Hot brunette gets a pounding from big cock black guy

Hot brunette gets a pounding from big cock black guy
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My friend Alex and I were closer than we ever were. I came to his house a lot, despite the fact that he lived in a residential neighborhood (which I hated). We would play video games on weekends or head to my house to be outside.

This summer however was different. Alex invited me over to his grandparents house which was on a large plot of farm land. They only lived a few minutes from my house so I got dropped off by my mother to spend a few nights. When I arrived we played computer games on his new monitor and then decided to go outside. His grandfather took us on a hike to the top of the nearby mountain. This wore us out so we trudged back to the house to get some rest. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I stayed under the hot water for a few minutes and watched as water poured off of my 3 inch flaccid dick. I started to get hard so I stroked my cock. After a few moments, I had a full throbbing boner. I grabbed the bottle of conditioner and lathered my dick with the oil.

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It felt so good and because I was so young I almost came right then. I thought about a time at school where my crush had her shirt ripped down the middle during a rather rough slide down the fireman's pole on a field trip.

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Her naked breasts were fully exposed to me. She ran to me and stayed in my arms bare chested. I came right then thinking about how she came to me when she was naked and exposed. I cleaned up and dried off and headed to bed.

As there was only one guest room, we had to sleep in the same bed. It wasn't weird at the time due to our young age and we didn't think twice about it. We sat in the bed and talked about the usual things that teenagers talked about: sex, girls, and puberty.

We stayed up late describing imaginary scenarios in which we had sex with the hottest girls in our school. We eventually went to sleep but had boners sticking through out boxers.

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The next day we walked to the creek talking about girls and school. We reached the creek which ran under a bridge that was the road to his grandparents house.

The red clay on the underside of the bridge could be felt between our toes. We splashed around in the water a bit before I noticed an outline in his shorts. I assumed it was just the summer heat as mine looked the same way. "Nice cock you got there" I said jokingly. Alex laughed and stuck his hand in his pants wiggling it around.


"I know right." After playing around some more in the water we began to talk about jacking off. "You know that feeling when it's like you reach this point and it feels so good?" Alex asked. "Yeah" I replied, thinking about last night, "I've done it a couple of times too." I looked at Alex and thought of a move I had seen on a porn video.

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"I'll suck your junk if you suck mine" I said jokingly to see how he would react. "Seriously?" Alex asked, "I wonder what that feels like." We walked underneath the bridge to hide from the view of cars or people.

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"Man this is weird" he said "but how else are we gonna know what girls feel like?" We pulled down our shorts and compared dicks. He was around my size but a little smaller. He shook his limp cock and looked eagerly at mine. I shook mine as well. He came over to me a tapped the head of my dick with the head of his.

"Dick tap!" He said. Alex's cock was cut like mine but I did notice he had a lot more remaining skin than I did. "How much extra skin you got?" I asked. He stretched the skin outwards around 3 inches "looks like a lot" Alex said. I walked to him and pressed the head of my rock hard dick onto his. He grabbed the skin and stretched it over the head of my cock and down my shaft. My cock was completely engulfed in his dick's skin.

I grabbed both of our dicks in on had and shook them in a back and forth motion.


I removed my dick from his and stretched his skin outwards like a bowl. I slit into it and slid my cock into the skin again. The lube of my warm spit felt amazing and we humped each other. Eventually the spit evaporated but I was close to cumming. Finally I could no longer take it and I shot my load into his dick. Our cocks were so closely vacuumed together, my cum went straight up his hole, filling his dick with my cum.

He finished at the heat of my cum and shot my cum out of his hole. He had not yet cummed before so all of his spewed seamen was from my now throbbing dick. "Holy crap dude that was awesome" he finally stammered. "I know right" I replied. We washed in the creek and headed back to the house where we had lunch. He grabbed a small container and we went straight back outside. We walked back under the bridge when Alex said "I thought you were gonna suck my penis." "I am" I said as I knelt in front of him and pulled down his gym shorts.

His 3 and 1/2 inch dick fell limp in front of me. "You have to make it hard" I said. He grabbed his penis and stroked it until it was hard. "Oh gosh I've never done this before it's kind of weird" I said. "Just suck it" Alex said. I grabbed his dick in one hand and stroked it while I pressed my tongue against his head. He immediately went stiff. "Oh my gosh that feels so good" he moaned. I slowly engulfed his cock into my mouth taking on the full thing.

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I circled my tongue around his cock and sucked hard. Alex moaned loudly over the slurping sounds I was making. I could taste my hour old cum and it tasted so good on his now wet dick.

His cock started to pulse so I took his cock and balls in my mouth at the same time. I couldn't believe I had my mouth full of my friends dick but it felt great knowing I was next. I shoved my tongue in between his sack and his dick and covered his penis with my saliva. My cock was growing hard in my pants as he finally climaxed.

A small amount of cum shot to the back of my throat. It was only a drop but it was his first time cumming.

"Oh my gosh bro that felt so fricken' good." I released the suction from his cock and wiped off my mouth. He took off his shorts completely, standing fully naked in front of me. I grabbed my cock and starred at his body.

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"Looks like it's your turn now" he said as he knelt down and started to unbutton my pants. Hope you guys liked part 1. 2-3 are coming out soon. By the way this story actually happened so feel free to comment or leave a review thx!