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DAY 1 Jeff couldn't get the image of Sally's face from his mind as he looked down from the high mountain ridge at the steep and winding ski trail. He was angry and depressed, he pointed his ski tips straight down and set off at a breakneck pace. He went dangerously fast into his turns, his skis throwing up clouds of powder snow and skidding across ice patches. But the beauty of the mountain terrain calmed him down, the silence from apart from the 'Shhhh' of his skis, the clear blue skies and the feel of the mountain air on his face gradually relaxed him.

In 10 minutes he was at the bottom of the trail and decided to have a coffee to reward himself for not breaking his neck. In the mountain cafe by himself, his depression returned. Two weeks by himself. Two weeks when he had expected to be with Sally He had been looking forward to it for months. His happiness had collapsed two years before when had he returned from a business trip and found his house empty: empty of people and just about empty of furniture.

The fridge was still there with a note stuck to it. He could remember every word. "Dear Jeff Sally and I have gone away. I'll let you know where, when I have the courage. Jeff, I've left you for another man, I know you won't want to read this but he makes me feel things in a way I've never felt before. Sally has said she wants to come with me. You have been a wonderful husband for me and a wonderful father for Sally. I know you'll be heartbroken when you read this and I'm so sorry.

But I can't do anything else." Love Jenn" He fought and lost a hopeless custody lawsuit for Sally but to be fair to Jenn she had been keen to help Sally keep a relationship with her father.

But 2,000 kilometers was a long way and things had changed with Sally. Tom, Jenn's new husband seemed a nice enough sort of man. Jeff had never met him but Sally had told him that in her early visits. "And he's so rich Dad. You should see his house and he's got a mountain chalet which is bigger than our old house.

He's got a Ferrari and he's bought Mum a BMW and he says he'll buy me one when I'm old enough to drive. He's taking Mum and me to Europe this summer. We'll go First Class and stay in five star hotels." That had been a year ago and Jeff understood how a 15 year old could be impressed with money but by the end of her stay with him, Jeff was worried that his lovely daughter was becoming a spoiled brat. Twelve months later, this holiday in the mountains had been his best shot.

Surely Sally would love skiing where she had spent so many happy holidays? Initially she had been enthusiastic, but a week ago he had received a text. "Sorry Dad. Something's happened. Can't come. Hope you have a lovely time. Lots of love Sally" Jeff knew that the opposite of love isn't hate, it is indifference and his 16 year old daughter's indifference was the cruelest cut of all.

Jeff drained his coffee and skied three more runs before the field closed for the night. He drove down the mountain to his hotel, showered and changed and went to the bar. "Excuse me, it's Jeff Bradley isn't it." Jeff turned.

He vaguely remembered the face of a man about his own age. "Brian Avery. Avery Instruments, we met at that conference a few months ago." Avery Instruments was a supplier to the company Jeff worked for and he did remember Brian. He had thought he was a loudmouthed bore and knew that they lived in the same city and that Jeff's company had a big contract out to tender which Avery Instruments was working hard to win.

"Hi Brian, nice to see you." They talked and Brian couldn't believe his luck. He knew that Jeff was the decision maker on the contract which could change him from being very rich to multi millionaire. He was going to work hard to get Jeff on-side and noticed he was alone. "What are you doing tonight for a meal, Jeff would you like to join Tracey and Kylie and me?" Jeff didn't really want to spend time with Brian, but the way he was feeling, anything would be better than a night by himself.

"That's kind of you to ask me. Yes, thanks Brian." Brian lent forward confidentially. "Jeff, old manI do have to warn you about Kylie. She's a very difficult daughter. She's 16 and really pig headed. She never listens to anything Tracey or I say and sometimes she's rude. You know what 16 year olds are like." Jeff remembered Sally's text and did know. "Here they are now. Hi darlings." Brian waved. Jeff remembered Tracey from the conference.

With a classic bone structure, she must have been beautiful in her youth. Now there was a little too much weight and a face which was starting to show the ravages of booze.

She was wearing a top which showed too much cleavage, Jeff thought, and short skirt for someone her age, but she did have great legs. He turned his attention to Kylie. She had inherited her mother's bone structure and had a beautiful face. She had waving golden hair coming below her shoulders and was wearing a white polo necked jersey and tight jeans. Jeff could tell she was quite tall and slim, but not much else. What struck him most was her expression. A hangdog, aggressively defensive scowl.

Jeff started to feel for Brian and Tracey. Another spoiled brat, just like Sally. Brian made the introductions. "Say hello to Mr Bradley, Kylie. That's the polite thing you should do." "Hello Mr Bradley" she droned without looking at him. Brian took Tracey to one side to explain how important Jeff was to them and Jeff tried to talk to Kylie.

"Are you having a good holiday Kylie?" "No." "Have you been skiing?" "I hate skiing. Mum and dad force me do it." She said this without looking at him. Jeff felt more empathy with Brian and Tracey. They sat at a dining table, Brian and Tracey on either side of Jeff and Kylie opposite.

She kept her face down. "Moody kid," Jeff thought. "Brian's right, she really is rude." But he soon started to change his mind. Tracey said, "What are you going to have Kylie? Remember what I've told you about healthy eating." "A hamburger please." Tracey gave a loud exasperated sigh and Brian said, "Tracey, listen to your mother. She is only trying to help you." "I want a hamburger." Brian gave a big sigh. "Kids. They don't listen these days." Jeff noticed an edge to his voice.

"What's the big deal about a kid wanting a hamburger?" he thought. "They're treating her like a six year old." "What are you going to have Jeff?" "Well strangely enough. I feel like a hamburger." Brian and Tracey looked at him in surprise and for the first time he noticed Kylie look straight at him, as though she was sizing him up. "I'm a bit of a bum I guess." That got over the difficulty and they chatted away.

Tracey and Brian asked Jeff a few questions without listening to his answers then told him all about their new cars, their new house and their last international holiday.

Jeff got became bored and just said 'how interesting' or, 'goodness me' or, 'I never knew that' and that was enough to keep Brian or Tracey in full flow. His mind drifted a little and he thought about Sally.

He became aware that Kylie glanced at him more often and once when he said, "Good heavens, tell me more," to Brian he thought he saw her smirk. Tracey told a long and boring story about a holiday in France and Kylie said, "That's so interesting Mum." Tracey beamed with pleasure and Kylie smiled straight at Jeff.

During the meal Kylie was twice told about her table manners and told not to eat so fast. "What will Mr Bradley be thinking of you darling? I hate to think." Despite the 'darling' there was an edge in Tracey's voice also.

"I don't want to go skiing tomorrow. I hate it." grumbled Kylie. "We've spent a lot of money on you for this holiday darling. You must keep at it." "I fall over so much." "Why don't you try listening to the instructor just for once?" "She's useless. She sucks." Brian drew in a deep breath.

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"Kylie, why the hell do you give up on everything without trying? Bloody everything." His voice was loud and aggressive. Jeff was shocked at the language, saw Kylie flinch and started to feel awkward. "You've got to learn that life is all about overcoming obstacles," continued Brian. "You agree,don't you Jeff?" "Ah yes, I think George Washington said that." Jeff felt that was the easiest way out. Jeff had no idea what Washington had said, but Brian was flattered by the comparison and his face was wreathed in a self-satisfied smile that Jeff was starting to dislike.

He noticed Kylie's quizzical glance towards him. Later Kylie turned to her mother. "Mum, the hotel is putting on a disco for teenagers tomorrow night. Can I go? It finishes real early." This time it was Tracey's turn to sigh.

"Kylie, have you forgotten our agreement? We agreed that you would be grounded for two weeks because you were late coming home from the movies." "But the two weeks is all the time we're on holiday!" "An agreement is an agreement. You've got to learn that when you agree to something, you've got to stick to it. Isn't that right Jeff?" Jeff didn't like being drawn into this but Brian and Tracey were looking at him for affirmation.

"A deal is a deal I guess." "See Kylie. Mr Bradley agrees." Kylie sat defensively with downcast eyes for a moment, then she looked up at Jeff with a mischievous grin.

"Did George Washington say that too Mr Bradley?" Jeff tried to look as though he was thinking hard. "Maybe it was Abraham Lincoln." He winked back at her. "Or Winston Churchill even," said Kylie with a big grin and her eyes seem to be twinkling.

Her parents had been talking to each other, deciding it was Lincoln, and hadn't seen the exchange of smiles.

"Bed time for you Kylie." She pouted but stood up. "Say goodnight to Mr Bradley." "Goodnight Mr Bradley." It was a friendly smile. Jeff soon excused himself and lay in bed thinking about the evening. "They treat her like a six year old, not 16. And going on like that to her in public for no real reason. They were really angry sometimes and I could see she got scared.

"She's a bright kid. That George Washington joke was quick and funny. And she picked up what I was doing when I said 'How interesting'. She is really very pretty when she smiles.

Ah well, none of my business, I guess, but I can't take too many evenings like that." DAY 2 The next morning Jeff went skiing and couldn't avoid Tracey and Brian when they waved to him and they skied together.

"Where's Kylie?" "She at the ski school. A real waste of money, but we've got to make some effort I guess. And it keeps her out of our hair." He went off by himself to some trails which were too steep for Brian and Tracey and enjoyed himself.

He always liked to push himself hard and fell over twice. He skied all the way to the bottom of the field to the learner trail but couldn't see Kylie. He felt a pang of regret then went to the nearby restaurant.

There she was, sitting in a corner alone and reading a book. Jeff took his food tray over to her. "Hi Kylie." He wondered if he would get the sour face or the smile but her face lit up when she saw him. "Hello Mr Bradley." "Do you want something to eat?" "I've eaten thanks. An unhealthy hamburger." That mischievous grin again. "How was the skiing?" "Awful.

I fall over so much and I'm not getting any better. It's not fair. I saw you, you're really good. I bet you don't fall over. " "I fell over twice this morning." "I hope you didn't hurt yourself." "I was lucky. I landed on my head both times." Kylie laughed and Jeff noticed how she looked him in the eye and held his gaze.

"You're a funny man, Mr Bradley." "Jeff, please." "And you worked out my parents quickly too." "It's none of my business Kylie, but they were pretty tough on you last night." "It's worse at home." She tried to look nonchalant but Jeff noticed that her eyes seemed to glaze before she recovered.

There was a long silence and Jeff was feeling her appraising look. "I thought you seemed sad sometimes last night." This from a 16 year old?

He said nothing. "Aren't you lonely, here by yourself?" "I was going to come with my daughter but she changed her mind." "How old is she?" Jeff felt awkward with her questions, but Kylie had been open about her parents so he told her all about Sally, how she was the same age as Kylie, how she lived with her mother so far away. And how much he missed her. A long pause. "I can't understand why Sally doesn't want to see you more often.

You're such a nice man." Jeff changed the subject. "Come outside Kylie. Let's have a look at you ski." He expected her to resist but she smiled again and took his hand to stand up.

Jeff looked her skis. "Why are you using these? They're rubbish." "They're Mum's old skis. She said she would buy me some new ones when I can ski down the intermediate slope without falling over." Jeff knew that the skis were far too long for a novice and the old fashioned design made it a lot harder to learn.

"They're crap. Come with me." He pointed to the ski hire shop and there seemed to be a bounce in the way Kylie walked beside him. 10 minutes later Kylie had clipped on the new skis, much shorter and with curved sides. "Mum and Dad are going to be pissed off if they see me using these." Her face screwed up in that defensive frown.

"I won't tell them if you don't." Jeff winked and rewarded with a conspiratorial grin. At the top of the learners' slope Jeff gave Kylie three simple and basic pieces of advice.

Her face screwed up in automatic rejection. "Let's go." "I'll fall over." "Make sure you land on your head." Kylie laughed and nervously set off.

Kylie managed to get half way down the slope before she fell. Jeff watched how she didn't complain as she scrambled to her feet again. She could immediately tell the difference with the new skis. They sat side by side on the chair lift. "This is so much easier. Why did I fall over.?" "You've got to keep your legs together," Jeff thought of the irony of this comment with this lovely young woman beside him, but Kylie didn't seem to pick it up.

"OK, I'll try harder." She did try harder and didn't fall on the next run or the next. "Let's get your shoulders right. They do a lot of the work." Jeff stood behind Kylie and put a hand on each of her shoulders.

"Start to turn your shoulders downhill when you want to turn", he swiveled her shoulders slightly, "Right downhill when you start turning," another gentle push "And then back to the front." Kylie didn't battle his touch at all. He repeated the exercise. "OK," I've got it," she smiled determinedly. Three more runs and two more falls and she did have it. "Now when you start this time, point your skis straight down.

You'll go faster." Kylie felt a thrill of excitement as her speed built up. By Jeff's standards it was still very slow, but Kylie felt she was going 100 kilometers an hour. She fell again on the second run and Jeff really admired the way how she pulled herself up.

"You're pretty tough aren't you? Getting up so quickly after a fall like that." Kylie smiled as she looked steadily into Jeff's eyes and he could tell she liked the compliment. "This is real fun." "Let's go to the next slope up, you're ready for it." "Am I really?" "You're the best instructor I've had," said Kylie as they sat on the chairlift.

"Of course." She laughed with him. The chairlift was small and their legs touched as they sat side by side. But they were both wearing thick padded ski trousers and it was completely innocent. The next slope was longer and a little steeper and Kylie's confidence quickly rose. Her speed got faster and her turns were sharper. Jeff made a point of not helping her up when she fell over and she never complained.

They skied together for an hour then Kylie told Jeff to go and have some fun on the steep slopes. "Are you sure you'll be OK by yourself?" "I want to practice all you've taught me." She pushed his shoulder. "Away you go and remember to land on your head when you fall over." It was almost closing time when he came back.

He hoped Kylie would still be skiing and hadn't given up. There she was, still skiing, a solitary and determined figure. For some strange reason he felt proud of her. He went to the ski school, then went over to her and was greeted with a wave and an excited smile.

"Jeff, watch me." She skied extremely well and Jeff felt another surge of pride. "Aren't I good?" Her face was excited and glowing with enthusiasm. "Kylie, you're marvelous." She gave him one of her steady gazes and Jeff felt he had to break the moment. "We'd better get those skis back before your parents see." "They skied past me one time but didn't come over to say hello." Jeff patted her shoulder. "I've booked you in for two hours personal instruction tomorrow morning.

And the same skis." "You shouldn't be spending all this money on me." "Your George Washington joke was worth it." Another of her giggles and another of her looks into his face. "Are you coming for dinner tonight?" "I need a bit of my own space." She frowned then nodded. "But I'll see you here tomorrow?" "You bet. By tomorrow afternoon you'll be ready to go right up there." He pointed high up the mountain.

"Really? This is so exciting. I love skiing now." Before Jeff could react she hugged him quickly and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Jeff pondered as he drove back to his hotel. "She's so much fun, so good to talk to and so lovely. And so 16! Of course that hug and kiss were just teenage exhilaration." Why he was spending all this time with her?. And all this money? Sympathy for a girl who was so bullied and neglected by her parents? A Sally substitute? Well, nothing wrong with those. Because she was so beautiful when she smiled? Why did he feel so good when he found her in the restaurant?

He couldn't get that thought out of his mind. DAY 3 The next day was a similar pattern. Jeff spent the morning with Tracey and Brian and by himself on the high slopes.

Tracey thanked Jeff for helping Kylie with her skiing. "She said you spent a few minutes with her and it really helped. Did she take any notice?" "She's a bit pig headed," Jeff lied, thinking that was what Brian wanted hear. He skied past Kylie and her instructor and it felt good when she waved from from a distance and even better when he came closer and saw her open and excited smile.

The next time he came down he went over and talked to the the two of them.

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"Jeff, watch!" Kylie sped off down the slope. "She's a very fast learner," said the attractive Norwegian to Jeff as they watched. She turned to Jeff. "You're a good skier, but a lesson would help." Jeff had a fair idea of what sort of lesson she had in mind.

"Maybe. See you tomorrow with Kylie." When he went to lunch and Kylie was waiting, looking lovely with her golden wavy hair and radiant smile. "Wasn't I good?" "Like I said yesterday, Kylie, you're marvelous." She looked at him and held his hand.

"You do say nice things." She didn't let go and then her face became sadder. "I wish Mum or Dad could say that. Just once." Jeff squeezed her hand then took his away. "I told Mum and Dad that I'm going down that test slope later and they had better be ready to buy those skis." When Jeff had finished his meal she dragged him towards the ski shop. "Show me the skis I should get." Jeff had a careful look, measured a couple of pairs against her height and told her which.

Kylie pouted and said they weren't the most expensive. "Maybe, but they're the best." She held his hand again as they went back to the skifield. Jeff knew it was just innocent enthusiasm and he also knew that he liked it. "Ilse, my instructor, thinks you're a bit of a hunk." "She wants to give me a lesson." "Are you going to?" Jeff shook is head.

"She's 20. Is that too young for you, hunky Jeff?" Jeff spanked her backside. "You do ask very personal questions sometimes Kylie." Kylie didn't say anything but when they got on the chair lift together it seemed that she squirmed in even closer to Jeff. He watched her carefully as she skied and gave her advice which she listened to carefully. Once he knew he went on for a bit too long.

Kylie looked at him, "That's so interesting Mr Bradley," and shrieked with laughter. To get her posture correct he had to push her knees with his hands two times and once he held her back and shoulders to show the right crouching position. He held her hips to show her how to transfer her weight from side to side.

Kylie showed no reaction to his touch, just a half smile on her face. Later she fell over and was frustrated and angry with herself. "What am I doing wrong Jeff?" "It's your knees Kylie. You've got to keep them closer together." She looked at him with her twinkling gaze.

"Do I really Mr Bradley?" Kylie's parents met them for her test and did their best to undermine her, telling her the slope was too steep, that she needed to practice more, that she would hurt herself.

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Jeff said, "Kylie will be fine." Tracey and Brian went into a discussion and Jeff whispered into Kylie's ear. "Go for it, we'll follow you down. And don't show off." "Yes sir, Mr Bradley sir, whatever you say sir." She was looking away from her parents and only Jeff could hear and only Jeff could see her grin. He soon wished he hadn't mentioned showing off because that's exactly what she did. She made some extravagant turns, she went far faster than she should and twice lost her balance and almost fell over.

But at the bottom she had a triumphant smile as she greeted them. Jeff wanted to hug her, he felt so proud of her. "Kylie you went far too fast. You've got to ski to your ability, you almost fell over twice," said Brian with fatherly concern.

"But I didn't, did I? Come on Dad, that's some new skis you owe me." She turned and set off for the ski shop.

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Brian chose the most expensive skis. "Here you are Kylie, the best skis money can buy, just for my little girl," he cooed. "But I want these" Kylie pointed to the skis Jeff had chosen. "Come now Kylie, your father knows best and he's spending all this money, just for you." "I want these." Kylie jutted her jaw.

"Why, the others are more expensive." "Because Je," she paused looking at Jeff. "Because.

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. . because. I like the color." Both her parents laughed and called her silly, but Brian looked at his watch and relented. "We'll ski with you tomorrow Kylie, we promised the Cartwrights we'd meet them. Jeff, you've helped Kylie so much. Surely we can buy you dinner? Jeff agreed, he much as he disliked the idea. He couldn't be spending so much time with Kylie and ignore her parents. Kylie watched them go. "And fuck you too." She looked at Jeff.

"Did you you hear a single word of congratulations? Did you hear 'well done Kylie'? Did they say they were proud of me? No, all they said was that they had to ski with the boring, boozy Cartwrights. Jeff wanted to put his arms around her, but there were a lot of people nearby. "I was proud of you Kylie, very proud. You've learned so fast and have been so brave. Shame you're a bit crazy with it." Kylie giggled then squeezed his arm. "I could see you were proud and that made me happy." "C'mon, let's try out your new skis." On the higher slopes the chairlifts were bigger but Kylie still sat right next to Jeff with their ski trousers touching.

Sometimes she rested her head on his shoulder and once, without thinking, Jeff put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled in tighter. It felt so good that it took him a minute to realize what was happening and he quickly took his arm away. Kylie looked at him and poked him in the ribs, but didn't say anything. They skied side by side through long snow valleys and when Jeff glanced at Kylie beside him, he saw her beautiful tranquil face, her lips slightly parted and felt as though they were soul mates.

He managed to resist putting his arm around her again, but did nothing to stop her snuggling in or resting her head on his shoulder. "It's innocent, it's just teenage enthusiasm, she's excited about winning her skis. There's nothing to it," he thought. But he knew that wasn't true. At dinner Kylie wore black leggings and a red sweater. The leggings were skin hugging and the sweater clung to her body.

Jeff could see the perfect shape of her long legs and her breasts were jutting proudly. He was surprised her parents let her dress like that, but again, Tracey was showing a lot of leg and cleavage.

Kylie sat opposite Jeff and, as she ate healthy food and didn't say much, there was none of the tension of the first evening. Her parents almost completely ignored her and didn't see her facial expressions. She spent most of the time with a bland face, but sometimes when Jeff looked across he saw her earnest look at him.

She gently kicked his shin under the table three times when he made his bored "How interesting" comments and smirked at him after she told her father "That's fascinating Dad". His mind wandered as Tracey and Brian talked and didn't listen.

He relived all the fun he had had with Kylie, their jokes and laughs, their were a lot of them, their touches, there were certainly a lot them, the way she had gazed at him.

He realized that he had enjoyed every minute with her. And the same the day before. His eyes also wandered; wandered straight to Kylie's breasts. Was she wearing a bra or not? Surely she must be for them to be as firm as that, but he couldn't see any hint of one. He was interrupted by Kylie's cough and saw her looking at him with an amused smile. He turned his attention to her parents. "Kylie says you helped her a bit today as well Jeff. I hope it wasn't too much trouble.

She can be a bit of a handful." "I suppose she can," agreed Jeff and her parents couldn't understand why Kylie had a giggling fit. "It was worth it to see how good she's become so quickly." "Say thank you to Mr Bradley, Kylie. It's your bed time." "Thank you Mr Bradley," she droned looking at her plate, then she grinned at him and nudged his ankle again. Kylie walked away to go to her bedroom and Jeff watched her bottom wriggle in her tight leggings and was sure it was a show for him.

If only she was a few years older. DAY 4 Kylie had another long lesson with Ilse and Jeff did his duty with Brian and Tracey in the morning. He did go down to see that Kylie was all right and was greeted by waves and friendly smiles from both of them. Ilse tried to persuade him again about the lesson. Kylie left them to it and skied away. "See you at the bottom, Ilse." Jeff made his excuses and Ilse told him he could always find her at the ski school. Kylie's parents did ski with her in the afternoon but soon saw the Cartwrights and left her alone and resentful.

She decided to look for Jeff and remembered how he said he liked the top run on the East ridge. After some searching she found him in a high mountain cafe. "Hi Jeff." He looked up and felt those now familiar emotions. Relief that she had come; when she wasn't with him he always had a lurking concern that she had vanished from his life forever.

And a surge of affection as she smiled so openly and enthusiastically. "I thought you were skiing with your parents." "Dad got pissed off because I'm better than him and they left me and went with the boring Cartwrights." She took his hand and pulled him outside.

"I want to go down this trail. She kept holding his hand as they went to collect their skis and Jeff didn't mind. As usual Kylie snuggled in beside him on the chairlift. "Ah well why not?" thought Jeff and relaxed. The sun had gone behind some clouds and the wind was picking up and blowing snow flurries as they went up. "It's cold," said Kylie and snuggled in even closer. Jeff put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder.

"Ilse has got the hots for you" "Has she?" "You know she has. Why don't you bonk her?" "Not my scene." "Too young?" "It's not that. Just not my scene. You're getting personal again." But he tightened his arm. "Did you like the clothes I wore last night?" "You looked very beautiful Kylie." Something from a dream were his true thoughts but he couldn't say that.

"Did I? You seemed to really like my red sweater, you looked at it a lot." Jeff laughed. "What am I going to do with you Kylie?" "I wonder," she said and folded down his jacket collar and kissed his neck. Jeff felt a thrill down through his abs to his loins. He was rescued by the chairlift reaching the top.

Kylie immediately headed off down the slope and Jeff followed watching her style. "That's great Kylie. You've really got the knack of always keeping your knees together." As soon as he said it he cursed himself.

She looked at him for a few moments with a calculating stare. "I suppose you're very proud of that Mr Know It All Bradley." She snuggled in again on the chairlift and Jeff instinctively put his arm around her and did so every time they sat on the chairlift. On the fourth time she turned his face towards hers so that their noses were almost touching. Jeff looked at her, looked at her full red lips and felt an almost overwhelming urge to kiss her.

"Go on," she whispered. "You want to kiss me, I want you to kiss me. Why don't you?" "Kylie, you're only. . " She cut him short. "Don't you dare say that Mr Jeff Bradley," she snapped. "Don't you dare even think that." Her eyes were blazing and she moved away, folding her arms and looking away from him.

At the top she charged off again. Jeff followed, not really knowing what to do. Kylie continued down past the start of the chair lift. He decided to have another run, then the weather closed in for the day and he headed for the carpark. He skied slowly thinking about what had happened. Right back to the start of the day when he had been worried she wouldn't even come up.

Then he had been worried that she wouldn't smile her lovely smile at him and how good he felt to see her unreserved welcome. Every moment with her had been a joy: their laughing and banter, her crazy courage going down those tough trails, the feeling of togetherness as they skied side by side.

How he had loved it when she had snuggled into him. That kiss on his neck had thrilled him. She had been so courageous asking him to kiss her. She had been so right saying he had wanted to. Every fiber in his body had wanted to. Why hadn't he? Because she was 16 and he was 40.

Nothing was going to change that. Kylie and her parents were at the carpark and Kylie had a hostile expression and didn't say anything as he spoke to her parents. Brian invited him to join them and the Cartwrights for dinner. He politely declined saying he felt like a quiet night and was going to watch a DVD. The truth was he didn't want to spend a night getting plastered and he didn't like Kylie's aggressive and silent hostility. Brian looked crestfallen.

"Well, perhaps we can meet for a quick drink." Jeff was first to the bar in the evening but soon Kylie and her parents arrived. Jeff took a moment to take in Kylie. She was wearing a short, very short, red mini-skirt which showed a lot of very shapely and slim legs and white and tight sleeveless top which seemed to be straining to hold in her breasts. Her hair was clipped back in a more sophisticated style and Jeff thought she looked absolutely gorgeous, a dream turned into reality.

She wasn't giving him her angry stare any more, but there was no sign of her radiant smile either. She was looking at him in a calculating, questioning manner.

Apart from droning "Hello Mr Bradley" at her parents' insistence she said nothing while he was at the bar. She stood behind her parents and whenever he glanced at her, there was that same calculating stare. The Cartwrights joined them and Brian introduced Jeff to his friends.

They seemed exactly the same types as Brian and Tracey and Jeff and he was glad to be able to excuse himself after 30 minutes and go to his room. "Bye Kylie, maybe I'll see you skiing tomorrow." Her expression didn't change but she did give a little half wave. Jeff ordered a meal to be brought up to his room and thought about Kylie.

"Was that wave a 'get lost' wave? Probably. It's just as well, this is getting far too complicated. It'll be best if I don't have anything more to do with her. I'll move out tomorrow and go to the other side of the mountain." But even as he thought that, he felt anguish rush through his body.

After an hour he heard a knock on his door. He opened it and in strode Kylie. "I finished my meal and Mum told me to go and watch a DVD. You're going to watch a DVD so here I am." "Kylie, your parents won't like you being here." "They won't notice.


They're getting pissed with the Cartwrights. They'll stay down there until at least 10 o'clock then come up and pass out on their bed." Kylie perked up and wriggled her hips in front of him. "Do you like these clothes?" Jeff was having a problem keeping up with her mood changes. "The skirt's very short." "I didn't ask whether my skirt was short. I asked whether you like them." "Of course I do. Kylie, you look stunning. You're a very beautiful young woman." "Not a beautiful little girl?" "Young woman." "That's nice" she said, walking to right in front of him where she put her hands on her hips and gave him another of her long challenging stares.

"So Mr Jeff Bradley, I've seen the way you looked at me last night and tonight. You can't take your eyes off my legs and boobs.

But you think I'm too young for you and so you don't want to hug me. That's OK, you don't have to hug me if you don't want to. But I want to hug you so I'm going to." She put her arms around his neck and Jeff could feel her breasts against his chest and her hips against his pelvis.

Her nose was touching his. Jeff didn't move and kept his hands in his pockets. "So Mr Jeff Bradley, you still think I'm too young and you don't want to kiss me. That's OK. But I want to kiss you so I'm going to." Ever so slowly she ran her lips along his, then did the same with her tongue and then caressed his lips with hers.

Jeff's resistance vanished, his lips responded and his hands went to the back of her mini-skirt and pulled her more tightly into his groin where his erection was rising. She pulled away. "There, that wasn't so bad was it?" "What sort of game is going on?

Is she a cock teaser?" he wondered Kylie picked up the DVD case. "What's the movie? Casablanca! Isn't that really old? And it's in black and white. Yuk." "You can go and watch some cartoons in your room if you like." Kylie sat on the sofa and Jeff turned on the DVD. He sat at the far end of the sofa from Kylie but immediately she moved until their legs were touching, then she put his arm around her shoulder and didn't say anything as she concentrated on the movie for the next 90 minutes.

She gasped when people were shot, wept tears of emotion at the rousing anthem scene, laughed at the subtle jokes which Jeff hadn't expected her to pick up and cried at the sad scenes.


Jeff passed her a box of tissues which she accepted with a teary smile. Jeff had seen the movie many times and didn't watch as closely as Kylie and he was distracted every time he glanced at her. In her position her skirt had ridden up high showing more of the perfect flesh of her thighs. He realized she wasn't wearing a bra as he could see the shape of her nipples against her top. Each different expression on her face seemed more beautiful than the one before. The movie finished and Kylie stood up.

"Thank you Jeff that was a wonderful movie, one of the best I've seen. Ah well, I'd better go." "You can stay for a few minutes?" "Do you want me to?" "Sure. We need to talk." She groaned."I knew you would say that. Can I have some wine?" "Just a few sips." Kylie picked up his glass and looked around the room making up her mind.

Then she lay on her back on the sofa, her head on his thighs with her body stretched out, her legs all exposed as her skirt had ridden up. "Go for it." "Kylie, you're the same age as Sally." "I'm not Sally." "I'm the same age as your father." "I know he's a prick, but I'm not looking for a substitute father. I know your mind Mr Jeff Bradley. All your smart psychology doesn't work." "Simply, you're 16 and I'm 40." "So what?

I'm over the age of consent. You're not passed it are you?" Jeff laughed. "Not quite." "What's the problem? Do you think I'm a sex crazed teenager and you're just the closest man?" "No. You're very sexy, but you're not that." "Are you worried that you're taking advantage of a teenager who is lonely and upset by her parents?" "Probably." "Jeff, I've loved seeing you ever since you said you wanted a hamburger that first night.

You like my company don't you? You don't treat me like a little girl." "I love being with you. We always have good times together." "When did you start thinking like that?" "Since you cracked those jokes about George Washington I think." "I felt so good when you came into the restaurant three days ago.

I had been thinking about you all the night before and waiting for you all day. I worried that you didn't want to see me." "I had been looking everywhere for you. I had thought that you might have gone back to the hotel." She looked at him again and tapped his nose with her finger. "And I know you fancy me. You can't take your eyes off me." She took his hand and put it inside her top.

"That answers the question you've been asking yourself for two days, doesn't it Mr Bradley?" It certainly did, definitely no bra. Kylie put her hand on his to hold him there. "That feels so lovely." Jeff thought that was an understatement as he savored her smooth breast, felt her aureole and gently massaged her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She raised a long, slim leg. "Sooner or later, Mr Jeff Bradley, you're going to ask me to spread these knees, not keep them together." Jeff laughed. "You are so different. So funny." Kylie's leg movement had pushed her skirt up further. Jeff glanced down and could see part of her thong. He could see her pubic mound, even the shape of her labia through the thin material.

"God she's so beautiful, God she's so sexy." He forced himself to return his eyes to her face and knew that Kylie had been watching him. Her eyes were wide and plaintive and she did nothing to push down her skirt. She held his hand tightly to her breast and took a deep breath. "You've said I'm funny, I'm different, you love my company, you fancy me. You've told me I'm tough, that I'm a bit crazy.

We talk and laugh for hours, we share secrets, we know what the other is thinking. I can even ski quite well. "You can't take your eyes off me." A pause.

"Jeff, hunky Jeff. I'm your perfect woman." Jeff stayed silent. "Aren't I?" she insisted and Jeff could see tears in her eyes. "Yes, beautiful Kylie, you are." "I'm what?" "Kylie, you are my absolutely perfect woman." She stood up and leaned over him.

"And Jeff, you're my perfect man. . When are you going to do something about it?" She went to the door was gone. Jeff refilled a wine glass and noticed Kylie's lipstick on the rim. He remembered those lips against his, those erotic kisses, her firm young breasts. He recalled every millimeter of her long slim legs and imagined them wrapped around his waist. He imagined watching her beautiful young face as she orgasmed.

"I've fallen in love with a 16 year old for heavens sake and for some strange reason she's fallen for me.

She was so brave and I've been a wimp. No more. How do I get her away from her fuck-wit parents?" DAY 6 He skied by himself the next morning until Kylie found him at 11 o'clock and Jeff gave her a long hug, not caring if anyone saw.

"We've only just come up here. Mum and Dad slept in and they've both got hangovers. They still look sick. They're sitting in the cafe drinking black coffee trying to sober up." They went up on a chairlift, Kylie snuggled into him and he put his arm around her and this time he kissed her. He slipped his hand inside her open ski jacket and felt her breast through her T shirt. She looked into his eyes and whispered, "Good.

I love you Jeff Bradley." "Good." They skied a couple of trails then went to check the cafe. "Thanks for bringing her, Jeff. Kylie, we're all going back, your mother doesn't feel very good." "Dad that's not fair. I want to ski." "Kylie, you can't stay up here by yourself all day. And how will you get back?" "Mr Bradley will bring me back." Jeff tried not to look too eager.

Brian saw this as the easy option. "Would you mind Jeff?" "No problem." "She won't be too much of a handful for you?" "I do wish he'd stop saying that," thought Jeff as Kylie had another giggling fit. Jeff and Kylie watched them leave. They had a couple of runs to let her parents get far ahead then followed them down the mountain in Jeff's car.

Kylie turned his stereo up loud and put his hand on her thigh just below her pussy and said nothing. Halfway to town was a rundown looking backpackers' hotel. Jeff drove into the carpark and checked that his car couldn't be seen. "I'll get a room and call you with the room number. You come up in five minutes." "This is exciting." Kylie's eyes were glistening. Five minutes later they were together. The room was drab but it had a big double bed with a brightly colored duvet and clean sheets.

They hugged and kissed and Jeff started to take of Kylie's clothes but she suddenly lost confidence. "Can I have a shower? I'm all sweaty from the skiing." Jeff heard the shower run and five minutes later Kylie came out wearing her T shirt and he could see her thong. "I turned on the electric blanket.

It should be warm." Kylie climbed in under the duvet which she brought up over her shoulders. Jeff could only see her face and her eyes were tightly closed. He showered and came out wearing his T shirt and briefs and moved in beside her. She didn't move and kept her eyes closed.

"Are you alright Kylie? I thought this was what you wanted." "I'm a bit scared." "I won't hurt you." She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"I know that Jeff. I've only done this twice and didn't like it. I'm scared I won't do the right things." "Let's just cuddle." He put his arm across and Kylie put her head on his shoulder but kept her body away.

Jeff stroked her hair and ran his fingers softly over her cheeks. They talked about Casablanca and other movies they'd seen and about the times they'd together and Kylie started to relax. She moved closer and Jeff could feel her breast against his side. He ran his hand gently over her back. "That's lovely," she sighed.

His hand went below her T shirt and caressed her buttocks and when he nudged she moved her thigh over his. Still talking softly, he kissed her hair and cheeks and moved his hand under her T shirt and up her back, tracing her spine. "You've got a beautifully straight back." "Have I? I hadn't thought about that. Is that important?" "Very important." Kylie giggled and brushed her lips across Jeff's. His hand went higher up her spine, pushing her T shirt up.

Kylie wanted all her back pleasured and moved so the T shirt went higher, above her breasts and Jeff was excited feeling them against his side. Kylie moved his face so she could kiss him properly. Jeff felt her soft, full lips crush against his, felt her tongue probe and he sucked it into his mouth. Kylie made little gurgles of pleasure. "Your T shirt's in the way," she mumbled. He quickly took it off, she raised her arms for him to take of hers and he had a quick glimpse of perfect teenage breasts.

Now Kylie could feel the wonderful sensation of skin against skin as Jeff's hands continued their magic on her back and she pushed her breasts in hard to his chest and thrust her pubic mound into his hip. Keeping his lips on hers Jeff pushed Kylie onto her back and now his hands and fingers covered her body. He had to start with her breasts, they fascinated him so much, then he moved down over her stomach, making her abs run away, down the line of her thong to the inside of her thighs.

Kylie instinctively knew to spread them and gave a groan of delight as she felt his fingers on her thighs right next to her pussy. Jeff moved his mouth to Kylie's aureole where he licked and sucked and nibbled and Kylie clung to his head to hold him there and mewed like a kitten.

"Kylie darling, your thong's in the way." "Is it?" she almost sang and lifted her hips and wriggled her bum to help him and then spread her legs again.

She had no idea of what to expect and didn't really know what was happening. His hand moved up her thighs to her vagina and ever so delicately his featherlight touch pleasured her outer labia and explored between her moist inner lips. Kylie didn't know physical details, she just knew that this was wonderful and sighed in ecstasy. Jeff's loving fingers found Kylie's clitoris and her hips soon started to writhe.

Jeff tried to slow her orgasm but he heard her panting and knew the moment was right. Her hips bounced and she muttered high pitched moans from the back of her throat before coming with a little shriek. Jeff cupped her pussy as it still throbbed in the afterglow of her excitement. Then he moved his face up from her breast and held her face next to his.

"Oh my fucking god, what was that?" sighed Kylie with a lovely smile. "What are you doing to me darling Jeff." "I'm making love to you darling Kylie," he whispered in her ear.

"That's love spelled L - O - V - E." "So you are my darling. So you are," there were tears of joy in her eyes. They were warm now and Jeff pushed back the duvet, opening her body to his adoring gaze. He looked at Kylie's young, firm, pink tipped breasts, at her flat belly and slim waist, the wispy hair covering her prominent pubic mound and the silken smoothness of her long thighs. Kylie was embarrassed and drew her legs together and put a hand on her breasts and her pussy.

Jeff whispered, "Kylie, you are so,so beautiful. I'll never stop wanting to look at you." She took her hands away and held her arms out to hug him. He covered her face with soft kisses and gentle licks, lingering for a moment on her lips, then down her throat and every part of her upper body was pleasured.

Kylie lay back with her eyes closed savoring each sensuous moment. She felt Jeff's hand nudge her thighs and saw him kneeling beside her waist. She didn't what he was going to do but had absolute confidence and spread her legs and Jeff moved between them.

When he pushed her thighs back towards her armpits she willingly complied and then felt his tongue and lips on the inside of her thighs. Jeff had always loved oral sex but Kylie was special. The taste of her juices, the neatness and softness of her labia, and her pure, youthful odors delighted him. He parted her sparse pubic hair and gently opened her inner lips with his fingers and saw the glistening pinkness of her vagina.

His lips and tongue and, gently, his teeth explored everywhere and Kylie soon started to breath deeply and her thighs started to move. Jeff's lips moved to her clitoris and he sucked softly and heard Kylie's moan, that moan from the back of her throat. He moved away because he wanted to extend Kylie's pleasure and, he had to admit, his own. Like a violinist playing his instrument, he played Kylie's innermost femininity, keeping her on the edge of an orgasm as her moans became louder and her body writhed.

Her crescendo finally came with a shriek of joy and Jeff watched as her face showed the ecstasy of her orgasm. Finally Kylie grabbed Jeff's ears, pulled him up the bed and giggled as she looked into his eyes.

"I'm so angry with you Jeff, we could have been doing this for three days." They sat on the bed talking. Now Kylie was completely relaxed about showing her body and when Jeff nudged her thigh with his hand, she happily sat cross legged exposing her pussy. Jeff made no effort to hide his gaze and she felt like a sex goddess as she basked in his adoration. She hadn't dreamed what a sexy man he would be. So sexy, so caring about making her happy.

Tears came to her eyes as she thought about him. Jeff cupped her left breast in his hand. "Your father isn't right. Not more than a handful, an exactly perfect handful." Kylie had another of her giggle attacks and then looked serious.

"Why the tears?" Jeff was concerned. "Because I'm so happy being here with you." Kylie looked at his erection. She didn't really think it looked very nice with its big knob and big veins. However she had loved every single thing they had done so far and now she had an urgent need to have him inside her. Jeff took his time to arouse her again and she even had another orgasm from his fingers. Kylie lay on her back, her arms and legs wide in invitation and when Jeff lay between her legs she wrapped every limb around him.

Although Kylie wasn't a virgin her vagina was tight and Jeff felt exquisite pleasure all along his erection as he carefully entered her. He was determined to be gentle, knowing Kylie's inexperience but that soon changed when Kylie gave a shriek of joy and thrust her hips up at his pelvis. He lost himself in her beauty, in her sexiness, in her excitement and pounded. Every time Jeff went deep and nudged her cervix Kylie felt he was going all the way to her soul. Her panting started again, her hips pushed more strongly and Jeff heard her familiar moans.

He knew about controlling his ejaculation and increased his intensity as he felt Kylie's excitement mounting. Then he started to feel his ejaculation building and changed his position so that he would be rubbing Kylie's G spot. They came together in a tangle of sweating limbs and grunts and groans and Kylie's shrieks.

They lay side by side on their backs, Jeff's hand gently cupped Kylie's pussy and her hand held his balls. "Wow," sighed Kylie. "Wow," sighed Jeff. "Jeff darling will it always be as good as that?" He looked at her lovingly, tenderly smiling eyes, her parted soft lips, her breasts, her pussy and her legs. "Beautiful darling Kylie, we're just warming up." "Wow." They drove back to the hotel. Jeff was almost sure they hadn't been seen, but he had a lurking worry. This wasn't helped when he got a phone call from Brian.

"Jeff, could we meet in the bar? There's something we'd like to talk about." "Fuck, they have found out. How?" But Brian's voice hadn't really been threatening.

Kylie was in the bar with her parents and she had her hangdog expression. Jeff started to worry again.

Brian coughed. "This is a bit awkward but we'd like to ask a favor. There's this Robbie Williams concert at the resort about five hours drive around the mountains. It's been sold out, but I had put a bid on eBay for some scalpers tickets. Tracey loves Robbie Williams." "So do I Dad." said Kylie indignantly. "Well, I managed to get a couple of tickets this afternoon," Brian ignored his daughter. "Cost a fortune, but I could only get two. Tracey wants to go so much and I'm the only one of us who drives.

Kylie gets really carsick on these winding mountain roads and Tracey and I felt it would be best if she stayed here. We'll leave tomorrow and stay overnight. Don't want to drive on these roads at night for five hours." Both Kylie and Jeff knew the real reason.

Brian and Tracey wanted to party up without having to worry about their daughter. "The hotel's got a child minding service which can look after Kylie from 9 o'clock through the night. We were wondering. . ah. . if you wouldn't mind keeping an eye on Kylie during the day. Here's some money for an instructor so you can dump her with one of them all day." Jeff thought 'dump' was the right word.

"Sorry to impose, but Kylie and you seem to get on well. She said that this afternoon she had the best time all holiday." Unnoticed by her parents, Kylie mouthed a kiss at Jeff.

"It's only two days and the hotel will look after her at night?" Jeff deliberately tried to sound dubious. Then his face broke into a broad smile. "Of course I won't mind. Glad to help. I had thought this was going to be a miserable lonely holiday but you have been so welcoming and hospitable.

Of course I will." Brian and Tracey smiled and Tracey even hugged him. Kylie stamped her foot. "You go off to Robbie Williams and I'm stuck here!" "You're overacting honey. At least he didn't talk about you being a handful." Jeff whispered in her ear later. "Jeff darling, isn't it marvelous. Two whole days. Aren't my parents so dumb?" DAY 7 They waved goodbye to Brian and Tracey at eight the next morning then went up to Jeff's bedroom, taking care for Kylie not to be seen.

"The skifield is going to be closed for the day, there's a blizzard up there." Kylie handed Jeff the 'Do Not Disturb' sign. "We're going to need this." By the time he had hung it on the door knob and come back inside she was lying naked on the bed. He sat beside her, in awe of her beauty, in awe of her innocence as she looked lovingly at him and he traced his fingers over her face and breasts and stomach.

Kylie undid the buttons on his shirt and his belt and took off his clothes and then they lay side by side looking at each other. Kylie ran her fingers over his chest and belly."You've got a lovely body. No fat and some nice muscles." She remembered what he had done for her the day before and licked and kissed his face and body. She came down to his waist and knew what was expected. She didn't like the idea; the only time she had done it, her boyfriend hadn't washed and he kept bashing her throat.

But she knew after Jeff's oral sex on her that she had to try. "What should I do?" "Only things you feel comfortable with. Try licking my knob, on the slit and around the rim." She tried and was rewarded by Jeff stroking her hair and saying, "That's so lovely.

See if you can put my knob in your mouth." She hesitated but forced herself to do it and liked hearing Jeff's "Mmmmmm" and feeling his hips wriggle. "Maybe you could suck it, just a bit." That was the end of Jeff's instructions because it all became clear to Kylie. She loved having his strength and masculinity in her mouth, she loved hearing him groan, she loved knowing that she could give him pleasure. She pushed down trying to get as much of his cock in her mouth as possible, she moved her head up and down, she varied what she did, sometimes sucking, sometimes kissing and licking.

All the time hearing and feeling Jeff's responses. Once she pushed down so far she gagged and started coughing. "Stop if you want to," he said stroking her hair. "Don't be silly." Kylie returned to her task with more effort and affection. She rubbed the base of Jeff's cock with her hand as she sucked and licked the top four inches. Jeff didn't want to come because he had sensed Kylie's hesitancy. But his urges grew stronger with Kylie's loving and sucking enthusiasm.

He managed to pull out of her mouth, but wads of his cum erupted and sprayed over her face and hair and breasts as he groaned with pleasure. Kylie licked his receding erection then came up beside him, wiping some cum on the tip of her nose. "Did you come Jeff?" she giggled. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to but I just couldn't hold back." "I'm covered in your cum; it's everywhere." "Well it's your fault. I couldn't help it." "Did you like me sucking your cock, darling?" Kylie felt proud of her achievement.

"I loved you sucking my cock." "Did I do it properly?" "You are a lovely sensitive cock sucker." Kylie felt even better. "Only Jeff's cock sucker." She felt Jeff's cum oozing over her face and breasts. "I'd better wash this off." "No, I'd like this." Jeff started smearing his cum into her skin and Kylie helped. "That smells nice." She found a globule and put it in her mouth with a finger and tasted it. She wasn't sure about the taste.

Jeff started kissing her again, his hands pleasured her breasts then moved to her pussy. Kylie hoped his fingers would do the same as they had before. But it was different this time. As far as Kylie could follow, Jeff cupped his hand over her pubic mound then three of his fingers slipped into her vagina. Not far in and they rubbed the top of her vagina gently at first.

It was a different feeling from anything before and she wondered what was going to happen. Without warning a feeling almost like electricity jolted her whole body. She hugged Jeff and sucked his tongue as hard as she could. Jeff's fingers moved faster and rubbed more firmly and she felt the jolt again and her hips began to shiver and bounce out of her control.

Jeff's fingers moved even more strongly and her lower body writhed, the feelings grew stronger then suddenly it was a tidal wave of ecstasy which seemed to consume her whole body. Every part of her seemed to have a mind of it's own.

She gave a howl as the shattering orgasm took over her whole world. Then she lay on her back panting but was aware that her hips and stomach were still shuddering. It took her two minutes before she regained control, but she was still panting when she stroked Jeff's face. "O my lovely darling darling Mr Jeff Bradley, what was that?" "You came Kylie." "But it was so different from all the other times." She put her hand to her pussy then felt the wetness on her legs and on the bed.

"What's all this?" Jeff brushed his fingers where his semen was still on her breasts. "That was my cum, this was your cum." "It feels like water. I didn't piss did I?" "No it's different completely." "I'm a bit embarrassed." "Don't be darling. All it means is that you're a very sexual, sensual and giving lover. You're my complete woman. My perfect, erotic darling Kylie" "Truly?" "Truly." "Jeff that was absolutely mind blowing, but please, I don't think I can take that too often." They showered and wandered around town.

Kylie wanted to hold Jeff's hand as they walked but he pulled away. It was just as well as the Cartwrights came around the corner and Kylie put on her moody scowl.

They had lunch and afterwards they went to a movie. The cinema was almost empty and Kylie insisted on the back row. "At least the Cartwrights won't be able to see this," she muttered, putting her hand on his trousers right on his cock.

She was a movie lover and didn't do anything more than squeeze it when she was scared. Jeff found it unbearably arousing and as soon as they were in his bedroom he put Kylie in a kneeling position on his bed, took off only her thong, pushed her dress up over her back and plunged straight in.

Kylie was surprised by the lack of foreplay and by Jeff being so dominating, not really thinking of her. But she soon changed her attitude. She loved Jeff's frenzied excitement, she loved his crude physicality, the way he made her body shake with his powerful thrusts. She even found that the submissive position was exciting, being dominated by Jeff was exciting, being possessed.

Most of all she loved the way his cock went in so deep and so hard and pounded into her cervix until she came in a yodeling orgasm. Afterwards she stayed in that position, her head on the sheets, her bare bum pointing to the ceiling and feeling Jeff's cum ooze down her thighs. She didn't say anything as she showered, wrapped herself in a fluffy white towel, came behind Jeff and put her arms around him and leaned her face against his back.

"Anytime you want, just do that to me. Anytime, absolutely anytime. You don't have to ask. I don't want you to ask. Just take me and fuck me." They lay on the bed and dozed off in each other's tight hug. When they woke Kylie decided she was going to take control so Jeff lay on his back as she sat on his erection. He was in a state of bliss as he watched her young body writhe and saw then the pleasure build on her face as she brought them both to orgasm.

DAY 8 The new day was bright and clear and they packed their skiing gear and set off early. They stopped for three hours at the backpackers as Jeff didn't want to have to explain why his car was in the hotel carpark until late in the morning.

They skied side by side feeling a spiritual bonding with each other and the mountains. Jeff was all over Kylie when they were on the chairlifts and when they found an empty snow valley. Kylie fought the urge to hold Jeff's hand in the cafe, but sat opposite him, silently mouthing the words "I love you". Brian and Tracey arrived in mid afternoon and were effusive in their thanks to Jeff.

Mercifully Brian didn't ask if Kylie had been a handful. Jeff couldn't find a way to avoid their invitation to dinner. The excitement of the concert was still there for Tracey and Brian and they drank heavily as they told every detail. They didn't really notice when Jeff excused himself early and half an hour later Kylie knocked on his door. But Jeff wanted more control.

He couldn't rely on Brian and Tracey getting plastered every night. Help came from an unexpected quarter. DAY 9 Early the next morning Kylie knocked on his door came in. "They're hungover again and won't be getting up for hours." She took off her clothes and knelt on his bed which Jeff knew was her demand for a quickie. "That's the way to start the day," said Kylie her cheeks glowing from her orgasm.

"Dad said he would take me up at lunchtime. I said that wasn't fair and he said fuck you Kylie, why should I do everything for you? So I said you'd take me up and he grunted and said that's fine by him." "Great. Let's meet at the car in 15 minutes." When Jeff finished showering his phone rang. "Hi Dad" "Sally, where are you?" "In the lobby, I've just arrived. Will you mind a late gatecrasher?" "I'll be right down." There Sally was, looking lovely and nervous but she hugged Jeff tightly.

He thought he heard her sob. "It's lovely to see you sweetheart. Here give me your case and we'll go up to the room." Once in the bedroom Sally started to cry. "I'm sorry Dad, I've been so selfish." "Of course you haven't. It's so lovely to see you." "It's lovely to see you too Dad." They stood looking at each other.

"You're looking wonderful Sally." Sally was very attractive in a different way from Kylie. Her black hair was cut short in an expensive looking style, she had a lovely luminous skin and a tall willowy figure. Jeff could tell how expensive her clothes were. "So are you. I like the designer stubble," she giggled, stroking his chin, then her face went sombre. "I know I must have hurt you." "You're here now, that's the main thing." "I had a row with Mum.

It's strange, when she was happy with Tom, she wanted me to spend time with you. Now that things aren't so good she's changed and didn't want me to come." "You don't have to talk about it." Jeff asked Sally lots of questions about what she had been doing and she quickly relaxed and remembered how much she liked talking to her father.

"And how about you Dad, how's the skiing." "Not too bad. Seems like there's still some life in my legs." "You look really fit. Have you been lonely?" "I've found a very nice friend." Sally laughed. "That's my father. I'll bet your friend is a woman. Will I meet her?" "You'll see her soon." His cell phone rang.

"Very soon." "Where are you? I'm waiting down here ready to go." Kylie was indignant "I'm sorry Kylie. I got led astray. You'll never guess who's here. Sally." There was a shriek of excitement. "That's so lovely, I'll be right up." Sally waited expectantly. She had never met any of her father's 'friends' but she knew he hadn't been a monk since Jenn had left. Jeff opened the door for Kylie. She looked at Sally then rushed over and hugged her.

"Sally, you're so lovely. I feel as though I know you so well, Jeff's told me so much about you. He loves you so much and thinks you're wonderful." This brought tears to Sally's eyes and despite thinking that Kylie's hug was strange she clung to her tightly for a moment.

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"I think he's wonderful too." Kylie went to Jeff and hugged him. "What a lovely day Jeff. I'm so thrilled for you." Sally noticed Jeff's brief kiss on Kylie's lips and she looked at her closely. With a jolt she realized that Kylie must be around the same age as her. "Dad, we need to talk." "Do you want me to leave?" asked Kylie. "I don't care." Sally's voice was abrupt.

"I suppose it gives you a big thrill to fuck a girl less than half your age." She glared at her father. "Yes it does, I love the times Kylie and I have together," Jeff said gently. "And it gave you a big thrill to seduce a girl the same age as me." "I'm not really sure who did the seducing. It was mutual I think." "Kylie how can you bear to go to bed with such an old man?" "I don't think he's old.

I think he's really good looking. Particularly with that designer stubble. Don't you think so?" Sally couldn't disagree as she already had told Jeff that. "And his mind is so young. He's so interesting. I love the way we talk together for hours." "Sally, I'm sure you think it's strange," said Jeff "Very strange," she interrupted. "So do I. So do the people who see us us in public." "I bet. They probably think that you're a pedophile." "Maybe, but Kylie's over the age of consent." "Sally I think you are very brave and very kind to even listen to us.

If my parents had separated and I found my Dad with a girl the same age as me, I would have run screaming out of the room," said Kylie. "I still might," said Sally. "I can understand you being shocked Sally, maybe thinking it's disgusting.

But don't prejudge us please. Spend a bit of time with us and judge for yourself. We're going skiing. Please come. We won't embarrass you in public." Jeff said almost pleadingly. Sally thought. It was either that or leaving and never seeing her father again. She didn't want that. At least she should try to understand and not prejudge. "You sit in the front Sally.

There's probably a lot you want to talk to Jeff about," said Kylie as they went to the car. The conversation was became easier and Sally enjoyed the loving banter between Kylie and her father. She found herself talking a lot to Kylie and liking her more and more. It was another perfect day on the mountain and the three enjoyed the long runs.

"We'd better see if Mum and Dad have made it," said Kylie and they went to the restaurant. "Watch out Sally, they are very boring and they aren't very nice people." Sally was shocked to hear Kylie talk about her parents like that.

She soon understood after Jeff introduced her. "It's nice to meet you Sally. It's great to see you here. Poor Jeff was so hurt when you couldn't be bothered to come down at the start," said Brian.

"See what I mean," whispered Kylie in her ear as they walked inside. Sally saw more as Kylie's parents called her 'my little darling', how they corrected just about everything Kylie said and how they never listened to her or Jeff. "Well, it'll be nice for Kylie to have a friend, she's such an anti-social little girl.

And I'm sure you'll be a good influence. Kylie says how Jeff is so strict." Sally raised an eyebrow at her father. "Jeff has been very good looking after her but he said he does find her exhausting." "Does Kylie exhaust you Dad?" asked Sally smiling and was given an angry frown by her father. Jeff went skiing with Brian and Tracey and the two girls talked. "I can understand the way you feel about them, Kylie." "It is awful.

It's easy with you and Jeff here, but when I'm alone with them they just drive me down." Kylie took Sally's hand. "This isn't some schoolgirl fling with Jeff. I'm going to stay with him forever. One night he told me how the sun always shone for him when he's with me, even when it's snowing or dark. I thought that was lovely and that's the way I feel about him." "That was lovely. I hope I find a man who says things like that to me." They spent the afternoon enjoying the other's company more and more.

Jeff and Sally drove back together. "It's alright Dad. I've got over it. You're great for her and I can see how you love her. But I still think it's strange." "So do we.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I think I've died and gone to heaven." "I bet. The even stranger thing is, so does Kylie." Jeff looked at his daughter "It's so lovely having you here." "It's so lovely being here." Brian and Tracey were pleased that Kylie and Sally got on so well.

It was good for Kylie to have a friend her own age and it meant they could do the things they wanted to do by themselves. They didn't mind when Kylie said that she and Sally were going to watch a late movie together and could she stay the night in Sally's bedroom. They lost track of Kylie's movements. Sometimes she went up skiing with them, other times with Jeff and Sally, sometimes she slept in their suite and other times with Sally although unbeknown to them a lot of that time was in Jeff's bed.

DAY 12 Sally had made some friends and had gone out for the evening with them. Kylie was sitting on Jeff's knee in the bedroom. "Jeff, why don't we ever have anal sex?" He was a bit shocked. "What do you know about anal sex?" "I've never done it, but I have found out about it on the internet when I've been looking for things I can do to make you happy." Jeff had certainly enjoyed the variety Kylie had brought.

"Why haven't we?" "Kylie, I've never done it. When I was young no-one did. When I learned about it my wife didn't like the idea." "But you've been with other women since?" "I've just felt that it would be something special which I only wanted to do with someone special.

None of them were like that." "I'm someone special." He kissed her. "You are someone very special. But you're so. . " "Don't you dare say that Mr Jeff Bradley." Kylie's eyes blazed and she punched him hard in the chest. "I'm scared I might hurt you." "You would never ever hurt me darling Jeff." She suddenly laughed.

"I'm going to be the one who takes your anal virginity. And you're going to be the one who takes mine. Isn't that perfect, perfect man?" She went to the computer. "Now, here's the website which will show you what to do so you won't hurt me." Jeff tried to protest, but his heart wasn't in it. He was getting very aroused from the talk. He put his hand on Kylie's ass and felt more excited. Kylie went out to meet Sally and he studied hard.

He looked at the different positions, he learned about using lubricant and he learned how he should prepare Kylie with his fingers. His erection became painfully hard as he imagined it. Kylie returned and gave him a tube of gel. It took almost all night. They fooled around on the bed, kissing and hugging and Kylie had an orgasm from his fingers. When Jeff went down on Kylie she pulled her knees far back, spread them wide and Jeff started to kiss and lick her puckered anal rosette. He loved it; Kylie was clean and the tastes were nice, he was even able to insert his tongue as Kylie's sphincter relaxed.

Jeff smeared the gel on his fingers and Kylie's anus then moved his lips to her pussy and aroused her more before he nudged his forefinger into her anal canal. He was surprised how easily it went in after a little bit of resistance and he loved hearing Kylie's moan of pleasure. Jeff's finger slid in to the top knuckle and he sucked Kylie's clitoris until she moaned and writhed to a shuddering orgasm.

The next time he moved his finger, rotating it against her anal rim and he felt it relax. He inserted another finger. There was more resistance but soon the two digits were exploring and rotating inside Kylie's dark recesses and her orgasm came so quickly.

"I think I'm ready now, darling Jeff," she whispered. "This is the position I want." She lay back on the edge of the bed, her legs pulled back so far her thighs were on the sheets and spread wide. Jeff looked at her wonderful youthful beauty. Her long smooth thighs, her vulva which was fully exposed with her new Brazilian, her inner lips, parted in this position, pink and glistening from her arousal.

Her wonderful breasts and her gentle smile of absolute adoration. He knelt in front of her and when his knob was inside he took her left hand in his right, her right in his left and gently thrust.


They gazed into each others eyes whispering words of love. Jeff's cock was pulsating from the tightness of Kylie's bowel and her anal rim was almost on fire with delight.

Jeff probed more deeply feeling the smoothness of her bowel and the tightness as Kylie clenched and unclenched her anal muscles. She felt her pleasure mount as the pressure passed through to her vagina. Jeff's cock took control of his brain and he plunged hard in. Kylie groaned with the pleasure of feeling so deep inside and pushed her buttocks to get him in further. Jeff thrust in and out, Kylie's hips started to rotate, she clenched her hands so hard on Jeff's that it would have hurt if he had noticed.

Kylie came first with an orgasm which consumed her from her navel to her anus and then Jeff's load erupted inside her. Kylie changed her position on the bed, wrapped her legs and arms around him and they slept like that for 10 hours.

The next day Sally asked, "Can I come and live at your place Dad?" "That'll be great. What about your school?" "Surely they've got schools where you live." And the following day he and Sally drove back to his house and Kylie drove back with her parents to the same city. Kylie and Sally went to the same school and it was easy for Kylie to tell her parents she was staying with Sally. But once they were back in the city Brian and Tracey reverted to form, treating her like a six year old, over-protecting her, undermining her and swearing at her.

With Jeff she was an absolute equal and so she hated it more and more. Within two weeks, after another blazing row when both of her parents had sworn at her again, Kylie shifted in with Jeff and Sally.

Brian and Tracey woke the next morning to find Kylie's bed not slept in and most of her possessions gone. They didn't feel any better when Kylie phoned them in the evening to tell them where she was. And even worse when she told them that at her age the law said it was her choice where she lived. Despite their indignation and shattered egos Brian and Tracey never guessed the relationship between Jeff and their daughter until a year later.

Kylie and Sally graduated from high school. Sally was accepted by a top university and Jeff resigned from his job. "I need to see the world," he told his boss. He and Kylie traveled together. They washed dishes for a living if there wasn't anything else.

They qualified as ski instructors; the pay wasn't great but lodgings were provided although sometimes it took an effort to persuade their employers that they should have a double room. They traveled the world for years, blissfully happy with each other and totally oblivious to the affronted looks of people who saw them walking hand in hand or knew that they lived together.