Tgirl tugging before blowjob in duo

Tgirl tugging before blowjob in duo
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Jack was rather confused when he woke up the next morning. He could feel that he was naked, which was pretty normal, except that he could feel a warm, wet sensation on his hard cock, sliding up and down on it. Jack opened his eyes, and saw Megan, who was laid on her front, giving him a blowjob. "Morning…" Jack said sleepily as he got a wake-up blowjob.

"Morning," Megan said, sending pleasurable vibrations through Jack's cock. Jack watched Megan's head move, sucking him expertly. It was almost hypnotic. Jack thought about the previous day, and he couldn't believe how lucky he'd gotten. Jack blew his load within a few minutes, and Megan swallowed it, before crawling on top of him. The two of them made out for a few minutes, before Megan broke the kiss. "Come on, time to get ready for school," she said.

"School?" Jack asked. "Duh. It's Wednesday," Megan replied. She bent over to get clothes out of one of her drawers, giving Jack a good view of her bottom. "But all I've got is the clothes I went out to dinner with, I don't have anything else," Jack said.

"Um, no, you've got those," Megan said, pointing over to a point on the floor. Jack looked, and saw his school bag, as well as a change of clothes for school. "How'd those get there?" Jack asked. "You brought them silly," Megan said. She was currently stood in her underwear, and was attempting to fasten her bra, but the strap wouldn't reach.

"Weird, it won't fit. It's like my boobs are bigger…" "I didn't bring that stuff," Jack said. "You definitely did, I remember," Megan insisted. She eventually just gave up on her bra.

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"Looks like I'm gonna have to go without for today. Lucky you." "Yeah, lucky me," Jack smiled. The two of them went downstairs for breakfast, where they encountered Megan's parents. "Morning Megan, morning Jack," Mrs Holloway said. "Morning," Megan said, dragging Jack into the kitchen. It occurred to Jack that he'd never actually met Megan's parents, and they seemed to have no problem with the fact that a boy they'd never met had just slept over with their daughter in her bedroom.

"Your parents seem…nice," Jack said to Megan. "Yeah, they are nice," Megan smiled. "And…they don't mind that I stayed over?" "Of course not. Why would they?" "A strange boy slept with their daughter last night and probably had lots and lots of sex with her. And they're okay with it?" "You're not strange, you're really nice," Megan said, kissing him.

"You know what I mean. It's just weird. I mean, if you'd brought home an 80-year-old serial killer, would they have been okay with it?" "Of course they wouldn't!" "So why are they okay with me?" "Because they are. They just are. That's how it is." "It's weird. Something's weird here." Molly on the other hand was not woken up nearly as nicely as her brother.

She was woken up by the sounds of the shower, as well as the loud noises of her parents crying out in pleasure. Honestly, did they ever give it a rest? They'd been perfectly silent last night, but now they were just going for it in the shower. Molly had always assumed that sex felt better than masturbating, but it couldn't feel THAT good, could it?

What could feel so good that you would scream and groan out that loudly? That would be impossible. Inhuman. Molly got out of bed, and got dressed for school, before heading out of her room.

As she walked past the bathroom, she heard her parents' moans grow even louder, and she just kept on walking. Why were they even in that bathroom? Why weren't they in their en-suite? Stupid parents. Of course, there was a pretty good reason for their moans. Samantha was bent over in the shower, with David ploughing in and out of her pussy from behind. He'd made it so that they were having 100,000 orgasms per second, feeling every single one of them flow through them, so it was pretty damn pleasurable to say the least.

David had made it so that Samantha would have no problems having all that cum shot into her, so they were free to enjoy David's powers. Eventually though, David, without warning, pulled out of Samantha, and shot cum all over her ass, before he turned her around, and made out with her, holding her up by her jizz-covered ass, the two of them still having 100,000 orgasms per second.

Eventually David ended their unstoppable orgasm spree, and he held his wife in his arms, waiting for her to calm down. "Oh. My. GOD!" She said. "That was-" "Heavenly? Out of this world? Divine?" David interrupted her. "Well that, my love, is what you can expect every single day for all eternity.

No, wait, scratch that. Every single day it'll be a hundred million gazillion times better." "That's not a number." "It is if I tell it to be. I'm God, Sam. I can quite literally do ANYTHING I want. If I want two plus two to equal five, it will. If I tell the moon to be made of cheese, it will be. If I tell the planets to re-arrange into the shape of a cock and balls, they will." "I know honey, just don't get too drunk on power." "I can't get too drunk on power.

I'm God. Nothing bad can ever happen to me," David said, squeezing Sam's ass. "Now go get dressed. You need to get to work." "Do I have to?" Samantha complained. "Can't we just stay and have more sex?" "Now now honey, thou shalt not question the Lord," David said playfully.

"Besides, there's stuff to do." "Like what?" "Well for starters, today I'm starting running the universe properly." "Well try not to cause the apocalypse. And what about your boss?" "No-one's the boss of me now. But if you're talking about Mr Forrester, I made it so I have permanent permission to not go in if I don't want to." "I could do with some of that." "You have young minds to mould. And I have a universe to run." Samantha took Molly to school, while David planned for the day.

He still had a few hours before Amia was due to come and collect him, or as he saw it, a few hours to fuck around with his powers. But what, or rather who, should he use his powers on this morning? David sat and watched TV for inspiration, and it wasn't long before he got some. There was an ad for the local gym, and he decided that that was where he would go.

He figured there's be lots of sexy ladies there he could play with. David went outside to his car, and got inside. He was about to set off driving, when he got an idea. Why should he bother driving? He was God. God doesn't drive. He snapped his fingers, and the car immediately set off, the pedals, steering wheel and gear stick moving by themselves, the entire car being powered by divine will.

David just sat back, and let the car take him to his destination. As soon as he arrived, David got out of the car, and headed straight for the ladies' changing rooms. "Hey, you can't go in there!" The woman behind the counter shouted. "Oh I think I can!" David shouted back. "My will be done!" David walked into the changing rooms, and saw many women of various ages in various states of dress, none of them caring that he was there.

But that just wouldn't work. So he sent a command to them. The women instantly obeyed, and began stripping their clothes off, understanding that all clothes were now forbidden in this gym. Not wanting to break his own rules, David also stripped off, willing a permanent erection on himself. This was going to be fun. Of course, David loved his wife, so he had no intention of cheating on her. He thought.

Maybe. He didn't want to anyway. Did he? David walked out into the gym, and looked all around him. Naked flesh, everywhere. He felt like a kid in a sweet shop.

It was all his.

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They were all his. He could do whatever he wanted to them, and oh, he did. There was a young woman on the treadmill, who David found very attractive, aside from one little detail; her boobs were far too small. That was easily changed though, and with a single thought, the woman was sporting a pair of F-cups, which jiggled as she ran.

Of course, she wouldn't notice until she got home, but what a shock she'd have when she did. Over on the weight-lifting machines, one man was doing reps, but David noticed that his penis was rather disappointing, even with the erection that David gave him. That needed sorting. So David willed that the man's penis would grow by a millimetre for every rep he did. He wondered how long it would take for him to notice. David walked into another room, where a ladies' aerobics class was going on.

Some of the ladies were attractive, but most of them, David noticed, weren't very attractive. Well, not for long, anyway. David willed, commanding all the women to become younger. All of them reverted to their teenage selves, or rather, insanely beautiful versions of their teenage selves. Big boobs and big butts were standard, as were hairless pussies. In an instant, the room was full of some of the sexiest human beings in history.

The women all examined themselves in shock, wondering what the hell had happened to them. "Oh, and did I mention?" David said. "You're all REALLY horny." The women all moaned out as their libidos went into overdrive, and they started making-out. David decided to leave them to their lust.

David went into the sauna, where there were two young girls sat chatting, whom he sat down opposite. David recognised one of them, and his powers revealed to him why; this was Anna, the girl from the park café, and her friend Sally. Interesting. He scanned their minds, and found that they were as straight as could be. "Girls," David mentally commanded.

"I want the two of you to make-out with one another. Don't worry about me watching. In fact, it's hot that I'm watching." Anna and Sally then turned to face each-other, their faces full of lust. Without hesitation, their faces met, and they kissed passionately, sliding their tongues into each-other's mouths with gleeful abandon. David watched on with equal glee, and he desperately wished he could join in.

But he couldn't. He was married. But really, did that matter? His powers meant that he could do whatever he wanted, and no-one could ever find out. He could cheat on his wife, and even in the unlikely event she did find out, he could just wipe her memory of it.

And anyway, marriage was a God-given thing. God made the rules of marriage, so God could break them. It was decided. David would have sex with Anna and Sally. He sent a command to them, and they instantly broke their kiss. They turned to face David, looking at him with the same looks of lust that they'd had for each-other, except 100 times more intense.

"I'm all yours, ladies," David smiled, and the two girls practically pounced on him. The two of them fought for supremacy of his mouth, both trying to make-out with him, while they fondled his holy body. If David's penis wasn't already as erect as could be, it would have gotten even harder as these two young girls pleasured him. Eventually Anna seemed to win out, sticking her tongue down David's throat. Sally didn't give up however, and grabbed hold of David's cock, putting it in her mouth, and sucking on it hungrily.

David was in Heaven, or at least, that was what he'd have thought if he'd never been to Heaven. This was still pretty great though.

David read Sally's mind, and discovered that she had a boyfriend, and he was in love with her cock-sucking ability. David could see why, as this was probably one of the best blowjobs any mortal had ever given him. David came, and both of the girls climbed off of him. They then re-commenced making-out, sharing David's load between each-other. "Oh yeah girls, that's so hot," David said. "I should reward the two of you.

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But I suppose I'd have to take turns between you. No wait, hang on…" The sauna door opened, and the girls turned to see a man walk in. It was David.


Or rather, another David. A clone of David. "So then girls," the Davids said in unison. "Prepare yourselves for the best pussy eating you've ever gotten." The girls just grinned, and spread their legs. The two Davids got down on their knees, and got to work on pleasuring the girls. The girls moaned out loudly, as they did indeed get the best pussy eating of their lives. David slid both of his tongues into the girls' pussies, and sent them to the very peak of ecstasy, as he stimulated hotspots that even they didn't know they had, reading their minds to determine exactly what it was they wanted.

Of course, such amazing cunnilingus meant that the girls couldn't last long, and in less than a minute, both of them were exploding in powerful orgasms, wrapping their legs around David's heads as they did so. But that wasn't the end of it, as, even when they'd done cumming, David continued his oral onslaught, never stopping licking for even a second.

Eventually, after licking the girls to a dozen orgasms each, David pulled away, leaving them panting and sweating, and not just because they were in a sauna. "Oh my God…" Sally moaned. "Oh please, there's no need for such formality," David grinned. "Call me David. But listen girls, the Lord thy God wishes to fuck you. Feel like obeying?" The girls nodded, and they got on all fours. David positioned them so that they were facing each-other, and slid into each of them with his divine cocks.

The girls moaned, and quickly starting kissing one-another, taking advantage of the position that David had put them in. David thrust in and out of the girls at an inhuman pace, his hips a mere blur as he partook of this supernatural intercourse. The three/four of them were having orgasms every few minutes, totally and completely overcome by the bliss they were experiencing.

For David, it was even better, as he could feel both of his cocks at the same time, each inside a pussy. It put a real spin on a traditional threesome. Just as David was having yet another orgasm, he looked up, and saw a familiar face. It was Amia, sat on the other side of the sauna, waiting patiently.

"Amia!" He exclaimed. He pulled out of the girls, and willed them to sleep, before returning himself to a single body. "What are you doing here!?" "It has been one whole Earth day, Lord," Amia replied. "I am here to begin your instruction into your Godly duties. Unless you would prefer me to come back later." "No, it's fine," David said, looking down at the sleeping girls.

"Listen, this…isn't what it looks like." "Lord, what you choose to do for recreation is none of my concern," Amia said politely. "I do not judge. I merely assist you in your judgement." "Right…okay, so where do we start?" "Well Lord, I was thinking we could go to Hell." "Hell?" "Yes Lord.

You have seen Heaven and the mortal realm, so it is only fitting that you should also see Hell." "Oh…alright then. So how do we get there?" "Well Lord, while we could just teleport there…" Amia began, before a ring was heard, and two elevator doors opened. "You seemed to enjoy this form of transport." The two of them got into the elevator, and Amia pressed a series of buttons, which David noticed were near the bottom.

The elevator started going down, and David felt a little worried. He'd just agreed to go to Hell. Granted he was only visiting, but really, who agrees to go to Hell? It seemed pretty ridiculous. "Lord," Amia said, interrupting his train of thought. "Would you like to get dressed before we arrive?" "What?

Oh, right. Yeah, probably," David replied. "It is really no concern to me Lord what state of dress you wish to be in, I merely wish for you to be comfortable," Amia said. David responded by conjuring up the clothes he'd left in the changing rooms. The doors opened, and David was surprised to see what appeared to be a plain reception area, with a man sat behind it.

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"Hello Lady Amia, are you here to see Achré?" The man asked, before he saw David, and bowed his head. "Lord! To what do I owe this honour!?" "This is the new God. I'm showing him around," Amia replied. "Incidentally, his appointment as the new God has not been announced yet, so you'd be wise to keep this to yourself." "Yes Lady Amia, as you command," the man said, before flipping a switch.

"I've unlocked the doors for you." They approached the doors, and David braced himself.

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"Enjoy your visit to Hell!" The man said without a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Lord, are you completely certain you wish to see this?" Amia asked.

"It is not pleasant." "Yes, show me," David replied. "Very well…" The instant Amia opened the doors, David's ears were filled with the sounds of agonising screams.

The sounds of horrors beyond his worst nightmares. Amia walked in, and David reluctantly followed, the doors closing automatically behind them. David looked around, and saw that they appeared to be in some sort of large cave, with lava and fire all over the place. As well as this, the cave was filled with thousands of people, all being tortured in the most horrendous of ways by angels in black robes.

Amia approached one of the torturers, who stopped his tortures to bow to her. "Excuse me, could you please tell me where Lord Achré is?" She asked him sweetly. "I believe he is in the Special Unit, Lady Amia," the torturer replied. "Please…I'm sorry…" The damned soul begged, grabbing hold of David's leg. "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO HIM WITHOUT PERMISSION, YOU WORTHLESS SINNER!" The torturer screamed at him, before throwing him back into the lava.

"Thank you," Amia smiled, apparently un-phased by what had just happened. "Please, follow me, Lord." David followed her, rather uneasy about all this.

Amia led David into a building where more people were being tortured, their torturers bowing to the archangel and the God as they walked past.

They went into a room where someone was being tortured by an angel in white robes with a gold trim. Amia snuck up behind him, and wrapped her arms around him lovingly. "Guess who," she said. "Well considering there's only one person in existence who would dare touch me without permission, I've got a pretty good idea," Achré replied.

He turned around, and kissed her lovingly. "Hey Achré," Amia smiled. "Hey Amikins…" Achré smiled, kissing her again. "Achré…" Amia blushed. "Only while we're alone…" Achré looked past Amia, and saw God. Immediately, he got down on his knees. "My Lord!" He exclaimed. "I'm sorry for not noticing you sooner! It is an honour to meet you!" "Uh…you too," David said, not really sure what he was meant to do.

"Lord, this is Achré, the archangel in charge of Hell, and my husband," Amia explained. "May he please have permission to stand?" "Oh, yeah.

You can stand," David replied. "Thank you Lord," Achré said, standing up. "So, what do you think of Hell?" "It's um…horrific," David replied. "That's the idea, Lord," Achré smiled. "Hell is most definitely not intended as a pleasant place. It is where those whom you deem unforgivably sinful are sent to suffer for all eternity." "Achré, perhaps we should show him the special sinner downstairs?" Amia suggested.

"Have you not told him about that yet?" Achré asked. "Okay then. Please follow me, Lord." Achré and Amia led David downstairs, where even louder screams could be heard. They entered a room, where David saw one person chained to the wall, and screaming in agony.

"Who's that?" David asked. "That, Lord, is Lucifer," Achré replied. "Lucifer?" "Satan. The devil," Amia explained. "He was once an archangel, but he grew hungry for more power. He was outraged that the new Gods were chosen from mortals rather than angels.

He led a rebellion against the 4th God in an attempt to seize power. Of course, rebellions against omnipotent beings don't tend to go well.

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He and his followers were cast into Hell for all eternity for their treachery." "Wow…" David said. "Can we leave now? I don't really want to hang around here." "Very well Lord," Amia replied. "Actually, that is good. I wish to introduce you to the other archangels. Achré, come on." "Hey, I'm not gonna object to getting an unscheduled break," Achré said. The 3 of them returned to Heaven, and headed to a meeting room.

They walked in, and David saw that sat in there were 4 angels in the gold-trimmed white robes. Achré took his seat with them, while Amia stood at the front with David. "Everyone," Amia said to the group.

"I am pleased to introduce David Anthony Jones, who was recently appointed as the new God over all creation. If you'd like to introduce yourselves, please." "Lord, I am Achré, your archangel responsible for the management of Hell," Achré said. "Lord, I am Dorothea," said the lone female of the group. "Your archangel responsible for the management of Heaven." "Lord, I am Gabriel," said one of the males. "You archangel responsible for MR; Mortal Relations." "Lord, I am Raphael," said another male.

"Your archangel responsible for the management of Guardian Angels." "Lord, I am Michael," said the final male. "Your archangel responsible for Angelic Recruitment and Promotion." "And of course you know me Lord," Amia said.


"We are your archangels." "Uh…hi," David said nervously. "I'm…well, I guess I'm God." "Lord, now that you have been introduced to your archangels, would you like to commence your holy work?" Amia asked him.

"Alright then," David nodded. "Excellent, Lord," Amia said. "What shall we do first? I advise either judgement or answering prayers." "Alright, how about judgement?" "Very well Lord, please follow me." Amia led David to the same dark room where he'd been judged, with the gates to Heaven and Hell on either side.

There was a large, golden throne in the room, which Amia gestured for David to sit on. He did so. "Next!" Amia shouted. A nude man, about his own age, walked in. Amia started reading from a file. "Alfred Albert Anderson. Born 18th July 1968, died February 21st 2015. His primary sin would seem to be his cause of death. He died in a gunfight with the police after an armed robbery of a bank." "Please don't send me to Hell!" Albert begged.

"I only did it because I'm poor and I needed to help my family! I never meant for it to get out of hand!" "He seems to be telling the truth, Lord," Amia continued. "It's the only major sin listed here. I recommend Heaven." "Alright, Heaven then," David agreed. "Oh thank you, thank you!" Albert shouted. "Please sign here Lord," Amia said, handing him a large document. I, David Anthony Jones, acting God of the universe, do hereby sentence the mortal ALFRED ALBERT ANDERSON to spend his afterlife in HEAVEN, from this moment, forever and ever.

There he shall receive the appropriate REWARD for his virtuous life, his sins having been forgiven by my holy will. There was then a line for David to sign on, which he did. He noticed that the bits in block capitals seemed to have been written in by Amia.

"Thank you Lord," Amia said, taking the paper from him and filing it away. "Next!" The next one was an old lady, who was practically shaking with fear. "Mary Alice Banks," Amia said. "Born March 12th 1924, died February 22nd 2015. Your standard grandmother figure. British. Used to cook for the American soldiers during the war. And invite them to stay with her for orgies." "Everyone was doing it!" Mary insisted. "My friends and I would gather up a group of GIs and show them the time of their lives!" "Lord, I see no major sins on this woman's record," Amia said.

"I recommend sending her to Heaven without delay." "I agree," David nodded. He signed the paper, and sent Mary on her way. "Next!" The next one was an old man, who had a lot of tattoos. "Johnathon Fredrick Barnes," Amia read out. "Born October 24th 1942. Died in prison on February 22nd 2015. He was in there for 34 murders, 23 arsons, and numerous robberies. I can see very few virtuous acts in here at all.

I recommend immediate damnation." "You mean…Hell?" David asked. "Yes Lord," Amia replied. "If you agree with this judgement." "What'll happen to him there?" "You saw Lord.

He will suffer endlessly for all eternity." "But does he really deserve that?" "He spent his life bringing suffering to others. People who do this are condemn to themselves suffer for the rest of time. Of course, if you wish to send him to Heaven, then your will be done…" "Alright then, send him to Hell!" David relented. "As you command Lord," Amia said. She handed him the form, which he signed, and the man was instantly sent screaming into Hell.

"Next!" The next one was a young girl, who had smallish breasts, but a shaven pussy.

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"Molly Amelia Jones, born May 3rd 2000, died February 25th 2015." Wait, what? David looked at the girl more closely, and he realised that it was his daughter Molly.

"Dad?" She asked, looking around. "What's going on?" ------------------------------- Author's message: A longer chapter, as promised. And one which I'm much more proud of. I've not got much to say in this message, so let's answer some questions I've gotten: Incest: Yes eventually. Body Swap: Probably eventually.

Number of chapters: No idea. It'll last as long as it lasts. Is this the same world as A Boy and his Genie?: I'm going to say no, purely because a story about Gods doesn't really work in the same universe as A Boy and his Genie, considering how it ends. Is DragoTime a reference to something?: Yes it is. Whilst writing this chapter I came up with 2 possible endings for the story, but I don't know when the ending will be, or which ending I'll choose. Maybe I'll come up with a way of using them both.