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Harry Shags Hogwarts DISCLAIMER: J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter I make no money or anything from this. Twenty year old Nymphadora Tonks heard Harry's call and quickly executed order OMEGA.

Briefed on this new order days ago by her boss, she stunned and port-keyed all the convicted death eaters to the holding cells in the Ministry while she put up extra war grade wards on the stair case that led to the Death-Eater's cells and coated the floor with water and petrol she then port-keyed to the ministry to tell Amelia the news Auror's Shacklebolt and Newly reinstated Mad-Eye Moody Port-keyed their group of prisoners to the newly constructed Prison in the Glens just as Voldemort's strike team appeared at the fortress he quickly scanned for the prison and found it bare except for a few corps of prisoners.

AaAaghhha screamed several of his followers. Well maybe they their hear after all, thought the Dark Lord as he descended the stairs to the smell of burning flesh. He noticed the ward his minions ran into. Hmmm and electro shock ward combined with a fyre ward ingenious he quickly extinguished the flames and brought down the ward.

Noticing the bodies of Crabbe and Goyal he smirked searched the cell block that held his apprehended "friend" to find it to empty AAAGGGGHHHHHHHHAAAA screamed the Dark Lord at reading the message on the wall. TO LATE MOLDY SHORTS HA HA HA !!!!! THEIR UNDER THE FEDEALUS AT OUR NEW FACILITY GOOD HUNTING. Amelia Bones was a happy women she had just been promoted to Chief Sorceress of the Wizengamont so the Goblins upgraded her wards and gave her a port-key to Gringotts that activated whenever she was in danger.

She rubbed the small baby bump or babies she reminded herself "I cant believe I am having twins" she spoke aloud smiling when Tonks burst through the door yelling "Azkaban has been attacked". Amelia quickly asked "The prisoners"? I moved all Death-Eater's to our holding cells, Sack and Mad-Eye move the others to the new facility. Amelia nodded and said send for Croaker to move the scum to the department of Mysteries and have all of them thrown into the veil.

Algern Croaker crackled in glee he was finally getting his wish all Death-Eater scum were lined up and kicked into the "Veil of Death" as the unknowing sheep called it. Most did not know that it was the Veil of judgment created by Merlin and the last true Fay that existed before leaving this plane.

He saved the nest for last the Lestrange family was marched through, Bellatrix didn't even put up a fight like he thought she would. Four hours later a alarm went off in the veil room and the aged Unspeakable shoot off like a rocked to see which Death-Eater was innocent when he reached the room he was shocked to see Bellatrix standing their all sings of age and prison were erased she looked like she did at 18 when she had married the ponce Lestrange.

An tall man with bright white wings stood behind her with a sword in hand and stated " This women is innocent of all crimes she committed while joined with her deceased husband harm her and every being in this building will be drawn in a judged so I speak it so mote it be". Algeron bowed to the Angel who walked off saying "have her marriage contract viewed along with her sisters you will find your answers their" the angel then vanished through the veil.

Albus Dumbledore was having a good day the had just finished a tryst with Pomera Sprout and have his annual delivery of lemon drops. His positions on the aside form chief Warlock returned to him along with Supreme Mugwump, Amos was going to address the country tonight and tell of Tom's return. Yes things were looking up for him. "Albus" said a voice from the fire he turned to see Algren's head sticking out of the fire.

"Yes old friend" replied the aged headmaster. "Bellatrix Lestrange has returned from behind the veil".To say Albus Dumbledore is shocked was an understatement, and why was she thrown through in the first place? Asked the headmaster. Well just before you were reinstated a vote was passed and it was said if Tom decided to attack Azkaban we were to port-key the wankers in and toss their happy arses through.

Dumbledore sighed and said " well what did the angle say. Sirius Black was having a good day, finally got Hestia in the sack, Harry is shagging witches like his pa use to, Remus has a date tonight with Emiline, and I have got a job at Hogwarts yep thing were looking up the the head of house Black.

"Hello Albus" the giddy wizard spoke to the twinkled eyed headmaster. "Sirius could you have Kreacher fetch Bella's and Narcissa's Marriage contracts?". Sure Albus KREACHER HEAD TO GRINGOTTS AND FETCH THE MARRIAGE CONTRACTS FOR MISS BELLA AND CISSA. Twenty minutes later Sirius was seething at the stipulations in the said contract." That fucking bitch of a mother of mine basicly made thin fucking slave to the assholes". Yelled and deranged Sirius Black.

Albus calmed the wizard down and apperated to the Ministry with the contracts. On one noticed a shaking angry house elf blast the portrait of Greta Black until the explosion took place.

Sirius run into the hall and Moony was standing atop of the stairs open mouth at the crackling elf dancing. "Remus remind me to never get on his bad side" spoke a shocked Sirius. Just then a Patroni message from the headmaster flew in the room giving the go ahead.


" I Sirius Black Annul the marriage between Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy, I also annul the marriage between Bellatrix Black and Rabastion Lestrange and call back the dowries and three thirds of the contract offenders vault's if alive and if not all in compensation for the dissatisfaction of clause 21 sub-paragraph 3 and stipulation 13 paragraph 7. So I speak it so mote it be.

Bellatrix Lestrange felt the magic the bound her to the dark lord at the behest of her husband disappear and her eyes glowed a second before returning to their original color. Algern sighed and released the witch who fell to the floor weeping. Saying "all those people" over and over again.

"Alice, no" she screeched when she remembered what she had done to the Longbottems. Algern watched as the witch cried herself out into a peaceful sleep. Harry was relieved when he finally got the Protroni message from Tonks a few hours later and the young boy fell into a restful sleep. The next day when the Daily Prophet arrived it showed a picture of Voldemort leaving Azkaban with the title YOU-KNOW-WHO sighted after foiled attack on the prison Azkaban.

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Harry smiled when he heard the Shrek's from most of the students and groans form the Death-Eater children when they found out that several of their friends parents were killed in the attack by wards layered inside the fortress by auror's.

The article whet on to explain what that all students who were or had passed their O.W.L's were now exempt from the statue of secrecy during the summer so they can set up wards and defend themselves.

The other article below that was the one the caught Neville's eye BELLATRIX BLACK CLEARD OF ALL CHARGES AGAINST HER WHILE UNDER MARRIAGE CONTRACT The boy quickly read the article and looked a little green until the doors to the great hall were thrown open and a women with blond hair and a kind face run in followed by a man that looked very much like Neville, who still did not notice the couple until the woman warped him in a hug crying "my boy my baby boy".

"Mum, Dad" said the teen in a small voice not daring to believe it. "Yes honey were back" whispered Alice Longbottem, "and it's all thinks to Bella" said Frank. "When she remembered the curse that was actually used she quickly made the potion to counter in along with a spell she devised to counteract it". Neville nodded his head hugged the dark haired witch that was standing meekly in the back.

After the excitement Neville's Parents pulled him from the school fro the next few days to get reacquainted with him and to buy him a new wand. Harry watched as McGonagall walked up to him and said "Mr.

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Potter, Miss. Granger your schedules. Harry and Hermione to start towards Charms to get ahead of the rush. "Harry. were is your Divination class"? "Oh I thought I told you I studied the past two years of Ancient Ruins notes I bummed off you on the train last year.

I passed the tests when Madam Bones took me to the Ministry a week ago to finalize my Lordship". Hermione garbed him and pulled him into the closest broom closet and preceded to shag the wizard rotten. The duo rushed into their sets just as the bell rung both had goofy grins on their faces Ron sitting by Lavender snickered at Hermione's mussed up hair. Flitwick preceded to lecture them on the importance of O.W.L year and then after a review the assigned a lesson on Anti rust charms and a practical lesson on he uses of the summoning charm in a dual of fight.

After charms Harry drug the entire Gryffindor class down a secret passage that lead straight to the dungeons as not to be late for "grease's lesson" after Snape too lectured them he divided to group up and put Harry partnering with Tracy Davis. The dark haired Slytherin shoot her hands out several times to stop him from adding the wrong ingredient, and every time she did he would give her a smile that made her knickers wet.

The dark haired witch made a decision and asked Snape to leave early. Harry was making his way to lunch a little late because Snape held him back to taunt him when he was pulled into the Slytherin dorms by Tracy. The witch quickly cut his complaints off with a kiss and grouped his rapidly growing cock.

She led him to "Malfoy's Chair" and shoved into it. Tracy quickly fished out his wand and sheathed it into her cunt. "OH FUCK" Harry yelled as her tight pussy gripped his dick he thrust and tore her hymn and keep on pounding Tracy loved every second of it. Neither noticed a pair oh eyes watching them from the girls dorm As Daphne Potter fingered herself watching her lover and friend ride the Gryffindor golden boy/ husband the blond witch quickly striped and walked behind Tracy to join in on the fun.

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Oh shit yelled Tracy as a pair of hands groped her breast from behind. Only to realize her other lover was joining the fun. Harry thought his luck could get no better when the smiling face of Daphne Potter appeared over the bouncing Tracy's shoulder the witch squealed and shuttered as a min orgasm racked her body Harry knowing what would send her over the edge roughly shoved a finger up her rear and the Slytherin witch screamed in orgasm so loud that Harry thought that the other Slytherin's would come running, Harry quickly pulled out and Daphne quickly replaced the spot Tracy just vacated.

When Harry finally made it to lunch her reached for a chicken leg and the main course melted away and deserts replaced them, "Damn" muttered Harry until Colin Creavy handed him several drumsticks. Thanks Harry said as the boy with a crush blushed red. Harry quickly ate the ran to Ruins. After dinner Harry was heading up to the common room when her heard moaning and groaning coming from a broom closet.

Harry peaked in the crack in the door and saw Colin Creavy jacking off muttering "Harry shag my arse" over and over again.

The erotic sight caused him to enter cast a strong locking and silencing charm. Colin was shocked when his crush entered but was even more so when Harry took his cock into his mouth and started to give him his first blow job and Colin did not last long the boy came and Harry swallowed every drop. Harry stood up and turned Colin around then bent the petite boy over muttered a lubricating charm and thrust into the boy's tight arse. Harry groaned as the boys tight arse griped him like a vice but Harry keep on thrusting into the tightest passage he had ever delved into.

Into no time Colin squirted a massive load out and as he orgasmed Harry filled his ares with his seed. Harry cleaned his cock off when Colin garbed it and led it into a slit under his nut-sack Harry was shocked when he felt a pussy grip his cock. Harry could not believe that a person could have both male and female organs and quickly thrush into the boy in front of him ripping his hymn and coming to stop at his cervix.

Harry ground as Colin started bouncing on his cock. After twenty minutes Harry emptied his balls again into Colin's pussy.

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Harry decided give Colin one more thing Harry muttered the lub charm on his arse and Colin's cock and bent over the desk the was in their. Colin could not believe his luck first fucked by his crush and then getting to fuck him Colin quickly sheathed his dick into Harry's colon. Harry groaned when he felt the six inch slim cock slide home and hit his prostate, Harry started pushing back against the thrusting boy loving the felling it was causing inside of him.

Colin garbed a hand full of Harry's now long hair and used it to get more leverage to pummel Harry arse until he emptied his nut sack into the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry arrived back in the common room to find Ron and Hermione having another row about homework. " I am not doing your homework just so you can shag Lavender, Ronald" yelled an irate Hermione, " TO HELL WITH YOU THEN" yelled the redhead who stormed out of the entrance.

Harry quickly garbed Hermione's hand and led her to a a unused classroom to talk. After hearing her rant and rave about hanging his bits from the tallest tower, and a particularity violent romp on a deck Harry told her about Crevy which led to another romp and a promise to view the next showing when Harry could find a safe location he led a greatly more clam Hermione back to find Katie waiting for them. The raven head witch garbed Hermione's hand and led her form the room with not so much as a hi.

"Wemen" muttered Harry who tromped upstairs showered then fell asleep to the sounds to Neville's snores. Harry woke to a moaning sound coming from his friend's bunk at about five in the morning harry pulled back the curtains to check on his and found him pelvis deep into Bellatrix Black Harry smiled and dissapered before the duo could notice him.

Neville Longbottem could not believe how his luck had turned around he got his parents back, got a new wand that responded to him like an extension of his arm and magic spells came easier and much faster now then Bellatrix Black he didn't mean to but when his parents had went to sleep Neville was supposed to show her her room but somehow they both ended up in his bed shagging like mad Neville had came into the dark haired witch several times that night and was on his third for the night thank Merlin it was a weekend day tomorrow.

He was about to cum when he saw Harry pull the curtains back and a shocked look appeared across his face Neville was about say something when a smirk appeared on his friend's face and he dropped the curtain then walked in the direction of his bed. Bellatrix did not even notice Potter as she rode Neville's seven inches all the way to Nirvana. Hermione was perplexed as to why Katie was dragging her to the seventh year dorms when the trio of chasers said " they saw you and Harry tonight" a blank look appeared on the brunets face then said "and" The two witches bowed to Katie and Monie and said please help us to shag your husband/ fiance the Katie and Hermione looked at each other and grinned "sure" Katie replied, "why not" said Hermione "Really" asked a hopeful Alicia "yes" Hermione said as she exposed her panty-less crotch and said as long as you eat his cum out of my cunt".

The two witch's were shocked to see this side of the witch. "all ways the quite ones muttered Alicia before delving into the witched quim making the witch moan in pleasure as Alicia's talented tongue went to work.

The others quickly went to work on her breast and alternated between slurping on Mistress Mione's Pussy. Hermione woke up with her strap on jutting out in front of her and Katie's in her arse she slid it out of Angelina's pussy and removed herself from Katie dong.

The tired witch walked down to her dorm without throwing on a robe and walked into Sally and Pavarti whose eyes got round at seeing the brunet nude and with a enormous plastic dong sticking out of her. Hermione just made her way to the showers not even caring that the two of the three biggest gossip-mongers just seen her starkers and with a dildo strapped to her body. "CRUICO " Yelled an irate dark lord at the blonde ponce in front of him Yaxley screamed wad writhed in pain dropping the plate he held.

"I FUCKING TOLD YOU THAT IF YOU BURNED MY GINGER COOKIES AGAIN THAT BURNS COULD HAVE YOU SO HAVE AT HIM BURNS" A large man smiled and fished out his monster ripped the still twitching wizard out of his trousers and shove his cock into the twitching mans ass blood gushed out of the wound as the eighteen inch monster burrowed his arse out. "CRUICO" bellowed the half-giant who came when what was left of the dieing mans arse spasemed and gripped his cock. Voldemort quickly cast a status charm on his dieing follower and port-keyed him to the infirmary were Severus would patch him up.

Harry decided to sleep in his privet quarters over the weekend but enjoyed to common-room in the weekday. Harry walked to the statue of Gryffindor and what he saw their broke his heart. Luna was huddled beside the witch nude crying Harry quickly wrapped her in his clock and rushed her to the hospital. And hour later Luna was cleared to leave the hospital wing were she was escorted to Flitwick office where under Harry's and Hermione's urging told the quarter goblin what had been going on for years now how one night in her second year someone had levitated her over the ward lines.

At the end of her story both Harry and Flitwick were looking Murderous. Harry escorted the little witch to his rooms and left standing orders to let Luna in any time unless otherwise specified.

Flius Flitwick quickly marched up to the dorms and ordered everone into the commin room through a charm on every Ravenclaws patches. Twenty minutes later every Ravenclaw exept the first years and a select few Had all privileges striped and Michael Conner and Josephus Carrow had their wands snapped for leaving a fellow student to have her soul sucked out, and Last but not least Ravenclaw would not be participating in Quidditch or the house cup this year.

Flitwick left a very sullen house behind all the non guilty were made up of four uper year students Padma Patail. Charlie Fairfield, Kendra Prewitt, and Cain McKinnon most second years and all first years quickly banded together to stop retaliation for "ratting out" several people The head boy and girl were striped of their badges in disgrace so all quickly left the dorm to request septet sleeping quarters.

In the Great Hall Harry led a still week Luna to sit between him and Hermione when he noticed that everyone was in the hall execpet his wives( who were waiting outside) he stood and declared "Anyone caught hurting Luna Lovegood soon to be Luna Potter again will face my wrath, Also to anyone harming or trying to harm Susan Potter nee Bones, Katie Potter nee Bell, Daphne Potter nee Greengrass or her sister, Ginivera Weasley soon to be Flamel Hermione Granger soon to be Lady Gryffindor will have to deal with the guardian's I have procured for them.

"Your not strong enough to Potter I could take you any time anywhere". "Is that a challenge Malfoy? Yes and if you loose you will give me Greengrass and my fortune back Harry nodded ans said "rules" none whisperd Malfoy.

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First to submit or is unable to dual. Harry nodded and said well my second is said Daphne Greengrass. Mine is Nott. Harry nodded and a dualing platform rose up. Bowing to Malfoy Harry waited till Flitwick started the dual. Harry opened up with a hangman's chain which would have wounded up with Malfoy stunned disarmed and hanging upside-down by his ankles and the dum ponce just stood their and shielded instead of dogging.

Malfoy retaliated with a tongue tying curse thinking Harry did not have the ability to cast silently.


Harry dogged then sent back a barrage of stunners bludgeoning hexes and a piercing hex to shatter Malfoys flimsy shield he wound up stunned and with an afro and a shirt that said I am a but boy.

Nott tried to slip in a cheep shot but Harry's seeker reflexes saved him she sent a overpowered knock back jinx at the boy. as time went on Harry found that Nott was a much more skilled dualist than Malfoy the platform had holes in it that Harry was utilizing to great effect.

It wasn't until Harry saw the moon patterns that the remember from second year then he finally had a way to beat Nott. He quickly cast Serpensortia several times. Boa's like the one he set on Dudley appeared and he cast an engorgement charm on two and told all seven to bind the idiot sending the heat their way a minute later Harry herd Nott fall he peeked out from his conjured cover and quickly cast a disarming charm that relieved Nott of his wepon.

Winner is Harry Potter "Avada Kedavera" yelled Not and Malfoy at the same time. HE dodged Notts but did not see Draco until a white blur carrying a sheathed sword flew in between and took the deadly curse for her master. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MHHHHHaaaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAha I know you hate me for killing Hedwig but wait for the next chapter.

Oh might have made a few mistakes but I am high right now soo piece out