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Big fat long dick
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Steve rolled over and started stir as the morning sunlight shone through the gap in the blinds and hit him in the eyes, holding his hand in front of his face he opened his eyes and glanced over at the clock "Hmph, 8am, should really get out of bed" he said quietly to himself. Sitting up he rubbed his eyes and swung his legs off the bed feeling the soft carpet beneath his feet, he let out a yawn and stretched before turning to see if his 18 year old girlfriend had awoken yet "Sally, you awake" he asked softly, no reply, which was usual as she could sleep in all day if she had no reason to get up.

Steve stood up and stumbled forwards while his tired legs remembered how to work after a good nights sleep, grabbing hold of the dresser he straightened up and headed out of the bedroom and down the hallway to the bathroom, locking the door behind him he went over to the toilet to ease the pressure of his bladder that was so familiar to him in the morning. After washing his hands he looked at himself in the mirror, noticing the way his short cropped hair was just beginning to cover his ears.

He scratched his stubbly 23 year old chin and thought about shaving, but then decided he couldn't be bothered so he left the bathroom and went to find something for breakfast He walked down the stairs and turned down the hallway into the kitchen, as he passed the living room he could hear the TV on but didn't look in as he knew it would be Sallys 16 year old sister Annie who was staying with them for a few days while her parents were out of town, unlike her sister she was usually up early.

Steve walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge taking out the milk for some cereal.

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He took a bowl and spoon from the dishwasher and a box of cereal from the cupboard and poured himself a bowlful, putting the milk and cereal back in their places he picked up the bowl and took it into the living room. "Morning Annie, did you sleep ok?" Steve asked as he walked into the living room and sat in his favourite chair "Yeah, but the couch is a bit firm, my bed at home is much softer so my back hurts a little" she replied "Sorry about that, if we had a bed in the spare room you could have used that but at the minute it's just a room full of junk" "It's ok, it's not like i'm going to be sleeping on here for long, i'm sure i can manage a few days" Steve looked over the TV while shovelling another spoonful of cereal into his mouth to see what Annie was watching, it looked like a typical teenage low budget TV show "What on earth are you watching?" he asked her "Nothing really i'm just flicking through the channels until i find something interesting" she told him "Why don't you put a DVD on or something?" Steve suggested "Ok, anything in particular you wanna watch?" she quizzed "I'm not too fussed to be honest, just no chick flicks" Annie pulled the quilt back, stood up and stretched, lifting her long blonde hair up and letting it fall back down again.

Up until this point Steve had never seen his girlfriends sister as anything but a child but as she stretched in front of him he couldn't help noticed the swell of her breasts and the curve of her ass. Her stretching had caused her pyjama top to ride up exposing her toned stomach.

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He suddenly realised not only was he staring at a hot blonde teenager who only a few minutes ago was just a blonde kid, but that he had a raging hard on. Steve was glad he had a tray on his lap to hide his bulging crotch, the loose fitting joggers he usually wore at night were hardly hiding it on their own. He reluctantly tore his eyes away from the mouthwatering sight in front of him and looked into his bowl, taking another spoonful he thought to himself about how he shouldn't look, she's his girlfriends sister and 7 years younger than him.

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He finished his breakfast and sat back in the chair pretending he was letting his food go down when in actuality he was just trying to force his erection down enough so he could get up and take his tray and bowl into the kitchen without Annie noticing the bulge in his pants. Steve looked up at Annie as she bent over in front of the DVD cabinet and his eyes almost melted at the sight of her firm round full ass sticking out in his direction, taking this as his chance he leapt up and rushed out of the room taking his empty breakfast crockery with him.

Standing in front of the kitchen sink he splashed cold water onto his face and forced his heart rate down and regained his composure before returning to the living room, he knew he should probably leave Annie to herself and resist any temptations he might have but he couldn't resist being around her incase he got to see some more of her fine teenage body, so he went back into the living room to find she was waiting for him before starting the movie.

"What did you pick?" he asked her "Pulp Fiction, i never saw it but my friends at school said it was awesome" Annie replied "Are you sure?

it might be a bit mature for you" he said "I'm not a kid you know, i'm old enough to understand mature films" she argued "Ok ok i didn't mean to offend you" he defended, all the time thinking how right she was about not being a kid anymore Steve set himself down in the chair and Annie started the film.


After about 30 minutes Steve realised how cold he was, the boiler had been on the blink for the past few days and the central heating system wasn't working "I'm just popping upstairs to find a blanket, it's a bit chilly" he told her "Why don't you just share my quilt" she suggested Steves heart skipped a beat, had he just heard that right, he thought about it for a second, he really shouldn't but every part of his body was saying to take the chance to get under the covers with this sexy young blonde girl.

Before he even realised it he'd agreed and was finding himself walking over to the couch. He sat at the opposite end of the couch and pulled the quilt around him as much as he could. Steve tried to relax as best as he could but then Annie stretched her legs and laid them over Steves lap, this caused his cock to stiffen up in an instant and he had to move her feet so she couldn't feel it, he was enjoying the touch and didn't want to scare her off. The film went on for a while and eventually reached a gay rape scene when suddenly Annie blurted out "Have you ever been fucked by a guy Steve?" "What the hell?

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of course not, and you shouldn't be asking questions like that, you're too young" "I'm not too young, i understand about sex" she replied "Well that's as may be but you shouldn't ask questions like that, especially of your sisters boyfriend" "Don't worry i won't say anything to her, besides you're the one who's been rubbing my feet for the past 20 minutes" she giggled Steve suddenly realised she was right, he hadn't even noticed it had been happening.

He quickly pushed her feet off his lap and moved his hands away "What's wrong, i was enjoying that, it's not like you were doing anything wrong" she told him "Your sister would kill me if she saw me rubbing your feet like that" he replied "Oh come on Steve i know you were enjoying it" she said as she moved her feet back on to his lap and started rubbing his throbbing cock between her toes "Stop it Annie you don't know what you're getting yourself into" "Oh I think I know full well what i'm getting myself into, and i know you want it too" With that she pulled the quilt off the couch and the 2 people sitting on it, it was at that point Steve realised Annie had taken her pyjama top off and he was now staring and her firm round unobstructed breasts, his cock straining at his pants, trying to burst through the fabric and make contact with the feet that were rubbing his crotch.

"You like what you see big boy" she asked him seductively "Please don't do this Annie, your parents would kill me" he said "As if i'd tell them about what i get upto" she sat up and leaned closer to Steve and grabbed hold of his cock. She put her hand under his waistband and wrapped her soft fingers around his shaft, slowly she began to slide her hand up and down causing him to moan in pleasure.

She moved closer and pushed her lips against his, probing with her tongue, desperatley trying to get him to open his mouth and accept it inside. Steve was trying to fight as best as he could but his body just wouldn't respond to his brain, he reached up and took a breast in each hand. Annie let out a small gasp as her tongue finally passed between his lips and her nipples came under the attention of his thumbs as hey rolled them around in gentle circles.

Annie broke off the kiss and stood up in front of Steve, slowly she turned round and teasingly bent forwards pushing her pyjama bottoms to the floor and her ass into his face. His hands reached up and grabbed the soft pliable flesh of her buttocks, squeezing gently and causing a moan to escape her lips.

He moved his thumbs together then pulled her cheeks apart exposing her soft pink pussy and puckered anus.

It looked so warm and inviting, so smooth, shaven and very very wet.


He moved his thumbs again and pulled her puffy lips apart, opening up the hole to her inviting insides and noticed her hymen was still intact. He immediately pulled his hands away. "Oh my god you're still a virgin, i can take your virginity" he said "Of course you can silly, i've wanted to lose it to you for the past 2 years so you better just sit back and enjoy it" she scolded "But." he began "But nothing, shut up and i promise you'll have fun" she said smiling Annie stood up and turned around, leaning forwards to kiss Steve and grabbing his hands so she could make him squeeze her tits.

After a few moments she broke the kiss and knelt in front of him, she pulled his pants down freeing his raging erection. Throwing his pants into the hall she admired his body while rubbing her breasts and teasing her own nipples. Steve could hardly believe this was happening, here he was naked with a gorgeous naked blonde girl kneeling between his legs playing with her nipples, he briefly thought about Sally upstairs and what would happen is she woke up and came into the living room, just as the thought struck his mind Annie shot forward and took 5" of his 7" cock into her mouth, no warming up, no teasing licks, just straight down until it hit the back of her throat Sally woke up to find Steve was already awake, no surprise there she thought, he was always up before her.

She got out of bed and was about to walk out into the hall naked when she remembered her little sister was here so she quickly threw on her bathrobe and went to the toilet. She washed her hands and brushed her long brown hair and then went to make for the living room. Halfway down the stairs she heard a wet slurping noise coming from the living room and wondered what was going on. Rather than going down the stairs she sat down and looked into the hallway mirror, from here she could see into the living room and what she saw made her gasp, her 16 year old sister was kneeling on the floor in front of her 23 year old boyfriend with his cock in her mouth Sallys first reaction was to run in a punch the 2 of them but something held her back, she couldn't explain it but the sight of the lustful act was stirring up feelings in the pit of her stomach, good feelings, and she was getting wet, she could feel the moisture seeping out from between her thighs and starting to trickle down her leg, she only ever got that wet when she was in a mega horny mood.

She sat and watched Annies blonde head bob up and down on Steves thick cock, surprised at how much of it she could fit into her mouth. Annie stopped sucking and while jacking him off she just looked into Steves eyes, he seemed to know what she wanted and nodded. Steve stood up and switched places with Annie, lifting her ass up of the couch he flicked his tongue against her clit, causing a squeal of delight to escape her lips, she twisted and teased her nipples as he dove into her pussy, mashing his face between her lips, licking around her virgin hole, pushing his tongue inside until he touched her hymen, sucking on her clit and nibbling it softly until she tensed up and started shuddering.

Sally couldn't believe she had just witnessed her boyfriend give her little sister an orgasm, her first one as far as she was aware, Annie and Sally were fairly close being only 2 years apart.

The sight of the naked blonde teen writhing around on her boyfriends face sent shivers down Sallys own body and soon she had an orgasm too, she sat on the stairs catching her breath trying to stay quiet so she didn't spook them, she was enjoying the show too much. "I want you to fuck me now Steve" Annie said, Sally was shocked at the words but her fingers soon found her clit in expectation of the show to come "Are you sure, I don't want to hurt you" Steve replied "Yes i'm fucking sure, stop questioning me and lie on the floor" she commanded Sally nearly let out a cry of despair, if they lay on the floor she wouldn't be able to see them from the stairs.

She reluctantly got up and quietly walked down into the hallway and positioned herself by the door, she could see them through the crack of the door and was fairly sure they couldn't see her, her hand went back to her pussy as her other hand teased her nipple. Steve lay on the floor and placed a cushion behind his head which was at the far end of the room from the doorway, Annie gave his cock another quick suck and positioned her pussy above his throbbing member, slowly she reached out and steadied his cock and started lowering herself onto him, her pussy still slick with a mixture of saliva and her pussy juices.

She rubbed his cock head against her clit a few times then placed it at the opening to her warm wet insides, slowly she lowered herself down so the head was in and pushing against her hymen, she could feel the pressure and knew it was going to hurt, but she wanted this more than anything and nothing was going to stop her now.

Annie rested her hands on Steves chest while she got used to the head of his throbbing penis inside her soaked pussy, then holding her breath she slammed herself down hard, ripping through the hymen and taking in Steves entire 7" pole, just as she was beginning to let out a scream of pain she brought her hands to her mouth to stop herself making too much noise, the last thing she wanted was to wake her sister. Tears streamed down her face as the pain began to subside "Are you ok honey?" Steve asked gently "Yeah i'm ok, i knew it would hurt but i wasn't quite ready for that" she answered "We can stop if you want" he said "No i'm fine, please don't stop, the pain is gone now" "Ok i'll just let you go at your own pace" Sally watched through the crack in the door as her little sister tore her hymen in one swift move, she rubbed her clit furiously trying her best to stay quiet as another orgasm hit and threatened to knock her over.

Taking off her bathrobe she knelt down low and crept into the living room on all fours, low enough so Steve couldn't see her she moved forwards to get a better look at her sister grinding on his cock.

Annie leaned forwards to kiss Steve and Sally saw her chance, creeping up behind Annie she suddenly grabbed her ass and buried her face between her cheeks and slid her tongue up her tight butthole. Annie sat up with a squeal as she felt the tongue touch her ass, Steve cried out as he realised what was going on and tried to move from under Annie.

Sally stood up and held her sister in place so neither could move, they both just looked at her with Steve still buried to the balls in the young blondes pussy. "Well well, looks like you 2 got off to an early start today" Sally commented "How long have you been there?" Steve asked frantically "Oh long enough" she replied "Sally i'm so sorry i didn't." Annie said before Sally cut her off "Shhhhh sis it's ok, i've already had 2 orgasms, i didn't realise what a nice body you had" "What!?" Steve and Annie said in shocked disbelief "Shut up and lets have fun" Sally replied Sally held Annies face and brought their lips together, locking toungues and probing her mouth.

Reaching down Sally found her sisters clit and started rubbing, causing Annie to start grinding on Steves cock again, Steve soon got the hint and reached up to grab one of Annies tits and one of Sallys. soon all three were enjoying themselves and Annie starting to have another orgasm, she lifted her hips up and slammed herself down onto Steves cock and then squirted all over his chest and stomach, Sally wasted no time in diving down and licking it all up.

Out of breath Annie got off Steve and sat on the floor next him, Sally quickly took the chance to impale herself on Steves cock and started furiously bouncing up and down while rubbing her clit until she also had an orgasm.

Screaming and thrashing she finally calmed down and got up. Steve was left lying on the living room floor having just deflowered his girlfriends younger sister and having both of them orgasm over his cock, yet he himself was yet to cum. Sally pushed Annie back so she was lying down and proceeded to lick the swollen pussy of her no longer innocent little sister, lifting her ass in the air signalling for Steve to fuck her doggy style, he didn't wait for a second, he got up and moved round to Sallys pussy and shoved his cock between her pussy lips.

Soon Sally was reaching another orgasm and started moaning into Annies tight pussy, the vibrations of Sallys moans pushed Annie over the edge and both orgasmed together, Annie spraying her big sisters face with cum "Damn girl i had no idea you were a squirter" Sally said "It's never happened before sis, i've never been this turned on before, i'm sorry" "Don't be sorry, it's amazing, and it tastes so sweet" Sally said, causing Annie to blush "Can i get some more cock please big sister?" Annie asked coyly "Of course you can, are you on the pill?" Sally asked "Yeh, will you lick my ass like you did before?" "Sure sis, your ass tastes good" Steve stopped pounding into his girlfriends tight pussy and lay back down ready for Annie to sit back on his cock, he didn't have to wait long as he felt her legs on either side of his, she was facing away from him as Sally had told her and as Steve felt the velvety soft walls of Annies pussy consume his straining cock he looked up and saw Sally lowering herself onto his face.

Moving his arms up under her legs he grabbed her ass and pulled her down to his face, pushing his tongue into the tasty lips of his girlfriend. Sally leaned forwards and grabbed Annies ass and squeezed the cheeks as she felt Steve squeeze hers, pulling the cheeks apart she watched in fascination as Annies tight pussy slowly slid up and down Steves thick cock, she licked his cock from the base until she reached Annies flesh then she licked around the sweet teenagers pussy and slowly up to her puckered asshole.

Sticking out her tongue Sally tried her best to match the movements of Steves tongue in her pussy to her tongue in Annies ass, soon Annie started to have another orgasm and squirted all over Steves balls and legs. Annie collapsed forwards onto Steves legs but Sally grabbed hold of her hips and held her impaled on Steves cock until she regained her strength and sat back up again.

Sally sat up and while still sitting on Steves face she reached around Annie and squeezed her breasts and played with her nipples some more. Sally could feel her own orgasm building and new Steve was getting close because of how frantically he was eating her out. Sally put her finger into Annies mouth and Annie started sucking on it like a miniature cock, getting it nice and wet. Suddenly Sally sat up and pushed Annie forwards, just as she was about to start her orgasm she slipped her saliva coated finger into Annies ass.

Simultaneously all 3 came at once, Annie was overwhelmed with pleasure from multiple orgasms, riding Steves fat cock and now Sally fingering her ass, Sally was so turned on by fingering her little sisters ass and Steves tongue buried in her pussy and Steve was in heaven with a tight newly broken in pussy riding on his aching cock, the feeling of Sallys finger in Annies ass and the taste of Sally as she came all over his face.

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He shot his cum deep into Annie so hard she felt it hit the back of her pussy, triggering another mini orgasm. By now all 3 were completely exhausted, and it still wasn't even midday yet. Annie crept over to her sister and kissed her passionately before putting her arms around her and hugging her tightly "Thank you sis that was the most amazing feeling ever" Annie said with tears of happiness streaming down her face "That's ok babe, you know i love you and want you to be happy" "Can i sleep in with you guys tonight?

The couch is really firm and hurt my back last night" Annie asked her sister "If it's ok with Steve" Sally said "Only on one condition, nobody is allowed to wear clothes in bed" Steve added "Of course, lets go get cleaned up" Sally said Sally stood up and helped Annie up of the floor and took her upstairs to have a shower. Steve followed them up a few minutes later to find Sally standing against the glass door of the shower with Annies face in her pussy "This is gonna be a hell of a week" he said quietly to himself