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Sexy big titted latex nurse fucks patient
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I barely had time to get in the apartment door before my roommates were on me, both talking at once and more excitedly than I'd ever seen before. "There was a guy here looking for you," Sarah said, her voice full of mystery. "He was huge!" "He said he was your brother," Ellie said. "My brother?" I felt my heart quicken as the image of my older brother's face filled my head. "Are you sure?" I hadn't seen him in six months, the longest we'd ever been apart.

Usually we arranged things before he came to see me, but the last time we'd talked he hadn't mentioned anything about visiting. I didn't want to get my hopes up, though my heart was beating fast with excitement. "Oh my God, Christine," Sarah said. "He's so hot." Ellie nodded in agreement, and then in unison they said, "Is he single?" I kicked off my shoes and made them start at the beginning, listening intently as they described the muscular dark-haired man who'd showed up in the afternoon looking for me.

From their descriptions, I had no doubt it was my brother Jack. "When did he say he'd be back?" I asked, my voice rising in pitch from excitement. "We told him you'd be home from work around 8:00, so he said he'd come after that." I glanced at the clock on the stove.

Ten minutes to 8:00. I figured I had time to shower if I was quick, so I ran to my room to grab my clothes and jumped into the shower, thoroughly thrilled and getting more turned on by the second. My brother Jack was four years older than me and, apart from our mother, the only relative I had.

We had different fathers, but had grown up together with our mom, though she had been less of a parent than a burden. She'd always been a drinker, but her drinking had gotten worse and worse so that by the time I was in 8th grade she was barely able to function once she got home from work. She spent evenings with one or another of her creepy boyfriends, often leaving us alone to go party with her friends.

She'd failed us as a mom, but we'd been lucky enough to live next door to a kind older couple who looked out for us. They'd made sure we weren't neglected, invited us over for dinner when they knew our mom was too drunk to care, and had found odd jobs for Jack to do for extra money.

I guess we were resourceful kids, resilient, unlike our mom, because we made it through childhood healthy and happy, despite the stress of having no parent to care for us. Jack had taken care of me and I'd loved him for it. And I loved him more than most sisters love their brothers. Or, in different ways, at least. I heard the doorbell ring just as I finished getting dressed and stopped, holding my breath, listening to the sound of my roommates excited whispers.

I couldn't wait to see him, but for a second I was paralyzed by the rush of emotion that caught up in my throat. I looked at myself in the mirror, quickly tied up my still-wet hair and hoped I wouldn't give away my excitement.

If my roommates knew. I stepped from the steamy bathroom and heard the deep rumble of his voice as he entered the apartment, Ellie moving aside to let him through, her eyes huge and full of lusty interest.

He saw me immediately and he waited, his face carefully arranged, nearly impassive, as I crossed the room. "Christine," he said quietly, his manner slightly formal. The sound of his voice made my heart skip a beat. I couldn't say a word, not even his name, but I smiled and my smile stretched and stretched until I could feel the strain in the muscles of my cheeks. I ran the last few steps and squealed as I jumped. He caught me, like he had a thousand times before, and wrapped his arms around me, spinning me around in a circle.

My feet left the floor and for just a second I was lost in the heat of his body, the strength of his arms, and the swell of love I felt for him. He set me down and we looked each other over, moving our bodies to an arm's length distance, both aware of my roommates' attention on our enthusiastic greeting.

"How are you, sis? You look great," he said, beaming at me. "I'm fine," I said quickly, dismissing the question. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" "I didn't know it until late last night." "Well, you could have texted me.

Work was slow,I probably could have gotten the afternoon off." And then I kicked his shin lightly and added, "Jerk." He put on a guilty face, but I could see the desire in his eyes. I could also feel myself getting wet from arousal. Just a minute in his presence and I was turned on. I dragged my eyes from his handsome face and introduced him to my roommates. If I hadn't known he was devoted to me, I would have been jealous of the way he smiled at them, making sure he got their names right, paying them so much attention they both grinned like idiots.

I could see their eyes crawling over his body, checking him out. It was obvious they liked what they saw. My brother was hot. I knew it, though the first thing people noticed about him was his size. He was six feet, three inches tall, broad-shouldered and muscular; a mountain of a man. He had messy black hair, dark eyes that glittered with mischief, and a generous smile when he wanted to share it.

He was menacing to anyone who had a reason to fear him, but with people he liked, he was unwaveringly devoted and kind. We both shared my mom's coloring--olive skin with dark eyes and hair--but he was big and square, with a strong and athletic build, while I was petite, thin and small-breasted like our mom.

And though I didn't subscribe to the traditional view of women as the weaker sex, when I was with Jack, I loved how small and weak I felt next to his strength. I loved knowing I was safe and loved. "Are you staying long?" I asked once introductions had been made and we'd moved into the living room, my roommates following along with interest, no doubt checking out his tight ass. "Please don't tell me you're only here for a night." "Well," he said, looking sheepish.

I punched his arm, scowling, and feltthe hardness of his muscle against my fist. He flinched, though it was just playing along; I had no strength in my punch. "I'm going upstate tomorrow." I deepened my scowl and he quickly added, "But I'm only there for a couple of days and then I'm free until next Sunday night. If you can get work off, maybe we could go somewhere." He smiled the way he always smiled when he'd disappointed me, a smile that promised he'd make it up to me, a smile that made offers of anything I wanted.

I felt my stomach tighten in excitement, knowing that by suggesting we go somewhere he meant somewhere alone, somewhere where we could pretend to just be lovers, not siblings. Iknewmy roommates had early classes, and expected they'd be in bed on the early side, but they found reasons to hang around the living room, never leaving Jack and I alone.

Ellie flirted shamelessly and I couldn't help laughing to myself as Jack flirted back, encouraging her just enough to keep her going. He was in a good mood, clearly enjoying himself. Finally, after a few hours of that, they both went to bed and Jack helped me set up the couch so he could sleep there.

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I followed him out to his car so he could retrieve his overnight bag, and on the way back into the house felt his hand rest on my hip, hot and wide and thrilling. "You can put your things in my room," I said, glancing at him over my shoulder. "Thanks," he said, and a smile stretched his mouth, full of secret meaning, making my heart do a flip in my chest. I led him down the hall past the closed doors of my roommates' rooms.

I couldn't help wondering if they were masturbating to some fantasy starring my brother. He moved silently behind me, his hand moving up my back and curling around my shoulder. We were barely through the door whenhe turned me around, pulled me close, and kissed me hard on the mouth. My arousal surged and I clung to him as we kissed without restraint, our tongues meeting in a frantic tangle. "God, I thought they'd never go to bed," he whispered, kissing his way along my jaw to my neck. "I've been wanting to kiss you since I stepped through the door." I sighed, thrilled and comforted by the way he turned me in his arms, holding me tight as his mouth explored my neck, his breath hot on my skin.

I was struck once again by the intensity of my feelings. How could this be wrong? "God, I missed you sweetheart," he said against my ear. "I'm sorry I couldn't get back to see you until now. It's been so busy, I just couldn't get away." "It's OK," I said, running my hands through his hair. "You're here, that's all that matters." He turned and pulled me across the room and down onto my bed where we rolled for a few minutes, kissing with passion, our hands roaming and exploring familiar terrain.

We'd been sexual for five years, since just before my sixteenth birthday when he'd kissed me, sparking something inside me that made me ache for him. We'd been laughing about something--something I'd said or done, and had both collapsed on the couch, breathless and panting, tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

He'd pulled me into his arms, like he had so many times before, but when he looked at me, praising my ability to make him laugh, his eyes flickered with something I'd never seen before. A second later, his mouth had touched mine and I had my first kiss--a soft, sweet kiss from my twenty year-old brother. The kiss had lasted only a few seconds, and I'd done nothing but freeze, eyes open, unsure of what to do, but well aware of the sensations swirling inside me. I couldn't sort them out, I knew they were sexual feelings, and I thought I shouldn't be feeling them about Jack, but I couldn't ignore how good they felt.

He'd drawn back and apologized, leaving me confused and aroused, and for an entire day he'd avoided me, full of guilt. I'd had to corner him, and he'd apologized more, but when I pressed against him, standing on my tip toes to reach him, he'd bent his head to meet mine and our second kiss led to much more.

"We can't do this right now," I whispered. "My roommates would freak if they knew." Jack was kissing his way down the center of my body, pushing the fabric of my shirt up to bare my stomach for his mouth.

"They won't know," he murmured against my skin. He pushed my sweater and shirt high, his hands curving up and over my breasts, and I arched my back and sighed. "It's a hot night. They've got fans on in their rooms. They'll never hear us.ifwe're quiet." For a second I let him continue, his mouth moving lower until I felt his teeth against the front of my jeans. I lifted my head and he met my eyes, his hands still cupping my breasts, and looked at me with such ferocious hunger it sent a chill through me.

"Jaaack," I said, my voice unfortunately whiny. "I'm serious. If they hear us." He moved, slipping off the bed, his hands leaving my breasts reluctantly.

I thought he was going to stand up and move away, but instead he stripped off his shirt and leaned over me, his hands grasping my hips as he pulled me across the surface of the bed toward him. "Jack." I pleaded again. He put a finger to his lips, putting on a serious face. "Shhh," he said as he reached for the button on my jeans.

I couldn't help laugh, even though I was a little irritated he wasn't listening. "Quiet, Chrissy." I watched his muscular arms and chest as he quickly and efficiently unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, thrilled despite my fear we'd be discovered.

We'd had to do this before, when we still lived with our mom. We'd wait until she was drunk or asleep and he'd come to my room and make love to me in silence, usually on the carpeted floor because my bed was squeaky. It had always been a thrill, but we'd been pretty sure our mom wouldn't find out; once she was drunk she didn't come upstairs to the bedrooms, she usually just fell asleep on the couch. But my roommates wouldn't be passed out drunk. They were just in the next room.

I doubted they were asleep already, but I hoped Jack was right about the fans drowning out any noise we might make. Jack was tugging my jeans down, dragging my panties with them, his eyes focused on the skin he was baring as he went. I watched him, thrilled as he dropped the clothes to the floor and lifted my legs, parting them, staring at my pussy as he pressed my thighs wide.

I shivered, knowing I was wet and swollen, remembering the first time he'd done this.

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It was after that first kiss. He'd undressed me slowly and methodically, stroking and kissing each square inch of my skin as he went, reverent and patient and a little uncertain.

I remember shaking with excitement and fear as he parted my thighs and stared at my bare pussy -- the first man to ever do so -- and then he'd sighed with pleasure, a look of awe on his face. "Oh Chrissy, you are so beautiful." he whispered, so softly I barely heard him.

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"I love you, little sister," he added, glancing at me, sending a jolt of excitement through me when his gaze met mine. I saw him wet his lips and knew by the way his eyes burned that he meant it; I wasn't just some easy fuck to him; he loved me. He dropped to his knees between my legs, took a moment to strip off his t-shirt,and pulled me closer, delivering my pussy to his waiting mouth I tensed in anticipation of the heat of his touch.

He moved slowly so that first I felt his breath on my skin and then a second later, the warmth of his lips as he kissed my labia. "If you had told me you were coming, I would have shaved," I said, the last word coming out a sigh as he pressed his lips to my pussy again. I knew he didn't care, but it turned me on to be bare-skinned and smooth when we were together. I kept myself neatly trimmed, though, so when I lifted my head to look at him, the slit of my pussy was clearly visible, as was the pink tip of Jack's tongue as he slid it between my cunt lips.

My head fell back to the bed's surface and I clamped my mouth shut to keep the groans from being too loud as my brother began to slowly, carefully, and with great skill, eat my pussy. I'd never been with anyone else.Jack was my first sexual partner, and then I'd never been interested in anyone else.

I sometimes wondered what sex with another man would be like, but sex with Jack was so complete, so fulfilling, my curiosity never lasted. As long as I had Jack, I was happy. I slid my hands up over my breasts and stroked them, pausing to undo the fastener of my bra to remove the barrier of fabric.


Jack glanced up, not lifting his head, and I heard him moan appreciatively as I ran my fingers over my erect nipples, circling them, increasing my pleasure. I was surprised by how patient he was being. Usually when we hadn't seen each other in a while he just grabbed me and we'd fuck like mad, but he was in no hurry tonight as he licked his way around my labia, avoiding my clit, turning me on slowly, tightening my arousal like a guitar string.

I panted as he licked and sucked, thrilled by the wet sounds and the knowledge that my brother loved me, that he was here, making love to me, and he loved me.

I had to bite my lip when his tongue touched my clit, sending a shock through my whole body. I pinched my nipples and squirmed, holding my breath to keep from crying out as his tongue flicked over and around the sensitive flesh. He licked until I was squirming with pleasure and then dropped low, thrusting his tongue deep inside me. I couldn't stifle the moan that came out as I exhaled, and for a second we both froze, worried by the volume of my cry.

Jack drew back slightly, his breath touching my spread pussy lips, tension in his arms as he supported my hips.

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After a second or two he returned his mouth to my pussy and licked me again, more slowly, from top to bottom in a lazy stroking motion, letting his tongue dip into my pussy hole before returning to my clit to circle it with the tip of his tongue. I squirmed and arched my back, still stroking my nipples and trying to keep from making any noise.

"Do you want to come?" he whispered. "Or wait?" I knew if he continued I would come hard. I always did when he ate me out, and I loved having orgasms that way, but I wanted him to fuck me more, and I knew he wanted that too. "I want your cock," I said, trying to sit up. "I want to come while you fuck me." He grinned and kissed my clit once before letting go of my thighs and standing up. I stripped off my shirt and bra and watched with anticipation as he undid the fastener on his jeans and began to lower them.

My pussy throbbed when he cock sprang free from the confines of his pants, and I felt my mouth begin to water.

I'd been afraid to suck his cock when we'd first started fooling around, and he hadn't pressured me,but he'd offered to show me what to do. I had been awkward and unsure, but I loved him and knew he wanted meto take him into my mouth.

He'd led me through it--teaching me where and how to touch him to turn him on, how fast to move, how hard to suck. I'd loved it immediately -- not just the feel of his hardness between my lips, but the way he'd sighed, his eyes rolling back in his head, in obvious bliss that first time I'd sucked his cock.

Since then, I'd begun to crave it--the feeling of his cock in my hand and on my tongue.


I sat up and as soon as he'd stepped out of his jeans I reached for him, wrapping my fingers around the thick shaft and stroking the smooth skin lightly. He took a step toward me and slid his fingers through my hair, combing the long strands fondly.

I leaned closer and opened my mouth, kissing the very tip of his cock wetly. He sighed and I smiled to myself. I leaned closer still and ran my tongue around the fat head of his penis, swirling and circling for a while before I dragged it all the way down the length of his shaft, holding it lightly in one hand while my other hand slid between his legs to cup his balls. Another sigh, deeper this time. I returned to the head of his cock and took it between my lips, sucking lightly, lifting my gaze to meet his.

"Mmm," he said fondly, "that's my girl." I smiled around his cock and sucked him deeper, letting my lips slip past the flared end of his cockhead. I moved my tongue in waves against the underside of his cock and he slid his hands into my hair, cradling my head in his huge palms. I'd never held another cock, never even seen another guy's cock in person, but I'd looked at enough online porn to know my brother had a fantastic cock. It was bigger than average and thick. Not a monster cock, but in proportion with his huge frame and muscular body.

It had been too big for me the first time we'd tried intercourse, and it had freaked him out so much to see me in pain that for months he'd refused to try again.

He'd fucked me with his tongue and his fingers, and would slide his cock over my bare pussy, stimulating us both, but not entering me. I wanted it, and I know he wanted it too, but the last thing he wanted was to hurt me, so he never pressed the issue. Finally, one night we were fooling around on the couch and I straddled him, facing him, supported in his arms, sliding myself up and down against his cock until the angle of his cock and the angle of my hips shifted and the head of his cock pressed hard against the entrance to my vagina.

We'd both frozen, staring, uncertain, until I started to move again, easing myself down little by little. It had taken a long time for him to enter me completely and the pain had been real, but he'd held me, letting me set the pace, and waited until my body relaxed and adjusted to the pressure and size of him inside me. And then we'd moved together and the pleasure was so intense, so overwhelming I'd cried. At first he thought he'd hurt me and he moved to lift me off, but once I assured him I was fine we experienced our first orgasm together after a long, slow ride, arms wrapped around each other, our pleasure synchronized.

I worked my mouth down his cock and dropped my hand to his thigh, letting him guide himself over my tongue. He rocked, sliding his cock forward and back, stroking himself in the warm smoothness of my mouth. I rocked too, wanting to take him deeper, to push his arousal higher, and stroked his balls, noticing they were tightening already. "God, Chrissy," he whispered. "You're fantastic, sweetheart. I love your mouth." He held my head in his hands lightly and together we moved, his cock sliding further and further into my mouth, making my lips flare wide as his thickness stretched them.

Gradually his pace quickened and his breathing grew heavy. I cupped his tight balls in my palm and pushed forward more, fighting my gag reflex as the tip of his cock reached the back of my mouth. "Oh baby, that's so deep," he whispered. I pulled at him, wrapping my hands around his hard thighs and pulling until his cock slid deeper still. I moved my tongue as best I could and he groaned, his grip on my head tightening.

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"Fuck," he swore. "I forget how deep you can take me, Chrissy. It feels so good." I moved forward and back slowly, concentrating on the motion of my tongue along the underside of my brother's cock, paying attention to his reactions as I did.

I took him deep again and held him there, on the verge of being unable to breathe, and he held my head tight, pressing himself against the back of my throat. I closed my eyes, but I could imagine the look on his face; a mix of lust and reverance. "You're going to make me come," he said in a strained breath. I felt myself gagging and drew back, recovering only when his cock had left my lips. "Do it," I whispered, looking up at him. I moved forward, engulfing his cock and he tensed, pushing hard until my body spasmed as I gagged.

"Oh fuck that's nice," he gasped. "I'm going to come right down your throat if you keep it up." I drew back again, gasping for breath, and was ready to take him back in my mouth again when he reached for me and pulled me to my feet.

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He kissed me, his hands roaming over my body as he did. "No, I want that tight pussy of yours," he groaned against my lips. "I've been dreaming about fucking it for weeks." He slid a hand between my legs and stroked me for a second while he kissed.

I squirmed against his fingers and then he brought them up to my mouth and pressed them between my lips. I tasted my own pussy on his fingers and sucked eagerly, much to Jack's delight. "Taste the sweetest little pussy in the world," he said, smiling. I gasped and he withdrew his fingers and spun me around, wrapping his arm around my waist. I felt his hard cock against my ass and then his hand angling it as he bent his knees to compensate for the height difference.

He stroked my pussy with the blunt head, nudging at the entrance to my vagina teasingly as he lowered his mouth to my ear. "Hard or soft?" he whispered. He licked my earlobe as he held his cock half an inch inside me, rocking slightly. "Because I just want to fuck the shit out of you, little sister, but if you want it slow." "No," I moaned. "Just do it." "Hard?" he growled. I could feel the tension in his body as he waited for me to ask for it.

"Hard, Chrissy?" "Oh God, yes. Just fuck me Jack." I moaned as he pushed forward quickly once then drew back again, holding himself back again. He slid his hand up my body and cupped a breast, rolling the nipple under his palm. "Fuck you hard?" he hissed into my ear, his voice surprisingly soft. "Is that what you want?" "Yes," I whispered back. "Fuck me hard." He thrust forward again and when I cried out loud his hand moved from my breast to my mouth.

"Shhhh," he said into my ear, drawing back a little again. I could hear the smile in his voice. "Quiet, sweetheart." He entered me again, more slowly, until our bodies met. He shifted his hands, one slid around my waist again and the other left my mouth, sliding down to cradle my chin. He kissed my ear and a shiver ran through me, making my pussy throb. "I love you, little girl," he whispered, pushing deeper. "I love your sweet, tight pussy." He drew back and plunged back inside again, making me whimper in pleasure.

"I love filling you up with my cock." He drew back again and slowly entered me this time, bending his knees and pushing even deeper until his body touched mine. "Fuck." he moaned, his hot breath filling my ear. "You're so sexy, Chrissy. So fucking sexy." He rocked against me, filling me slowly again and again, holding me tight against his body. I could feel the tension inside me building, his slow motions stretching and massaging me from within. "Touch your clit, sweetheart.

I want you to come before I do." I slid my hand between my legs, parting them slightly, and jumped when my fingers touched my clit. I shook for a second and my brother's cock slid deeper, his body pressed harder against mine. I began to stroke myself and knew I would come soon. I arched my back a little, pushing my ass back against him, and he responded with one quick thrust forward. Then he was still, his body tensed and waiting for me to find the path to my orgasm.

"That's my girl," he cooed. "Stroke yourself. I want to feel your pussy tighten around me.I want to feel my little sister come." I gasped again, thrilled by his words, by the taboo of what we were doing, and stroked faster, recognizing the closeness of my orgasm. "Oh you're close," he said excitedly, dropping his hand to my breast again and stroking the nipple.

"Come, Chrissy. Your cunt is full of my cock." I stroked myself harder, rocking a little against him so his cock was sliding in and out of my slightly. He held still, one arm still tight around my waist, and let me do what I needed to do.

"Oh sweetheart, you're getting so tight.I can feel it." He pinched my nipple and kissed my ear again. "Mmm," he moaned. "You're gonna come on my're gonna come on your brother's big cock." "Oh God," I gasped. I was finding it difficult to stay quiet as the excitement peaked. "Your cock!" "Come, Chrissy.I want to feel your pussy quake." I gasped again and bit my lip, pressing hard against my clit as my orgasm broke, making me shake and pant.

"That's my girl.come, sweetheart," Jack cooed into my ear, his voice strained with excitement. "Come.come for your big brother." I did.

I came. I came hard, my pussy quaking and pulsing around my brother's thick cock. "Oh God, oh God," I breathed. "Jack." He gave me a few seconds to recover before his arm muscles flexed and he drew himself back to fill me.

"I love it when you come on my cock like that," he said, rocking his hips, filling me again and again. "I love how wet you're absolutely dripping right now. I've missed fucking you, sweetheart." When we were alone he was rougher, pulling himself nearly all the way out before thrusting deep, our bodies making slapping noises as they met, the whole room filling with our cries of passion. But we'd had to learn to fuck silently to keep our relationship secret from our mom.

We'd experimented early on and discovered the best positions that allowed for a vigorous fucking without the tell tale squeak of bed springs or slap of naked bodies meeting.

He withdrew and turned me around to face him, lifting me easily from the floor. I hooked my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I kissed him and let him guide my body, angling his hips until I felt the touch of his cock at my pussy again. He loosed his grip and let gravity drop me down, his cock jamming deep in one motion. He hooked his arms under my knees, spreading my legs a little, and I hung onto his neck while he supported my weight, his hands tight on my ass.

And then he began to guide me up and down over his cock, lifting me up and letting me drop, fucking me from below. His pace increased gradually and I kissed his mouth, sucking his tongue each time he slid it between my lips.

His arms were tense and his skin was wet with sweat, burning hot from sexual arousal. He drew back from our kiss and looked at me, his dark eyes glittering with emotion, and watched my face as he bounced me a little faster, letting gravity pull me down hard over his cock. I hung onto him and whimpered as his fucking grew more and more fevered and rough. "Chrissy, Chrissy," he whispered.


"I love you, sweetheart. I love you so much." His words were so soft in contrast to his violent fucking and the whole scene thrilled me to my core. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, couldn't imagine anyone making me feel this good. "I don't want anyone but you," he panted, as if reading my thoughts. "Nobody, nobody. I want you forever." I moaned and he maintained a steady rhythm, lifting me high and letting me drop, his hands spreading the flesh of my ass, fingers digging in.

Sweat bloomed across his brow and his breath was coming too fast for us to kiss.

He was close and the thought of my brother coming inside me thrilled me to my core. "Oh God, Chrissy," he said breathlessly. "I'm gonna come, baby. Fuck.I'm gonna.come." He stopped moving for a second and held me tight, his cock buried inside me, and then he bent his knees and lowered me to the floor.

His cock left me briefly until he repositioned himself, pushing my knees back to my shoulders and falling on me, thrusting deep and hard, making me whimper with discomfort. "Sorry," he panted. He drew back slightly, his weight leaving my body enough so I could breathe again, and began to fuck me again.

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His eyes were locked on mine as he filled and fucked me harder than he ever had before. His square jaw was set, the muscles tensed and bulging, while lust and love and pleasure showed in his expression. A wave of strong emotion swept through much love for this man, for my brother. "Christine." His voice was barely audible, strained and caught up in his throat.

"Oh God." I felt him quiver as he continued to thrust and knew by the twist of his brow and his inability to speak he was coming, his cock shooting jet after jet of thick cum inside me.

I tensed as his weight pressed down against me and he filled me more slowly a few times, using the tightness of my pussy to milk his cock. He paused, still for a second, and I could feel the twitch of his penis as it jumped inside me.

Then he buried himself deep again and sighed, his head dropping to his chest, breaking eye contact with me for the first time. He shifted his arms, lowering my legs and slid his hands behind me, lifting me from the floor, his cock still inside me, and pulling me tight against him.

He sat back on his heels, breathing hard against my neck. I could feel the strong thump of his heart in his huge chest as he held me against him, the rapid expansion of his lungs pressing us closer each time. "Oh sweetheart." He panted, his voice soft and almost sad. "My little sweet little girl." He held me for a minute, his breathing gradually slowing, and then loosened his grip, bringing his mouth to mine to kiss me softly. I could feel his cock slipping from my body as he lowered me to the floor again, and felt a sense of loss followed by a sweet, tired bliss.

He kissed my mouth and moved lower, kissing his way down my body again. He lifted my legs and I gasped in anticipation, guessing what he was about to do. I felt the heat of his mouth on my pussy and he groaned, his tongue moving between my swollen labia and deep inside me, lapping up his own cum from my cunt.

I groaned too, not from the touch so much as the thrill of this lewd act. I reached down and threaded my fingers through his hair and he continued to lick at my pussy for a moment longer. "Kiss me," I whispered, suddenly desperate to feel his mouth on mine, to taste his cum from his own mouth. "Kiss me Jack." He crawled back up my body and pressed his lips to mine, parting them with his tongue.

I met it with my own, searching for the taste I knew so well, and groaning when I felt the warm slither of semen enter my mouth. I clutched at him and he kissed me deeply and without restraint until his kisses grew softer, sweeter, and he lifted his head and looked at me.

"God I love you, little sister," he whispered. "I love you so much." He kissed me once more and then rose, pulling me with him onto the bed. I curled into his strong arms and closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the sensations in my body—the slight throb of my pussy, the taste of my brother's cum in my mouth.

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't imagine my life any other way. I snuggled back against him and he kissed my neck, both of us quiet while we enjoyed the secret closeness we shared.

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