Lesbian MILF scissoring gently in a threeway

Lesbian MILF scissoring gently in a threeway
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Taking Beth My name is Richard. I'm 42 and a pretty heavy (sort of overweight), so I never had much luck getting laid (unless I paid for it). I had always gotten off on the idea of Rape. The idea of completely controlling some young sexy girl turned me on making her my personal slut. I loved reading rape stories. I would often pretend they were my stories.

One night I was home alone drinking. After a few hours of reading my favorite stories I decided that tonight was the night I would finally live out my fantasy. I grabbed my ski mask, some duct tape, my tube of KY and my colt 45 before I left my house. Where would I go? Who would be my first target I thought? Then I remembered this girl that worked at the gym I was a member of. Her name was Beth she had just turned 18. She had big tits (easily 36c or 36d) and a body to kill for. She had long brown hair.

She was maybe 5'10". Sexy as hell.


I had jacked off many nights thinking about taking her pussy against her will. It was 10:00pm and I knew they would be closing the gym soon so I hurried to make there. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot I saw her leaving. She was walking towards her car. "Would I try to take her here in the parking lot?" I thought to myself. No, that would be an easy way to get caught.

Surly they had cameras in the parking lot.

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I watch her get into her car. I followed her as she drove off. About 20 minutes later she pulled up to the house. We were in the country. At least I didn't have to worry about any neighbors identifying my car.

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I turned off my headlights and parked about 100 yards from her house. My heart was racing? Did I really want to go through with this? "Hell yeah", I said to myself as I took one last swig of my whiskey. I put on my ski mask grabbed the KY and stuffed it into my pocket. I held the gun firmly in my hand. I quickly walked to her house. The garage door was up, so I entered her garage. There was another car in addition to Beth's. "It's not too late to back out", I thought to myself.

Then I took a deep breath and reached for the doorknob leading into her house. The door was unlocked. I slowly made my way into her house. I was just outside the kitchen in a room with the washer and drier. I could hear Beth taking to someone in the kitchen. It sounded like an older man. "It's now or never I thought", Then I made my move. I quickly rushed into the Kitchen and screamed for everyone to get on the ground. Beth looked terrified as she quickly hit the ground. The older man was her father.

He was maybe in his 50s. I said, "don't be a hero, just do as I say and no one will get hurt". With that Beth's dad got on the ground. I quickly duct taped his hands behind his back and his legs together. Then I moved over to Beth. I taped her hands behind her back. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and tight white top. I couldn't make it look like I just came here to rape Beth so I grabbed Beth and asked her, 'is anyone else in the house".

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"No, please don't hurt us", she replied. I picked her up and grabbed her by her arm. We went room to room to making sure there was no one else in the house.

I wanted to have some fun so after I had Beth tell me where all of her jewelry was I lead her into the guest bathroom. I turned on the shower and threw her in the cold shower. Her white shirt quickly became see threw. I said, "Where do you keep any cash". "We don't have any cash, I promise", she said has her jaw begun to chatter from the cold water.

I stared at her as her now wet shirt pressed tightly against her large breast. Her small nipples were poking against her shirt. I had to have her. I grabbed her by the arm and lead her back to the kitchen. Her Dad said, " take anything you want, just don't hurt us". I dragged Beth over to the kitchen table. "Can I take anything I want", I said. "Yes", Beth said. "Just let us go", she said.

I looked at Beth's wet shirt and her small nipples pokies against her see through fabric. It was time I had to have her. I moved in front of Beth and said, "Let's make sure that you are not hiding anything".

With that I unbuttoned her jeans. "No", she screamed. My heart was racing as I placed my gun on the table behind her.

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I stood in front of Beth and pulled her Jeans down exposing her bikini panties. I removed her jeans and threw them on the floor. "Please stop", Beth said as I moved my hands up muscular thighs. I said, "Shut up cunt". Then I back handed Beth knocking her against the table. I Picked Beth up and placed her on her back on the kitchen table.

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He dad screamed, "stop it you bastered". I just laughed as I ran my hands up Beth's legs. "Let's see those big titties of yours", I said as I tore Beth's shirt open. A thin white lace bra was all that was keeping me from her big tits. I got up and went to the kitchen counter and grabbed a knife.

I stuck the knife under the front of her bra. "Please stop" Beth begged as I pulled the knife away from her body tearing Beth's bra. Then with one last tug Beth's bra tore open exposing her large breast. I bent over and began sucking on Beth's small nipples and squeezing each large breast.

Then I leaned back. "Time for the prize", I said as I placed my hands on either side of her panties. Then I slowly pulled Beth's panties down her long legs exposing her pussy. Beth's cunt had a small "cotton ball" looking patch of dark pubic hair. I stepped back and undid my pants. I took out the KY before I lowered my pants and boxers to my ankles. My rock hard cock is about 10" long and 2 1/2 inches thick. I covered it with KY. Then I put some on my fingers.

I bent over and sucked on one of Beth's large breast while I slid my finger in and out of her tight cunt. I released her nipple from my mouth and stepped back. I spread her muscular legs apart. "Please anything but this", she screamed.

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I lined my thick cock up to Beth's little pussy. Then I slowly pushed the head of my cock inside of her. Beth's tight cunt stretched as it tried allow my thick cock inside of her helpless body. For the next couple of minutes I slowly pumped my cock in and out of Beth's tight pussy, getting deeper with each pump. I bent over and squeezed her big tits and said, "tell me you want it or I'll kill your father". Beth was crying as she looked at me and said, "I want your penis". As soon as she finished speaking I slammed my thick cock up her tight little cunt.

Beth arched her back as she screamed in pain. With her back arched Beth's big tits bounced in front of my face. I viciously sucked on Beth's nipples as her large breast bounced up and down each time I thrust my thick cock inside of her young sexy body.

I was in heaven. Beth's young naked sexy athletic body was underneath me. Her long muscular legs wrapped around my body as her tight cunt squeezed my thick long cock.

I couldn't believe that this was happening. I was fucking the shit out of this young girl while her father watched. I wished that I had brought a video camera or just a regular camera so I could keep pictures of this priceless moment. I let out a little grunt with each time I thrust my long thick cock deep inside Beth's tight cunt. The room was filled with the sound of my ball sack slapping Beth's body and her sobbing. "You fucking tease, I bet hundreds of guys have jacked off thinking about doing this to you", I said as I squeezed her tits.

My ball sack was hard as a rock and I knew that I couldn't hold it back much longer. I leaned back and watch my thick cock slowly sink into Beth's sexy little cunt.

I slowed my pumps down so that I was fucking her deep and hard with a slow rhythm. Her big tits bounced with each pump.

"Get ready bitch, because I haven't jacked off in a week. I have a big old load of cum for you", I said as I felt my body preparing for an orgasm. I put one of my hands on one of her big tits and the other hand on her muscular thigh as I pumped away. "Oh shit you are too tight, look at me whore look at me", I screamed. "No please don't cum inside of me I'm not on the pill", Beth Begged. She looked me in the eyes, I pumped Beth's helpless sexy young cunt a few more times. Then it happened I began shoot stream after stream of cum into her sexy body.

I buried my cock deep inside of Beth. The idea of knocking her up turned me on. I keep pumping my cock in and out of Beth making sure to milk every last bit of my cum from my cock. After a few minutes, my cock became limp and slid out of her making a popping sound as it exited her cunt. I stood back and pulled my pants back up and looked at her naked body.

Her big breast bounced with her sobbing as my cum leaked out of her tight cunt down her ass cheeks. I left the kitchen and searched the house for any cash or valuables that I could find. I put them in a gym bag and walked back into the kitchen. Beth was laying there with her legs hanging over the side of the kitchen table. I had to have her again. I grabbed Beth and flipped her over so that her big breasts were on the table.

I lowered my pants and pulled out my thick cock. I spread Beth's legs and proceed to enter her cunt from behind.

My cum from earlier made my entry much smoother this time. I fucked Beth hard for a few minutes making her sexy ass bounce with each pump. I grabbed a handful of Beth's hair and pulled hit as hard as I could forcing her back to arch pushing Beth's large tits out while I fucked her from behind.

She didn't say a word this time.


Beth just kept grunting as I laid the full weight of body behind each deep thrust of my cock. She was so tight I could tell that her young sexy body hadn't been fucked this hard before. "Damn you are one big titty, tight bitch. Don't ever forget tonight.

Tonight is the night a real man fucked your cunt", I said as I violently pumped Beth's cunt from behind. I was fucking Beth so hard she had to raise herself on her tip toes to keep from allowing my thick cock to go deeper inside of her.

"Oh god, I can't hold it back your too tight", I said.

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I gave her a few more deep and hard pumps. Then without and warning I began to cum inside of her again. Beth let out a gasp as my warm cum filled her helpless young cunt. Again, I pumped my cock back and forth milking ever last bit of cum from it. As soon as my cock went limp it slid out of Beth's sexy young cunt. I quickly got dressed. As I looked at Beth I notice my cum dripping down her muscular thigh. I laughed as I took her to her bedroom. Threw her on her bed and told her to stay there.

I went back to the kitchen and grabbed Beth's dad dragging him to her room.

I threw him on the bed next to Beth's sexy young naked athletic body. I said, "If you go to the cops I'll come back with some friends of mine and next time we'll gang bang your sexy ass.

I wonder how many cocks you could handle at one time". Beth begged me to leave, "I promise we won't go to the cops' just leave us alone. No more please". I grabbed Beth and stood her up. I turned her around and cut her arms free from the tape. "Remember if you go to the cops, tonight will look like a joy ride next to the pounding your pussy will take next time", I said angrily.

"I understand", Beth said. "Now get on the floor and count to 600", I said. Beth did as I told her to do. Before leaving the house. I grabbed the panties that I had thrown on the kitchen floor for a souvenir.

I went to my car and took off. It's been several months now and no cops. I finally went to the Gym the other day and as I was walking out I saw Beth. I heard some girls at the front door talking about how Beth was three months Pregnant and she didn't even have a boyfriend. That just made my day thinking about how I had given her something to remember me by.