Stellar czech kitten was seduced in the shopping centre and nailed in

Stellar czech kitten was seduced in the shopping centre and nailed in
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The night we made a lifetime friend. If you want to learn more about Sara, Oliver, or I. Please feel free to check out my other stories. As with all my works. I changed the names, and when it happened. Was it true or wasn't it? I will leave that to you to decide. A lot of this is setup for a longer mulit-part story.

Sara and I had a pretty open relationship. We are both bi. For me our dog Oliver gives me more dick then I need most of the time.

Sara is very happy with the relationship Oliver and I have. She has said it more then once "If Oliver is happy with it. Then I am happy with it". So I have been pretty much the dog's bitch for five years now.

We lived in the middle of no and where, We had a PO Box so even the mailman didn't come to our house. It was on a dirt road with a simple Rural Route address. It was a old farmhouse Sara had found a few years back on a bank auction. Our house was just over a hill when you turned into the drive so you couldn't see it from the road directly. Now, and then Sara will ask if she can go out and either get laid or bring a guy home. I have only ever have had three rules with it.

First, don't ever lie to me about it. Don't lie about doing it and don't lie to me about what you have done together, yes there is such a thing as lying by omission. Second, always let me know your wanting to do that so I don't get surprised. Last, be safe. On Wednesday Sara comes home from shopping. She got us both some panties, socks, for her a nice dress, and for me a short skirt.

She is bubbly and bouncing. So I knew something was up. I asked "So what is it? Out with it!" She gave me a quirk of a smile and said "Do you remember Penny from when I was working at that store in Scottsdale?" It took a few moments, and nothing. Who ever this woman was she wasn't noteable in my world. I smiled at how excited Sara was and said "No, no idea who you mean but your so excited it's making me laugh".

She took a breath. "Ok, Ok, remember that girl with the dark hair, full lips, she was about five foot six or so? Had the nicest perfume?" Me, typical male brain, "no idea at all". "ok well, let me ask can I bring her over this weekend? Perhaps for some play time?" Sara asked. "Sure, do you want me here or do you want me to take a night out?" She looked at me for a moment, "Can I get back to you on that?" she asked. "Yeh sure babe" I responded. The next two days went by as usual. Oliver and I had sex a few times in the bedroom.

Like always. Sara, said she didn't want anything but cuddles. So we did that Thursday and Friday. Saturday a Truck from Chewy's shows up. Sara, it seems bought a dog house and dog run. The dog house didn't surprise me as we had talked about letting Oliver out to play more. Took the guys about two hours to have everything assembled and ready to go. Sara said after the left "hun, I think I want time with just me and Penny if that's ok with you?" "That's fine, you can let Oliver out back and I will go out for the night.

Do I need a hotel room or just a few hours do think?" I asked. Sara said "Why don't you stay here and out of the way?".

"Sure, I will take the spare room." I responded. "Thanks sweety, I have been so looking forward to this." Sara said. Sara, took off to get ready she turned on the shower. I went and grabbed my laptop several bottles of water and a few snacks to put in the guest room. About two hours later Sara comes out of our room and she was knock down dead stunning!

My breath was gone looking at this woman. Sara could see my reaction and blushed with a shy smile. "Ok let me get a few things set up for tonight and I am off to meet Penny for dinner and then we will come back here alright?". I nodded and said "that's fine babe. Do what you need, i will go hide like a troll" She smiled and turned away.

She took a couple bowls outside and I could hear the hose fill at least one of them up. Then she called Oliver outside. I could hear toes as he ran out the door. Next Sara called for me. I got up and out of my chair. Sara was out in the yard, looking in the dog house. She had already put down a foam cushion and a blanket in there. She called me over to her. I walked in the run with her. She turned around and held up a dog collar.

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We had done the dog collar before so not a surprise at all. She then clipped it on my neck and I felt two sharper studs in there pressing into my skin but not enough to break it. I must have had a strange look on my face. Sara said "It's electronic. It works with a dog fence. You can go anywhere in the run. The fence runs up the sides around the back and around the front. So your not going anywhere got it?".

I looked at her and said "now wait, your going out to play and I am going to be stuck in this yard, or more to the point in this little run?" She smile on of those smiles only a husband understands. "yes you are. Strip. Come on, come on. I want to go and you knew this was coming next let's get to it" I looked around, the walls were all twelve feet tall, no houses on the block here two stories.

I took off my cloths. Standing there naked. Sara went on" Ok, only hands and knees tonight. Oliver is not use to sex out here once he gets tired of running around he will come to you.

Get him use to sex here. There is food in your dishes and fresh water. Also in case you think about it. The guys installed that camera to be able to check on Oliver. So I will be checking on you off and on to make sure your collar is on and your down on your hands and knees".

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"Wait, ok but bathroom issues?". She smiled "You have been Olivers bitch for years now, shit outside like he does." With that she turned and left. She locked the patio door as she went out. I heard the car door open then close and the car went off down the street. There I was, naked. In a dog run with a collar on that was keyed to a fence. Well, I thought she didn't tell me I couldn't take it off. I unclipped it and a second later I hear my wife's voice.

"That didn't take long. It's got a security feature that pages my phone. Then I log on to the security camera and can see what your doing.

Now put it back on and don't take it off again. I will do that." She said with a bit of a impish tone. "Now you have your time, let me have mine". I clipped the collar back on. Got down on all fours and started to look around. Oliver was just walking around sniffing at things. I was in a five foot wide by fifteen foot dog run. I went over and checked the dog house. It was nice, just a basic house to break the wind and I guess it would warm some with body heat if it got cold.

It wasn't meant to get very cold that night. I turned back around and there was Oliver checking the dog run. Oliver came up to me sniffed and layed down on the mattress. I went over to him in the dog house and lay down next to him. There was nothing to do but just lay there and listen to the wind.

Every now and then Olver would lift his head and sniff. Then he would lay back dwn and sleep. The sun started to set. I was getting thirsty.

So I crawled to the bowl. Put my hand in and took a scoop to drink it. The water was cold and it felt good. I looked around and thought to myself "Well, I am here anyway, why not?" So I put my face down to the bowl and lapped at the water. I think this first time I splashed more on me then I got to drink.

It was kinda fun though. I crawled over to Oliver and on the mattress fell asleep. I don't know what time it was when I woke up. I saw the lights in the house go on and Oliver jumpped up and went to the door. I just watched the door for a bit. I could hear two women talking but I couldn't make out what they said. I was trying to stay in the dog house so I couldn't be seen from the patio door. One problem. The water, I had from earlier. Well now I had to pee.

I went out of the dog house to the middle of the run and squatted to pee. As I did that the porch light flipped on and Sara looked out to see me. She smiled, gave a small wave and disappeared inside. I went back into the dog house. I don't know how long I had been in there. I could hear them talking and laughing. Then it got very quiet for a while. The lights in the bedroom came on.

Then the bathroom. Sara came to the back door and came out side. "So how ya doing hun?" she reached down and started to play with Olivers ears. "Well, it's sort dull out here, and dark." I said. She just giggled a bit, I could tell she had had a few drinks. "That's a dogs life I guess. Why have you not entertained my baby boy yet?" she said looking at Oliver and talking in that baby speak that women use on animals. "Well he hasn't wanted it and we slept". I could hear the toilet flush from the door.

"Have a good night hun. Entertain him like I said, or you will stay out here till you do". Yep she had been drinking. She always gets demanding when she does. She stepped back into the house the light in the living room went out. I could see just shadows of shadows as they flickered in the ceiling fans light. I sat there. My mind going as to what my wife was doing with the woman in our bed. Were they kissing?

Leaning in close allowing their hands to wonder over each other? Where they undressed or taking their time undressing.

Oliver came back over knowing he wasn't getting in. He laid down next to me. I was getting pretty horny thinking of what was happening in my room. I started to pet Oliver and then put my head down to just above his sheath.

I started to breath on it and move my hand over it. Oliver was use to it after so many years of him and I doing that. I could feel his member moving under the skin. The head started to show itself. I gently blew on it with my breath. I watched it twitch. I gave it a small lick with my tongue. I could taste the musky taste. The saltiness to it.

Oliver lifted his head and was watching. I moved slowly, until he was half way out. Then he stood up on his own. It only took me a moment to figure out we couldn't do it in the dog house. I was trying to get past Oliver so that I could get him to mount me. As I pushed past him, I could her my wife starting to cum. She was really being vocal tonight. I got past Oliver and got on my hands and knees in the grass.

I could smell the grass and dirt as I lay my face down on it sticking my ass in the air. I quickly put some spit on my fingers and rubbed it on my asshole.

Oliver knew that meant it was time. Like a lightning bolt he was on me and I could hear another voice making noise as my face laid down in the cool fresh grass. Oliver found his target in no time. His hard nine in dick, forced it's way into me. I could feel the heat of it. Steaming warm, so soft and hard as iron.

Once Oliver knew he had his mark he started to plunge in and out of me. His movements so fast that each move felt like a piston going into me. He was building up and I knew it. I could feel the bulb starting to form with he push forward. It was getting larger and larger. It was soon the size of a large golf ball. He was thrusting it against my anus. He slowed for just a moment then gave a push and it popped in. Oh God I loved this part. We were locked now until my master and lover was done with me.

My eyes rolled back in my head and I could feel Oliver slobber on my back. I knew that ment he was close to cumming. I could feel his knot pushing and pulling at my asshole. The patio light flicked on just then. My eyes shot up to see two women watching us.

Oliver didn't care he wanted to cum and he could care less about how i felt about it. Oliver started to give his whinny small howl as he filled me with his seed.

I was both humiliated and hot as hell all at he same time. Between my lovers cumfilling me and the humiliation of being watched, I came as well all over the ground. Oliver finished pumping his jizz in to my ass and turn lifting a leg so we were to butt to butt.

The strange woman who I guess was Penny opened the door. My wife grabbed at the door to stop her but it was too late. Oliver has his attention now on getting to the door. He tugged and pulled at my ass dragging me with him a few feet before my wife opened the door, and came out to calm him down. All I could think of was the pain he was causing and that damn dog fence. Penny followed, I could smell her perfume.

Sara said "That is what I was telling you about. She is just a slut for the dog out here." Penny, said "What the hell, and what do you mean she?" Sara explained, "He is bi as we are.

These two have been fucking for years now. This way he gets some dick, and Oliver is happy he has a bitch any time he wants. Male dogs want it a lot." Penny, took a small moment then laughed a little. Her eyes were glued to the knott in my ass. "how long will they stay like that?" Penny asked. "Not long, her ass is so used to it that she tends to lose the knot in a short while.

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It can take up to fifteen to twenty minutes in most females, this one is so used it takes about six or seven, watch it's almost done". Penny moved to the side to get a better view.

As if that was a queque the knot popped out and cum ran down my leg. I am sure my ass was gaping open. My face turned a bright red. Oliver went over to clean himself. Penny asked "what happens now?", Sara replied "Well, generally clean up.

Then it depends. Sometimes we have sex after to let her get some relief as well. You can see she is still ready. Oliver might or might not want to go again. You can never tell with him." I looked up for the first time and got a good look at Penny. She was about five foot eight or so. Weighted about one hundred sixty I would guess. Little heavy but not overly so.

She had dark hair that hung down to her shoulders and eyes that were a striking green. Her breasts were smaller than my wife's by a lot. Over her legs were white and looked smooth and soft. She was wearing my wife's robe but it was the first good look I had that night. Sara took Penny's hand. "Well, shall we go back in then? I am not done with you tonight." She gave Penny an impish little grin.

"Wait, could I get something to eat please?" I asked. Sara, looked over at the dog bowl which was still full. "You have your food, eat that. In the morning, I will give you some soft food I picked up at the pet store." She looked at Penny and said "Shall we?" Penny looked at me and I could see her mind processing everything.

She looked over at Oliver and then turned slowly. "Muhh, ok" They walked into the house and closed the door. Lights came on in the living room. They stayed there a long while.

Oliver fell asleep. I guess I wore him out. The light came on in the bathroom, then went out and I was left in the dark night cum dripping from me. My dinner hard dog food. I took a few pieces and crunched them.

Not as bad as I thought they would be. I took a few drinks and then went in my sleeping area and fell asleep. When the morning came. It was very cloudy and dark. I couldn't tell if the women were up yet or not but Oliver was sleeping beside me quietly.

I guessed if they were up he would hear them. I was starving only a few piece of hard food for dinner last night. I went to the bowl. It was empty. Oliver got to it while I was asleep. I sat back on my knees with my hands on the ground and just looked around.

It was getting colder and I thought perhaps more humid.


I went got a drink, lapping at the bowl like any dog would. Then I laid back down and waited. It seemed to me to be such a long time. Oliver suddenly jumped up and went to the door that was my queue that someone was moving inside. Sara came and let Oliver in. She went away with out even checking how my night was. I was a little miffed. A short time later Sara came out with two cups and a plate. She put the cups down on the patio. She walked forward to me with the place.

All I was thinking was how hungry I was. Penny came out and sat down, taking one of the cups. Sara put the plate down just outside the dog house. I got up, and looked it was soft dog food. Sara must have seen my face before I could speak she said "Don't you even speak. Dogs don't get to talk. Say even one word and you will stay out here tonight too.

This is your food today. Eat it, don't eat it up to you". She then went over and sat down. The women started talking. I was so hungry I didn't care. I sniffed it, it smelled like a really badly made beef stroganoff.

It tasted exactly as bad as it smelled. At this point I needed to eat. So I did and I finished it. I was thankful Oliver was in side because he would never have let me eat. As I finished I could hear Sara telling Penny the story of how we got Oliver and then she gave details on the first time Oliver and I had sex. It wasn't as simple as it was today.

Oliver knew what he wanted just took him a while to understand it was ok to do. Then he had to learn where his mark was. Today, he demands sex and takes him NO time to find his mark. Penny listened with a complete attention asking questions on health and feelings for Oliver, Sara, and I. This conversation went on for two cups of coffee. While, I just sat there or laid there.

Penny was quiet for a moment. Then she said "So Oliver gets to have sex any time he wants. He is a happy dog." "Yep, exactly he is spoiled" Sara said.

Penny went on "He or well She, gets sex. Gets the feeling of being dominated by Oliver." Sara said "Yes and I think she likes the humiliation as well, I have played with that aspect from time to time, she always responds well." I was stunned. First off they were talking about me as if I wasn't there second this was to a stranger, well stranger to me anyway. Second humiliation? Well yes but. Penny took the last sip of her coffee. She was staring at me. I already was uncomfortable. I had to pee and wasn't going to do it with them here.

She said to Sara with her eyes locked on me "can we watch them do it? I mean watch him take her?" Sara gave a smile that I know well which says simply gotchya. "Sure, I can let Oliver out and we will see.

There is no guarantee but we can help get him in the mood. I have some tricks." I don't know if I gave out a groan or a moan. But they both glanced at me and glanced away. Both gave a smirk. I thought from the questions Penny was more curious than anything else. Sara got up and opened the door and grabbed both cups and went back inside.

Penny didn't say a word. Her eyes were locked on me.

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Here I was on my hands and knees, naked. This woman who had slept with my wife the night before just staring at me. My dick started to get hard. The more she stared the harder I got. Sara came out a few minutes later with full cups and Oliver at her side. She sat down and Oliver went to the side yard and peed then pooped. It made me have to go pee so much worse. I held it while they were sitting there however.

When Oliver finished Sara called him over to her and petted him.


He went over to Penny and got more of the same. Sara undid her robe at the waste and let it fall open. She spread her legs and call Oliver again. He went to her and started to sniff. I have seen this often enough. I know what's next. I couldn't see it from my point of view but Oliver was starting to lick her. His tongue starts all the way at the bottom of her pussy and then comes up to the top of her clit. I can tell from his movements he was starting to get into it.

Penny shifted to look closer. Sara started to moan and coax him on. After a few minutes I could see She was so close. She threw her head back and took in a sharp breath.

Penny was now on the edge of her seat, her hand moving slow up and down her sde. Sara started talking to Oliver "Oh Good boy, Oh right there, yes, Oh yes! Oh Goddddd!" Then her head flew back and her chest arched forward. Sara eyes were closed so tight.

Penny's breathing was faster. Her hands just moving around her stomach and thighs. Sara started to push Oliver off her. I could see Olivers angry red colored dick hanging down. Sara looked at Penny and said "sit back lose the robe." Penny took no time to think about it.

Sara guided Oliver to Penny and put his face right in her pussy. Oliver took a few moments to sniff at this new smell. Then he start to lap at her cunt.

Penny instantly responded, "Oh my god. Oh god. yes oh fuck!" Sara moved beside Penny and started to rub her tits tugging on them and pinching her nipples. With her other hand Sara was rubbing the top of Penny's mound pushing it down as Oliver would lick up. Penny let out this grunting almost feral sound. Over and Over. Then she took a deep breath and just froze. Her hips convulsed, her lips made a kissing face and her eyes were locked on to Sara's.

Oliver was licking so hard I could hear it across the yard. Sara pulled Oliver away from Penny saying. "Lets get him over to the bitch shall we?" Penny stood up and had to grab Sara's shoulder. "Oh!

My legs are a little jelly ish" Penny said. Sara walked her to the side of the run helped her to kneel down. Then she brought Oliver into where I was. I knew Oliver was so turned on this was going to be a rough hard fucking. I quickly put some spit on my asshole.

Sara, looked at me and told me to face the dog house. This gave Penny a perfect view. I did as she asked. She let go of Oliver. He was on me so fast he almost knocked me over. He planted my face into the grass rather harder than I expected. I turned my head to the side as I felt Oliver's rock hard cock hitting the rim of my ass. Penny's eyes were glued to where Oliver cock was entering me.

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Her eyes as wide as saucers. Oliver plunged in and it hurt a little as he was a lot more ready then I was. Penny made a Ohhhh sound off to the side.

Oliver started to hump me with all he was worth. Penny sat up on her knees to get a better view. Her hand in her pussy. I could see Sara laying in the soft grass moving under Penny. At first I had no idea what was going on there. Then Sara's hands pulled down on Penny's hips and She started to lick at Pennys pussy. Oliver's knot had started to form and I could feel it banging at my asshole. Each time trying to get in so he could bury his seed in me.

The cum from the night before still crusted on my leg. Penny started to grind into my wife's face. Her eyes never moved from the cock going in and out of my ass. Oliver in the meantime was pushing that knot harder and harder. He got it in froze.

I could feel his cock throbbing. Shooting the seed in to me. This is one of those times I wish I could give him puppies. I would have given him anything. When he was done he threw a leg over my hip and his soft fur tickled my ass. I looked over and Sara was getting up. She kneeled next Penny. Her face was covered in Penny's cum. Her eyelashes were stuck together, her cheeks and chin covered with a shiny liquid.

Sara's cheeks were a rosey red in color. Her lips a little larger. Penny who had been down on both knees fell backwards with her legs open. This was the first time I had been able to see her pussy. It was bare, not a hair could be seen.

Her pussy lips were small, and colored a bubble gum pink. Her clit could be seen slightly darker red then the pussy lips. Her anus was darker but not a lot more. I could see the juice trickle from her lips to the crack of her ass. Sara just slowly and gently massaged her stomach and inside of her thighs.

Without warning Penny let out a jet of urine. It missed me by inches. "Oh shit, sorry." She said as she pinched it off quickly. Sara, said "Your outside your fine. You didn't bother anyone. Who is going to tell me or the dogs?" Penny, then let it go again. This time I was out of range of the stream. Sara however put her hand into it. Penny's stream quickly faltered. "Sorry three cups of coffee" she said. Sara looked at her hand, smelled it and moved her hand a bit then wiped it off in to the grass.

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I registered it, but didn't have to react as Oliver started to pull at me to get unknotted. He drug me as always a few feet right in to a wet grassy mess. I was less than Pleased. I looked up to see Penny and Sara watching us again. Sara said "Almost there. Watch how much comes out of her." Sara was sticking with the whole her thing this weekend. It was strange. As that thought went through me I felt Oliver leave me.

I felt at first a relife, then I felt empty and even a little alone. Cum ran down my leg in a river. There was so much of it. Penny said "God look how open that ass is! All that cum!" Sara said with a smile "yeah that ass has been stretched for a long time. She goes poop more than any person you have ever seen too." I was humiliated and turned on all at once.

"Watch this" she said. She got up walked behind me and reached under me. With about six or seven really fast firm strokes on my dick, I started to spurt cum like I was Oliver. Five six seven jets of it flew to the grass under me. Penny moaned off to the side. Sara just smiled stood up and wiped her hand on my back. Then walked out of the run. I fell off to the side to recover on my own. I hadn't paid attention to where I was and laid down in Penny's piss.

Penny laughed out loud. "She chose that spot. Did we just learn something about her?" Sara looked at me with a funny look and turned to help Penny up. "Ok lets go shower and get cleaned up after being on the grass." They left, and went in side. Here I was a second load of dog cum leaking from me.

Laying down in piss. I was on a high and a low at the same time. My mind just drifted. My body spent. I fell off to sleep again.