Amateur straight guy gets his cock sucked by gay dude in gloryhole

Amateur straight guy gets his cock sucked by gay dude in gloryhole
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White whore on the slave plantation part 2 James returned to the house as dusk fell, "Where is Jessica, I thought she was with you?" Maria asked. "She went skinny dipping with the slaves, so I had her collared and branded," James informed her. "Very funny, so where is my daughter?" Maria asked. "Chained up naked in the slave house as a kind of naked whore," he explained.

"That's not funny!" Maria protested, "I know she is wilful and out of control." "Not any more she's chained up in the hut, there was a whole row of negros waiting in line to fuck her when I came away," he said, "I guess I tamed her permanently." "You're serious aren't you?" Maria gasped. "Sure am." he agreed. Cassie James younger sister walked in, "Where's Jess?" she asked.

"Chained up naked in the village for the negros to abuse apparently," Maria explained.

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"She was always saying she wanted to fuck with the negros," Cassie agreed, "Did you get tired of fucking her James?" "I never fucked her ever." James replied. "She told me you fucked her every which way up," Cassie said, "She made me jealous." "Jealous?" James queried. "You know I want to be your best girl." she replied. "You're my sister you'll always be my best girl," James confirmed, "But we can't fuck its the law." "We could if we was slaves," she pointed out, "They don't know who their father nor mother is half the time." Maria fought back her anger and decided to bide her time and get even at a later date.

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Jessica cried the first night as she lay chained up in a shed, her buttocks hurt where she had been branded but gradually the slaves became more confident as they realised they could fuck her without any reprisals and a steady stream of fit young negros came to visit. Slowly Jessica started to succumb to her animal instincts as a whole line of fit negros pounded her sopping cunt hole in turnand instead of shutting her mind to the sensations of love she began to revel in them so much so that when her mother came to look for her she was standing up with her legs wrapped around a big fit negro as he fucked her pussy while his friend fucked her ass and screaming "Yes, yes, yes," as they rocked her to orgasm.

Maria looked at the depraved whore being double plugged and revelling in it. She sadly realised that her daughter was just a depraved whore that no decent man would ever want and she also felt her own juices flowing as she looked at the well hung negro men waiting for a humping. She wanted to change places with Jess and take all their hard dicks and cool negro cum in her pussy and ass and her mouth until they all collapsed exhausted.

She slipped away and mounted her horse so she could bring herself off against the saddle horn of the western saddle as she rode home. She decided that if Jess was enjoying herself so much she might just as well stay with the negros while she plotted her revenge.

Maria bided her time as everyone got used to Jessica being the village fuck slave to the negro slaves and Cassie felt she had her brother back as he stopped trying to be nice to Jessica and just went to the village and fucked her when he wanted to.

Maria waited until James was called away to town on business, "Cassie, someone ought to do the rounds, will you ride with me?" she asked. "I suppose so, did James ask only he didn't say anything to me?" Cassie replied.

"Well someone has to do it," Maria insisted, "And I don't want to go alone." "Oh very well," Cassie agreed and she went with Maria to the stables to collect horses to ride the rounds. Maria had arranged for Erasmus one of the trusted negro foremen to accompany them and all went well until they got to the village.

"Where's the Master and the white whore?" someone asked. "In town," Maria explained, "So I brought this stuck up little bitch to amuse you instead." "What?" Cassie replied indignantly.

"Well if they can abuse my poor Jessica I don't see why they should not abuse you too!" "That's ridiculous!" Cassie snapped but Erasmus had hold of her horses bridle and he motioned to a boy to pull Cassie from the horse. She fell awkwardly and the boy grabbed her.

"Strip her!" Maria cried and the boy holding her tore at her clothing tearing away her blouse and skirts until she was near naked and then one boy pushed the protesting young girl onto her knees in front of Erasmus while another held her firmly as Erasmus unbuttoned his fly and took out his erection.

One boy grabbed one of Cassie's small pointed breasts and squeezed it hard and with his other hand he pinched Cassie's jaw on both sides causing her to open her mouth. As soon as her mouth opened Erasmus shoved his cock in between her sweet rosy red lips.

"Tighten your sweet lips on my big black nigger cock and suck like its your mother's tit." he ordered. "And if you bite me, I'll bust every single tooth your stupid white mouth.

Do you understand me?" Cassie nodded her head and her tears dripped down onto Erasmus's shaft. Erasmus held Cassie's head in both hands and rapidly forced it backwards and forwards, fucking his shaft with her mouth.

He showed no mercy as he pulled her so far onto his manhood that she gagged. The men laughed. "She'll soon learn to take all of a man's hard cock and love doing it." Erasmus pushed her on the floor, dropped his pants and got between her legs.

He looked at Maria, "Now I am going to fuck this little girls cunt and she had better be a virgin." With that he put his hand between Cassie's pale white thighs and worked his fingers into the slowly spreading wet spot between Cassie's legs, until it became an opening and slowly worked his fingers and thumb between her pussy lips and deep enough into her to feel that indeed, she was still virgin. He pulled his thumb out and instead held his cock against her and with a hard shove he rammed himself deep inside her.

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She screamed as he split her hymen and buried his hard cock eight inches balls deep into Cassie's small, tight virgin cunt.

Cassie screamed helplessly as she was defiled. Erasmus was fucking her like a stallion fucking a mare. She sobbed and cried helplessly as he pounded his cock hard and fast into the beautiful white girl's cunt first lubricated by her blood and his pre cum juices until self preservation instincts made her own love juices flow around her now sopping cunt. After several minutes she stopped crying and realised the pain had subsided, she stared at Erasmus and as she shuddered so he lost control and sent his load of cum flooding into her womb.

Erasmus looked at her pussy and his cock as he pulled out. His cock glistened with her blood and his cum. He grabbed Cassie by her long blonde hair and ordered, "Suck my cock clean." Cassie did not dare to refuse. Erasmus held her head in both hands and eased his fat black cock into her sweet red mouth.


She started to suck, almost gagging with the taste of filth but he showed no mercy as his tool gradually shrank and after a couple of minutes, no sign of cum or blood remained on his cock and he pulled it from her now glistening black and clean. He grabbed Cassie's skirt, "Now wipe yourself clean." he ordered as he threw it at her, "You got serious fucking to do!" Cassie looked around hopelessly, already black men were gathering staring at Cassie and wondering what it would be like to fuck her.

"Take her to the barn and take turns," Erasmus ordered as Maria looked on, "Lock her in." Cassie was dragged to the barn and her hands bound and a rope was tied around her neck and secured to the barn wall A crowd of maybe thirty negro men and a few women watched as Erasmus walked up to Cassie and taking his leather belt he gave her ten hard lashes on her backside causing her to cry out in pain. "I said clean yourself!" he explained, "No one wants to fuck a bloodied cunt!" but as Erasmus was walking away, the first man walked up behind her and pulling her to her knees he roughly shoved his cock into her blood streaked cunt.

Erasmus took Maria back to the house, "Much obliged," she said and she handed Erasmus his reward, a bottle of fine Jamaica Rum.

Cassie was past caring as the eighth negro reamed her aching cunt but Erasmus had other ideas, "You wipe that filth from your cunt bitch," he said, "Cause you need to grease up your ass hole, so old Erasmus can fuck your ass!" "What?" Cassie pleaded but Erasmus had the box of polished ebony sticks which James' father and grandfather before him had used to open up the young slave girls so they could fuck all their holes at will.

Two men held Cassie's legs up as she lay on her back and Erasmus calmly took the smallest tapered ebony shaft and eased it inside Cassie's sopping cunt to lubricate it.

He removed it and moved it up the few inches to Cassie's puckered brown ass hole and eased the tip inside the brown bud, working it gently around until it entered smoothly Even as he worked it so Johnny Haman took a larger tapered ebony shaft and dipped it into Cassie's cunt she gasped as the two conflicted through her insides and struggled briefly as Johnny handed the shaft to Erasmus as he removed the smaller shaft and forced the larger one into her ass in its turn.

Four more times they changed the tapered rods stretching her poor virgin ass larger and larger until finally Erasmus dropped his pants again and took his huge black cock and shoved at her hugely distended ass hole, "Now you can get fucked up your your little girls cunt and your tight bitch ass at one time." With that he put his cock to Jessica's opening and slowly worked his cock into her brown hole making her cry with pain as he buried his hard black cock ball deep in Cassie's small, tight virgin ass.

He shot his load and pulled out so Johnny could have a go. Over the next seven hours the slaves took turns and Cassiea had her cunt, ass hole and mouth fucked continuously without any mercy by about thirty different men. She had no rest and no food or drink except when they took pity on her and pissed in her mouth.

They mainly fucked her tight ass and when they finished as the next guy started to hump her they made her take their cocks in her mouth to suck them clean.

Her ass and cunt were just gaping holes dripping streams of cum. Her face was covered with cum and her hair matted with sweat and her holes ached from the abuse she was suffering.

Some negro men and women just came to watch and snigger at the beautiful young white girls being humilliated and degraded came and were thru the day to watch her being ravaged. As the sun set, Maria returned, "Take her out into the swamp and feed her to the crocs," she said. Erasmus took Cassie's leash and dragged her away beckoning Johnny to follow, They stopped for a moment to throw an old smock over Cassie's head. Cassie could barely stand, the gravel path cut her bare feet and her cunt and ass hurt and she was so tired she was almost asleep on her feet.

They dragged her away from the plantation and quickly decided to to take her to town and sell her at the whore house. They walked for hours and arrived at the whore house around dawn, "You wanna buy a whore?" Erasmus asked. "You gone loco?" Francine the duty house slave replied as she answered the door, "You can't own no white woman!" "Please, they'll feed me to the crocs otherwise," Cassie pleaded.

"You ain't no whore surely?" the girl queried. "She sure is," Erasmus explained, "Why she fucks up the ass in her mouth and every which way no danger." "I'll get my Mistress," the girl agreed. Miss Maitland was not pleased to be roused so early, "What is it?" she demanded. "Please let me stay, I'll do anything!" Cassie pleaded. "Hell we trying to sell you!" Johnny declared. "You don't own me, can I stay?" Cassie pleaded. "Twenty Dollars," Erasmus offered.

"Ten," Miss Maitland offered, "You can stay here with the other house slaves, you can be the house whore and willingly let any man fuck with you or eat any woman that I tell you to. If you don't do just as you are told, I will have you chained out in the yard and whipped, do you understand?" "Oh yes please!" Cassie said, "I understand." "Then take off your clothes, house whores go naked, you won't wear anything unless I tell you to." Jessica meekly pulled the smock over her head.

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"Not too fat, maybe you might make a regular whore some day if we got you cleaned up?" Miss Maitland mused. Erasmus took the ten dollars Miss Maitland offered and they headed back to the plantation. Cassie had no idea James was upstairs, he had spent a pleasant night with Chantal and Monique and was looking for some breakfast. Miss Maitland watched the negros depart before she ordered Cassie into the back, there a tub of cold water waited and she ordered Cassie to climb in before ordering Francine to fetch some warm water and wake the other girls.

They washed Cassie thoroughly with cold water and shampooed her hair with warm water before finding her some silk stockings and a nice red corset as befits a genuine whore.

Miss Maitland admire her handiwork, "I know just the gentleman to check you over young lady," she said, "We'll call you Rochelle I think," Miss Maitland suggested, "I like to keep a French theme for my white girls." James came downstairs, "Food perchance Madame?" he asked. "Better than food sir, we have a new white girl, she does all the usual services, or so she tells me, and we really need someone to check that she is as compliant as she says she is, so may I present 'Rochelle' Miss Maitland suggested.

Cassie suddenly realised her brother was coming, "No please," she pleaded but it was too late. "Rochelle," Miss Maitland introduced her. "Cassie!" James screamed and he rushed to embrace her, "What have they done to you?" "It was Maria!" Cassie explained, "She set the negros on me it was horrible!" "You know this girl?" Miss Maitland asked.

"She is, she was, my sister." James said and he sank wearily into a chair, "I suppose she blames me for Jessica?" Cassie nodded, "Take me home James," she pleaded.

"Did they abuse you?" James asked.

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Cassie nodded, "For hours, it hurts James, it hurts and they stretched." "The negros said she is a whore and takes men in all her holes," Miss Maitland explained, "I have merely paid ten dollars and had the girl washed." "Then will you look after her for me," James asked, "Feed and clothe her, I will pay and so will my step mother!" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx James made his way home, he had a description of the negros who had brought Cassie to the whore house but first her had to deal with Maria.

He found her in the Drawing room, "I saw Cassie," he said. "Oh?" Maria replied non-comittally. "Strip," he said, "You know what I have in mind for you." "I am sure I cannot imagine," Maria exclaimed. "You can join your daughter in the village," he said, "Go and tell Jessica you will take her place." "What do you mean?" Maria asked. "Exactly that," James explained, "Strip." Maria stood her ground.

"Don't then, let Jessica rot in the negro hell," he suggested, "You choose." James left Maria and returned to the village, Jessica sat sadly on the dirt floor of her hut, chained to the wall, hungry, thirsty, naked and filthy and neglected, "Hello," he said, "All alone?" "They got tired of me," Jessica said sadly, "Have you come to fuck me?" "No, I'm taking you home," he said. "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit," Jessica observed icily. "No, I'll have the blacksmith release you, then you can come home." he agreed and he went to the forge and ordered the blacksmith to release Jessica.

Jessica arrived back at the house just before sun down, she was still filthy and barefoot and naked except for a simple smock. "You came then?" James observed as she walked up to the front door.

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"Yes," she agreed. "Get washed up, I need a fuck." James said nastily. Jessica smiled and blushed, "Is Mummy here?" "Yes but to be honest I would rather fuck you," he informed her. Jessica came to find James an hour later, her hair now gleamed and she had dosed herself with perfume and wrapped herself in a towel. "I want you to suck my nuts until I cum all over your face," James explained. "James," Jessica said, "You can fuck my bottom if you like." "Then perhaps I will fuck your cunt, lie on the floor, I will be with you in a moment," he said callously as she stood waiting.

"Mmm you smell nice," he chuckled, "Better than negro piss anyway!" She looked down at the floor in humiliation. "You are a very beautiful young lady," he continued, "Wilful maybe, headstrong but beautiful." "Thank you, master." she said.

"I'm sending your mother to the village, I guess I need a housekeeper," he continued, "How do you feel about being housekeeper?" "I never thought," she said. "Well think, while I'm fucking you," he insisted. "Will I have to wear a collar?" she asked. "If you want to," he agreed, "I guess that will be fine but no more fucking negros, I want you hot when ever I want to fuck." "James," she said, "Can we fuck in your bed?" "Sure," he said "Later, come here!" To be continued