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White teen taking anal from a bbc
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Chapter 4 When I woke up, around 8am I was all sweaty… My pajama shirt was open at the top from rolling around in bed all night and my PJ bottoms felt wet. I reached between my legs and noticed I was wet. I then reached inside the PJs and lightly touched my cunny and gasped when I realized that the wetness was actually my own juices trickling down my legs.

I looked down my shirt and my nipples were hard. I slightly brushed the back of my other hand on them and it just sent shivers through my body. During the night I was remembering what had happened that faithful day and this explained why I was sweating and I knew that my body responded to the dream, but this time was different. Maybe because I had finally talked to someone about it, or maybe because the doctor kept asking me about all those details. I raised that I told him about my orgasms, about how I climaxed with the guys fingers in me&hellip.

I looked down and my right hand was on my wet cunny, I'm not sure what came over me but it was like a bad itch that needed scratching, slowly my middle finger slipped between my folds and I started to breath in harder.

It soon slipped in my tight pussy and was quickly followed by the ring finger. The pinky and index finger were rubbing on my swollen lips. It was tight, but the lubrication made my hand slide in and out, up and down easily… My other hand, with a mind of its own started rubbing my left nipple and then the right one. "Ohhh&hellip." This was the first time I was touching myself in this way and couldn't understand why I was doing it but also was unable to stop.

My nipples were now sending signals to my pussy which was being penetrated for the first time by my own fingers.

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I was going slow, very slow in and out with my fingers and lightly squeezing my large firm tits, but even at this pace I knew I wouldn't be able to continue much longer before my body would… "Ahh… ah.h &hellip. ah." I was cumming before I could finish my thought.

My first self-induced orgasm ever had hit me fast, hard and by surprise. My whole body shuttered and my face was cringed. I kept my fingers buried in my now overflowing cunny and tried to regain my composure. Slowly I retracted mi hand and as I brought it up I looked at it and it was glistening… Not sure why, but I moved it closer to my nose and the smell was weird at first but very familiar&hellip. It was one of the smells in the van&hellip. I brought my fingers to my mouth, for reasons I still cannot explain, parted my lips and like in slow motion started sucking on my fingers.

The taste was strange, but it send shivers down my spine and gave goose bumps. This shouldn't be happening, I said to myself. Other people have masturbated before and have not reacted this way.

I then realized that I had tasted my own juices once before, in the van, from one of the men's cocks.

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I swallowed all the juices from my hand and promised myself not to do that again. Then I tried to relax, I pulled my PJs off because they were so wet and took the shirt off also because I had sweated in it. I lay back down in bed naked and the smell in the room was rather strong. It smelled like pussy and sweat. This must have triggered something because my right hand went slowly down my tummy and to my vulva. It started rubbing over my smooth lips and then one finger slipped in between and found my clit.

"Ohhh… I… shouldn't… be&hellip. Doing&hellip.this&hellip.


ahhhh&hellip. no, no, I have to&hellip. s… stop……" as I was gently rubbing myself, I looked at my boobs, which in a lying down position were right in my face, and wondered what would happen if I just pinched one of my nipples.

I bit my lower lip and went for it. One slight pinch and my back arched&hellip. I was surprised but my right hand kept stroking mi clit ever so gently as to not drive myself completely insane, I reached for the other nipple and did the same thing, but this time I twisted it just a bit, inches from my wide eyes and my back just bucked and my whole body shivered for a few moments&hellip.

I covered my mouth with both my hands as not to make too much noise and rode out my insane orgasm in total disbelief.

I had tried to masturbate once before, about a year ago, just out of curiosity after some girls were talking about it, but even though the touching gave me some sensations, I didn't find it pleasurable and just felt silly, so I stopped and never climaxed.

It was mostly just rubbing on the outside and no penetration, also it didn't occur to me at the time to even pay any attention to my breasts. So I sat back in my pillow to let my body calm down and my thoughts wondered off.

Chapter 5 Friday came and I started getting ready for my appointment with Dr. Carter after just hanging around the house for the whole morning. I had some lunch with my mom since she had the day off, and then went upstairs to get dressed. I looked through my closet and picked out a pair of black pants and a white v neck sweater. Initially I didn't like it when I bought it because I felt like it shoved too much cleavage, but then realized that it wasn't the sweater, it was just me, so I kept it.

My mom had bought me a set of regular cotton panties, they were white with just a thin band at the edges, this made them comfortable but they kind of dropped down a bit on the hips. I tried them on but although they were my size and fit just fine around the waist, they were way too tight around my buttocks which made them drop down to my hip bone.

But it was comfortable enough, so I decided to wear them anyway. After all, nobody would see them… Mom drove me to the appointment and then left to run some errands. I was greeted by Dr. Carter and led into his office. I sat on the couch and we started with some small talk. I told him that I was sleeping better and my appetite had returned. -"I'm happy to hear that Jasmine, I met with your parents this week for their session and told them that you are making progress.

Your dad is very upset about all that happened to you, but I also felt some distancing from you that he may have now.

You told me about that as well, but he did admit that he does not know how to get close to you again. I gave them some suggestions and you should see some improvement in the way that they interact with you at home and this will help your family communications exponentially." I was very happy to hear this, my dad had been quite distant lately and hearing that the doctor was helping in this area made me smile a bit. In fact, this was the first smile since the attack.

-"Now I have a few more questions from last week… You said that the man that picked you up and drove you home was looking at you funny… What does that mean?" "Did you think he was attracted to you? Where you afraid that he might touch you or even rape you since you were alone with him in his car?" He stood up and moved behind me and leaned against the couch. His hips were next to my head… "Were you afraid that he would pull over somewhere and just take advantage of you?

That would have been a possibility… Have you thought about that?" "Am… no, not when I was in the car, but later the next day I was grateful that he didn't try to take advantage of me." I said while wondering where he was going with this and why he was moving so close to me. He then touched my blond hair lightly and then brushed it over my shoulders revealing my face better. With the back of his hand he slowly stroked my cheek and then continued to speak… "I'm not sure if you realize what an attractive woman you are Jasmine, I mean I'm pretty sure that you don't think you are bad looking, you must have a mirror, but you don't quite know just how desirable to men you are or how they feel when their eyes wonder up and down your luscious body…" his hand moved a bit lower now and was touching my neck and under my chin.

I was taken aback by this, but didn't say anything at first, not wanting to be rude. His index finger traced under my bottom lip and I just pulled away and said "I'm sorry doctor Carter, but this is making me quite uncomfortable." -"You mean what we are discussing?" "That too, in a way, but the touching mostly…" -"Well Jasmine, I am also a man and I was just explaining to you what kind of effect you have on men." He said with a smile.

"Maybe I should just leave" I said as I started getting up. But his hands were on my shoulders and he just pushed me back on the couch. "Please let me go, arr&hellip." "Ill scream!" -"No need for that, just hear me out and then I will let you go.

Ok ?" I just nodded as he continued… "As I told you earlier, your parents also started their therapy and it is going well, definitely in your favor. In fact, your life will be better because of it. But, it can also go the other way: I can start mentioning some of the things that you told me, and before you say anything I have to let you know that patient-doctor confidentiality does not apply to minors.

I am supposed to tell your folks everything. If you want me to start telling them how you forgot to mention the orgasms that the three gentlemen gave you, how daddy's little girl came like a little slut with a dick in her mouth and one up her tiny ass hole.

Your dad isn't being very warm as it is right now, how do you think he will react after all I could tell him. Also, remember who recommended me to your mother? The doctor at the ER, he is a close friend from college. One call to him and I can obtain all those photographs from the rape kit… you know, the one of your red vagina, bruises on your body, bites on your nipples and so on. If those leek on the internet everyone at your high school will see them on face book and the other social media sited.

Thousands of people looking at your naked, freshly molested body, thinking that's how you like it… rough!" I was crying with my face in my hands: "You bastard, you know that is not true!

I didn't get any pleasure from that, it was hell!" -"I know, I am quite positive by now that you were telling the truth about everything, but I can put whatever spin I want on the events." He paused&hellip.

"or,&hellip. no one will ever know about all this; all you have to do is comply." "Now, think about it, have some tee, and if you still want to leave you are free to do so." I was frozen. I didn't know what to do. Obviously I couldn't let those pictures destroy my life… It felt like the walls were coming down on me.

After calming down a bit I spoke: "So, what do I have to do ?" -"Whatever I say" He then came around and sat back in his chair. I could notice a large bulge in his trousers. It was always there, but he kept his notebook in his lap the whole time.

Last session too… He continued: "Now, for starters, get up. You have been teasing me with your body ever since I laid eyes on you and its time to see more.

Take your sweater off please." My hands were shaking, but I had no choice. Slowly I grabbed the hem and started lifting. First it exposed my belly button, then up my flat stomach and up to my breasts. I paused there for a brief moment and then lifted it over my voluptuous bust and over my head.

His eyes were big and fixed on my body. -"Now the pants" Shaking, I started to unbutton my pants and slowly slipped them off, revealing inch by inch my white little panties, my shapely thighs and well-formed calves. He noticed that my panties were really low and asked if that was the trend. I explained that my mother had bought them for me and that they didn't fit quite right but were comfortable. My face was burning with embarrassment and I could feel my cheeks get bright red.

He asked me to turn around and I did so quickly. He asked me to do it again slower and I did, this time he was savoring the site of my lower back and upped buttocks being exposed by the low edge of my underwear. I couldn't believe what i was doing. -"Very nice Jasmine, you could easily be an underwear model. Now let's see those breasts that made the three men cum so hard." I just looked down and slowly reached around and unhooked the bra clasp and slipped the strap off, letting the bra fall to the floor.

As I exposed my ample bosom, my eyes caught his for a brief moment and I saw the shear lust that he was staring at them with. -''They are truly magnificent, I cannot believe they are real…" he said while licking his lips "Now let's drop those panties that your mommy bought for you and do it slow" I closed my eyes in shame and put my thumbs in the band and started to pull them down.

I stopped for a bit at my pubic area, but then mustered the courage and pulled them down all the way. I kept my legs straight which made me bend down even more and gave him an excellent view of my heavy boobs from a new angle.

I noticed that he was breathing heavier and the bulge in his pants got bigger. Then told me to turn around and I did. This was the first time I had exposed myself in front of anyone like this. During the attack they ripped my clothes off but this was different. It felt like I was participating, even though it was a reluctant participation through blackmail.

After my little pirouette, he got up and stepped a foot in front of me. His hands reached towards me and he brushed the outside of my breasts with the back of his hands. Then he slowly cupped them from the sides and underneath. He squeezed gently and then squeezed a bit harder. It felt like he was verifying that they were real… I just looked away the whole time, my lower lip quivering and my body shaking with his every touch.

He then smiled and brushed over my still soft pink nipples. I got goose bumps all over but he continued. He knew exactly how my body would react from all his carefully placed questions and me giving all my most intimate secrets away.

With his thumb and index finger on each hand he touched my hardening nipples and gave them a light tug. They responded immediately as he expected and grew bigger and harder.

He then twisted them slowly in opposite directions and I gasped… "Wow, they are better than I imagined… Soft, responsive and being slightly inverted only makes them more unique, more appealing." He kept playing with them as my body squirmed and my breath got heavier. He knew exactly what he was doing, how he could now, with all the information that I had given him, control my body better than I ever could.

He started cupping my breasts again, knitting them and pulling on my sensitive nipples and looked into my eyes as he did that. "Please… please don't do this, you know what it does to me&hellip. Please stop." He started pulling me by my nipples toward him, he brought his lips next to mine and whispered: " I know very well how you feel, and I probably understated it better than you. I know how your body was used against you and that was by people that didn't know what they were doing nor did they have a med-school degree.

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With my hands on these delicious tits I can control your body like a puppet." He then put my nipples between his index and middle finger and rubbed them with his thumbs. I had never felt this kind of stimulation before and my legs started moving a bit, my thighs rubbing against each other. That's when I realized that my pussy had gotten wet at some point.


I involuntarily looked down for a second and he looked at me and smiled. Still rubbing them he said: "I can smell your pussy from here, you can't hide anything from me little girl. I knew you were getting wet before you did." And with that he let go of my now very erect nipples and parted my legs a bit. Then he gently traced his fingers on my cunny. This made me shiver and try to pull away. He placed his other hand on my firm butt and pulled me in closer, still touching between my legs.

His middle finger slipped between my chubby folds and I sighed a few times. I could feel how slippery I was and saw on his face how much he was enjoying this. "Please, stop, why are you doing this to me?" I naively asked -"Well, you have been very honest with me, so I will repay the favor; you see, I've never meet a girl like you before, and definitely never seen one naked so close to me or touched anything so appetizing like this…" He then squeezed my folds between his thumb and index finger.

I squirmed a bit which seemed to make him even happier. He pulled his finger up in front of me and it was glistening with my juices. "Open" he instructed and I just parted my pouty lips and he slid it in my mouth.

I didn't know what to do, so I just closed my lips around it, the taste of my pussy was strong and his finger was warm from being down there. He pulled it out just as slow as it went in and a trickle of saliva came out with it and landed on my lower lip. I instinctively licked and that just made him hornier, if that was possible. He reached down between my legs again and started rubbing me slowly.

"Ohh&hellip. Nooo,&hellip.Mmmmm…" escaped my mouth. I wasn't enjoying any of it and he knew it, but at the same time he knew I had no chance. He had me right where he wanted. Naked in the middle of his office, large breasts exposed, wet pussy rubbed by his greedy fingers. I was breathing heavier and my bust was now rubbing against his shirt, he kept rubbing me a bit more until my legs started to tremble a bit more and then he stopped.

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He slipped two fingers in me slowly and as I gasped so did he, but in surprise. "You are soo tight Jasmine. How would anything even fit in here?

It was true, I did feel myself stretched even with just two fingers in me, but couldn't think about anything due to the extreme sensations that I was feeling. He started moving his fingers in and out and my breaths got shorter and faster. "Oh my God, this is going to be so easy" he said smiling. I couldn't comprehend exactly what he was talking about but started shaking more and then it hit me&hellip. The orgasm came over me fast and with no warning, none that I saw anyway.

He just fingered my tight little cunny fasted as I came. My legs were giving out so I reached for his shoulders with both hands and braced myself so I wouldn't fall over. I was biting my lower lip so not to make any embarrassing sounds and my whole body shook. He pulled away and just looked at me: "You are delicious… I just can't take this anymore" he then raised his fingers to his mouth and licked them in front of me.

It was disgusting and my face showed exactly how I felt. But this did not even fade him, he knew that I wanted none of this but then undid his belt and unzipped his trousers. I just looked away and started whimpering. Dropping his trousers, I could see the outline of his penis through the boxers. As the underwater came down, his erection sprinted up towards me.


The head was red and I could see precum all around it… "Touch it. Don't be afraid, just reach out a bit and touch it." I reluctantly did as he said and just grabbed it between my fingers lightly.

It was really warm and stiff. It jolted as my delicate hand made contact with his skin. "Now stroke it nice and gentile…" I started moving my hand up and down slowly, he rolled back his eyes and moaned a bit. I kept stroking slowly and was sure that I was doing a horrible job. He just looked in my eyes and told me to get down on my knees without letting go of his cock.

As I was doing this, I felt it twitch and when my kneed touched the floor he looked down and stared at my full bust. The first jet started cumming out immediately and landed directly between my boobs.

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The next jets followed and in a few seconds my whole chest was covered in his jizz. I was only moving my hand slowly the whole time and only 2 minutes had passed since his trousers came off, but there I was, kneeling in front of him with his slimy cum all over my delicate young tits and pink nipples.

He had ejaculated in less than a minute of slow clumsy touching. I just looked back up at him in surprise and after getting his fill of looking at me in this very erotic position, he told me to stand up.

I did and then he told me to get dressed. I looked for something to wipe myself with but noticing this he just sais plainly: "Don't bother cleaning those luscious melons of yours, just squeeze them back into your bra and take my ejaculate with you as a souvenir. You will surely take a long shower when you get home, it doesn't take a psychologist to read that look of disgust on your face right now.

I just looked down and reached for my panties, undoubtedly giving him an even better look at my ass and pussy.

I pulled them up and around my hips as he just stared at me mesmerized… Then I reached again for the bra and put it on, semen and all in it. Then I put my pants on and the sweater.

You could clearly see the slimy liquid on my cleavage, so he told me to just wait a few minutes for it to dry.

Full of shame over what just happened I just stayed there, not saying a word while his disgusting cum dried all over my young teenage breasts. Our time was up and he escorted me to the door. As he opened it he said: "See you next week" and then I stepped out, trying in vain not to rub against him.

My mom was in the waiting room and I almost burst into tears when I saw her, but I had to hold back and fake a smile. She asked me how it was and I just said it was good.

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On the trip home she suggested that we stop by the mall and shop a little but I insisted that we go directly home. I was really aware of the cum in my bra and was afraid she could smell it. I knew I could and not only that, but my own juices too. Oh… I thought, how easily he made me orgasm and he even said it.

What a show I must have put on for him that he said he couldn't take any more and just ejaculated almost as soon as I touched……it. As these thoughts raced through my mind the car pulled in and I got out quickly and ran upstairs hoping that my mom hadn't smelled the jizz that I was nervously carrying in my bra.

I got in the bathroom, striped and jumped in the shower. My bra was soaking wet and smelled badly. The goo hadn't dried off inside the cups and my breasts were coated in it. I started washing all over and every time I washed an area that he touched or groped, I just cringed. How could I be so dumb as to let this pervert explore my young body the way he did? But what choice did I have, I wasn't going to let him ruin my life… As I washed my little muff, I visualized how he just had his fingers in there less than 30minutes ago.

How he coated my own juices on my soft blond pubes and how I coated his fingers as I was being penetrated. I finished my long shower and just went back to my room and took a nap.