Amber takes a big bone

Amber takes a big bone
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Please excuse the first posting, something happened when I transferred the story to the site. And please bare with me, I know its long but it is a set up for other stories. What was never meant to be, Day 1 Let me give you a little background, I've known Sarah for a few years now and never really expected what was to happen.

We went to the same high school, she was a year younger, but we still had many of the same friends, and got along great, until I started dating Rachel, then shit got bad fast. You remember the high school relationship were you thought this was it, she/he is the one? Ya, that's what I thought too, until that is she turned psycho!

I mean like full bore you're not talking to anyone else, you're not hanging out with anyone else or even thinking of anyone else. Well during that time I grew away from Sarah and once I graduated I never really saw her again. I finally got smart and left Rachel, moved to a new state and started to rebuild. I know, you're probably thinking, what does a 20 year old have to rebuild?

Well, I lost my scholarship, couldn't find work as my old city had a 24.5% unemployment rate, lost most my friends thanks to Rachel, and pissed off most my family. So I spent the first year with my parents getting a decent job working for a hobby shop, a cheap ass apartment, and a beautiful piece of shit car.

So l started to call my old friends and patch up the damage with my family. Along the way I got Sarah's new phone number and got the nuts to call her.

It took a while for her to actually talk to me as the last time we talked I freaked out on her, but after a few times of talking it started to feel just like old times. I found out she had moved out and lived with her boyfriend now, worked as a caregiver at a rest home, but otherwise was the same girl, just a little older. I told her about the new job, and that I had gotten in a with a recreational hockey club. I knew from school that she was just as big a hockey nut as me, but the conversation that kicked it all off came from this.

"So you I was wondering if you have any free time?" Sarah asked with what I thought was a little quiver to her voice. Laughing I replied "Ya sense I got promoted to manager I normally have weekends off because the owners are in.

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But last I checked we live a ways apart." A little sigh came through "I know but there is a junior league team a couple hours from here and I was wondering if you could come down and hang out for a weekend and maybe go to a few games with me?" I smiled "but what about your boyfriend?" "He left for training for like a month and told me it was fine." I could tell she didn't share her boyfriends trusting feelings but did want to see me.

"So you think you can make it in down here in about 2 weeks?" Laughing lightly I pulled my calendar up on my laptop and checked the dates. "I can have Lindsey cover for me that Friday and Monday so I will drive down Friday morning and get a hotel and stay tell Monday." "I can't pay for a hotel so I will take a bus Saturday for the game, go home after and take another one up Sunday." She said a little sad "Bullshit, I'll get you a room where I'm staying, and if you can't get a ride up I'll just drive down early and pick you up."There's no reason to waste money on a bus." What most people don't know is on the side I have been making models for props and war games.

So money wasn't too short for me lately. "There's no way I could let you do all that!" "I don't really recall asking."I said with a smile. "Look, it's no big deal."I can easily take care of it, just let me know when I can pick you up, k?" I heard a sigh on the other side and knew she was shaking her head.

"Fine, but I get to cover to the tickets then." "Too late, already got 2 tickets for each night." I had pulled up the hockey team's page shortly after looking at the calendar and ordering the tickets was a snap.

Another big sigh fallowed "Fine!" I'll email you when I know. When you should get me." We said good bye and I finished finding a nice hotel, making the reservations and looking for good restaurants nearby.

I finished up and decided to head to bed. The next few weeks dragged on, work was slow, and even hockey seemed to be extended beyond reason.

But finally the Friday came that I was suppose to head down.

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As I packed my bag I threw in the regular stuff, extra clothes, hockey jersey's, a few books, then went for my toiletry bag. I dug through it, throwing out the old toothpaste and putting in a new tube. As I went to close the cupboard door in my bathroom I noticed my little black bag, feeling a little nostalgic, I pulled it out and opened it.

Laughing to myself I dig through the condoms, cock rings, different flavored and unflavored lubes, and other sex items. I tossed it back into the cupboard and closed the door. I walked out with my suit case in hand, locked my door and headed to my car. I popped the trunk on my 89 skylark (told you I had a POS) tossed the bag in, got in, fired her up and took off. The ride was long and boring. I listened to just about all my CD?s as I drove for almost 12 hours before I finally made it to the hotel, I had called ahead and made sure I could check in on time.

The attendant gave me my key and I headed to the stairs. I was on the 5th floor but I kind of like the stairs the first time I go somewhere. I've been told it's a security thing so that I know that they are there and I can get to them, but I think I just like the climb. I didn't bother to check on the room I had booked for Sarah sense they were separate reservations. I got to my floor headed for my room, I popped the card key into the lock and went in. The room was nice (for 95 a night it better be) it had a single queen bed right in the middle of the left wall, a coach with a big TV across from it, a desk to the right, a table that could nicely seat 4 next to the TV, and a full kitchen.

The room was big and comfy, the bathroom was huge too with a very roomy shower. I eyed the shower having been in a hot car for 12 hours had not done me well in the smell department. I knew I needed food and looked at the clock, damn 8:30 pm, well time to order in. I grabbed the broachers on the table and looked for something that sounded good. I pulled out a taco joints one, called it up, placed my order and was told I had a 45 min wait. Plenty of time for a shower. I grabbed the toiletries and headed for the bathroom.

I stripped down and looked in the mirror. It had been a while sense I saw my naked reflection (my apartments bathroom mirror is pretty much just the face). Hockey had done me good, I was one of the tallest goalies in the league at 6'3 245 pounds, I was built more like a defense men then a flexible goalie, with large muscular legs, a tight ass, well muscled upper body, and dark brown hair cut short to fit better under my helmet.

I had to admit I looked pretty good, but as I looked to my flaccid dick, it had been almost 2 years sense my 8 inch dick had seen any pussy. Oh sure I had offers from co-workers and puck bunnies, but I'm not the type of guy to just fuck around.

I had to grow up fast do to a lot of dumb choices I made, but that's another story maybe. I turned the shower on and hopped in relishing the feeling of the warm water, I got about half way down soaping myself when I heard a knock. Oh shit it must be my food! I jump out of the shower and look for clothes&hellip.shit I forgot to bring clothes in! So I decide to just wrap a towel around my waist and answer the door.

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As I open the door, I find a little teen girl who had to be no more than 16. Her jaw hit the floor as she looked up and notices me. "Is that my taco's?" I asked with a nice smile, thankful that my goalies mask protects my teeth. "Umm, o-o-oh YA!? She stammers reaching down to pick up the bag by her feet and hands it to me, her face nine shades of red. "That will be, umm 19.50." Her eyes locked on the slight bulge in my towel. "Ok, give me just a sec." I went back into the bathroom and retrieved my wallet out of my pants.

I walked back to the door where the girls eyes were still the size of Frisbee's. I pulled out 25 bucks and handed it to her. "Keep the change." I said with a little wink and closed the door on the still dazed teen. Man I wish I had that effect on women closer to my age, what am I saying I'm only 21! Whatever, I hopped back in my shower and finished before eating.

The food wasn't amazing but pretty good for delivery. I popped open my computer, logged on to the hotels wireless, and opened my email. I had one from Sarah saying she could be picked up whenever I wanted after 9am. So a 2 1/2 hour drive down and back. I figured I could be there by 9 so we could have some time to hang out before the game.

I closed the computer and decided it was time for some sleep. I set the clock for 5 to give myself time to get ready in the morning and leave on time. I woke groggy and still tired as shit. I dressed in daze and not sure if we would get to come back to the hotel I grab my jersey I planned to wear that night.

Locking up I headed out and to the elevator. The whole place was pretty deserted. The ride down was pretty boring and of course I forgot to eat, so a long ass highway drive got even longer. I finally got to her apartment around 10, traffic was horrible, but I pulled up to the parking lot and parked close to where I hoped her place was. Grabbing the note I wrote out of my pocket of what her number was.

Scanning the buildings I walked until I found the right one, pulled out my cell and called her up. "oh hey! When do you think you're going to get here?" She asked excitedly "I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it down there today." I joked walking up to her door.

I came to stand just outside her door. "WHAT!! Why? I know the traffic is kinda hairy today but is it really that bad that you can't make it later?" she asked starting to freak out a little "No I won't make be able to make it later." I replied as I knocked on her door "Hold on one sec." I heard her walking to the door to answer it.

As she opens it I say "I won't be able to make it because I'm already here." I'm lucky I got that much out because as soon as she saw me she lunged out the door and gave me a huge hug. "You're an asshole!" She says into my chest, and then pulls away. Right as she pulls away I realize she is wearing one of the shortest pairs of shorts I've ever seen, I mean there is more to some underwear then these things, and they were showing off a pair of legs I'm certain weren't there in high school.

Her hair was still the same honeysuckle blonde but much longer, almost to the small of her back. Her sharp blue eyes, and beautiful smile only enhanced her beauty. But what really dropped my jaw was her top and what was under it. A tight light pink tank top covered a fairly flat stomach (she had been kind of chunky, but obviously had worked on it after high school) that only made her chest seem bigger!

I knew she had a fairly large chest, but had no idea they were this big, they had to be bigger than DD. I was utterly breathless.

"HOLY SHIT!! I forgot I haven't changed!" She screamed and shot off into the house, as she left I couldn't help but notice her ass, and what an ass it was! "You can come in if you want, I'll be ready in just a sec!" I heard from the other room. I walked in and looked around. I smiled at how clean it was, Sarah must still be a neat freak because no guy would have this clean of an apartment.

That was the moment I remembered she was taken and sighed to myself as I walked to the couch. I plopped down and listened to Sarah. Now I don't get my jollies off of listening to girls change but it soundly like she was in a street fight in there. I got up and walked to the door and lightly knocked. "Hey everything ok in there? It sounds like your wrecking a car." "No I just hate it when Kevin leaves a fucking mess!" Damn she must be pissed, because she isn't a heavy curser.

I heard a few more things get thrown and a couple more words that I wasn't even sure were cuss words, but it sounded like she was getting closer. I took a step back just as the door opened, sadly gone were the skimpy shorts and tight shirt, but she had on a pair of jeans that looked great and a nice blue shirt that although looser did nothing to hide her chest. "Ok ready to go!" She slung a back pack over her shoulder with a big smile and headed for the door. I fallowed her out trying hard to remember the fact that she was taken and I shouldn't have been looking, but it was hard not to watch that ass bounce.

We got to the car and I opened the car door for her. She tossed her bag in the back seat as I walked around and got into the car. The drive back up was much better, we talked about everything. I found out a lot more about Kevin and that they had been together for a while, but that they have been fighting a lot and she has been sleeping on couch for the last 2 months.

I felt bad for her and told her so, but she just shrugged it off.


She pulled out my CD case and squealed when she saw how many I had. As she flipped each page I got either a "Oh my god I can't believe you have that!" or "Oh I love them!" but when she flipped to the page that had my Five Finger Death Punch albums I got "Who are they?".

I nearly crashed as my jaw dropped and I looked at her. "How have you not heard of them! Bad company? Way of the fist? War is the answer? Any of those ring a bell?" She looked at me so innocently and said simply no. I sighed, grabbed the CD and put it into my player.

We both stopped talking and listened to the songs just enjoying being near each other, I couldn't stop myself from looking over at her from time to time and wondering how I hadn't noticed her like this in school. We had been driving for about an hour when I heard a strange growl, I started checking my gauges and mirrors. I pressed the pause button on the stereo, kept checking the car, and then I heard it again.

"What the hell was that?" I asked looking up to see Sarah's face bright red. "Sorry, I forgot to eat breakfast I was so excited for today." She replied sheepishly. I busted up laughing and started checking signs for a place to eat. We pulled off and drove up to a burger place. We got out, picked out a booth, sat down and waited for our waitress. A teenage girl came up to the table and smiled sweetly asking us what we wanted.

After placing our orders we got back to talking. "ok so what all happened with Rachel?" Sarah asked taking a drink from her soda "Ehh, it was not good at all. I mean it started off fine, but got real weird real fast. She was really controlling and psychotically paranoid. She was into some really freaky stuff sexually too. I mean you know I'm no prude, but it was freaky even for me." Shaking my head at the memories I took a long drink from my Mountain Dew (with Sarah being 20 I didn't want to be rude and get a beer) and sighed.

"But that's done and over with now. I'm being a lot smarter about who I date now." "Who have you been dating?" She asked as our food arrived I Smiled and replied "That's the thing, I haven't dated anyone sense I left Rachel.

I have mainly been focused on work and hockey." "Oh ya, you gave up a chance to play major junior hockey didn't you?" "I didn't give it up, I blew my knee out and couldn't get back in shape before they just passed me over. A goalie with a bum knee is worthless to them." I took another big bite of my burger trying to hide how upset I was about it. I knew Sarah wasn't trying to hurt me. "But you're playing again?" "Ya, but nowhere near what I use to be." I finished off my burger and sat back waiting for her to finish.

"I'll have to see you play some time, I bet you look good in hockey gear." She replied with a wink. I was a little surprised as that was the first comment she had made all day about how I looked.

"Sarah, I'm a goalie, you can't even tell there is a human under my gear." I laughed lightly. Our conversation kept on as I paid (after fighting with Sarah that I was going to cover it) and on as we finished the drive.

The whole time it seemed that one comment she made had kind of broken the tension and the conversation turned lighter and more joking. We finally got back to the city around 3, with gates opening at 6 we decided to just hang out around town until the game. I took her to a local hobby shop that was from the same franchise as mine. I showed her some of the stuff I worked on and was a part of, she seemed to be interested in some of it but when we got to the models she got really excited.

I don't know how but somehow we were there for almost 3 hours. I grabbed Sarah and told her the time. We nearly flew out to the car and shot off to the arena. Thankfully we were able to find a parking spot close to the main gate. After getting our tickets from will call we headed in. I had put my jersey, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, on as we walked up. One of the first things I noticed was all the guys checking Sarah's chest out, and I didn't like it one bit.

"So why didn't you wear a jersey?" I asked her trying to make myself look like she was mine.

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"I have never had the money for one and couldn't." She replied with a long face. So I grabbed her hand and led her to the team shop. I did notice that her face got really red when I grabbed her hand. "Wait what are we doing here?" she asked, realizing where we were. I didn't answer I just pulled a jersey off the wall and held it up to her. "Oh hell no I'm not letting you buy me a jersey! These things are like 130 each!" "Oh hush! It's cheaper than your room tonight, plus I would look ridicules on a date with a girl who wasn't wearing the home town jersey." I actually just wanted to cover her chest so the losers here wouldn't get to see much.

"We're not on a date!" holy hell did her face turn a shade of red I didn't think was humanly possible. "They don't need to know that." I replied picking a jersey I felt would fit her. I went up to the cashier and paid for the jersey, the whole time Sarah was whispering that I shouldn't. "Well to bad, I just did. Now put it on please!" I said tossing her the jersey. She sighed and reluctantly pulled the jersey over her head. "How do I look?" My mind was screaming "Fucking sexy as hell!!" and it wasn't wrong.

The jersey did little to hide her chest, if anything it hid them enough to make them teasing. With her being no more than 5" 3' the jersey looked more like a short dress on her, but it was a sexy dress. "You look amazing hun, now let's get some dinner and drinks." I liked how she seemed to turn even redder, as she mumbled something that seemed like a thank you or maybe a ya right. I don't know but I was happy. We walked up to one of the concession stands, we ordered some pizza and I cut Sarah off from ordering a drink and instead ordered two beers.

"I'll need to see both your ID's please, sorry." The cute cashier asked. I turned and winked to Sarah and told her to pull hers out, she looked at me funny but still pulled hers out.

I handed both ours over to the cashier, and then smiled big. 'I can't believe someone as cute as you is working a concession stand." She got a little red and glanced at Sarah "I mean really I play hockey and have seen some attractive woman at the games but you could be a model." Her jaw dropped and her eyes got big at the hockey player comment, so much so that she forgot to look at the ID's before handing them back.

"You play hockey!" Who for?" She asked as she handed us our food and drinks. "Oh I didn't want to spoil the game by going pro so I play for a team up north. You know old school hockey for the love it." I replied handing her the money. "Oh god I know! The pro's are so much about just trying to show off now, they have lost the love of the game." She said handing me my change. "Well if your ever up north look up my team, have a good night." I replied with a smile, leading Sarah away with our stuff.

After finding our seats Sarah looked at me. "How did you do that!" I laughed then turned to her handing her a beer. "Most the time when a young girl works at a place like this it's either that she has too or she likes the game.


If it's for the money, you talk about how lame it is that she has to work here. If its for the game I mention that I'm a hockey player, I even carry a picture of me on the ice to prove it. Then you just have to keep them talking so they don't notice.

I have some friends back home that aren't old enough so we do that sometimes." "But how do you know if its for the game or for the money." "When I said a place like this, if she made a comment like, "I KNOW!" or "you're telling me." it's probably for money. If its for the game they either don't say anything or "I know, but I like the game." So it makes it pretty easy to figure out." I explain smiling and taking a drink of my beer, I'm more of a Vodka or Whiskey guy but I needed to stay clean enough to drive.

Sarah smiled, took a drink from her beer then relaxed. We ate then watched the first 2 periods of the game, the home team was doing well but I could tell their goalie was busting his ass to keep the score low, sense his D-men all seemed to be asleep.

As the game went on we kept talking and Sarah eventually got comfortable to wrap her arm inside mine and lay her head on my shoulder, sense I spent most the actually game time lend forward, I guess I made a good head rest. The turning point came during the 2nd intermission when they started the kissing cam. That's when the camera's point at couples (or people they think are couples) and they kiss. Then they choose who they think the best kiss was and they win a prize. Well we were watching all the couples when suddenly there me and Sarah were on the jumbo-tron.

My jaw dropped and I looked to Sarah who was leaning back in her seat, her face was that lovely shade of red again. I smiled, she lightly shook her head, but between the PA announcer and me she had a lot of pressure. So after what was only like 10 sec's she said "Fine!

Once, but were doing this right!" she reached forward placing her hand on the back of my head and pulling herself forward into one of the most passionate and amazing kisses I've ever had. Her lips were soft and tasted sweet, even after the beer, her tongue lightly played in my mouth as mine returned the favor. I'm not sure how or when but she ended up with on of her hands on my thighs and gasped into my mouth as she felt my hard dick under her hand.

Well sadly we parted and neither me or her could say a thing we just looked at each other, then she shook her head and leaned back in her seat. "That was only to win! Got that! Nothing else!" She told me. I raised my hands in mock surrender and told her that's fine. Turns out we did win, a certificate for the food and drinks the next night. So at least I could save a little money. I turned back to the game with a huge smile as the third period started. Sarah leaned forward to wrap her arm in mine but this time held my hand the whole time.

The game ended with the home team winning 2-1. It should have been a lot worse if it wasn't for the home goalie. We got up and left after applauding the 3 stars of the game. It was almost 10, Sarah seemed oddly quite until we got into the car and headed to the hotel. "I have not kissed anyone other than Kevin in almost 3 years. I shouldn't have done that!

Any of it! The kiss, holding your head, leaning on you, any of it!" She said a little worried "Sarah, it's fine. It was a little kiss and my sister holds my hand and leans on me, shit for that matter so does my niece and she is only 6 months younger then me." I replied, and I was honest, it was no big deal, but I wanted to help make her feel better.

"I know but Kevin will be pissed!" "Well then fuck him! If he can't see that it was harmless then he is a fucking idiot!" "Its not that, its?" she trailed off "It's what?" "I have had a huge crush on you sense school and he knows that!" She said nearly starting to cry.

"Sarah, it was nothing!" I moved my hand over to rub her arm hoping it wouldn't make things worse. She relaxed a little and thankfully didn't break down crying but still looked like she was close. "I'm just worried. I like him a lot but he gets really angry sometimes." She sniffed a little then sighed "But he never seems to care anymore.

I don't even know why I'm still with him. I mean I like him a lot and we use to get along great but it seems ever time we talk any more it just turns into a fight and if were not fighting we're having sex. That's the only thing I think he really cares about is sex.?

Thankfully she wasn't upset anymore but seemed to be getting mad. "Look with a girl like you I could see how he could become sex crazed but you have to be able to control it and if he truly cared about you he would understand and treat you how you should be treated." We pulled into the hotel parking lot and I shut the car off.

"Do you want to come over to my room and talk for a bit longer?" She nodded her head. "Ok then let's go get you set up in your room then I'll have you come to mine." We got out of the car, Sarah grabbed her bag as she hopped out. We went in and up to the counter. I told the attendant what the reservation was, and he typed the number into the computer. "Ut oh, umm there seems to be a problem sir." He said looking over the screen "What kind of problem?" I asked, I never like it when hotel people say there's an issue.

"Well sir, we did not know you would be checking in late and if you're not checked in by 10, or call to tell us you will be late the reservation is cancelled and the room becomes available." I looked up to the clock, it read 10:30.

Great, so we missed check in by 30 min. "ok fine then let's just give us a different room." I said with a sigh "That's the ut oh part, we're booked solid for the next 3 days. Everywhere is, there's a massage convention in town and its always huge. I'm checking other hotels right now seeing if anyone has a room but I don't think we will have much luck. I'm very sorry sir." He was starting to sweat a little, probably worried I was going to make a scene.

I sighed "And if that doesn't work what are we suppose to do?" "Umm well, I see you already have a room sir, so the lady would need to stay with you." Although the thought of sharing a room with Sarah made me quite happy, after the conversation in the car I really didn't think that would go over too well. I turn to look at her and she just shrugged saying "If we have to, then ok.

Because I am not sleeping in your car." I smiled and said ok.

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We left the attendant after receiving free vouchers for a few local restaurants. We took the elevator up to my floor, Sarah said nothing the whole time. I was getting worried she was going to be upset about the situation. We got to my room, I slide the key card through the lock and stood back to let Sarah go through first.

"Holy cow this room is amazing!" She stated walking in placing her stuff on the desk "Oh my god it even has its own kitchen?" She briefly looked through the place before she noticed the one bed. "Oh! I thought you would have gotten a room with two bed. Umm, I can sleep on the couch." She offered I laughed "If either of us is sleeping on the couch it's going to be me and don't bother fighting that because you will lose!" I stated walking over to the fridge to put some soda in it that I had bought.

Then I walked over to the couch plopped down and said "Ok lets finish our conversation." She looked at me, smiled, and said "Fine but first I need a shower, I smell horrible!" "Alright, go ahead. I'll find a way to keep myself entertained." I teased with a wink, reaching for the remote. She playfully smacked my head as she grabbed her bag and headed to the shower. I didn't really pay attention to the show I ended up flipping to, I couldn't help myself listening to the shower, thinking of the water cascading down Sarah's body.

I noticed that after just a short time I had a sizable hard on. I shifted as best I could to try to hide it so Sarah wouldn't see it as she came out.

After about 30 min I heard Sarah cuss, so I walked over and knocked on the door. "You ok?" "Ya, I just realized I didn't pack any good pajamas." "What do you mean?" I asked with a smile "I thought I'd have my own room so I didn't pack pajamas because I don't like wearing them if I don't have too." I couldn't help but laugh "Don't laugh!

Its not funny!!" I tried my best to stop my laughing. "What if you wore the jersey to bed? Its long enough to cover everything." "Barely!!" She shot back "Hey its more than just your underwear." This conversation did nothing to help my hard dick. "Fine, I'll be out in just a minute." I went to my bag and got out my bathroom supplies and a pair of pajama pants.

I could sleep with the pants, but there was no way I was wearing a shirt to sleep in. I sat back down on the couch waiting for her to get done. Finally I heard the bathroom door open, I turned to see her walk out and my jaw hit the floor. Her blonde hair was wet and hanging down around her face in a way that should be illegal. The jersey hide her pretty well but even I could tell she had no bra on and it covered her pussy by maybe a few inches.

Those sexy legs were shooting out the bottom of the jersey just tempting someone with lesser control to go after her. This is the moment I was glad I had my shower gear as it made it easy to cover my dick as I walked past her with a smile to the bathroom. I closed the door and quickly turned the water on. I stripped and jumped in, hoping the water would help my "issue", after five minutes I gave in and grabbed my hard dick. At 8 inches and pretty thick there was plenty to grab, and started stroking.

My mind replaying Sarah swaggering out of the bathroom with those sexy legs. The whole bathroom smelled like her shampoo, so thoughts of her in here getting wet and soapy got me to the point that just a few extra pumps and I came, and came hard all over the shower wall.

It had been a long time sense I had last jacked off, and the amount of cum on the wall showed that. My knees nearly gave out, but I regained my balance and quickly finished up. I got out toweled off quickly and pulled the pants on. I opened the door and noticed Sarah change the TV channel fast.

"What you trying to hide?" I asked playfully walking to the couch. I noticed her hand move from her leg and a very strong very familiar smell. I smiled as I walked around the couch and sat down next to her. "Nothing good." She replied, her voice a little shaky. She turned to look at me and I saw her face turn red as she saw my bear chest.

I was facing the TV, but as a goalie I have great peripheral vision. She really was watching crap, sense the TV was on CMT. I turned to look at her "So tell me more about what's going on with Kevin." I said as I tossed my clothes over to my bag in the corner. We spent the next hour or so talking the whole time secretly checking each other out.

Turns out Kevin got violent a few times and has one hell of a temper. She broke down crying and ended up leaning against my arm squeezing it pretty hard.

She started to yawn and I asked her if she wanted to go to bed, she nodded and got up. As she did I noticed her ass was showing, and I mean ass sense her thong was doing nothing to cover it. She walked to the bed and hopped in. I got up to close the blinds sense I knew we would be sleeping in. The sky looked pretty bad out, there was probably going to be a wicked thunder storm tonight.

As I turned around and walked to the closet I noticed Sarah was already out cold. I took my pajama pants off sense much like Sarah, I hated sleeping in clothes and my boxers covered plenty. I got some spare bed stuff out, tossed my pajama pants next to the couch, and laid on the couch, eventually falling asleep. I don't know how long I was actually asleep but I woke to Sarah shaking me. "Jason wake up! Please Jason get up!" She seemed really freaked out. "What? What's going on?" I said as I started to come to.

"There's a thunder storm going on and it's big!" She said with her voice trembling. "What? Is that it?" "YES! I hate them! I'm always so scared of them." I felt bad for her but didn't really know how bad until the next flash came and she launched herself at me hugging herself so tight to me it was like she was trying to melt into me. "Wow, ok what do you want me to do?" I asked wrapping my arms around her.

She sobbed into my shoulder "I don't know, Kevin always cuddled me when it got like this. I can't sleep unless I have someone with me." "How long has it been like this?" I asked looking up to the clock to see it was 4am.

"About 1." She said as she jumped in my arms as the next clap came. I turned the TV on to the weather channel to check how long it would be. I felt bad for Sarah that she had been scared this whole time and been to afraid to ask me to help her. The warning said it would be another 2 hours before the storm might end, but it could last longer.

"Shit, so what should I do to make it easier to for you to sleep?" "Umm, this.umm.I…need you to sleep with me.please." She asked crying into my chest.

I looked around for my pants, I didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

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When I couldn't find them I just said screw it to myself and stood up, put an arm under her legs, another around her back and lifted her up. Carrying her to the bed, she was crying the whole time. I laid her down and pulled the sheets out from under her, then laying down next to her and pulled her close to me.

She rolled to face me, buried her face back in my chest with her arm wrapped over me and the other tucked between us. My right arm was under her head and my left arm wrapped around her holding her close to me.

"You feeling better?" I asked, she didn't reply she just nodded. Her crying had stopped but she still jumped at the lightning. I rubbed her back and somehow ran my hand through her hair trying to calm her. God damn did she smell good, I could feel her breasts pressing into me, and the soft skin of her legs against mine. I was having a very hard time trying to keep my mind off of that so I wouldn't end up stabbing her with my dick.

I don't know why but I felt the need to kiss her forehead. She lightly giggled and snuggled closer to me. "You want to know something?

You're way to damn cute to be legal." I said with a smile. She busted up laughing which was my intended reaction. "That was so cheesy I need crackers." It was my turn to laugh. "Very nice. But it's true, you are insanely cute, smart, and sexy. You don't deserve the way Kevin treats you.? I kissed her forehead again.

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She didn't say anything, I was worried I had crossed a line until the next flash of lightning came and she didn't jump, so I guess she fell asleep. I had a hard time falling asleep, the feel of this sexy woman against me was making it very hard, but the events of the day eventually won out and I fell back asleep. I don't know how long I was out this time, but when I woke, mind you from an amazing dream of me and Sarah making love, it was to the feeling of something rubbing against my dick.

I realized Sarah must have turned over in her sleep as she now had her back against my chest and her ass against my dick. My right arm was still under her head while left arm was still wrapped around her but this time she had it locked against her chest, pressed right between her breasts. But what had me worried was somehow my dick had escaped the confines of my boxers and was poking out against bare flesh.

As she shifted I realized her jersey must be creeping up exposing that lush ass. "OH shit" I thought to myself, I really hope she doesn't wake up with me like this. I reluctantly tried to pull my arm away from her chest as to recage the beast, but she had a death grip on it and all I managed to do was make her shift more causing my dick to slide between her ass cheeks.

I stopped moving for fear she might wake up. After what seemed like an eternity I finally got back to sleep, only to be woken up again, this time to something stroking my dick. I acted like I was still asleep, but I could tell my dick had moved again, or maybe she had, and was now between her legs poking slightly out the other side. Her left arm had moved from keeping my hand to her chest, which was now barely cupping half her right breast, and was now between her legs lightly rubbing my cock.

I tried to maintain my fake sleep but as she ran her nails lightly across the bottom of my shaft I couldn't stop myself from shivering lightly. She stopped, letting me know she was fully awake, wait to see if I was waking up. After 10 minutes or so I guess she assumed I had done it in my sleep, she resumed playing with my dick but this time I felt her hand move.

I was worried she might stop until I felt warm wet flesh against my dick, "OH MY GOD!" I thought to myself as I knew she had to have pulled her thong to the side to let my dick press against her pussy. She put her hand back on my dick, stroking it against her wet pussy. She slowly started to move her hips grinding her pussy against my dick. I couldn't help it anymore, I lightly closed my hand squeezing her breast. She let out a low gasp, as leaned my head forward and lightly kissed her neck making her shiver.

This had the unfortunate effect of making her stop her grinding. "I.I.I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been doing that." She stammered starting to move her hand away from my dick, but I reached down and held her hand, moving it back to my dick.

"If you want to do it, then go ahead hun." I told her kissing her neck again, she lightly moaned and started rubbing my dick again. "I shouldn't, I'd be cheating on Kevin." I took my hand and placed it on her cheek turning her head to face me.

I kissed her deeply. "He doesn't deserve someone as amazing as you." I told her kissing her again. She resisted for maybe a second before she returned the kiss strongly. She rolled over to face me, I was disappointed that she took her hand off my dick, but it quickly returned, this time wrapping around the whole shaft as she started to stroke her hand up and down jacking me off. We kissed again, both of us giving into our pent up sexual desires for each other.

I moved my hand onto her hip and slowly began my ascent to her breasts, I lightly ran my fingers up her soft belly until I reached the base of her breast. My hand slid over her large hard nipple, making her moan into my mouth. It drove me wild, I pinched her nipple with my thumb and finger as the rest of my hand squeezed that amazing breast.

Her hand increased tempo as I played with her breast. She moved away from my lips to lightly bit my neck, I moaned "God I love it when my neck or ear gets bit!" As her hand keeps picking up pace and she slowly starts kissing down my chest pulling my hand away from her breast.

She stopped above my boxers just long enough to pull them off. There was no way I could be awake I thought to myself as the boxers came off. "Holy shit! I knew it was big, I could feel that, but this is amazing." She said as she slowly kissed the head.

She looked up at me and just before taking the whole head into her mouth said "I love it!" She quickly swallowed almost half of it. The feeling of her warm mouth and her tongue running along my shaft as it disappeared into her mouth.

She began to slowly bob her head up and down twisting a little as she moved. I've had a far few blow jobs but this was amazing, the way she lightly sucked, down to how she moved her head made nearly shake. She pulled back and held it there for a while holding just the tip in her mouth playing with it with her tongue, then plunged back down taking almost the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat.

"No one has been able to deep throat me that much before!" I told her taking a sharp breath, my eyes nearly popping out of my head at the feeling of her tight throat. She pulled back then took the whole thing, as she bobbed she started to moan, and that was all I could handle. "I'm going to cum!" I warned her, she pulled back until just my head was in her mouth, played with the head with her tongue, and used one hand to jack me off while the other played with my balls.

I came and I came hard, shot after shot fired into the back of her mouth, but she swallowed every drop purring the whole time. I finally stopped and sank into the bed. She wiped her mouth and crawled up the bed to lie with her head on my chest.

After just a few moments I placed my finger under her chin, raising her mouth up so I could kiss her. She seemed a little surprised but kissed me back passionately, I know I caught her off guard when I placed my tongue in her mouth tasting my own cum. I'm use to it by now so it doesn't bug me. She pulled away long enough to strip off the jersey, reveling the most amazing breasts I have ever seen.

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I later found out that they were actually so large she had to order European bra's to fit, but even though they were large they were still fairly perky. They sagged a little but far less than they should have. The nipples were maybe the size of dimes with half dollar areolas. "Those are so amazing I don't have words for it." I said leaning forward to take a nipple in my mouth.

I sucked on it switching between each, at the same time I slowly ran my hand down her back, around her waist and wrapped around to cup her pussy. She moaned as my hand slid across her wet pussy, I rubbed gently on the outside of her underwear teasing her a little. She pulled my face away from her nipple and kissed me telling me "If you don't put your fingers in me I'm putting my shirt back on and you can go sleep on the couch again." I laughed and slid my hand up and under the waist of her thong.

I encountered no hair and I finally reached her soaking wet pussy. I teased her clit for a little with my thumb before sliding my middle and ring finger as deep into her as I could.


She shuddered and moaned kissing me with even more intensity as I rolled her onto her back. I moved my fingers in and out with the tips curled up to better hit her G spot. I kept going for a while, sucking on her neck and kissing her, those lips tasted so sweet. She started to shake as I found her G-spot and rubbed it hard using my thumb to tease her clit.

She shaking got even worse, then she nearly screamed "OH GOD IM CUMMING!!!" She bit my neck and moaned as she shook hard against me. As she started to come down, panting she looked me in the eye and told me "No one, other than myself has given me a orgasm before!" She kissed me again, this time more lovingly.

"Please Jason, Please fuck me." She nearly whispered to me. "No, but I will make love to you.? I said as I moved between her legs, letting my hard cock rest against her now soaked pussy and legs. She smiled and kissed me, reaching down and taking my cock in her hand she lead me to her glorious love hole. She was so wet I slid right in, she was tight, but not so much so that it made it hard to get in, she was perfect, just like the rest of her. We both moaned as I slid almost three quarters of the way in.

I kissed her gently as I started to slowly glide in and out, pushing a little farther with each stroke until I was finally buried deep in her amazing body. I picked up the pace a little but stayed slow and loving as our bodies melted into one. Her legs wrapped around my body gently pulling me to her.

I moved my mouth from her lips and took a nipple into my mouth biting it lightly she moaned and placed a hand on my head with the other on my back. She gently dug her nails into my back each time I thrust deep in to her. Sweat began to form on our bodies, letting our bodies slide against each other.

Both of us moaning and grunting with each thrust. Her breasts moving and bouncing against my chest. We fell into a rhythm for 20 minutes or so. I moved to kiss and suck on her neck. After a little, I felt her breath start to quicken and knew what was coming.

I found a spot on her neck that drove her nuts and started to thrust a little harder into her. Her nails dug into my back as she started to moan out "I can't believe I'm cumming again!!" Her body shook under me, she dragged her nails down my back, only spurring me on more, as she let out a long moan. Her pussy pulsed and closed on my dick like a vice, pushing me over the edge. "I'm going to cum Sarah!" I warned her "Please cum inside me, I want it so bad!

I want to feel your hot cum coat my pussy!" She almost screamed through her orgasm. I couldn't take it any longer. I buried my cock deep in her, kissed her hard and shot deep into her womb. This only seemed to send her into an even bigger orgasm. Both hands now dug into my back, her legs tightened trying to pull me even deeper into her. Finally both our orgasms subsided and I laid down next to her.

She kissed me softly saying "I have loved you so long and wanted that forever!" I kissed her again saying "I love you too Sarah and I wont let that be the last time." She put both hands on my face and kissed me passionately before rolling over, and scooting up against me.

I wrapped my arm around her and snuggled into her neck. We both laid there enjoying our new found bond before falling into a very restful sleep.