Admirable blonde maiden Natalie with large natural tits fucks lucky fucker

Admirable blonde maiden Natalie with large natural tits fucks lucky fucker
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When Dominic, the fitness trainer, walked back into the Men's Locker Room area, he found Brian walking around the deserted hallway butt naked with a semi-hard on, with his towel slung over his shoulder. Brian was his usual confident and sexy self; he knew he had a great body and looked hot too.

Dominic seemed annoyed with Brian. "That guy is a member here, and so are you. And I work here. We have to be careful", Dominic crossly said.


Brian didn't say anything. He just leaned up against the wall outside his massage room and stared at Dominic. "Ok…time to wind up. We need to go", Dominic said.

He took Brian's shoulders, turned him around, and led him back to the massage room.

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Brian walked back into the room, with Dominic following behind him. When he reached the foot of the massage bed, he stopped and just stood there, facing the far wall, waiting and not saying a word. With his V-shaped muscled back and tight bubble butt, Brian was attractive to look at from behind, as he was from the front. He felt Dominic leave him.

He could hear Dominic move around the hallway, turning off the locker room lights, until there was only the small dim light in the room. After a few minutes, Dominic was back at the open door. There was a brief moment of awkward silence. Then Dominic quietly strode in, and firmly pushed Brian forward by his shoulders, until his face and chest were on the bed. Dominic stood behind Brian, and with his right foot, he spread Brian's naked legs apart.

"OK…let's get this going", Dominic said. "This is what you've been waiting for all evening". With that, Dominic grabbed Brian's tight bubble butt, kneaded it with both hands and pulled it up. Brian lifted his right leg up the bed, bent at the knee, while his left leg remained on the floor. He reached upward above his head, grabbed the edges of the massage bed and closed his eyes. Dominic dropped his gym shorts, and kicked off his shoes.

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He stroked his cock, until it became so hard. He grabbed a condom from the nearby side table and put it on.

Brian kept still, waiting for the inevitable. With the bottle of massage oil that Eric had earlier used, Dominic massaged some oil on his cock.

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He had powerful arms and thick fingers. Dominic was just as hung as Brian, but only slightly thicker. Dominic had a massively muscled upper body that tapered to a tight waist.

His big cock was framed with a little pubic hair, and his tightly corded leg muscles framed his groin to make his cock look even more humongous.

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Dominic stepped forward, pointed the tip of his cock at Brian's hole and with his full body weight, pushed in hard in one stroke. Brian was relieved that Eric had loosened up his hole earlier, or else he would have screamed his lungs out as Dominic invaded his ass without mercy.

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Brian hanged on to the edge of the bed as Dominic kept pounding his growing slab of meat into his hungry hole. Brian was sprawled out with his strong back muscles all tensed up and his legs spread out with his butt in the air, taking all of Dominic's thick cock in his hole. The heat and pleasure only made Brian clench his ass muscles around Dominic's pistoning pole even more. As Dominic started to break out into a sweat, he grabbed Brian by the waist, to pull his tight ass down his raging fucking cock.


All was quiet in the darkened locker room, except for Dominic's sharp breathing as he kept up his pounding, and Brian's guttural moans, as the thick 7-incher tore up his chute. With eyes closed, Brian felt every inch of Dominic's steel-hard cock massage his ass walls, driving him to muted frenzy.

Then, as sudden as Dominic's attack on his hole, the pounding stopped and the rapidly-withdrawn cock drew a sharp breath from Brian. Raymond, the other fitness trainer, stood at the door, naked except for his tight black underwear, now drawn down to let his long cock out. He was watching both men fuck, while he grabbed a condom from the side table by the door.

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Older and taller than Dominic, Raymond was not as massively muscled as Dominic. He was more lean-muscled rather than beefy. Where Dominic was smooth, Raymond had a fine mat of chest hair and very hairy legs. He trimmed his pubes, to better frame a longer, but slightly leaner cock. Dominic stepped aside to make room for Raymond. Without losing time, Raymond stepped up behind Brian, and rammed his cock into Brian.

He kept up the same rhythm and force as he deeply pounded Brian, who was still moaning intensely but quietly, with his eyes closed, and fists clenched on the bed sheets as he held on for dear life. They now both grabbed Brian's legs and flipped him around.

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On his back, they pushed Brian further up the bed and spread his legs apart. Raymond got on the massage bed, squatted on his haunches and quickly pushed his fuck tool back into Brian's hole. He was now jackhammering Brian with quick rapid thrusts as he held up Brian's legs.

Dominic stood by the fucking pair, jacking himself off. He was so turned on watching his co-worker pound the handsome lean young man.

He couldn't help but reach out to push Raymond's clenched ass forward, adding to the pressure that pounded Brian's hole. With his left hand, he grabbed Raymond's ass cheeks, helping him push up and down on the same rhythm as his right hand jacked his own dripping cock.

After several minutes of quick pounding, Raymond pulled out, tore off his rubber and blasted his cum on Brian. Ropes of pearly cum came raining down on Brian's abs and chest. Dominic got so worked up watching Raymond splash Brian with cum. After Raymond shot his load and got off Brian, Dominic quickly got on the bed, put Brian's legs on his shoulders, and dove right into the hot well-fucked hole.

Since he was much thicker than Raymond, Brian had to stretch his ass some more for Dominic, wrapping his cock more tightly. Brian was now hunched up, as his legs were over Dominic's shoulder, as the cock in his ass kept pounding him hard. Dominic pushed even deeper, and gyrated around, causing Brian to now moan openly and loudly.

Brian's eyes were now wide open, stricken with a look that bordered on desperation and fear. His mouth was open, deeply gasping for air. The thick cock in his ass was ravaging his prostrate and his own cock rubbed against his abs and scrunched-up legs, causing him to start shooting his loud.

His orgasm made his asshole muscles squeeze down on Dominic's cock, who then started to cum and cum and cum. Dominic pulled out, tore off his condom, and coated Brian's balls with his last jets of cum. As soon as their orgasm subsided, Dominic and Brian got off the massage bed. Without saying a word, and head bent down, Brian grabbed a towel to wipe himself off. Then he quickly donned his shorts and t-shirt. He grabbed his stuff and crammed them into his big gym bag.

When he was ready to go, Dominic grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, as he walked Brian to the fitness center reception to unlock the front door. "Same time next week…", Brian hoarsely whispered to Dominic as he stepped out. Dominic locked the door, walked back into the men's locker room to help Raymond gather up the soiled towels and bed sheets in the massage room.

As both fitness trainers were showering, Raymond said to Dominic, "…I could do more of that again… soon&hellip." >> TO BE CONTINUED<<