Beautiful girl gets fucked doggy position after giving a head

Beautiful girl gets fucked doggy position after giving a head
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Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Mom Prior: Missing Mom Hard Breeding Prior: Missing Mom -3 Bred Like a Dog Ricky has kidnapped Jolene and has her at home with his girlfriend Kendra. Ricky had already fucker her once.

The abuse continued with a brutal breeding session with Ricky and Kendra. Ricky knelt between her legs, pulling off Jolene's shorts, fingering Jolene's cunt. Grabbing her ass with both hands he pushed his cock inside her. Kendra held Jolene's head in her crotch while Ricky leaned over her humping her hard and fast, doggy style.

Jolene almost collapsed as Ricky put his weight on her. With faster and faster violent thrusts he unloaded his seed inside Jolene. Kendra took a big black dildo and wiped it over Ricky's cock cleaning the cum remnants off. Ricky pushed Jolene to her back on the floor while Kendra jammed the black dong inside the helpless bitch. "We want to make sure you get it all. As Kendra brutalized her with the dildo, Jolene felt Rick's warm piss covering her face. Kendra done, pulled Jolene to her knees with the dog leash.

"Open your stupid mouth." Kendra pissed in Jolene's mouth.

""Fucking drink it." "Pig, look at this mess you made on the floor. " "Get the bucket sponge and clean it up. Kendra and Ricky sat at the table watching Jolene clean up the piss mess. "Hurry Up!" "You got more chores before you lunch breeding." "Jolene didn't dare look up." "How long could this go on?" "How much could she take?" She wanted a drink of water to get the piss taste out of her mouth.

She felt faint but didn't dare take a break." "What was going to happen when she was pregnant?" Three Months Later: Ricky and Kendra were eating lunch while Jolene cleaned up the dishes.

Kendra leaned over to Ricky" "I know how we can take care of our money problems." "I think your buddies at the club would like a little preggo entertainment." "We could bring Jolene to the Tuesday Nite Poker party." "Lots of money floating around." "I don't know????" "They are not going to say anything." Ricky thought about it and smiled at Kendra.

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"Get your Ass over here." Yelled Ricky. Jolene shuffled over to the table, taking small steps, the chain linking her ankles clinking over the floor. The Bitch had tried to escape so Ricky had fashioned two leather cuffs for her ankles. He tied her ankles closely together with a heavy chain that had an extra 6 feet of length to drag behind her. Come on move it laughed Kendra as Jolene waddled with little steps, the chain clanking behind her. Jolene stood in front of Ricky and Kendra in a tight t-shirt and Skimpy pink shorts.

Her HOE clothes they called them. Pull up your shirt over your belly. "Yea Ricky, the boys will like that. " Jolene hesitated, shaking. "Pull up that shirt.!" Kendra grabbed a black marker writing on the bitch belly.

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"Cum on my Slut Belly." Kendra took some photos of Jolene's bump. "What are you talking about." Whimpered Jolene." "Don't look so sad. We are taking you to a Party. "Preggo Slut Gangbang party for the Poker crowd." "Oh God, no, please, don't do that." "Shut the fuck up." Pull that shirt up over your tits.

"That's it." Ricky got up and reached Jolene's nipples from behind squeezing them. Jolene zoomed in at the hands. "Twist them a little." Jolene whimpered as Kendra snapped some more photos of her pinched nipples. "I'll send these to a few of your poker friends, no head shots, a little promo for the party." "Don't do that, please don't make me.

Please." "Oh, honey, they are going to like you slut belly. " All this preggo slut talk got Ricky and Kendra super hot. "Ricky, ready to give this Preggo a little workout." "Yea, lets get her ready for the party." Jolene's knees started to buckle. Two Weeks Later As Jolene was led in the back door she could hear the noise from the club basement. She tried to pull away. "Bitch, if you fuck this up, the party will seem like play time." Jolene wore a tight white T-short emblazoned in Red.

"Preggo Fuck Toy." Her belly and tits protruded invitingly. She had on pink tight shorts. She had a black leather collar around her neck and leather straps around her wrists and ankles. There was a leather belt around her waist just below her belly.


The room was filled with smoke and three tables were filled with players. Ricky led the knocked up bitch into the room by a chain attached to her neck collar. The players were the scruffy poker types. Mixed bag of old timers and young punks. "Yea, Yea, Fuck Yea." "Ricky, you brought your fuck PIG." "Time to party." Kendra wrapped Jolene's hair in a pony tail. "Something for the guys to hand on to." Jolene wouldn't move, trembling in absolute horror listening to the yelling, screaming catcalls.

"BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH." "Ok, Boys, line up, meet the Preggo Bitch." Laughed Kendra. The men jostled around forming two lines. Ricky slapped Jolene's ass. Get a move on. "NO NO, You can't do this to Me NO NOO" Jolene fell to the ground, crying begging. Ricky grabbed the bitch by her pony tail dragging her up to her feet "Bring the Whore over here." Jolene looked at the line of men.

The first in the line was a big black man in his forties. Rough looking, grizzled he was smiling and yelling for her. Come on over here. Opposite him was a younger white guy, dressed in dirty work cloths, Not yelling, just smiling. Behind them was a long row of men, clapping, shouting. Kendra pulled her along while Ricky pushed.

The big black guy grabbed her. He rubbed his fat belly against her knocked up bitch belly. Her rubbed his rough beard against her face and kissed her with rough lips sticking his tongue in her mouth. The white guy had his hands on her tits from behind. "Get those cloths off her. Yea, lets see it all." It was done in a minute, her shirt was ripped off, her shorts pulled down. She was shoved to the next two men to be groped.

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A hand grabbed her pony tail, hands reached between her legs, grabbed her tits. One man kissed her then another, again she was passed down the line. Jolene wanted to fall to the ground but the men held her up. Now she felt men's cocks. They had taken off their pants. A cock rubbed up against her ass. A huge hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head around.

A big Mexican looked her in the eye. I am going to win this tournament and I get to fuck your ass. Feel that cock, it is going to be splitting your ass." He spit on her face. "Fucking trash." The next guy seeing the spit running down her red face spit on her face. "Pig, fucked up Pig." The next guy pushed her down slightly and started rubbing his cock against her belly.

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She could feel his cock quivering as his cum shot over her belly. He spit on her face and passed her to the next. Only half way down the line the men were getting rowdy, impatient. The next man screamed in her face. His cock rubbed against her belly, another belly fucking.

The men started sitting down to their poker tournament as Jolene was passed ddown the line, her face and hair was covered with spit. Cum dripped down her belly and ass. The spit ran down her tits and the cum down her legs. One man was left. "Fucking Slut." He rubbed his cock against her adding his cum to mess.

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He held her by her Pony Tail so all the men could see the slut bitch. "Sooie. Sooie. Sooie.


The men screamed as she was led front of the poker tables. Ricky bent her over facing away from the men and Kendra pulled her cum coated cheeks apart. " Number One player get to fuck this slut ass." "Ream Her Butt." Laughed Kendra "Two and Three get to double fuck Her.

While you play she will be tied up here, for throat fucking. Cum on her belly or tits. Ricky pushed Jolene to her knees in front of a pole.


Kendra tied her wrist cuffs to the pole above her head. The she tied the ankle cuffs to the pole. Jolene opened a black bag and pulled out tow black leather straps with buckles. (To Be Continued)