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Annas anal ohne Sattel auf tranniesgold
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Jeannie is Chinese/Vietnamese make up artist, fashion expert, and TV personality. She is 33, divorced and is 5' 4" tall and petite. Her phone blinked from the desk and she snatched it up, her heart pounding. Was this John Malone? She glances at the time: twelve past two. What time had I said i would meet her? She unlocked her phone. An email. Great. Because prepping for this meeting had just left her tired. She let out a breath and went to her conversation with me.

Scrolling through, she confirms what she had already known: I would be there between 3pm and 7pm. She assumes that because I had rented the hotel room and she had managed to get in, that I must definitely be coming.

I had not yet messaged her today, and the possibility that I would stand her up lingers in her mind; it would not be the first time she is prepped for a meeting, only for it to be cancelled. She tosses her phone on the bed, letting her towel drop. From her purse she retrieves her chap stick and ritually applies a smooth layer to her lips; she rubs her lips together, the action soothing her.

She drops both the purse and chap stick on the nightstand and sat naked on the bed, her mind wandering again. Perhaps music will keep her sane. She picks up her phone and with a few quick taps it is quietly singing at her side. She got up, unleashing her hair from the towel and picking up the second one from the floor. Dutifully, she returns them to the bathroom, which has begun to cool down, the mirror clearing up. From her toiletries bag she picks up her toothbrush and paste.

A button turns on the buzzing function on her brush, reminding her of the vibrator she has stashed away in her bag. I requested she bring it, adding that I would be bringing toys of my own. She brushes her teeth, rinses her mouth, and sets her belongings to the side of the counter. She picks up the last little bottle from her bag and from it squeezesa dime-sized drop of thick, clear liquid into her palm.

She rubs her hands together and then coats her hair in the stuff, raking her fingers between the locks and ensuring even application. When she finishes she shook her hair slightly, letting her hair fall naturally. She smiles at herself, and then returns to the bedroom, basically dry. She picks up the panties and sliding them on, taking time to adjust them. The lace stretches over her ass, tucking between her cheeks and hugging tightly to her as she smooths it down across her hips.

The nightgown is next, and she inspects it before putting it on. This didn't leave much to the imagination. The cups are black with blue lace overlaid, which continues down to create a little dress, finished by black lace hem. The straps are removable, attaching in front with a simple hook. The back had a keyhole cut out, pulled together by the band that created the bra. Perhaps not her style (she rarely, if ever, slept in clothing) but sexy nonetheless.

She is sure I will enjoy it. She steps into the lace, fitting her breasts into the cups and clasping it behind her back. She straightens the straps, puffing the skirt out around her butt. She yawns, and glances back to the clock. She has between thirty minutes before I arrive. She sat her phone on the nightstand, setting the ring volume as high as it went just in case I text her.

She set her alarm for five o'clock, assuming I will be on the later side of my window. Another layer of chap stick is added to her lips before she pulls back the covers on the bed and sliding beneath them. She finds herself on her stomach, facing the balcony. Her right leg is stretched out, her left pulled up to her hip. Her right hand resting under her hip, and her left curled below her pillow. The music from her phone helps to drown out the flurry of thoughts as she fell asleep.

Her face is hanging off the side of the bed, normal for the way she slept, her damp hair is strung out behind her. She awoke with a start as the bed dips at the corner. Her eyes shot open, quickly seeing a pair of boots and button down shirt at the foot of the bed. Suddenly my weight pins down her body, pushing the breath out of her lungs.

She can't scream as she tries to sit up, her heart racing. She struggles to turn, trying to see me. Was it John? It can't be, it is to early, her alarm hadn't gone off. She has wrapped herself up in the sheets as she slept and curses herself for it; her legs can barely move under my weight and the tangle of sheets beneath the comforter. She tries to push against the mattress to get on her knees, but I'm on top of her, straddling her hips, my chest pressing against her back.

She can make out the side of my body, but not my face. My hand entwined in her hair as she gasps. Her head is jerked backwards and her body forced flat against the mattress. She kicks with her legs, irritated that the comforter is so tight on the bed; she works her hands free from under her.

" Stop! Let me go, bastard!" She is pissed. If this is John, what am I doing? She shook her head, immediately regretting it as my grip did not lessen instead her scalp hurt. Finally her arms became free from the mess of sheets and she rears back, managing to get her chest off the bed. My arm snakes around her neck, and she grabs it, trying to pry it away from her throat. She bucks her hips yanking my arm down, to no avail.

" Stop it! I swear I will fucking --" My arm tighten around her windpipe, cutting off her words. She gasps and gags for air, flailing underneath me.

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The covers have slid down and she feels my warm chest against her back, and my hot breath in her ear. " You're going to shut up or I'm going to gag you. Now, you're going bright red, so I'm going to loosen my hold a bit so you can breathe.

Try anything and I will make you black out next time, okay?" My grip lightens and she greedily sucks in air, nodding. It sounds like me. My voice is familiar. My tone is not.

" What are you doing?" She squirms uncomfortably, panting as she regains her breath. A dark chuckle answers her. Her hands holding on my forearm, she didn't dare try to resist.

My legs are clamped around her hips, my knees digging into the side of her ribs, my weight pressing on her lower back.

" Answer me!" She struggles again, slipping a hand on the inside of my forearm, by her throat. Breathing room, if nothing else. My right leg moves forward, my knee pinning her shoulder and upper arm. My left leg quickly follows and my weight presses most of the air from her lungs. I release her throat; she is stuck, face down in the pillows.

She wriggles underneath me, attempting to free her arms. She wastes her breath in grunts, swears, and threats. I gather her wrists in one of my hands and she feels cool plastic against them. Zzzzzt. Her wrists are locked together, she assumes by a thick zip tie, though she can't see it. The noise sent her into overdrive, and her body whips back and forth in attempts to throw me off.

Another zipping noise follows as my knees are removed from her shoulders. She yanks her arms, trying to sit up. I sat on her lower back laughing under my breath at her struggles. Clearly, she is stuck without hope of escaping, as her hands are bound to the slotted headboard. " Fuck. You better cut these fucking ties right now!" She growls in my direction, barely able to pick her face up from the pillow to say it.

" I like it when you wriggle and fight me." My deep voice is barely audible over her heavy breathing. She feels my hands trace up her sides, lightly. It makes her shiver, goosebumps covering her skin. " Fucking bastard." she said hoarsely, her struggles dying down as she realizes the bonds will not break.

" Now, now. You're the one who told me all your dark little fantasies." my hand entwined in her hair, wrenching her neck back. " Sent me all those naughty pictures and videos.begging to meet me." I force something into her mouth round and made of rubber, it seems. She struggles, trying to spit it out, but it is strapped around her head before she realizes what is happening. A ball gag. " You can't tell me part of you doesn't enjoy this. Or, all of you." Her mouth adjusts to the intrusion as she grunts.

The gag does a decent job of muffling her noises. She tries to ignore my words, but I'm right her body is reacting to me. My voice, my scent, my hands that controll her body. the situation terrifies her and excites her immensely at the same time. "For the finishing touch," I pause, then slip a sleeping mask over her eyes.

Blind, mute, and bound. Her thighs pressed together, squirming below me again. This time she isn't escaping, but trying to contain her growing horniness. I dismount her pulling back the covers, revealing her lingerie-clad body. The air feels cold on her flushed body and made her skin prickle.

I turn her over, my hands lingering on her hips and shoulders. She tries to kick me, but I have dodged her foot as it hit nothing. I chuckle under my breath at her left. Moments pass in silence; the music on her phone has long since ended and she can't hear me. Briefly, terror sweeps through her as she thought that perhaps I had left her bound on the bed. What would happen when the maid walks in and finds her like this?

Her body twists, slightly turned on by the thought. Logic hit her; she has never heard the door click, so I must still be in the room. There is movement at the corner of the bed, and then a hand clasps over her left ankle. She tries to resist, yanking her leg back, then kicking. Something soft slides over her foot and around her ankle.

The gag silences her numerous complaints. Tension pulls her leg to the edge of the bed, parting her legs. I must be tying her legs. She kicks again, finding her leg barely mobile, and curses through her gag.

She fights harder on the second leg, though she has nowhere to go; in moments that leg, too, is secured to the bed.


Her pussy is protected by a thin layer of blue lace, tight and damp against her mound and lips. She hears me approach the head of the bed. The mattress dips by her side and she feels my presences over her.

My lips are on her throat, as she tries to pull away but is immobile. my teeth graze her earlobe. " I'm going to cut you free because zip ties aren't nice to your wrists. Don't fucking move your hands." My fingers tap on her cheek, threateningly. She nods. Her body is on fire at my words, my gruff voice in her ear, my lips on her neck. She must have been bright pink, both from the exertion of her struggles and the way her body burns for me. She holds still as pressure is applied to her wrist restraints; a snapping noise accompanies the flood of feeling into her hands.

Limply her hands fall on the pillow; she is paralyzed with both excitement and fear. A rope cuff is tied around each of her wrists and then tied to the respective corners of the bed. Words flooding through her mind as I tied her: spread eagle, open, vulnerable, trapped. She tugs lightly at all of the restraints as I finish she can struggle and move a couple inches in each direction, but no significant movement can be afforded. She sighs behind her gag, letting her body relax into the sheets.

" All out of fight?" My words came from the foot of the bed. " Shame. Watching you writhe is beautiful. Guess I'll have to make you writhe in a different way." The bed dips and she feels my breath on her left calf.

I begin to kiss up her leg, pausing to nip gently at her flesh before continuing my journey. She shudders at the sensations, pleased as I make my way to her inner thigh. I switch to her right leg and begin to kiss downward. She lets out a contented sigh that is skewed by her gag.

My hands are firm on her thighs, running over every inch, as if to massage them. I make my way back up, moving my lips to her hips pushing up her nightie as I went.

She shifts under me, her lust building. She isn't a fan of oral, but at this point she didn't seem to have a choice. It is a favorite of mine, she knew. just as I knew she hated it. Still, if I insisted she may as well enjoy it; her cunt is craving attention. Teasingly, I skirt all of her hot spots, my lips tracing up her stomach. She trembles, uncomfortably. My soft kisses and our previous physical struggles confuse her body.

She normally feels nothing, her body has been hardened and numbed by her ex-husband over the years but now, as desire overtakes her body, she feels every touch and kiss like fire licking her body. My lips are on her collar bone now, as I straddle over her again. The material of my pants is rough on the delicate skin of her stomach, but my soft lips and the stubble on my cheek grazing her chest makes up for it.

She moans softtly, unconsciously exercising her jaw around the gag. Her arms pulling the restraints as my lips met the hollow of her throat, sucking and nibbling. I move to the side of her neck, tracing the length with my nose. Her body shivering at the soft touch. Teeth met the tender flesh of her neck and she screams, not expecting the rough treatment.

Her body arches into me, her chest swelling into me while her limbs strain in the rope. I lick the spot I bit, then pulled away. The blindfold has slipped by her nose, she can see light and can make out my figure on top of her. I lean out of her view, beginning to kiss down her right arm. an excuse to check her cuff. I kiss my way back, my teeth grazing her shoulder. She moans as her hips writhe in response.

" Now that's what I want. Your body begging for my touch." My words are spoken to her throat, where I bit down, making her squeal. She will have matching bruises on each side of her neck.

My mouth runs the circuit on her left arm, my teeth meeting the soft flesh of her upper arm. My breath tickles as I move to her breasts, my hips moving down on top of hers. I reach under her, she arches her back to give me space. I unclasp the back of her nightie, and then detach the straps at the front, peeling back the cups to reveal her breasts. I murmur my approval, enveloping them in my hands, my thumbs rubbing over her nipples.

My warm mouth latching on to one, my tongue and teeth coaxing a reaction from her body. I pinch and pull her nipple between my fingers as I move to the other.

In moments, her tiny pink nipples are standing at attention. I cup her breasts in my hands kissing each one, before moving down her body again. She is expecting me to continue my teasing; suddenly, the sharp noise of a zipper caught her attention. From under her blindfold, she sees me sliding down my pants, revealing my cock. I'm stroking it in my hand, looking at her body.

She moans at the sight, and shakes her head side to side, trying to toss the blindfold off; I didn't notice. I kneel on the bed, stroking myself with one hand, the other tracing down her thigh.

I move between her legs, then lean over her, picking up something that is out of her view. A flash of metal glints as she feels coldness at the dip in her hips. I slide the blade of the knife under her panties pulling, eliciting a gasp from her. The material gives way haphazardly, the elastic and lace clinging to each other. It is split again on the opposite side, the pieces on her hips falling to the side. She hears me sigh, my hand running over her trimmed mons.

She feels bare, her top gathers on her waist and her panties in shreds. The piece that covers her pussy remains, stuck to her lips from her dampness.

Unable to control herself, she wiggles uncomfortably, glad to have the knife away from her skin. Movement on the bed tells her that I laid down between her legs. She no longer sees me, as her breasts block the view.


She feels my hair brush against her thighs, my hands holding her hips. Slowly the last scrap of fabric fell from her wet slit. My hand, my teeth? She can't tell what I use, but it is gone and the cool air mingles with my hot breath, dancing over her labia. Did I say something? Was that a moan? Her head shook, trying again to remove the blindfold while I'm preoccupied. My tongue tracing over her inner thighs, and she instinctively tenses. She hates oral. I steady her thighs diving in, my tongue sweeping from her opening to her clit.

She flinchs, pulling on her restraints, her verbal protests garbled. She can't tell if I took that as encouragement or complaint I continue, regardless. She groans trying to pull away over and over, squirming and writhing. Her struggles are rewarded as the blindfold slides off her head and she can suddenly see. I didn't notice, my attention is on her slit. She threw back her head, accepting that I won't stop. A finger slips into her dripping cunt, exploring.

She jumps as it presses against her G-spot. My lips sucking on her clit and she groans, from pleasure. My thick finger massaging her spot, sliding in and out. I'm enjoying finger fucking her, my finger elicits the sluttiest wet noises she has ever heard.

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Her hips circling, enticing me. She likes my finger wanting more; she can never cum like this, but it feels wonderful all the same. A loud noise came from her right. I look up, noticing her blindfold is off. The noise came from her phone, the alarm screeching. I pick up her phone, disabling the alarm.

I pull her head forward with a click release the gag. Her tongue pushes out the rubber ball, saliva hanging on her lips and chin. " One three seven one" she gasps, adjusting her jaw. My body is over hers. Leaning down, I kiss her, pushing my tongue into her mouth.

Her stiff jaw didn't resist as my hand closes around it, pulling her to my lips. She tastes her juices on my lips, on my tongue entwined with hers. Her eyes close as she finds herself kissing back, sucking my lower lip and biting my tongue playfully.

I bit her lip, hard, and pulls away. She takes a deep breath, loosening her jaw as the pain subsides. " Now those lips belong wrapped around my cock." She opens her mouth slightly, her tongue flicking over her lips.

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" Let me up and I'll give you the best blow job you've ever had." She gives a a coy look. " Or." I said, pointedly, throwing a leg over her chest. The head of my cock resting on her bottom lip.

She flicks her tongue over it, vertically, letting her lips close over the tip. She smiles, leaning her head up so she can reach more of my cock. It is unnecessary, as I grab the back of her head thrusting my shaft into her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she gags at the intrusion which I try to push down her throat.

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Her jaw is aching from the gag and now her mouth is forced open as wide as it can go. She tries to accommodate my length and thickness, gagging again as I try a second time to fit in her throat. " Come on.

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That's barely half of it. Rumors say you have legendary skills, huh?" I force her head to my cock. The tip pushing past her gag reflex and into her throat.

Another inch slides in before she pulls back, whipping her head around. I pull out as she gasps for air, the bed shaking from the way she pulls on the ropes. She hadn't gotten two full breaths when I plunge back into her mouth, my fingers scraping against her scalp. I pump a few times in her mouth as she struggles to keep up. I pull out with a laugh " You're right; probably better when you're in control." She is panting, covered in a light sheen of sweat.

" No shit. I can control my gag reflex. You can't." She hates being face fucked. Her attitude is rewarded with my tip tickling her throat; her eyes watering, her body protesting with flailing limbs. I pull back as she swirls her tongue over the tip as it left her mouth. I stroke my cock, letting her watch my hand pump the shaft while I stare her down. She bits and licks her lips, enthralled by the monster cock in front of her.

She opens her mouth meeting my gaze, seductively twirling her tongue to entice me. I grin, obliging her with the head of my cock on her lips. She leans her head up to take more of my cock into her mouth, her tongue lapping at the tip.

Her lips make a tight O around my shaft, pulling over the ridge and then relaxing as she repeats the stroke. Her tongue snaking down my shaft, coaxing me closer. " That is the image I've been fantasizing about for months." I moan, watching her intently. My hand smooth her hair down as she greedily took another inch of my thickness into her mouth.

Her jaw aches, but she continues, desperate to please me in her limited state. I pull back, the head of my cock making a popping noise as the suction broke, and dismounted her. I slide off the bed and kneel at the corner. The tension on her right leg relaxes and she bent her knee, glad for the change of position. The cuff is removed from her ankle; light indents from her struggles mark her inside ankle. I freed her left leg as well, then move up to her arms.

I untied her left hand, crossed the bed, and tied it to the opposite corner. I move to the other side and repeated the process, so she is face down in her pillow, again. I pull her nightgown down her body, dropping it on the floor. Then I turn her to her knees. Her ass is high in the air, her legs slightly spread to reveal her drenched slit.

My hands runn down her back, over the swell of her ass, and down her thighs, intentionally missing her sweet spots. Her body aches from straining in the ropes, so she mentally excuses herself. She is mobile enough that she didn't feel totally out of control she can move her legs freely. I added two pillows under her hips, then position myself behind her, my hand stroking over my shaft.

She watches out of the corner of her eye, her head turned to the right. She is fearful of the pain and that I won't fit, I'm so thick. My thumb runs between her cheeks and over her lips, she shudders. I lean down, my tongue sliding between her folds swirling around her button, moving up her slit. My tongue sliding into her hole, my hands steadying her as she squirms. " Just fuck me!" she said, partially into her pillow.

The build up of the situation is getting to her and the aching in her cunt won't be tamed by my tongue, regardless of my skill. I oblige, taking my cock in my hand placing the tip at her entrance.

A smile plays across her lips as she feels the head parting her wet lips, gently pressing on her clit and then pulling back up. She pushes her hips back to me, circling them. My hands exploring her curves again. She grunts in frustration spreading her legs a little wider.

My hand traces over the curve of her ass, my thumb stroking between her cheeks. She moans, encouraging me with a another circle. I grin at her enthusiasm and settling my cock at her entrance, pushing forward. " Oh yes." she murmurs. I stop, my hands in a vice grip on her hips.

What is he waiting for? She growls " Come on! Fuck me!" She feels the huge head of my cock rubbing up and down her labia. I look huge against her small slit. She whimpers as I push against her. Oh God, It will never fit. " This will be painful.your pussy will be stretched. Women are never prepared for my cock." I lean forward pressing my body against her.

I slide my cock head up spreading her lips. She feels intense pressure. I close my eyes savoring the feel of her pussy lips against my shaft. She hears a low menacing growl as I push harder. She gasps as she feels her pussy stretching. She has never seen a cock this big and has never had a cock this size inside her.Her pussy is resisting the invading monster, I continue forcing my cock head inside her, stretching her tight pussy.

The intense pressure sending waves of pain through her. The walls of her pussy in constant spasm allowing minimal penetration. My cock head has barely penetrated her.

She gasps crying out, " Aaaaaaah it hurts. Take it out. Please take it out." " Fuck you are so very tight." She is pleading, " Please, your cock is too fat. My cunt will split. I won't be able to pee or sit down. Please do not put that long thick cock in me." I grunted, thrusting my hips forward, with a pop my cock head disappeared into her pussy.

She screams as the tight tender walls of her pussy are stretched. A deep burning feeling fills her pelvis as my hot throbbing monster cock forces its way deeper inside her. The long thick shaft causing cramping as it burrows deeper stretching and scraping the tender walls of her pussy.

Her scream is a high pitched painful one. Tears streaming down her face.

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My growl changes to grunts as I slam my hips forward driving my cock deeper, feeling her pussy splitting and spasm around my shaft. She cries out " Please is to big.I can't take it.Please do not put the whole thing in me." She reaches up pounding my chest with her hands, then she slides her hands down to my stomach pushing against me.

Trying to push me out of her, I pull back until I'm almost out. She pushes harder trying to push me all the way out, I grab her hands pinning them at her side. I laugh then I thrust back into her. Harder and deeper, she screams again as my cock hits places never touched. I hold her hands down so she can't stop me. Each thrust driving in deeper and deeper, bringing another scream and sobbing. I let go of her wrists, my thrusts in and out are vicious as I growl in her ear.

She is laying beneath me whimpering as her lungs burn. Suddenly I ask her, " Raise your knees." She had heard that I knew how to deliver the ultimate pleasure to a woman as she raised her knees. I then grabbed her by the shoulders giving her short and swift strokes into her pussy. She cries out, " Please - more. Please deeper. Harder. Aaaw. Please stop. It hurts." My cock punished her with long deep strokes.

Suddenly she feels my cock head hitting her cervix, she screams " OMG," she had never felt the strange painful sensation before. Her ex-husband had never penetrated her this deep. I came moaning and writhing against my cock. My balls slapping her ass as I called her my slut, my whore, my bitch. I said she was a divorced tease who wanted to have her pussy beat.

She came two more times as I slammed into her like pile driver. Her pussy is torn and sore. Shortly after she came on my cock the second time I stiffened as I came inside her unprotected pussy.

I force my cock all the way in stretching her cervix opening over my large engorged head. After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the orifice dilates, relinquishing it's guardianship of her sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my cock, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within.

Once inside I slowly push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her grimcing facial expressions at each stage of her inner deflowering. She is whimpering as my cock throbs and jerks in her sacred feminine passage, feeling my hot cum filling her. Her pussy is so full it is oozing out of her. I pull out and roll over breathless. Her pussy aches and is very sore.

After a few minutes I pull the pillows up from under her; they land haphazardly on the floor. She gets down on the floor on her hands and knees, my hands push her lower back downward, flattening her body against the pillows, as I straddled over her ass as she closes her legs.

I slide backwards, to the tops of her thighs. She moans in frustration, wiggling her ass to coax me. My cock, slick with lubricant, nestles between her cheeks.

She feels my weight shift as I mount her, then she feels pressure at her anus. Her eyes open wide and she tries to pull away, protesting verbally. I ignore her, pressing the tip of my cock forward, my hands firmly planted on her lower back to keep her still. Her feet hitting repeatedly against the floor, making thumping noises. " Stop!

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You're never gonna fit. Please don't." She struggles against me, her thrashing contained by my body on top of her. " Oh, I love feeling my thick cock in a tight virgin ass." My cock head pushes through the ring of muscles as I spoke. She moans in answer, her body tensing. " You better relax, or this is going to be very painful, it does not need to be painful." My hands massage her ass, as I rock my hips forward, delivering another inch to her tight virgin hole.

" Stop! It hurts! There's no fucking way I can handle that! Stop!" My hand reaches forward, grabbing her hair and pushing her face into the pillow, effectively muffling her protests. I thrust again, and then spank her with my free hand. Her entire body jumps; had she not been face-down in the pillow, I would have heard her cry out. I'm relishing the way she spasms, the muscles of her ass tightening in response to the slap I delivered.

Her butt is cute. I release her hair, letting her breathe. When the expected spanking didn't come, she lets out a breath, her body relaxing slightly. I take the opportunity to thrust deeper, her asshole swallows a couple more inches of my thick shaft.

She screams, her back arching as her hips hit the pillow hard. I moan with her, her hole squeezing me tightly as she resists. I hold still as she went limp under me, her legs landing with a dull thud on the floor.

I pull back a bit, then push forward again, my hands spreading apart her cheeks as I watch my cock slide deeper into her. Her breathing is slow and deep, her eyes shut tightly and she fights to relax. " Your tight little ass feels amazing." I punctuated my sentence with a thrust of my hips, jolting her. She moans loudly, her hands balling into fists and her feet kicking up. I plunge back into her, making her squeal.

" A good little slut likes a big cock in her ass, doesn't she?" I thrust again. " Are you a good little slut?" She nods, her face turns to the side. She has to admit that the sensations are nearly as pleasurable as painful; I have her loosened up enough that I'm pumping into her at a slow and steady pace, each thrust feeling more pleasurable than the last.

Her clit tingling as she squirms, grinding her mound into the pillow, her thighs tight together. " Yes, you do. A cock-hungry whore needs it in every one of her tight holes to be happy." He spank her again, her gasping turns into a low moan. She hears me spit; my cock sliding easily through her abused little hole. She presses back with her hips to meet my thrusts, her knees planted on the floor and her hips lifted a few inches.

I mount her pushing her down as the full length of my shaft slides home, my balls gently slapping against her thighs. A small movement, as my chest is on her back, my mouth at her ear. " I want to feel your tight little asshole spasm when you cum." I thrust deeper into her, again. Confident she wouldn't fall over, she reaches backward to her clit, her middle and ring finger immediately finding the sweet spot rubbing tight little circles. She screams wordlessly, her hips bouncing off my thighs as my thrusts quicken.

She desperately wants something in her cunt, raking over her G-spot to throw her over the edge. Irritated, she howls, throwing her hips back to meet me as she races to her orgasm. She needs this. Her body screaming at her, her joints aching and her ass on fire, as she continues. Fuck, her fingers circling her clit furiously. " Cum, you dirty whore. Cum with my cock raping your ass." She fell forward, a massive orgasm rolling through her body, making her back arch and her hands grab at the carpet.

Her head whipping from front to back, bouncing off the pillow, her eyes remainclosed. Her orgasm is filled with her hoarse swearing that quickly turns to garble. Her hips bucking and her legs kicking as the orgasm over whelms her. A second wave rocks her body. The spasms of her asshole coupled with her screams, sends me over the edge; I bottom out in her ass and came hard, filling her ass with cum with as I groan. I feel her trying to pull away, her body rejecting me as she became over-sensitive, I didn't move.

I release her neck, my thumb circling gently on her clit. Her body spasms as electricity floods it. I grin, pulling out of her ass. Her hand resting on her pussy to block it from further stimulation; I push her hand aside, leaning down taking a long lick of her fresh juice.

Her body shuddering as my tongue delves into her gushing pussy, lapping at her juices as her body thrashes. Her head whipping from left to right, her fingers trying to grip the carpet with white knuckles, as another orgasm crashes over her as I skillfully stroke her bud with my tongue.

She pulls away, her hand covering her pussy again, as her legs close tight around it. She falls to her side, curling up in the fetal position, her breathing and occasional swearing the only signs that she is conscious.

I lay down behind her on my side. She greets my presence with a soft sigh. My hand runs down her arm, slipping down to cup her breast. She shudders at my touch, then stretches out, lining her body up with mine. I pull her closer, my chest pressing to her back. I toy with her nipple, my lips covering her exposed shoulder in light kisses.


Her free hand runs over my forearm, catching my wrist and pulling it further around her body. She shivers slightly as I kiss her neck.

" That was.fantastic." She murmurs, a smile playing on her lips. " You seemed to enjoy it." The words are whispered in her ear. " As good as you envisioned it?" She nods in response, too tired to respond verbally. They lay together for moments while she recovers. Her breathing has slowed, she stretches, pointing her toes and arching her back, moaning as her body complains. She turns in my arms to face me, smiling gently and opening her eyes, finally.

She grins and kisses me, lingering. My hands firmly running down her back and over her ass, lifting her knee over my hip. She feels my erection beginning to grow as our tongues entwine. Her hand pushes against my chest as she pulls away. " No, I'm to sore for Round 2." She whimpers.