The lesbians fondle their matching panties underneath their matching skirts facesitting and fingerin

The lesbians fondle their matching panties underneath their matching skirts facesitting and fingerin
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You can almost always find me at the neighborhood park. I come here to hit a tennis ball against a wall. No one ever comes to the park. I'm always here early in the evening except on weekends I'm here in the morning on Saturdays, in the afternoon on Sundays.

Just when I was getting ready to call it quits and go home I felt someone pinch my butt. I turned around to see who it is.

It's a girl about twelve years old. She was wearing a white blouse, plaid skirt, white socks and white tennis shoes. Such eyes she had; true hazel eyes and so dazzling.

I was speechless. She took the racket and ball from my hand. "Watch me," she said. I went over to a nearby picnic table so I could sit down and watch her hit the ball. She had no boobs. She was at that age where she was still growing. She was energetic, a pepper popper, what health and such a lovely height and size, such a firm and upright figure.

There is health in her long curly brown hair, her head, and her glance. I watched her skirt flying upwards and her slender dancer's legs. I was in heaven that she stayed around to hit the ball against the wall as long as she did.

The sun was just about to go down. She finally quit and headed toward me bringing the racket and tennis ball along with her. I got up off the picnic bench and like a dog wagging his tail I awaited her. She stopped in front of me and dropped the racket and tennis ball down to the ground.

She unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse. "Hitting the ball made me hot," she said. She got down tying one of her shoes. I looked to get a glimpse down her blouse. The way she leaned forward to tie her shoes I was sure I could get a peek at something. I could see most of her tiny mounds. "What's your name?" I asked. "Candy," she answered. "What's yours?" "Jim." Candy grabbed the tennis ball and stood up.

With all her might she threw the ball over me.

"Go get it," she said. I turned around to see if I could spot the ball. "Where did it go?" I asked. "It went into the bushes," she answered. I'll be her dog, she's worth it. I searched around the bushes for the ball. "I found it," I shouted. I picked up the ball and walked back to get my racket. Candy was squatting down on the ground as if she was taking a pee. When I got closer I could see a pair of pink panties down around her thighs.

I wanted to get a look beyond those panties. "Turn around," Candy shouted. I turned around and waited. "It's okay now," she said. I turned around and saw her standing up. "Meet me here tomorrow morning," she said. Candy waved goodbye and then she ran off. I found my racket. It was at the same spot where she was squatting. I picked up the racket and realized she had urinated on the handle. I ran my tongue along the palm of my hand delighting in the smell and taste of Candy's wee-wee.

I'm in love.

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The next morning I returned to the park. Candy showed up wearing the same tennis shoes from yesterday, but no socks. She had on a pretty red dress; the thin shoulder straps on her dress exposed her shoulders. She turned around so that I could see the back of her.

My eyes went down the middle of her back and stopped right where the dress covered the part where she poops. She turned around again. The dress was cut low enough at the neckline that one would see a cleavage if one had boobs and in Candy's case her chest was flat. "Where's your car?" Candy asked. "Over there in the parking lot." It was the only car in the lot.

Candy took hold of my hand and pulled me along to the car. "Give me the keys. I want to learn how to drive," she said. She let go of my hand and reached into my pant pocket.

As she tried to get my keys I felt her hand bump into my stiffening cock. Candy gave it a squeeze between her two fingers. She got the keys and opened the door to the driver side and got in.

"Get in," she shouted as she waived her hand signaling me to come along. I watched her pretending to drive. I thought why not, rather than concentrating on driving it's better to sit in the passenger seat and ogle.

I got into the car. "You can only drive around in the parking lot," I said. While Candy was driving around in the parking lot doing turns to the left and turns to the right and going straight, I tried to think of any excuse I could come up with to touch her. When she parked the car in between the yellow lines and came to a stop I put my hand on her smooth tanned thigh. "That was great parking," I said. Candy suddenly stepped on the gas and drove the car out of the lot and into a street full of busy traffic.

"Candy, stop," I screamed. "You don't even have a learners permit," I yelled.

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Candy smiled as she drove the car through the heavy traffic. "Are you going to punish me?" she asked. I was speechless. I pictured her over my knees with my hand massaging her beautiful rear end.

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"I'll stop if you say you'll punish me," she said. "Okay, I'll punish you," I responded. Candy squealed with delight. She drove the car to a secluded location where there was an old abandoned two story house with a basement.

Before I realized it Candy had taken the keys and bolted out of the car. While I fumbled to get my door open, Candy ran into the house. I got the car door open and took off after her. She stood in the middle of an empty living room touching her lower lip with her finger. With her other hand she pulled the front of her dress up near her crotch. "Give me the keys," I said. "I'll give you the keys after you punish me," Candy said moving her hips from side to side.

I took a quick glance around. I'll never be able find the keys with all the cracks, nooks and crannies in this big house. "Okay what do you want me to do?" I asked. Candy shrieked with joy. She took my hand and led me into another room.


She let go of my hand picked a rope up off the floor and handed it to me. "Toss the rope over the beam up there on the ceiling, after you do that tie my wrists with the rope and pull my arms up. I'll tell you what to do next," she said. While I was tossing the rope over the beam, Candy was removing her shoes.

I got the rope over the beam and I tied her wrists together with one end of the rope. I pulled on the other end of the rope so that her arms were now stretched over her head. I looked at her feet which were flat on the floor and stared at her red painted toenails.

I was just getting ready to get down to kissing and sucking Candy's toes. "Pull me up more," she pleaded. Candy held onto the rope with both hands. I pulled her up high enough so that her toes barely touched the floor. Her feet looked as if she was doing a ballet dance on tiptoes. "Tear my dress off," she hollered. I tried to tear her dress at the neckline with both of my hands. It didn't tear. I tried again only this time I used my teeth and both hands.

I felt her soft hair brush the side of my face. My nose touched her chest, she smelled like she just took a bubble bath. Using my teeth and both hands I managed to tear her dress. I was now able to rip the front of her dress in half using only my hands. I stood back to take a look at her and got a boner. There dangling from the ceiling is Candy in her torn pretty red dress. I admired the beauty of her belly button and her white panties.

I opened the dress more and gazed at her breasts, which looked like big brown eyes. I've seen fried eggs that are larger. "Take the dress off" Candy said.

I broke both of the shoulder straps and let the dress fall down to the ground. "Hit me with the cane," she yelled. There was a cane made out of a skinny bamboo on the floor. I came up behind Candy and put both of my hands around the elastic of her panties.

I pulled her panties down until they were around her thighs. I kissed her ass. "I didn't say kiss my butt, I said hit me," Candy yelled. I stood to one side of Candy. I took a couple of practice swings at her buns without hitting her. "Hit me six times, I'll count backwards," she said. I swung my arm back and then forward.

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Swish, whack, her body jerked from the smack I gave her. "Six", she said. Swish, whack, I can see a mark starting to show on the fleshy part of her thigh from the first smack I gave her. "Five" she said. Swish, whack, I have to have stung her good that time, because she held her head back closed her eyes and grimaced.

"Four", she said. Swish, whack, Candy wiggled as if she was trying to break free. "Three", she said. Swish, whack, I was beginning to wonder if she was even going to be able to sit down for a couple of days.

"Two", she said. Swish, whack, "One Okay let me down", she said. I let her down and untied her. "Stay right where you are," said Candy as she pulled up her panty and rubbed her wrists. I stood still. "Play with your weenie and I'll give you the key," she said. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, pulled my pants and underwear down and started to jack off. "Is that how you do it?" she asked. "Yes, Candy, this is how I do it," I answered. "Will you give me the keys now?" I asked.

"I want to see you shoot white," she said. "I heard that your weenie shoots white when you do that." Candy rubbed her behind sat down on the floor and leaned back. She held herself up with her arms. She bended her knees and spread them apart while keeping her feet flat on the floor.

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Gazing at her and the sight of her staring at my nine inch hard-on got me stroking my cock with blinding speed. Candy put one hand down inside her panties. "Wow, I don't know if I could take it if you did it to me like that," She said. "Oh, oh, oh god, Candy, oh shit". I wetted my palm with saliva in order to lubricate my cock more. Now that my dick is all wet and lubricated my jacking off was making a slurping sound. "I don't know if I could take something that big," she said as she fingered her girl street.

"Oh Candy, I'm going to melt," I mumbled. Candy snatched her dress and handed it to me. I shot my load in three big spurts. I soaked her torn dress with the very cum I wanted to fill her pussy, her ass, her mouth with. "The key is in the kitchen, first cabinet above the sink," she said.

I dropped the dress, pulled my shorts and pants up and ran into the kitchen. I opened the cabinet door just above the sink. Sure enough the keys are there. Candy walked into the kitchen and leaned against the wall with both hands behind her. She was using her hands as a buffer between her pretty little seat and the wall.

Her angel tits and all five foot five inches of her, wearing only a pair of tennis shoes and white panties is why I'm her dog. "Why are you pouting?" I asked. "You have to buy me a dress," She answered. "You have to hurry because I don't know what to say in case somebody pulls up." "Shit." I ran out of the kitchen, through the living room, out the front door and got to the car. "Wait," Candy shouted.

I turned and saw Candy holding the screen door open. I made my way up to the porch and stood in front of her. "What is it Candy," I asked.

"Aren't you going to give me a kiss? You're my boyfriend now". Candy smiled and held her arms out wide. I wrapped my arms around her and she wrapped her arms around me. We held each other tight. She smelled good. Starting at the top of her spine I ran my finger down her spine, when I got to the elastic band of her panties, Candy pulled her head back and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She let go of me and pushed me on the chest.

"You better hurry," she said.

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I came back with a pair of gray sweatpants and a gray pullover sweatshirt for her. "Huh, Jim", Candy said. "This isn't what I was wearing". She put them on anyway. They were a little baggy on her.

"I'll show you where to take me to get the dress," she said. "Where's the ripped up dress?" I asked. "I took care of that". Candy took me by the hand and led me to the car. This time I drove.

We stopped at an atm near the store.

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"How much is this dress?" I asked. "How should I know? I didn't buy it my parents did", she replied. "They never let me pick out what I want, every time my mom and dad take me to go shopping I show them what I want and they always say no". "I'm guessing forty dollars," I said. I took out my wallet and pulled out my card. Candy snatched the card from my hand, got out of the car and made her way to the front of the atm machine.

"Let me do it," she said. I gave her the information she needed to make the transaction. She handed the card and receipt back to me. "Park over there and wait for me" Candy said. Before I could even say anything she ran off into the store. I looked at the receipt and shit my pants. She took out two hundred bucks. I parked the car and went into a nearby food and gas store to buy me a pack of cigarettes.

I don't normally smoke but being a dog can be a little bouncy sometimes, but in Candy's case it's a pleasure to take a few bumps. It had to have been at least four hours of waiting. Candy returned with several sacks.

"Open the trunk," she said. "What in the hell did you buy?" I asked as I opened the trunk. "You'll have to buy me an ipod; it was boring back at the house when you left me back there." Candy tossed everything in the trunk and closed the trunk door. "You were supposed to just get a dress" I said. "I got that but I had to get some other outfits and things for our date tonight," she said. I dropped Candy off at the park. We stood behind the trunk; she gave me a kiss, grabbed her stuff and took off.

I was to meet her tonight here at the park.

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I can't wait, I'm in heaven.