Asian web cam model takes black cock

Asian web cam model takes black cock
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My husband used to work away a lot a few years ago and this true story is from when he was away for a month. I left out the frustrations of the previous two weeks as it appears readers want action more than narrative so this is a short story. Enjoy! =============================================================== It had arrived! The postal service had just dropped of a package about the size of a small shoebox in a padded mail bag and I knew what it was.

It was my Rampant Rabbit! I had always had a small vibrator that I used for my clitoris from time to time but it was on its last legs and would cut out at that vital moment making me frustrated as I was about to come.

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A Sex Toys advert had promised the ultimate in woman's sexual gratification from the Rampant Rabbit and was backed up with customer satisfaction replies. That will do for me, I thought and completed the online purchase. I took it up to our room and opened the packaging and looked at what I had. It looked huge! It was a dark pink colour with white beads with the ear bit being a paler colour and a big base to hold the batteries.

I looked at it shocked. Compared to my little vibrator this thing was a monster! I have to admit, I was getting horny at the thought of it and I could feel my wet heat starting in my pussy and that was something I was not going to ignore!

It was one of my days off and I had the whole house to myself with no interruptions planned! Oh Boy! I put batteries into the base and looked at the buttons On / Off, Hi / Lo, Rotate On / Off and rotation direction.

This was going to be a completely different experience all round! I switched it on and it started to vibrate in my hand, I pressed the Hi button and it went berserk! I switched it back to Lo and pressed the rotation. I nearly pissed myself laughing as it started to gyrate and I could see the balls in the shaft move about. It was as though switching it on released a flood of my juices into my pussy, I was soaking now!. I stripped off my clothes hurriedly and lay on our bed with my legs apart.

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I could feel the cool air on my pussy and my juices slipping down to my ass, my nipples were erect and tight. I was horny! I switched it on again with just the vibration and I ran the head of the cock up and down my cunt lips. The vibrations from the rabbit were delicious! So much better than my now redundant vibrator. More intense and covered a bigger area. I pushed the Hi button and it went into overdrive! The vibrations on my pussy were too intense, almost painful and I switched back to Lo. I was soaking wet now and placed the head of the rabbit against my inner lips and slowly let it slide into me.

The vibrations in my cunt were incredible! I could feel the head of it part me and the thickness was almost the same as Doug's cock as I pushed it deeper into me. The ears were against my clitoris now and I was almost coming from the feel of it inside of me and the teasing on my clitoris.

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I pushed the rotation button and it started to revolve inside of me, pressing against my vaginal walls as it rotated, the head I could feel against me and with the vibrations on my clit I was in heaven! The force of my orgasm took me by surprise as I felt my cunt spasm on the revolving cock, my clitoris was about to explode as it was driven crazy with the fingers.

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I jammed it as hard as I could into my cunt and I started to buck my hips as I came. I could not hold onto it any longer as I gasped the sheet with my hands either side of my wide spread legs and let out a little cry as my orgasm flooded through me.

My cunt contracted hard and spat out the rabbit!


I could hear it whirring away between my legs as wave after wave shot through my body. My come was running out of me and slipping between my ass cheeks, I couldn't care less as I lay there twitching and panting.

I had just had the most intense orgasm I have ever had for a while! I picked it up and looked at it wriggling in my hand. 'You and I are going to be very good friends, you know that?' I said aloud with a smile on my face. I placed it at my pussy lips again and this time I let it slip inside of me very slowly enjoying the pleasure of filling my cunt with its hardness. The revolving shaft and head were incredible. I was loving the feeling of different areas inside my cunt being stimulated. I pushed the base down towards my ass and I felt the head of it hit my g spot!

Oh Fuck! This was amazing! If I held it at the right angle it hit my g spot and my clit at the same time! I was in heaven! I came again just as intensely as the first time and my pussy was a sopping wet hole that pulsed with each wave of my orgasm again.

My nipples were straining to burst and I would have given anything for Doug to be there and suck them for me but he wasn't.

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I switched off the rotation and brought the ears towards my left nipple, I revelled in the feeling of it vibrating at the same speed as the rabbit. My right nipple was crying out for attention so I alternated between them both. They got so hard and erect I thought they would split! Now it was too much, the feel of the vibrations from the ears onto my nipples took me into another orgasm. I was feeling sensational! My whole body tingled from it and I squeezed my thighs shut as tightly as I could as I came.

Sweat was breaking out now and the inside of my thighs felt slick and moist not just from that but from my come. I was panting like an animal with my exertions and feeling so 'glowy' all over. A thought occurred to me. 'What if I turned it around? Would it work on my ass?' I got shakily onto my knees and stood it on the bed pointing straight up.

I switched on the rotation and as I held it I lowered my hips until I felt it against my cunt and let my pussy lips slip over the shaft. Slowly I let it disappear inside of me until the fingers touched against my anus. They tickled my hole as the shaft pushed against the inside of my cunt. I was dripping juice down the shaft of the rabbit and it was running over my hand as well.

The feel of those fingers teasing my ass hole was intense, just as intense as when Doug would do the same thing to me with his tongue. I was going over the edge to a point of no return. I could feel the heat and intensity in my cunt, my ass was in heaven with the fingers.

I had sweat running between my breasts now and my head was stretched as far back as I could to intensify what was happening to me.


I started to come. I pushed down on it and then it hit me in my ass and cunt at the same time. So fucking intense was my orgasm that I blacked out for a few seconds and collapsed on the bed face down. I came to wondering 'What the fuck?' The rabbit was still buzzing and revolving away between my thighs and I pulled it out of my pussy and switched it off. 'My God!', I had only been naked for 25 minutes and felt totally fucked! I had had three crashing orgasms, the one with my ass was so different than the others but the first one with the rabbit was the one that had made my day!

I had a total of eleven orgasms from the rabbit before its batteries gave out! The orgasms were different from sex with Doug but the thing that made sex with Doug so good was him coming in me.

No doubt there will be an ejaculating version some time in the future but I won't be going for that one, this and Doug's hard cock will be enough to satisfy me.

Next story will be me telling Doug about the Rampant Rabbit you are in for a real treat there!