Babe with sexy black stockings rides

Babe with sexy black stockings rides
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Fbailey story number 470 Two Pregnant Women I was trying not to listen to them as they talked, I had my headset was on, and I was playing my new video game.

Then something happened and the game paused cutting off the sound. That was how I accidentally heard Mom and Aunt Jane say that if I were just a year older that they would let me fuck them. What! I could not believe what I had just heard. Besides they were both pregnant and didn't that mean that they were already getting enough sex.

I decided to leave my video game on pause so that I could continue to listen to them talk but I pretended to still be playing my game.

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Mom was complaining that Dad would not have sex with her once he found out that she was pregnant. Her sister, Aunt Jane said the same thing about her husband and then added that when she was pregnant she just wanted sex all that much more.

Then I listened to them as they discussed whom they could get to help them out with their sexual problems.

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It had to be someone that they could both trust to not tell anyone. It had to be someone that could come and go without anyone becoming suspicious. Then he had to be young enough to satisfy them both without having to take a nap afterwards.

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They were talking about me but they didn't even know it, so I removed my headphones and said, "I know you guys are talking about me." Mom practically jumped out of her skin and asked, "What are you talking about?" I simply replied, "I love you both.

I think that you are both even more sexy now that you are pregnant and I won't tell anyone if you let me have sex with you. I can come and go without anyone getting suspicious of me and I am young enough to satisfy you both without taking a nap." Aunt Jane just smiled and said, "By golly, you know, he's right." She thought a moment and then Aunt Jane got in Mom's face and said, "If he's a virgin, I want him first. I've never had a virgin before and you still owe me one." Mom had a shocked look on her face, she thought about it for a moment, and then she said, "Okay, okay you can go first.

But then we're even. Is that clear?" Aunt Jane asked me, "Are you a virgin?" I replied, "Yes. But I know that I can help you out." Aunt Jane said, "Oh, I know you can stud. Believe me, I know you can." Then she promptly took me up to my own bedroom. She let me help her get undressed. She didn't really need my help she just wanted me to help her. I really enjoyed it. Her breasts were swollen, her belly was swollen, and her pussy was swollen too. She told me that her pregnancy had caused her nipples and areolas to get much darker than they normally were.

I liked them dark and highly visible like that. All she really wanted was my cock in her pussy. That was all that I wanted too. She then got down on her hands and knees, I got down behind her, and then she pulled my cock into her waiting hole. I fucked into her for a couple of minutes before I cum in her.

It was heavenly finally feeling a warm wet pussy wrapped around my hard pecker. I started to pull my pecker out of her love hole and get up but Aunt Jane grabbed me and held me inside her.

She said, "Hold on buddy, you'll be hard in a couple of minutes, and I want you to stay inside me until then." I asked, "So what was all that about, that Mom owed you.


What does Mom owe you?" Aunt Jane laughed and said, "You'll just have to ask her. But right now you're hard so first off, let's do it again." I screwed my Aunt Jane a second time and she really loved it. She told me that it was mostly because she was pregnant but that she had always liked young boys and incest. Apparently I filled all of her requirements.

Mom came right up after Aunt Jane went downstairs. Mom smiled at me, she removed all of her clothes, and then she got up on my bed with me.


She opened her legs up wide and then she pulled me over onto her slightly rounded stomach. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her opening and asked, "So what was all that about, that you owed Aunt Jane and she got to have sex with me first." Mom was desperate for my cock and not about to stall so she answered, "Your Uncle Teddy.

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She let me fuck him first when we were kids. He was a virgin. We were all virgins but I got him first. That is why she wanted you so badly." I asked, "How old were you when you had sex with Uncle Teddy?" Mom replied, "I was thirteen years old at the time, your Aunt Jane was twelve years old, and your Uncle Teddy was eleven years old." I then thrust my cock into her and she closed her eyes and started to moan.

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For some reason I liked fucking my mother even better than fucking my Aunt Jane. I guess it was because she was my mother but I really think that it was something more.

After cumming in Aunt Jane twice, it was taking much longer to cum in Mom. I looked down at Mom, her face was contorted, she was all tensed up, and then she went completely stiff. As soon as Mom started to orgasm I started my climax and shot several bursts of cum into her. After I had finished I lay next to her for a few more minutes before Aunt Jane came back in to lie down next to us. I was sandwiched between two naked pregnant women in my own bed.


I could not think of any boy that could possible be happier than I was at that very moment. I was looking forward to many months of sex with my mother and my Aunt Jane. After all they were only three and four months pregnant so I had several months to go.

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I could really get used to this. The End Two Pregnant Women 470