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French Beurette slut double penetrated in squash
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"Amber, please quit sleeping in my class again." Some of the students giggled at the desperate look on Mr.

Reed's face. The students didn't know that I had heard every word and neither did my teacher. I opened my eyes. "Mr.


Reed, I was only closing my eyes so I could listen and process your words better." He sighed heavily. "Okay, so your next assignment is to write the beginning of a story so about two paragraphs long.

The one I think is the most interesting and best written automatically gets an one hundred on your next quiz grade." I smiled at the idea that came into my head. I knew exactly what my story was going to be about. Mr. Reed continued.

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"So for the next fifteen minutes of class I'll let you all get started. Since its a short assignment it'll be due tomorrow." I began to write. " I thought back to the first time. The looks we gave each other in public became something more.

We were touching each other, innocently holding hands. Then suddenly, he was pushing his cock past my hymen. I had cried out in pain. He had told me that the pain would go away soon and it did.

A few moments later I was begging for him to thrust into me. He had started off slow and then he was fucking me harder and faster until we were both thrusting as hard and as fast as we could.

I had cum several times that night and so had he.


Now, I was standing in front of his house, looking for a repeat of last week. I knocked only once. I hadn't even put my hand down from knocking when he opened the door. Our bodies collided as we ripped off each other's clothes. We didn't even bother going to the bedroom or closing the door. "'Amber, I have waited a whole week for this.'" I nodded and didn't speak until we were both cumming together.

I screamed his name. "'Mr. Reed!'" This may be the most stupid idea I've ever had but I had to do something. I have been lusting over him all year. It was already December. The bell rung and some students handed in their finished paper. We all grabbed our stuff and started to file out the classroom. Since I was in the back of the classroom, I was usually the last of the students to leave. "Oh, Amber?" I turned back around to face the teacher.

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I gulped when I noticed no one else was in the classroom. "Yes, Mr. Reed?" "I noticed you were working hard on the writing assignment.

May I read it?" "No!. I mean I want you to read it when I'm done, I still have some editing to do." "I see. Well, I'll look forward to reading it tomorrow then." "Yeah, well I have to get home. So I'll see you later." I rushed out of the classroom.

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I didn't have enough guts to let him read it today but maybe tomorrow I will. * * * * * The next day I couldn't focus on anything I was so nervous. Of course the day went by quickly since I was dreading my last period, Mr.

Reed's class. I thought about making another story not about my fantasys but I kind of wanted to see his reaction.

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We were sitting in our seats and Mr. Reed was going through the rows of seats and collecting papers. When he finally came to my seat, the very last seat, he held out his hand for my paper.

I quickly gave it to him before I could change my mind. I looked at his eyes as he put my paper on the bottom and shuffling through the first few papers. He looked down at me and then straight into my eyes. Usually I looked away when he looked at me, knowing that if I continued to look I'd be lost in those dark green eyes. But I didn't look away now.

He eyed me suspiciously because I actually looked back at him. Then, he walked away. He went to the front of the classroom.

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"Okay, I don't really want to start a new chapter on a Friday. So, I'm going to pick the best paper and you guys can just go ahead and finish your homework for other classes or more likely you guys can just talk for the rest of class. I don't care just try and keep the noise level down." All of the students were reminded why he was their favorite teacher.

I watched him as he read each paper. He must have felt me staring at him because he scanned all the students faces. His eyes stopped when he looked at me.

He looked back down at his papers and shook his head at himself. I watched him read all of them until he finally got to mine. He adjusted in his seat then began reading. His face was emotionless as he read it. He put it down then looked back up at me. He went up to my desk. "Amber, I need to see you after class." I gulped and nodded. He didn't show anything on his face, good or bad.

He walked back to his his desk. In a few minutes the bell rung and everyone got their stuff and left quickly. I walked over to him slowly. "You wanted to see me?" "Yes, I wanted to know why you sleep in my class." I was confused why he wasn't asking me about the story.

I didn't want to answer him but I knew I had nothing to lose now. "I don't actually sleep but I do close my eyes. I found out it's a bit.distracting if I don't." "How is it distracting?" I bit my lip.

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"Well, sir, when I um look at you I get. what I mean is your very uh attractive and I tend to tune out what you are trying to say so I close my eyes." This is so embarrassing! I just wanted to kill myself right then and there. Everything was silent and I didn't even know it was possible to blush this much.

I was too busy freaking out in my mind to realize that he had gotten up and came beside me. "Oh thank God." He pulled me closer to him and began to kiss me. I didn't really know what was going on but I happily kissed him back. He pulled back and rested his forehead on mine. "I thought you didn't even like me as a teacher.


I was upset because I've wanted you this whole year." "Me too." He began kissing me down my neck. He stepped back only to take off my shirt. His hands travelled down my body then went back up. He reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I moaned when his fingers lightly grazed my nipples. "Have you ever done anything like this before?" "I haven't even kissed a guy before you, I was always too busy with school for social things.

But I want to give you everything I can. I want you to have all of me." He sighed. "Amber, I can't take you like this. It'll be your first time and it should at least be in a bed." I nodded.

"You should probably be getting home anyways." "The bus left, I'll have to call someone." I reached into my pocket for my phone. Mr. Reed waved his hand. "I'll take you home." "Are you sure?" The thought of being with him longer excited me. "Of course." "Well, I need to go to my locker." "Come back when your done, I need to do a couple last minute things." I nodded, gathered up the things to go into my locker and went into the hallway.

I didn't know what was going to happened between Mr. Reed and I but I couldn't wait to find out.