In advance of tennis they crave to try anal sex in crazy locker room

In advance of tennis they crave to try anal sex in crazy locker room
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None of my stories are intended to offend so please read the description before reading the story as this will usually contain any warnings. This is a tale of submission and domination after a husband witnesses his young wife with other men. Please feel free to comment on my stories and all comments, both positive and negative are welcome.

Or feel free to email me comments, thoughts or ideas about stories on [email protected] An Act of Revenge 8pm "Yes Madam we've been expecting you!" The man behind the large reception said as he peered at the screen in front of him before glancing back at Liz.

"Room 801!" He smiled. "Please wait and I'll get a porter to assist you with your belongings." "No! There's no need." Smiled Liz lifting the bag she had in her hand as if to prove she didn't need assistance. "I only have this with me." "Very good Madam, then enjoy your stay!" Liz turned towards the lifts and the receptionist watched her walk, her skirt hugging her round bum cheeks just nicely. Moments later she was standing outside the hotel room high above the Square in Mayfair and inserted the plastic key into the door which indicated green.

She pushed the door open and entered the large room. Popping her bag onto the luggage stand she noticed a white envelope on the bed and picked it up. The note inside simply read:- Prepare yourself for me and await further instructions.

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P x Liz immediately recognized the writing of her husband Peter. Despite being some 20 years her senior, at nearly 40, Peter was a very sexy man, in her eyes. Liz smiled at the thought and felt a mixture of nerves and excitement run through her curvy body.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………&hellip. As you stepped out of the shower she found all the toiletries laid out between the two bathroom sinks.

She quickly dried and pulled a fluffy bathroom robe around her body and walked back into the bedroom and suddenly froze. Her clothes were nowhere to be seen, nor her bag that she'd left on the bed. But in its place was a shoe box and another letter. She carefully opened the box and looked inside. Aswell as black heels and hold-up stockings there were leather wrist and ankle cuffs. She opened the envelope. You know what to do!

When you hear the hotel door open kneel in the middle of the floor with your back to the door. P x Liz suddenly jumped when there was a knock at the door and she quickly pulled the robe around her before spying through the peep hole. She opened the door to the waiter who was standing with a tray and a bottle of champagne along with three glasses. "Madam!" He smiled and his eyes inadvertently trailed down to the exposed flesh of Liz's cleavage. She automatically pulled the fluffy gown around her and the waiter's eyes returned to her face.

"Thanks you!" She smiled and took the tray from the waiter before closing the door on him. Almost reluctantly she slid the stockings on and then the heels before cuffing her ankles and then putting them around one of her wrists. Weren't games meant to be enjoyed by both parties she thought to herself? She poured a glass of the ice cold liquid and sipped at it feeling the bubbles hitting her nose as she sipped at it.

But Liz did not have to wait long. As she sat in the chair she had just started to think about what was going to happen when she heard the open door. Quickly she moved to the middle of the room and lowered herself onto her knees. Once again a tingle of excitement ran down her back. As a further gesture of submission she bowed your head with her hands behind her back. She listened as hard as she could to hear my footsteps.

The silence was suddenly broken by my voice. "Open your legs!" Came the command. She complied. I slipped a black silk scarf over your eyes. And just as quickly I reached down to her beautiful full bum cheeks and snapped the wrist cuffs together. With my young wife now secure and unable to see anything I leaned over her shoulder and planted a soft kiss onto her right cheek.

With both my hands on her shoulders I whispered how beautiful she looked and how happy I was that she was here. Stepping in front of her I ran my soft hands lightly all over her skin, just hovering above it with the fingertips barely touching her.

Over her cheeks, neck, shoulders, arms and wonderful full breasts until my fingers had inspected every inch of my young wife. But in a moment she would become my slave. My fingers ended between her legs as I ran the side of my finger along her shaved slit. I opened the flaps of skin that protected her sex from outside intruders. Bringing my lips to her I invaded her hungry mouth with my tongue as I shoved a finger deep inside her tight snatch.

Again I was very thorough as I inspected every inch of her mouth with my tongue. At the same time my fingers invaded her cunt which let out a loud squishing sound. "You are gushing you dirty slut. Have you been thinking about being fucked for long?" I purred almost aggressively. Liz Lowered her head demurely. "I have been excited!" "You just want to fuck! Slut!" I condemned. "Sorry Sir.

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Please don't make fun of me today!" Her lips trembled as she spoke. "I just want you, that's all!" "Well, you know why you are here now don't you, slut?" As my words went into her brain I cast my mind back to the week before, to the party, when all seemed to go wrong (or was it right?) for us. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… One week earlier The party had been going on for some time and I was working and up early in the morning.

I excused myself from my remaining guests and had gone to bed. And I knew Liz would be an excellent hostess. But sleep wasn't happening and I simply fidgeted about and could hear the guests as they were leaving.

They were laughing or chatting all too loudly for my liking but it finally went quiet and I expected Liz to come to bed. But instead I heard someone in the bathroom, having a pee into the toilet and I knew it was a man.

I thought briefly of who might be in the house still but was too tired and glad that house was now quiet.

I heard the toilet flush and he returned downstairs. I began to distinguish the murmur of voices through the open door but could not hear any females. Inquisitively I got up, slipped out the bedroom door and quietly went down the stairs where I could stand to see into our living room. Feeling slightly suspicious now I crept close to the living room door and could see my pretty young wife sitting at the table with our friend Paul and his cousin Ian.

Liz was wearing a red blouse that was tight and low cut at the front with a short skirt and high hemline leaving little to the imagination as to what she might have on underneath. As I watched from my safe distance I could see they were just talking quietly over a drink but it seemed flirtatious particularly from the men and Liz appeared a little drunk. I stood watching briefly until Ian decided to go up to the bathroom. Hiding behind the door I let our visitor pass and watched, now with growing suspicion and excitement.

I should not have been surprised at the sight that unfolded. Almost immediately that Ian was out of sight, Paul leant towards Liz and they started kissing and feeling each other.

Paul's hands were straight up onto my wife's bulging breasts and she simply allowed him access through the thin material of the blouse.

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Then moments later as they were locked in a passionate kiss I saw his hands slide deftly up under her blouse and imagined his hands on my wife's big young breasts. The sight of this was enough for me to now be sporting a huge erection that was barely inside my boxers and aching to be touched. As I eased my hand inside my dressing gown I saw Liz's hands begin fondling Paul's hardening cock through his jeans.

I wasn't shocked but the sight was such a turn on for me. Suddenly the kiss was broken and they stopped, listening for Ian, but realising he wasn't returning Liz quickly returned to Paul unzipping his trousers. I was stunned when she leaned forwards and took his fat cock into her mouth!

He sighed and leaned back on a chair! My erection was throbbing now and I took it out of my boxers, standing only in my dressing gown with my rock hard cock in my hand. Ian was suddenly coming down the stairs and as a stair creaked, Liz stopped allowing Paul to zip up, although Ian looked oddly at Liz as he entered the room. He smirked and sipped his drink as Liz and Paul chatted as if nothing had happened.

But suddenly Liz, smiling said she needed to use the bathroom. Although I could hide from visitors I knew I had no choice but to move now and quickly raced back up the stairs, diving under the covers of my bed just as Liz came into our bedroom. I kept my eyes glued shut but could sense she was watching me. I feigned even breathing and a light snore and heard her quietly shutting the bedroom door. As I heard her returning to the living room I retraced my steps to my viewing position outside the living room door.

With my hand closed once again around my thick cock shaft I started to move it slowly waiting for the next move. Liz was sitting at our dining table when Paul went up to the bathroom.

I thought it was odd because he had just been but the moment he left Ian leaned across the table and began kissing Liz clearly with no resistance from her! He moved around the table and she obligingly stood as the two closed in a deep and very passionate kiss.

Almost immediately and almost as a repeat of her actions with Paul, Liz's hand ran down onto Ian's cock and she began rubbing it! I had no idea Liz was so this horny this evening and realised that Paul and Ian had probably already worked this out.

Ian reached under my wife's blouse and fumbled a minute with her bra until her breasts were free. He raised her blouse up and I could almost see the gleam in his eyes as he looked at her for the first time, no doubt in absolute amazement as her big young breasts came into view.

He couldn't wait and dipping his head began sucking her nipples as he held the overflowing breast flesh in each hand.


I knew that nice feeling he was having at their weight and how sexy her nipples were. I also knew that they were very sensitive and my wife loved nothing more than her breasts being aggressively sucked.

My cock was throbbing as I watched the show continue. Then I noticed Paul standing around the corner just out of the line of sight of Liz and Ian.

But it was clear from his expression that he could see them. Liz had her eyes closed and was pulling Ian's head to her breast as her nipples ached, sending erotic pulses throughout her curvy body! I was stroking my own cock and suddenly started to cum, just at the sight in front of me. Paul was watching Liz while Ian undid his own trousers and freed his rampant cock that seemed to swell even bigger as he took it out. Almost immediately Liz slid off the table edge and onto her knees. She leaned her pretty mouth forwards and began sucking the thick meat sliding it further and further into her mouth.

Paul inched forward until he was standing right behind my wife. Ian just grinned at his cousin watching Paul take out his cock too. He pressed against Liz and she almost leapt up in fright. Suddenly, and for the first time since my private show had started Liz appeared to not to know what to do next. Both men stood there grinning at her with their big cocks out, hard and ready for action. "C'mon Liz, show us what a slutty girl you can be!" Grinned Paul as his eyes trailed down over her body.

I waited in anticipation, my cock starting to harden again as Liz grinned obligingly. Reaching up she removed her blouse and pulled down her skirt to reveal her stockings and thong. "You won't be needing that!" Ian said as he reached the thong literally ripping it from my wife's curvy body. Liz took one thick shaft in each hand. "You know what to do!" Ian almost commanded and Liz once again dropped to her knees and proceeded to suck both their cocks alternately!

I was transfixed as I watched their meat being swallowed by my wife's gorgeous perfect mouth! And I was rock hard again. Liz was feasting on their cocks sucking each in turn slowly at first, then faster until she released it, and then went over to the other one.

I heard Ian saying something about Liz being a sexy woman but he was corrected by Paul as he called her for a fucking sexy whore! She simply murmured her appreciation of the 'compliment' with a mouthful of cock. Both men stopped her and led her over to the sofa. She grinned as she knelt on all fours and eased Ian's rampant cock back inside her warm wet mouth, at the same time arching her back and raising her big round bum in the air for Paul.

Without waiting he positioned himself behind her and slid his wet cock between her thighs before pushing forward as he finally entered her juicy wet cunt. Liz was clearly very turned on and within minutes moaned loudly, still with her cock mouthful, as an orgasm swept through your body. She pushed back against his cock and with a loud moan Ian suddenly started to cum. Liz simply moved her head faster taking the whole length of his cock into your mouth and throat.

With long strokes she sucked on the head as he moaned in pleasure emptying his load down my young wife's throat. She slowly stopped sucking and leaned forwards making her bum higher as Paul stroked into her from behind.


Ian played with my wife's dangling breasts while watching his younger cousin fuck her. Finally Paul came too as he grabbed her hips forcing all the way in.

Liz simply writhed on his cock and moaned loudly. Liz fell into the sofa and turned to look up at the two men. She was smiling and a little cum from dribbling from her lips as she spoke.

"Thank you!" She smiled. My wife looked exquisite, lying there with her big breasts and little trimmed bush. I watched and wanked for the second time. I lay pretending to be asleep as my slutty wife slipped into the bed next to me. Her hand went straight down onto my rock hard cock.

I stirred as I felt her start to wank me off! "You're going to need to do better than that, to make up for what I just watched!" I whispered and her shining eyes blinked at me. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 1015pm I could not wait any longer.

Stepping in front of my blindfolded wife I opened my trousers and pulled out my cock. I was harder than I had been in a long time. I slid my dripping shaft along her right cheek and started to rub it back and forth. Liz wasted no time as she opened her mouth and sucked on the head of my cock with a satisfying murmur.

And suck she did!

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I had been telling her all week about her punishment and now she was craving for me. This simply made her greedy for sexual satisfaction that was encouraging her to suck every inch she could into her hot wet mouth. Running her tongue back and forth along the underside of my cock she squirmed in her kneeling position determined to take it in as far as she could.

And hopefully as far as she did for Ian! Without hands to guide and direct her, she did her very best to sink my manhood past the back of her mouth and into her throat. She knew she had done wrong and was now so keen to please me.

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I reached down and took her soft hair in my hands. I too was determined that she would please me and pushed my hips hard against her face as she gagged.

I didn't care and pushed again, harder this time until her lips were nestled in the pubic hairs at the base of my cock. I started to pump in and out of her wet mouth fucking my young wife's face with enthusiasm as she gulped and gagged. But I could see she felt shocked when I withdrew from her mouth. I replaced my cock with a soft kiss as my tongue slid between her lips. I could taste the saltiness of the precum and that now coated the inside of her mouth.

As I broke off the kiss I smiled. "You are wonderful my dirty little slut!" I purred seductively. "Your mouth is one of the best that I have ever felt……………………&hellip. but…………………&hellip.

we have other things to do." As I spoke these words I helped her to her feet. Carefully I guided her over to the bed, backing her up until she could feel the mattress against the backs of her legs. Just as carefully I laid her down on her back. Then bringing her feet up onto the bed, placing her heels next to her bottom I softly said.

"Open wide for me, Slut!" A rush of excitement flushed itself through her body.


She knew exactly what I was looking at and I watched as the gleam of wetness seeped from her pussy lips. Suddenly and out of nowhere came a buzzing sound! Liz shifted her head from side to side on the pillow thinking that dildos were nice.

But right now she really, really wanted the real thing. She wanted my fat cock sliding in and out of her and making her cum. She purred as she felt the vibrations moving across her shaved mound and between her legs before moving slowly over her vulva. She felt my fingers pulling at her skin as the vibrations followed where she was being stretched. The fingers had opened her up and she felt the toy enter her wet hole. And enter it did, going far deeper than she wanted it to.

It seemed to fill her up until she felt it all the way in.

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But rather than slide it back out, it stayed embedded in her, sending vibrations through her body and up through her G spot. She felt my hands start to run over the inside of her thighs. My touch was tender, almost to the point of tickling more than being sensitive. A single finger ran along the crease that runs between her body and her leg.

First one and then the other. Her head was rocking from one side to the other. "Stop teasing me and just fuck me!" She suddenly blurted out. "Shut the fuck up, slut!" Came my swift reply and I watched her lips tremble with a mixture of fear and excitement. I pulled gently at the dildo and removed the vibrating toy from her sopping cunt.

Then slowly, I inserted one finger. Reaching as deep into her as the length of my finger would allow. And curling it to bring the flat against the granular area that hides the G spot I wiggled it.

I could tell when I found the G spot as Liz sucked in a huge breath. I watched with growing excitement as her nipples on her gorgeous voluptuous breasts rose in unison at my touch. Her pelvis quivered and breasts bounced up and down. With my other hand I spread open her labia even wider until I saw my target. I continued to work my finger against her G spot and brought my tongue and mouth to bear against the hood of her clit.

Sucking firmly and deeply I pulled her clit out of its protective sheath and into my mouth. I continued to hold her clit firmly by applying the force of sucking hard, while I worked my tongue on the tip and then on the sides. "Oh fuck!" Liz literally screamed out! "I need to cum!" I just mumbled something because I did not want to release my hold on her little button of excitement as I continued my assault on her clit.

Suddenly her gorgeous body jerked, quivered and shook. I could tell that she was now only seconds away from a mind blowing orgasm as liquid filled her chamber. I eased back and stood watching her on the bed. "What?" She suddenly screamed. "What the fuck." I stood quietly, my cock like a pole out in front of me as she writhed on the bed unable to touch herself with her hands cuffed behind her back.

"Please!" Her voice was quavering. "Please finish me off? Please?" Then in an instant I was back down on her clit with my lips and tongue and teeth. And she did cum. The explosion almost jerked her body off the bed. Every muscle she had tightened then relaxed and tightened again. The walls of her vagina tightened and her cunt pumped as the squirted her cum out of her tight pussy.

She was gasping and writhing on the bed as I smiled down at her. As the feeling subsided and her muscles started to relax I eased alongside her. Gently I massaged my hands over her body to assist her relaxation. I reached for her mouth to kiss her deeply and she responded with a soft, tender kiss. "Now you can suck me off!" I smiled and forced her pretty face down onto my lap feeding her my overgrown cock shaft.

Seconds later, my beautiful bound wife was choking on my cum as I shot load after load down her throat. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 0130 am Lying down in my arms with her head on my shoulder my left hand was on her plump breast and her right hand was on my chest.

"You were wonderful!" She purred gently, the handcuffs and blindfold now discarded. "Can you fuck me now? Please?" Liz begged looking up at me expectantly. I pulled her gorgeous young body to me and kissed her again. "There is more to come yet!" I grinned as I reached over to place the blindfold back over her eyes.

I then looked towards the hotel room door as it opened, and they entered. "Stay there!" I commanded as I withdrew from the bed. "What?" She moved her head and went to remove her blindfold.

"Leave it where it is young lady!" Came a loud voice, and Liz hesitated. "I have prepared her for you……………&hellip.Sir!" "Thank you!" Said another voice. There was a pause. "Sit there and watch as we use her now and enjoy the show!" "Yes Sir!" Liz heard my voice again. Then she felt hands on her legs, massaging them! Then more on her fat breasts, squeezing and touching them.

And more on her head and face as lips closed over her mouth…………………and her nipples…………&hellip.and her cunt! And I watched, and stroked and smiled, awaiting my reward!