unneeded confidence boost. "You know, you texted just at the right time. I had just finished shaving and was about to masturbate." He smiled.

"So you're always shaved huh?" he asked. "Yeah, you like?" "Yeah I mean I like it but. well, if it's the same color as this" he said as he played with my hair, "then I wouldn't mind it just trimmed a little." "Well believe me this isn't the last time we're doing this so you'll have your chance," I told him. He smiled as his eyes started to shut. I was very content with what we had done. I know he had no regrets either. It was about time we gave each other what we had secretly wanted for so long.