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Jacking An Uncut One With Cody Blake
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The Selection Chapter Six The Lake A Novel By: S. Stevenson This is the story of just how a slave was selected as her Master's full time slave. As you can see by the title this is the sixth part of this work. While it should be able to stand alone it might help the reader to read the previous five chapters.

I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S. ***** Angel woke at the normal time. As the sleepiness drained from her head she remembered the soft tender love that her Master made to her last night.

A smile, and a warm feeling, spread through her as the sleep left and she realized that she was still in Master's bed. A wonderful glow spread throughout her body as she thought about the marvelous love that Master made to her. Although she wanted Master to use every part of her for his pleasure last night it was her pussy that was his pleasure, and hers as well. It was the first time Master had pleasured himself in her pussy since she arrived a little over a week ago.

Stretching and pulling at her various parts of her body, Angel made her way out of bed and into the bathroom. Already there was Master, just stepping out of the shower, and Marilynn squatting over the bidet with the douche nozzle sticking out between her legs. As Scott grabbed a towel and started to pad himself down he broke into a big smile and was the first to greet Angel, "Morning Angel, welcome to our little morning party." Angel walked over to her Master and folded her body into his as she kissed him with a warm passionate kiss.

He returned her passion in both the kiss and the hug. For the second morning in a roll Angel laid her head on her Master's shoulder and in a very soft voice thanked him for the wonderful time the night before. When their holding one another concluded Master left the bathroom and Angel started getting things ready for her ritual morning cleansing. As Marilynn completed her preparations for the day she donned a work smock and headed for the kitchen to get breakfast.

As Angel finished she found Master by his desk checking his email. She kneeled beside him and placed her head on his lap. Not saying a word, but silently offering herself to him. Scott patted her head and said, "Thank you Angel. I am almost done here. Let go to the kitchen and talk." Angel's heart sunk. Had Master made his decision?

Was he going to tell them? Was he going to tell her that she needed to pack her things so Mike could take her to the airport? What Am I going to say if Master has selected her (Marilynn)? All this, and more, ran through Angel's mind as she and Scott walked to the kitchen to have this talk. Just as they came into the kitchen Marilynn was setting the food on the table. As they started their breakfast Scott started the conversation.

"We have been together for a little over a week," Master opened with, "I would like to know if you ladies are of the same mind now as when you first arrived?" Angel looked surprised that Master would even ask such a question. She thought to herself, "It is not the slave that makes decisions!" As if he was reading her mind Master answered Angel's thoughts, "Remember it is a joint decision.

You must want to be my slave just as much, or more, than I want you." Marilynn spoke first, "Master I was thinking that I would like you to keep us both. I know you can afford two slaves. I for one would love to serve you and to get a hold of this wonderful pussy next to me." As Marilynn spoke her last she moved to put her arm around Angel. "Angel, how do you feel about that?" Scott queried After an uneasy silence Angel spoke, "Master, I want with all my heart to be your slave.

I have given myself to you and that will not change as long as you want me.

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I will serve you in anyway that you desire. Even if that means I must be number two, or three, slave. But NO, I do not want to be just one of your slaves." As Angel stopped to take a breath Marilynn laughed and said, "Aren't we the little topper!" Angel continued, "Master, I am your slave. I will engage in any activities that you chose for me, sexual or otherwise, but I have no internal desire to be with anyone other than you, man or woman." "Thank you for your honesty, Angel." Scott replied.

Mike came in the backdoor and said, "Sir, everything ready." "Thank you, Mike. We will be with you in just a minute." Then turning his attention back to the girls Master said, "I told you when you arrived that I was looking for attitude more than anything else.

I am still looking for attitude. I think it is only fair to tell you both that in this next week you will be asked to submit more and more of yourselves. You will be asked to do things that you have never done before. Starting this morning." Marilynn started to speak, but Scott cut her off, "Some of the things that you will be asked to submit to will be very uncomfortable and some will be painful. I am going to ask you to submit willingly to the pain and discomfort out of your love for me." Marilynn replied, "Bring it on, Sir.

I am ready for what ever you wish." Angel just looked down at her hands that she held folded on the table. "Angel?" "I will do my best to please you, Master." "Good! I know neither of you have ever ridden a horse. This morning will be your first experience. Mike is waiting for us and the horses are all saddled." Master then held each girl's chair as she rose. Directing them to the back door Angel reached for her tunic. Placing his hand on hers Master said, "You will not be needing that today." Marilynn said something about the dishes and Master told her that they would be taken care of.

As soon as Angel stepped out the door she saw four of the most beautiful horses that she had ever seen. Each one had a coat that shinned and while they all had long tails and manes she could not see a single snarl on any of them. In a single breath Angel was in love with these animals. As they approached the horses Master reminded the girls to be careful with their feet.

After all they only had open toe sandals on. Master held the stirrup and help to guide Angel's left foot into it. Then with a push on her, Angel's, hindquarters she found herself in the saddle. Looking over to Marilynn, Angel could see that Mike did the same for her.

One of the first things that Angel noticed was the comfort of the saddle. All four saddles were black hand tooled leather, a black suede seat that covered a cushion of foam and matching breast plate and bridle. The rise of the seat pushed on Angel in two ways. First it pushed her tailbone into the cantle, and as the width of the horse spread her labia the prickly parts of the suede tickled her clit.

This placement of her in the saddle also pushed the butt plug deeper into her ass. As Mike was giving the girls directions, Angel watched as Master not using his stirrups, just swung himself into the saddle. Angel was amazed that a man of Master's age could still do that, but then again he is her Master, by her choice. Scott took the lead and the horses that the girls were on just seemed to follow as if they were on automatic. This was a relief to Angel because she knew that she did not know what she was doing.

Following Master they went around the cabin and down to the lake.

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It was not a big lake, but then it was not all that small either as Mike explained that Master's land was on all four sides of it. As they rode along Angel noticed there was a canal to the west and a hill to the east.

Master's cabin was on the north side of the lake. Most of the lake seemed to be tree lined except for a marshy like area on the south side.

The water was crystal clear, almost like glass and every once in a while she could catch a glimpse of a fish as it jumped to catch a meal.

There were a few other things that Angel noticed as Master led his little group toward the hill.


Her nipples were increasing in sensitivity as her breast bounce with the movement of the horse, and then the breeze off the lake would make the nipple hard as a rock.

The back of the horse would sway from left to right with every step. This swaying would cause her exposed clit to rub against the rougher material of the suede seat of the saddle. First left then right, left, right and every so often the horse would hesitate and cause her clit to rub forward and then back.

This motioned was doubled in her butt plug. Angel just knew that she was leaving a wet spot on the seat of the saddle. Mike came up beside Angel and explained that she was riding a Pinto mare named "J". Marilynn was also on a Pinto mare, but named "Comanche" The only difference in the two Pintos is "J" is black and white, while "Comanche" is a golden tan and white. Mike was on a black Morgan named "Moe", and Master was on a red, with a white rear Appaloosa named "Chief".

Mike also explained to the girls that they were headed up the hill to an old girls camp. The owners had gone under about 15 years back and Scott had purchased the land to help them out. The promise was made that he would hold the property for ten years and the former owners would be allowed to buy it back. They never did. The south side of the lake was purchased about 10 years ago from the estate of the former owner and was often used in the spring and fall by area Boy Scout Councils for their Jamborees.

Angel wondered what a Jamboree was, but did not ask. Mike did add that they seldom used the cabin when the boys were camping across the lake. Meanwhile with every step "J" took, Angel's clit was being stimulated by the suede on the seat. This light teasing of her clit was beginning to take over her body and every thought she was having.

She started to wonder if Master was taking them on a sight seeing tour, or was this constant rubbing on her clit on purpose. Angel decided that the teasing was part of Master's design for both of them. Even the forward and back motions of the saddle seat seem to pull the protective sleeve of her clit forward and back with it.

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Looking at Marilynn, she could see the sexual tension all over her face. The gritting of her teeth. The eyes slightly bugged out and rolling in their sockets. The sweat on her upper lip. All these signs, and more, told Angel of the sexual agony that Marilynn was in.

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Yes, it is clear, Angel thought, that all of this was part of Master's design for them. So it continued, with every step of the horse Angel's pelvis would sway with the saddle and the suede material on the seat would tickle her little button of joy. As they got to the top of the hill Master stopped at a clearing that overlooked the entire lake.

The view was wonderful with the blue water reflecting off the blue sky. Master pointed out many of the same things Mike had when they were down along the shore line. Scott also asked, with a knowing smile on his face, if they were enjoying their first ride on a horse.

Angel smiled and nodded that she was enjoying her ride. Marilynn said, "Master, I am so horny I need you to fuck me … fuck me hard." Scott then turn Chief and led the girls over to an old campfire ring and dismounted. Helping each of the girls to do the same. Angle noticed, and was surprised, at how well kept the campfire ring was.

Noticing Angel's expression Master said, "The boys from the farm like to bring their dates up here on the week-ends. The area is secluded and the cabins provide a little privacy. The boys provided the clean-up and most of the maintenance is free. I chip in with supplies every once in a while. Like wood, nails, shingles and the like.

Over there is a pretty well equipped medical clinic. It was a nurses station when the camp was active and now provides a setting for them to play doctor. Towards the road there is an old mess hall with a very large fireplace inside. They use that during the winter. Mike and I use to ride up here on a Saturday night and watch the shows." Mike joined in with a broad grin on his face, "As long as they have been willing to keep the place cleaned up we have allowed them to have their fun." "We have found that these young men are very imaginative." Scott said as he led Angel over to where a flagpole stood to the left of the fire ring.

Once there Master connected her wrist cuffs together and then hooked the cuffs to the snap on the lanyard of the flagpole. Polling on the lanyard as if he was raising a flag he pulled her arms above her head until he whole body was lifted onto the balls of her feet. Taking a line out of his saddle bags Master connected it to each of Angel's ankle cuffs and pulled this line behind the pole forcing her to bend her knees and hang there from just her arms.

With another piece of line that Scott attached above each of Angel's knees, and again was brought behind pole to force her legs open to their very limit.

Not even taking time to admire his work, Master ran his hands all over Angel's body. Across her cheeks, lightly over her lips … which she kissed as his fingers passed by. Down her torso, around her breasts, very lightly over her nipples and then even lighter over her tight stomach as he worked his way down between her legs.

Running his finger back and forth through the wetness that he found Master looked Angel in the eye and asked, "What are you?" "I am your slave, Master." "Why are you here?" "I am here for your pleasure, Master." "Very good slave." And he gave her a kiss, and said, "I think you will be happier if you cannot see what is coming next." That said, Master pulled out a blindfold and placed it around Angel's eyes.

After another kiss Scott placed a penis gag in her mouth. Checking both the gag and blindfold he said, "Now you can only feel what is going to happen. So, enjoy it." Telling Marilynn to come over next to him he placed a pair of nipple clamps on her. The clamps were connected with a chain. While he connected a third clamp the chain he order her to spread … she complied … Scott then placed the last clamp right on the hood that held her swollen clit.

Marilynn jumped, screamed, but only said, "Oh, thank you Master." Scott then pulled out of his saddle bags a little flogger. Some might call this a pussy whip. One could not cause much pain with this device, but it could, and would, wake up the senses. Scott started with Marilynn.

First her tits. Master work all over her breast, top, bottom, in between and under both arms. Marilynn had been told to stand at attention … hands behind her head and legs spread shoulder width apart. Her breast were a real nice pink when Scott moved down to her belly. Again his blows were up, down and all around. As Marilynn's skin turned a pink and then red, Scott started on her thighs.

All the time Marilynn was begging for more. Marilynn started to get weak-kneed as the ends of the flogger would hit the clamp on her clit on their way to the inside of her thigh. Marilynn jumped from one leg to the other, but she did not bring her hands down, or her legs together, in an attempt to protect herself.

She just Ooooed, Aaaahed and asked for more. Abruptly Master stopped his flogging of Marilynn and turn his attention to Angel. Angel received the same flogging as Marilynn.

The only difference being the strikes between her legs. In Angel's case her legs were wide open leaving her labia spread allowing direct contact. With every brush of the flogger Angel oozed most liquid out of her pussy as it dripped onto the ground beneath her. When Scott was satisfied with his flogging of Angel he turned to Marilynn, and said, "You have been wanting to get at Angel ever since you got here.

Now is your chance. You may put on a show for us while you pleasure your slave sister.

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You may only bring her pleasure, and you may not allow her to come. If Angel has an orgasm, Marilynn, you will be punished. Do you understand?" Looking at Angel, Marilynn said, "Yes Master, I understand. And, … Master may I cum?" "That will depend on just how well you take care of your assignment." "Yes Master." Moving closer to Angel, Marilynn started by running the backs of her finger nails under her victims arms.

Lightly, every so lightly she moved those fingers down Angel's sides … across her belly … between her breasts as she told Angel all that she was going to do. "Master gave me permission to play with you, my dear. Now you will begin to learn the wonders of another woman playing your body like it is her own musical instrument " As she spoke, Marilynn brought her mouth up close to Angel's neck causing her warm breath to move into the bound slave's ear, then dropping her mouth down between her neck and shoulder her breath moved around the victim's neck and under her chin.

Angel tried to mover her head in order to close the gap between her head and shoulder, but Marilynn would have none of that. Marilynn just kept her chin in between her head and should while she continued to blow warm air on Angel's neck. Lifting her right hand Marilynn took a firm hold of Angel's left breast. Placing her hand right over the tit leaving the nipple in between the two middle fingers.

As Marilynn closed her hand Angel's nipple was squeezed tightly, painfully, between those two fingers. Working her hand off the tit until the nipple was between her forefinger and thumb Marilynn squeezed tightly cutting off all blood flow to the nipple. Applying the nail on her thumb to the upper sided of the nipple Marilynn added twisting and pulling.

Angel jerked and thrashed about from the pain, but it had no effect on Marilynn's administrations to the nipple. Marilynn traded nipples and repeated same process. Had it not been for the gag Angel would have let out an earth shattering scream when Marilynn stopped her pinching, pulling and twisting of her nipples and just bit down on the right one, and then the left. As Angel jerked from the pain Marilynn just held on with her teeth and let Angel administer her own punishment.

At the same time Marilynn reached her left hand between Angels legs and took hold of her clit. That little sensitive button between the folds of her pussy was now treated just as her nipples had been … pinching, pulling and twisting The jerking of Angel's body from the pain became more and more violent.

Every muscle in her body was pulling against her bindings and her body was covered in sweat. In addition to the moisture generated by her sweat, Angel was flooding Marilynn's hand with the sweet nectar that only can be produced by a woman's pussy.

That wonderful nectar that will broadcast the excitement of a woman as it prepares her for what ever penetrations that may be in store for her. As the sloshing sounds got louder and the odor telling of a woman's carnal desires penetrated the air, Marilynn abandoned Angel's tits and dropped to her knees as she sucked her clit into her mouth. Pushing the protective sheath back into Angel's body, Marilynn took hold of the clit shaft with her teeth.

There holding Angel's pleasure button Marilynn proceeded to lash the swollen head with her tongue. Angel's jerking just pulled her clit shaft hard against Marilynn's teeth and adding to her own torment. There was very little of this treatment that Angel could take. In just a few seconds her body exploded in to a massive orgasm. Somehow in her bound position Angel found the leverage to jerk her pussy right out of the mouth of her tormentor.

Even as the assault ended on her passion button, Angel's muscles continued to contract, jerk and quiver until she settled into just shaking with no control. Just one continual muscle spasm. Marilynn just watched in amazement as her slave sister went through her exercise in ecstasy with her face covered in Angel's juices.

Angel's juices were still dripping off her chin when Master came up behind Marilynn. Taking hold of both arms Scott pulled them behind Marilynn and snapped her cuffs together. Grabbing a hand full of hair Master pulled his slave up to her feet.

Still hanging on to the hair Master spun the slave around until she was looking up at him and said in a firm but clam voice, "I told you not to let her cum . now didn't I?" Trying to hang her head, even though Master still had a handful of hair, Marilynn nodded and whimpered, "Yes, Sir." With her answer Master spun her around and with a mighty shove Marilynn spun towards Mike and he said, "Take care of her for me." Turning to Angel Master started to let her down.

Lowing her legs, then dropping her hands so that she was able to stand on her own two feet, Although, Angel did have trouble supporting her own weight without Scott's help. Slowly Master got all the bindings released, sat her down on one of the benches, removed her gag and lastly the blindfold disappeared.

As Angel's eyes adjusted to the light she looked over to Marilynn as an interested witness to her ordeal that was just starting. Mike had Marilynn bound and face down over yet an other bench.


Each wrist was tied to the elbow of the opposite arm, behind her back. Her ankles were tied to supports holding the bench pulling them as wide open as could be without pulling her hips out of their sockets. Marilynn let out a loud scream as Mike pulled her nipple, and clit, clamps off. Their color started to return as the blood rushed back into place.

Mike looked to Scott and Angel just caught his little nod, as Mike pulled out his riding crop. With a systematic rhythm Mike laid the leather end of the crop on Marilynn's ass. He started at her left hip and slowly moved to her right, as he covered every inch from her lower back to the tops of her thighs.

Angel watched as Marilynn's bottom turned pink and then a bright red. Just as Mike reached her hip bone he started over at the left hip and slowly moved back to the right. Marilynn started to cry as she called out to Scott, "Master, I am sorry. I will never disobey you again!" Her cries were falling on deaf ears.

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Master had already helped Angel to the top of the fire ring and they were mounting up as Marilynn was making her plea. Just before they rode off Mike stopped his torture of Marilynn's ass long enough to look up to Scott with an unspoken question in his eyes. Master said, "Whatever you wish … then bring her back to the cabin." As Master and Angel started down the hill they could still hear Marilynn yell how sorry she was. Mike did not let Marilynn's cry deter him one little bit.

As the redness of her ass started to glow, Mike switched from striking her with the leather end to the shaft of the crop. Laying the cane part across both halves at the same time Mike started at the top of Marilynn's ass and very methodically moving his target to the tops of her thighs.

When that was nicely done Mike again moved his target to the top of her ass and continued the caning. The caning completed Mike untied Marilynn's feet. Turned her over so she was laying face up on the bench. Marilynn moaned something about the bench and the soreness of her ass and Mike promised to take care of that little problem. He then pulled her ankles up over her head and secured them with a rope that ran from one ankle and under the bench before it connect the other ankle.

Thus leaving Marilynn doubled over with both her pussy and ass wide open for further assault. Marilynn wanted to be assaulted. She pleaded with Mike, crying, "I need to be fucked." And, "Oh Please, fuck me." Mike just looked down at his captive and said, "Your gong to be fucked you little bitch, but you will not be allowed to cum. If you do cum we will started the spanking all over again." Hearing that she was going to be fucked Marilynn replied, "Oh Yes, fuck the cunt of this bitch.

Fuck it hard and you can be my Master." She no sooner had the her last statement come out of her mouth and the riding crop came down hard on her pussy. Mike yelled, "You stupid cunt! Don't ever dishonor your Master like that again." Straddling the bench Mike opened his pants.

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He did not take them down, but rather just pulled out his manhood. Pulling on his shaft a couple of times as if he was checking his own hardness he then took aim at Marilynn's gapping opening. Running the head up and down her slit a few times testing her lubrication until she just opened up and with a shove he ran his full length into the cunt that craved fucking so badly.

Withdrawing until just the tip was within the folds between her legs brought a passion fill protest from the wanton wench, "No!!!! Don't stop! Let me have it! Give all of it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! But fuck this cunt." He let her beg for a few seconds and then with all the power in his legs Mike drove as deep as he could. Mike is not a large man, but the force generated by his thrust caused Marilynn's vagina to stretch to accommodate all of him.

So it continued … Mike thrusting … Marilynn yelling her encouragements … her demands for more. It did not take long for the pressure to build within Mike. Holding back for only a thrust or two he let it go.

As the creamy liquid splashed against the walls of her passion pit Marilynn started yelling her insults. It was not real clear as to her exact words, but it seem that they were something about his ancestors and whether or not they ever were part of the human race.

Mike just laughed as he softened and withdrew from her inner portals. Thinking better than to have the slave clean his weapon with her mouth Mike just wiped himself off and put it away. Mike then just sat and waited for Marilynn's breathing to return to normal. As he waited he went to the top of the fire ring and brought both horses down into the ring.

Marilynn again opened up with her insults over expecting her to ride in that saddle with her sore bottom. Mike softly said, "You need not worry about you little ass anymore. I will take care of any pressure to be applied to it until you are back to the cabin." As Mike was telling her this he was also rapping rope around both legs and pulling them together, tightly.

When the job was nicely done Marilynn was unfolded, but still bound like she was a mummy. Mike picked her up and easily tossed her over the saddle of Comanche face down. He secured her to the saddle and when he was satisfied that Marilynn could not fall, or wiggle herself, off the horse he mounted Moe and headed back. Every so often Marilynn would try to jerk herself free, but Mike just laid the riding crop on her backside and she settled back down.

On down the trail they rode.

Mike on Moe and Marilynn slung over the back of Comanche as if she was an old bag of potatoes. Scott observed Mike and Marilynn riding up to the cabin as he was doing some work at his desk. Angel was reading by the fire. As he walked toward the door to greet the other two Master told Angel to go to her room and remain there until he called her. Although she was puzzled Angel obeyed and went to her room.

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Scott greeted Marilynn at the door. Mike had untied her legs so she was able to stand and walk on her own, but her arms were still bound behind her. Master took her arm and guided her over to his desk. Mike excused himself and disappeared. Marilynn started the conversation, "Master do you know what he did to me? He beat me and then he raped me!" In a very controlled voice Master responded, "Mike did nothing that I did not give him permission to do." "But … but I am your special slave." The realization hit and she the tears came to fill her eyes.

"I had decided before you disobeyed." Marilynn was now crying in earnest. Scott continued, "The most important thing to you out there today was your own lust. For that and many other reasons I have decided on Angel as my full time slave." "Master, I can do better. Please …" "From this point on you are to address me as Sir.

I am no longer your Master." Just as Scott had said those words Marilynn caught a glimpse of Mike coming down the stairs with her suit case in hand. As Scott walked around the desk to help Marilynn to her feet he went on, "Mike will take you to the airport. You may dress in the car and I will say your good-byes to Angel for you." Mike came up and took Marilynn's arm and started to guide her across the room toward the door.

Her arms were still bound. She was still nude. There was still a butt plug in her ass. As Mike opened the rear door of the limo, Marilynn looked over her shoulder at Scott … Mike released her arms and helped her into the car. He set her bag in the back seat with her. As Mike was about to enter the limo he turned to look at Scott.

Scott nodded his approval and Mike sent back a little salute. He entered the car and in just a moment they were off. Scott stood outside the door and watch the car slowly move along the drive towards the road. It was hard to tell just what he was thinking. As the limo slipped over the hill and out of sight he turned towards the door, head bowed slightly, and as he reached for the door knob he was shacking his head.

As Master re-entered the great room he stood by the fireplace stoking the fire. He knew that Angel would have been looking out the window and would be full of questions as to the happenings of the day. Even so Scott took a few more minutes to dwell in his own thoughts. As he poured himself a snifter of brandy and called for Angel to come down from her room. She was quick to respond to her Master's call. Running up to her Master Angel gave him a little curtsy and said, "Yes Master." "Kneel for me Angel." "Yes Master." Scott removed all of angel's bindings.

Cuffs from her wrists and ankles and her collar. In one swift motion even her plug left her rear passage. For the first time since she arrived, almost two weeks ago, she felt totally nude in front of this man who is her Master. And she felt fear. Angel saw Marilynn leave from the bedroom window.

She feared that Master was going to release her as well. Taking Angel by the hand Scott helped her to her feet and led her over to the couch. Telling her sit then Scott sat next to her and held her hand.

"Angel, I just released Marilynn and she is on her way to the airport with Mike." "I know Master. I saw from the window." "I guess I always knew that you were going to be my choice. What I am telling you that I want you to be my slave for now and forever, but only if that is also what you want for your life." Angel hesitated, but not in her decision.

Her hesitation was only in how she wanted to answer this man whom she loved. Rising to her feet, Angel walked back to the fireplace. She picked up her collar and cuffs and put them back on. Then picking up the butt plug she returned that to it's rightful place. Angel walked back to Scott and kneeled between his legs. With both hands she pulled his head down so she could reach his mouth with hers. It was a long kiss. It was also a passionate kiss. As Angel invaded his mouth with her tongue.

At the same time Angel took hold of Master's right hand and brought it to her left breast. When the kiss finally broke she said, "You are my Master. I am your slave. That is how it has been and how it will be. I am here to serve you. To bring you pleasure for as long as you want me." Now it was Scott's turn to kiss Angel, and he did. Long, hard and with a great deal of pride and passion. As their kiss ended Scott smiled and said, "After dinner I think you will need to move your things to the master bedroom.

I think it would be improper for a slave to have her own room." "Oh, Yes Master!" The End. Watch for more adventures of Scott Andrews and Angel. Again, I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S.