Sunny leone first bf sex stories

Sunny leone first bf sex stories
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Chapter 8. Breakfast in Bed When I woke the next morning I was alone. I could hear someone moving around in the kitchen. I was getting out of bed when my wife came in. She saw me getting up and said, "Are you ready for breakfast? Breakfast in bed?" "Sure" I said, starting to get back into it. "No, go ahead and shower while I get it ready. Be out in about 15 minutes." I went in, got the water hot and took my shower. I even got a little bit of wood in the shower by thinking about Jo and last night.

Even the remembrance of my wife in the throes of an orgasm by a cunt-stretching dick was exciting. But I got distracted and got out. I just put a towel around my middle and exited the bathroom. My dick was not hard, but it was pretty thick from those thoughts. When I stepped out into the bedroom, it went hard. There on the bed were my wife and Jo. Jo was laying there with her legs spread and my wife was slipping a strawberry into her cunt.

"Ready to eat?" my wife asked. "I'd eat that any day, any time" I said, looking at a gorgeous woman with a strawberry in her cunt, and my equally gorgeous nude wife stuffing a strawberry into her snatch. I just stripped off my towel and showed them my almost fully hard dick. My wife reached out and grabbed my dick.

"Strawberries are supposed to be covered in cream" she said with a laugh. "And we need some cream." I lay down on the bed on my side so that I could get my head in between Jo's legs and fetch the strawberry and so that my wife could continue to play with my dick.

I slowly licked her outer lips and ran a finger down through her cunt. The lips parted and the inner lips, slick with her juices and those from the recent strawberry insertion, showed themselves. They were dark red, apparently from both the strawberry juices and from becoming blood gorged as they got more excited.

I looked up from my vantage point and she was propped up on her elbows just watching me. "See anything you like?" she asked with a chuckle. "No, just browsing" I quipped, with a grin.

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I bent down while staring at her eyes and gave her clit a quick lick. She watched closely, twitched at the intimate contact, and moaned. I dove in and started licking in earnest, while trying to extract the strawberry. I could tell that I wasn't going to be able to get it out with just my tongue. But then she squeezed her pussy just right and I could see the strawberry there right at the entrance.

I ran my tongue under it and was able to pop it out. I sat up. "This strawberry already has the right kind of cream on it", I said. My wife laughed and said "Yeah, right!" "Do you want some" I asked her, pointing at Jo's pussy. "Not sure I'm ready for that yet.

I had Christy lick me the other day and that was a close as I've come to sex with another woman. I'm not sure it's my cup of tea. That was more of a dom-sub kind of thing." Jo spoke up.

"I can understand that, but will somebody do something to my pussy, please", she said half-joking, but half not. I dove back in and then she fell back flat not watching any more, but using her hands to grab my head and guide it to where she wanted. I licked her lips, flicked her clit, and then pushed her legs back so that I could get to her asshole.

"Ummm", she responded to that. "I love having my ass licked. Just keep doing that for a while." No problem, I thought. So I kept tickling her asshole and then every once in a while would ram my tongue into it, trying to break through. She just kept moaning and rubbing her tits. I noticed that my wife had moved from away from my dick and I looked up to find her watching me closely and clambering on her knees towards Jo's head.

When she got up there, Jo looked up and said "C'mon baby, sit on my face and let me taste your pussy." I decided that I wanted to be fucking Jo when this happened so I straightened up and leaned forward to put my cock in her cunt. She was so wet and hot that it felt fantastic.

I slowly entered her and watched as she started eating my wife out. My wife starting moaning and then took to rubbing her tits hard. She was loving it. I continued to watch this great scene as I started fucking Jo. I had my face just about even with my wife's tits, so she pulled her hands off, leaned forward, and pushed my head into her chest. I immediately started lapping at her nipples.

Jo was starting to go crazy and bucking like mad. I knew she was ready to cum so I reached down and as I pounded into her, I mashed her clit with my thumb to ensure that she got maximum contact. That put her over the edge and she turned her head from my wife's pussy and exclaimed, "Oh god, here it comes." And cum she did. She hit her orgasm and started jerking her pelvis and thrusting up at my cock.

She spasmed a few times and then stopped. I stopped fucking her and let her calm down a little. When she went back to eating my wife's pussy, I slowly started picking up speed again. Now I was fucking Jo, sucking my wife's tits, and leaning on Jo's tits with my hands to hold myself up. I was almost in complete sensory overload. My wife started thrashing and saying she was going to cum, and I knew that I was ready, too.

I fucked Jo hard, but slow and savored the feeling of my cock in her. And then I exploded shooting once… twice… three times really hard. I finally slowed down and my wife was still humping Jo's face toward her orgasm. I took my cock out of Jo's pussy and stood up on the side of the bed between her legs. I offered my cock to my wife and she leaned forward and started cleaning it up and then had an orgasm. She shook several times, my cock popped out of her mouth and she spurted obscenities while she came.

"Oh fuck yes, suck that pussy. My pussy is going to cum all over your pretty face. Ram that fucking tongue into my cunt you cunt-sucking bitch! I backed away a little and watched this while my dick softened. Suddenly, my wife dove into Jo's cunt and started sucking and lapping at it.

It seemed that she was caught up in the throes of this hot threesome and decided to taste pussy for the first time. She sucked and slurped and slowly collapsed on top of Jo.

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Jo stopped eating my wife out and rested, too. "Damn," my wife said. "I didn't plan on doing that, but after tasting you and her together on your cock, I figured, what the hell, go to the source and suck all your cum out of her.

It was pretty damn good." "I'll say," said Jo from under my wife.

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"I loved it when you did that." "I say we all need another shower now." I offered. "Not for me." Said Jo. "I need to go home and get some work done." "No problem." My wife said quickly. "I don't think I can fuck 'til later after your husband fucked me last night." "I hope that doesn't leave you out?" she said to me. "I don't know if your wife wants to do two with that monster cock. I know when I fuck him, that's all I can take." "That's okay," I replied.

"I have a young "sub" at school for that." "Really?" Jo asked. "I love that. I have a 19 year old boy that was referred to me who is mine. Maybe I can send him over here sometime?" she offered.

"Oh, yeah." My wife responded. "We've found a couple of girls for subs at the school, but it's a little harder to identify the boys." "OK. I'll give you a call about it later." "OK. Take care. You are a very good pussy eater." My wife teased. "I love anything and everything about sex." Jo said. "I do anyone." I had to say something about that. "And with a body like that, I would think that anyone would do you, too." "You just like big tits" she responded. "I didn't even get to your tits this morning," I said.

"But you did last night, eh?" "You knew about that?" "Oh, yes." She said. "I loved it. I wanted you to do that." "Just let me know the next time you need that sort of thing," I said with a grin.

"I'm always available for titty-fucking." "On, no." She responded. "My husband is too big, so next time from you, I want it in my ass. I don't get to do that enough and I've wanted it more lately." "Again, always happy to help a neighbor." She got up and went into the guest bedroom to get her dress and head home. My wife came to me and hugged me. "I think we can say that all those things we talked about as only fantasies are coming true faster than we can create new ones." "Yes, my dear.

We are definitely having fun now." And we both got dressed. Later, about 4:30 in the afternoon there was a knock at the door. It was Jo, with a young man in tow by a leather collar and chain. "Hello, neighbor.

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I knew I said I'd call first, but I wanted to surprise your wife with a little afternoon delight." I looked at the young man. He was only about 5'8", but young and appeared to be in good shape. "Sure" I responded. "She's in the office working on the computer. Come on in and I'll go get her." I went to get her and I told her that Jo had a surprise for her.

Her thoughts must have been about the young sub that Jo had mentioned because she immediately smiled. When we walked back into the living room, the young man was naked and laying on his back. Jo was standing over him with a foot on his dick. It wasn't large, but not bad. She was rubbing her foot over his dick pretty, I guess demonstrate to us that he definitely liked to be dominated. "If you don't treat my friends nicely, I will hear about it." She was saying. "Now what do you say?" He looked up at us and said, "My name is whatever you want it to be.

You can use and abuse me however you see fit. Mistress Jo is my owner and she is loaning me to you for the rest of the day. Thank you, Mistress Jo." My wife smiled and looked wickedly at the young man. We had never had someone who was this much a sub, although I would have to say that I think Christy would go that far if pushed. She loved it, too. At that Jo handed my wife the leash and a note and left.

My wife looked down that the body on the floor and the hard dick. She licked her lips and I knew that there was something about this that she loved. Ever since that first day with Christy, I could tell that she loved dominating. She said to him, "Get on your knees and follow me into the office." He did as he was told and I watched as she led him into the office, the young man following like a dog on a leash just behind her. I went into the kitchen to get something to drink and went back past the office to see what was going on.

My wife had her pants around her ankles and was sitting at the computer desk typing. The sub was under the desk, his head buried between her legs, licking her pussy.

I went back to watch some TV. I watched for a little while and then got curious again. I peeked back into the office and now my wife was naked kneeling on the desk chair working on the computer, with her ass in the air. The young sub was tongue-fucking her ass. Hell, I thought, so far nothing that I wouldn't have done for her. She turned right then and said to him. I have to go to the bathroom. Follow me.

I watched them and as she passed me she grinned and winked. I followed behind him. My wife got to the bathroom and told the sub to kneel in front of the toilet.

He did. She sat on the toilet and peed. He watched closely. Then she raised herself off of the toilet, turned around, and said, "Now clean me off with your tongue." He did immediately. He licked her pussy and ass clean from any urine. She shuddered with delight. "Now get down on all fours and wait here." My wife told him.

He obeyed instantly and she left the room. I wasn't going back to the TV now. I wanted to see how far she would go with this. When she returned she had in some Playtex gloves, the sex lube, and was wearing the strap on. Now this was something that she and I both knew I wouldn't do, so she was taking advantage of this situation. She put on the gloves and lubed up both the strap on and her gloves. "I am going to fuck your ass," she said.

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"What do you say?" "Thank you, Mistress, please fuck my ass as you desire." With that she starting running one hand around his asshole and with the other starting massaging his dick and balls. She grabbed his dick roughly and held it while she forced one finger into his ass. He tried not to move, but it was clear that his dick was hard as a rock and he was enjoying this. "You may not come until I tell you, understand?" "Yes, Mistress." She then let go of his dick and slowly sank two fingers into his ass to finger-fucked him.

He was moving around a lot and she picked up the pace. She was moving pretty rapidly and reminded him "No cumming until I say so. If you come early you will be severely spanked." She suddenly removed her fingers and stood over him and lined up the strap on head with his ass.


She looked like she was going to slowly ease it in, but seemed to decide that since he was her sub, she should take advantage of that, so she just rammed it home.

He tried to stay still but gasped. "What? Did you say something my little ass slave?" "No, Mistress." She started working a rhythm with the strap on, although she was not quite as practiced at burying her "dick" in someone and thrusting with it as a man.

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She continued like this for few minutes and then took it out of his ass and said "Turn around and clean up my dirty strap on." He turned around, took the entire thing into his mouth and sucked on it.

After he did that for a few seconds, my wife too off the strap on and said, "Lay down on your back and lick my ass and pussy." He immediately lay on his back and started working on her. She moaned and within 30 seconds started cumming all over his face. I loved watching her in action. She was completely into getting her self gratification at that moment. When she was done she grabbed his cock, which was very swollen and purple and reminded him, "Remember, you will not cum." And with that she leaned over, said "Keep eating my pussy" and pulled his legs up so that she could shove the strap on up his ass again.

She crammed it in and started working it back and forth as strongly as she could. He was slurping for all he was worth and she was starting to moan.

She said to him "Eat my pussy. I love fucking your ass, you ass whore. Make me cum again and I will let you cum, too." I could tell he wanted this because he renewed his attack on her clit and she started to shudder.

She came and came and came, and finally relaxed. She left the strap on inserted into his ass and stood up. His face was covered with her juices. "Get up and stand facing the tub," she said, "and don't let that strap on slip out of your ass." He managed to get up, although he looked a little worse for the ass fucking.

He stood up next to the commode and faced the bathtub. She looked down at his dick and the strap on and said, "Are you ready to cum?" "Yes, Mistress, may I please cum now?" With that she grabbed the strap on and started twisting it in his ass.

Then she slapped his dick hard enough to make a loud slapping sound and watched it bounce. "Do you like having your dick slapped?" she asked. Slap! "Yes, Mistress, I like having my dick slapped." Slap! "Are you ready to cum?" Slap! "Yes, Mistress." And so she resumed with the strap on. She twisted it and pulled and pushed, but didn't touch his dick again.

She did this for a couple of minutes and the pre-cum from his dick was dripping all over the place. Finally, she shoved the strap on in as deep as she could and grabbed his dick and pulled back on it.

He immediately jerked his hips and went off. The first shot was so strong it hit about head high on the tile on the far side of the tub about 5 feet away. The second and third were not as strong, but there was plenty of it. After about 10 squirts he was finally done, and looked like he was ready to collapse. My wife said, "Oh, my, you got some on my gloves.

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Please clean your slave cum off my gloves." And she shoved the glove she had just used into his mouth. He licked it clean and she said, "You may rest." He collapsed onto the floor. I looked at the clock. 6:30pm No wonder. He had had a hard on for most of two hours.

Wow! And my wife had finger and strap on fucked his ass, had her pussy and ass eaten, and then watched as his cum flew almost across the room. She definitely loved doing this and I was glad that she had a toy.

I was not going to let her butt fuck me with that thing. When she came back in, she said, "Okay, ass whore. Mistress Jo is going to pick you up in a few minutes. I'm tired and need some rest. Mistress Jo said she has some things for you to do.


Crawl back in the living room and wait for her there." He crawled back past us and she looked up at me, smiled, and said "Oh shit, I didn't know I ever wanted to do that, but it was great. Did you like watching?" "Oh yes," I said. "You were really getting off on being in charge." "Well, I guess we have some fun new neighbors now. I don't know which I enjoyed more.

Controlling that young man or getting fucked by a 9" schlong. Both were delicious." And with that she went back to our bathroom to shower. I went and sat down in the living room.

The young man was there on all fours in the nude waiting for Jo. When she came, she took off the collar and told him to get dressed. He didn't say a word, but got dressed. She came over to me, where I still had a hard on from watching my wife, grabbed my dick through my pants, and said "We'll take care of you next time, baby." My dick twitched and she left. I couldn't wait until Monday when I had some plans for Christy.

Chapter 9. Fun with Christy, Jen, and Cindy.