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Brazzer girls and lisbain girls unblock xnxx
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The Life Ch.5 Savior in Leather By Jax_Teller . When Amy and I returned from Daytona we went back to work.

For the first time I had a partner I could trust with my life. It wasn't something I was used to, but then again having a sexy woman who loved me as much as I lived her was new to me as well.

Amy was actually getting fitter than when we met working out every day, she still could work any strip club she wanted but she could now kick most of the bouncers asses too. She wasn't a fragile flower but definitely was all woman and wasn't afraid to use her femininity to her advantage either. One day when work was slow coming Amy came to me with a job she wanted to run. I went through the details of what she wanted to do, a rescue scenario.

I had training for such a military operation but this job was not military in nature. Amy had been in touch with a former coworker of hers who was bing held against her will. Her name was Kat, short for Kathrine, and she had moved in with a bouncer at a strip club she was working at and now he wouldn't let her dance or anything.


Johnson the typical ape man was keeping her locked up in his house, and beat her if she tried to escape. He did the typical controlling things that many if not most women fear in a man. Johnson would bring men home to fuck her and if she resisted she was raped and beaten. Amy told me it was important that she take lead on this one and that she wanted Johnson abducted.

She would effect the rescue of Kat and I would abduct Johnson and hold him till she came for him. We set up surveillance learning his movements and when would be the best time to free Kat and the best time and place to take him. Getting her free would be no problem for us, a quick snatch and grab. Amy would run front, making contact and getting her out, while I escorted them, making sure Amy was undisturbed in completing her task. Amy and I had worked together long enough that this seemed like an easy job for us.

Getting to Johnson would not be as easy though. He was six foot eight inches tall and 340 lbs, and was almost always carrying a gun. We gained access to the clubs security cameras remotely and looked for a way to pick him up with out endangering any one else.

As it turned out, the law did not allow anyone to carry guns into a strip club so he left his in his truck while he was working inside. I went in the club twice in three days at slightly different times making sure I wasn't on camera or any attention was upon me.

I watched him discretely as I pretended to watch the strippers.

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The women at this club weren't high end strippers. I found out from watching the crowd that most of the dancers could be persuaded to have sex for money. That said most of them also looked like they were on some mind altering substance and not truly thinking straight.

The second night I was there a new dancer was dancing. I could tell she was new to dancing because she didn't have the moves as smooth as some of the others.

She also didn't look like she was high like the rest of the dancers either. After her set on stage she worked the crowd for a private dance not getting any takers until she got to me.

She introduced herself as Angel, and thanked me for taking her for a private dance. I was still watching my mark, Johnson, but needed to blend in so I sat where I could still watch him and get a dance from this woman.

Angel was grateful to be dancing for me and even though I was working it was hard for me not to notice the freshness and beauty rubbing herself all over me. Tactically I made a mistake by actually letting her dance for me because as she was grinding on my lap she put her hands on my chest to balance herself and bumped the gun in my shoulder holster.

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If she would report me I might have some explaining to do. But then again a mite is a bug on a chickens ass. Angel asked if I was a cop. I gave her that, really look and said not a cop but I was private security. She danced another dance, staying away from the gun and was actually beginning to distract me from Johnson. That was until Amy came over my ear piece and said what a hot little piece of ass.


I had almost forgot I had a camera and microphone on me and Amy could see and hear everything I could. I also forgot that Amy had a computer in the van and had hacked in to the clubs' computer and security cameras and was watching everything.

I thought to my self I was glad she couldn't feel what I was feeling, and adjusted my cock in my pants. Angel sat and talked to me as I paid her for the dances $50 for two. I told her I was working a case and that I was leaving town in a day or two. Then Angel surprised me and asked where I was going. I asked her why she wanted to know and she told me she wanted to get away from here, from this life. She went on to tell me she wasn't making enough money and was afraid if what was going to happen to her.

I got her phone number and told her if it was possible, I would let her know when I was leaving for the Chicago area. She said she would appreciate a ride any where away from here. Angel said she'd pack a bag and have it ready in case it was a last minute thing.

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I sat in the back and watched the dancers come and go. Amy began describing a couple that came out to a mini-van parked next to the van. It was a dancer and one of the patrons, and they were making the mini-van rock.

She was enjoying describing details like the dancers' over sized breasts bouncing around as she rode the patron reverse cowboy.

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Amy told me how the mini-van was starting to steam up and the guy was now behind the dancer slamming her hard almost pushing her down from all fours. Amy told me how the guy came and some got on one of the side windows dripping down the fogged window. She also told me that the dancer got her cash before getting out of the mini-van. Thank God for mirror glass on our surveillance van. I left the club at last call, I waited with Amy in my van in the parking lot until Johnson went to his truck and left.


Amy and I both noted that Johnson was predictable, drank on the job and he was lazy in his position, not taking it seriously. He wouldn't be all that hard to take down as he was the last one out the door, locking up as he left. The parking area was very poorly lit and he was vulnerable. The security camera the club had on the outside had been installed with in reach, so I could render it inoperative easily. We went back to the motel and Amy started joking me about Angel and how hard a job it had been.

I told her she should write porn the way she described the couple in the van.We both laughed and went to sleep. We woke around noon, loaded our crap into the van. We went to breakfast and I asked Amy if there was room for Angel in her plan. Amy said we could take her as long as she was at the appointed time and place, no packing or BS time. I said ok and gave her Angels' number. Amy told Angel, that if Angel wanted to ride on with us, she would need to be at the Mc Donalds on the corner of 5th and Lexington at 5 pm and seated by the playground door.

Amy and Angel talked over the details for a few minutes and then Angel agreed and thanked Amy for the opportunity.

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We drove by Johnson's apartment on Lexington and parked just down the block. I watched from the back of the van until I saw Johnson go out and get in his truck. He pulled out and drove past us on his way to th club. Amy used her computer to tap into the internal cameras at the club and 20 minutes later Johnson walked in and sat on the same stool his ass stayed in every night he worked. Amy called Kat and told her to be ready in 5 minutes. Kat told her the door was dead bolted from the outside, no inside opener, that she couldn't get out.

Amy said don't worry we'll get it open. I took my pry bar and walked with Amy to the door. On a count of three I slammed the pry bar into the door jam and popped the door open. Amy stepped inside gun drawn, with me at her back.

Kat was sitting on the couch with a small duffel bag. Amy said lets go, and we escorted her out the door and to our van. We jumped and drove up the street two blocks to the Mc Donalds.

I went in and located Angel and she stood as she saw me. She started to ask a question and I said later, we need to move. When we got to the van Amy had filled in Kat about Angel and they said hello to each other as Angel got in. Amy drove the van to the rental place that had our second van waiting for us.

I said goodbye to the women and took my bag to the other van. Amy pulled out and precoded to drive home. I went to the club and waited until the spot next to Johnson's truck on the drivers' side. I parked so the side door to the van was right next to his door. I walked around the corner of the building out of the vision of the camera and then came, walking close to the building just behind and under the security camera.

I got under the camera and used a can of black spray paint to cover the lens to the camera. I went back out to my van and I waited until closing time.

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The parking lot emptied and Johnson came out locked the door to the club. He walked to his truck, weaving as he walked. I thought to myself how by abducting him I was saving him from a DWI or an accident. He walked up to the door to his truck and I opened the side door to the van and hit him in the back of his head with my blackjack and he fell.

I pulled him in to the van, zip tied his hands, feet and put tape over his mouth. I closed the side door to the van and the door to his truck got in the van and drove away. The End Ch.5 The continuation of this story is the next chapter and has many more sexual encounters.