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Nude emo teen blowjobs gay Keith does what he does best  deep
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It took a while, but we got there :D ________________________________- "I have a question for you Ali" Rob Taylor said, over the general whispers of the circle. It was Friday evening, four hours after we trashed Sterling in the semis, and the mood was high in the tiny space that the entire team had crammed into in the back of the bus, completely ignoring the seatbelts, all 11 of us sprawled on 6 seats and the tiny aisle.

I found myself on Matt Beckett's lap, between Rob Taylor and Paddy Davey on one side, and Scott Tucker and James Thompson on the other. The rest of them were crushed around us in the seats, and Daniel Jamieson and Michael Shaughnessy had placed themselves in the aisle. If Pierce cared about safety if certainly wasn't the time. We were on an all-time high - I was still savuring the look of utter disbelief on Danny's face when the ref blew the whistle.

"Go for it" He grinned "How is it girls can get a bra off one-handed? It's like, fricking impossible" Several laughs and "Get in there Rob!" accompanied his question.

I felt myself smiling. "Like you'd know!" I answered, raising a mocking eyebrow. "Nah seriously" Rob lent forward. I shrugged. "Practice, I suppose. When you have to take something on and off at least once a day, you get used to it" The others jostled.

I knew the questions had to come eventually, and I didn't mind answering them, to be honest. It was nice to be looked to for advice, or at least information.

"Are they comfortable?" Shaughnessy piped up. I shrugged. "More comfortable than going without" I answered. "What colour are you wearing?" a cheeky voice, Dawes, asked. "You perv" I laughed, but flashed the strap - lilac. "I have a question too" I teased. "Why are guys so obsessed with boobs?" There were some drawn out sighs, some laughs, some answers.

"They're hot?" Beckett offered. "And soft" "We don't have them?" a more sensible suggestion. It was Dave, from the back of the circle.

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I smiled. "Hmm. Ok.

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Your turn" Tucker was the next to speak. "Who's the best-looking guy on the team?" I knew the answer he was expecting, and gave it to him instead of lying.

"No contest - Dave" Laughing, and a loud wolf whistle fired off. "Oooh, big surprise there" Tucker grinned. "She's attracted to men of power" I raised an eyebrow "Something else we have in common" I shot back.

The group roared with laughter. There was a pattern here. Sure, I realised that I was the easiest target for the lads, and I had to put up with a lot of slagging and being the butt of their jokes, but showing that I could take it earned me respect.

I liked the guys. I got on with them better than girls my own age. They were decent, if curious, and I was comfortable around them, but if I had learnt anything in their company, it was that I had to give as good as I got.

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Scott emerged victoriously from his bag with a six-pack of coke. "Hit me" Matt laughed. Scott threw one over to him, and he popped it open. "Almost as good as beer - That's the sound of pure pleasure" He took a long swig from the can, and sighed with relief. "And you don't even have to buy it dinner" "Wow Matt.

You're a cocky little shit for a virgin" The lads roared with laughter. Matt lent forward, feigning concern. "What's the matter Ali? Reid hasn't thrown you a bone yet today?" I blushed fiercely. Were we that obvious? Fortunately Dave gave nothing away, but rasied an eyebrow. "I'd be more concerned with my own sex-life Beckett, if I were you" he replied coolly. We arrived back in Chester in the early evening.

The bus pulled up in the club grounds, and worn-out, but cheerful, one by one we disappeared, with promises of extra training ringing in our ears. I decided to walk home with Dave, even though I knew the general direction of his home, and we were moving away from it.

I appreciated the company though. I had long ago decided that he was an incredibly sound person, but for the first time, he talked about himself. He lived with his parents and his younger brother, was not only intelligent, but exam-smart, but there were so many things I couldn't figure about him.

He was his own person, above all else. We reached the bottom of my road when I stopped. I know I went suddenly very pale.

I know I stopped talking. I know I stopped thinking. And I know I dropped my sports bag and ran. "Ali? Ali!" I could hear Dave's voice, confused as hell in the background, but nothing mattered to me at that moment as much as getting as far away from them as possible. Because standing on my porch were two people that I'd promised myself I'd never see again.

And I owed it to myself to get the fuck away from there - from Dad, from that disgusting whore, from my own mother who let them stand there. My legs seemed to know where they were going. I found myself easing into a jog, following my personal running trail through the town, where running was actually a challenge, into the open fields, and when I couldn't run anymore I stopped, and fell back on the soft grass and let the tears burn through my throat, but not letting them fall.

There were hesitant footsteps behind me - I knew it was Dave without turning around. Trust me to pick the only guy who gave a fuck when something was wrong. He slipped into sitting beside me. "Hi" I didn't answer. He didn't expect me to. There was a silence. "I talked to your mom" I whipped around "What? What did she say?" [i]He shrugged. "She asked me to bring you home" "Not fucking likely" I retorted, but my voice cracked on the last word. "Not while they're there" He nodded - as if he understood, as if he knew what this was.

And I loved him for it. Before I knew what was happening, his hand was on my shoulder, pulling me closer to him, against him. I was crying, but he only pulled me closer, moulding me against his firm body. I lent my face against his chest and let the tears stain his hoodie, and I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck, buried in my hair.

His hand grazed over mine, the familiarity of his skin oddly reassuring. "Sorry" I whispered. "Don't be stupid" he murmured. "Distract me" I whispered. I could feel him smiling against my skin. "You smell so good Ali" I laughed. It seemed so ridiculous. "I'm serious" he breathed in the base of my neck. "Delicious" I laughed again, through tears.

"You are incredibly gorgeous Allison Morris. Even in your kit." his hand found my cheek and brought it to him, his grey eyes clear, bright, truth in his gaze. He fumbled for his next words. "You don't take any crap from people. Um, you get scary when you're playing, but scared when we." he trailed off.

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A laugh accompanied his next words. "You blush when you get embarrassed. When you're thinking your face crinkles but when you catch someone's eye you always smile. You like that the guys don't get you." His hand reached out and brushed my leg.

"You wear shorts even when it's like, -5 outside." he said as he pulled his hoodie over his head, handing it to me. "You'll be cold" I answered. "M'fine" he replied, his outstretched arm still offering the large hoodie. I took it gratefully. It really was getting cold, and I knew that even if I refused, Dave would push the hoodie over my head. It was still warm, and smelt like him. He wore it after every training session. "Do you want to go home?" I shook my head. "Ok" he settled down beside me.

He wasn't close enough, and I pulled myself against him, tracking my hand up his chest, laying my palm over his heartbeat. When I woke up again, there were droplets of rain splashing on my face and body. Dave's exposed arms were still around me, his skin cold, and I shivered when his body shifted in response to mine.

The awkwardness of the situation hit me. It was 3am, raining steadily, and I was lying in a field with Dave Reid, his hoodie wrapped around me, his own body freezing.

I rolled over on my side and realised how damp the ground was. The grass was icy, and beneath us, the lights of the town had all but been extinguished.

I propped myself up on an elbow, and tried to make out Dave's shape beside me on the ground. It was incredibly dark, and the moon cast no light on us, silent in the expanse of field.

"Ali?" Dave's voice came groggily. I had forgotten how light a sleeper he was. His arms reached out again, and found my waist, pulling me down beside him, his arms curling around my body. "It's raining" I whispered, facing away from him. He grunted against my neck. "You're cold" I whispered again. "M'fine" was his murmured reply. I rolled over so I was facing him, and huddled my body against his. His eyes opened and flashed. Several silent moments passed as I stared into his eyes.

Rain started falling more heavily around us, and his arms were a cradle. He shifted forward so that his face was milimetres away from mine. His breath was warm. The gentlest of movements, he placed his lips on mine, and carressed gently. I felt as if I were falling forward, into him, but he broke away, and slipped his hand up between us, and wiped away the raindrops from my forehead.

I closed my eyes as Dave ran his fingers over my face, over my lips. No matter about anything else, Dave was here. Dave wanted me. His face came towards mine, and with less carefulness, he slipped his tongue through my lips, and slipped his arms around me, pinning me to him at that spot, at that moment. His body was firm against mine, and I could feel the warmth of him through my clothes. I pulled against him, moulding myself against his body.

The rain pelted us as he moved his hand to the other side of my body and lent over me, kissing me deeply, but slowly. It was really lashing rain. I felt down between us for Dave's hand, and pulled it up under my t-shirt., moulding his freezing hand around my warm breast. The contrast made him pull away. He pulled his hand back, and kissed my forehead. "Come on" he said, getting to his feet. The shadows and shapes blurred in the rain. "Where?" I half-whispered. Even in the darkness I could see the glint of his smile.

Without answering he pulled me up. My legs were cramped, but he pulled me with him. We ran through the pitch-black field, sprinting through the lashing rain. My clothes were absolutely soaking wet, but I found myself laughing at the sheer-recklessness of it all.

The ground beneath our feet changed from soft field to rocky lane and finally to hard tarmac, and we ran underneath the streetlamps, until breathless but still laughing, until we stopped in front of a driveway, and a house, lit by the orange lights.

The windows were dark, the inhabitants asleep. "Come on" he whispered, and pulled me into the garden, over by the wall. I watched as he deftly fished a key out of one of the nearby flowerpots that clutttered the garden. Painfully quietly, he opened the front door, and ushered me into the darkness.

"Nice place" I whispered, raising my eyebrows. He didn't answer, but beckoned upstairs. I nodded, and followed him in the darkness.

He led me past closed doors through the darkened hallway, and into a room off the upper hall, closing the door behind us. He flicked on a light. His room was small, a little untidy, but cozy in a homely kind of way. He kicked a pair of trousers and his sports bag underneath the bed, sheepishly. I pulled off my shoes and socks, glad to be free of the damp. "Sorry! he said, looking around. "Place is a little untidy" He ran his fingers through his wet hair. I suddenly remembered how wet we both were.

Dave's t-shirt was sticking to his back, defining his muscles perfectly, his trousers heavy with water. I swept my own hair back off my face, spraying the carpet with droplets.

Awkwardly Dave moved past me, quietly saying "I'll get you some dry clothes". He peeled off his sopping t-shirt, and rummaged through his open wardrobe, knocking things out of the way. I stood in the centre of his room, watching the muscles on his back rippling. He turned with pyjamas in his hands, and offered them to me. "Sorry if they're a bit big" he said, quietly again. I stepped forward to take them from him, but his grip didn't slacken on the clothes even when I'd grasped them, and even tugged a little playfully.

"Dave?" I said, cautiously. He swallowed, and slowly inched closer to me, and clumsily found my lips in the low-light. I hugged the soft cloth to my chest and his hands held my upper arms gently. My breath caught in my throat when he broke away, and I could feel my heart beating full in my chest. There was a moment of uneasy silence.

"Allison" he brought his lips to my forehead, a gesture I would have normally found unnerving, protective, but inside I was melting. His cold hands went to my waist and inched up the hoodie he had lent me. Pulling it over my head, his cold hands brushed my bare skin, and I shivered, as warm as the room was. Dave's eyes were cold, unreadable, a little scary because in the few times I had really been with him, he'd always seemed so sure of what he was doing, so sure of himself.

Now he seemed like he wasn't thinking anymore, he was just doing it. His hands went again to the hem of my t-shirt, and pulled it up and off, the wet fabric slicking my skin, and goosebumps cropped up on my chest and arms. Leaning forward so his lips touched the hollow of my neck, his fingers pulled at the clasp of my bra. I felt the tension break and it slipped between us. He caught it - lilac, soft - and pulled it off my arms. His grasp lingered on it, turning the cotton between his fingers.

I thought about the anonymous, only other girl Dave had been with, and realised he must have been thinking of her too. A sudden rush of jealousy, almost anger burned through me, before I recognised that the look in his eyes wasn't love, or regret. it was anger too. I slid my hand into his, dislodging the bra. He kept his eyes on our hands. "Dave" I murmured.

It wasn't a question. He brought his head up, and swallowed. His hand pushed mine up towards my chest, grasping the nipple between two fingers, my hand fell away, and slipped down towards the waist of his trousers. He cupped my breast, and brought his lips down to suck gently on the nipple. I slipped my hand down into his trousers, and found his cock. I tugged gently on it - he stiffened, not only his cock, but his entire body, and he breathed slowly, before picking up again, and swapping over to the other breast.

His tracksuit trousers were tight and stiff and wet, and I pushed them down and away His cock began stiffening, and pulled up to meet my hand. Dave's hands were cold, but my skin burned where he touched me.


His hands held my waist and pulled me close. He kissed me again, sliding his tongue into my mouth, his palms pinning me to him. I wrapped my hand around his cock, and spread the other around his neck, kissing open-mouthed.

He pushed me forward against his erection, warm and heavy between us. His hands released me, and he pushed me back against his bed, laying me down on his sheets, naked, goosebumps cropping up on my pale skin. I sprawled on my back on his bed and stared at his ceiling, spiderwebbed cracks.

Dave's hands ran over my skin, and finally stopped at my waist, pulling me down the sheets to meet him, on his knees at the end of the bed. His hands pushed my legs apart at the knees. I could feel his breath, warm on my thighs and pussy, and he lent forward, licking his thumb and running it over my clit. I squirmed on the bedsheets, and he began to smile.

This was new to me, but I didn't want Dave to stop, and with the cocky look on his face, I was fairly certain that he wouldn't be stopping anytime soon.

His tongue gently probed the outer lips of my pussy. He pushed my thighs even further apart and held them against the bed, and with one movement, he slicked his tongue from my entrance to the tip of my clit. I bit down on my lip to stop myself from calling out - his parents were in the next room, and being found naked in their sons bedroom wasn't high on my wishlist. His fingers crept forward and he pressed his index finger against my clit, before winding it down to push against my entrance.

I arched my back, and he slipped his finger into me, bringing his lips down on my clit. His finger curled inside me before he pulled out, slowly, and reinserted it. His right hand felt its way up and he thumbed my left nipple. He kissed the inside of my thighs, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I sat up and worked my fingers into his hair, pulling him close to me, up towards my mouth.

His eyes gleamed in the lamplight. I kissed him, long and deep, a thank you, but his hands grasped at mine as he pulled his way onto the bed, and pinned me back against the blankets, wanting more. I wanted more.

He pushed me forward on his sheets, and fumbled with the waistband of his trousers, pushing them off. I lay back onto the bedsheets, and opened my legs, giving him the best view of my entrance, and closed my eyes. I waited for the sweet release of his cock entering me - after a moment of hesitation I felt the pressure of the the round head of his cock against me.

I sighed as he pushed himself into me, slowly, until he was halfway encased in my body, and then he pulled out .I opened my eyes, and his were closed. I giggled, and a smile appeared on his face, but his eyes didn't open. He entered me again, tantalizingly slowly. I arched my back and he slid in even more, to the hilt. For a moment we didn't move, until his mouth was against my ear, "I thought I could get tired of this - I was wrong" I could feel myself blushing as I wrapped my legs up and around his hips, flush against his body.

He flattened himself against me in response. "Easy there" he murmured. I laughed but shook my head. I wound my hands over his ribs, over his back and grasped his shoulders, digging deep.

He dislodged me, pulling out, and fresh sprays of tingles shot up my back. He thrusted forward and I sighed loudly, the edge of a moan, before the next thrust made me groan against his shoulder. He wrapped his hand up to squeeze my breast, thumbing the nipple. I caught his lips on mine and sucked his tongue into my mouth, moaning against him. God, this was heaven. He was so hard, so hot inside me. He groaned back against my lips, and he broke away to graze kisses down my neck. "I want you so much" I murmured He actually laughed.

"Allison Morris, do you have any fucking idea of what you do to me?" Without warning he shoved his entire weight forward, thrusting upwards into me, arms either side of my body, eyes glinting, and as suddenly, he pulled out, and thrusted in again. His lips found my mouth and left me breathless with the ferocity of his kiss, the bruising weight of his lips on mine. I kissed back fiercely and moaned against his mouth as he worked up a rhythm inside me, thrusting in and out.

I moved my lips to his neck as he burned kisses to my jaw, his eyes furiously bright. My legs slipped from their lock on his back with our rhythm, and he paused for a second to reposition himself, kneeling and gathering up my legs in his arms, pinning them to his waist, pulling me forward on the bed so that I was angled upwards towards him.

I braced them either side of his hips so he could slide forward and enter me again. His cock was warm and insistant against me, and I pushed forward to meet him as he pushed forward. He slid in even further than before. "Fuck" - a long, drawn out word escaped his lips, and just that, just him swearing turned me on even more. He worked up a rhythm inside me, slow but hard, and long, reaching into my depths with each thrust.

A thin layer of sweat glimmered on us in the half-light. His hand brushed up my thigh to rest on my stomach, and he thumbed my clit - I writhed against the sheets in response to his every touch. He was unbelievably sexy. A built-up tingling in my pussy shot up cross my back, and I bit down on my lip as I came, clamping down on his cock, still inside me.

"Jesus fucking Christ Ali" he groaned, as I pushed my mouth against his shoulder to block my moans, and came violently. For a minute we just rested there, aware as I was that I wanted Dave to cum as well.

I pushed him away, and rolled us, in control.

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Placing my hands on his shoulders, I guided him to lie back on the bed - he made himself comfortable. Dave lay back, his head on the pillow that I hadn't reached in our flurry. He swallowed - hard as I moved forward on the bed, and looked him squarely in the eyes.

"David Reid" I whispered. I inched forward so that I was hovering over his toes, and further forward, over his knees, not breaking eye-contact. He didn't blink, and I was overpowered by this, this boy, strong, silent, powerful, the best football player I'd probably ever known, and he was lying perfectly still, quiet, waiting for me to get to him.

Waiting for me to fuck him. I sat back on my heels over his knees, drew my tongue over the palm of my right hand, and stroked the length of his erect cock. He was already slick with precum and my cum, and my hand slid down easily, balls to head.

His chest rose and fell and I placed my hands either side of his body, dipped my head, and ran my tongue up his shaft, agonizingly slowly. "Fuck" he breathed. "Say please" I grinned. He squeezed his eyes shut as I drew my tongue along his cock for the second time, and then the third. A sound rose in his throat as I was halfway through the fourth, and alarmed, I rose back. He groped for my hand in the half light, and squeezed it, slowly regaining the control he'd been seconds away from losing. "Ali?" his voice cracked.

"Allison I need you now. Right now" His voice was almost all I would've needed to make me wet, had I not already been.

I knew how close he was, and how cruel it was to leave him there, stranded on the edge of an orgasm. I slid forward over his body, and he groaned again at the sudden contact, skin on skin. I angled myself up so I passed over his cock instead of rubbing aginst it, not knowing how much he could handle. He was hard, hard as ever, hard as was probably possible, and I knew how wet I was.

I wanted him so damn much. I kneeled, knees either side of his hips, and when I was hovering over his erect cock, I pushed him into me again with a sigh.


He groaned and shifted forward as I rocked on his hips, forward and backward. Dave placed his hands on my hips and moved me with him, not thrusting, but buried completely in me, filling me as only he could. I placed my hands on his shoulders and pulled him forward to meet my kiss, my tongue flicking over his bottom lip, and fell back with him as he hit the sheets again.

Sliding myself off his cock, I heard myself moan his name. This was incredible. How the fuck was he still going? I was going to make him cum, cum harder than before, cum inside me.

I slid back down onto him easily, and without hesitating, up again, building up a rhythm, thrusting him inside me again and again, harder and harder until I was barely breathing with the pleasure of him, overwhelming me with nothing but a breath of my name.

"Allison!" Without warning, he bucked up and groaned low in his throat, and I could feel him pulsing and throbbing, cumming hard inside me. His arms came out of nowhere and burnt into my skin, crushing me against him as he came, his fingers tangled in my hair.

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"Fuck, Ali" he panted, and I knew I was calling his name against his chest. He drew his fingers through my hair, kissing me slowly in recovery. "Fuck" he repeated. "Thank you" I whispered, knowing it was the wrong thing to say, but I couldn't find the words I needed.

He didn't answer, and I kissed his closed lids, as he still breathed heavily. The night was a clod one, but I revelled in the warmth Dave's arms afforded me, the strength, security. At 7am I slipped out of his house again, leaving a single scrawled note on his pillow. End of part 3.

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