Foot fetishist lucky with two pair

Foot fetishist lucky with two pair
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It was still quite early for Tom to be returning home on a Saturday night. He'd been hanging around in the car park of the local Somerfield store with a group of his friends, drinking cheap cider and smoking joints. Usually they would stay out until after midnight but tonight Tom had left the group at 9.30pm to escort his new girlfriend home. She was on a curfew and was to be home by 10 o'clock "and not a second later" her Father would say every time she left the house for the evening.

Sophie wasn't Tom's usual "type". She was more reserved than any other girl he had been with, and he had been with a few even though he had just turned 15.

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Most of the girls he'd been with were older but Sophie was still 14 and somewhat immature. Normally Tom would have given up on her as she was very shy about matters of a sexual nature and the most she had let him do was touch her nipples.

She had only ever felt his cock through his jeans so Tom had taken to wearing tracksuit bottoms for a more sensual experience. The light cotton would allow more movement and feeling as opposed to the heavy denim. Even then, she had to have alcohol inside her to let her inhibitions slide a little but Tom persevered because she was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.

All the boys fantasised about Sophie, most beating their little cocks off in the privacy of their own bedrooms while picturing her naked. Tom was included in this but now he felt he may be able to actually have the real thing. He wasn't short of female admirers or willing sexual partners as he was dubbed the best looking lad at school but like most teenage boys, he wanted the best looking girl to prove something to his peers.

When he had walked Sophie home that evening they had stopped by the garages that housed the cars of the residents of the block of flats where she lived. It was the usual routine after they had been drinking and smoking pot and had been for nearly a fortnight now, when they had first got together. She leaned against the brick wall and kissed him passionately using her tongue expertly, teasing and prodding Tom's own tongue.

This was enough to cause a stirring in his shorts which Sophie would feel growing bigger and harder as he pressed it against her flat little belly. It was then that she would rub it and hold it through the fabric of his clothes while he would pull her vest up to reveal her brilliant white bra. Her breasts were small and pert and she only had small nipples but Tom always admired just how hard they got when he touched them.

Tonight was no different until Tom had decided to up the stakes somewhat.

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Sophie always left him extremely sexually excited and frustrated as he walked home and Tom felt it wasn't fair for that to happen yet again. After all, they had been seeing each other for nearly two weeks now and that is a mighty long time when you are a young teenager. Tonight he bent down to put his mouth to her rock hard nipple. Sophie froze for a moment, probably thrown by the change of routine, "Tom what are you doing?

I told you, I don't want to go too far yet I'm not ready. Tom, oh&hellip.oh that's nice mmm&hellip." Tom had ignored her pleas for him to stop and had closed his mouth over an erect nipple and slowly flicked his tongue over it which had quickly changed Sophie's mind. The first taste of her nipple was almost too much for Tom and he pulled his tracksuit bottoms down, taking his boxer shorts with them to reveal his incredibly hard erection.

It stood up proud with a slight curve to the right and the big purple head glistened in the soft light of a distant lamp post. Sophie hadn't realised Tom had exposed himself until he guided her hand down to his balls.

Shocked, she pulled away from him with her breasts still liberated from her bra, one nipple glistening with saliva. "No Tom, I mean it now I&hellip." Her eyes widened and she let out a loud gasp as she caught sight of the throbbing manhood between her boyfriend's legs.

"That's fucking huge! I didn't know they could grow so big. I&hellip.I&hellip.I have to go, it's ten." With that she had pulled away from Tom quickly adjusted her attire and headed towards the communal entrance to the block.

"Shit!" Tom said under his breath as he pulled his trousers up and tried to tuck his pulsing cock back into his shorts. He watched Sophie's cute peachy ass wiggle in her tight little pink shorts as she disappeared through the front door.

So now because he had tried to take things further so as not to walk home frustrated, he was more horny and frustrated than ever before. It was 10.15 when Tom walked in the front door of the house he shared with his Mother. His parents had divorced last year after his mum had decided she'd had enough of his lazy selfish attitude. Tom's father's days were always the same. Up at 3.30am to go to work as a milkman. Home at midday to eat the sandwiches left in the fridge for him by Toms mother, Lisa.

Sleep until the kids got home from school then play on the play station until Lisa bought him his evening meal. Then he would start drinking rum and find a football match to watch on the TV. Then to bed. The sex life of Lisa and her husband Mark had long since died. He still wanted it sometimes but she was put off as she no longer felt attracted to him and he would only shower once a week!

When they did have intercourse, Mark would climb straight on top of her and force his way in as she could not get wet with him, she didn't fancy him and certainly didn't like sex with him. He would thrust into her causing her much discomfort and pound at her for just a couple of minutes before he would blow his load inside her.

Not great sex, you must agree but that would satisfy Mark for a couple of months before he put Lisa through the same ordeal just to empty his sack. Mark now lived about eight miles away with their daughter and Lisa only saw him when he came to see Tom or to bring their daughter Nicola to visit.

Lisa had not entered into another relationship since and was quite happy with things the way they were although she wished Nicola would move back home with her and Tom.

Tom popped his head round the door of the living room where his mum was sat with her friend. "Hi mum, hi Cheryl". Lisa and Cheryl returned the greeting as Lisa topped up their glasses from the open wine bottle that had been on the coffee table. "I'm just going up to my room; Match of the Day is on soon". Of course, Tom could not enter the room where his mum and her friend were as he still had a huge erection, very obvious in his tracksuit trousers.

It had taken him a little longer than usual to walk home from Sophie's place but still his throbbing member remained. As Tom closed the bedroom door behind him he flicked the number 1 button on the TV remote just as the theme tune to Match of the Day began. He picked up his laptop and hit the space bar to bring it out of hibernation and flopped down on to his bed.

It was at this point that he usually started thinking of Sophie's sexy little body, her unseen cunt and her perfect tits before stroking himself to orgasm but tonight he decided to use a bit of visual stimulation. He logged on to one of his favourite web sites as he pulled his hard cock from the top of his trousers and started to stroke the head gently.

He looked at some of the images which had now become not as taboo as they once seemed. He thought he had a weird fetish before he came to realise just how common it is for a guy to cum all over a woman's face. This turned him on more than any of the other images he looked at and he had actually blown his own load over the face of one of the girls he had slept with.

She was a 20 year old bar maid from the tennis club. She knew Tom was not old enough to buy alcohol but she fancied him so much and wanted to feel his cock inside her that she let him get drunk in the bar with some other under age friends before she took him back to her flat where she fucked him wildly. She wanted a relationship but Tom didn't.

She was not quite pretty enough for him although he admits she has given him the best sex he has had& far. Tom had just enlarged an image of a small blue eyed babe with short blonde hair. She had a black cock held to her chin and had cum dripping from her cheek and left eye.

He heard the front door bang closed and he stopped wanking to listen to what was happening. Cheryl had just left and he heard his mother go back into the lounge, probably to continue drinking. Tom felt safe again and continued stroking his monster cock. A video clip had just downloaded so he opened it and watched the girl working the cock in her hand teasing it with licks and kisses amid grunts and groans from both her and the guy she was wanking off.

Knock on the door "Tom, can I come in?" As soon as he heard his mother's voice he quickly rammed his cock into his trousers and covered the evidence with his laptop but his mother had not waited for a reply and had come in. "What did you get up to tonight, love?" Good, Tom thought, she didn't see anything but the noises coming from his laptop made it obvious that he was watching porn.

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He closed the media player and said "Oh, not much. Just chilled with a few of my mates" He knew his mother had heard the couple on his laptop groaning with pleasure but both had chosen to ignore it. "Are you coming back downstairs tonight or not?" Lisa asked. Tom didn't know whether she wanted his company or was planning to watch some girly DVD. She can't be lonely, he thought, Cheryl has just left so he told her he was going to turn in for the night after the last football highlights.

"Ok, night honey" Lisa said as she turned and closed the door behind her. Tom sighed with relief and placed the laptop on the bed next to him. He had lost his erection and all interest in sex for the minute after having his mother nearly catch him jerking off.

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He reached into a drawer under his bed and removed a half drunk bottle of cheap vodka. He swigged from the bottle and grimaced at the harshness of the taste and sat back against the wall to watch the football. A dull game between two middle of the table sides with nothing to play for soon lost his interest.

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He started to think of Sophie and wondered if he had messed up for good with her. What a shame if he had, he hadn't got to taste that sweet pussy or ram himself inside her or have her suck his cock dry.

There are plenty of other girls out there, he thought, but none quite like Sophie. Most girls were quite up front about what they wanted to do with him and others were subtle but suggestive. Subtle but suggestive is exactly how his mothers friend, Cheryl was towards him. When his mother was not in the room Cheryl would make comments and sexual innuendos not really knowing just how much Tom was aware of it.

Cheryl would be an ok fuck for Tom and no more but she was his mum's friend. She was a couple of years younger than his mum at 34.

She did look her age but was still attractive. She wore clothes that were a little too young for her and always had her cleavage on display, something Tom had never failed to notice. Cheryl had made it easy to notice as she would always pretend to have to pick something up and bend down in front of Tom so he would get a look at her ample tits. She had a different bloke almost every week since her long term boyfriend had left her for her sister so Tom guessed she was probably very experienced, probably more so than Tanya the barmaid from the tennis club.

He took another swig from the vodka bottle as he thought about seeing Cheryl with his cum all over her face while finger fucking herself.

The image caused a movement in his shorts so he decided to push it from his mind and concentrate on something else. The game he had been watching had since finished and a reporter was conducting an interview with one of the managers. He started flicking through the channels to find something to suppress his oncoming erection when he remembered that his mother might be watching some boring chick flick downstairs.

Although he had his own DVD player in his room, Tom's uncle had pumped the sky channels into every room in the house and had also tuned each TV to the DVD player in the lounge as that was the only player in the house at the time.

Tom thought he had pressed the wrong button when he tuned in to the DVD player from downstairs. What he saw was not going to get rid of his erection. A young woman was bent over the arm of a sofa while a half naked man was on his knees behind her probing his tongue into her cunt. Mum was watching a porno!! Tom couldn't believe what he was seeing and started to feel embarrassed. "What the fuck?" He muttered to himself. "Mum!! I can't believe you are watching something like this!" He felt uneasy picturing his mother downstairs watching the same porn as he was.

The couple on screen were now on the sofa and had adopted the 69 position with a close up shot of the guys tongue swirling around the woman's clit as she moaned with pleasure. Tom was feeling confused. He wanted to take in the DVD but he couldn't stop thinking about his mum.

She must be having sexual thoughts and desires. She can't be, can she? Not mum. She's an old woman she can't have sexy feelings. Tom then remembered what he had been thinking about Cheryl. She was only two years younger than his mum who was 36 but mum looks younger. Cheryl is a sexual woman so why wouldn't mum be? Do they talk about sex? Do they tell each other their sexual preferences and fantasies? Tom was getting confused now but the porno was taking him over along with the cheap vodka, of which he had another swig.

Another man had joined the couple on the screen and was getting his soft cock sucked to hardness by the woman who now had the first guy pounding her from behind.

Tom looked down at the tent pole in his trousers and started to massage his balls while his cock jerked with anticipation. If it made him feel like this, what does it do to his mother, he wondered. He now started to think of her as a woman, not a parent. He had never thought about it before but she was still a very attractive woman. She kept her body in great shape with her frequent visits to the gym.

Her breasts were very large for her frame but they had been enhanced a few years into her relationship with Mark. Her hair was blonde but Tom knew she coloured it, and it was down to below her shoulders. Bright blue eyes, a small nose and perfect skin made her the attractive woman she was.

At five feet four inches, she could be described as petite. Tom swigged from the bottle again to try to ease his guilt for actually thinking about his mother as a woman. His next step seemed logical to him in his semi drunken state. He placed the bottle down beside him, adjusted his dress and headed downstairs. The door to the lounge was shut so Tom went through the kitchen and into the conservatory to see how his mother was reacting to the DVD.

The connecting door to the lounge was closed but Tom could hear a low buzzing sound as he looked through the glass and saw his mother sat in an arm chair with her back to him. He could still see the two men and the woman going hard at it on the screen and he realised what the buzzing sound was. His mothers head was moving back and forth, round and round slowly as she was obviously pleasuring herself with a didlo.

Her left leg came into view at the side of the chair and Tom thought how shapely it was, he had never noticed it before. He felt disgusted, embarrassed and ashamed at what he was seeing and doing but most of all, he felt extremely aroused. Whether it was the vodka or just the excitement of all he was seeing he had developed a sexual desire towards his own mum! He'd lost count of how many times he had started to jerk off that night, but he started again.

He let his trousers and shorts drop to his knees and he started to pump his hand up and down his shaft as he craned his neck to try to see more of his mothers flesh. "Fuck you Sophie" he whispered. "You made me all horny tonight and now I'm jacking off while watching my mum.

You could have had all this" he muttered as he looked down at his swollen penis. He had never actually measured it but he thought it was nearly as long as the rulers he used at school which were 12 inches and he knew he couldn't close his fist completely around it.

He looked at the porno because he couldn't really see anything from his mum except a bare leg and the back of her head. He had missed the cum shot as the woman was just licking the last of the juices from one guys cock and the other seemed to have disappeared completely.

As the camera went in on a close up of the cum stained face of the woman, she gently planted a kiss on the top of the deflating shaft and the screen went black. What happened next frightened Tom so much he just froze. When the image had disappeared from the screen it went black. His mother spun around in her chair to face Tom through the glass between the lounge and the conservatory.

She had seen his reflection on the blank screen and now she was facing him just holding an enormous cock in his right hand. Tom could now see his mother's right breast and the first thing he noticed was just how big the nipple was. It stood very proud of her breast and looked very swollen. For a brief moment, neither knew what to do next. Lisa turned the vibrator off as she stared at her son, still holding his huge manhood. She knew he must have been watching her masturbate, but how much had he seen?

How long had he been there? She knew he hadn't been standing there when she and Cheryl had fucked each other earlier that evening but the moment was still very awkward. "Er, Tom. Um&…but…um…how long have you been there?" She asked tentatively.

Tom shrugged his shoulders and didn't know what to do next. His cock was still solid and he now felt embarrassed with his mother watching him holding on to it. "Come in here. We need to talk." Lisa beckoned him in as she tied her bath robe around her naked body.

Tom pulled his trousers up and walked back through the kitchen and into the lounge via the hallway. He looked sheepish as he entered the room to face his mum.

As awkward as the situation was, he now saw a very attractive older woman sat in front of him looking just as sheepish. She took a gulp from her wine glass and emptied it. "Do you want a glass?" she asked as she poured herself another. "No, I don't think I will thanks" Tom said feeling adequately light headed from the cider he'd drunk earlier, the pot he smoked and the vodka he had in his room.

"What were you doing out there?" she asked softly as she sipped from her glass. Tom didn't know what to say. It was obvious what he had been doing but now he had to explain why. "I've been seeing a girl recently" "You're always seeing girls, Tom. I don't understand" Lisa tilted her head to one side very slightly.

"She's a bit of a tease" Tom started. "She gets me all aroused and then does nothing. I really like her but she aint puttin' out for me" "So, you're seeing a little cock teaser are you?" Tom felt uneasy at hearing his mother talk like that but also felt his cock jerk to life.

"And you've come home all frustrated and decided to spy on your old mum. Tom, I haven't had a man since me and your father split but I do still have needs. You understand that, don't you?

I know you shouldn't have seen me doing what I was doing and I shouldn't have seen you doing it either. How did it make you feel watching me bring myself off?" Again, Tom was embarrassed but aroused at the same time by what he had just heard his mother say.

"I&…sorry." "Don't be sorry, how did it make you feel?" "Er, weird I suppose. It's wrong but I liked it" He felt himself redden with embarrassment but the alcohol kept him going. "I liked looking at your tit and your bare leg. I haven't noticed before but you are a very beautiful woman. I wished I could see more than I did" Lisa was shocked. She felt pretty much the same about seeing him stood there in a state of obvious excitement, knowing it was her causing it.

She took a big gulp of wine, "You wished you could see more, huh? How about if I let you see more now, would you like that?" "Well, I er, I um&hellip.yes" he stammered. Lisa slowly untied the belt of her robe but revealed nothing. "I'll let you see me if I can see you again. You are a big boy down there aren't you?" Tom didn't know what to do. He felt nervous again, as if the situation were just dawning on him. Almost as if Lisa had guessed this she started to encourage him again.

"Let me look at your big hard cock and I'll show you my pussy" She said with a very sexy look in her eye. Tom peeled his trousers and shorts down in one quick movement and stepped out of them. His cock was still erect and swollen and hearing his mum talk like this was making it jerk slightly. Upon seeing his hard cock close up Lisa let out a soft gasp. It was a reaction Tom had gotten used to from women and now his mum was doing it!

She opened her robe to reveal huge tits with very long erect nipples. Her pussy was still soaked from her usage of the vibrator. Her neat trimmed pubic hair was shining with moisture and she picked up her right breast and started to circle her nipple with her tongue. Tom was in heaven. It was so wrong but so fucking horny to watch this. "Can I have a go at that?" he asked, confidently. Lisa pushed her left breast towards him but didn't stop doing what she was doing.

Tom cautiously squeezed her nipple between thumb and forefinger and began to roll it around as he stroked his cock. "Don't do that, Tom. I'll jerk it off for you" Lisa said as she stopped licking her nipple and took hold of her son's giant penis. "Oooh, it feels good. What a nice prick you have.

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It's bigger and nicer than any man's I have ever seen." She noticed the first sign of precum seeping from the slit on to the big purple mushroom shaped head. "Can I kiss it?" she asked without waiting for a reply. She sat down on the arm of the chair so his balls were touching her chin.

She pulled his shaft down towards her mouth and gently licked the small amount of liquid that had oozed out of him. "Tastes good&hellip.mmmmm&hellip.I hope there's more of it in you" "Oh mum, you bet. I've been trying to release it all night oooohh……&hellip." Lisa took the head in her mouth and slowly swirled her tongue around it, probing at the slit "I can't&hellip.oh mum, I'm gonna&hellip." Lisa knew what this meant and didn't want to miss a drop of her sons hot love juice.

She cupped his balls in her hand and pushed her head down further on his shaft. She could tell by the groans and the rhythmic motion of his pelvis that she was about to get a sticky load down her throat.

She managed to get most of his cock into her mouth before she started gagging. She pulled away ever so slightly and started bobbing her head up and down her son's length while squeezing the cheeks of his ass. The pulsing of Tom's penis was Lisa's cue to brace herself. She removed one hand from her son's ass cheek and held the base of his cock to steady it and keep it in position.

She drew her head backwards so just the tip of Toms cock was in her mouth and then thrust down hard again, causing Tom's nuts to explode. Lisa tasted the hot gooey liquid sliding down her throat and kept swallowing while she bobbed up and down on the love rod.

Tom kept pumping and pumping his hot fluid into his mother's throat until she could swallow no more.


She removed her lips from him and as some of his cum dribbled down the side of her chin; Tom shot another rope of liquid over her nose and then a final one on to her cheek.

He sat down beside his mum while the sensation passed. He had never cum so hard in all his life and it had drained him. He looked up at his mothers face and saw she had not wiped his cum away and was smiling, showing her brilliant white, perfect teeth. "Wow, you nearly drowned me honey.

You taste great" she teased as she scooped up some of his jizz from her cheek with her little finger and gently popped it into her mouth. Tom noticed her playing with her cunt as she did this and immediately started to get turned on again. Her clitoris was as over sized as her nipples! He couldn't believe what he was seeing and wished she wasn't his mum. He watched her finger herself as she wiped the rest of his goo from her face and ate it as though it were a fine wine.

Tom also noticed that his mother was actually dripping from her cunt. There were drops trickling down on to the leather sofa between her gorgeous legs. "Now it's my turn to taste you" he offered as his mother looked at him with her big blue eyes.

She took her finger from her opening and popped it in her mouth to suck off her own juices. She repeated this and then bent down towards him and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. A second gentle kiss and then her lips parted, prompting Tom to do the same. Their tongues collided and Tom could only taste his own cum as he had done before when kissing other women after they had blown him.

"I need to taste you properly" he whispered. Lisa pulled away from him and leant back into the plush cushions on the sofa. Lifting her knees to her chest she parted her pussy lips with one hand. Tom knelt on the floor before his mother and put his head into her thighs. He smelt the scent of an excited woman and just wanted to ram his now hard again cock into her. He knew he would have to be patient as he lowered his head and gently started licking the erect clit.

Lisa moaned with delight and clearly loved what her son was doing to her. More juices ran from her pussy on to Toms fingers as he probed in and out of her cunt while gently teasing and nibbling on her clit.

As his mothers breathing became deeper and more laboured he felt himself getting very excited again, knowing it was him giving her so much pleasure. "Put your fingers in me, Tom. Lick my clit faster, faster" Tom had never seen a woman get this wet before and it was easy to put four fingers inside his groaning mother. Her juices were seeping out of her on to the sofa and on to her ass. Tom didn't know what reaction he would get but he used the index finger on his other hand to probe his mother's asshole.

Lisa let out a scream of delight as he continued to work her rhythmically.


It was almost a growl Tom could hear as his mother started to spasm and buck her pelvis against his hands. He licked furiously at her clit as the continuous growl grew louder and her actions more violent as her orgasm was forcing its way through her. A loud long scream accompanied by a jet of juices squirting from his mother's cunt marked the crescendo of her shuddering orgasm.

Tom gently slowed but did not stop licking his mother's pussy as she came back to reality, shuddering and still unable to open her eyes. Tom removed himself from between Lisa's perfect legs and sat beside her. She turned her head towards him and opened her eyes.

She smiled softly at him and brushed his cheek with her hand. Her chest and breasts were flushed red and he followed her gaze down to his huge cock. Lisa took it gently in her hands and started again to stroke it. "I don't know if I can take all of that in me" she cooed as she looked up into his eyes.

Tom doubted that to be true as he looked at the dildo by the side of the coffee table. That was probably longer than his cock and just as thick. "Well, there's only one way to find out" Tom said. Lisa lay out on the sofa and Tom removed his t-shirt. Gently he rested on top of his mother and rubbed his full member up and down her clit. She closed her eyes again and let out a long sigh and he took her left nipple in his mouth again.

"Ooh, Tom. Where did you learn to do all of these things?" Tom didn't reply owing to the fact he had a mouthful of tit. He could wait no longer so guided his shaft down his mothers slit and into her welcoming opening.

Another loud gasp left her lips as Tom slowly pushed his full length inside her. He groaned as his balls gently slapped against his mothers wet ass. He removed his mouth from her breast and cupped it with both hands and massaged it, then the other. When he released her breasts she took up where he left off, massaging her nipples.

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She still had her eyes closed and was licking her lips as she was moaning with pleasure once more. Tom could feel himself getting ready again to cum but he wanted his mother to come again too. He climbed off of her and gestured her to come and sit on him. She obliged without question and slowly worked her way on to his thick shaft and thrust her big tits into his face. Tom cupped the cheeks of her ass as she started to ride up and down on him, linking her arms around his neck.

She started to buck harder and harder and Tom could feel her juices had saturated his crotch. Tom just wanted to blow his load inside his mum and knew it wouldn't have to be put off much longer as Lisa started to make the low growling sound again.

She rose gently with each stroke and slammed down hard onto his cock as if to get it to go into her further than it already was. Tom met her downward stroke with his own violent upward stroke and Lisa growled louder and louder until it turned into a scream. She pushed her fists into his chest as she felt his member begin to pulsate inside her and their juices started to mingle as his thick creamy sperm shot into her as her own juices were being forced from her.

Lisa screamed louder as Tom groaned and squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting the moment to finish. Gradually they slowed down their movements as the last feelings of orgasm seeped from them both until they were both completely still.

Toms softening penis stayed inside his mother as she remained straddled across him and then buried her head in his shoulder. "Oh Tom. What have we done?" It was said more as though she felt she had to feel guilty rather than she actually did feel guilty. Lisa climbed off her son and shuddered as his cock fell out of her into his lap, glistening with both their juices.

She wanted to bend down and place it in her mouth again but knew, even at 15, it probably wouldn't be ready to go again yet! Tom watched her cover her beautiful body with the bath robe once more as if trying to get every last glimpse into his memory before it was all gone.

Lisa turned to him and said "You better get that girl of yours to wake up. She doesn't know what she's missing and you need to empty your balls somewhere, right? Because what has just happened here Tom can never ever happen again". Lisa leant forward to pick up her wine and thought to herself, it WILL happen again, I'm sure.