Really straight guy first time gay xxx Diesal was doing a pretty fine

Really straight guy first time gay xxx Diesal was doing a pretty fine
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Mrs Malone and Her Boys. Part Two. After a while all three boys come into the kitchen for breakfast, Mark and Alex just grabs some toast as they rush out for their lift to school. That leaves Mickey sitting watching his mother.

He asks her if she can suck his cock, being the nice caring mother she is Jackie squats in front of her son and gives her 13 year old son a blow job.

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Mickey wants to come all aver her tits so she slips her night dress down and as he starts to twitch she guides his cock to her tits, he shoots his thick creamy load all over his mothers breasts, Jackie wonders when he is going to stop.

When finished she massages the spunk into her chest and stomach. Jackie has no time for a shower, so she slips on a very short skirt and an opaque white blouse, with high heel court shoes on, her and Mickey jump into her car and drive to his school. As she drives Mickey, slips his hand under her short skirt and fingers his mother, she sucks the juices off his fingers at regular intervals.

After dropping Mickey off at school Jackie is sexual aroused and on her lonely drive to work, undoes her blouse and plays with her nipples, whilst she has inserted a vibrating egg in her pussy.

Before long she arrives at work after having several orgasms. That evening when she gets home at 6:30pm the boys greet her in the hall and all passionately kiss her.

She slips her shoes off and gets herself a glass of wine, just as she is leaving the kitchen the front door bell chimes, it is Mandy, Jackie invites her in and gives her a glass of wine, they chat tin the family room for half an hour before Mandy goes home. Jackie pours her self another glass of wine and asks what the boys want for dinner. They ask if they can go bowling and have a McDonalds, Jackie agrees, and as it is 7:15pm they will have to depart straight away. The boys are ready in a flash, Mark sits up front with his mother and Alex is behind her.

During the thirty five minute drive to the leisure complex Jackie allows Alex to un button her blouse and grope her breasts, Mark then fingers her pussy and rubs her clit, this goes on all the way to the complex, Jackie has two orgasms and she is very sexual aroused. Before getting out of the car she fastens her blouse up but leaves the top two buttons undone.

After getting their order the family sit down at a secluded table in the quiet MacDonald's and eat their meal. Jackie is encouraged to open her blouse and get her tits out, which she does willingly; mark takes pictures as the flashing takes place. She then spreads her legs and hitches her skirt up, Jackie then fingers herself under the table and again mark videos this.

After fastening her blouse but leaving the top three buttons undone, the family wander over to the bowling alley. They get an end lane away from other users and past the three shut down lanes, while the boys hunt some balls, Jackie goes to the bar and is served by a lady in a very tight fitting cropped tee shirt and hot pants. Special offer for the evening is five bottled beers for the price of two. As the game develops, the winner is going to sleep with their mother; Jackie drinks her two bottles of beer and allows the boys one each.

When she has finished hers she goes and gets another round as the boys go and take a pee. Half way through the game Mark is clearly winning so his mother allows him to have another beer, Jackie undoes another button on her dress as she finishes her fifth beer of the evening, and she still has one to go but is quite drunk already. Her sixth beer is shared by the whole family, after which she calls the waitress over.

The boys stare at her in her hot pants. She brings over eight beers the last three free on the house. Jackie gives her a big tip. By the time the evening ends, after midnight Jackie has drunk ten bottles of beer, and Mark has had three. Jackie is unable to stand by her self so Mark has to drive them home.

Jackie sits in the rear seat between Alex and Mickey, as Mark drives them all home on back roads, which takes an hour. As they head home Jackie is stripped naked by the boys and they finger her, suck her nipples and grope her tits.

Jackie is moaning with pleasure. She then tells the boys to get naked and impales her self on Alex's cock while she tells Mickey to stick his up her arse hole. She then screws her two youngest boys in her car as Mark drives them home. Both her youngest sons shoot their load inside their drunken mother who has had several orgasms as her boys have screwed her pussy and arse at the same time as they have travelled home.

By the time they have got home it has gone 2am. Jackie gets naked out of the car and staggers to the front door in only her high heels, followed by her naked youngest sons. Mark gets out of the car slowly and walks up to the front and eventually opens the door. But before he opens it his mother squats down on the door step and pees on the floor, Alex and Mickey then piss over their mother's chest which she seems to enjoy as she tries to drink their piss as it is redirected to her face.

Once inside Mark is told to strip, and each boy is to sit in the family room on a chair and she gives them a Viagra pill each. Jackie as she drinks from a bottle of wine does a lap dance for each of her boys; she fingers her pussy and arse and rubs her clit as well as using the wine bottle as a dildo to insert up into her cunt.

As the boys are hard, Jackie gives them an exhibition show where she lies on the coffee table and using the empty wine bottle inserts it into her arse and pussy and uses it as a dildo. Jackie then climbs on Mark and impales her pussy on his cock; she gets Alex to screw her arse and has Mickey standing beside her so that she can suck his cock as she is fucked by her three boys simultaneous. All boys come inside her eventually after Jackie has had multiple orgasms, she is totally exhausted and covered in sweat but the boys do dot stop, the pills have made them horny, and they want to continue fucking their mother.

Jackie is forced to lie back on the couch legs apart as each boy takes it in turn to screw her pussy, as one screws her, the other fucks her mouth and the final boy gropes and tweaks her breasts and nipples. This goes on all night until 7am. When the boys decide to stop and let their mother have a rest. They get a shower and prepare for school, while Jackie lies on the sofa. The rest does not last for long as she is dressed in a very short skirt and a sleeveless blouse and put in her car to go to work.

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Jackie who is totally exhausted can hardly drive but she realises she has to as she has several important meetings to go to. Because she is exhausted, Jackie goes home early. She enters her house quietly as she wants to surprise the boys, but hey are not around, their school bags are on the floor. Then she notices the attic door open and climbs up the steps to see all three boys looking out of the attic vents. Jackie walks quietly over to the boys and notices they are wanking as they look out over Mandy Davis's garden.

Jackie sees Mandy lying naked on her sun lounger using a large dildo and is masturbating. Beside her are two empty bottles of wine, Mandy is drunk and then Jackie notices that Mandy has no tan lines, she has an all over tan and also she has no pubic hair. As she watches Jackie undoes her blouse and is massaging her own tits, the boys all declare they are about to cum, Jackie tells them to cum over her tits.

All the boys jump as they have not heard their mother come upstairs.

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They turn around and face their mother and shoot their loads all over her chest, which Jackie massages in to her tits before heading down the ladders and getting herself a glass of wine. After her second glass Jackie goes round to Mandy's house to say thanks for looking after the kids. Mandy answers the door and speaks drunkenly to Jackie, she has slipped on a short white summer dress and high heeled shoes.

Jackie invites Mandy out for dinner with herself and her boys. Mandy sits up front with Jackie and the three boys are in the back seat.

They have informed their mother that Mandy has not got any under wear on under her summer dress. Mandy's dress has risen up her thighs and Jackie can just see her pussy under the hem of her dress. At the restaurant the group chat and a second bottle of wine is brought to the table, Jackie and Mandy are drinking heavily and as Mandy is all ready very drunk it does not take long before she is staggering all over the place. Her straps of her dress slip off her shoulders allowing her bosoms to be visible, her nipples are just covered.

By the end of the meal three bottles of wine have been drunk and both ladies are very drunk. Jackie's blouse has become undone and her tits are hanging out of the open blouse. As the group walk to the car Mark helps Mandy and manages to grope her backside under her dress, while Jackie has removed her blouse and walks to the car topless. Mark drives the car with Mandy in the front passenger seat, as she struggled to get in the boys helped her and raised her dress up around her hips allowing her shaven pussy to be seen by Mark as he drives.

As Mark drives he slips his hand on to Mandy's thigh and massages it slowly working up to her pussy, she parts her legs and allows him to continue, he then slips a finger into her exposed pussy and rubs her clit as he drives.

Meanwhile Jackie is sitting with her legs apart and is being fingered by both her youngest sons. Once home both ladies are helped into the family room where they are plied with more wine, as the two women talk drunkenly Mark has Mandy's legs open and is licking her pussy, while Jackie now totally naked is being fingered by her two youngest sons.

Mandy falls asleep and Jackie orders her three boys to screw her good and hard but not to come in her, she wants to taste Mandy's juices so wants the boys to come in her mouth so that she can suck and lick all her neighbours sex juices from her boys cocks. After the session Alex and Mark carry Mandy back to her house and strip her naked and put her in bed. Back home their mother has passed out on her bed and all three boys decided to fuck their mother's arse coming inside her rear passage.

They then all go to their own rooms and allow their mother a few hours sleep before she gets up. Jackie's alarm goes off at 6:30am and she is greeted by all three of her boys standing around her bed with huge erections, they want her to give them a blowjob.


So again willingly she sucks their love juices out of the hard members. This again makes her very late, and with out getting a shower, puts on a wrap dress that shows off her cleavage. Jackie rushes off to work.

It is now her third day with out getting washed. The boys have decided when their mother gets home at 6pm they are going to go to the water park, which is 25 minutes away in the car.

They have everything ready for the trip and phone their mother just as she leaves work. She arrives at the house and as she waits for them to organise their belongings she has a glass of wine. The group get in the car and she drives her sons to the water park. As she drives she loosens the tie fastening on her dress, revealing her cleavage and her pussy, she sits with her legs apart. Not one of her boys touches her except for a French kiss when they met.

As the walk across the parking lot to the water park Jackie' dress is slowly becoming undone and it is open all the way down her front. After paying the admission they all go to a family changing room and strip naked, where the three boys kiss Jackie and grope her tits and bum.

She is surprised to find she has a sensible out fit to wear, a tie sided Brazilian two piece bikini. She has a go on some of the slides with the boys and enjoys the boy's fun with them.

After a quick go on the slides the family go and get a burger and fries, Jackie has a glass of wine with her meal the boys have a coke. On the lazy river ride she shares her floatation aid with each boy in turn and they gently caress her and finger her pussy as they kiss passionately on the ride. It is difficult to do any sexual thing to their mother as the complex is busy.

The complex closes at 10pm so the family go back to the family enclosure to get washed and changed. The boys wash their mother and ensure they finger and grope her continuously which she enjoys. After leaving the water park the family decide to have a late night supper at a restaurant on the way home. During the meal all the family have a glass of wine.

A second bottle is produced and Jackie drinks this as she is molested by her sons. The boys undo her dress and she sits with her dress undone pussy on show as her legs a wide apart as two of her sons finger her pussy.


Her nipples are just covered by the dress. The waiter gives them good service as he sees her getting fingered and Mark sucks her nipples which have become visible as the dress parts further. After paying Jackie staggers out of the restaurant with her dress open allowing people to see her breasts and shaved pussy.

Mark again drives bur Jackie sits up front and has her tits groped by Mickey. Jackie starts to play with her own pussy as soon as she gets in the car, she starts to finger herself and slowly that works to a full fisting of herself, as she manages to have two orgasms on the ride home, all the time she is screaming and swearing with pleasure.

In the house she wants both Mark and Alex to screw her pussy at the same time and Mickey to screw her arse also. Every one strip naked and Mark lies on the sofa, Jackie impales herself on his hard cock, Alex then squats behind her and slides his cock into her tight pussy then she leans forwards and Mickey slips his cock into arse.

Slowly they ride their mother getting faster and faster as she until she is having multiple orgasms. The boys come together and Jackie screams with pleasure.

The group all lie together on the couch relaxing to try and recover. As they are all exhausted they all go to bed and sleep on their mother's bed, they sleep holding each other until Jackie's alarm goes off at 6:30am Jackie wakes up and goes and makes breakfast naked, Mark gets up shortly afterwards and they kiss passionately in the kitchen, Jackie sits on the kitchen table as Mark parts her legs and fucks his mother.

As he cums, Alex walks in and takes his brothers place, mark gets on the table and pushes his juicy cock into his mother's mouth for her to suck and lick it clean. Finally Mickey walks in and replaces his brother and fucks his mothers sloppy pussy; Jackie being a dirty slut of a mother sucks all the boys cocks as she spreads the love juices from her pussy over her thighs, stomach and breasts.

The boys go and get ready for school as Jackie plays with her own pussy and tits on the kitchen table. After the boys have left for school, Jackie, who has some time to spare as she is starting work late, goes to her bedroom and gets her dildos out and continues to pleasure herself. She uses a big black one to place in her cunt and a smaller pink in her arse, they are both vibrating ones and when she switches them she is driven wild with pleasure, she squirms around on the bed pulling and squeezing her nipples making herself have several orgasms.

Eventually she notices the time and has to be at work shortly. She puts on a very short skirt that just covers her bum and pussy, with a leg split up to her groin. She wears a bolero jacket that shows her cleavage off and also her midriff. On her feet she wears very high heeled stiletto court shoes. She does not get a shower as she had planned as she is late.

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As she gets in her car she allows her skirt to climb up her legs and as she drives she uses a small vibrator to give herself another climax on the way to work. Luckily due to light traffic she is on time. The boys have decided to make for their mother a special dinner that night. Before their mother gets home the boys set the table, set up seductive atmosphere with music, candles, fragrance and lighting. Wine has been chilled, six bottles ready for the night. The meal is prepared just has to be served.

Jackie arrives home just before 7pm and is ushered up stairs by Mark who is wearing a posing pouch, once stripped She is given a full body massage by her son, who raises her pleasure levels but does not make her aroused. Jackie has a glass of wine in her hand and sips from it, it never gets empty. After the massage she is lead into her bathroom where, Mickey takes over and thoroughly washes her body.

Again her wine glass is topped up. After the bath she is dried and led into her bedroom, where her clothes for the evening have been laid out. Jackie is left alone to get dressed ready for the meal. The boys wait eagerly for their mother to walk into the room. As she enters the boys all gasp, she looks very sexy in her little skimpy red Maasi dress which just covers her nipples and pussy.

She wears ultra high heeled stiletto sandals. The dress is in to parts, the top is a lycra band tube top that is skimpy and only covers her nipples allowing her breasts to be visible, the skirt has a side cut out from hem up to waist and one leg is exposed, the waist line is ultra low hipster and sits just above her pussy lips, it is a tie fastening. Alex is serving the meal dressed in a pair of black lycra shorts, far to small for him and is topless, he is covered in oil, his cock protrudes through his shorts.

Mickey sits beside his mother and Mark sits opposite. As Alex serves the starter Jackie's wine glass is continually topped up.

Both Mickey and Mark play with their mother's naked thigh and pussy, as the evening continues and as Jackie gets drunker, she gets aroused and starts to become randy and provocative. She is swearing and keeps touching Alex's cock in his shorts. As the boys play with her pussy, Jackie starts to purr with pleasure and after the main course and before desert she has her first orgasm of the night. The group decide to retire to the family room and Jackie, with her glass of wine, staggers there; spilling wine down her top, soaking it, as she sits down she gets Alex to remove her top.

The telephone rings and it is John explaining the flight was cancelled so he will be away for another night, will be back on Friday night.

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As he speaks to his wife, all his boys strip naked and they remove Jackie's skirt. Alex fucks his mother's mouth as she tries to talk to her husband, eventually he shoots his spunk all over her face, which she rubs into her cheeks and hair; Mickey screws her pussy while Mark is fingering her bum.

Jackie has the phone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Mickey then replaces Alex and Jackie sucks and licks his little cock as she talks sexily to her husband on the phone.

Mark has started to fist his mother's pussy and Alex is sliding three fingers into her arse hole, all the time Jackie is chatting to her husband, talking dirty to him giving him a running commentary as her sons pleasure her. Jackie manages to pass it off as a fantasy as her husband is very drunk.

Mickey cums all over his mother's face and again Jackie rubs it into her face and hair. After the phone call has ended Jackie wants to have Alex and Mark fuck her pussy and Mickey to screw her arse as they did the other night. When they get into position all three boys screw their mother as hard as they can, Mark ums first in his mother and falls off the orgy to slip his cock into her mouth and her screws her mouth, deepthroating, making his mother gag.

Jackie is enjoying the fucking so much she has multiple orgasms and screams with pleasure at the top of her voice. During the whole sex session the boys are chewing on or pulling her nipples.

After this sex session the group retire to Jackie's bed and fall asleep holding each other. The next morning Jackie gets up first, she goes and gets herself a cup of coffee before her boys wake up. As she sits on the bar stool she feels the mildly pleasurable pain in her arse and in her stretched pussy, her breasts and nipples are very saw but very sensitive.

As she sits naked on the bar stool Jackie starts to get aroused with the thoughts from last night. Looking in the cupboard she finds some honey and yoghurt in the fridge.

So with out thinking she massages the Greek yoghurt in to her pussy and using a banana frigs herself while covering her breasts with the honey and massaging that in.

she is so aroused she does not hear nor see Alex and Mark enter the kitchen, they stand naked with erect cocks masturbating as they watch their playing with herself, they then step closer to her and cum all over her tits, she looks at them and just rubs their jiz into her body as she continues to pleasure herself. As the boys' watch they then get some cream out of the fridge and pour it over her breasts, this is followed by some jam which they rub and down her pussy. Slowly Jackie is covered in food stuffs and the two boys are rubbing it into her body as she lies back on the counter, the banana has turned to mush as is smeared all over her face.

The three then go and get in the shower, where their mother squats down on the shower tray and has a pee, the boys pee into her mouth and face and Jackie swallows it down. As she stands facing the shower both hands on the wall her arse sticking outin the prone position the boys take it in turn screw her pussy while the other boy gropes her breasts and nipples.

Still covered in food and spunk the boys wash their mother down ensuring every crevice is clean. Jackie goes and gets dressed, she wakes Mickey, as he has slept in and will be late for school, with all the sexual fun she had in the morning he was left to sleep. The two older boys get ready for school and depart; Mickey gets ready and waits for his mother in the kitchen. Jackie slips into a white very short mini dress, it just covers her bum and pussy, the front has a very low plunge which reaches down to just above her navel, her nipples are just covered and her cleavage is on show.

On her feet she wears silver seven inched heeled platform stiletto sandals. She drives Mickey to school then goes of to work where one of the girls is leaving on maternity leave, and the other eight girls at work are going out at noon for a special afternoon lunch date with three male strippers as special guests.

All the women have to dress evocatively. When Alex and Mark get home early from school they find their mother lying naked, covered in baby oil very drunk with three empty bottles of wine beside her, on the sun lounger on the patio. She is so drunk that she can not talk very well. The boys strip and rub start to play with their mother rubbing oil into her body, they start massaging her and making her have drunken orgasms. Mickey comes home from school, he is excited as he is going to spend the weekend up at his friend's cabin by the lake, he rushes in and gets changed as he is late, his friends mom is picking him up at 5pm, it is that time now.


Alex goes and gets his mother a skimpy bikini to cover her pussy and tits. He and Mark slip on a pair of tight fitting Lycra swim shorts. Mark answers the door when Haley, Mickey's friend mom rings the door bell. She is wearing a very short denim skirt, a sleeveless blouse open at the front, which allows her ample cleavage to be on show but tied above her navel, and a pair of hiking boots, she has no bra on and they are unsure of her panties. Haley is invited in and she is very drunk, she greets Jackie in the kitchen, both drunken ladies work together and have been at the special lunch that afternoon.

Haley climbs on to a bar stool, her skirt rides up revealing a white lace thong covering her pussy, she sits with her legs apart slightly. Jackie tries several times to climb on her stool, eventually Mark helps her up, as he does Alex serves Jackie and Haley a large glass of wine each.

Mark and Alex listen as the two ladies discuss the lunch party. As the drunken story unfolds, full of swearing, it appears the strippers appeared after the meal, where a large amount of wine was drunk.

The pregnant lady did not hold back and by the time the strippers had appeared she was unable to stand, all the women present were stripped by the men and the pregnant woman started screwing all three strippers, her large tits bouncing around. Each lady sucked a stripper's cock and wanked him as well. At around 2pm, the party died down as the strippers departed and the pregnant women was partially clothed and put in a taxi home. Some of the ladies went to a bar for more drinks including Haley, Jackie slipped her dress on and staggered very drunkenly, bare foot, to her car and drove home, which explained why the car was parked precariously in the drive way of her home.

Haley stayed out with the other three women before heading home at around 4pm after being thrown out of a bar for stripping. Then Haley as she finished her chat with Jackie turned to Mark and said, "so you have a huge cock which your mother fantasies aboutget it out and lets see it", as she reaches over and rubs the hard member through his shorts. He replies "lets see your pussy then", which Haley stands pulls her panties off and opens her legs to reveal her shaven pussy. She then removes her top and skirt and stands naked in front of the two boys.

Both boys then strip and start to fondle her huge tits and rub her wet pussy, Alex then goes over and kisses his mother as he removes her bikini top and suck her nipples, Jackie as she watches her eldest son kiss, suck and finger her work colleague, fingers and rubs her own pussy under her bikini. Alex then returns to pleasuring Haley, he kisses her as Mark squats down and starts to lick her pussy and clit. Alex chews on Haley's large nipples and gropes her breasts, after a very short period of time Haley has her first orgasm which is followed by several more in quick succession.

As she sits on the bar stool with her legs apart Mark slips his cock into her pussy and screws her hard, after cumming deep inside her he is replaced by Alex who does the same as his brother and fucks Haley fast and furious. All the time Jackie is fingering her own pussy and has made herself have several orgasms. Haley then notices the time and has to go as her husband will be home shortly ready for the trip to the lake.

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She slips her blouse and skirt on but leaves her thong off. After she has departed with Mickey Jackie sucks the juices off both her boys' before getting them to screw her hard. At 7pm Jackie who has been drinking heavily all day has fallen asleep on the kitchen table; the boys put her to bed and go and watch porn on the TV, while waiting for the Pizza guy to arrive. Part three to follow.