Will Nagel mich bekam meine Mutter zuerst 02 zu nageln Szene 3

Will Nagel mich bekam meine Mutter zuerst 02 zu nageln Szene 3
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Jillian knew she had the "looks." Brunette, dark-eyes, she has a near-perfect body. At 28, she is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, with 38B breast, a 22-inch waist, and 34-inch hips. She works out daily in the gym to keep that shape.

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Her brunette hair is shoulder length and she wears it down hanging past her shoulders. She has to admit she used that body to get doors open, wearing tight skirts, a button or two discreetly left open to show her cleavage.

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It brought her unwelcome sexual advances, but had also gotten her a job as a cub reporter with a local Houston network. She has no time for boyfriends; her last one thought she was a prude because she refused to have oral sex.

Jillian thought it a discussing concept; making love is hard enough and she always wants to shower afterwards. He could not tolerate her lack of desire for sexual adventure, so he broke up with her. Just as well, Jillian had no time for boys as she worked to become a network anchor. Then there is the Billionaire Tycoon John Malone; Jillian still cringes when she thought about my hand sliding up her skirt. Jillian thought nothing of me asking her for a meeting, but before she could react, I shoved my hand up her skirt to the "V" in her panties.

Jillian quickly jumped up and vehemently protested. I countered that Jillian was inviting me to have sex with her, dressing in short skirts, leaving her tits to be seen. Jillian realized I presented an opportunity. She began accusing me of sexual harassment, assault, rape anything she could think of to bring about fear. She thought it had worked, the station manager promised her this assignment for her silence. Now as she gazes in the mirror, Lynn feels no guilt about how she got here.

She hated South America, it is hot and dirty. She starts wearing cotton bras and thongs because of the heat. Wearing cotton is cooler and she did not have to shower as much. Jillian hated the cotton bras, they provided little support and under the light-colored shirts she could see her nipples and even the darkness of her areola.

The only advantage that Jillian could find in the heat is her large nipples rarely became erect and embarrassing to her. That is her only flaw she thought; that her nipples are almost an inch long when erect and her areolas are dark, and as large as the lid of a can.


Jillian feels her breasts are deformed except for their size. That she ss thankful for. In the mirror she now admires how those breast fill out her yellow shirt.


She just left two buttons undone showing only a bit of cleavage. Her yellow cotton skirt is just above the knee and with her dark pumps she feels she looks very professional. The white thong is a bit uncomfortable riding upward, but Jillian knew it is the coolest way to go.

She rushes downstairs to meet her cameraman and the contact. Jillian met the cameraman, James, as planned in front of the hotel.


He was a little older than Jillian and experienced in these types of situations. He had cautioned her to dress conservatively and signed when she approached.

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Just as she reached James, her contact, Juan arrived in a beat-up old Mercedes. Juan ordered both inside and sped off out of town. Jillian questioned Juan about their destination and he explained that she was to interview the leader of an American investment group the government needed. Juan explained that this was an excellent opportunity. Jillian smiled and looked excitedly at James as the car continued down a narrowing dirt road.

After about an hour, Juan begin to slow as he approached a small town. Juan explained to Jillian that the investment group occupied the town and that this is leader's base station. Juan drove the Mercedes into the center of town. Jillian looks around and found no one. Her, James, and Juan all exited the car and stood in front of it looking at the dust blowing through apparently abandoned buildings. It was almost noon and very hot. If almost on cue, several figures appeared, each carrying different weapons, and begin walking toward the trio.

At the front is a man Jillian recognized John Malone. I'm standing there with a long growth of beard present. As I approach, Jillian took noted of the 20 to 25 men with me. All were dirty, long shaggy, thick black hair and mostly between the ages of 20 and 30. I looked to be about 50. James already began to videotape the group as I came face to face with Juan. The two exchanged words in Spanish, then I pulled a gun from my belt and shot Juan in the head.

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Jillian screams as James began to run back toward the car. James was met with a rifle butt to the head and fell on the ground bleeding from his ear.

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The man who struck him pointed his rifle at James's ear and fired. Jillian is hysterically crying as she realizes her foolishness. She begins backing away as I approach her but there is no way to go as she is surrounded by my men. I now stand directly in front of her. Jillian knew the look, that look of lust as I drank in her small firm breasts, narrow waist, and long legs. I shouted something in Spanish that Jillian did not understand and all the men held their weapons in the air and cheered.

When Jillian looked around she is startled as I quickly reach out and rip the buttons from her blouse exposing her breast straining against the cotton bra. Jillian tries to hold the blouse together and begins to beg and cry as the circle of men close around her. Her screams fell on deaf ears as she is grabbed from every direction and her clothes torn from her body leaving her standing in only the white cotton thong.

I pointed at her shoes and Jillian knew I wanted them off also. She tries to cover her breasts and feels the hot noon air on her bare ass, the only covering the thin strip of cotton from the thong. I grab her arm pulling her to the front of the car and pushing her across it.

The hood, hot from the sun, burns her naked breast. Jillian struggles violently, but her hands are stretched across the hood and held tightly in place.

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She feels the hands on her ass and tried to kick backwards. I ordered her release and Jillian turns to face me not caring about her naked breast. She sees the desire in all of the men and knew she has to think fast to avoid the unthinkable.

She tries to communicate with me, but I simply pointed to her thongs indicating she is to remove them.

Jillian cannot believe me, I'm forcing her to become naked. Jillian immediately begins to remove her thong to the cheers and jeers of the men. I nodded approvingly at the thinly trimmed hair surrounding her cunt.

Just a thin line of hair above her cunt lips and the rest shaved bare.

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It has been cooler in South America and she now curses the way it looks and obviously further excite these filthy men that surrounded her. Completely naked, I point to the hood of the car. Jillian knew what I wanted her to do, crying, Jillian slowly turns around and leans over the car. The men begin cheering as two grabbed her arms and pulled her across the hood until her feet dangled off the other side and her firm ass jutted skyward.

She feels my hands on her ass again as I pull the firm mounds apart exposing her anal ring and the back of her cunt.

The cheering continues as I remove all 9 inches of my cock from my pants and place it at the entrance of her cunt. Jillian refuses to turn and look as she feels the pressure against her vaginal opening. She braces herself as I slowly work my massive tool into her cunt.

I curse her dryness, but continue to drive myself inch by inch into her cunt. Jillian begins to scream as she feels the walls of her cunt stretch further than she has ever felt.

She thought I must be tearing her inside as she tries to force herself to relax. Finally she feels my pubic hair against her ass and my balls at the top of her cunt. Jillian exhales loudly as she realize I'm buried all the way inside her. I feel the tip of my rod banging against her cervix. I begin to slide out slowly enjoying Jillian's scream of pain from the dryness.

Jillian begins to pray that she will lubricate before this monster did permanent damage. I can go slow no more and to the cheers of my men begin slamming her without mercy.

I reach around and grab her tits pinching her sore nipples between my thumb and forefinger as I slam away. With each thrust I tighten my grip on her nipples and she grunts and whimpers in unison. She finally feels me tense, and then feels my warm seed spreading throughout her cunt. It's over she thought, but she did not move. Jillian feels my dick has grown to full size again and I had rubbed her cunt raw.

I then walked her back to the hood of the car and forced her over it again. Jillian cannot take another fucking from my massive cock and begins to fight with all her strength. It is fruitless as the crowd of men quickly hold her down and pull her legs further apart.

Jillian is surprised when she feels my dick leave her cunt.

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Jillian thought maybe her crying and pleading has finally got through to this heathen. But that thought is dashed when she feels that massive head against her tight anus. She wails and tries to thrash about, but can only move inches as she feels her asshole give way to the pressure and surround my hard cock.

Jillian has never felt such intense pain as fear overcame her and she tries to relax, to release the tightness in her ass as the intrusion continues deep into her. She wailed and wailed as each inch plunged deeper spreading her ass wider and wider until she feels me stop. Jillian's breathing is rapid and ragged as she begins to wail again as I pull my cock almost all the way out, then plunge into the hilt again.

With my men cheering me on, I begin to pump in and out of her ass dragging my cock almost all the way out before driving it back in. I curse the tightness and know my cock will be rubbed raw, but I want make her pay for rejecting me. Jillian laid on the hood whimpering while her ass is ravaged.

She feels me tense and then feels the flood of cum filling her. I pull my cock from her ass with a audible "pop" and it is followed with blood mixed with semen. Jillian laid across the car, sobbing softly while the cum mixed with blood leaks from her cunt and ass. I gave some orders in Spanish and two men pulled her from the car and dragged her away. The next morning as the sun came up Jillian is awakened with cold water in her face.

Her arms and legs ached from the position they had been yesterday. Jillian looks up at me and then saw James, and then Juan.

Jillian is given a pair of sweat pants and sweatshirt. Juan drove up in the Mercedes and shoved her into the back seat driving her back to the motel. No one seemed to notice as Juan half dragged, half carried Jillian back to her room and threw her across the bed.

She is not sure how long she slept, but when she awoke, she carefully walked to the shower and washed, and washed the filth, cum, and blood from her body. Wrapping herself in a towel, she returned to find a videotape with a note that instructed her that if she told anyone what happened, the tape would be released in the United States.

Jillian put the tape in the machine and began to cry softly as she saw herself. Her cries turned to sobs when Jillian saw that she is obviously in the mist of a tremendous orgasm at the hands of this abuse. Her dream as a reporter is over.