Sexy slut with leather gloves wearing a collar

Sexy slut with leather gloves wearing a collar
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Even after a few joints I was still nervous as I waited for the knock at the door but eventually it did, I opened it and there they both stood in they're plain supermarket uniforms !

Lindsey instantly hugged me and gave me a few quick kisses on the lips, again I noticed she wasn't wearing any perfume again apart from her sexy natural scent and I instantly started to reminisce about tuesday night.

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Lindsey introduced Stacey who was a lot shorter than Lindsey and a lot heavier too, but nonetheless she was curvy, big and pretty too with her black long bobish hairstyle. Stacey said hello and smiled broadly at me before Lindsey took Stacey into the front room and sat her on the sofa, Stacey was wearing the same tan coloured tights as Lindsey but wore trainers instead of the 'sensible' standard black flats Lindsey was wearing.

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Lindsey whispered something to Stacey who giggled then slowly lifted her trainer clad foot towards me, Lindsey encouraged by saying "don't be shy Hun! I've told Stacey how good you are" I slipped her trainer off and straight away the very strong but sexy aroma from her cute pudgy foot filled the air. I slowly kissed through her tights under each one of her warm, moist, juicy toes making her wriggle/flex them and squirm in her seat.

"That feels amazing! I've never had this done before" purred Stacey as she slipped off her other trainer and presented the other sexy foot to my face which I slowly gave the same treatment to.Lindsey then suggested Stacey took her tights off so I could suck her feet properly, Stacey stood up and started to remove her nylons when Lindsey stood up in front me and lifted her skirt offering me the opportunity to smell that pussy I wanted so very badly!.

As I pressed my nose against her crotch she whispered "have you missed me Hun?does my pussy smell good babes?" and started to grind her crotch against my face, I heard Lindsey say to Stacey "He is so in love with my pussy and bum! Arn't you Hun?" Again I just nodded as she rubbed her hot damp nylon covered pussy on my face. When Lindsey pulled my face away from her crotch I could see Stacey was sat on the sofa, Lindsey took off her shoes and removed her tights before putting her shoes back on and then sitting next to Stacey who then moved round and put her feet in Lindsey's lap.

Looking Lindsey in the eyes I began to randomly kiss all over Stacey's sexy little pudgy feet, Lindsey remarked on how stinky they were but that didn't deter me as I enveloped one of Stacey's porky big toes with my lips and sucked it slowly causing Stacey to gasp.

She gasped louder and even moaned as I moved down and gentle started to nibble and kiss at the underside of her sensitive but nasty scented toes and down her soft sole. "Is he getting you hot girl?" asked Lindsey "his mouth feels magic on my feet! Can't wait to find out how it feels elsewhere" replied Stacey "well I think it's my turn for some attention now!" Lindsey purred "don't you think my little honey-bun?" She asked me sweetly I responded by turning my attention to Lindsey by kissing and biting the inside of her nylon cover thighs.

Linsey stood up, pulled her skirt up and bent over grabbing her ankles "come show Stacey how naughty you can be Hun?" Lindsey cooed, Stacey watched eagerly as I knelt behind Lindsey and began to lay slow long kisses along her moist warm bum crack which smelt even more nastier and raunchier than it was on Tuesday night.

I looked Stacey in the eyes as I spread Lindsey cheeks wide open and inserted the tip of my tongue into her tight smelly anus making her cry out and nearly collapse forward. I carried on slowly licking and sucking Lindsey's anus until I noticed Stacey had her hand under her own skirt was getting her self off whilst watching "I bet that feels good eh Linds?" Said Stacey "oh Babes it feels so nice! I could have him lick my arse for hours and he loves doing this for me so much!" Bragged Lindsey.

She then reached behind her and began to rub her middle finger around her anus before slowly inserting it in up to her second knuckle, I watched intently as she then slowly withdrew her finger and then held it under my nose for me to inhale her funky scent from "see Stace!

Loves me don't you Hun?" Declared Lindsey, I gave my usual nod as I wrapped my lips around her stinky finger and sucked her nasty tasty arse from it.


"Why don't you get naked and spread out in the armchair Stace? Let him give you the treatment!" Said Lindsey.


I watched as Stacey began to take off her uniform bit by bit until she stood completely naked, she was quite overweight but I already loved her curvy juicy figure. I also noticed Stacey had a thick black bush of pubic hair which elevated my growing sexual arousal for this gorgeous girl. She then sat on the edge of the seat of the armchair, put her hand behind her knees and laid back spreading her legs back too and open revealing a sight that nearly made me shoot my load there and then.

Thick black hair surround a beefy long pair of crimson red pussy lips that hung open revealing a pink creamy wet centre, the hair thinned out but also ran down between her bum cheeks and around a little brown pucker.This coupled with her chubby pink soles and toes on show gave me the same super horny feeling I had when I first see Lindsey in the same position a couple of nights ago.

As I approached Stacey to give her 'the treatment' I instantly was hit by her strong pungent sexy aroma that came from her hot hairy pussy and bum "make me cum with your tongue babes" Stacey said softly. I gently began kissing between her swollen lips making her jerk and gasp before moving my lips down to her hairy arsehole to kiss it, judging by the squirming and noises Stacey was making it was clear she was close to cumming and I'd barely started.

I returned to working on her pussy again making her shake all over whilst whimpering. I noticed that her pussy was leaking a steady flow of juice which was running down her sweet hairy crack and on to her tight puckered anus, I started flicking her swollen clitty with my tongue whilst placing a finger at the entrance of her anus making her cry out in ecstasy before sliding the tip of my finger up her sweet tight hole. She began to buck and jerk wildly screaming "fuck I'm cumming" repeatedly before fountains of thick cum erupted from her pussy catching me straight in the face and spraying all over upper body even managing to get herself in the face!

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I pulled my finger out of Stacey's hot arsehole whilst she still laid there limp and glistening all over from a mix of sweat and pussy juice. "now fuck me babes! fuck my hairy creamy cunt" Stacey demanded, Hearing this Lindsey who'd been sat watching me 'eating out' stood up and quickly stripped off her uniform and her shoes and climbed on top of the armchair where Stacey was sprawled out in before sitting on the headrest with her legs spread wide open.

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Stacey spread her legs again and Lindsey grabbed Stacey's ankles and held her in position whilst Stacey spread her furry pussy apart waiting for me to give her what she wanted. As I undone my jeans and began to pull them down it released my hard fat dick which sprung out making the two girls laugh out loud! "Let's see if we can make her squirt again Hun! Tease her! Make her beg to get fucked" said Lindsey with a naughty grin on her face. I completely removed my jeans and knelt in front of Stacey bringing my cock inline with her spread creamy sex and was instantly rewarded by the sexy hot aroma that was coming from this big horny girl who was aching to be fucked.

I grabbed my cock and slowly began to feed the tip into her pussy before pulling out and repeated the process again and again.


Stacey groaned sweetly "please fuck me babes! I so badly want to cum again" I even placed my head of my cock against her tight anus and pushed the tip inside it causing her to jolt and gasp out "ohhh that's tight babes! Be gentle!" I looked at Lindsey who winked at me and said "let's give her an arse fucking she won't forget" with that Lindsey let go of Stacey's legs and got off the chair. She rummaged in her handbag and pulled out a tube of hand cream " on you knees Stace!

Lets lube you up" instructed Lindsey, Stacey got up and turned around placing a knee on each arm of the armchair putting her in the perfect position for some slow deep anal. Lindsey squirted a large amount of cream on Stacey's anus and to my surprise began to rub the cream around the tight little pucker, Lindsey looked at me and smiled as she push her index finger all the way into Stacey's bumhole making her moan with pleasure.

Lindsey pulled out her finger rubbing it slow around Stacey's tight hole and then push it back in deep accompanied by her middle finger as well and began to slowly finger-fuck Stacey's tight anus making Stacey moan with pleasure. I couldn't resist the urge to fuck the sexy Stacey any longer and pushed my hard cock into her creamy hot fragrant cunt which made her cry out loudly "oh my fucking god! Fuck my pussy babes!I'm wanna cum so badly" Lindsey and I both pulled out of her leaving her squealing growling with sexual frustration at being so close but not being able to cum.

Lindsey pushed her fingers back up Stacey's arsehole as I pushed my cock back in her pussy and began to fuck her hard and deep making her grunt loudly with each thrust. I could See my cock getting coated with her thick white pussy cream which was now running down my balls and dripping on to the chair. Lindsey pulled her fingers from Stacey's tight pucker and pulled my dick slowly out of Stacey's cunt and pushed the head of my cock against her greasy bumhole.

We watched as Stacey's tight anus slowly swallowed my fat cock bit by bit until my balls were squashed against her pussy. As I slowly started fucking her with long deep strokes Lindsey grabbed her tube of hand cream and held it over my cock to add more lube but I pulled out of Stacey leaving her once tight bumhole gaped open and bright red. Lindsey instantly knew what I was thinking and began to squeeze a long steady stream of cream that disappeared inside Stacey's fucked out anus, I then pushed my cock back deep inside her hairy nasty bumhole making her start to sob gently.

Lindsey put her lips to mine and whispered "how does that feel Hun? Is this what you like? Buggering my mate deep and hard making her cry!" She then brought the fingers she had up Stacey arsehole and put them to our lips, the smell was strong but so sexy that I was now trying hard not to pump my seed into Stacey.

Lindsey stuck the nasty fingers into her own mouth and sucked them hard and long before kissing me deeply, it turned me on so much to know Lindsey had this nasty/sexy side to her and it made me want to fuck her so bad. By now Stacey was loudly snivelling so I stopped and pulled my cock from her bumhole from which a river of hand cream flowed out running down her now very red and creamy wet pussy and down on to her belly. Stacey looked over her shoulder to reveal a bright red face covered in tears, fearing I'd hurt her I cuddled her from behind kissing her neck and ear saying "I'm so sorry beautiful!

You should have stopped me" Stacey whimpered back "That was one of the best and horniest arse fucks I've had babes! I'm just really worked up because I need to cum" Lindsey winked at me and reached in handbag to pull out a large banana. Lindsey then told Stacey to lay on her side with her knees up again exposing her red swollen holes.

Lindsey used the hand cream again to lube up the banana and slowly began to slide it in to Stacey's red greasy anus until she had the whole banana inside her and all you could see was the small stalk hanging out of her arsehole. Lindsey then took my cock and slid me in to her friends red hot creamy wet pussy which I began to fuck deep and hard straight away. I also took the opportunity to grab one of Stacey's feet and began to feverishly suck and kick all over her moist sexy stinky foot again.

Stacey was grunting and groaning obscenities as Lindsey and me gave this big sexy girl what she needed, Lindsey then stopped me whilst I was still inside Stacey and told her to push the banana out of her arse.

Then big yellow fruit slowly emerged till it hung halfway out of her stretched out anus as Stacey strained hard, Lindsey grinned evilly as she forced the banana all the way back in causing Stacey to scream out. Stacey was now jerking around indicating to Lindsey and myself she was on the edge of a other big squirting orgasm.

I pulled my cock out and Lindsey rolled stacey on to her back and roughly pulled and pushed the again tearful Stacey until her knees were touching the back of the chair and her pussy and bumhole were directly over her own face.

Supporting Stacey's contorted position with her own body Lindsey now pushed two fingers in Stacey's creamy leaking pussy whilst grabbing the tip of the banana and began to finger fuck her hard and fast whilst pulling the banana nearly all the way out of Stacey gaping red hairy arsehole before plunging it back in hard and fast.

This tipped Stacey over the edge and she erupted, repeatedly squirting large thick jet of cum over her own face and titties until eventually the squirts became a river of cream that ran through her thick black bush.

Lindsey pulled the banana from Stacey's abused bumhole and released the now satisfied Stacey from her contorted position leaving her sprawled out in the armchair with her body glistening with pussy juice and sweat whilst wearing a glazed looked on her face.

Lindsey crawled on top of Stacey and began kiss Her llightly on the lips and softly whispering to one another and giggling before Lindsey got up and sat on one of the arms of the chair with her sweet arse hanging off the edge, "I want licky sucky" she said in a cute voice rubbing her pussy on the arm if the chair. As Stacey and me crawled over Lindsey reached around and stuck her middle finger deep into her own anus before pulling it out offering it to us, I could smell her sexy nasty arsehole from Lindsey's finger but before I had a chance to get my mouth on it Stacey had beaten me to it and had her nose pressed against Lindsey mid-digit sniffing loudly and moaning.

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"You nasty girl! I want you tongue in my arse now!" Hissed Lindsey and on hearing her command Stacey began to push her tongue slowly into Lindsey's tight funky bumhole making Lindsey gasp and sigh heavily.

Seeing I looked a bit left out Stacey looked at me and shook her bum sexily at me, I took the invitation and stood behind her with the tip of my now angry/throbbing looking cock in her creamy pussy. Without warning Stacey pushed back and started to fuck my cock with her pussy with long quick strokes, again the smell of this big sexy babe filled my nostrils making me even more horny than ever. I stopped her moving then whilst embracing her from behind I began to fuck her pussy hard whilst inhaling her nasty funky scent, she turn her head to kiss me and even her breath smelt like Lindsey anus but it tasted so good we shared such a nasty kiss.

Lindsey yelled "hey! Come on! Suck my arsehole not each faces!" I reached under Stacey and collected some of the creamy juice that her pussy was leaking and began to smear it all over Lindsey arse-crack, collecting and smearing as much as I could and even rubbing some into Lindsey's arsehole too.

I pulled my cock out of Stacey's red hot creamy pussy and motioned for Lindsey to lay on her side and Stacey instantly moved round and began passionately lapping and kissing every millimetre of Between Lindsey's cheeks particularly paying attention to the centre of her tight bumhole. Lindsey pointed one of her sexy little feet at me and with a knowing look I placed my mouth and nose under her toes and began to slowly kiss and lick, her foot smelt and tasted so sexy as always.

Stacey had shifted herself round and was rubbing her big juicy bum against my hard dick "I think she likes your cock Hun!" Giggled LindseyStacey pulled her mouth from Lindsey's pucker and panted cutely "I love his cock linds! I might have to come round everyday and have him fuck me senseless!

Eh babes?" I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and continued to suck Lindsey's stinky cute toes. Stacey continued to nudge her bum against my cock whilst she now deeply tongue-fucked Lindsey anus, so I relented and nudged the head of my cock between her meaty pussy lips before pushing my dick all the way in causing her to yelp.

Lindsey fingers were now rubbing her own wet pussy which was pink and glistening, she looked up and smiled knowing how badly I wanted to taste and fuck her and pushed her fingers into Stacey mouth which she greedily sucked on before going back to getting herself off whilst getting a deep rimming from Stacey. I was now fighting hard not to cum so much so that my balls were starting to ache and I had to stop fucking Stacey's heavenly pussy "I think someone is going to cum" laughed Lindsey "I think you should cum over my bum and let Stacey eat it off" she added.

I stood with my throbbing hard cunt cream coated cock close to Lindsey's beautiful bum, Stacey see my cock and instantly glued her mouth on to it sucking her own juice off whilst squeezing my nuts hard. I was on the edge and Stacey knew it so she stopped sucking my cock and guided it so the head nudged Lindsey's tight bumhole, Lindsey pushed back so the head of my cock was inside her anus whilst Stacey massaged my balls.

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"your such a nasty fucker hun! going to fill my tight arse with your hot spunk and watch my girlfriend lick it out eh?" hissed Lindsey "I going to eat you hot cum from her bumhole babes" added Stacey as she licked her lips seductively. I couldn't hold back any longer and emptied what felt like a gallon of cum into Lindsey, I withdrew my still achingly hard dick and Stacey instantly placed her mouth over Lindsey's arsehole sucking loudly and swallowing my cum with a big smile on her face.