Blonde girls wants to be fucked hard

Blonde girls wants to be fucked hard
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Friday night was date night for the Sparrows. Gina and Dave were painting the town red, leaving their children home alone. At 18, Sarah and Michael were old enough to be left to their own devices, and were both mature enough to be trusted. Gina still gave them "the talk" though; "No falling out. No fighting. Be in bed at a reasonable time.

If you have any friends over, make sure they've left before we get home." "Unless it's Mandy!" Dave chirped, miming a pair a bosoms and nudging Michael.

Michael turned beet red and stuffed his hands in his pockets; he'd had a crush on Sarah's friend for ages. "Dave!" Gina chastised, Sarah smirked. She knew her step-brother fancied the pants off her friend, but he was too shy to do anything about it. "You be good you two." Gina kissed each on the forehead and followed Dave out to the waiting taxi. Sarah waved as the taxi pulled away, Michael climbed the stairs as his sister shouted after him, "Put your headphones on this time.

It sounded like a warzone last week!" Michael grunted an affirmative as he closed his bedroom door and turned on his PlayStation. It was seven years ago that Michael's mother had died; cancer had taken her before his 9th birthday, and he missed her still. Dave met Gina two years later, waiting for their kids at the school gates, they started chatting; Gina's husband had left her a year earlier for some floozy at work, she still felt bitter about it, and it had knocked her confidence somewhat, so she was taken aback when Dave asked her out for coffee.

At first she declined, then, as Dave walked to his car after Michael, she chased after him and grabbed his elbow. "Sorry, sorry." She said breathlessly as she caught up to him, "I'd love to. Have coffee with you I mean." She smiled up at him. Startled, Dave smiled back. He had expected rejection, but this was a twist he hadn't seen coming. "Tomorrow then? Before we pick the kids up?

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Here?" He pointed to the little coffee shop he'd parked in front of. "Sounds great." She beamed. "It's a date." Dave told Michael in the car, he knew of Gina's daughter, she was friends with a girl he fancied at school and he was in a few of the same classes as her; she seemed nice, although he'd never really spoken to her. He only had eyes for Mandy. As Dave and Gina's love for each other grew, so too did Michael and Sarah's friendship; they were frequently at each other's houses until the day their parents married and moved in together.

They had decided to get a new home; selling their own houses and discarding the painful memories that went with them. As both houses were mostly paid for with either divorce settlements or life insurance, they could afford to move to a nicer neighbourhood too.

Although Michael was now friends with Sarah, he was no closer to Mandy; his shyness always got in the way whenever he got close to even speaking to her. There had been more competition for him at school too; the other boys had noticed that Mandy's blouse was tighter in the areas that mattered, Sarah, although not flat chested herself, was slightly jealous of the attention that Mandy's expanding bosom garnered.

Mandy loved the attention, especially from older boys. Michael hardly registered on her radar. In his room, Michael donned his headphones and retreated into his video game world, fully immersed and oblivious to his surroundings.

Downstairs, the doorbell rang, Sarah answered the door to Mandy, escorted by two guys, one with his arm around Mandy's waist, the other trying his hardest not to look like a third wheel.

"You alone chick?" Mandy walked in the door, followed by her mini entourage, "This is Andy and Tony." They both nodded, "Tony's mine, Andy's his mate." With little ceremony, Mandy dragged Tony to the couch and pulled him next to her.

They watched TV, Tony kissing Mandy, his hands wandering all over her curvaceous form and feeling her breasts under her sweater. Andy sat quietly, stealing glances at Sarah. Sarah tried not to notice his furtive looks, but she smiled sweetly at him when their eyes met. The sounds of Mandy and Tony's kissing were distracting enough, but when his hand found her pussy, she moaned as he slipped his finger in.

"Not here!" Mandy panted. She stood up dragging him towards the stairs, "Do you mind?" She asked Sarah. "Go ahead, just don't make a mess." Sarah sighed, then returned her attention to the TV and Andy's sly peeks as her friend clattered up the stairs to Sarah's bedroom, an obviously excited Tony followed in her wake. Tony pushed the bedroom door shut as Mandy sat on the bed and removed her top, revealing breasts that strained against their silky prison.

Tony removed his t-shirt and sat next to Mandy, kissing her as she loosened his belt. "Gently!" She said as he squeezed her breasts through the thin fabric. She unclasped her bra and lay back on the bed.

Tony lay next to her, his hand stroking from her belly to her soft bosom and tweaking her nipple as it responded to his touch. He sucked it as his hand moved down her body and under the waistband of her skirt, flicking her nipple with his tongue whilst his fingers traced the outline of her lips through her panties. Downstairs, Andy was still switching his attention between the TV and Sarah, although his mind was on Mandy.

Sarah knew she was playing second fiddle to her friend; Mandy always had boys chasing her, although it was only recently she'd been letting them catch her, and judging from the noises coming from Sarah's bedroom, she'd just let someone come close enough to get her to orgasm. Andy was looking towards the stairs, listening intently to the sounds of lust drifting down.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and Sarah noticed the bulge in his pants. She was also getting aroused from her friends moaning, moving next to Andy, she put a hand on his thigh and kissed him. He kissed back as her hand moved to his crotch, feeling his hardness. Mandy was on her back, breathing hard, Tony's head between her legs and her hands intwined in his hair.

He moved up her body, kissing her, pausing to suck each nipple, then kissing her neck as he lined his cock up to her waiting pussy. His penis parted her and she gasped, he slowed his entrance, not wanting to hurt her when she stopped him.

"I'm not ready." She said quietly, "I can't do this now." Tony was disappointed, but he slipped out and rolled onto his back. Mandy swung one leg over his chest and backed her pussy up his face, "Eat me again." She whispered as she licked the length of his straining member. It didn't take long for Tony to pump his seed into her mouth and she cried out, covering his face with her juices as she came over him. Michael had taken off his headphones to use the toilet and, hearing bed springs creaking and breathless moans, he had spied movement on his sister's bed through the crack in the door.

Forgetting about his need to pee, he peered closer, the knot in his stomach moving up to his heart, compressing his chest, as he realised that the girl currently in the throes of passion was the very same girl he fantasised about almost constantly.

He watched as Tony took Mandy over the edge, his tongue tasting her juices as she gripped his hair, pulling him into her as she cried out. Michaels own cock betrayed him, begging for attention as the object of his affection climaxed for another man. He went to the bathroom in need of a release, but not the kind he'd set out for.

On his way, he heard a grunt from downstairs as another man achieved at the hands of his sister, what he hoped to gain by his own. The girls cleaned up. Michael lay in bed, visions of Mandy running through his head. He heard goodbyes, kisses, and the front door closed as Mandy, Tony and Sarah's new boyfriend, Andy, left. She climbed the stairs, looked in on Micheal, who had his back to the door, then she went to bed. Michael woke to the sound of the front door being closed clumsily, followed by his dad and step-mum trying to climb the stairs without being heard.

They failed; seeming to find every creaking step and floorboard as they crept into their room and erupted in fits of giggles. His step-mother's giggles turned to moans, then to screams as the bed springs squeaked to a crescendo and ended with a deep, satisfied sigh. Michael's thoughts turned back to Mandy as a softer sound drifted through the thin walls; Sarah was trying to be quiet as she worked herself to her own climax.

Michael erupted without even touching himself, the friction of his sheets was enough to make him explode. In minutes, the four of them were sound asleep. The next Friday brought more of the same; their parents went out, Michael went to his room to play video games (although this time he only covered one ear with his headphones.) And Mandy came round with the boys in tow, disappearing upstairs with Tony as the pair became more amorous.

Michael heard them rush up the stairs this time, the door to Sarah's bedroom locked behind them. The wall between the bedrooms offered little privacy though, as Michael pushed his ear to it, listening intently as clothing was unzipped and discarded. Mandy's breathing became heavier as she screamed "Yes!

God, yes!. Eat me! Fuck yes! Yes! That's so good." "Did you bring one?" Mandy asked Tony. Michael heard Tony say "Yes." at the same time as his sister screamed it downstairs, Andy's hand was under her skirt, working her into a frenzy. Upstairs, a condom had been produced, rolled on, and was making it's way towards Mandy's slick pussy. She guided him in, gasping as his swollen cock parted her lips and gently pushed through her waiting hymen. She braced herself for the momentary pain, and Tony stopped until she was ready, which she announced with "What are you waiting for?

Fuck me!" Tony lasted two minutes. Michael, less; he was cleaned up and back in his bedroom before Tony emerged to use the bathroom. For the next few Fridays, things carried on like this, although Sarah had taken Andy in her mouth the last couple of times, she had never allowed him to penetrate her with anything other than his fingers.

Andy was getting frustrated, but he stayed with Sarah for Tony's sake, whilst also hoping that the rumours about Mandy were true. Hearing her cries of passion drifting down the stairs, he certainly believed they were. Despite her only losing her virginity weeks ago, there had been stories circulating about Mandy's promiscuity long before; none of them were true and at least one was started by Mandy herself, but she loved the attention they brought, she thought they gave her an air of experience and sophistication.

What the boys actually thought of her was far more crude, with the nicest word used to describe her being "easy." Sarah was on her back on the couch, her panties discarded. Andy sucked her juices from his fingers and lay on top of her, "Not yet." She whispered. "Then when?" Came Andy's impatient reply. "I can't do it now. Not here. I'm not ready." "Whatever." Andy said, dejected although not really bothered; he was waiting for his chance with Mandy, Sarah was merely a distraction for him, a starter before his main course.

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"I'm going to the toilet." He said, standing and walking upstairs in his boxers. Mandy's moans were getting louder as he approached Sarah's bedroom, and he realised the door was slightly ajar. Peeking through the gap, he saw Mandy on top of Tony, her head bobbing up and down on his cock, his hands reaching round her lower back and his head between her legs.

Andy watched for a few moments, then his penis started thinking for him; seizing his chance, he entered the room. As Tony removed his head, Andy pushed his rigid tool into her, she groaned around Tony's cock, lost in lust as Andy started to fuck Mandy slowly. Her orgasm built as Andy picked up his pace, she hadn't realised Andy was fucking her until she felt a pair of hands on her breasts and another pair on her waist, but she was too far gone by then to care.

Tony blew his load in her mouth, she gulped his offering, his spent cock falling from her lips. Another orgasm ripped through her and she cried out as Andy exploded into her, grunting as he forced his seed into her wanton pussy.

Mandy collapsed on the bed and rolled onto her back, her chest heaving, Andy lay on her left side, Tony to her right, each cupped a breast in their hand. She reached out, pulled their heads to her bosom, and both boys started to suck on her nipples. Mandy knew that Tony was only with her for the sex; he wasn't steady boyfriend material, just someone who could put some truth into the rumours about her. A means to a sordid end. Now that she had also snared Andy in her honey trap, she felt empowered.

Both boys would either fight over her, or continue to pleasure her. For the meantime, they were toys to do as she pleased with. She wasn't the used, but the user. Sarah was in the bathroom. Andy had been gone too long, and she'd heard the cacophony of grunts coming from her bedroom; climbing the stairs to see what had happened to Andy, she saw him thrusting into Mandy while her friend sucked the cock of his.

Seemingly unnoticed, Sarah went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Head in hands, she sobbed quietly. She'd been falling for Andy, her heart gave an involuntary jump when she saw him, now she felt it had shattered. She sat, her shoulders slumped, chest hitching with each sob. Gathering herself, she left the bathroom and walked towards the stairs. She heard Andy laughing, his voice getting closer to the doorway; she couldn't face him. She slipped quietly into Michael's room and closed the door silently, waiting in the shadows as Andy passed the door.

Michael was startled, he was stood still, his ear pressed to the wall in the dark, holding his breath. In the bathroom, Andy turned on the taps, masking the sound of Sarah's departure, and Michael's exhalation. As the water ran, Sarah made her way back downstairs, passing her bedroom and it's current occupants, oblivious to her presence.

She lay on the couch, pretending to sleep as her guests cleaned up and left, trying not to rouse her. "What do I tell her?" She heard Andy say. "Leave it to me." Mandy said. "I'll let her down gently. We'll have to keep this quiet though! I don't want people thinking I'm a slag!" "No, just a cheap, boyfriend stealing tart!" Sarah thought.

They closed the door quietly and made their way down the street, laughing, leaving Sarah on her own, she started to cry. Michael sat at the top of the stairs, his heart was aching for his step-sister.

He wanted to chase after Andy and beat him senseless for the way he'd treated Sarah, but he knew it would do no good. Instead, he descended the stairs, sat to next to her and put his arm around her.

She turned, put her head on his shoulder and cried harder as her emotions ran rampant. Michael gently brushed the hair from her face behind her ear and kissed her forehead. Holding her close as sobs racked through her, he kissed her ear and inhaled the scent of her hair. Sarah's sobbing subsided, although she still held tightly to Michael as though he were an anchor tethering her to the ground.

Soothing her, his hand ran through her hair and he placed a tender kiss on her earlobe. Sarah felt something change. The dynamics of their relationship shifted exponentially as her heart began to race. Michael was oblivious of her heart's metamorphosis until she raised her head and looked into his eyes with what looked like hunger. They gazed at each other for a second, Sarah made her next move before she'd thought it through properly, but she knew what she wanted, and she needed it now.

Pulling him closer, their lips met and she kissed him. Stunned at first, he responded by trying to pull away, but his resistance faded almost immediately, he kissed back, mouth open, eyes closed and hands wandering as time and space ceased to matter. The sound of lock penetrated by key snapped them back to reality. They parted quickly, guilt replaced lust as Sarah jumped to the opposite side of the couch and hastily straightened her t-shirt. "Oh Shit!" Gina exclaimed, stumbling through the door.

"What are you two still doing up?" She hadn't noticed anything untoward, Gina was too busy concentrating on forward motion. "It was a long film Mum." Sarah replied as Gina shakily approached the stairs. Dave followed, he'd obviously not had as much to drink as his wife, who was holding on to the newel post in a bid to stay upright.

"Hi guys." Dave said. "I'd better get rummy here to bed. Make sure you switch all the lights off before you come up." He bid them goodnight, then helped Gina up the stairs and into their bedroom.

Sarah looked at Michael and saw the boy she'd seen as her brother for the last seven years. He looked confused, she didn't know what had come over her, he was still trying to process it. The silence was starting to get uncomfortable when she blurted out "I'm sorry!" She looked at her feet, embarrassed.

"I don't know how it happened. I was upset and. You, and. I don't know." She started to cry and Michael held her shoulders. "It's okay." He said quietly. "I heard what happened with Andy. You were just upset and confused and we lost control for a second." Sarah was sure he was trying to rationalise it more for himself, and she thought it could possibly be true, but she had butterflies in her stomach and she was fighting the urge to kiss him again.

Michael broke the spell by kissing her on the cheek. She brightened instantly. "Let's go to bed." He said. "Yours or mine?" She said cheekily, although deep down she was hoping for an either/or answer, hoping to feel his warmth against her body as they slept.

"Best be our own tonight." He answered sensibly, her imagination taking hold of the last word. "Tonight?" She thought, "Why did he say tonight? Where do we go from here? Is this going to be hanging over us every time I touch him? What? How?" Michael turned off the lights and followed Sarah upstairs. At the top, he kissed her cheek and they said goodnight, she let his hand linger on her bum for a second, then she turned and entered her own bedroom. He lay on his back, the sound of their parent's snores drifting through the wall to his left, the sound of his step-sister's ragged breathing and her headboard softly thumping the wall to his right.

There was a muffled cry as she came, the edge of her duvet clamped between her teeth to lessen the noise, as the fantasy of Michael doing to her what she'd just done to herself rampaged through her mind. Saturday morning felt no different to any other; Sarah awoke feeling refreshed and happy.

She stripped her bedclothes, hoping never to see them again. She was due a new set anyway and vowed that she'd get some today in town.

Downstairs, Dave was making breakfast; the smell of frying bacon was the only sure-fire way of getting his son up early on a weekend, and today was no exception.

Michael came down the stairs, drawn by the siren song of sizzling sausages. Sarah put her sheets in the washing machine and sat at the table next to Michael. She held his hand, squeezed it momentarily and said "Thanks." "For what?" "Being there for me." She kissed his cheek, a spark of electricity jumped between them, her heart fluttered and she let go of his hand, fearing she'd lose control again.

Michael felt it too, the feelings of regret and shame dwindling the longer she sat next to him. "You two can go into town on your own today." Dave said from the stove, "Your mother is feeling a little, shall we say, delicate, after last night's frolics.

I'll drop you off if you want?" "We'll get the bus dad." Michael said, Sarah smiled at him sweetly, inside, she was nervous and jubilant; left alone, together, could she control herself? Would people know what had gone on between them if they saw them out together?

She decided that she was being silly; she was only out shopping with her brother at the end of the day, and it had only been one kiss. As it happened, she had nothing to fear; Michael was as apprehensive as Sarah about being together alone. They chatted about it on the bus, talking quietly, though none of their fellow passengers were remotely interested in the love lives of teenagers.

Over a coffee, sat at a table near the window, Michael spotted Mandy. She was walking up the street with Tony and Andy either side. "Put your hood up." Michael urged Sarah. "Why? Ah!" She quickly pulled up the hood of her sweater as Tony opened the door for Mandy and the three of them walked to the counter. "Shit! Did they see me?" "Don't think so. I don't think they recognised you, and I've never been properly introduced to those two anyway.

"Don't think you will now." Sarah said chuckling. "Should we get out of here?" "Let them sit down first, then we can escape." "Good idea." The group ordered drinks and sat on the easy chairs behind them, close enough so Michael and Sarah could hear every word of their conversation. "I've changed my mind. She's my best mate." Mandy said, "This is your doing, you'll have to tell her." "Well what am I supposed to say?" Andy said, "I didn't fancy you, I was only after your mate who, by the way, doesn't really care that she fucked your boyfriend and was really hoping for a threesome with him and his mate.

Really sorry about that!" "There's no need to be so crude, Andy." She snapped, "Just tell her she's not what you're in to and it wouldn't be fair on her to carry on." "Ooh, that's good." Tony piped up. "You should be one of them agony aunts." "Except she's the one causing the agony." Sarah said under her breath.

"I'll text her that then." Andy took out his phone, Sarah shot a panicked look at Michael, who started to get up, but Mandy put her hand over Andy's. "Not now!" She said, "It'll look a bit suspect if you do it now! Wait until Tuesday at least." "S'pose you're right." Andy returned the phone to his pocket, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief.

Mandy knew Sarah's text tone; if Mandy heard her phone go off in her bag, she'd have to face them, and she wasn't up to that yet. "Anyway. About tonight." Mandy said, changing the subject, "If you want to try anal, we'll need a butt plug to loosen me up first. And are you two coming in to help me choose it?" Michael nearly choked on the last of his coffee, Sarah gulped her's down, grabbed her shopping and made for the door. Outside, they erupted into fits of laughter, Sarah supporting herself on her step-brother as he doubled over against the wall.

Straightening up, he looked into his sister's eyes and felt their gravitational pull. Their mouths met, he hugged her tighter, their breath steaming up the inside of her hood as tongues intwined. "Jesus! Get a room!" Someone said as they bumped past the embracing couple.

They parted, both looking towards the figures who had passed and saw Mandy's back, with her minions in tow. Sarah and Michael walked in the opposite direction and caught the bus home. At home Dave had bought take-out, Gina wasn't up to cooking, her hangover still evident. They sat watching a movie, though Sarah's attention wasn't on it, she was thinking of Michael's kiss near the coffee shop. Her hand went to her breast as her heart faltered, nipples pushing at her brassiere.

She pushed her thighs together, sure that someone would notice her arousal. Michael had, but he wasn't letting on, he was busy concealing his own with a cushion. On Monday, Sarah was determined to take at least one bull by the horns; she texted Andy, firing the first shot across his bow, "Hey stud. Don't think we're working out, you're not what I'm in to and it's not fair on me." She got a reply after two minutes which read, "Fk U frigid bitch x" "Aww, he put a kiss on it too." She thought, sending her own reply of, "Give my love to Mandy.

Tell her she can keep you and not to bother coming to my house again!" She sent the text, then blocked his number. She showed Michael the messages when she got home. "Wow!" He said, "I can see what you saw in him. A proper charmer if you ask me!" The week passed by without incident, although Sarah still couldn't shake the thought of that kiss, then Friday night happened. As Gina and Dave left, Sarah turned to Michael, "Can you stay downstairs with me?" She pleaded, "We can watch whatever you want." Michael nodded, grabbed the remote and sat on the couch.

Sarah went upstairs to change into her pyjamas. Sarah sat on one end of the couch, feet curled under her bottom. Michael sat on the other end, flicking through the channels. When he found something that looked interesting he lay back.


Sarah extended her legs and reclined on the couch, placing her feet in Michael's lap. He stroked them absently, tickling and rubbing her soles gently.

Mandy exhaled with a satisfied sigh, without thinking, the hand resting on her thigh rose to the crotch of her pyjamas. Michael continued to rub her feet, moving in longer strokes past her ankle, to her calf and back down her shin. He pushed the leg of her pyjama bottoms up as his hand brushed up her leg to the back of her knee. She shuffled her bum towards him slowly, his hand now stroking her thigh as she moved closer.

His touch sent shivers up her like an electric current running through her body, his fingers now drawing slow circles on her inner thigh. Michael's attention had been mostly on the TV when his step-sisters feet landed in his lap; while he stroked them, he noticed that, not only was she moving closer and starting to writhe as his hand moved further up her leg, but her hand was under the waistband of her PJs.

His fingers moved in small circles towards her crotch and he could feel the movement of her hand on her pussy through her soft cotton pants. Sarah could take no more; the tension and pent-up frustration was too much for her.

Swiftly, she removed her hand from her pussy and, arching her back, pushed her PJ bottoms down. Michael's hand returned to her thigh and she reached out for it, guiding it towards her glistening vulva.


His finger traced the length of her slit and she whispered, "Please." "But." He said as she opened her legs and, reaching for his hand again, she parted her lips with his finger. Her felt her heat, her pulse racing and her breath quickening as his finger penetrated her, slipping easily into her wet pussy.

She grabbed his wrist, holding him there as she fucked herself on his hand. His thumb pressed on her clit gently and she ground herself into him. Breathless moans and growls escaped her lips as her orgasm washed through her and covered Michael's hand.

She lay back, panting, Michael's finger still inside her.


He was sitting uncomfortably, his constricted erection making a painful tent in his boxers. Removing his hand, he rearranged himself, Sarah watched, propped up on her elbows as her step-brother repositioned.

Comfortable, although his cock was unmistakably hard, he looked at his hand, then to his step-sister, who was sitting upright with one leg on the couch, the other on the floor, the small patch of hair above her lips twinkled with her juices. She reached out to Michael, taking the hand which had pleasured her, and sucked each finger provocatively; Michael nearly came in his pants as her tongue played with each digit, her eyes never leaving his.

She moved in front of him, kneeling between his legs, looking into his eyes as she untied his sweatpants. He bent forward to kiss her, tasting her sweetness on her lips and tongue. He moved to the edge of the couch, her thumbs hooked into his waistband and removed his pants. Taking hold of his rigid cock, she smiled, stroking and squeezing him as he reclined.

She licked the bead of pre-cum from the end of his penis, causing him to shiver, then she played her tongue around his head. Michael groaned as Sarah took him in her mouth, her hand pumped his shaft, the other cupped and caressed his balls, her tongue licking and flicking his head.

She could tell he was close, his hands gripped the edge of the seat as his first spurt hit the roof of her mouth, the rest covered her face and hair as his seed gushed. Michael lay back with a satisfied grin on his face, Sarah wiped her face with a tissue and sat next to him, cum drying in her hair, her head resting on his shoulder.

"Wow sis!" He said, "Where do we go from here?" "I'm not sure." She said, "I've never felt like this. I thought I was falling in love with Andy, but it never felt this way, it's." "Intense?" Michael finished.

"Yeah! I think so. I thought I could get it out of my system, but I just can't explain it." "What do we tell mum and dad?" He said worriedly. "We can't! It'd kill them. Maybe it's just something we needed to do, like a phase or something. This time next week we'll be back to normal and." "Not in each other's pants?" He laughed, she punched him playfully on the shoulder. "I'm going for a shower." She stood up and ran a hand through her cum matted hair.

"Don't get any ideas!" "Wouldn't dream of it sis." He said. "Wouldn't want you to think I was easy." She punched his shoulder again and dashed upstairs. Michael pulled up his pants as the sound of water and his step-sister's singing drifted down. His mind conjured images of soapy bubbles running over her breasts, down her body to her pussy and silky thighs, his cock was hard again and he tried in vain to push the pictures out of his head.

He hoped that Sarah was was right; that this was just a phase, a fling, a passing moment of insanity. But his heart wanted to be with her again. Sarah's thoughts mirrored those of her step-brother; she thought it was just a moment of weakness that had pushed them together, a rebound fling after Andy, but her feelings for Michael were growing stronger, the wetness she felt between her legs had nothing to do with the shower.

She touched herself, thinking of Michael touching her earlier, hoping that he would come into the bathroom and take her in the shower; water cascading off their backs as he filled her over and over again.

The radio played, she sang along, trying to take her mind off things. Michael was dozing on the couch when their parents arrived home, the TV still on. Sarah was in her bed, unable to sleep, hundreds of thoughts crashing around her head. Dave roused Michael, spotted the stains on his sweatpants and said quietly in his son's ear, "If you've got to watch porn kiddo, at least do it your room.

What if your sister came in here?" "She did." Michael thought, but put on his best puppy-dog face when he answered, "Yeah, sorry dad." "Well get to bed, and don't let it happen again. And get those pants in the washer before your mother sees!" Michael dashed upstairs to his room, Dave chuckled to himself.

"What's so funny?" Gina asked from the kitchen doorway. "Boys." He said, Gina nodded as if she understood, turned off the kitchen light and followed her husband up to bed. As Michael and her parents slept, Sarah lay on her side hugging her duvet, the thumb she had stopped sucking when she was four was between her lips, her other hand clamped between her thighs.

She drifted off; dreaming of running away with Michael to a place where nobody knew them and no-one could judge them. Over the next month, they agreed to keep their hands off each other. Sarah had told Michael about her rebound theory and he agreed that they should try to cool it off before it went too far. She felt sad about it; the new feelings she had for Michael hadn't dwindled, and she thought about him constantly; he'd set her heart aflame.

Half way through the following month, a wedding invitation arrived, addressed to Dave, the daughter of a cousin of his was to be wed. The reception was to be held in a hotel, so Gina and Dave decided to book a family room there.

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Finding the family rooms booked up, Dave managed to get a double room for them and a twin for Michael and Sarah. "You guys don't mind sharing a room do you?" Dave asked. Michael looked apprehensively at Sarah. Dave misread their look and put his arm around his son's shoulders, "Don't worry kiddo, she won't cramp your style, and if you do pull a lass, Sarah can sleep in our room for five minutes." Dave laughed, Michael looked embarrassed, elbowing his dad softly in the ribs.

"Ha, ha. Very funny dad." He said, pulling away. "We'll be fine as long as she doesn't hog the shower." The day of the wedding arrived and they drove across town in their finery; Dave and Michael in dark grey suits, Gina in a long, dark blue figure hugging dress, Sarah in a shorter, red dress which showed off her legs.

In the back of the car, Michael couldn't help but look at Sarah's legs, she kept them together, knees pointed towards him. It took all his willpower to not reach over and touch them, caress them, to explore what was beyond the hem of her dress. Sarah had seen her step-brother's looks, but while he was transfixed on her legs, she was thinking of how handsome he looked in his suit. Michael and Dave had been forced by Gina to buy new suits on their last family outing to town. Dave's old suit buttons were somewhat strained, and Michael had grown out of his.

Both men came out of the changing room in identical suits, Michael's resemblance to his mother showing more now that they were both dressed the same.

"Ooh!" Gina said, "If I were twenty years younger and not married to his father." "Eww! Mum!" Sarah squealed, but she felt butterflies as she saw Michael standing there, embarrassed. As they got out of the car, Michael stole a look at Sarah as her dress followed every curve. Her shapely legs seemed to stretch forever in her matching high heels. He could feel stirring in his boxers. A tear rolled down Sarah's cheek as the vows were spoken, Michael wiped it away with the back of his finger and she smiled at him.

He passed her the hanky from his suit pocket, it was red to match her dress. She dabbed a tear from her other cheek, then held it in both hands at her front, idly feeling the silky cloth on her fingertips. As the newly married couple swept up the aisle, she wiped away more tears.

She reached back for Michael's hand and he took it in both of his, warmth radiated up her arm from his touch, comforting and grounding her. The congregation filed out into the warm summer air; photographs were already being taken and Dave decided it would be an ideal time to check in to the hotel.

He wasn't the first with that idea, he found himself at the back of a queue, shuffling slowly to the front. The clerk checked their booking, two double rooms had been booked, the twin rooms had gone and only two doubles with a connecting door were available. Sarah didn't mind, Michael said that they'd roll up a spare duvet and put it in the middle, Sarah agreed. "Are you two alright with that?" Gina asked. "Yeah mum, we'll be fine." Sarah answered, "It's only Michael.

We were going to be sleeping in the same room anyway, and the bed is big enough." Placated, Gina shrugged and Dave paid for the rooms.

Photos were still being taken while they dropped the luggage in their rooms and freshened up. The reception was fun, Dave bought a bottle of wine, pouring glasses for Sarah and Michael, although both of them spent more time on the dance floor than drinking. While their parents danced, they sat at the table, Sarah resting her feet; she wanted nothing more than to kick her shoes off and have Michael rub them.

She was about to ask him when a girl approached; she looked at least two years younger and wore a pretty blue dress. Sarah smiled at her as she turned to Michael and asked him to dance, he was about to decline when Sarah said "Go on! My feet are killing, I'm not getting up for a while." The girl grabbed his hand and dragged him to the floor. The party tunes were in full swing when Michael had sat down; but now this girl had coaxed him up, the DJ had slowed the tempo.

Eric Clapton played 'Wonderful Tonight' and the girl put her hands on Michael's shoulders, he held her waist. Sarah could see that the pair were talking while they danced, her hands caressing his neck as his hands slowly slipped around her waist.

By the time the song was finished, she stood on tiptoes to kiss him; as he kissed back, the stem of Sarah's wineglass shattered. She hadn't noticed her hand gripping the glass as her step-brother danced with this stranger. She tried to work out why she'd done it; was it jealousy? She wasn't sure, although the urge to snap this girl's neck like a twig had dissipated when her glass shattered. Dampness on her leg brought her back with a thump; her wineglass lay on the table, it's contents spilled and dripping off the edge.

"I think you need a refill there kiddo." Dave said as he returned to the table. He didn't ask why the glass was broken, he just took an unused one from the next table. Dave looked over to where Sarah was staring and saw Michael dancing with the girl in the blue dress. "You lost your dancing partner to her?" He asked jokingly. "Looks like he's having fun." She replied.

"Then straighten your face and let's hit that floor." He said, grabbing her hand and swinging her out of her chair. Her throbbing in her feet was forgotten as Dave and Sarah danced towards Michael. As a they reached the couple, Dave said to the girl, "Lisa? My, I haven't seen you since you were this high." His hand left his step-daughter's waist and hovered three feet off the ground.

"How old are you now?" "Sixteen." She answered, "Seventeen in six months." "Wow!" Dave said, "You've grown up fast." He spun Sarah around so he faced Michael, then asked in a posh voice, "Excuse me sir, but may I dance with this charming young lady?" Michael laughed, took Lisa's hands in his, took one step back and bowed.

Dave stepped in, holding Lisa as though he were about to waltz, he danced away, chatting to her as they swayed. Michael and Sarah stood awkwardly for a second, then he held her waist. She put her arms around him and they danced to the edge of the dance floor, her head resting on his shoulder. Gina was sat at the table when they arrived, the broken glass had been cleared away. "Where's Dave gone to?" She asked. "Dancing with some girl." Sarah replied, Michael thought he detected a tone of jealousy in her voice.

Dave appeared behind her. "That girl," he said, "Is my mother's sister's daughter's daughter. Which, I think, makes her your second cousin? I'm not sure on the mechanics." "Kissing cousins!" Sarah mocked Michael. "Didn't know you were a redneck bro?" "It was only a peck on the lips sis. It's not like I proposed or anything." 'New York, New York' played, everybody that was left gathered in a circle on the dance floor, with the Bride and Groom in the centre as they all sang along.

Kisses were given along with promises to keep in touch which were inevitably broken, and the room emptied. Tired, they walked down the corridor to their rooms, exchanging goodnight kisses as Michael and Sarah entered the first room.

Inside the room, Sarah closed their side of the interconnecting doors; she heard the other door close and the lock click. Michael had taken his tie off and was hanging his jacket when Sarah pulled her hair over her shoulder and said, "Could you?", presenting the back of her dress to him. He pulled the zip down slowly, her perfume smelled stronger than before and he inhaled it deeply. The fastener of her red lace bra brushed his fingers and he slowed his descent, savouring the moment as he reached the small of her her back and the final destination of the zip.

His hand carried on over the swell of her buttocks and she stepped away, leaving his hand in mid-air. She could feel her heart pounding as she took two steps away from Michael then pushed her dress from her shoulders. It puddled on the floor, revealing lacy red panties that matched her bra. Michael's heart stopped. She reached back, unfastened her bra and let it tumble to the floor, joining her dress in a scarlet heap. She stood out of her discarded clothes and sat on the edge of the bed.

Michael knelt in front of her, taking her by the ankle, he raised her foot to unbuckle the straps of her shoes. Unshod, she walked into the bathroom, leaving Michael with the view of her lace-clad buttocks as the door swung shut. By the time Michael had undressed and washed, Sarah was lying on her side under the duvet; the makeshift bolster lay at the foot of the bed. He walked to his step-sister's side of the bed, said goodnight and kissed her cheek, she stirred slightly, but said nothing.

As he climbed into his side, she touched her cheek and smiled. He lay on his back, replaying the way she'd spoke about Lisa in his head; he was sure he heard jealousy in her voice but why? It was only a dance, and Sarah had pushed him into it.

Muffled noises from his parent's room drew his attention, "Shhh!" Gina hissed. "It's alright, they'll be asleep by now." Dave answered, Gina giggled as someone moved on the bed, then she moaned.

Michael tried not to think about his parents having sex, but his mind conjured images of Mandy on her knees as Tony rammed her from behind. His hand went to his growing erection, Sarah's hand joined it a second later and he felt her breath on his neck.

He turned his head towards her and she kissed him, her tongue darting in his mouth. He turned on his side, one hand under her pillow, the other reached up to caress her firm breasts. His thumb rubbed her nipple as her hand stroked his cock. He kissed and sucked her breasts, she rolled onto her back as he started to kiss from her neck to her stomach.

As he kissed lower, he found that she'd waxed, her mons smooth and silky. She shivered as he kissed her there and moved between her thighs.

He kissed down her inner thighs, then back up to her waiting pussy. He kissed her lips gently, probing her slit with his tongue, licking her folds as he teased her open. Her breathing was shallow and quick, anticipating his next move as his tongue parted her, tasting the flood as he flicked her clitoris and she muffled her cries with a pillow. His finger entered her easily as he continued the onslaught on her clit with his tongue, she cried out again, the headboard softly bumping the wall from the room next door as both mother and daughter came in unison.

Sarah relinquished her thigh's grip on Michael's head as she relaxed from her orgasm. He looked up, she lay back, her body covered in a sheen of sweat, her hands reached down to touch his face and he crawled up her. Sucking each sensitive nipple between his lips, she reached down to feel his cock. "I don't have a condom." He whispered. "It's okay," she said, "It should be safe now." She kissed him and rolled on top.

The noise from next door had subsided, but Sarah and Michael were in their own world, nothing mattered apart from them. They kissed hungrily, Michael's erection pressed between their stomachs, pulsing insistently.

She rose, her knees either side of his chest as his thumbs massaged the underside of her magnificent breasts and his fingers rubbed against her nipples. Slowly, she lowered herself onto Michael, raising as she felt pressure on her hymen, then holding her breath as he pushed through.

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Taking his length fully, she composed herself, rising until only his head parted her, then she plunged slowly downward, feeling every ripple and vein as he drove through her. She sped up, Michael holding onto the headboard as Sarah pleasured herself on his invading tool. Her back arched, head thrown back, hands gripping his shins tightly as her orgasm ripped through her body. She collapsed forward, covering his face with kisses and running her hands through his hair.

He held her tightly and rolled her onto her back. Still impaled, he fucked her slowly, kissing from her neck to her nipples, he nibbled them gently. Raising himself up, Sarah held his arms as he thrust into her. Her heels locked in the small of his back as her breath became laboured and her orgasm built until Michael cried out, filling his step-sister's womb as she cried out with him, her tight pussy milking him as his seed flowed.

They held each other, kissing tenderly as his cock softened, then withdrew. Their combined juices ran out of her swollen pussy, her lips puffy and red. He rolled off her and onto his back, she rolled onto her side and put her arm across his chest, feeling his heart beating and dampness spreading underneath her on the sheets.

He put his arm around her, drew her closer and kissed her soft lips. Her hair lay in damp strands across her forehead, he brushed them away, and hugged her tightly, kissing her forehead as her breasts pushed against his chest. She turned over as he drifted off to sleep, his chest hair tickled her back as she nestled into him, pulling his arm over her and holding his hand between her breasts. She fell asleep and dreamed again of escaping; another town, another country, another planet, as long as she could hold on to him it wouldn't matter.

She woke, Michael's arm still around her, something else of his also making it's presence known. She chuckled to herself, four years ago, she never would have thought that she'd wake up to her step-brother's morning wood poking her in the back. She looked at the clock, it was 7am, "Morning sis." Michael said sleepily, "Sorry." He shuffled his bum back, his hands still holding her breast, her nipples responded. "I need a shower." She said. "Do you want to do my back before we return to reality?" Michael was wide awake, he kissed the nape of her neck, then behind her ear.

She flipped onto her back and returned his kiss, her scent still on his face. His finger traced from breast to pussy, finding her ready. She pushed him back and sat up, "In the shower, dirty boy." She said, her kisses urgent and hungry.

The water ran, and Michael found his imagination was a poor substitute for reality. Before they had even entered the shower, Sarah pounced on him, squeezing his buttocks as she kissed him hard.

He returned her squeezes, lifting her as she wrapped her legs around him. He placed her on the edge of the sink unit, probing her pussy with his tongue. She pulled his head into her, drumming her ankles on his back as he sucked and flicked her clit. Her chest heaving as she gasped in the humid air. They kissed, he helped her off the sink and she stood on shaky legs.

She pulled him into the shower, her back against the cold tiles as he lifted her again and guided his rigid cock into her eager pussy.

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Her nails dug in his back as he thrust into her, thighs clamped tight to his waist as she screamed through wave after wave of orgasm, finally relaxing as the adrenaline subsided and her feet touched the floor. The water bounced off her breasts as she turned around and he kissed her shoulder, fondling her bosom and stroking her sides as she bent over to receive him from behind. She braced herself against the wall as he entered her, he felt bigger than before, harder, longer, or maybe it was because he was more in control now.

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Michael started slowly, deliberately teasing her as the water cascaded over her back, making sloshing noises as they touched. She could feel her climax building, but he was still frustratingly slow, she begged him to go faster, to fuck her, to make her cum. With one hand on the tiles, she reached back, grasping his thighs, urging him to take her over the edge.

He responded, his own orgasm building until he was thrusting into her as she cried out, her surroundings forgotten as she begged Michael to fill her. With one final push he erupted into her, gripping her waist tightly as his semen pumped into Sarah's willing cunt. Spent, they washed and dried each other, mindful that this could be the last time they would be able to enjoy each other as lovers.

Stepping out of the steamy bathroom, Sarah stopped abruptly, Michael bumped into her and looked up from under his towel. The connecting door stood open, and sitting on the edge of the bed was Gina; she didn't look annoyed, just worried. As Michael covered his privates, Gina asked, "So how long has this been going on for?" "Not long." Sarah said sheepishly. "Last night was the first time we." Gina stopped her.

"I heard! You've got quite a set of lungs on you my love. Do you love each other?" "Yes!" Michael answered, Sarah just smiled at her mum and nodded. "Right." Gina said sternly, "Well, this can't carry on under our roof, whilst you're there you are brother and sister. So where does that leave us?" Both teenagers shook their heads. Dave was in the doorway, leaning against the jamb. "Do you think this love will last for another three years?" He said, their parent's calmness about the situation was worrying Sarah and Michael.

"Because, we think there is a way you two lovebirds can stay together if, and I mean if, you can follow the rules." "We've lived together for seven years dad," Michael said, "I'm sure we can make it another three." Sarah grabbed hold of Michael's hand tightly. "Right then." Dave said, "Gina?" "We'll talk it over in the car." Gina said "Get packed and ready, you've already had your showers I see." She winked at the pair and led Dave out of the room.

In the car on the way home, ground rules were laid. Gina understood that they had been thrown together by circumstance, and that, as she'd fallen for Dave, so it was quite possible that her daughter had also fallen head over heels for his son.

Had their parents never married, they wouldn't have been in this predicament and their offspring would have been free to date. However, if Michael and Sarah were to remain a couple, they would have to wait until Sarah, being the youngest by four months, was twenty one.

By then, they would both be adults, able to do as they wished. They were still to sleep in separate rooms. There was to be no bed-hopping when their parents were asleep. Sarah was to go on the pill immediately. Both Gina and Dave knew that while they were out, they couldn't stop their kids having sex, but they were to abstain while they were home. As Gina read out the rules, Sarah held Michael's hand in the back seat. He squeezed her hand reassuringly, letting her know that everything was going to be okay.

"How long have you known?" Sarah asked. "We thought something was up a few weeks after you split with that Andy." Dave said, "The way you two have been around us recently has been." "Awkward." Gina finished. "Yeah." Dave carried on, "Then when that little green eyed monster showed his face at the table yesterday, some of the pieces fell together. I almost feared for little Lisa's life at one point." Michael looked at Sarah, she mouthed "Sorry." He squeezed her hand.

Gina continued "And when we heard you last night, and again this morning, it all made sense." "Are you angry with us?" Sarah asked. "No honey." Gina replied. "I'm just glad we found out before it was too late and before anyone else knew about you and, if I'm honest, I'm quite relieved; Michael is so much like his father, that any woman would be daft not to fall for him." "Aww, thanks babe." Dave said, Gina reached out and touched his leg.

"So!" Gina said sternly. "Are we in agreement?" Both teenagers nodded their heads, "Good. Then that's it; once you're both eighteen, you're still as madly in love as you are now, and Michael is earning proper wages when he's finished his apprenticeship, we'll look into getting you both an apartment as a joint birthday present." "No!" Sarah squealed, Michael was speechless as Sarah threw her arms around him and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek, then leaned forward to kiss her mum.

"Yes." Gina smiled, "Dave and I have some money saved which we were going to put towards deposits for houses or apartments when you were old enough to fly the nest. We never thought we'd only need the one payment though." A tear rolled her cheek. Sarah kissed her mum again, followed by Michael, still dumbfounded. On Monday, Gina made an appointment for Sarah at the doctors.

Sitting patiently in the waiting room next to her mother, she heard a familiar voice. Lifting the magazine to cover her face, she saw Mandy storm across the room, eyes red and tears streaming down her face as Andy chased after her. "Babe!" He implored, "We'll be fine." "Fine!" Mandy screamed, "Fine! I'll give you bloody fine. This is all your fault! You're not the one carrying this baby! What's my mum gonna say? She'll bloody kill me!" "But?" "But what?

Eh? You don't even know it's yours! It might be Tony's, and God knows where he's gone to!" She stormed off, Andy following behind. "Wasn't that?" Gina asked, "Mandy." Sarah finished, "Yep. Sound's like one of her boyfriends put a bun in her oven." "One?" Gina was astonished. "How many does she have?" "Well, she had her's, then she stole mine but kept hold of her's, and the last time I saw her, she was shopping for sex toys with both of them." "Well I never!" Gina said.

"Didn't Michael fancy her?" "He wasn't her type." Sarah said, "She only goes for bad boys." "And look where that got her!" Gina laughed. "Oh her poor mother!" Friday night came around again and Dave took them all out for a meal; not only had he scored a big promotion, but one of his colleagues was selling an apartment in town and Dave had bought it. "It's a bit early isn't it?" Gina asked over dinner. "Not really," Dave answered, "It's fully furnished, we can rent it out until these guys are ready and I got a really great price on it.

If we get tenants in soon, it'll be virtually paid for by the time the kids move in." Which, three years later, they did. There were rumours that Michael and Sarah were Brother and Sister, but Sarah had kept her mum's married name, throwing possible snoopers off the scent, whilst they also had no resemblance to each other, which made life much easier for the pair. They married in a small ceremony when they were twenty five.

Dave and Gina continued to support them, especially when, at twenty seven, Sarah bore them a grandchild.