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Gorgoeus blonde enjoy her toys and vibator live webcam
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Jamie knew she should not have let Mike, her neighbor, come inside her house, but he had just moved in next door and when he asked whether she had anything cold to drink (and the temperature was in the 90's), she walked from the side yard into the house with him following. They chit-chatted for a half hour or so, drinking Cokes, but soon she noticed him looking at her, almost continually and more importantly, the obvious huge lump inside his pants which showed just how excited he was.

Soon it was his turn to watch her eyes stay continually trained on his erection. He opened his legs slightly, knowing his growing cock would be even more obvious in this position. Then out of the clear blue sky he asked: "Have you ever touched a man's cock?" She was very surprised by his casual use of the obscenity.

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More frightening was the unfamiliar sensations that his words stirred inside her. The new neighbor was talking more intimately with her than any man ever had before. She suddenly grew more suspicious of the situation which was quickly developing. She bit her lip and shook her head. "No, of course I haven't, never!" "Never what?" "What you said. I've never touched a man's.

. you know. . thing." "No of course not, you're only a kid. You can't even say "COCK" can you?" Jamie swallowed hard. She'd said the word many times but this was very different from giggling innocently in secret with her friends.

She'd heard men say "cock" before, but when he said it, the word suddenly took on a new meaning. He was talking about HIS cock and it wasn't meant as a swear word - it was an actual object, that she was fascinated with. It was a man's sexual organ. It was HIS sexual organ; he was referring to. She was also shocked to discover that, despite the menacing situation she was in, she found the thought very exciting.

She was too innocent to realize why he wanted to hear her say the word, but she realized instinctively that it would be a mistake to try to placate him by giving in. "I'm not a kid! I just don't like to hear bad language." "You should practice saying it. One day you'll want a cock inside you.

. and that I promise." Jamie 's heart lurched and she felt an unfamiliar flutter in the pit of her stomach. To be fucked - that was what a cock was for. Of course she knew that in theory. . but his words made the concept real. His cock was for fucking with. For fucking girls - and she was a girl. "I don't need to practice because I'll never say that," she said trying to convince herself. He shrugged, "It'll happen one day. . maybe very soon." He moved his hand casually to Jamie 's slender shoulder and caressed her neck softly with one finger.

His voice was gentle and reasonable. "Do you know what I think? I think you're afraid that stroking a real cock might get you VERY excited. You might find that you like it so much that you want to do more of it." A second finger grazed the soft skin of her neck and sent a shiver through her body. "So what do you think about stroking my cock. . right now." The youngster was being affected by his touch. Mike allowed his thumb to sink into the front of her top. This surprised Jamie.

. but what was the real surprise is that the movement of his fingers actually triggered an excited feeling in her little pussy. She was a sixteen-year-old school girl and she didn't have the experience to deal with this situation. She must do something to get out of this situation she thought. "I know. . I want us to be friends." There. . she said what she was thinking. "Okay. Prove it to me." "What do you want me to do?" "Just stroke my cock.

. that's all." "I can't. . I've never done anything like that before.

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I don't know what to do." He stared into her wide blue eyes and laughed softly. She knew instinctively that the more she protested her innocence and inexperience, the more he would want her to do it. "It's just like stroking a dog or a cat, but you'll enjoy it much more." "How do I know that?" "Let's give it a try. Kneel down in front of me and gently stroke. . MY COCK." At this point, Mike molded his fingers around and over his shaft, almost like a commercial.

This sudden request took her by surprise. But there was something about how big his cock had become. . that attracted her to follow his suggestion. She couldn't believe what she was about to say. "All right, I'll do it. But just for a few seconds." Secretly she was imagining what his cock might look like under his jeans. The youngster knelt awkwardly. Her eyes were in direct line with his groin and she could see the outline of his erection through his jeans. She followed the whole shape of his erection and then admitted: "I don't know what to do." "I'll show you.

Now open up my zipper - you do know how a zipper works, don't you?" he joked. She reached for his groin with shaking hands. He caressed her cheek soothingly as she fumbled awkwardly for the tag and jerked it down.

The metallic rasp of his zipper sent a shiver of excitement through the youngster's slight frame and she froze with her nerveless fingers still holding the zip. He gently covered her wrist and guided her limp hand to the opening and thrust it inside. She felt the hard lump of his erection through the material of his boxers and she tried to pull away.

"Don't be afraid. You have no idea how exciting this moment is for me. But, I want to feel your hand on my BARE cock." Her trembling fingers were half paralyzed with lack of experience as they tangled clumsily with the elastic and slowly pulled it downwards. His engorged cock burst free and she was shocked to feel the sudden hardness of him hot against her hand. She pulled away but he gently placed her hand back into contact with the pulsating organ. The curious youngster could feel every vein through his taut skin as he guided her trembling hand onto his throbbing erection.

He slowly coaxed her cool fingers into motion forcing them to explore the full length of it. Her hand shook uncontrollably as it bravely stroked the hot skin of his rigid cock.

Still guiding her hand up and down, he gradually curled her slender fingers around the massive girth until they encircled it. Her grip tightened under the pressure of his hand and his foreskin slid back and forth across the slippery head until he groaned softly.

"That's it, just like that, very gently, very slowly. Just don't stop when I let go of your hand." A new excitement almost required her to continue the gentle up and down motion of her trembling fingers on his hot throbbing organ. Her eyes were on the same level as his thrusting erection and the youngster found herself mesmerized by the first man's cock she had ever seen.

She watched in stunned fascination as the tight foreskin slipped back and forth over the bulbous dome and she saw the first droplet of liquid appear at the tip. It dripped onto her hand and was followed by another. She felt the clear liquid seep from his cock and lubricate her massaging fingers, but she was determined to make him come quickly and finish with him. He moaned low in his throat and, hoping that he was approaching his orgasm, she quickened the pace of her hand.

He thrust himself into her fist impatiently and she hoped he would soon ejaculate. Her mind was numb and her hand moved mechanically as she stroked him towards his climax and now she scarcely registered his caressing hand on her neck.

She did notice when his hand slid gradually from her neck to the side of her small firm breast. He stroked the soft swelling gently with a slight amount of gentle pressure. His other hand moved to cup her breast while the tip of his thumb grazed her sensitive nipple into instant hardness.

This sudden caress caught Jamie by surprise. He gently pulled her to her feet and held her excited body firmly while he savored the warm firmness of her pert young breasts.

Alarmed by the new and frightening sensation of a man's touch on her body, she tried to understand the reason for his exploring hands. She had to admit: "That feels. . kinda nice," she whimpered.

"Perhaps you'll like this even better." His hand slid from the teenager's breast and grazed lightly down her flat smooth belly. Jamie began to moan as his extended fingers pressed lightly through her jeans at the swelling mound between her thighs. He quickly hooked his fingers into the waistband of her jeans and pulled her to him. He slid his free hand up inside her loose T-shirt and captured her naked breast in his palm.

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The teenager began to shiver as he toyed with her nipples as they sprang involuntarily into diamond hardness. "Mike. . you are making me feel. . ." But before she finished, his strong fingers pulled open the top fastening of her jeans and the zipper became open as he moved his hand inside. Jamie realized his fingers were only inches from her moist panties. "Ohhhhh.

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. . what are you doing to me. I am so hot right now!" Assuming her remark gave him a green light. . he slid his hand down to the top of her brief panties. Her jeans were too tight to allow his hand to reach any further, so he slowly worked her jeans down to her ankles. She knew his gaze was on the slight swelling that her thin cotton panties barely concealed.

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And then came the most surprising remark from her new neighbor: "I want you to play with yourself, while I do the same." Jamie was preparing herself for Mike to continue making love to her body, but this certainly changed those thoughts. He stood back and stared anew at her near naked body.

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Clad in only her T-shirt and panties, she looked even younger and much more erotic. Her long legs were slim and shapely and her skin soft and smooth. The thin white panties were almost transparent and the outline of her sex was clearly visible. She flushed scarlet as he studied her body. The sight of her embarrassment appeared to send a fresh surge of energy through his still hard cock. He slowly slid back the foreskin to expose the bulbous dome and held it inches from her face for her close inspection.

Jamie noticed there was still a glistening droplet of semen on the swollen tip. She backed away and stood on shaking legs. "I'll watch you if that's what you want. I'll even do it to you but I'm embarrassed to do it to myself." He reached out and rested his hand lightly on her bare thigh. She shivered as he stroked the smooth skin of her leg.

"I promise, you will enjoy what we do together," he almost whispered. Gathering courage, her hand moved hesitantly across her panties to the soft swelling between her legs. Urged on by his excited eyes, her slender fingers slowly stroked the cleft of her sex through the thin material. He slowed the movement of his own hand on his long cock as he drank in the sight of the young girl masturbating herself.

She pretended it was late at night under the covers and began to wiggle her fingers over her pussy. "It would feel better if you took your panties off. Why don't you try it? Slide your fingers up and down your pretty little pussy until its wet and throbbing." Jamie smiled at his lewd suggestion but she couldn't deny the tingle of excitement that his words had provoked inside her.

Watching him masturbate in front of her, she quickly slipped down her damp panties and kicked them aside. The thought of his eyes on her naked sex while she masturbated made her even more aroused. She parted the soft lips and gasped as she slid one hesitant fingertip inside herself. Her face flushed crimson as he stared lustfully at her moving fingers and masturbated in time with her.

One slender fingertip inside her and another pressed against the sensitive bud of her clitoris. Meanwhile, she watched his moving hand intently and listened to his breathing, waiting for the moment of his orgasm. The movement of his hand and the rhythm of his breathing had a hypnotic effect on her, and unconsciously the movement of her hand, gradually fell into the same rhythm as his own.


As the motion of his hand grew faster, her own hand followed its movement until, to her delight, she felt the beginnings of warm moisture seep through her fingers. Because of her voluntary participation, tiny shocks of forbidden pleasure flickered and spread from the depths of her vaginal passage and fired through her stomach and thighs.

Her legs shook and made it difficult to stand. The glimmering sparks of pleasure intensified to a burning rapture that engulfed her as she neared her desired orgasm. Her breath quickened as her trembling legs buckled and she sank to her knees. His groans of pleasure echoed her own and she felt her face flush hot as she realized that he was still staring intently at her near naked body.


"Starting to enjoy it are you?" he asked. "Ummm yes,"she whimpered. Mike's hand slipped smoothly across her pussy, moving her hand away and she sucked in her breath sharply as the feather touch of his fingers grazed lazily down towards her unprotected pussy. Jamie held her breath as his teasing fingers edged with unbearable slowness over the soft swelling of her pussy mound then suddenly she could feel him on her hot wetness.

His fingers gently separated the velvet lips of her moist vagina and glided easily along her slippery cleft. He found the tiny erect bud of her clitoris and carefully teased it until the young girl's growing pleasure exploded into sudden ecstasy.

She could not stop the waves of pleasure that rocked her nervous system. She moaned softly as her supple hips pressed forward against the delicate pressure of his tantalizing caress.

She pushed forward, towards his fingers causing her to forget everything but the fulfilment that she craved. His probing finger found her tight little opening and inserted its tip into her virgin pussy. Her whole body shook uncontrollably. His finger was thicker than hers and her virginal passage clasped the tip tightly.

She cried out in pleasure as one fingertip slid back and forth. . a tantalizing inch inside her, while another massaged her sensitive clitoris. His free hand roamed around inside her T-shirt and recaptured her breast. His experienced fingers found her stiff nipples, and with special care not to hurt them in any way, he gently pinched her buds in between his finger and thumb.

Soon its mate received the same treatment and down below his fingertip slid a little further into her eager pussy and, with a final shudder, her orgasm exploded throughout her body in an uncontrollable blaze of ecstasy.

She would have fallen sideways if he hadn't caught and held her until the spasms of pleasure that wracked her slight frame subsided. His finger slipped wetly from her exhausted passage and he released her. Unable to trust her shaking legs, as the waves of pleasure washed through her treacherous body, Jamie fell to her knees.

She kept her eyes closed and didn't see him stand up and pull his jeans off. She was aware of him standing over her and when she opened her eyes his swollen cock was only inches from her face. Very quickly he reached down, and pulled her T-shirt up and over her shoulders, finally making her naked. She turned her head and soon his cock grazed her moist lips.

His voice was hoarse with anticipation. "Open your mouth Jamie. It's time you helped me with my pleasure." "Let's start off slow," she suggested, still recovering from her intense orgasm. "Agreed. But let me hold these pretty tits?" She was embarrassed by their small size, but excited about the fascination he found in them. She nodded with a smile on her face and reached gently for his fully erect cock.

She felt his hand on her breast and she began to slowly masturbate him. Kneeling in front of him, her face was still only inches from the wavering tip of his cock. He moved her head closer to the slippery end, and gently brushed her lips with it.

"Just kiss the tip of it." She needed an excuse to get to the right moment to slip his shaft into her mouth, and following his suggestion, she puckered her lips. Gently she touched her lips. . to the end of his cock. "Kiss it again and keep wanking me while you kiss it," he encouraged the girl.

She kissed the wet tip of his swollen organ lightly and moved her hand up and down this shaft. The feather touch of her soft lips combined with the pumping action of her slim hands fueled his desire to possess more of her. "Use your tongue. . a little bit. Pretend you are giving my cock, a French kiss." Her hand continued to massage his throbbing shaft while the tip of her delicate tongue flickered hesitantly at the end of it.

She touched it teasingly. She waited for his next instruction. "Lick it all over. . stick your tongue right out. . and make it all slippery." Her head moved forward and caused her soft lips to slip teasingly across the end of his cock. He slid the slippery organ back and forth, enjoying the gentle friction of her wet lips while the inexperienced girl continued breathlessly to masturbate him.

She clamped her lips together adding more tautness to his entry. The hand that was holding her breast pressed more firmly and his fingers found her nipple once again. He squeezed the hard nub between his fingers and a bolt of lightning raced through her breast and down to her dripping pussy. Immediately her lips parted, and the end of his cock slipped between them.

. finding the warm softness of her mouth. He came immediately. . in a boiling rush of sperm that spurted between her open lips. Jamie was unprepared for the sudden hot gush of liquid. She gasped in surprise and as her pretty mouth opened he plunged his still spurting cock further into its warm depths. .

but not too far. His thick sperm dribbled from her quivering lips as he continued to fuck her mouth until he was finally exhausted. With a sigh of satisfaction, he allowed his exhausted organ to slip from her mouth. His cum was all over her lipa and face as she gave him the biggest smile he had ever seen. "That was SOOOOO awesome. Let's do it again!" she squealed.