Pal stares at his glamorous girlfriend getting screwed hard

Pal stares at his glamorous girlfriend getting screwed hard
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I was new to the high school and transferred from another city. This was a small high school, about 150 students. It was in the country and I came from the city and I was a pretty good looking athletic teen, always excelled in sports and a teacher's pet.not the annoying kind but the one that makes it obvious that he's brown-nosing and thought everything was funny.never an "A" student but never late, always did my homework and always willing to help as much as possible.

It was just the way I was raised. I loved attention, so having older women tell me how much of a help I was or how cute or good looking I was always, motivated me keep people happy and I'm still like that today. new teacher.Madame Guillemette was in her 40's.tall, dressed like a sexy librarian (pencil skirts, nylons/thigh highs.I could see from where i sat) always high heels a blouse and I'm sure she had fake boobs.

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Her face.she looked 40, redish hair, stylish with glasses and for some reason.none of my buddies mentioned anything about how hot she was and all they talked about was class mates and I was thinking.fuck no.are you kidding me.that's a WOMEN!

and I was almost immediately obsessed. I started to have a thing for older women from a previous incident when I was younger. I was always sexual and I think I gave off a vibe because my first experience with an older women was a "step aunt" that had a pair shaped body, super wide hips, big ass and I would do everything I can to plan my movements in a room around hers so that we would always be stuck together forcing me to push into her and she caught on eventually and then.well, that's another story - in private ;) Back to the story… Well, this teacher was bullshit type and I always loved a challenge and I never thought I would ever have a chance and I never acted like I I just did my best to be a good student, loved getting recognition from her and she always asked my help because I was always willing and more often then not, I would ask before she could even ask obsession grew and for the whole year, every time I would jerk off, it would be to her.

I would analyse her every move in class, trying to figure out the contours of her body and imagine what it would really look like naked and her body was amazing for her age.

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Half way through the year, I started to adapt the same moves I did on my "step aunt", walking past her, touching her waste as i sssqqquueeezed by as my hard teen cock would brush up against her.

I'm hard right now thinking about As a teen, you think your smooth and sly and totally getting away with self gratifying petting at the expense of another and I thought I was getting away with it because I began to do it more often, would push in a little further, my hand would drop a little more and she never moved or reacted and I just figured I was getting away with it or she didn't notice me at all (and as a mind was in a million places at once) until one day, she was at the end of the class near the end rows and I walked past her to sharpen my pencil.who was I kidding.the thing was as sharp as can be ;) I walked towards her and she knew I was coming cause she was bent right over with her ass facing away from everyone and she looked at me in the eyes as I was cornering the table to go behind her and she gave me this grin little bugger!

I didn't want to make it obvious because I figured she was aware this time and I didn't want to get caught. So as I got closer, she stood up slightly to give me some room and I avoided touching her. I know now.she was expecting to be "innocently groped" and pretend not to notice. But when I didn't and started sharpening my pencil.I looked down at her ass and I just got in this rhythm with the pencil sharpener and then I snapped out of I turned to look at the pencil, it hit me.

she was watching me.STARE AT HER!!! My heart started to pound out of my chest, I could feel it.thinking she would give me shit in front of everyone but her eyes said a different story.

She looked at me just over her shoulder only I saw her eyes and they had a look about them.but as a teen, all you can think of is.[I'm caught, I'm caught, I'm caught!!!!!]. But my cock was raging at this point.harder then ever and the strain from my jeans put on my cock almost made me cum.

I pretended to finish the pencil sharpening and turned towards her to walk away but there was a wall and her ass and if I turned away from her completely, somehow I figured it was a bad idea so I decide to just go past her and as I walked by.

.she pushed back slowly, enough for me to have to stop RIGHT BEHIND HER!!!!! SHE HAD ME PINNED My cock growing off to the side. and she pushed back hard the moment she could feel my cock against her ass cheeks and I grabbed her waist (almost like an animal instinct kicked in) and as soon as she felt my hands, she adjusted herself and kindly pushed my hands down, but not away.just slowly down. I could feel her thigh highs through her skirt and she had a gentle hold of my hand and pushed down until it hit her nylon covered leg.

During this process, as I touched her nylons.a pen dropped next to me.on purpose I guess ;) and she said: "Andre, est ce que tu peux me rammacer ca s'il te-plais"(can you pick that up for me please) I drop to my knees to pick it up and she bent over again and I knew it was for me, so as I picked it up… my hand touched the top of her foot and I dragged my fingers up her calves and by the time I got to her knee, she was standing up with me.

I'm assuming now that it was because it was tickling her, but as we stood up together, my hand continued up her thigh, under her skirt and just before I touched her ass.she said."ok.vas t'assoir!" (Ok.go sit down) I was wildest fantasies almost came true (who was I kidding, I was in a class room lol) but when you're a think that's the only opportunity you have.

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So when she told me to go sit, thought I blew it for good. I played it really cool for a couple of months.avoiding touching her. My personality stayed the same but oddly enough, when I was dating a girl.she would be short with me and I couldn't understand why. But now I know its because she was bothered that I wasn't giving her the attention she came to expect from me and it was now given to someone else.

Near the end of the year, the last week of school.she had asked me if I could stay late one day after school to help the teachers pack their stuff and they'll order food as long as my mom didn't mind. My mom was gone most evenings becasue she was running a few committees so she said sure as long as someone can give me a ride. When I told this to Madame Guilemette, she said not to worry about it.she'll drive me.


I honestly was over the whole obsession thing.due to the crushing of my pride from a few months earlier but when I got there.I helped out in the gym for a while, helped some teachers take down some of their stuff in their classes but then she asked me to go help her in her class and told me to meet her there. She told me that she's just going to change so she doesn't get her work clothes dirt. Well she showed up in jeans and a tight white shirt.showing her body, the shape of her tits, the contours of her bra.I was in heaven again but decided to do it in secret because I don't need her giving me shit again.but she had me hooked all over ;) There was a lot of her bending over, me holding her legs while she went up the ladder while I held her legs and tried to look up her top.

I was wearing shorts that day and hiding a hard cock was almost impossible but I did my best to try and adjust but it was constant. We were almost wrapping up all our work and she asked me to get something that was behind her and I thought.she's right there, why doesn't she grab it?


But as I walked up, she bent over in the same position she was that day and all the feelings cam cock was rock hard, and I was she doing on purpose??? I walked behind her and I didn't hold back.there was tons of room for me to get by but she was to my right and as I walked right hand grabbed her waist.I turned sideways as my body began to brush past hers and my left hand grabbed her waist and pushed into her as I walked past and she didn't say a word or look at me.but I knew she didn't mind.

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So I grabbed what she wanted and held it up so that it doesn't hit her but I decided to rub my cock on her again and she did what I only imagined while jerking off.she took a step back.pinning my body against the chalk board with the boxes still above her head.I was in shock!!!! So I said Madame?.and all she said was "shhhhhh.bouge pas"(don't move) My cock was side ways, pointing towards my pocket and the more she pushed back, the harder it got.

Soon I began to push back into her and she said again "shhhhhh.bouge pas" I placed the box down and my hands were on her hips.she says."ci je ne te regard pas, jai aucune idée de qu'est ce que tu fait.alors, parle pas" (if i don't look at you, then i have no idea what you are don't talk) Her hand reached back very casually as she continue to do her paperwork as though nothing is going on and she grabbed my cock and adjusted it for me so that it lined up with her ass crack and she again said don't move!.I just stood there and stared down to her ass as she moved her ass up and down very sloowwwly and the orgasm that was building up was unbelievable.

It did not take long and within a minute.i was telling her."Madame, faut que tu arret, ca va." (Madame, you're going to have to stop its going.) and she immediately stood up, turned around and said."alors, rammase cette boite, et on vas le metre dans mons auto" (well, pick up that box and we'll bring it to my car) I was thinking I blew it again.why the fuck could I not have held it in any longer or not even tell her and just cam in my pants.

fuck it would have been amazing!!!! But now my cock is insanely hard and ready to pop.the head is sensitive and purple and I need to explode and I'm doing my best to use these boxes to cover my cock.

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She tells me to get in and I naturally got to sit in the back.most kids do sit in the back (I would think) and she looked at me and gave me a look like.are you kidding me???, so I did a shy grin and went to the front and sat next to her and for whatever reason, I always put my seat belt on but I guess I was so distracted and confused it didn't cross my mind. She leaned over without saying anything to me, her face to my chest and one of her tits on my lap.and I was thinking.what the fuck is about to happen and then she sits back up with the seatbelt in hand.

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She buckles it in but the strap that goes around my waist was a little off becasue my cock was pushing it out and I thought it would be too awkward to grab it and adjust.I look at her, hoping she didn't notice, she looks at me and then my cock and then back into my eyes and says "si tu t'endébarasse pas de ca vite.tu auras besoin de te trouver une histoire pour dire a tais parents " (if you don't get rid of that soon, you're going to have to come up with a story to tell your parents * she winks) I look at her with a blank look on my face.(WTF am i supposed to say or do).

She looks at me almost in frustration and drives off and as we get onto the road.she says again "bouge pas"(don't move) As she drives, she places her hand on my thigh and moves it up my thigh.

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She grabs my cock from the base and pulls it down my leg and begins to stroke it avoid an uncomfortable situation, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as I gripped the chair hard. Her hand pulled away and I opened my eyes, only to see her one hand on her boob and squeezing it and then her hand went to her mouth, put spit on it(at the time I was like.WTF?) and then her hand went back to my cock in my shorts and as soon as her lubed up fingers touched the tip of my cock.I was in heaven!!!!

I watched her as her one hand escaped between her legs as she gripped my cock, only using her spit covered thumb to rub my tip and when she did.I let out a huge moan and she all of a sudden started moan herself.she jerked the car a bit.we both perked up and she pulled into a side street.

I looked at her wondering what was going on.I was soooo close FUCK.


She looked at me and said she couldn't drive. She lifted her ass a bit and pulled down her pants, showing me her panties.amazing.and spit on that hand and placed it back on my cock as well and shoved the other hand into her panties and as soon as I can tell she found her spot, she moved her hand on my thigh.probably because she knew I would cum so quick.

I went to go touch her and she batted my hand away saying "touch pas" (don't touch) That turned me on actually and at this point.I had nothing to be shy about.I dropped my shorts as well as my cock sprang up but then it hit me.I've only jerked off for my self, so I was hesitant. She saw what I did and just reached over and grabbed the base of my throbbing cock HARD and squeezed and held it there as I watched her work her clit and at one point.just before she came.she removed her hand from my cock and pulled her panties to the side.not the side exposed to me ☹ and began to finger herself.and OMG I was freaking out!!!!!!, she brought herself to a point where she was about to cum.pulled her fingers out (now covered in her own juices) and since I was now holding my cock the same way she the base.she continued to work her clit and used her cum covered fingers to tease my cock head with her fingers and nails.making me squirm and give me the strangest feelings in my feet for some reason, they were tingling and feeling really hot and the tip of my cock got bigger then it ever has before at that time and my heart was beating so fast.and the feeling started at my toes and since she was teasing slowly.a shock wave took its sweet ass time running up the back of my legs, to my lower back, which made me arch my mouth opened wide as I began this loud.DEEP moan and the feeling jumped up to my neck as my whole neck area felt full and I suddenly became silent, almost like I was trying to scream but nothing came out, I grabbed my throat and all she did then was slam her hand down to the based and held it as I yelled out IM CUMMING!!!!!!!

&hellip.and stream after stream shot out like crazy and not just one major squirt, there was 4 or 5 huge ones and I can hear her gasp watching this happen and I guess the excitement alone pushed her too far and she suddenly let out the sounds that my young mind has never heard before, the first time I hear a women have an orgasm and the way her body moved, the sounds, smells, THE NOISE.was intense!!!!

and I just watched in amazement as she peaked and came down from her orgasm.

But then when it was all done.I think reality set in as to what she just did, or participated in. She looked at me and said to pull up my short and said in French "this never happened!!!!" I suddenly became the student again and pulled up quickly and sat awkwardly throughout the remainder of the trip until I got home. As I walked out, she said: "Merci pur ton aide.tous ton aide!!

;)" - thank you for your help.all your help!! And I never saw her again because I didn't know that my parents had already talked to the school for me to take the last few days of school off cause we were going to camp. .this whole experience help me get through the next older female experience I had.which involved my dads ex .But that's another story as well ;) let me know what you think by commenting or private message.

Also.let me know if there is interest in the "Dad's ex" story