I have been waiting so long to lock your useless cock up

I have been waiting so long to lock your useless cock up
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The big day had finally arrived, someone would be crowned "Cum-Queen 2001!" All of the preliminary rounds had been completed. There were events like "Fastest mouth", "Biggest single withdrawal", "Shortest time between withdrawals from the same donor", and "Most exotic withdrawal location." However these were all merely warm-ups for the main event, "The most withdrawals in an Hour." The previous events had taken place over the last week and a there was no clear front-runner.

Out of the 8 contestants only a few points separated first from last. The reigning Queen presided over the events and ensured fair play. The rules were simple; coax the most cum from as many cocks as possible. The cock's owner could not touch his own penis; the contestant must do all the work. "Contestants," the reigning Queen announced, "when the I blow my whistle you may begin.

Time ends when I blow it the second time." She looked around the crowded room, about fifty guys in various states of undress shifted anxiously while the 8 contestants sized them up, looking for the ones with the edgy-horny glint in their eyes. She took a deep breath, paused for effect, then let out a long burst of sound. Instantly the contestants sprung toward their targets. Juanita, a silicone enhanced brunette Latina, grabbed two of the guys by their cocks and began stroking them.

"Stick that tool in my mouth!" she ordered a third guy. She had selected these guys based on the pre-cum already dripping from the heads of their members. She gulped the cock down her throat and began pumping her full lips up and down the shaft.

She continued until she had slobbered a generous amount of saliva on it and then switched it for one of the cocks in her hand.

She continued this until she had all three cocks slick with her spit so that her hand could slide easily along the shaft. By now men surrounded all of the women with their jutting out cocks.

Mary, also silicone enhanced, had her well experienced, she was by far the oldest contestant, mouth and hands furiously working an array of cocks while another guy slammed his monster tool into her pussy.


Thanks to her insistence on keeping in shape, Mary's cunt was as tight as a 21 year-old's. She leaned back and had one of the guys straddle her head sucking his cock into her throat as her hands jacked two more. Micca had decided on a slightly different approach.


She was kneeling over one man; his cock embedded in her super tight snatch, while another guy held her head and fucked her mouth. The two men dwarfed her petite Asian figure, but that did not stop her from hungrily consuming their meat. Her hands too busily fondled more cocks, her slender fingers making them appear like something from a monster movie.

Rose, another Hispanic entrant, held her tits together as one man pumped his cock between them. Another guy was kneeling at the side of her head so that her mouth could service him.

Yet another guy knelt between her legs and slipped his tool into her dripping pussy. When the first guy replaced her hands with his, she reached out to find more cocks to work on. Shauna had her full lips wrapped around a massive tool while several more men lined up behind her. She was on all fours, her large, well-rounded ass sticking up.

The first guy in line easily slipped his cock into her and grabbed her hips. Her hands flashed furiously along the length of the giant cock in her mouth, her dark skin contrasting starkly with the pale surface of man's shaft.

In the corner, seated on a futon, a lithe blond named Tiffany slowly worked her mouth over a cock. She slipped her butt off of the futon so that another guy could get at her pussy. One hand held the first guy's ass, pushing him into her mouth, while she worked a finger of the other hand into his ass-hole. She wasn't in a hurry, the contest was for an hour, and she did not want to tire out too soon. This was Megan's first try at the contest. Everyone was surprised that she had made it this far.

She had actually won the "Largest single withdrawal" portion of the contest.

She had asked a friend of hers who was renowned for the amount of cum he could produce. During the event she had teased him for over an hour, never losing contact with his tool as stipulated in the contest rules.

When he finally came, each spurt rocketed out like a cannonball. She actually lost a few points because his spunk over-shot the collection cup.

Even so, his was the largest load by almost twice as much. Megan had also come it at the top three of each of the other events. She was now only two points behind the leader. As if to assert her position as the leader, Glenda was the first to coax her man to orgasm. She had taken first place in all of the other events save Megan's. Most amazingly she had used only her mouth to win.

Everyone was amazed by the skill she displayed at sucking cock. Even now, as the first guy groaned his pleasure and dumped his cum on her chin and tits, Glenda was still wearing her skirt.

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She was a little on the chunky side, but the guys still appreciated her firm tits and warm mouth. Before the first guy was even finished she was pumping another load from someone else with her hand.

This load splattered on the side of her face and dripped down to her shoulder. This seemed to trigger an avalanche of orgasms as many of the guys began to spew their loads on the girls. Even a few of the girls had orgasms. Soon the room was filled with flying cum and the grunts and groans of ecstasy. One guy, over stimulated by the sight of a puddle of white cream splattered on Shauna's dark skin, grunted and dumped his load onto the floor. Juanita sat back on her heels as two guys came simultaneously, coating her perfectly round tits with cum.

Another guy squirted his semen into her hair and a fourth stepped up to shove his cock into her waiting mouth.

Mary's flat stomach was covered in cum; she made each guy leave his load there.

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She was now howling her way through her own orgasm as the first monster cock hammered her pussy, her legs up over the man's shoulders. Micca too came as she bounced up and down the length of the shaft in her cunt. Three guys had already cum on her face and the fourth was about to anoint her fine features with his spunk.

Cum dribbled out of Rose's mouth as she watched the cock slide between her tits and finally spurt out a massive amount of fluid. Shauna lovingly licked the cum from around the head of the large, black dick that had just sprayed her pert tits with juice.

She looked into the eyes of the next man and asked," You wanna cum on my face?" He smiled his affirmation and stepped forward to offer up his cock. Tiffany's face was streaked with sperm and her pussy dribbled more onto the floor beneath her. Despite her slow pace she was not that far behind the other girls. Megan had never seen such a sight. Everywhere she looked there was either a guy spurting white goo onto a woman or a woman working as many as four cocks.

The action had turned her on so much that she had cum almost as soon as the first cock pierced her labia. Now she lay back and attempted to suck the cum from the largest cock she had ever seen. All the while a line of guys pumped her pussy in nonstop succession. The instant one would dump his ejaculate onto her, another would fill her pussy back up with his cock. Gradually the number of hard cocks began to dwindle. As soon as a man finished his spasms of pleasure someone would write the girls name on his ass cheek.

This was how the score was kept. Now that the first twenty minutes had passed, the girls were running out of cocks to service. Within the first half hour they had worked the cum out of over fifty cocks.

Now something different would have to be done. "Half-time," chimed Angie, the current Queen, "and the leader is Glenda. Megan and Shauna are right behind her though." Taking a cue from the Queen's words, Megan grabbed a man by the cock and said," You want to fuck my ass?" His eyes lit up and his cock stiffened.

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He got behind Megan and pressed the head of his dick against her anus. "Go ahead, my ass is ready," she said. Indeed, her ass was slick with cum, both from the numerous cocks that had pounded her pussy and from her own orgasms.

Soon after penetrating her ass the guy was gasping and grunting through his second orgasm. The heat and pressure was overwhelming and soon another line of guys was cueing up to fuck Megan's ass.

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She was now surrounded by guys filling her mouth, hands, pussy and ass with their eager cocks. Within a few minutes she had surged ahead of the competition.

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Not to be out done by a rookie, Glenda hitched up her skirt and offered up her own ass. By the time she had just finished off the third guy with her ass when the other girls started opening their own sphincters for the satisfaction of the men. Soon the room was refilled with the groans and grunts of the men and the delighted squeals of the women. Megan could not believe the sight of this all out orgy. The girls were by now coated in cum; it dripped from their chins, noses, and their nipples.

Every hole had been invaded; every cock drained of its semen, and then re-drained. With only a few minutes remaining the girls began a feverish rush for cum. Juanita kneeled as yet another guy dumped a load of jizz on her chest. Mary and Tiffany had closed the gap in a flood of white cream. Micca, Rose and Shauna were practically swimming in a puddle of semen. They had moved closer to each other as the event wore on.

Now they were huddled together, back-to-back, supporting each other as, one after another, the guys assaulted them with their swollen, shiny members.

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As the time limit approached, Megan could not understand why Glenda would not use her pussy. Megan was sure she was in the lead; Glenda's only hope was to allow someone into her cunt. Maybe she was on the rag. Megan looked a little closer at Glenda, even as another cock pushed past her lips. Then she saw it, the slight bulge, and the tiny wet spot. Glenda had a cock!

She was a transvestite. She smiled to herself, deciding to let Glenda keep her secret. Maybe later they could discuss their technique. The cacophony of moans and sighs, grunts and groans, was suddenly shattered by a long blast of noise from the Cum Queen's whistle. The contest was over. The girls were dripping cum like they had swum a mile in the stuff.

The men were directed out and the women were allowed to shower as the scores were tallied. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner." Announced the soon-to-be-replaced Queen. She paused again, a huge smile splitting her face. She had flogged her own pussy to exhaustion during the contest and was ready for some sleep.

"It was the closest, most hotly, contest in our history, but the winner and Cum Queen 2001 is Megan!" The room erupted in applause as Megan stepped forward to accept the crown.

Later she would celebrate privately with her boyfriend, but now she had to sit in the throne and accept the tongue worship of the losing contestants. The End