Mädchen ausgetrickst einen Mann

Mädchen ausgetrickst einen Mann
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"Just one easy day" was all James could think as he got to class. It was his first semester of college and he was looking forward to starting over. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. The college required him to take a group communication class, which was already annoying. The worst part though was a girl he knew from high school was in it. Lindsey… just the thought of her irked him. James used to tutor her through the school's student-tutor center.

She didn't make it easy for him. She never paid much attention, always told him to hold on so she could reply to a text. The worst part was when she would actually listen to him explain something, she would end up making fun of him for being a "nerd" and even sometimes saying it was why he was a virgin.

That last part stung the most, as it was true. He was a virgin, and a huge one as he had never even kissed a girl. He even sometimes struggled with tutoring her just because she was so beautiful. He would be explaining something, she wouldn't be listening, his thoughts would trail off to a dirty place with her in mind, then she would throw him back to reality by saying "earth to dweeb, you gonna keep going or are you just wasting my time?" Back to the present day, she would always tease him in class.

Lindsey made the fact that they were going to the same college hell for him. She taunted him saying he wasted his time with school because he ended up the same place as here. That wasn't true of course.

He was only going to the same college because it was less expensive than a major university. He did plan to transfer after 2 years. That didn't stop her from making fun of him for it. James took his seat in the classroom, new spot like usual. He was always in class a bit early, so he could review the last lecture.

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About one minute before class started, Lindsey strolled in. She looked around the room until she found him, and promptly took a seat right next to him. This day was different though. College and work put a lot more stress on James than he had dealt with before, and his tolerance was wearing down.

"Hey loser, still wasting time studying?" James just sighed. "That did nothing for you back in high school. I bet we're gonna work at the same place too after all this." James snapped a bit, "I don't plan to work at a strip club, so I don't think so." Lindsey was shocked at the comeback and pissed off. She kicked his chair and said "you're gonna regret that one." He had no time for a witty reply, as the professor started the lecture. "As you all know, there are 4 group projects due in this class.

The first one has you work in a small group, two people only. That may make it sound easy, but its not. You only have until the next class to finish it. So I will be giving you all your groups today, then releasing you to get started." This was a wrench in James schedule. He had everything planned down to the minute. His stress had just reached an all-time high, or so he thought. He was pulled away from his thoughts upon hearing the professor say, "Lindsey and James" "I'm sorry, professor.

But me and who?" "You and Miss Lindsey, no more repeats." "Ohhh shit, karmas a bitch, isn't it James" toyed Lindsey. "Maybe I should have you do all the work. You probably get off to it." James had no response, he just sat there wide-eyed as the professor finished announcing the groups. "Okay, you have your groups. Guidelines for the project are posted online.

Now get to work." "Alright James, I gave it some thought. Since we ended up at the same college even though your supposed to be much smarter than me, I think that means I'm as smart as you. And I reallllly don't want you messing up this project, so I will work with you on it." "Fine whatever. Lets just head to the library and get this over with." "Oh no!

I don't work well in public places, and I hate those "private" rooms they have. We'll work on it at my house, its not far. Meet me there in 20 minutes." She handed him her address on a piece of paper and left. He didn't even have time to protest or even mention if he had work or another class coming up. Luckily he didn't. He got up and left the class, still in disbelief at the events that had just unfolded.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James arrived at her house exactly 20 minutes later and knocked on the door to hell. After a few awkward seconds of waiting, he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Lindsey opened the door saying, "Wow your right on time. I should have expected that creepy exactness from you.

Leave you shoes at the door and follow me up to my room." "Not the kitchen?" he asked as he pointed straight to it. "No, I work in my room. What's the matter, never been in a girl's room before?

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Never mind I already know the answer to that." She immediately went back up the stairs, not waiting for him to follow. James took off his shoes and made his way up the stairs, and to the room Lindsey went into. It was a white room, with some purple accents. Her bed was the center piece. She had a dresser right next to it, and shelf with books on it, which he figured were just for show. She was sitting at a desk that was placed in front of the bed, right in view of the door.

There was also an extra chair which looked very out of place, so she must have grabbed it from another room. "Come on take a seat. Sooo I already got started on the brainstorming part. I already chose a topic for us and started working on the outline." This information surprised James. He was expecting to do all the work while she harassed him. "Now I was thinking we should start talking about- omg hold on." Lindsey had just gotten a long text on her phone.

"I need to go answer this, excuse me. But start looking at the outline," she said as she left the room. James was confused on why she needed to leave the room to answer a text, but figured it was probably a private thing. He started to look at the outline and was happily surprised. The topic she chose was good and the outline was very thorough. As he was reading it, he couldn't help but notice a notebook that was open right next to him. Normally this would not have caught his attention, but he saw his name in it.

He hesitated for a second, whether to read it or not. He figured with he length of that text, he had a few minutes to satisfy his curiosity. It turned out it was a diary. She had been writing on and off about things that happened to her regarding school.

The entry with his name in it was from today. James started to turn the pages backwards, wanting to get to the parts about high school and see if his name was in any of those entries. He had no success with that but did find a lot of juicy drama.

She had written about sleeping with almost half of the varsity football team while she was just a freshman. She also had written about relationship drama she was involved in. But this was all, for the most part, typical high school crap. The most shocking part was the collection of a few entries.

She had written about not getting into any real colleges, and how she didn't want to go to community college because there would be almost no parties. She found out one of the teachers knew a dean at the university we were now going to.

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And she planned out sleeping with him and using it to blackmail him if he refused to help her get in. James was in awe. But that didn't last long as he had remembered he words from earlier "karmas a bitch." Yes, it is, he thought, with an evil grin growing on his face. Just then she walked in and let out a gasp as she saw the diary in his hand. "What are you doing with that!" she yelled.

"Oh, just finding out you are the idiot I thought you were. And a bit naughtier. Sleeping with a teacher in high school for blackmail, really? I guess I was right about the strip club remark earlier." "Whatever just give it back and get out." "And why would I do that?

We still have this project to finish, and our future relationship to talk about." "What you think you can blackmail me with that? You can't leave this house with it." "Haha, I don't need it," James said as he threw it back to her.

"I already took pictures of it and emailed them to myself." This was a lie, but James was getting a high off of this, finally having one over her. "Fine what do you want?" Lindsey asked. James paused, and his high was ending. He hadn't thought this far ahead, he was winging it.

He had no clue what his goal was. He wanted revenge on her for all the bullying she did, but he wasn't a cruel person. "I-I don't know. I'm gonna think on it while we work." His stutter told Lindsey all she needed to hear, he was bluffing. He had cards he didn't know how to play, so it was time for her to flip it on him. "I know what. You're not gonna do anything. You are too much of a coward… "she said as she started moving towards him.

He thought he had her, but he missed a lot of what that diary said about her, and he probably didn't see the erotic nature of those books on her shelf.

This is what she loved, the domination of another person. Her encounters with the football team all had a part with blackmail or some other type of coercion. James wasn't her type, too nerdy and he was a bit below average on the looks.

But the fact the he thought he had something to hold over her turned her on more than anything. As she got right next to him, his breathing quickened. "… you don't have the guts to do what I am willing to." She quickly reached down between his legs and grabbed him by the balls.

"AAHHH what are you doing," screamed James out of surprise and fear. She started pulling up, forcing him to stand as to not get his balls ripped off. With her other hand she grabbed his neck and pulled his head to the side of hears, whispering in his ear "whatever I want," as she proceeded to kiss, lick, and nibble on his ear and the side of his face.

She felt his knees bend a bit and get weak. He was liking this a lot. James didn't get to live out the moment of ecstasy though, as she threw him onto her bed. Before he could even recover she had crawled on top of him and pinned his arms. She went back to kissing him over his face and his neck. As this was going on, James started to collect all his thoughts. He HATED this person, and she hated him. Why was this happening? Is this really how he wanted to lose his virginity?

Lindsey started to move her assault down towards his chest. "Stop, we shouldn't be doing this. I don't want to be doing this." James finally got out. This gave Lindsey pause. She sat up, still on top of him. "Come on now, you're so close to losing your virginity, so why stop now?" As she said this, her hands moved from pinning his arms to slide down his chest towards his belt. Lindsey didn't mean for this to persuade him, she wanted to force him to retaliate, and its exactly what she got.

James was unable to give an answer due to his internal conflict. When he realized he was no longer pinned, he got an idea. James bucked his hips HARD. This put Lindsey in the air, but to his surprise, she didn't fall off. Instead she quickly wrapped her legs under him and pushed back down on his groin. Once he was back on the bed, Lindsey shot her right arm up to his neck, choking it, and her other hand grabbed his belt. "Haha, nice try cutie.

But lets get one thing straight. You're mine. I own you. You will do as I say or you will pay." "And why would I do that?" "Because if you don't, everyone will know that you tried to force yourself on me while we were supposed to be working on this project." "But that's not true!" "No one knows that.

But they do know how much I piss you off in class. Easy for them to buy the idea that this was your form of revenge." "But—no—I… "James was speechless. She had him. "Enough. Now listen up. You will call me mistress from here on out." "What! This is insane." "No its not, didn't you see all those books I have?

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Domination is my game baby. Now, do you understand me?" "Y-yes mistress" "Ah good, I hoped you would be as quick a learner in bed as you are in school." With that Lindsey went back to kissing his face, still choking him. The first few came with resistance from James, but she just gave him a small slap on the cheek and he straightened up.

She eventually stopped choking him and moved his hands to her hips. Lindsey kept this up for a couple minutes. She was done with his resistance and exchanged it for obedience.

Her desire to stay in charge didn't change though. He was her toy for now, so she was going to keep making all the moves. James was really getting into making out after a while, but his joy was cut as she sat up. She took off her shirt and bra, revealing her C-sized tits.

James got a too bit excited and reached up to feel them, but his hands were pushed away followed by a sharp slap to the face. "You are not to do anything without my permission, do you understand slave?" "Yes, mistress. Sorry." Lindsey started to rub her own breasts.

She didn't trust James to do it right and didn't care to teach him.

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As she did this, she started to grind on him. Her pleasure was increased when she saw his reaction. He looked so helpless, wanting to touch any part of her body as this happened. This went on for several minutes until she got off him and stood up. James looked up at her, confused as to what was going on.

"Get up" she snapped. "And take off all your clothes." James proceeded to do so but was slow in his actions. He was still an unsure, nervous wreck. Once he pulled his boxers down, she was a bit disappointed by his member.

"How big is it," She asked. "About 5 inches," James said as he scratched the back of his head, acknowledging she was disappointed. It was true, she was hoping he would have a secret weapon down there, and she did have much bigger before.

But it was big enough, and his main draw was his ability to be dominated, and the internal conflict that he tried so hard to hide. Lindsey finished stripping down herself. Once her panties were down, she ordered James to start stroking his cock, but very slowly.

She watched as he did so, his face showing he wanted to reach a climax so badly. She couldn't help but grin at that thought. She started to rub her own clit, enjoying the show.


Then she got a better idea. She went and laid down on the side of her bed. "James come here and eat me out." "Oh. Okay. But you should know I've never done that before," he said as he knelt down by her legs. She kicked him in the chest saying, "don't forget to call me mistress!" "Yes mistress, sorry mistress," he frantically replied. "Now get started.

You definitely got a general idea of what to do, don't you?" "Yes mistress." James started by licking around her flower, which surprised her. He at least knew a little bit. But his naiveness showed when he started to lick the flower. She did not care too much though, as her intentions for this were elsewhere.

Lindsey lifted her legs and rested them on his shoulder. This caught his attention. She then wrapped her legs around his head. The longer he went, the tighter she squeezed her legs on his head. "M-mistress…" James said, trying to get her to ease her grip. "Shut up and keep going." "Yes mistress." Even though he said this, his hands moved their grip on her legs. He was trying to push the off him just a little bit. For this, she squeezed even harder. She felt him struggle from this and laughed.

After a little while longer, she was bored of it. His skill was too poor, and she did not intend on having a second encounter with him, making teaching him a waste of time. She moved her legs off him. He looked up at her thinking he was done. "Did I tell you to stop?" she snapped.

Lindsey did not wait for an answer as she grabbed his neck, choking him again, and forced him to the ground on his back. "S-sorry m-mistress," he said, struggling to get the words out. "Oh, you will be." She let go of his neck and grabbed his member while lifting herself up. She lined it up at her entrance and teased him there. "I want you to beg," she said. "Beg me to let you in." "Please please mistress. Let me inside of you." "Beg MORE. Tell me how much you need this." "PLEASE mistress.

I want this, I need it. I'm nothing without you." And with that, she started to lower herself onto his member. She did so painstakingly slow. His member was throbbing with anticipation, and he kept saying please. Once he was in all the way, she started to move her hands up his chest, as she leaned down towards him for one last kiss. When her lips neared his, she stopped and started to whisper. "This is it, the highlight of your life.

Try to make it last." She faked going in for the kiss, teasing him a little bit more. She licked his face again, reminding him he was just a toy.


They then engaged in one more passionate kiss, where her tongue entered in and met no resistance. She broke the kiss and sat back up, with her hands on his chest. She started to ride, slow at first. He couldn't help but thrust back up at her, which is exactly what she wanted. She slammed down on him hard screaming, "I didn't say you could do that." "I'm so sorry mistress!" "Now sit still like a good boy and let me enjoy this." "Yes mistress!" She resumed riding him, but hard and fast now.

Her hand was now at his neck, choking him again. She rode him for a bit, but he started moaning, and she could feel he was nearing his end. She slowed down, and leaned forward, putting her head over his. She opened her mouth ever so slightly, letting drool come out and drip down onto his face and into his mouth. She could see the look of disgust on him, put he put up no fight. She kept riding for a bit longer, and she felt him twitch. She quickly pulled his cock out, and jerked it pointed towards her breasts.

At the last second, she aimed it towards his chest, making him dirty himself. "Oh god." He said exhausted, as he laid his head down. "Do you have permission to rest? I haven't climaxed yet, were not done!" "Y… yes mistress." She took his now soft member and started to stroke it.

Her head went down and started to suck on his balls. This made him let out a loud moan and his member was getting hard again.

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She started to lick it, and the cum that was on it. This made it go back to being hard. She continued to slowly stroke it, but she moved up towards his face. She started to kiss him again, making him taste his own seed. Once she had cleaned her mouth with his, she re-mounted him.

She began to ride hard and fast, this time gyrating her hips.


After a minute she felt her climax approaching, along with his second. She started to rub her clit to finish before he could, then her body spasmed. As it did, she put her chest on his, grabbing his shoulders and he grabbed her ass.

Not long after he felt his member twitch. She quickly dismounted him again, grabbed the back of his head forcing it up, aimed his member at his face and only jerked it three times before he shot his second load, this time giving himself a facial. "Shit…" was all he could say.

She let out a quick laugh. She slapped him on the chest as she stood up, grabbing his clothes from the bed. She threw them on him saying "get dressed then get out. I'll send you the outline and you will finish the project. When we see each other in class, don't call me mistress. This was a one-time thing. And remember, if anyone hears about this, they will eventually hear that you forced it to happen." "Yes mistress," he said with a defeated tone.

He stood up and got dressed except for his shirt. He still had cum on his chest and face. He reached for a tissue box that was on her desk, but she slapped his hand away saying, "get out," and let out one last giggle.

He said, "yes mistress," for the last time and walked out of her room. He turned his shirt inside out and used it to clean himself up. He walked out of her house and got into his car, still shirtless. Luckily no one would be home, so he had time to clean up his mess. On the whole ride back, he couldn't begin to understand what just happened. The only thing that was clear to him was he lost his virginity.

Unfortunately, he couldn't brag to any of his friends about it and would still have to endure their jokes about him never getting any.