Die Patin aller reift und nicht ihr Sohn

Die Patin aller reift und nicht ihr Sohn
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Note: There is not much sexual content in this part but there will be later on. I love stories that have a plot to them. Most characters have not had much physical descriptions to them yet and for that I am sorry.

Please help me out in the comment on then and please tell me what you think!

Reife frauen spritzen ab

This is my first time writing a story like this, but I like it so far and have the next part in Progress. Sorry for any issues in the writing like misspellings.

--------------------- Sam is 16, 6'2'' about 140 pounds. Very skinny for his height but does have some muscle. He is kind of a nerd, actually he is a big nerd. He is really good with computers and play tons of games. People who have met him know he's a nerd but he doesn't look like it. He was the best 200 runner in the middle school track team and has only gotten faster. He is an exceptionally smart teen and very nice. ****** Sam I try to open my eyes.

My ears are ringing. I hear screaming. My vision is blurry. It takes awhile for my vision to adjust. I'm still in Ms.


Davis' classroom. It takes awhile for me to find Mr. Davis. She is helping another student out of some rubble. That's when I notice that there is a piece of wreckage on my left leg.

I attempt to push it off but my right bicep stings. I'm pretty sure that it got hit with a pipe because its swelling in a line and a pipe laying next to my arm. I'm finally able to stand up and the ringing in my ears finally go away. I think there must of been some type of explosion in the room over because of the hole in the wall. I start to walk over to Ms.

Davis to see if she needs help, but everyone including me stops when there was a high pitched screech and scratching at the door. OK I think no is a good time to explain what I think is happening. OK, so about a month ago there was sightings in 3rd world countries for "Zombies". Sightings became more and more. Then they made there way to the us.

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The government was smart about it, they shut down all major airlines. All news shortly after shut down because no one wanted to hear about it. Schools were kept in session in most state like mine, because they didn't think it would spread with the airlines down. I guess they were wrong. Well back to reality, the scratching on the door stopped but it only led to screaming in other rooms witch is probably not very good.

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I start to walk back to were I came to because I have a feeling I might need that pipe if worse comes to worse. As i'm bending down to pick it up I here either the teacher or another student scream my name. The pipe is in my hand as I look up, I see several students and the teacher pointing behind me.

I just now realized that the giant hole in the wall was right behind me. I don't even turn my head around. I take the pipe and swivel on my feet holding the pipe. Putting my full body into the swing. Contact was made right when I thought it would. The person or thing I hit skull just exploded due to the force of my swing.

I could tell that who ever it was I hit was a "Zombie" because their arm was missing before I hit them in the skull. I look up to see that there is no more people running this way. I turn around to see everyone who is conscious staring at me. I use this opportunity to say "I have a feeling that's not the only one of those things in here so we should leave." Most of them don't need to be told twice.

Turns out there was a little under 10 people that were conscious, I think it is 8 or 9. It didn't take to long to get out side, we didn't run into anymore of those things. Once out side we decided to regroup on the field. At the field we decided to take a head count. There were 8 of us including me. Mary, Susan, Emily, Amy, Jeff, Carter, Me, and Ms. Davis. We were all in pretty good shape, only a few scrapes and a few in shock.

As I look around I notice that most of the city is in chaos. "What are we going to do?" asked Ms. Davis. I should tell you about Ms. Davis now, she is 29 and here second year teaching. You can't really tell what her body is like because she always wears very baggy clothes.

I think she has 38DD breasts but its hard to tell. She lives in the next town over though. She turned towards me. "Why are you looking at me?" I returned. "Well your the only one doing anything." she said. "What about Jeff or Carter?" I asked. "Leave us out of this!" They said almost at the same time. "OK then what am I supposed to do?" I said angrily. "Help us out of this!" several of them said together. "OK we need a place to hold out for about a week while most of the chaos dies down." I said starting to think.

"Wait, so this is not going to end soon?" asked Amy. "No i'm afraid this is the apocalypse or something like it." I replied. "We could go to wally world." said Jeff. "No there would be tons of people there." I replied "We could go to a for sale house." said Susan.

"That's actually a really good idea. Any one know a good one?" I asked "I do its near Wally World though, but its Big enough for the 8 of us." said Amy "Well lets go." I Urged. After about 2 miles we reached the right house. I decided we should get some food and supplies for the next 1 or 2 weeks.

Jeff, Carter, and I went over to Wally World. ****** Amy "What do you think their getting beside food?" I asked. "Hopefully some clothes." Susan said, "I don't want to be stuck in these for 2 weeks." "I don't think that they know my bra size though." Emily said grabbing her 36B breasts. She's all ways saying stuff like this.

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"Or what color of panties I like." I said laughing, while grabbing the sides of them. Most of us burst into laughter. "Come on girls lets not get inappropriate." Said Ms. Davis, even though she was laughing with us. "Were just trying to lighten the mood. I mean really." I replied. "Well I have to go to the restroom. I'll be back in a bit." I really don't have to go to the bathroom, but I'm supper horny.

I don't know why, there is an Apocalypse going on and I may never see anyone I love again but yet I'm soaking through my panties.

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When I'm in the bathroom I almost rip off my panties but I don't because it could be my only pair for a while. I start to rub my clitoris its already as hard as it will get. I let out a soft moan. I started rubbing it in a circle letting out soft moans. I move lower and start rubbing my vagina, then slip a finger in letting out a louder moan.

I'm trying to be as quit as I can so the other girls don't hear me. I start pumping my finger in and out of my dripping wet pussy softly moaning as I go.

I've broke my hymen long ago with my mothers dildo. As I reach my orgasm I stick my pinky finger inside my butt-hole witch sends me off the edge almost falling off the toilet as I do. Normally anal doesn't do anything for me but I recently learned that trick and I've had some of the best orgasms I've ever had doing it.

As I'm finishing up I hear a scream come from were the girls are, so I rush out to them. I'm standing in the hallway as I see a man on the floor holding Mary down witch is the first time she's really done anything but now she's just balling her head off as the guy unzipped his pants and let out his penis and is now ripping off Mary's shirt and bra. Then I see the other two girls trapped in a corner by 3 other guys with their penis half hard as they start to rip off the girls clothes.

Then there's me standing in the hallway stunned as my friends and 4th hour teacher are about to get raped. ****** Sam Jeff, Carter, and I where walking slowly back to the house making sure not to be noticed by any one or thing. Nearing the house we see 4 guys open the door to our house one of them with a pistol in his hands and the others have planks with, what it looks like spikes in the top. Us, well we did "pick" up some things at the store, witch by the way was a crazy panic.

Jeff found him self a metal baseball bat. Carter got a machete and an small hatchet.(He was pretty luck with that machete.) I got the best melee weapon you could get in an Apocalypse, witch is a crowbar.

After they entered the house we started to run, witch is hard to do holding a shopping cart. (yeah we actually got a lot of stuff.) We were a little over a block when they got in. We stopped on the porch and got are weapons ready.

All of us were nervous but we mostly know where they are because Carter looked in the window. The plan was, I run in first (Yippy) get the guy trying to rape Mary.

Then Jeff and Carter will run in and we'll each take of of the 3 trapping Susan and Ms. Davis.

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"3.2.1.Go" whispered Jeff. I run in tackle the guy off of Mary then pound his head in with the crowbar several times until he's knocked out. Jeff and Carter ran in after me and Took on the other 3 guys. I jump up off of the guy I knocked out but they were all dead or knocked out by Carter and Jeff already. I guess Susan and Ms. Davis kicked 2 of them in the balls when I tackled that one guy, Carter guy one guys neck really badly killing him and Jeff hit the other who was kicked hard enough in the head to break his skull and dent the bat but killed the guy.

Jeff knocked the other guy out while he was stunned trying to put his hardened dick in his pants. "Are you guys ok?" I asked. "Just a little shocked." Mary choked out, witch surprised me being that she was in shock since the school. That's when I noticed that Susan, Mary, and Ms.Davis were all naked trying to hide their vagina's mostly. "Carter and Jeff take those guys to the back before you poke a hole in your pants." I said as I went to get the cart.

Carter and Jeff quickly dragged two of the bodies each as fast as they could blushing the whole way trying to hide their pants, dodging Amy as she stood shocked in the hallway. "Who wants some Clothes?" I asked wheeling the cart inside pulling out some of the clothed we "got" for them. We actually had 2 carts one of food and one of other stuff. We looked retarded running here, Me in the middle holding both carts slowly behind Jeff and Carter. "Me!" the 3 girls said almost at the same time jumping up forgetting they were naked, running to me for clothes.

"You know I could charge you for these. I mean we did have to go get them." I said. "Shut up Sam! You already get to see us naked." Mary said to me playfully. "Yeah Sam! I think your the one putting a hole in your pants!" said Susan giggling looking at my crotch. "Well don't worry I have extras." I replied with a stupid grin and a wink. "Not enough extras I would say you have 6 to 7 inches." Ms. Davis said grinning as she put on some panties grinning at my bulged.

All three of them laughed. "And I would say all three of you should dry your new panties." I said glancing at their wet panties witch looked like they were getting wetter. they all quickly put on pants before bras. "Well I think I won that!" After they put on most their new clothed most of them still blushing badly and nipping worse Susan said "Well not quite 26C but it will work for now." I noticed Jeff trying to snap Amy out of her shock and I think Carter is still out side.

"Well I hope you girls are not to horny to eat." I said bringing the next cart in. Thanks Again for reading! Most Feedback helps!