Secu joven de secu da sexo oral no queria

Secu joven de secu da sexo oral no queria
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Mila was right, Natalie was hooked. She was a pussy addict now… a lesbian whore, a cunt craving lezzie slut who needed to be between another girl's legs.


Time lost all meaning for Natalie. All she knew was that she continued eating Mila's pussy until her mouth and tongue were sore, Natalie having no idea just how many orgasms she gave Mila or how much girl cum covered her face and sliding down her throat, yet somehow not enough, Natalie's new-found desires compelling her to keep fucking Mila until she felt a sharp tugging on her hair. Looking up Natalie's eyes met Mila's, something in those other girl's eyes compelling her to move upwards to she could fall into Mila's arms for a long, drawn out kissing session, Natalie showing no apprehension whatsoever, even when Mila slid her tongue over her face so she could lick up her own creamy cum.

Eventually Mila broke the kiss, smiled wickedly and said, "Get on all fours." From Mila's tone of voice it was clear this was not a request, it was a command, one which Natalie's body obeyed before she had a chance to be nervous about it. However her nervousness came back stronger than ever as Mila got off the bed and strolled out of sight, Natalie's eyes following her to a chest of drawers, Mila opening one of them and pulling something out.

When Natalie saw what it was her eyes were wide and she was left practically catatonic with fear, apprehension and more than a little bit of lust. Mila has welded a dildo in her right hand, far bigger than Natalie had ever seen before.

It was a strap onand Mila quickly put her feet into the holes and firmly strapped it around her waist. Mila grinned mischievously before she strolled over and kneeled on the bed so she could press the tip of the fake dick against Natalie's soft lips, "Suck my cock ballerina bitch!" Again it wasn't a request, and again Natalie acted without thinking, her mouth opening practically of its own accord and swallowing the head of the dildo.

By the time she seemed to realized what she was doing Natalie was gently moving her head up and down the first couple of inches of fake cock, at which point stopping seemed silly so instead Natalie concentrated on softly sucking the dick while still bobbing her head. "That's it… Natalie such a ood cock sucker." Mila said softly in encouragement, "Suck on that big cock. Make it nice and wet, because soon it's going to be deep inside your tight little cunt." Natalie shuddered with fear and anticipation at Mila's words, she again imagining the large dildo being inside her.

It was hard to imagine even the head being able to fit… but that part of her body was designed to stretch, and if she could just get half of the dick inside her it would probably feel so fucking good. With this in mind Natalie lowered her mouth down as far as she could, taking deep as the entrance of her throat and giving it an extra hard sucking before pulling back and sucking extra hard on just the tip.

After that every time she lowered her head she went down to the point it was pressing against the back of her mouth, stopping along the way only to give an extra hard suck in between the regular sucks, making sure everything she could get her mouth on was well covered in spit.

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"Good, good little cock sucker." Mila beamed, "Now lower. Get that cock deeper in your mouth, you cock sucking bitch!" "I can't go any lower." Natalie said breathlessly removing her mouth from the dildo. "What, you've never deep throated before?" Mila asked, and then quickly gave an knowing look and said, "Of course you haven't.

Well, that's something for later. For now just lick whatever you can't take in your mouth.

Make sure it's all nice and wet because every inch of it is going in your hot ballerina cunt." Natalie didn't hesitate to do what she was told, first giving the head and then the sides of the shaft a long drawn out lick before reaching out to grab the base and pushing the fake dick upwards so it was easier for her to lick the other side.

After sucking cock for several minutes Natalie was less fearful of that idea as she was extremely turned on by it, and although she still had her doubts whether she could actually take the big dildo Natalie was determined to take as much of it as she could.

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So Natalie really tried her best to make every inch of the strap on as wet as possible, wrapping her mouth around first the base and then all over the lower half of the cock in a wet kiss in between continuing to slide her tongue all over the dildo. Although she didn't do it as much Natalie didn't stop sucking the first few inches, partly to make absolutely sure the head was nice and wet, partly because Mila really seemed to enjoy it.

As she had begun sliding her mouth and tongue over the bottom half of the cock Natalie looked up into Mila's eyes which seem to be burning with lust for her.

True, they had pretty much been doing that all night, but there was an additional twinkle in them, and this lustful smile on Mila's face which compelled Natalie to try harder. This only seemed to make Mila happier, which in turn made Natalie feel proud of herself, the slightly older actress soon becoming lost in giving the best blow job of her life.

"That's enough." Mila eventually said, pulling the toy cock forcefully out of Natalie's mouth, "Crawl over to the head of the bed so you can bury your pretty face in the pillowsI'm going to give you the best fuck of your life." Even though she slightly blushed Natalie did as she was told without question, her entire body tingling with anticipation as Mila knelt behind her and pressed the tip of the dildo against her entrance.

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"It's kind of a shame… I love hearing you scream for me when I ate your sweet little pussy…" Mila taunted as she slid her cock on up and down Natalie's juicy pussy lips, Natalie shuddered with want and even need as her co-star teased her, "Luckily, I find a girl screaming into a pillow pretty fucking sexy…" Natalie let out a guttural cry as she felt her pussy lips stretched like never before, the star of Black Swan feeling herself slowly opening up to accept the big cock, a louder cry escaping her mouth when the massive thing finally entered her.

"Seriously, you primo-donna get your fucking face down into those pillows." Mila said in a commanding tone of voice, "If you don't you might as well be screaming I'm Natalie Portman and I love getting fucked by Mila Kunis because I'm a filthy lezzie slut… actually feel free to scream that if you want, just try and do it into the pillows, or at least try and keep it down." Natalie whimpered softly, partly because of Mila's words but mostly because of the additional inches which Mila was gently pushing into her cunt as she spoke.

Natalie did as she was told, pressing her face down against the pillows while still remaining on all fours, admittedly grateful that she had something to muffle the sound of her cries, whimpers and moans as her tight cunt was stretched wider than ever before. At first it was just a problem of girth, the shaft being so fat Natalie wondered whether Mila had secretly replaced it with her hand or something, but it wasn't long before the fake cock went deeper than any real cock ever had, at that point Natalie's cries, whimpers and moans became even louder as the pain and pleasure she was receiving increased dramatically.

Not for the first time Natalie wondered how she could possibly take the whole dildo.

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In fact she soon began wondering how she could even take another inch. However Mila was extremely careful with her, giving her long breaks in between adding each couple of inches, a hand sliding down to play with Natalie's trembling clit to the point the pain almost completely faded before she would push into her again. Eventually, to Natalie's amazement, she felt Mila's hips pressing against her ass cheeks, meaning every single inch of the enormous cock was inside her cunt, a fact Mila seemed very pleased with as even though she couldn't see the other girl's face Natalie swore she could sense her smirk.

She certainly felt it against her neck when Mila leaned down, pressing her body against Natalie's and gently kissing her shoulders, neck and face. The whole time she was doing that Mila was sliding her hands all over Natalie's body, at first coming close to her sensitive areas but never touching them.

It wasn't long before things changed, Mila's hands caressing Natalie's tits gently, then roughly, then harshly tweaking the Natalie's nipples as the cock slid out then deep into Natalie's pussy. Natalie didn't think there was anything Mila could do to her pussy when it was full of dildo. She was wrong.

Wonderfully wrong.

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A loud gasp escaped Natalie's lips as she felt Mila's fingertips brushed gently against her clit, a gentle brush turned into firm rubbing which had Natalie writhing with pleasure, any pain at being so full of cock became a distant memory and long since replaced by an increasingly desperate need to feel the dildo moving inside her.

For as long as she could Natalie bit her tongue, but ultimately she whimpered, "Please…" "Please what?" Mila asked, sounding as if she had no idea what Natalie wanted, something Natalie found hard to believe as once again she was sure she could feel the smirk in Mila's voice. "Please fuck me." Natalie gasped. "Really… you want me to fuck you with my big hard cock?" Mila questioned.

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Natalie nodded her head, but that wasn't good enough, "Tell me. Tell me, Hollywood good-girl, tell me you want me to fuck me you hard. Tell me you want to get fucked by another girl with a big fucking cock!" "I want you to fuck me." Natalie said without hesitation, and when that seemingly got nothing she added, "I want to get fucked by another girl, with that big hard cock, fuck my cunt hard with that big fucking cock!" Mila seemed to be up instantly and grabbing a firm hold of Natalie's hips, the star of Black Swan crying out joyfully as her co-star slowly pulled the large toy cock almost all the way out of her tight cunt and then pushed it back in just as slowly, Mila quickly establishing a steady rhythm which had Natalie moaning uncontrollably.

For a few moments Natalie felt an odd sensation as the strap-on cock began pumping in and out of her but it wasn't really painful, faded quickly, and was barely noticeable thanks to the pleasure which was racing through her. The fact that an odd sensation was the closest thing to pain she experienced seemed impossible, but Mila had manipulated her body into a relaxed state of arousal that Natalie had never known before and then proceeded to skillfully fuck her like no man ever had, angling her thrusts so that the engorged cock head forcefully hit her G-spot with each quickening stroke.

It wasn't long before this incredible fucking had Natalie moaning, whimpering and even screaming into the pillows, Burying her face deep into them while raising the lower half of her body in a wanton attempt to get that big dick even deeper into her needy cunt.

This pleased Mila a lot, "YES, that's it, give me that hot little cunt. Give it to me Natalie. Let me fuck you. Let me fuck you with my strap on. Oh God… I can't believe I'm finally doing this. I've wanted since the first day of shooting…" "You wanna be my bitch Natalie?

You wanna be my little lezzie bitch?" Mila taunted, "I can see why… you're so tight. Either that fiancé of yours hasn't been fucking you enough, or he isn't equipped to give you the type of fucking you need." Natalie blushed, "He…" "Don't try and defend him and his tiny cock." Mila snapped as she picked up the pace, the stronger thrusts easily enough to keep Natalie moaning incoherently, "God Natalie, have you ever even been fucked properly?

I don't think you have.

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Your pussy wouldn't be this tight if you had. But you're going too.


I'm going to show you exactly what a proper fucking is." As she talked Mila continued to increase the speed and strength of her thrusts until Natalie was wailing hysterically, her cunt walls grabbing at each thrust of the enormous dildo. The pillows were doing little to muffle the sounds as pleasure consumed her mind, body and soul. Natalie's fiancé was nowhere near as inept as Mila had made him sound and Natalie had spent plenty of magical nights being slowly and gently made love too by him and her previous boyfriends… but none of the enjoyment she received from them could compare to the rough pussy pounding she was now receiving, Mila skillfully driving Natalie over the edge of orgasm.

In all fairness Mila had been bitch fucking her for some time, and before that Mila's teasing had driven Natalie wild, and she probably hadn't fully recovered from being introduced to the joys of pussy eating and getting her pussy eaten by a girl. Natalie fisted the ends of the top pillow and waraped it around her head.

It was happening her againl beginning with her thights which t5rembled and then shook as a heavenly rush of sensation quickly eminated from her stuffed cunt sending burning rushes of pleasure over her entire, Natalie experiencing multiple orgasms as her cunt exploded like a geyser, spewing cunt juice all over her ass, legs and tummy and all over Mila's body and forming a large creamy pool on the bed below the two beautiful women.

"That's it, cum for me. Cum for me your diva cunt lezbo bitch." Mila said triumphantly. Or at least Natalie thought she said it… although by that point her body felt like it was melting away and her mind felt like it already had so she couldn't be totally sure as another powerful squirt of cum was released around the cock her cunt was impaled on.