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Pucelle et grosse Bite amateur)
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Don't worry, more sex will come, let's get the story set up first. ;) Enjoy. Chapter 1 March, 1861 Somewhere in Northern Texas "Mmm, Pete, is that a gun in your holster, or are you just happy to see me?" "Abigail, you know I'm always happy to see you." Abigail fell back onto the bed, her arms and legs spread out.

Her short, curly brown hair partially covering her face, her green eyes staring back at Pete. A tight blue blouse tucked into her long brown dress covering large tits. Climbing on top of her, Pete ran his hand up the side of her slender body. Pressing his body against Abigail, their lips met. With his short brown hair and brown eyes, fit, muscular body, and a nice member to match, Abigail had been attracted to Pete since they were childhood friends. Looking down at Abigail, Pete could feel his cock growing in his trousers.

Running from her sides, Pete's hands met in the middle were her blouse met. With a swift motion, the blouse was parted, revealing Abigail's exposed tits. Lowering his head, he took one nipple deep into his mouth, his left hand cupping her other breast. Abigail let out moan as Pete swirled his tongue around her erect nipple.

Pete could feel her hands running over back of his head. She pushed him against her, forcing more of her breast into his mouth.

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Sucking her nipple harder, Abigail let out a louder moan. Her hands ran from his head, down his back, around front and quickly unbuttoned his pants.

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Pete smiled as he felt Abigail's smooth, soft hand grip his hard cock. As Abigail stroked Pete's hard cock, he switched and took Abigail's other tit into his mouth, sucking on her already erect nipple.

"Mmm Pete, I need you in me," Abigail said lifting Pete's head up from her chest. Pete didn't need anymore convincing. Quickly worming his way out of his pants, he made quick work on Abigail's dress.


Flinging both garments onto the floor, he climbed back on top of Abigail, cock in his hand. Her legs spread wide, Abigail could feel Pete's hard member against her wet pussy. With a quick thrust, Pete was in. Pure pleasure rushed over his body as he entered Abigail.


He bent over, kissing her again as he pushed the rest of himself deep into Abigail. She let out a moan as she felt his balls meet her. Pete quickly established a slow, deep rhythm, savoring every inch as he fucked Abigail. She was moaning loudly and Pete couldn't get enough.

Reaching down, her gripped her tits hard as he started to ram his cock deep into Abigail. It wasn't long before Pete was on the verge of cumming. "Oh, Abigail, I'm going to cum!" Pete said thrusting deep into her. "Cum in me Pete, cum deep inside of me!" Abigail begged, bucking against Pete.

"Abigail, I'm cumming!" Pete screamed, thrusting one more time into Abigail. "Pete, what the hell are you doing!" Pete snapped back to reality, laying in his tent, cum spewing from his cock, which was firmly grasped in his hand. Pete tried to cover himself as his companion stood there at the opening of the tent watching him. "What the hell, Ginger?" Pete said, covering himself, but still feeling his cum shooting from his cock.

"I go to the river for five minutes and I come back to you pleasing yourself?" Ginger said, still staring at him. "Well, pardon me, but we haven't been to town in three weeks and a man has needs," Pete replied, trying desperately to defend himself. "Well, so do I, but I don't do it when I know there's a chance of someone walking into the tent." Ginger told him, walking into the tent, "You didn't get any on my blanket did you?" Pete looked around, trying to clean up his mess, "No, I don't think so." "God, Pete, just keep it in your pants," Ginger said, getting under her blanket.

Pete looked over at Ginger. Her long red hair freed after being tied up all day, her green eyes staring at the top of the tent. Skin lightly kissed by the sun, and set of tits that would make the whores at the saloon jealous. Her white blouse was dirty, and some blood was splattered up the side. "What?" Ginger asked, looking over at Pete who was staring at her. Pete quickly looked away from her and returned to cleaning himself up, "Nothing." Ginger said nothing and rolled away from Pete.

Throwing his cum soaked handkerchief towards the entrance to the tent, he laid down as well. "Did you tie up the horses?" Pete asked as he closed his eyes. "Yes, Sir Jerks-a-lot," Ginger said with a chuckle as she closed her eyes as well. The darkness of the tent overtook Pete's senses as he laid on his blanket, his old pillow barely able to support the weight of his head. His mind started to wander, back to Abigail, laying naked on the bed before him.

She was motioning for Pete to come back to her. As Pete drifted to sleep, his penis began to wake up, again. Morning came all too quick, as it normally does. The early morning sun beating down on Pete's face. Sitting up, he looked over, Ginger was still asleep. Quietly, he rolled off his blanket and exited the tent. He stood up straight and stretched, feeling the cool morning breeze against him.

Wearing his long night shirt and undergarment, he gathered supplies for breakfast. By the time he finished making eggs and beans, Ginger emerged from the tent fully dressed. The morning sun shone brightly against her auburn hair, her emerald eyes admiring the sunrise off the horizon. Her green striped blouse barely able to hold her magnificent tits place and her brown dress accenting her ass.

She walked over and sat next to Pete, who handed her a plate of eggs, and beans. "Thanks for breakfast," Ginger said with a smile. "It's the least I could do for what happened last night," Pete replied taking his own plate in his hands. "Don't worry about it, Pete, I was just giving you a hard time," She said with a little smile, taking a bite of her eggs, "So where are we heading today?" "Well, we're running low on supplies.

These were our last eggs, so we need to find a town. There's one about half a day's ride north of here, I figured we could head there," Pete explained while still trying to eat his breakfast. It wasn't long before they had camp packed up and were on the back of their horses. Passing a couple of farms, the two decided to keep going instead of stopping, thinking there would be more supplies available in town. After traveling for hours through north Texas, Pete and Ginger finally made it to town as the sun was beginning to set.

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The passed a large wooden sign that read, "Welcome to North Bend, Texas." "West Bend? Pete, we can't come here," Ginger said, a little worry in her voice. "Ginger, don't worry, they've never caught us before, what makes you think they're going to get us now?" Pete reassured with a smile as they began to ride down the main street of town.

"Let's see, probably because it's one of the biggest outposts in the west!" Ginger said urgently in a rather hushed voice. Pete ignored her at the two strode down main street. The street was a full of people buying up supplies before night fall. People filtered in and out of the general store, a couple horse and buggy outside the town's post office. The street was long, full of shops and stalls, selling useless stuff to passersby. As they approached the main intersection, a tubby man dressed up in a button shirt, brown trousers and sporting a striped apron approached Pete and Ginger.

Sweat rolling down his brow, he clearly wasn't much for any movement at all. "Ah, weary travelers, maybe I can interest you in this new elixir. Fused with honey, and special herbs, it is guaranteed to give you the boost to continue your travels.

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Let Mr. Mooney's Elixir aid your journey," The tubby man spouted, trying to offload his useless juice.

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"No, thanks," Pete said, motioning the man away. "But sir, I don't think you know what you're missing out on. With these magical properties, you and your wife could-" Pete pulled out his pistol and aimed it between the man's eye's, "I said, no thanks." The tubby man slowly lowered the elixir and backed away.

Pete holstered his pistol and motioned his horse to keep going. "See, this is why I don't want to be in this town. We can't go anywhere without you causing a scene," Ginger told him, riding up next to him. "You're worrying over nothing. Once the sun sets, we'll gather our supplies, and we'll be out of this town before they can sound the alarm," Pete told her, confidence in his voice that nothing could go wrong.

The two hitched their horses outside of the Saloon. As they walked up the stairs, a group of drunk, laughing men exited, falling everywhere. One with a scraggly beard tripped over his friend, catching himself on Ginger. His arm around her, one hand landed squarely on her amazing tits. "Oh, well this is nice, why don't you come take a ride with me sweetie," The drunken man said with a smile, the smell of alcohol strong on his breath, giving her tit a squeeze.

With one swift motion, Ginger flipped the man onto his back and her pistol was pointed at his face. "All right love," the drunken man said, holding his out in surrender, "You don't need to be a bitch about it." As he rolled over to stand up, Ginger gave him a swift kick in the stomach.

The man fell over, coughing loudly before heaving everywhere. "Well, I drank all that for nothing I guess," The man said crawling away. "Yea, I'm the one who always causes a scene," Pete said laughing walking into the Saloon.

Ginger followed him inside. The Saloon was dark, dirty, and reeked of bile. There were small tables around the place, and men around them drinking.

There were also women walking around, the whores of the house. They were constantly leading horny men up and down the stairs to their rooms. The sounds of moaning men could be heard withe laughs of the drunk.

Taking a seat at the bar, Pete and Ginger each ordered themselves a drink. The bartender was a slim man, short brown hair, hazel eyes.

A long scar ran up his cheek, and there were scars of bullet holes on his arm. "What brings you two to town?" The bartender asked them pouring their drinks for them. "Just passing through," Pete said raising his glass, taking a drink. "Oh, I doubt that very much," The bartender responded with a laugh, "Nobody just passes through North Bend. Here for the whores? Alcohol? Or are you just going to rob the place?" Pete and Ginger both choked on their drinks at that last statement.

Putting their drinks down, they both looked back at the bartender. "Why would you say that?" Ginger asked looking down at her drink. "I've been here long enough to know that much about people," The bartender said, taking a drink from the bottle. "Should you be drinking that?" Pete asked looking back at him. "Should you be that ugly?" The bartender said slamming the bottle back down on the bar. "How long have you been here?" Ginger asked, finishing her drink.

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"Six months," The bartender said, putting the bottle back on the shelf. As they were talking, a rather gorgeous woman came up next to Pete. Her perfume was strong, and her skin was soft as she touched his face. "Hey there, cowboy, looking for someone to ride you into the sunset?" the whore said with a smile.

Pete turned to look at her, and his eyes widened. A Blonde beauty stood before him.


She was thin, hair pulled back with dazzling blue eyes. A red corset perked up her tits, and her stockings carefully covered her long legs. "Claire, I told you, quit picking up the guys from the bar," The bartender said eyeing Claire as she continued to stroke Pete's face. "Come on, Doc, how am I supposed to make a living if you gonna keep shooing me away," Claire asked with a pout, looking at him with big eyes.

"It's okay," Pete said with a smile, "I don't mind." Claire quickly turned her attention to Pete, "Oh, then why don't you come with me big boy." Taking his hand, Claire led Pete quickly up the stairs and disappeared down the the hallway. Ginger turned back to the bar, and downed Pete's drink. Without asking, the bartender poured her another drink. "On the house," he said, taking another drink from the bottle.

"Thanks," She took a drink, "So you're a doctor?" The bartender looked at Ginger, "No, it's just a name. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it." Claire pushed Pete into the room, and quickly closed the door. She turned and walked up to him, pressing her body against his, "What do you want baby, I'll do anything you want." Pete looked down at Claire, a devious smile appearing across his face.