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Free hardcore movietures from young bigay sexual boys first time He
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I sat back, a cold beer in front of me as I watched the people walk past the pub, I loved sitting outside, watching the people move around doing their shopping or heading for the Cinema. "Buddy!" The call took me half by surprise and I looked off to my left, there were two of my friends, one a reporter at the local newspaper and the other a nurse at the hospital.

I grinned and waved, they came on to the deck and I motioned for them to sit down. "So how are you two doing?" "Quite busy, I had a few stories to cover today," Cleo* answered, she has shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, stands around 5'2" and in her own words, "My weight is centred around my boobs", which of course is true as she has an awesome rack on her quite petite body.

I use to joke that if she stopped wearing t-shirts and wear low cut blouses she'd get more answers, but she just pull a face at me each time and says that she'd rather get her information the old fashioned way. "I'm Ok thank you," I chuckled at Rosaline*, she has blonde, spiky hair, green eyes and stands at 5'4"; she has a swimmer build as it is what she loves to do. She also has a knack of getting uncomfortable if you look at her too long. Like me, she loves reading and at times you could swear she's a dork with the thick glasses that she wears.

The waiter suddenly popped up and they ordered drinks, Cleo turned to me. "Listen I hope that you don't mind, my niece is going to meet us here," Now Cleo's niece is a foxy one, with her long black hair, dark blue eyes, full lips, sexy figure and the same size boobs than Cleo, she's quite the talk of the town as she always goes jogging after work in clothes that didn't leave much to the imagination.

Seems like every guy is after her, I just summed her up on our first meeting and decided that if I get into her bed, I'd enjoy it, but nothing steady.


I shrugged at Cleo, "You know me, I don't mind." Cleo gave me a smile and lit a cigarette, "So how have you been?" I took a sip of my beer and grimaced, "You know we have to get together more than once a month, seems like I always have a story or two to tell." Cleo chuckled, "Yeah yeah, so?" I waggled my hand so-so, "In-between, I've been better, but I have been much worse. Just job hunting at the moment." Rosaline leaned forward, giving an enticing view of the tops of her smallish breasts, "Looking for anything in particular?" I shook my head, "Not really, but I heard there is some of the security offices around town that is looking for personnel, so I have enrolled for a course.

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You never know, I might get into one of those positions." She nodded her head and their drinks arrived, then the sound of high heels reached my ears and I grinned at Cleo, "Looks like Megan* is a bit early." Cleo glanced at her watch, "Style-fully late as usual." Megan came into view, a short, tight mini dress showing off her long, firm legs, tight ass and of course those great tits. Along with her was another woman, I leaned back further in my chair and checked her out.

She clearly carried two or four pounds extra, but it made her more feminine than fat as it was in all the right places, she had straight, light brown hair reaching to the middle of her shoulder blades.

A rather cute face, she was tall, close to 6'0" I guessed, she wore black slacks and a red top that was cut low, exposing more than half of a huge set of tits.

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My dick instantly stirred when I saw her, whether it was the breasts or the way she walked, maybe both. Megan joined us and the new girl sat down opposite me, luckily I was able to tear my gaze from her breasts, but a few of the guys at the other tables couldn't do that.

She smiled brightly at me, "Hey handsome, I'm Crissy *" I chuckled, "Well hello cutie, I'm Justin*" She laughed and the waiter popped up again, I finished my beer and ordered another one, Megan as usual ordered some cocktail or another and Crissy ordered wine.

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As Megan and Crissy also worked at the hospital, you can guess that with Cleo around the discussion got quite heated about national health care. I just sat back and only participated when I got asked something, after her third glass Megan decided that she was going to skip the movie and go to the nearest club, she wanted to go dance.

Cleo and Rosaline were immediately game, but Crissy looked a bit put-off.

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"Come on Megan, I've really been looking forward to watch Love Actually," I perked up immediately, I didn't like clubbing, but maybe I could offer to go with Crissy, the other three tried to persuade her to go with them, then I remembered that it was the last week of the movie screening and Thursdays were normally the last day, seeing that it was Thursday, Crissy would miss the movie.

"Well I have nothing else to do, so if you want I'll go watch it with you," Crissy seemed a bit dubious, "But I don't have a car." I smiled, "Well the last thing I can do is take you home, it will be no problem." She perked up and agreed that it could work; of course the plan was to see if I couldn't get my hands on those marvellously huge tits, Cleo gave me a grin. She had known me for what felt like ages and she knew how my mind worked, she clearly knew that I had ulterior motives.

After finishing her drink Megan got up, Cleo and Rosaline followed, after saying goodbye, Crissy and me were left alone at the table. "I'm not going to sit way over here," She got up and came to sit in the chair on my right, we started chatting, I found that her grey eyes were quite something to behold and that made it easier to talk to her and not her breasts.

After paying our part of the bill, we went to see the movie (if you haven't seen it and you like romantic comedies go look for it and if you find a downloadable version let me know), when we came out I offered to buy her dinner as it was quite late and so we found ourselves opposite each other in a booth inside the pub.

A few more glasses of wine and it seemed that she eyed me with a gleam in her eye that promised much more than just a kiss goodnight. We had an enjoyable meal and after paying I lead her to my motorbike, a beauty even if I must say so and Crissy seemed to look forward to riding the bike even more than I did when I bought her.

After taking direction to her place, I gave her my helmet and we were off, she clung excitedly to me, her soft breasts pressed firmly into my back and not far on our way to her place I could feel two hard nipples poking into my back, this in turn excited my second brain, lifting my cock from its slumber.

At her place which was an apartment situated behind a house she asked if I wanted to come inside for coffee. Hey I was quite naïve back then; I thought that she meant real coffee.

You can imagine my surprise that the moment the door closed I had a tongue digging into my mouth. Now I never thought of myself as handsome, so it must have been the wine and bike that had her so hot. Her top did not stay on much longer, nor did my jacket and t-shirt, her soft breasts squashed against my naked chest and I finally kicked into action, my hands grabbing her ass. It was soft and pliable under my hands and judging by her reaction very sensitive as a few good squeezes had her almost panting against my mouth.

The suddenness and erotic nature of the kiss had my cock growing steadily and soon it was pressing against her, she pulled away and grinned at me, "It Seems like somebody wants to join the party." I returned her grin, "It does seem that way." Her fingers deftly undid my belt and jeans, my jeans slipped to the ground as her hand sneaked inside to rub my cock through my boxers as we kissed once more.

As an experiment I gave her ass a slap and the jolt ran much further than her ass cheeks, she pulled away from me and started to strip. I kicked off my jeans and pulled off my sneakers and socks, who would have thought that my plan to touch her breasts would have come this far?

I looked at her as she pulled off her purple thong and almost licked my lips at the sight of her plump pussy with a small tuft of trimmed hair above her slit and further cleanly shaved. She stepped closer and ripped down my boxers, looking at my nine inch cock with a look that had me thought that she might eat it, she looked up at me.

"I want it rough OK?" I didn't have time to respond as she took hold of my cock and pulled me towards her couch. She lay down, spreading her legs, looking up at me expectantly, well she asked for something I have never done before so I grabbed her open legs, pulled her closer to me and without further preamble sank my cock deep into her pussy.

She groaned out loudly, throwing back her head against the seat of the couch. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard as I started to pump my cock in and out of her wet pussy, by the ease I slipped into her it became clear that she was very aroused and well used as well.


I just shrugged and mauled her big tits, pinching and pulling her hard nipples as I pumped my cock hard into her. "Yes baby just like that," she moaned out as she wrapped her legs around my hips, I leaned more over her, placing my weight on her breasts as I squeezed and pulled on them along with her nipples, using the leverage to increase my pace. Her groans and moans of pleasure filled the room along with the sounds of our groins slapping furiously together.

I let go of her breasts and placed my hands next to her, watching her breasts bounce under my full-out assault on her pussy.

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I grabbed hold of one breast, squeezing it and just out of curiosity slapped her hard nipple; she yelped in surprise and moaned in pleasure as the feeling spread through her body.

I leaned down and sucked the other nipple into my mouth, nibbling on it and when I bit her nipple a shudder coursed through her body along with a loud moan as her muscles contracted around my cock. This I loved, I kept thumping my cock into her pussy, my balls bouncing against her spread asshole, biting and pulling her nipple as I slapped her other breast, this time it almost felt like she locked up as a small shriek filled the room.

I pulled from her, pulling her legs free to lean back and watch her juices slipping from her pussy lips, I leaned down and licked her pussy, lapping up her juices. Finally she sat up and pulled me to her lips, kissing me hungrily, licking her own cum from my lips, as we kissed I gently fondled her big, soft breasts, those tits which just moments before got manhandled by me.

She shuddered under my gentle attentions, kissing me hungrily; I broke the kiss and pulled her up, turned her around and pushed her onto all fours. She spread her legs for me, arching her back to show off her dripping wet pussy, I didn't need any more encouragement; I slid my cock back into her pussy. She met my entrance with a moan, I leaned into her, pushing my cock deeper into her, and I took hold of her hanging breasts, squeezing them hard as I started to pump my cock in and out of her.

I got to touch her breasts as my plan was, but fucking her while doing it was an added bonus, I grinned as I listened to her groans and my groin slapping against her ass, pulling on her nipples had her moaning louder. I let go of her breasts, letting them sway loose as I gripped her hips and started to pump harder into her, pulling her back into my thrusts, the speed picking up as she moved with me, moaning at the top of her lungs.

Pretty soon I could feel my balls tighten and the tingling started at the base of my cock, on instinct I slapped her ass, "Oh God!" She cried out as a heavy shudder ran through her body and her pussy clamped over my pumping cock, I slapped her other cheek and she cried out again with her body shuddering heavily.

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Gripping her hips again I continued to pound her wet pussy, as I felt my orgasm building up, I slapped her ass again, being met with the same reaction. I started to really lay into her ass, turning her milky white skin red, I sucked on my one thumb and without warning inserted it into her asshole, that was the piece de resistance for her.

She screamed so loud that it echoed inside the room, she dropped onto her elbows as she shuddered and shook heavily, I could feel her juices gushing out past my cock and dripping down my balls. A few strokes later and I joined her on orgasm high as I filled her womb, my cock pulsing and jerking as it sent string after string of seed into her. When my orgasm passed, I let go of her hips and she dropped onto the couch, making soft mewling sounds.

I sat down next to her and she smiled, picking herself up enough and engulfed my softening cock with her hot, wet mouth. I've had blowjobs before and she was definitely one of the top ten, her mouth and tongue played wonders on my cock and had it back to attention in no time, she smiled up at me. "I hope you have some left," She gingerly got up off the couch, leaning against me as her knees seemed to buckle underneath her, "Aw fuck it." She slipped down to her knees and spread open my legs to get to my throbbing cock, just past her breasts I could see our combined cum dripping from her pussy.

Then I focused on her as she started to lick my cock, lathering it up to a sheen with her spit, first I wondered why she would do that for a blowjob, when she suddenly enveloped my cock with her tits. Pushing her tits together she looked up at me and winked, rolling her tits around my cock, it felt awesome to have her silky soft skin rubbing all over my cock.

I leaned back and enjoyed the show as my cock head popped out between her breasts every now and then. She lowered her head and started to lick my cockhead as it came into view, I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the backrest, my fingers stroking through her hair. She started to fuck my cock using her tits, her lips locking onto my cockhead, sucking like she wanted to suck the cum directly out of my balls.

I groaned my pleasure, fuelling her on to move faster over my cock, I used her hair to push her mouth down as far as it could go against her breasts working over my cock. This was fabulous and her soft moans just made it so much better, because I've came just a few moments earlier, it took her a long time to bring me closer to the edge.

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She pushed my hand away from her hair as she felt my cock swelling in preparation to erupt; I opened my eyes as she pulled her mouth from my cock, working her breasts faster over my cock. I gripped the seat of the couch as my cum exploded once again from my cock, she had her face close to my cock and took the first shot on her lips, the rest of my cum pumped out, splattering over her face, neck and breasts.

She grinned up at me and locked her lips back onto my cock, cleaning me up; she sat back on her ass, leaning back onto her arms with her legs spread wide. It seemed like my cum was everywhere, from her hair to her tits, some dripped from her nipples onto her tummy and her pussy lips still glistened with our combined cum.

She grinned widely at me, "Want to stay over?" *Names changed to protect the innocent…yeah right LOL, but seriously this is not their real names.

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