Olivia Saint brings out her favorite lingerie and

Olivia Saint brings out her favorite lingerie and
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The postman in our neighborhood always rides a bicycle on his route. When it is warm, he has on shorts that accentuate his muscular, tanned legs. His short sleeved shirt is usually damp with sweat by the time he gets to my house. He arrives, like clockwork, at 10:30 am every day. I have my sofa backed up to the large picture window at the front of my living room. My mailbox is right next to the window.

Each morning I see the postman as he rides his bike right past the window to deposit what mail he has for me. I have gotten used to the routine and barely give it any notice. One day, I was viewing porn online. My computer screen was facing the window.

I had lost track of the time and had my cock in hand, massaging it and squeezing some precum from the swollen head. As I licked the precum from my hand, I noticed movement behind me. The postman had ridden up behind me while I was "preoccupied" with self gratification! Without a sound and with no noticable emotion, the postman delivered the mail and backed his bicycle off of the porch and rode on with his route. I hadn't had enough time to try and cover up my actions. I thought that he probably saw as much or more from windows every day.

I always notice him stopped at homes, talking to men and women that live there. He has been on the route for a long time. Who knows what he has been privy to over the years. I decided it was nothing to concern myself with and I went on with my day.

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Over the next few days, I made sure I was not viewing porn when the postman came by. I would either be reading or watching tv. There is a good reflection in the tv screen that gives me a clear indication if someone is in the window behind me.

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Each day, I noticed the postman would pause breifly to view the inside of the house, then deposit my mail and slowly back away. I began to realize that he was curious about whether I was going to be masturbating again. I decided to test my theory. The following morning I made sure I was all set.

I showered and shaved, trimmed the pubic hair around my cock and put on shorts with no underwear. I left my shirt off. I positioned myself in full view of the window and began watching some guy on guy porn. My cock, stiff and standing dutifully at attention with me on the sofa, was easily seen as the postman would ride up.

I slowly stroked the 7 throbbing inches to keep it hard. I didn't want to cum, not yet anyway. Soon it was 10:30 and I saw the reflection in the tv as the postman rode up to my mailbox. I made sure my cock was in full view and I noticed the postman stopped directly over my shoulder, where he caught a clear picture of both the video on my computer and the firm cock iin my hand.

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There was no movement for a few seconds. He was enjoying the view! I was getting more and more excited. My cock was throbbing and I finally shot a large rope of cum across my stomach and chest. It wasn't my intention to blow my load, but having a stranger watch me masturbate through my front window was more than I could handle.

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As I sat there, cum running down my chest, the figure reflected in the tv began to move. The postman deposited my mail in the box and began to back off the porch. As he backed up, he paused and tapped the window.

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I turned around and looked at him. He had a big smile on his face and made a motion with his hand like he was jacking off, then a big thumbs up to me and he rode off. The next few days, I was not home to provide any entertainment.

By the time I was back on the sofa, it was Monday. I had been thinking about the experience over the weekend and decided that I needed to take it to the next level. When the postman came today, he was going to cum! I did all my preparation and was ready when he showed up. I was slowly stroking my cock as he positioned himself behind me. Again, he watched both the porn on the screen and me stroking my cock.

This time, I turned to him and motioned for him to enter the house. Without hesitation, he put the kickstand down on his bike and opened the front door. Soon he was standing over me.

I could smell a bit of sweat and fresh air wafting over me as he entered, He was very tanned and in good physical condition. "I have been watching your performance," he said. " I get a lot of very interesting views as I ride my route, but I have to say, yours is one I really enjoy. Perhaps you could show me a bit more?

I always give myself enough time to chat with the people on my route." "I was hoping for a bit more participation from you, this time," I commented. " I thought you might need a massage to help ease your muscles, after riding your bicycle all morning." "A massage is always welcome.

My back and legs do get a bit sore." He was staring at my hard cock as he talked and I was still slowly stroking it. The head was pulsing and a dewdrop of precum had formed on it. " I was thinking more of an oral massage," I said as I stared at his crotch. It had a noticable bulge growing and obviously needed more room. Without saying another word, I set my laptop aside, let loose of my cock and dropped to my knees in front of him.

He moved back a few feet.

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"Don't you think it would be wise to close the drapes? I enjoy the show, but I don't think it is a good idea for the neighbors to see anymore," he said as he moved further into the room. I quickly turned around and closed the drapes.

When I turned back, his shorts were at his ankles and a beautiful stiff cock was staring at me.


I returned to my knees and grabbed the shaft with one hand and cradled his ballsack with the other. I engulged the head with my mouth and he immediately pushed forward with his hips and simultaneously let out a very loud moan. "I was hoping you would be open to a little one on one," he said in a stammering voice.


"I have seen you more times than you know and have had many dreams about this day." I sucked his cock deep in my mouth and felt his head begin to move down my throat.

It was beginning to pulse and the entire shaft was getting bigger. What had started out at a 6 inch or so hardon had grown to 8 inches and was giving my mouth a good fucking. "I'm gonna cum," he moaned. I sped up my sucking and stroking.

I wanted him to shoot his load in my mouth and I made it clear by releasiing his balls and wrapping my arms around his tight ass. I pulled him tight against my face and his balls slapped my chin. I felt him start to erupt and heard the gutteral growls as he came down my throat. He thrust his hips at me time and again and each time another gush of cum shot.

I tried to swallow it all, but he filled me up. My throat couldn't handle all of it and some came out each side of my mouth. I tried to pull back, to reposition myself gobble it up before it dripped off, but he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close to him, burying my nose in his pubes. He kept convulsing and thrusting for what seemed to be 5 minutes.

He finally released my head and backed away.

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"That was incredible," he said as he gasped to catch his breath. " I have never been blown like that." "I have been hoping to taste that cock for a while now," I said with a smile.

His cum had begun to run off my mouth and drip down my chin. I used my fingers to gather as much as I could and licked them clean. "I hope we can do this again," I said as I returned to the sofa. ""Next time, maybe I will have to give you a massage," he winked, "but I have to get going. I have a lot of deliveries yet to make. See you again!" And with that, the postman left. He got back on his bicycle and rode down the sidewalk to his next delivery.