Hairless bondage gay porn and twink hardcore Sean knows what he

Hairless bondage gay porn and twink hardcore Sean knows what he
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About five months before my sisters birthday, two things happened. One, grandma and grandpa came down to Kansas City and helped me move into my new fucking huge loft! It was done, and I was moving in!

Holy shit did the major furniture store love the hell out of me! Grandma helped me decorate it to make it have somewhat of a rugged, but very warm and very comfortable feel to it.

It felt like a home, I felt like I was home, something I hadn't felt before, ever. Every single bedroom was fully furnished and ready for use now. And two the company that I flew for said I was the most requested pilot they had ever had. Their profit margins increased exponentially since I started to fly for them. They had major competition, and they say that thanks to me, that company was failing. I felt bad because now I was under the impression that I was the reason that that company was going under.

The company I flew for bought that company out since their business had picked up considerably. They were so happy that they gave me my own bird. It was a gorgeous maroon one from paradigiti.

It had 4 blades and an enclosed rear rotor. It wasn't mine per say, but they said I could use it for what ever I wanted. So I decided that I was going to use it to fly to Iowa and surprise my sister for her birthday. I made all the required arrangements and got ready to fly up there. What I didn't know was that Jennifer had made arrangements to go out there also. I didn't tell Allie that I was coming out there to see her, as far as she knew, I was flying some clients south to Joplin.

Grandma and grandpa lived in a rural area and had a lot of land. I called them to tell them that I was flying out to see my sister, and they got incredibly excited. I had to all but beg and plead my grandma to not tell her that I was coming. She knew that my baby sister and I were very close, so she knew that my sister would absolutely flip out of she knew I was coming. Finally the five months had almost passed and I was excited to go see my baby sister.

It was only two days before her birthday. I was going to fly into town where I would get my bird refueled and inspected before I headed to my grandparents. I got permission to land on their property. Grandma immediately told grandpa who told me the best place to set the bird down and sent me the GPS location. It was in their huge back yard and it was at the very least 300 yards away from their house. The day before I was to fly in, he went out and mowed a perfect flat spot for me to land.

The company I worked for already called ahead to local and state law enforcement agencies and fire departments and got the necessary paper work for my final destination. I was excited as hell. The next morning I called my sister and wished her a happy birthday and talked to her for a while, as I drove to the airport.

Once there I told her that I had to go, wished her a happy birthday and hung up. I went to my helicopter and I did all of my preflight checks and was off to Iowa. After a little while longer, I flew into the town airport and fueled up all the way.

It was only a 10 minute flight to my grandparents house from there. I was getting antsy. Finally I was off and heading straight to my grand parents property. I was shocked to see that the local fire department, of which grandpa was the chief, and several police officers on the property. They had set up an LZ for me, that was pretty damn cool. I flew in a circle over the property and saw my two sisters standing there. Allison looked up at me watched as I buzzed over.

I then went to the LZ and did everything the fire fighters signaled for me to do. By the time I was on the ground and shutting the bird down, I saw her running towards me with a huge smile and crying. Grandpa had to stop her since the blades were still turning. Once I got them stopped, I got out and went straight for her. She ran to me and jumped into my arms wrapping her legs around me as she did.

"Happy birthday." I said as she held onto me for dear life. "You came!" She said. "Are you surprised?" I asked. "Yes I am!" She said as we held onto each other for a few minutes. I let her down and she walked me to the bird and helped me grab my stuff, and finished shutting everything else off. We went to the house and I saw Jennifer standing there giving me a dirty look and nodding her head. Her husband was giving me that same look and they kept their kids from getting close to me.

Their oldest daughter asked them why she couldn't come say hi to me, and they couldn't even answer that question in my presence. "Knock it off, don't ruin this for her. She doesn't get to see him that often." Grandma demanded. "Jennifer." I said as I looked at her. "Jake." She said still giving me a dirty look. Allie showed me to my room and then she and I sat on my bed and just shot the shit for a while before we went downstairs to join everyone else.

Later that day I took her to the local dealership where I had already purchased her a brand new jeep Rubicon, four door with all of the goodies.

I walked in and got the keys while she and Jennifer looked at the jeep. She had no idea that I had already bought it for her. She was climbing around in it and checking it out when the dealer came out with a temp tag.

I had already paid for it so there were no payments involved. I also already had insurance on it and ready for her. Once I came out she got out of the jeep and looked at me right as I tossed her the keys. "Happy birthday kiddo." I said as I smiled. "What?! This is mine?!" She asked.


"Yes it is." I said as she ran to me. "Thank you, I love it." She said as she jumped into my arms again. "You shouldn't even be close to him." Jennifer said. "Oh shut the fuck up Jen." Allie said as she hugged me. That day we had a lot of fun. Allie didn't give a damn what Jennifer thought or said. She still hung out with me like she always did. When my niece and nephew tried to come say hi, Jennifer forbade them from doing so.

I didn't give a shit. As far as I was concerned she wasn't my sister, remember, she ruined my life. We had a big barbecue that night and I had a hell of a time. Allie sat in my lap a lot and couldn't keep her hands off of me. Later that night when everyone was getting ready for bed, I went out to my helicopter and placed the caps on the intake and exhaust to make sure no critters would get into the turbines.

Once I finished I looked out to see Jennifer walking out to me. I just nodded my head and tried to ignore her. "I'm not impressed." She said. "I don't care." I said as I looked at her. "What are you doing?" She asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You come out here in a helicopter then you buy her a car. Are you trying to impress her?" She asked defiantly. "Now what on earth do I have to gain by impressing her?" I asked. "I think you're just trying to keep her close." She said.

"Well, being as how she is the only sibling I have, you're right, I am. You all disowned me remember?" I asked. "It's because you're a sinner, you are a horrible influence on her and we don't want to see her go down the same path you did. I don't want her anywhere near you, you are poison." She said.

"And what path may that be?" I asked. "The path to hell. You're going to hell." She said defiantly. "You mean the path you all threw me on, you Mary and Joe?" I asked. "You did that all on your own." She said. "Let's recap here, you lied to mom and dad about me and your friends and said that I had sex with all of those girls at the same time.

Then you all humiliated me by spending hours telling me how big of a sinner I was." I said as she interrupted me. "You are the worst si." She said as I interrupted her. "Let me finish, you all humiliated me for hours, then you all went to church leaders and I was excommunicated based on a lie that you all came up with. A lie that you know damn good and well is a lie. So don't try to throw all of that on me, and don't even try to deny it.

You all spent months planning and months conspiring against me before you set me up and said I did all of those things with your friends, and let's not forget that Allison sat in on every single one of your little pow wows that you all had. How am I doing, should I keep going? Because I have a lot more dirt." I said calmly as I closed the door to the cockpit.

"You're right, I did set you up and yes we all planned on doing what it took to get you out of our lives. I'll admit it, yeah, we did. If you weren't so evil and disgusting none of that would have happened." She said as I sat on the floor in the back of the chopper.

"Is that true?" We heard a male voice ask. "I didn't know you were out here." Jennifer said as her husband walked around the tail of the bird. "Is that true?" He asked. "How much did you hear?" I asked. "All of it, now is it true?" He asked. "Hun you have to understand, he." She said as he interrupted her.

"You led me to believe that he was this huge disgusting person and that he in fact did all those things that you say he did. All I want from you is a yes or no." He said. "Yes but we did it for a reason, he was evil hun. He would have destroyed our lives if we would have kept him around." She said. "We are going a have a very long discussion about all of this later. My name is David, it's nice to meet you." He said as he shook my hand. "Nice to meet you too sir." I said. "I'll leave you two alone, you have a lot to discuss." He said angrily as he looked at Jennifer.

"Now you're trying to ruin my marriage." She said angrily after her husband walked into the house. "How am I doing that?" I asked. "All you had to do was show up. You're the worst person to ever live. You're like a contagious disease, a deadly poison! You're a sinner and you're the spawn of satan. You don't deserve to have a family, you need to repent and change your life." She said as I interrupted her. "Before you go any further, you need to know that you're no better than me. You've sinned also, so don't come to me with your holier than thou attitude.

You're right I do sin just like you do, the thing is that my highest sin was a huge lie and you know it was. Not only did I get excommunicated from the church because of your lie, I lost my family. I lost every one in this family except for Allison. She is my sister and I will do everything I can to make sure she is taken care of. She is all I care about, you and everyone else mean nothing to me.

And after this conversation, I have lost any and all respect for you all, more especially for you." I said. "Why, what did I do?" She asked. "You should know Jennifer. We've been standing here for the last few minutes talking about it and you are still clueless.

You all ruined my life, what part of that don't you get?" I asked "You ruined your life, we didn't do that you did." She all but yelled. "And yet you continue to deny anything you did. You are a sinner too Jennifer. In fact, if I'm such a huge sinner, then you're huge hypocrite." I said. "Oh yeah, I'm just as bad as you? Tell me how. How am I no better than you?

Because the way I see it, I'm far better than you are I have always been and will always be. You probably don't know that she likes girls, she's a lesbian." She said defiantly as she started to raise her voice. "Yeah I do actually, and she is bi, not lesbian." I said. "You're a horrible influence on her. You're the reason she is bi, you're the one who influenced that. You just need to disappear and never come around again." She said.

"Her being bi has nothing to do with me, If anyone made her that way, you and Mary are the ones who made her that way. The only difference between you and me, is that I love and I support her. I will always stand behind her and I will always be there for her no matter what, wether she dates girls or not.

Unlike you, I am going to support her in every way possible, I love that kid, and I always will. I will not show that love by spouting hate and telling her how horrible she is like you did me. I refuse to be anything like you all.

You seriously need to get off of your high horse and start reevaluating your thought process, because I know that you and Mary are bi also. You don't have to admit it but It's just obvious that you are. Why else would you have done what you did to her for years on end?" I asked. "You don't know what you're talking about." She said defensively. "Actually I do, what you don't know is that Allie and I are very close. You and Mary molested her regularly for many years, and as she says that you two touched her.

You made her watch porn on your iPads with you and even gave her some porn magazines, you even made her read incest stories, lesbian ones specifically. And after a while, you both made her touch you, and kiss you both on your privates, but you did the same thing to her. You both fingered that girl constantly and made her finger you two also. She told me that you all did that almost every day, sometimes for a couple of hours. When I was working out, mom and dad were gone, and Joseph was gone you'd spend upwards of an hour with her.

There were many times that both of you did stuff to her at the same time. And when I left, it got much worse. She cried herself to sleep because of it and started to suffer from depression, so much so that she had to take medication for a little while.

But somehow, you didn't seem to care because you both kept doing it." I said shutting her down immediately making her face turn pale white, she looked like she was going to throw up. "Hmmmmm, I think I just hit a nerve." I said as she stood there in shock. "You didn't think I knew that did you?" I asked. "Well, we." She said.

"Don't try to deny it Jen. We both know that it's true. Like I said, Allison and I are very close." I said. "I don't know what to say." She said looking mortified after a few minutes of silence.

"There is a huge difference and that is that I won't become your judge jury and executioner like you were for me. I wanna knock the shit out of you for what you did to her but I'm not going to. I have more respect for women than that. But, If you like girls like that, then it is what it is, and if I was your brother, which you've made it clear that I'm not, I would still love and support you.

I would be in your corner fighting for you, something you have never done for me. The way I see it is that it's just you, who am I to place judgement on you for that. Nobody, it isn't my place to do that, and it's certainly not yours to do that either.

If I judged you it would make me just as big of a hypocrite as you and everyone else in that family." I said. "She told you everything huh?" She asked. "Yeah she did, and she still does." I said. "Is she living the life you are?" She asked.

"No she isn't, and if she was, you have no place to judge her, so stop trying to turn everything on her now." I said. "At least you're doing well." She said trying to calm the tension between us down.

"Far cry from what you all were expecting isn't it? Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not in jail, I don't do drugs and drink like you all were expecting." I said. "Honestly yeah it is a far cry from what we were expecting." She said. "I still can't figure out for the life of me why you guys all hate me so bad, bad enough that you all decided to come up with the lie that you did. I may never know but at this point in my life I'm beyond caring." I said. "We don't hate you." She said as I interrupted her.

"Don't give me that fucking bull shit. That's one thing you will never understand, actions speak louder than words. You say that, but everything you have done speaks volumes to the contrary. Another sin you commit, lying." I said. "We are never going to work this out are we?" She asked. "Not until you finally realize what you have done to me and Allie, and if you're going to pull this shit on me every time you see me, then no, we won't. You have no one to blame but yourself, none. I spent years trying to prove myself to you and everyone else that I wasn't the person you all obviously think I am.

I spent years going to church and doing what I was suppose to do. I never dated, I never even touched a girl until that day your friends approached me.

I had a 4.0 grade point average, I worked really hard to try to convince you that I wasn't a bad person. The problem with that, was that you all, including mom and dad, are so blinded by your hatred for me that you refused to see any of it.

Today, I don't care anymore. I'm done trying to prove myself to people who don't even consider me family. Allison has been my rock. She is the only reason I still try today. And what's sad, is that I don't even have to try, I have nothing to prove to her because she saw through all that bullshit you all have been feeding her for years.

What makes me absolutely sick, is that you and Mary did what you did to her and you can't even acknowledge it. You use me as your scape goat, a way to forget your major fuck ups, and the church as a barricade to hide who you really are. You and Mary both damaged that poor girl, you both stole her innocence and all you can think and talk about is how horrible I am, and call me the spawn of satan.

So before you spout your hatred for me and judge me, you two should look in the mirror. And until Allie and I get a real heart felt apology from you, you and I will never be able to work this out. You need to first recognize how hypocritical you are before you even try to apologize for what you did to me, and my baby sister." I said as she stood there with a mixture of shock and sickness on her face.

"I don't know what to say." She said sounding incredibly defeated. "Doesn't feel good does it Jen? It doesn't feel good to get your sins thrown in your face like this does it?" I asked. "No actually it doesn't." She said after almost five minutes of complete silence. "Do you feel defeated?" I asked. "Yes I do." She said.

"That wasn't my intention at all Jen. But I want you to imagine having that feeling every waking second of your life. Imagine everyone in the family making you feel like that every single day of your life.

And no matter how hard you try to prove to your family that you aren't as bad as they say you are, they respond by making that feeling worse." I said. "Now I understand why you left when and how you did." She said. "There was only one person that didn't make me feel that way, one." I said.

"Allison." She said. "Exactly. She saw me for who I really was, she saw the real me, not the me that you all tried to convince her that I was. My last thanksgiving at home was very bitter sweet. Bitter because you all didn't want me anywhere near you, sweet because the only family member I had that spent the entire day with me was Allison. She made me a birthday card that I still have today, it's one that I will always hold on to.

Mainly because she is the only one who made the conscious effort to love me like she does. As far as family, she is all I have." I said. "That girl cried for months after you left. She cried herself to sleep every night for months. She really really missed you." She said. "It was extremely hard for me too, you have no idea." I said. "I really don't know what to say except for sorry." She said. "I don't want an apology from you right now." I said.

"Why?" She asked. "How do I know you're not going to go right back to where you were before we started this conversation?" I asked. "I don't know." She replied. "Me either. You all changed a little after you found out that I was excommunicated from the church, because of your lie, but after a month or so, you went right back to where you were before.

As a matter of fact, you all got worse. Christmas that year was the worst one I have ever had. I hate Christmas now because of it." I said. "I really don't know what to say." She said. "You don't have to say anything right now." I said. "Are you fucking with my brother again?!

What the fuck did I tell you?!" Allison yelled as she walked up to us and started to get into Jens face. "I wasn't fucking with him Allie, we were just talking." Jennifer said. "Why don't I believe you?" Allie asked. "I don't know." Jen replied. "Can you understand why there is so much distrust?" I asked.

"Yeah I can." She replied. "We were talking Allie, she did start fucking with me but I put it to a stop." I said. "You need to understand that there is nothing that you can do or say that will ever tear me away from my brother. It's never going to change." Allie said. "I know that now." Jen said. "So stop trying, I'm getting fucking tired of this shit." Allie said angrily.

"Ok I will stop. I'm sorry." Jennifer said. "I hope so Jennifer. I lost all of you because of your lie, she is all I have and I don't want to loose her too." I said. "You wouldn't loose me either way Jake." Allie said. "You're my brother too." She said. "Oh wait a second, you disowned him remember? If I remember correctly, your exact words were and I quote, Jake needs to go, he's not our brother. He's nothing more than an unwanted guest in this house.

We need to get him out of here. That's what you said the day you all had your first meeting. So no he isn't, he's my brother." Allie said. "What if I want him back as my brother?" Jennifer asked. "You have to earn that Jen. You have to prove to me that you're serious about it, and as of late, you've done nothing to prove that at all." I said. "He makes twice as much if not more than dad does, so how do we know you aren't just wanting him around so you can get some of his money?" Allie asked.

"I'm not like that." Jen replied. "Prove it." I said. "I will do everything I can to prove how sorry I am, to both of you." Jen said. "We'll start with this then. Do you remember how you and Mary molested me and made me do things with you? Do you remember how you made me commit incest with you two? The little lesbian threesomes you made me have with you two?" Allie asked. "Yes and I'm really sorry, I'm so sorry Allie." Jen said as she started crying.

"Don't be Jen, and here is why, Jake here did some modeling, some adult modeling." Allie said. "Why do you mean?" Jen asked. "Don't act like you don't know what I'm taking about.

You know, you use to look at that kind of stuff all the time, with me." Allie said. "As in porn?" Jen asked as she cried.

"Now don't get all high and mighty on us now. But yes, as in hard core porn." Allie replied. "How do you know?" Jen asked. "How many times did I tell you that she and I are very close?" I asked. "We literally have no secrets, besides, I've seen some of his work, by accident and unexpectedly, but I did see some of it." Allie said.

"Um, well, I swear that I'll keep this between us." Jen said. "Forgive me if I don't believe or trust you." I said. "Then I guess I'll just have to show you then huh?" She asked.

"That's the only way I'll believe you." I said. We all talked for a few minutes before we all walked back into the house together. Grandma almost fell over when she saw us all talking like civilized adults, she just smiled and watched us.

Jens husband still looked incredibly pissed off but was still happy to see us all getting along. That night we all hung out in the family room just talking and catching up. For the first time ever, I realized that Jennifer was actually laughing and joking around with me. She noticed how Allie kept touching me and hanging all over me that night.

Later we took showers and went to bed. As I started to fall asleep, I started getting more sexy nude pis of my baby sister. I was not expecting that at all, especially after what happened outside with Jennifer. I wasn't hard at all, but my god did did that ever change when I got them. She was in front of a full length mirror and she was on her knees. At first she was wearing her panties and bra, but she stripped down until she was completely naked.

My absolute favorite one she sent was one that made me throb so hard. I had to pull my cock out and grip myself it made me so hard. She was on her knees and had her legs spread wide.

She had two fingers buried deep inside of her and had the sexiest lustful look on her face that I had ever seen. The look on her face was what got me so fucking hard. Her eyes, god I had never seen a look of lust look so profound and obvious in any girls eyes before, and her mouth was open but relaxed. I couldn't stop staring at her face and her naked body. I zoomed in on her pussy and throbbed so hard that I though I was going to cum right there.

I clearly saw a huge wide glob of her cream stringing from her buried fingers to the towel she was straddled over. "Oh fffffffffuck." I hissed as I went from her face to her tits and back to her pussy.

Me: O.M.G!!! Allie: did you like that big brother? I didn't text back, instead I took several pics of me jerking my cock. I started from the base, took a pic, slid my hand to the middle, took a pic, and to my head and took a pic of that. I sent all three to her right away. Me: what do you think? Allie: yummy, such a nice hard cock Me: you know how to make me so so hard.

Allie: but I shouldn't, I'm your little sister Me: can't help it. You're so fucking sexy, my god I can't tell you how much I hate that you're my sister Allie: you don't know how hard it is for me to be under the same roof as you right now Me: how hard is it Allie: I wanna come to your room and rape u Me: so come to my room and rape me, I'm already hard and ready Allie: we have to stop Me: you started it Allie: I know, but we better stop.

You're my brother and I shouldn't want your big hard cock inside of me like I do right now Me: my god, you're not helping Allie: mmmm, fuck I want it Me: come get it baby sister Allie: oh god, I'm cumming. I jerked off until I started to blow. Oh my god that was an amazing amazing orgasm.

After a few minutes, I was able to compose myself before my cock deflated. I took pics of my hard cock with my cum all over my legs, abs and hand and sent that to her.

Me: see what you made me do? Allie: oh shit.oh my god! So so yummy!! You're so lucky I'm your little sister!! Me: why is that? Allie: I would come in there and fuck your brains out.

Me: God I would love it if you came in here to fuck me. Allie: oh my god, you're giving me some of the most disgusting, wrong, illegal, repulsive, wrong, sexy, kinky and the most deliciously sinful thoughts!! Me: tell me about them Allie: incest Me: the idea of that is starting to sound really really hot and sexy. Allie: I know.incest. Incest with my big brother Jake. Fuck that does sound so so hhhhhhhot!!! Me: we are so going to hell!! Allie: oh it would be so worth it!!!

Me: I know!! Allie: I'm going to make myself cum again then I'm going to sleep. Me: have fun and think of me. Allie: I will. Me: only this time don't think of me as a random guy or boyfriend Allie: what should I think of you as Me: what I really am, your big brother. Allie: I'll imagine my big brother sliding his huge fat hard cock inside of me this time.

If you'll imagine your baby sisters tight little pussy wrapped around your cock. Me: I already am. Let me know how it feels this time. Allie: oh I will, you do the same. Like I said, I can't have you so I'll just fantasize about you.

Good night, I love you Me: I'll fantasize about you too. I love you too. We stopped texting, or rather sexting, and I ended up jerking off again. After another massive orgasm, I cleaned my mess up and went to bed. I had another incredible dream of my sister again, only this time I woke up with cum soaked boxer briefs.

My hips were still thrusting slightly and I felt that my cum had not only soaked my briefs, but filled them. In my dream she started by getting me naked as we sat in the living room with everyone. The thing was that no one even noticed that, or the fact that she sucked and jerked me. Some how we ended up at my apartment and the sex she and I had in my dream was out of this world amazing.

She came into my room naked and just climbed on me. I hated that the dream ended!! I had to get up and take a shower and throw my boxer briefs out. I slept naked for the rest of the night. The next morning I woke up a little late and got dressed. We planned on going to the lake and running around on boats.

We were going to go water skiing and everything. I walked out and could hear everyone laughing as I walked into the living room. As I walked towards the kitchen I watched Allie look right at my junk and stare. She was laughing until I walked into the room, but when I walked in, her smile disappeared and lust filled her face. She watched my junk as I walked across the room and past her. She turned her head and brushed her long dark hair out of her eyes and bit her pinkie nail as she followed my bulge.

She then looked up at me and smiled. "Good morning sleepy head, nice of you to join us." She said as she glanced at my bulge. "Why thank you. Did you sleep ok?" I asked.

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"Yes I did." She said. "Good, now we get to go have fun." I said. "I know I'm excited." She said. How no one noticed the immense and strong sexual tension between us is far beyond me, even to this day. As I sat and ate breakfast I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I looked at Allie and she was acting like nothing was going on. She didn't even look at me.

I grabbed my phone and sure enough, I had a text from her. Allie: you look hot Me: so do you. I saw that Allie: saw what Me: you staring at my bulge. Allie: good, I hope you did. I wanted you to see that Me: you like it don't you Allie: I love it Me: How was your fantasy Allie: fucking amazing!!

I think I actually had multiple orgasms. I'm not sure because I passed out after a while. Lol Me: what you fell asleep? Must not have been that amazing Allie: no not that sexy. My orgasm was so powerful that it made me pass out Me: so was mine only I didn't pass out. I did have a wet dream about you. Allie: did we fuck Me: oh yeah. Allie: I don't want to be your sister Me: the fact that you are made my dream more amazing Allie: God!

Stop!! You're making me wet again!!!! Me: the fact that I can't have you sucks so bad, oh my god you have no idea Allie: oh yeah I do baby. At least my fantasy of committing incest with you gives me the best orgasms I have ever had!! Me: for me too Allie: I have to go play with my pussy again.thanks Me: anytime. She slid her phone in her pocket and stood up.

"I'll be back, I gotta go to the bathroom." She said. She walked by me and looked into my eyes and gave me an incredibly sexy grin. I finished eating and then I went to my room to change into my swim trunks. I slid my shirt on and as I walked out, Allie walked out of her room.

"Feel better?" I asked as I smiled. "Stop, stop it, stop." She said as she laughed a little, holding her index finger up. "Stop what?" I asked. "You know what, just stop." She said as she walked by me, brushing her hand across my bulge deliberately. "You did that on purpose." I said quietly.

"Yes I did, now will you stop? Before I." She asked. "Before what?" I asked. "Before I pull your cock out and suck it." She whispered after she walked back to me and pressed her body against mine. "How do you know I won't like it?" I asked. "Baby, please stop. You're making me so horny, I've already had to change my bikini." She pleaded as she looked up at me with slanted eye brows. "I'll stop then, I wouldn't want to drive you crazy." I said.

"You already do, so you're too late, but I can't have you so stop." She said. "You pressing your sexy little body against mine isn't helping." I said.

"Yeah I guess it wouldn't." She said as she backed off. "No it isn't." I said. "You may wanna wait till that yummy thing goes down before you come back out. I felt it getting hard against me." She said. "Can't help it." I said.

"Good." She said as she turned and walked away, deliberately sliding her hand across my bulge again as she looked at it. I had to wait for a few minutes before I ventured back to where everyone was. Once down there, we all piled into various cars and headed to the lake. We had so damn much fun that it wasn't funny. To be perfectly honest, I don't ever remember having that much fun.

We had several boats out there. We had my grandpas boat and we rented two pontoons. After a while, we all just floated around and jumped off of the boats into the lake. Jennifer allowed her kids to get to know me. She was a completely different person than I ever remembered. It was as though our conversation had sunk into her head. Her husband and I got along really well also.

He apologized for everything that I went through, he like me and Allie, couldn't understand how people could do that to their own blood. And Allie, oh my god! I had thee worst time keeping my eyes off of her!

That bikini she wore just made me want her more than I already did. She knew it too. I didn't have to say anything at all, we had this connection now that we didn't have to say a word to each other.

I knew that she was having a very difficult time keeping her hands off of me. She would give me these little glances and grins and made sure I knew she was glancing at my bulge. Oh my god the look on her face that she had when I looked at her tits, fuck they looked so good.

Later that evening, we all went out to eat before heading home. Once there we all took showers and cleaned up. We later sat around a bond fire and just relaxed. As we did we were talking about our lives and what we had planned. "So Allison hun, are you still planning to transfer schools?" Grandma asked. "Yeah I am." She replied. "Where are you going?" I asked feeling slightly devastated because I may not get to see her that often. "There is a school that seems to be one of the best in the Midwest for what I want to do." She said.

"What are you going to major in?" Jennifer asked. "I wanna be a nurse." She replied. "Aren't you already going to school for that?" Jens husband asked. "Yeah, but where I wanna go has one of the best programs in the country." She said. I was almost feeling sick from devastation. She and I were very close and I didn't want to loose her. I was scared that I would not see her again for a long time. "Well where is it?" Grandpa asked.

"Kansas City." My sister replied. "Seriously?" I asked as sheer excitement replaced the fear and devastation I was feeling. "Yeah, I'm serious. They have a really great school there and I want to go there." She replied. I was to excited to say anything else. I sat there as calm as I could, but in my head I was doing back hand springs and flips.

I was elated. Not only was she moving to the same city I lived in, but now we were going to get to see each other as much as we wanted. I had a hell of a time hiding my excitement, you don't have any idea! "What's the name of the school?" Jen asked. "Rockhurst." Allie replied. "Ok so what are we going to do about your living arrangements." Grandma asked.

"I don't know yet, I can go online and look around to see what they have out there." Allie replied. "Let's do that, let's see if we can find you a cheap apartment." Grandpa said as he lit up also. "Or I could just live on campus." She said.

"I don't know hun, I'm not sure I trust the safety there." Grandma said. "Yeah but it'll be cheaper. I won't know anyone there, but I can make new friends there." She said. "I'm sure it'll be safe, they have campus security." I said. "Yeah but are they armed?" Grandpa asked.

"Yeah they are actually." I see them every so often. They have a huge campus." I said. "Do you know if they have dorms?" Allie asked. "Wait a second, did you say rockhurst?" I asked. "Yeah, I've already applied and I got accepted." She replied. "When do you start?" Jens husband asked.

"Next August." She replied. "Wait, wait a second, why are we worrying about where she is going to live? I live right down town, so it wouldn't be that far of a drive. Wouldn't it make more sense if she just moved in with me? I mean I have four bedrooms. I don't know about you all but it makes sense to me." I said.

"Oh that's right! I forgot that you have that loft down town! Grandma said. "Yeah, you and grandpa helped me move remember?" I asked. "That's right! That's a really nice place." Grandpa said. "Those construction workers bitched about how heavy all those cabinets were." I said.

"They're made from real oak, what were they expecting?" He asked as he laughed. "I may need to change a few things since my baby sister is moving in with me." I said as I put my hand on hers. "Are you sure?" Allie asked as she looked at me with excitement in her eyes.

"Why wouldn't it be?" I asked. "I'll do that, I'll live with him." Allie said as she all but jumped out of her chair. "Are you sure you're ok with living with your brother?" Grandma asked. "Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be! I'm excited as hell now!" Allie all but squealed. "What about you Jake, are you ok with living with your little sister? Jennifer asked.

"Why wouldn't I be, I suggested it remember?" I asked. "Good, I guess that's settled." Grandma said as she laughed. "Is it nice?" Allie asked. "Yeah, you can say that." Grandpa replied. "It takes up the entire 14th and 15th floors and both floors have really high ceilings.

It's beautiful, you're going to love it there." Grandma said. "It use to be a restaurant and an art gallery, it's pretty nice." I said as I smiled. "I can't wait to see it." Allie said. "Ok, what about tuition?" Jennifer's husband asked. "I've applied for student loans and I got them." Allie replied. "What about rent?

You're going to have to pay rent." Grandpa said. "Why does she have to pay rent?" I asked. "She'll be living with you and she'll need to pay her share." Jennifer replied. "No she doesn't, I don't want her to have to worry about anything except for school." I said. "Ok then, I guess that covers it all, you're going to be moving in with your brother, unless you aren't ok with that." Grandma said as she jumped up from excitement.

"Hell yeah I'm ok with that, I'm so excited!" Allie all but squealed. We sat around talking until the fire died out. Once it was out, we all gathered our things and headed back to the house.

My sister hung all over me on the way back. I showered and wrapped a towel around my waist and that's all I wore. I was still wet when I opened the door and walked into my room. When I did I come back into my room, I was a little surprised to see my sister waiting for me.

"Hey gorgeous." I said as I smiled. "God, you look really. Hi." She said as her eyes roamed up and down my body. "I just came here to say goodnight to my sexy big brother." She said. "Good night." I said as I smiled. "Thanks for letting me live with you." She said as she grinned.

"I'm excited about that." I said. "Me too. Well good night, see you tomorrow." She said. "Yes you will." I said. She walked out as she looked me over really good. After she walked out, I shut my door and grabbed my phone. I then took several pictures of myself slowly removing my towel until I was completely naked.

Once I was finished getting comfortable I put a pair of boxer briefs and gym shorts on and laid down, hoping to get a text from her. I waited and tried to stay awake for the longest time hoping that she and I would sext again.

There was something about the way she said things to me that drove me so crazy. The fact that she was incredibly sexy and gorgeous wasn't helping. I was having seriously disturbing and disgusting thoughts of her and had been since the night we ran into each other night after we started flirting after the strip club, and because we started sexting around then.

I knew she did too and we both had become addicted to talking dirty to each other. We didn't do it much, but when we did, my god she gave me some of the sexiest feelings that no other other girl could. As I started to fall asleep, I heard a soft knock on my door. I sat up and started to get hard, hoping it was her. Just as I sat up to go answer the door, she walked in, leaving the light off as she did. She was wearing a very thin small robe. Her hair was down and god she looked amazing.

Jesus I hated that she was my sister. I took my pillow and sat it in my lap, and crossed my legs so she wouldn't see my cock growing. "Jake? Are you awake?" She asked as she shut the door behind her. "Hey beautiful." I said as I turned the bed side lamp on. "Hey sexy, I need to talk to you." She said as she walked to my bed and sat down. "Uh oh, that's usually not a good way for a really hot girl to start a conversation." I said.

"Don't worry, I'm not breaking up with you baby." She said as she laughed as she sat on my bed. "Oh good, I was afraid that you were." I said as I laughed. "What's up?" "Ummmm, I've been thinking about something. And the more I think about it the more I get scared." She said as she turned to face me, crossing her legs in the process.

"What's on your mind babe?" I asked. "I'm not so sure that it's a good idea for me to live with you." She said making me feel kinda bummed.

"Why not, and why does that scare you?" I asked. "I've been doing some research for the last couple of hours now. Well, they say that when a person gets abused or molested, the victim usually follows what their abuser does." She said as she looked me in the eyes.

"Yeah I've heard that, it does happen, not all the time, but it does happen." I replied. "Ok, now don't say anything until I'm done. I'm scared that I may become like that. Actually, I'm really scared because I know that I'll be like that with you if I move in with you. After being molested for 8 years, I just have this crazy crazy hunger for sex, for anything that has to do with sex. It doesn't matter if it's with a girl, boy or, god I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but you, more especially you.

I know that this is going to sound so so wrong and it's really gross and disgusting, but, I actually love what we have been doing.

I love it so soooo much more than anything I have ever done. No one has ever made me so beyond horny like you do, and you're my older brother, as in my blood, biological brother.

Trust me, I'm definitely not complaining. The problem is that I have never, ever been able to satisfy those urges. I haven't until you and you and I started flirting like we do. Since that night I went to your show, all I can think about is molesting you, and that amazing cock you have.

I almost came in here last night and molested and raped you, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to stop myself. I came to your room several times and I even came in here and watched you sleep for a few minutes. I wanted to do it so so bad.

I'm scared because I love you. You and I are so close that I'm scared that if I live with you, I'm going to make you do things, or I'm going to do things to you that you don't want me to. I am scared that I'll force you like Mary and Jen did me, and that I'll ruin what we have. You're so fucking hot and so so sexy, oh my god that body you have. I have a hard enough time controlling myself around you as it is. And if I move in with you, it'll be so much worse, and I'm afraid that I won't be able to stop myself like I did last night.

I love you Jake. I love you and I don't want to ruin our amazing relationship. I can't loose you, I need you, that's why I'm so scared." She said as her voice broke up and tears filled her eyes. "Allie look at me hun, look into my eyes." I said. "Ok." She said as she looked deeply into my eyes. "Don't you think we are way beyond any and all of that right now?" I asked. "I don't know, how do I know that you're not flirting with me and sending me nudes because I'm making you do it by sending you nude pics and texting you?

Because I just have this sick feeling that I am, that the only reason you're doing all of that is because I'm forcing you by sexting you." She said.

"Listen hun, listen to me really good. I swear to god and on everything I have, that I have been flirting with you and sending those nudes because I really want to. You're not making me or forcing me in any way I swear to god Allie. You drive me so crazy, and I fucking love it. I do porn Allie, and not once in my life have I ever met a girl that does what you do to me.

I have no idea what it is about you, but you drive me absolutely insane. To be perfectly honest, I love what we have been doing. I seriously don't want it to end, and it has nothing to do with you forcing me. You aren't forcing me in anyway, please, please know that." I said. "Are you sure, cause I can't loose you again. I don't think I could ever live with myself if I ever lost you." She said.

"Ok, two things, one, you will never ever loose me, ever. You are the only family I have besides our grandparents. You have stayed by my side and fought for me when no one else ever would. You made my last thanksgiving at home the best I ever had, and my 18th birthday amazing, despite the fact that everyone pretended that I didn't exist.

You're my baby sister and you will always be my baby sister. You will never ever loose me, so get that out of your gorgeous little head. Ok?" I asked. "Promise?" She asked. "I swear to god, I promise you right here and right now that you will never loose me, ever. I need you just as bad as you need me. It'll never happen." I replied. "And two?" She asked. "And two, have I ever said anything about you watching my porn, or looking at my pictures in those teen porn magazines?" I asked.

"No." She replied. "How many nudes have I sent you?" I asked. "A lot, but it was only after I sent mine to you." She said.

"And what was my reaction to those incredibly sexy pics?" I asked. "You send me nudes and pics of your huge cock." She replied. "After the last one you sent me, what did I send you?" I asked.

"You sent me pics of your hard cock with your yummy cum all over the place." She replied as she started to breath hard. "So what makes you think that I would ever send those to you if I didn't want to?" I asked.

"I know you, you wouldn't. You would talk to me and ask me to stop. You would have a long time ago." She said. "And have I asked you to stop?" I asked. "No you haven't." She said. "What does that tell you?" I asked. "That you really want to do all of this as much as I do." She said.

"See? You have nothing to worry about. Besides, what makes you think that I wouldn't like it if you molested me?" I asked. "You'd like it?" She asked as she exhaled hard.

"I would be really really stupid if I didn't Allie. I would be in absolute heaven. Little sister or not, you're gorgeous and so beautiful, plus you're sexy as fuck.

Those porn stars I fucked on film aren't nearly as sexy as you are. You drive me crazy, crazier than any woman has ever done." I said. "You drive me crazy too. I fucking hate that you're my brother." She said. "At least we can still flirt and fantasize. Well, that's if you still want to, and only if you want to." I said.

"Are you kidding me? Now that I know for sure that you're doing all of this because you really want to, of course." She said. "Good cause I want to also. More than you know." I said. "So fill me in." She said as she grinned. "I stayed up late because I was hoping to get more messages from you. When you knocked on my door, I started to get hard, l was hoping that it was you." I said. "Really?" She asked as her face turned red. "Yeah, really." I replied. "Are you hard now?" She asked.

I didnt say another word. I just watched her face as I moved my pillow and spread my legs, lifting my bulge up slightly as she looked at it.

"Yeah you are." She said as I got comfortable again. "I'm tired now. I'm going to go fantasize about you and go to sleep." She said. "Ok. Good night, love you." I said. "I love you to. Thank you." She said. "For what?" I asked. "I feel soooooo so much better about moving in with you now. In fact I'm really excited about it, like, really really excited about it. I'm not scared anymore, not even a little bit." She said. "I'm really excited about it too, I can't wait." I said.

"I'll try my hardest to not molest you, I promise." She said as she grinned. "Well just remember something for me." I said. "What." She said as she kept looking at my bulge. "If you do molest me, it won't be against my will, not even a little bit. I'll be willing." I said. "God. Ok now you saying that is just going to make it even harder for me to control myself." She said as she started breathing harder. "I'm being serious Allison. I really mean that." I said. "Ok. I'll keep that in mind, but you're my brother so I have to try." She said.

"Fair enough." I said. She hugged me tightly and held on for quite a little while. "Thanks for making me feel better. You've always been really good at that." She said. "You've always been there for me too." I said. "Sexy bulge by the way, and I love this really hot body of yours." She said as she backed off and slid her hand across my chest and abs several times. "Amazing tits." I said as I looked at her exposed cleavage.

"Thanks sexy.

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Good night." She said as she stood up and walked out of my room. That night we didn't sext at all. Instead I fell asleep because it was a long and fun day. I didn't know that Allie had passed out shortly after she got back to her room.

The next morning, I got up early to make breakfast for everyone. I was surprised to see that Allie was the first one to get up and come down. She came down shortly after I did. She had on a pair of booty shorts that was unbuttoned and unzipped, and a tight, low cut tank top.

She had her long dark hair pulled up in a high pony tail. Her tits looked amazing and she had a hell of a lot of cleavage showing. My mouth started to water when I saw her. I looked right at her tits making her grin. I could not stop looking at her creamy white tits as she walked in. My god what is this girl doing to me, I thought as I kept looking up at her and back down at her tits. She stopped just as she got close to me and I saw one of her straps sliding down her shoulder revealing her bra strap.

I started to breath kinda hard as I looked into her eyes, but kept glancing at her cleavage. "Hey can I help?" She asked snapping me back to reality. "Of course you can." I said. "I saw that." She said very quietly as she turned around and leaned her ass against the counter. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said as she slid close to me and started rubbing her tits on my arm. "You were looking at my tits." She said as she looked down at my bulge that was starting to swell.

"They're amazing, I can't help it. You look incredibly sexy." I said quietly as she stared at my growing bulge. "Do I look fuckable?" She whispered as she looked up at me again. "Yeah you do." I hissed. "Good, that's what I'm going for." She whispered. "But I'm your brother." I said with a little grin.

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"So, we can still mess around a little can't we?" She asked. "I hope so." I replied. "Besides, it gives us both more to fantasize about since we can't actually have each other." She whispered. "I'm ok with that." I said as I glanced at her tits.

"I was hoping you'd say that. I had a really great dream about you last night." She said as she grinned. "Really?" I asked. "I dreamt that you came into my room and molested me." She whispered. "Did you want me to?" I asked. "Yes I did, in fact I asked you to.

You fucked me really really good too." She replied before biting her lip. "Sounds really fun." I said as I smiled. "You drive me so fucking crazy." She whispered. "You do the same to me." I said. "Well since we drive each other so crazy, maybe we should just give in." She whispered as she gave me a teasing little grin, making my cock get harder and harder.

"Stop." I said.

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"Why big brother?" She asked. "Because you're giving me some incredibly sinful, dark, dangerous and dirty thoughts." I whispered. "Now you know what you do to me." She hissed. I started adjusted my cock so that it wasn't going down my pant leg. She noticed what I was doing and watched me as I adjusted myself. She bit her pinkie nail and glanced into my eyes as she watched me pull my growing cock out of my pant leg, and into a much more comfortable position.

I faced it to my left relieving the pain I was feeling from the first position. I then went to go around her to grab the eggs and turn the stove on, and in doing so, I stepped in front of her. She grabbed my belt buckle and pulled me against her and pressed herself against my bulge and squirmed slowly. I watched her eye brows slant slightly as she bit her lower lip all the while she looked deeply into my eyes.

She then backed off just a little and started thrusting her hips, slamming her covered mound against me gently as she looked deeply into my eyes. "Seriously?" I asked as grabbed her hips and held onto them and started to pull her against me.

"You don't seem to be complaining. You're not even trying to stop me." She whispered as she smiled. "I don't want to stop you." I said making her moan a little. "You don't?" She asked. "No." I replied as we both exhaled hard.

I started to thrust against her at the same pace making her face turn red. Her mouth opened and she exhaled hard. She placed her hands on the counter and lifted herself up onto it. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my bulge against her covered pussy and whimpered as her body shook. She braced herself and started to grind against me hard, making me grind against her. I looked at her tits and then into her eyes. Her mouth opened into the shape of an o and her eye brows slanted. I watched every facial expression she made as we kept grinding and bumping.

She gasped and moaned as she looked down between us and watched my bulge grind against her covered pussy faster and harder. Her hips started to jerk and I moaned as I watched my baby sister closely. I looked down and could see a wet spot growing and getting bigger through her shorts and moaned.

She moaned and whimpered really softly over and over again as she held me in place with her legs, and when she was finally able to speak, she looked deeply into my eyes. "Ssshhhhhit, I can really feel your co.cock, it's really hard." She moaned quietly through sharp gasps. "Sorry, I can't help it, you're making me so horny baby." I said as I looked down at her tits again, this time I made sure she was looking into my eyes before I did.

"Don't be sorry, it feels sssssoooo good." She whimpered as I sighed. "Very." I whispered as I closed my eyes. "I guess we better stop before we get caught huh?" She whispered as we slowed down. "Yeah, I guess we better.

I whispered as I opened my eyes and nodded my head. "I don't want to." She whispered as she pulled my bulge against her tightly and squirmed.

"I love it when you look at my tits." She sighed.


"Good, cause I can't keep my eyes off of them." I whispered. "So stop trying to not look at them then." She whispered as she pushed me back gently. She slid off of the counter and we started to cook breakfast, and as we did, she would slide her hand across my bulge and her soft tits on my arms over and over again. That alone was driving me absolutely crazy. After almost 5 minutes of her copping feels and brushing and smashing her tits against my arms and back, she stood next to me and pressed her arm against my side.

She put her hand on my stomach and pushed me back a little and slipped between the counter and me, facing the counter. She sighed as she reached behind her and grabbed my hips by my belt loops, and held me in place as she pressed her ass onto my bulge and squirmed against me fast and hard.

I then started to squirm against her from side to side as she stood up. "Oh my fucking god." I moaned as chills ripped through me. "Uuuuuuhhh." She moaned really really quietly at the exact same time. "Ssshhhhhhhhh." She said as she looked back at me.

I wrapped my arms around her chest just below her tits and hugged her from behind as we both pressed against each other so hard that I could feel her ass crack. She sighed as she wrapped her left arm around my neck and I slid my hand across her firm perky tits as I started to breath really hard.

After only a few seconds, I couldn't help myself at all. I started to grind my throbbing covered bone against her, pushing her forward and against the counter with each thrust as she continued to squirm hard.

She let this really quiet long little whimper out as she reached up with her other hand and placed it on mine. She slid her finger tips between my fingers and moved my hand onto her very perky soft and firm tits.

She let go of my hand as I started to squeeze and massage her tits gently through her tank top making her sigh and look up at me. She bit her lip and her eye brows slanted as I looked deep into her gorgeous blue eyes. Her face turned bright red as she kept letting these sexy little whimpers out. She fell forward onto the counter and planted her hands on it to brace herself, looking back at me as she did. I throbbed hard over and over again as I watched her eyes close and her mouth open wide.

She started moaning, slightly gasping and exhaling really hard as her head fell forward. She pressed her ass against me so hard as I thrusted and she kept squirming, that I swore that she was going to make me cum. I then felt her small hand slide between us and onto my bulge and squeeze. "Oh my.oh my god." I whispered as chills ripped through my body, while she stood back up pressing her entire body against me tightly.

"Living with you is going to be so so dangerous babyhhhh." She whispered as she started rubbing my entire length through my pants. "Vvvvvery, but I really really want to take that chance." I whispered as I pushed my throbbing bulge against her hand. "Are you sure you really want to?" She asked as she looked up at me. "I'm very sure, especially if this is going to be a normal thing. What about you, are you sure." I asked. "More sure than I have ever been about anything in my life." She replied.

"Just remember what I said last night." I said. "Oh trust me, it's been playing in my head over and over again ever since you said it. Why do you think I'm molesting you right now baby?" She whispered as she rubbed me through my pants.

"Oh my god, that feels so good." I whispered as I closed my eyes and exhaled hard. "Mmmmhhh god I love how big and hard I make you." She whispered quietly as I throbbed in her hand. "I love what you do to me." I half moaned.

"I can feel you throbbing so hard for me big brother, sssssso so big babyhhh." She whimpered. "We better stop before I can't." I whispered. "Yeah we better, I'm loosing control. We can't get caught anyway, we'll get into so so much trouble and I don't wanna loose you." She said as she gasped for air over and over again and let go of me, letting me step back. "Fuck, I love how you molest me." I whispered as we both were breathing really really hard as she turned around and looked right at my covered cock.

"That's nothing compared to what I really wanna do to you." She said as she looked up into my eyes. "Stop, you're not helping." I said making her giggle as she grabbed an apron.

"Well, I'm dripping wet and aching so bad now thanks to you." She said as she handed me the apron. "Maybe you should go clean yourself up then. Or I could do it with my tongue." I said making her mouth and eyes open really wide as she gasped.

"Ok, stop." She said in a shaky voice. "What's wrong, did I make it worse?" I asked. "Yes you did, in fact I just had a little orgasm, now stop." She said as she started to gasp slightly. "I fucking love what I do to you." I whispered.

"Ffffffuck so do I but we seriously need to stop or we are going to get caught with your cock in my mouth." She whispered as she tried catching her breath.

"Oh my fffffucking god you're not helping either baby." I gasped as I whispered. "Oh my god, I really turned my big brother on didn't I?" She half whimpered with slanted eye brows and red face. "More than you know baby sister, I have precum soaking my leg and underwear right now." I whispered into her ear trying to catch my breath.

"Oh my gooooooood, fuck I hate that you're my brother, I hate it. It sucks so so bad that I can't fucking have you.

God I have to go fuck myself. You better put that apron on so no one sees that yummy throbbing bulge." She said as she deliberately slid her hand onto my bulge and squeezed and started to rub me. "I love it when you do that, fff.feels so good." I hissed.

She then looked down at my covered cock and moaned. The entire length and girth of my cock was extremely obvious. So obvious in fact that you could see my cock jump pressing the fabric of my jeans out and against her hand as it did.

"Fffuck, so so big, my god. I would love to have a real man like you." She whispered as she looked up at me. "Too bad I'm your brother, I'd love to be that man." I whispered as she rubbed me along my entire throbbing length. "Mmmmmmhhhh, I would love it if you were that man.

God I hate that you're my brother." She whispered. "So do I." I said. "I have to go, I'll be right back sexy." She whispered. "Take pictures." I said as I smiled.

"Oooohhh god you can count on it." She said as she let go of me and walked out of the room. I put the apron on and tried to keep cooking breakfast. Thank god no one came out while my sister and I were doing what we were doing. Oh my god the shit would have hit the fan in more ways than one if we got caught!

I couldn't believe that my baby sister and I just had our first physical sexual contact, and the more I though about it, the harder I throbbed and the more precum leaked out of my cock. My head was spinning and I was so turned on that I couldn't see really good at all, everything was very hazy. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I was shaking like crazy. I couldn't concentrate on anything, my mind was racing a million miles a second. I never in my life had ever had a girl affect me so profoundly as my own baby sister did, never.

She was the baby of the family and she was the one doing this to me and I was the one that she was targeting. Oh my god you have no idea what the thought of that alone was doing to me! What we just finished doing made me really contemplate the idea of saying fuck it and give into her. To commit incest with my baby sister.

I wanted her to rape me so bad that I just couldn't think about anything but that. Just the thought of it kept me right on the very edge of exploding and filling my jeans with cum. Oh my god the way her little soft voice sounded when she moaned, when she whimpered, gasped and exhaled hard made me so crazy.

The problem with the idea of her letting her rape me was that it's impossible to rape the willing. And god damn it, after what just happened with her, I was more than willing!

She damn near made me cum, and I was still just as close just thinking about her raping me. What just happened with us beat the hell out of all of the sexting and flirting we had been doing! Just as I finished, everyone else started to wake up and come out to the kitchen and dining area, thank god I was wearing an apron because I was still throbbing really really bad. As I started to clean my mess up, I accidentally bumped my throbbing hard cock against the counter.

That damn near set me off! As I wiped the counter down, I pressed my cock against the counter and felt it swell more. Then as I started playing everything that just happened with me and my baby sister over in my head, my knees started to buckle.

I backed away from the counter, but I was still throbbing really hard and fast, I was about to loose it and it was all I could do to stop it.

All that I saw was my sisters ass and covered pussy pressing against me. Seconds later my throbbing cock touched the counter and I had to do everything I could to not moan out. I had to hide my facial expression and any sign that may show that I was about to explode.

I pressed myself against the counter inconspicuously to try to stop the impending orgasm that was boiling up deep inside of me. The problem I was having was that it wasn't working, if anything it made it much much worse. I backed away from the counter knowing that if I didn't, I was going to explode like I never had. I tried hard to stop the inevitable, but my baby sisters incredibly sexy soft small voice as she moaned and whimpered played in my head.

Her heavy breathing, gasping and sharp exhales were flooding my head also. All of that just made it impossible to stop what was coming. I tried so so hard to push the images of what we had just done out of my head.

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The way she felt against me and the way her hand felt as she kept rubbing and squeezing me just kept going through my head as though it was still happening. My attempts at stopping my impending orgasm failed miserably. Chills ripped through me like never before and my body tensed up as all of those images and sounds she made kept playing in my head. I tried to look up at everyone there, but it didn't help. My sister was all I could see, hear, and feel, and before I knew it, I absolutely exploded in my pants.

The first shot of cum was the longest and most intense one I have ever experienced in my life. It took every ounce of my energy to hide the fact that I was soaking the holy shit out of my pants, legs and balls in my own cum.

Thank god I had that apron on. After that I just turned and started to make my way to my room. "Where are you going?" Jennifer asked. "I'm going to go use the bathroom." I said trying to hide the fact that I could barely walk because of how wobbly my legs were, and because I was shaking like crazy.

I didn't hear anything else anyone said. I was in shock because of what had just happened. My own baby sister made me so horny that I didn't even have to touch myself to cum as hard as I just did.

Remember I did porn for a copious amounts of extra money. No woman, none has ever ever gotten me so fucking horny in my life. I was surprised because I didn't know that I could be so turned on for one, and second, I never expected any of this to happen.

I went up the stairs and into the hallway where Allison's room and my room was. As I approached my door Allie came out of her room. When her door opened, I got a huge whiff of her sex, her room reeked of her sweet sweet scent. "Hey sexy, what are you doing?" She asked. "I have to change my pants." I said as I smiled. "Why?" She asked. "Let's just say that it's a good idea that you told me to put this apron on." I said as I untied it and took it off. "Did you spill water all over you?" She asked as she looked at the huge wet spot that had covered my entire crotch and down my left leg.

Not to mention the amount that was on my left hip and on my right leg. "No. It's not water." I replied making her eyes open wide and her jaw drop. "Is it cum?" She asked as she started to breath hard. "I didn't even have to touch myself." I said as I nodded yes. "I did that to you?" She asked as she stepped closer to me with a look of pure lust. "Mmmmhhhmmm." I replied as I nodded my head.

"I've never had that affect on anyone like that, boy or girl." She whimpered. "I've never had a woman affect me like this before either, ever." I whispered. "I don't know what it is, but I love, llllove what I do to you." She whispered. "So do I, I love what I do to you." I said. "Oh my god, you didn't touch yourself?" She asked. "No, you had me so turned on that all I had to do was bump it against the counter and it was over." I said as I looked into her wide open lust filled eyes.

"Mmmhhh. Fuck I love what I do to you, and I love what you do to me." She whimpered. "What do I do to you?" I asked. "I had three really big orgasms thinking about you if that says anything." She said as she exhaled hard. "Living with you is going to be so so dangerous." I said. "I know, I can't wait. I'm going to sssso love love llllllloooove living with you." She hissed. "I can't wait either, I wanna take you home with me tomorrow." I whispered.

"You weren't lying when you said that you'd love it if I molested you." She said as I watched her chest rise and fall from her heaving breathing. "No I wasn't." I said. "I better get down there before they start wondering." She said. "You changed your shirt." I said.

"I only wore that sexy one for you, I wanted to make you hard so I could molest you. I planned it all." She whispered. "It worked." I said. "You think? Don't worry, that wasn't the last time." She said. "Good." I said. "I wanna picture of your cum soaked pants." She said as she slid her index finger across my still rock hard covered cock.

"Count on it." I said. "You're still hard, most guys go down after cumming this much." She said. "I've never had woman affect me like this before, so it's your fault." I said. "I take that as a compliment." She said as she smiled. "You should, it was a compliment." I said. "This is so so wrong, biological brothers and sisters shouldn't affect each other like we do." She whispered. "I think the fact that you are my baby sister just makes it beyond sexy." I said.

"So do I. That's why I love what we are doing so much, and why I can't wait to move in with you." She said. "God I can't wait either." I said. "I better get down there, I'll see you in a little bit sexy." She said as she turned and walked away. I went into my room and closed the door. I undid my pants and pulled them, and my boxer briefs away from my body and couldn't believe how much cum had coated everything.

My cock looked all creamy white and you could barely see the skin of my cock, that's how much cum I had emptied into my pants. I took several pics of that and then took my pants and underwear off. I took a few pics of my now shiny cum covered hard cock before I went into my bathroom. I had to use bathroom tissue to get all of the cum off of me before washing myself with a warm soapy rag.

After that I put a fresh pair of boxer briefs on, the tightest ones I could find, which proved to be a challenge since I was still hard, and a pair of loose jeans. I grabbed my cum soaked boxer briefs and was getting ready to throw them into the trash, but got an idea. I took them to my sisters room and put them under her pillow. I went back down and joined everyone else for breakfast. I was hungry as hell because what my sister and I just did, worked up quite the appetite.

That entire day, we all had a really great time. We went to the lake again and spent time together as a family. This time Jennifer was acting like the sister that she should have been from the beginning. Her kids were all over me. The only thing that sucked was the amount of energy it took for my baby sister and I to keep our hands off of each other. I loved my baby sister, and I loved what was going on between us, and the best part was that she was loving it big time.

She kept giving me these sexy little grins and glances through out the day. She made sure that I could see her tits, and made sure I looked at them as much as possible. She and I spoke and acted like we normally would, with a certain degree of sexual tension. She and I copped feels when ever we had the chance. Later we went home and I started to get hard hoping that I would get "molested" by my sister again. She went to her room while we were all out on the deck talking and having a good time.

I wasn't looking forward to leaving because that would mean that my sister and I couldn't play anymore. God I wanted more of what we did that morning. As we sat there my phone started to vibrate. I stood up and walked away towards the barn making sure I wasn't being followed before I pulled my phone out of my pocket. When I looked it and saw that she sent me quiet a few pics. The first one was of her on her knees completely naked. She had a dildo on the floor and it was sticking straight up.

She was sitting on it and it was buried deep inside of her. She had her mouth opened yet relaxed and she was using her finger to pull her lower lip down slightly. There were many more of her fucking herself doggy style and on her back with the large dildo that Cynthia gave her. She even faced the mirror and was looking at it with the sexiest orgasm face I had ever seen.

Me: oh my god I wish I was that dildo Allie: so do I, if I wasn't your sister, it would be you Me: love the pictures baby. Allie: I love the present you left Me: I didn't know if you would like it Allie: I loved it. I left you one too. Me: I hope it's your panties Allie: they're all soaked. Me: I can't wait to smell you Allie: I put them inside of me and made myself cum Me: Jesus girl!! Allie: did I just make you hard Me: yes u did, fuck incest sounds so amazing right now Allie: I know.

All I can think about is feeling you throb on me and in my hand Me: I'm throbbing now Allie: I'd love to feel it throb inside of me Me: if I did throb inside of u it would be because I'm filling u up. Allie: mmmm, oh my god you just made me ache so bad!!! I then sent her all of the pics I took earlier that morning. Me: I hate that you're my sister Allie: I know, I hate that you're my brother. Me: why baby? Allie: cause I want you! I've never in my life wanted someone so bad!

I've been aching for you the entire time you've been here. I've never been so fucking horny Me: I've never been so horny for so long Allie: if u weren't my brother I'd be fucking your brains out right now, I wouldn't care if we got caught Me: mmmmmmm, I'd be loving it Allie: living with you is going to be so so amazing! I can't wait Me: I hope you rape me Allie: I just might baby.

I'm pretty damn sure I won't be able to control myself. Me: maybe I don't want u too Allie: incest sounds so fucking hot and sexy right now Me: I know Allie: I'm going to fuck myself again and try to get some sleep. I lust you Me: sweet dreams sexy. I lust you too That night she didn't even bother coming to my room. Although we wanted incest, we still were being haunted by how our family was.

So in order to keep from having sex, we decided it best to remain separated for the night. It's a good thing since I found my sisters cum soaked panties under my pillow.

I wrapped them around my cock and jerked off taking pictures as I did. That next morning I had to get up early to remove the caps from the intake and exhaust and start doing a full visual inspection of the bird. Just as I was finishing my inspection, Allie came out and hung all over me as though she was my girlfriend.

I wanted so bad to just kiss her right there. The sexual tension between us was right at the edge of its breaking point. I couldn't look at her without getting hard, and wearing that small little sundress she was wearing, wasn't helping. As we walked around the bird, she just kept groping me, she would grab and rub me through my pants. "God I love it when you do that." I sighed softly as she held me through my pants as I started to get hard.

"That's why I do it. I love feeling you get all hard and massive for me." She hissed as she rubbed my entire length through my jeans. "God babyhhhh." I moaned softly as she kept rubbing me. "Mmmmmmmhhhh, you should feel how wet I am for you." She whimpered making me throb. "Are you sure you want me to baby sister?" I asked.

"Yeah." She sighed as she nodded her head yes. "Yeah?" I asked. "Yeah, I want you to touch my pussy." She said as she exhaled hard. "Do you want me to molest you?" I asked as I walked her backwards toward the chopper. "Yes, I do. I want you to molest me so so bad babyhhhh." She whimpered with slanted eye brows. She was facing me and the back door to the chopper was open, creating a barricade so that no one could see us. I pushed her against the back of the helicopter and slowly slid my hand down her body.

I felt her other hand go down and pull her dress up. I damn near exploded when I felt her soft bare skin. She gripped my wrist and and pulled my hand to her sex. Once my finger tip made contact with her clit, she jumped and her jaw snapped open and her eyes shut. I slid my finger down the length of her incredibly slimy slit and back up making her whimper. "Fuck you're not wearing panties, you're so wet baby." I hissed as she kept rubbing me. "Uuuuu, for you big brother." She whimpered as she opened her eyes and looked into mine.

She started to undo my belt as I slid my finger inside of her. She moaned and thrusted her hips as I slowly slid my finger in and out of her incredibly tight dripping wet pussy. She started to shake and I could feel her begin to spasm around my finger.

She had my belt undone and my pants were unzipped and unbuttoned. I felt her slide her hand into my pants and grip me through my boxer briefs. "Oh.oh shit." I moaned as her body started to shake. She moaned out as her hips jerked and her pussy started to get wetter than I have ever known a woman to get. She tried to rub me through my boxer briefs, but she was far to gone. She moaned and gasped loud as her body rolled. The look on her face and in her eyes made me throb really hard in her tiny little hand.

I think that was what set her off, because right as I started to throb, she stared to squirt her cum all over the ground below her after soaking the holy shit out of my hand and fingers. She fell onto the floor in the back of the helicopter and laid back as she let go of my cock. Her back arched as I turned my hand over and curved my finger. I started to rub her g spot making her go absolutely nuts. Her milky white skin turned red on her neck chest and face as she moaned out.

I rubbed her clit with my thumb making her hips buck up and down as her body rolled. Without thinking, she pulled the top of her dress down and started to squeeze her tits making me throb even more. Her bald bright pink pussy clamped around my finger over and over again. I watched the muscles in her legs and stomach tense up as another orgasm began to rip through her body violently.

Her hips thrusted jerkingly as she let this incredibly sexy little moan out between sharp and erratic gasps and exhales. All of a sudden her entire body tensed up, her back arched really hard, and she went as stiff as a board, before rolling to her right side. She then exhaled as she began to squirt her cum all over the place. She let these incredibly shaky moans and whimpers out as her orgasm ripped through her little body. After one very very long and incredibly massive orgasm, she collapsed as I pulled my finger out of her.

She laid there for a about a minute or better before she finally came to and sat up, grabbing me and pulling me to her. Just as she started to pull my pants down, and I grabbed her bare sexy tits, we heard grandma calling.

"Allie, Jake! Hurry we want to eat breakfast together before Jake leaves!" She yelled. Just then I felt my baby sister sit back fast and pull her top back on, bra and all. I had to hurry and do my pants and belt back up as fast as possible because we saw Jennifer walking out of the house.

"God damn it, I wanted to make you cum." My sister said as she stood up. "You'll get your chance, it may not be now, but you'll have your chance." I said making her smile. "You promise?" She asked. "Yes I promise." I replied. "God I've never had anyone make me cum like that. I'm shaking." She said as she giggled. I quickly grabbed a clean rag and wiped as much of her cum off of the floor and the side of the bird off as I could as fast as I could. By the time I was finished, I looked up to see Jennifer and her kids walking out to us.

Allie laughed as she watched them walk out to us. They came out and I let her kids climb all over the helicopter and look around. After a little while longer, we all went back into the house and all had breakfast. It took a long time, but Allie was able to get calmed down. We acted like everything was normal, as though nothing was going on between us. I wasn't throbbing hard anymore, but I was still semi hard. Later my sister and I took my stuff out to the bird and I started to begin my pre flight checks.

Once that was completed, everyone walked out to the bird and started saying their good byes. After a few minutes, it was just me and Allison. We watched them to make sure they were far enough away from us that they couldn't hear us. "Thanks for a vvvvvvery very amazing birthday." She said with a grin.

"It was all my pleasure, trust me." I said. "Before you go, I have to let you know that I've made a decision." She said as she stepped really really close.

"And what is that decision?" I asked as I looked her into her big blue eyes. "I know that between it being sick, gross, wrong, and illegal as hell, what I'm about to say is going to be deliciously sinful. But all of that and the fact that you're my incredibly sexy and hot older biological brother just makes me want you more than you will ever understand.

Well that and the fact that you make me so fucking horny. So, if you want, and only if you want, I wanna commit a sin with you really bad." She whispered as I started getting really hard again. "We already have been haven't we?" I asked. "How?" She asked. "We are lusting after each other really bad." I replied.

"Yeah we have, but I wanna do something about it, I want to commit incest with you." She whispered making my cock come back to life. "Oh god, ok." I whispered as my cock started to throb again. "Is that ok?" She whispered. "Perfectly, cause I want to also." I replied. "Good cause I really really want you." She whimpered as she started to breath hard.

"I want you too, I want you bad." I hissed. "Oh god I'm not sure I can wait baby." She whimpered. "I have an idea." I said. "What's your idea?" She asked. "I'm going to try, key word being try to pretend that I don't want it, as in I'm going to resist. I want to pretend that you're forcing me." I whispered. "Mmmmmmmhhhh, sounds so hhhhhot." She half moaned as she slid her hand on my rock hard cock. "Does that work for you?" I asked.

"Yeah, it sounds amazing. Perfect, I'm game." She hissed. "Can I be honest about something?" I asked. "Yeah." She said as she nodded her head and rubbed me through my pants.

"These last two days, I have been hoping that you would have come into my room and raped me." I said making her eye brows slant as she bit her lower lip. "God I wish I did." She gasped. "So do I." I said. "Ok then, I'll molest and rape you when I move in with you." She whimpered. "I can't wait." I half moaned. "Neither can I." She said. "I better let you go before I rape you now." She said. "So rape me." I said. "No, too many eyes baby." She said "Fair enough, I'll see you soon." I said.

"Yes you will sexy, be careful." She said before she bit her lower lip. "Hurry home to me, I lust you." I said as I smiled. "I'll hurry as fast as I can cause I lust you too." She whispered. We hugged for a little over a minute before we broke apart. I watched her walk away as I went through my preflight check list. I then started the bird up to let it get warmed up. Once it was ready, I finally lifted off and headed back to Kansas City.

Finally after a while, I landed at the downtown airport and headed home. Once there, I face timed my baby sister and made sure she was alone. She and I played with ourselves once she was and made huge amazing messes. I fell asleep that night and slept like a baby. When I woke up I was hard as a rock and I replayed everything that happened to my baby sister and I that week. I was hard almost all the time and had to jerk of at least once a day to keep my balls from hurting.

I returned to the gym and started working out like crazy to make up for the three days I was in Iowa and didn't work out at all. Good thing I was in as good of shape as I was. I worked out four hours a day every day plus ran five miles a day.

Business picked up and I was flying rich clients all over the place. I was the busiest pilot that they had. I was still somehow able to keep working out. I started getting one of my four ginormous bed rooms ready for my baby sister. It already had a huge king sized bed in it with dressers and other furniture, but I wanted to fix it up to basically personalize it for her. I had a huge 20 by 18 walk in closet built for her, complete with a huge closet specifically for her hundreds of pairs of shoes she had.

My baby sister and I were incredibly close, so I knew her, and I knew what she liked and didn't like. I made sure that her room was being fixed up to her specifications. The bedroom already had a huge, incredibly fancy bathroom in it.

Every bedroom had its own huge bathroom and none of them were the same. I set her room and everything also everything else up so all she had to bring were her clothes and girly stuff, and trust me, she was a girly girl, big time, god I loved that.

So between working out, flying and getting ready for my sister, I was busy as hell. It didn't help that I was still doing porn every now and again.