Ordinary day of a slavegirl

Ordinary day of a slavegirl
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As chat up lines go it was certainly different. "At least give us your knickers to sniff then." My colleague suggested with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Stevie Taylor was the IT King at Owen Martins and was known as 'the Office Bull' because he had a reputation for bedding a lot of women including several female members of staff… but he was also the sleaziest man in the world.

He made my flesh creep and turned me on in equal measures. "Nooooooooo I will not!" I sighed as I dismissed his request. This was the Monday of the second week Stevie and I had worked long hours re-programming and updating the company data base and as usual, he was taking every opportunity to introduce sex into the conversation. Although I'd worked for the Company for over 3 years this was the first time I'd ever had to work closely with him and it was a little bit unnerving.

"I bet you wear really sexy knickers," the pervert continued, "a thong? A tiny G-string? Open crotch? Yes…that's it!" Stevie chuckled when I glared at him, "I bet you're wearing cheap, red tacky open-crotch knickers!" "I am not!" I maintained, "Now let's get back to work".

I knew I should ignore him but he just kept going on and on like yappy terrier. Stevie was incorrigible; all he seemed to do whenever I saw him at lunch or whatever was talk about sex; his conquests at the weekend, his potential conquests, magazines that he'd seen, porn on the internet and girls he wanted to have sex with detailing exactly what he wanted to do to and with them.

I look back now and it was probably 'sexual harassment in the workplace', but Stevie was one of those people that oozed charm and charisma meaning that everyone just laughed along with him.

"So what type are you wearing then?" The hairy faced geek continued beating me down. "I'm not telling you!" I was becoming flustered now but I wondered if it would be simpler just to tell him. This was the third night in a row this week, for us to work together until midnight.

Stevie had finished his part of the job so had spent the last hour or so asking me to go into the toilets for a 'quick shag because his nuts were busting' and I consistently refused his lecherous request. It wasn't that I didn't want to but I couldn't, could I?

I'm Julie; 39 years old, married with 2 teenage sons, a Senior HR Executive and I've been told that I look a bit like the red-headed singer Reba McIntyre and I'm bored shitless with my life!

"I'm not even your type." I muttered as I kept furiously typing so I didn't have to think about him and what he wanted to do with me. "So," the Gremlin grinned, "what is my type, then?" I shrugged my shoulders, "Common, slutty, trampy, easy women that wear too much make-up and not enough clothes&hellip.tarts!" I felt like I'd won a small victory when he finally fell silent for a moment or two.

"I've got to admit," Stevie heaved a sigh as he eased closer to me slowly enunciating every word slowly into my ear, "Actually&hellip.I have fucked a lot of women like that…but I like a challenge too and I've literally fucked the arse off scores of women just like you!" He was so close to me now I could smell him.

It wasn't a bad smell but not a pleasant one either…just 'his smell'. He was quite a bit younger than me in his mid twenties and had dark shaggy hair. He hardly ever shaved and dressed very casually which made him stand out in our very conservative office. His choice of clothes always looked like someone else did his shopping for him. Nothing ever matched and he did like bright colours which is always unusual in a man. He probably thought he looked a bit like Brad Pitt or that singer in Oasis.

I on the other hand am always immaculately dressed in smart business attire; usually from M& S but sometimes with a few Designer names added for extra effect. "What do you mean 'women like me'?" I nervously asked as I typed so fast it looked like I was using a foreign language thank God for 'spell check'. He smiled, guessing that he was making progress. It was an easy-going smile.

A confident smile. A predator's smile. The smile I presume a lion smiles just before it sinks its teeth into a zebra at a water hole. "Women who are married but bored. Women who have deep dark desires that they want fulfilling; but don't know how to go about it." Stevie's voice had now dropped several octaves and was becoming very husky&hellip.which could have been the result of the 40 cigarettes a day he smoked.

That was 'his smell'! Cigarettes, beer and cheap cologne! Hooray! I'd cracked it! "They've usually got the looks, the career, the clothes, the house, the big flash car, the holidays abroad but&hellip." He paused as I stopped typing, my fingers frozen to the keyboard, "but deep down they need some passion put back into their lives!" 'My God!!' I thought&hellip.'He could be a psychiatrist!

He'd just described me and my life to a T. I have my glorious career a 6 bedroom/3 bathroom house, my own BMW 3 series, a handsome husband with his own property business but who works long hours and weekends, we have a nice villa on Majorca but&hellip.but…but…something was missing; it was all so hollow and shallow.

Stevie was now sitting so close to me as he whispered into my ear I could feel the heat from his body. His fingers were soon inside my blouse and caressing the soft flesh of my boob. He was so gentle I could hardly feel his touch but it also felt like a thousand watts of electricity surging through my skin as he tried to peel my bra back. I suddenly jumped up pushed him away and announced, "Enough!

I need a cup of coffee!" Then I fled out of the office to the tea room. My hands were shaking as I filled the kettle with water. I sensed that he was standing behind me in the doorway as I stared out of the window into the twinkling darkness of our city.

My mouth was as dry as a digestive biscuit but I managed to utter; "Why do you want my&hellip.you know&hellip.knickers?" Stevie quietly chuckled. "So I can sniff them and wrap them around my stiffy and wank into them while I think about you bending over your desk with your skirt up over your bare arse and your legs wide apart…begging me to fuck you.

Come on Jools…my balls are bursting&hellip.you can't leave me like this." I whispered. "You're disgusting&hellip.you know that, don't you?" "I can be as disgusting as you want me to be." The laugh in his voice getting louder, "Every perversion can be catered for!" I was trembling as I slowly turned my head towards him.

He'd finally worn me down after 3 full days of pestering and sexy talk. "You wouldn't tell anyone&hellip.would you?" My voice was barely audible now as I considered his proposition. "Fuck no!" He chortled. "It'll be our little secret&hellip.I bet you've got lots of little secrets." "When would you&hellip.you know&hellip.actually do it?" My heart was thumping and I actually felt sick as I uttered the words.

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"As soon as I get home!" He was now grinning like a fool and rubbing the bulge in his baggy cords. Actually I did want to watch him masturbate&hellip.desperately so. As a teenager I'd sometimes hidden behind the bedroom door to watch my brothers masturbate then rush back to my own room and play with myself. Only one boyfriend had ever done it for me and my husband has always claimed that it's something that he's never done. "I don't know&hellip." My words tailed off as I poured the boiling water into my cup.


Still not looking him in the eye I checked my watch. It was nearly 11pm and we were nearly finished for the night. I was trembling as I sipped my coffee. Stevie stared silently at me continuously rubbing his erection - which did look rather large! "Wait there then." My mouth was so dry my voice was hardly audible. I shivered as I brushed passed him on my way to the ladies room. I was struggling to breathe as I lifted my skirt and eased my peach satin thong down my thighs.

My brain felt like a huge marshmallow as I tried to decide if I was doing the right thing. It was probably 20 years since I'd last done anything that could be considered 'naughty' and even then it was nothing like this. Could I really give a horny work colleague my knickers to masturbate into?

It was strangely liberating as I walked along the corridor back to the kitchen&hellip.knickerless. Stevie was looking apprehensive when I opened the door. "Here, but I want them back." I said as I dropped my panties onto the table, without thinking about the consequences.

"You little minx!" Stevie laughed as he picked my small thong up and examined them, running his finger along the warm damp crotch.

I tried to look blank as he put them to his face and inhaled deeply but my nipples suddenly popped out like a pair of thimbles.

I didn't move an inch as Stevie kept my panties pressed to his face and held his hand out and tickled my erect nipples for a few seconds. "We should go home now." I nonchalantly told him as I turned away and poured the full cup of coffee down the sink.

We didn't speak another word as Stevie did a security check and I packed my laptop away. As he finally turned the key in the lock he looked at me and winked. I smiled a knowing smile. "Goodnight." We said in unison; then he turned to walk home and I crossed the car park. My stomach was turning somersaults as I lifted my skirt to keep checking that my pulsating pussy was really uncovered as I drove home. I arrived home at 11.45 to find my two sons bickering in the kitchen as two different types of music blared out of their respective bedrooms and Greg my husband was already fast asleep in bed, no doubt aided by half a bottle of malt whisky.

I struggled to get to sleep as I contemplated what I'd done. My fingers kept wandering between my legs to touch my sticky vagina but I couldn't find the courage to masturbate and relieve my sexual tension as I lay next to my drunken husband. The following day I arrived at my desk to find a post-it note on my chair.

'There's a present for you in the top drawer'. I tentatively opened it to find yesterday's knickers scrunched up into a ball. I looked around and couldn't see anyone who looked like they were going to visit me so I took them out and examined them.

I was nearly overcome by the smell of sex as I unfolded my soiled thong. The satin material was absolutely coated in hardened cum but the crotch was still sticky and warm! The dirty bugger must have used them one last time this morning&hellip.in my office. I threw them back into the drawer when my assistant knocked on the door. "Good morning." She smiled as she placed my post on the desk. "Are you ok? You look a bit&hellip.flushed?" I smiled and told her I was fine.

The afternoon dragged by. Every time I saw movement outside my office I looked up hoping it would be Stevie but it never was. I contented myself with secretly touching and sniffing my dirty knickers that he had used to masturbate in; making myself incredibly horny.

Every ten minutes or so I would open the drawer to look at the soiled panties and the smell of dried sperm was very nearly over powering. In fact the stench and feel made me the horniest I'd felt in a lot of years. So much so I was even tempted to go into the ladies toilet and masturbate myself&hellip.but I resisted. I finally spotted him at 5pm just as everyone was leaving.

He smiled and mimed drinking a cup of coffee.


My stomach was spinning as I smiled and nodded agreement that I wanted a cup. 10 minutes later he sauntered into my office with two cups. We chatted about work and what was planned for the evening for 10 or 15 minutes. I tried to remain calm but all I could think about was the pair of soiled knickers in my drawer. Just as he finished his coffee he grinned and asked, "Did you like my little present?" I instantly blushed but nodded in the affirmative.

"I wanked off into them three times last night!" Stevie looked very pleased with himself. "They were&hellip.were," I stammered, "still&hellip.wet." "I thought you'd like that." He grinned, "I cracked one out in here this morning too." "You truly are a disgusting man." I told him, with a little smile. "Did you finger yourself when you got home?" Stevie asked in a matter of fact way as we walked towards the main office.

"I did not!" I told him indignantly, "Any way, I wouldn't tell you even if I did!" Then I poked him in the ribs with my elbow. I tried to remain dignified as Stevie pestered me all evening about the knickers I'd given him the previous night and what he'd been thinking about while he was wanking into them.

He took great pleasure in telling me exactly how much 'stuff' he'd expelled each time. I tried to hide my feelings especially as I thought that my pussy might explode but eventually my erect nipples gave me away. At one stage he was standing behind me watching me work on screen, it didn't take him long to begin rubbing his erection against my back. When I didn't complain he slid his arms around me and cupped my breasts making me sigh.

I let him massage them for a couple of minutes then shrugged him off telling him that 'we had work to do.' As the evening wore on he kept asking what underwear I had on and making lewd suggestive comments. At 8.30 we stopped for a break. "Are you going to give me your knickers again tonight?" He asked as I organised some sandwiches. Without hesitating I teased him by saying "I might. I haven't decided." He continued like this for nearly 20 minutes trying to guess what I was wearing and telling me again how much he'd enjoyed wanking into the pair the previous night.

"If you can guess what colour they are&hellip.you can have them." I giggled. "Pink." He immediately replied. I was stunned and pulled a funny face. "How did you guess?" "You look like you always wear a matching set." He smiled a winning smile. Of course! I always wore matching underwear and he'd already seen my bra. Shit! "Can I have them now?" He asked. "Why now?" "I want to watch you walking around knowing you haven't got any knickers on for the rest of the night." I gulped.

That was exactly how I was feeling, especially after 'not having knickers on' the previous evening had been such a turn on. I smiled and made to walk out of the kitchen. "No." Stevie put his hand up to stop me, "take them off in here in front of me." We were on opposite sides of the small room and his hypnotic baby blue eyes were locked on mine. For the first time in my life I couldn't stop myself doing something outrageous. Without saying a word I hitched my grey pleated skirt up to my thighs and fumbled for the elastic at the top of my thong.

"Higher…lift it higher than that." Stevie demanded in low voice. My heart was pounding as I lifted my skirt as ordered, with one hand and began removing my panties with the other; never taking my eyes off his. His mouth broke into a huge grin. "Stockings! I love women in stockings." I already knew that from previous conversations and had worn barely black hold-ups with a wide lace welt especially for him; but he didn't know that.

As I pulled my panties down my legs I knew he was also getting a clear look at my hairy ginger pubes. Then when I had to lift my foot to step out of them I knew he could actually see my pussy as well.

I'd never ever felt like this before and was revelling in my new found naughtiness. As I threw my panties across the room to him I straightened my skirt as if I'd just done the most natural thing in the world. Stevie easily caught them and pressed them against his face and inhaled my musk.

"MMMmmm." He purred, "I love the smell of warm pussy." Then placed them in his shirt pocket with a little bit sticking out like a handkerchief. It felt really odd but very liberating and very, very sexy wandering around the office with no knickers on under my skirt; especially as Stevie obviously knew my secret. As we worked he kept asking how often I wore stockings and did I ever wear suspenders with real nylons? At first I told him I hardly wore them then admitted to wearing nice sexy underwear and hold-ups to make me feel 'good' and I did occasionally wear stockings and suspenders&hellip.on special occasions.

This really pleased him and he made me promise to wear a set the following day. As we finished work at 11.30 Stevie asked me if I wanted a coffee before we left for home.

I guessed that he had some other kind of agenda on his mind but agreed anyway. As I waited for the kettle to boil Stevie flamboyantly sniffed my knickers for what must have been the 90th time of the night. "Show me your beaver again." He told me in quite a forceful way. Without hesitating I lifted my skirt with both hands so he got a full view of my stocking tops, pubes and pussy. With my knickers still pressed against his face he began unbuckling his belt.

I began shaking with excitement as he unbuttoned the fly on his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. I was so excited my mouth hung open as he pulled his underpants down and his penis came into view. The purple tip was poking out of his floppy foreskin and it reminded me of a King Size Greggs sausage roll. "It's only fair you can see mine if I've seen yours." He chuckled as he wrapped my panties around it and began tugging at the shaft to make it even stiffer&hellip.if that was possible.

"What's that?" I croaked and nodded towards his thing when his purple knob came into view. "Oh? This?" He grinned as he pulled at a gold ring that was attached to the hole and the tip. "My Prince Albert. Haven't you seen one before?" I shook my head and stared at it as his penis grew even longer and harder before my very eyes.

I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead and my heart was racing as I stared at the sight in front of me. His pubes were shaved back to a number 1 or 2 making his cock look absolutely massive and he had a thick barbed wire tattoo around his left thigh.

Stevie made himself comfortable against the bench and began openly masturbating and talking dirty to me. "Have you ever seen a cock this big?" "I want you to suck it for me, deep throat me and swallow my spunk." "You're gonna fucking beg me to shove this up your fucking married cunt." "I want to see you stick your fingers up your fucking twat until you cum." (I shook my head).

Still with my skirt held up against my tummy I thought I was peeing myself because I could feel something warm running down my thigh as Stevie wanked so fast I thought his tattoos might fly off his arm. He soon began grunting and grinding his teeth. Even innocent little me knew what this meant. He stepped forward and dropped my panties onto the kitchen table.

"Are you ready?" My young colleague mumbled. I nodded. With one last furious stroke he sighed&hellip.then a long stream of cum shot out and landed on my knickers then he stepped even closer and forced another two short spurts out until they were coated in the stuff. I'd never witnessed anything like it in my life and was now so excited I thought I might feint. "God&hellip.that was fucking great." Ken panted.

"Did you enjoy that?" I nodded. "You gonna play with yourself now?" He asked in his soft Northern Irish brogue. I desperately wanted to but shook my head. "But you want to cum, don't you?" He asked in a concerned manner. I shrugged my shoulders as he shuffled around the table, his jeans still around his ankles.

"Will you let me lick you out then?" I nodded and he swiftly whipped his t-shirt off revealing a chest and arms covered in Celtic tattoos. Steve then swivelled me around and lifted me onto the table with my bum on the edge; then he whipped my skirt up until it covered my stomach leaving my private parts exposed for him.

I don't think I'd ever had sex definitely not oral sex without having a shower first to clean up. This was so spontaneous it just felt right. I clung onto the table as he raised my thighs onto his shoulders and buried his face into my soaking wet vagina making me sigh. I was immediately throwing my head from side to side as my co-worker lapped at my sopping hole and clitoris. Stevie was amazing; his tongue darted in and out and up and down and around the sides then over my love-button then down to the tight piece of skin between my pussy and my bum hole.

I was in sexual Heaven for the first time in nearly 15 years. After a minute or two he began stroking my nylon covered thighs as he brought me closer and closer to an orgasm. My fingers were nearly tearing into the Formica when he sucked on my clit and slid a long finger inside me as the stubble on his chin scratched my most tender folds.

"Ugh, ugh, uuuuugggghhhhh." I gurgled unable to make coherent speech when he slid a second finger in and licked and sucked my clitoris even harder and faster.

I was so nearly there and knew I couldn't hold out much longer. "Oooooooohhhhhhhh&hellip.OOOOOOOHHHHH!" I moaned when my orgasm finally overwhelmed me. Stevie was obviously some kind of oral expert because he stopped licking my button but continued licking around the sides of my pussy lips as he kept slowly grinding his fingers in circles deep inside my orifice pressing against the thin membrane of my back passage.

I lay with my eyes closed; revelling in the afterglow for a minute or so as Steve rose to his feet and stood between my floppy legs. When I opened my eyes his huge thing was as hard as ever again and only an inch away from my pussy.

"Do you want me to?" He whispered. I nodded and smiled. He lifted my left leg up and nudged his fat knob against my gaping pussy.

"Are you sure?" He asked as he rubbed the metal ring along my wet willing opening. "Yes." I whispered and closed my eyes. Stevie was gentle at first; slowly guiding his big cock into my under used vagina. I was so wet and turned on it slipped in very easily but I still wriggled and sighed as I attempted to accommodate the whole thing.

I'd always been satisfied by my husband; and my only other lover had been about the same size as Greg; but Stevie's cock must have been two inches longer and much thicker than either of them. As soon as he realised that I was enjoying myself he pushed my knee back onto my chest causing his cock to go in even deeper then he began speeding up with his thrusts. "Do you like that?" He grunted, "Do you like getting fucked by my big cock?" I nodded and gritted my teeth.

"Tell me how much you like getting fucked." "Come on Jools; tell me how much you like it." I'd never been very vocal during sex and didn't know what to say. "Come on you married fucker; tell me how much you want my cock!" I think he was getting frustrated at my silence because his thrusts became even faster as he lifted my other leg into the air too.

"I'm gonna fill your fucking married cunt full of spunk then make you wear your dirty fucking knickers to go home to your husband in!" Steve rasped as he leant forward pushing both of my legs against my boobs, making his cock nearly go into my chest.

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"Is that what you want?" He kept muttering as he pounded away at my pussy. "Do you want me to send you home with a cunt full of spunk and a pair of spunky knickers?" I was nearly delirious now and nodded agreement as the Gold Prince Albert ring rasped against the wall of my pussy. "Say it then! SAY IT!" "Fill me&hellip.full of &hellip.ooohhh&hellip.your&hellip.spunk." Although I'd never used the word before it was quite accurate&hellip.I did want him to fill me up with his stuff.

"Louder." He grunted as he squeezed my boobs tightly and battered my hole with his big cock. "Fill my&hellip.pussy full of your…SPUNK!" I spat out just as his body stiffened and my pussy instantly got very hot as he gushed deep inside my womb.

"Good girl." He sighed in that sexy husky voice as he eased my aching legs back down without removing his cock from my hot wet box. I sat up, taking my weight on my wrists as Stevie continued fucking me slowly and stroking my boobs through my blouse. "Did you enjoy that?" he asked as he stroked my hair. "Yes I did." I smiled, "A lot&hellip.a whole lot." When we eventually uncoupled he handed me my soiled panties. "I was serious." He grinned.

"Put them back on." His stuff from earlier had soaked into the material leaving a set of white stains; but I put them on without wiping myself clean anyway. Giggling as I did so. It felt particularly weird as I pulled the dirty panties up until they squished against my wet pussy. As Stevie locked the main door and waited for the alarm to engage he turned towards me.

"I'll be getting off home then." He said as if there was still a question to be asked.


We both seemed unsure what to do next. Should I kiss him goodnight? Offer him a lift home? Shake his hand. "I suppose." I replied and walked to my car. The following day I wore a nice loose fitting blue dress and matching heeled sandals for work.

Oh…and a matching white lace ¾ cup bra, thong and suspender belt with a pair of nude Cervin Capri 7 denier RHT stockings. I felt very, very sexy all day. My friend Rosie even commented on how sexy I looked…asking if I was going somewhere special after work. I tried to pass it off by saying, "Every so often I like to dress up." "You'll have to be careful around Stevie dressed like that." She grinned as she went back to her own desk.

My stomach fluttered at the thought of her guessing something could be going on between me and 'the Office Bull'. As soon as we were alone in the kitchen Steve lifted my dress up right over my hips and held it there for what seemed an age getting a good eyeful of my legs and bum in my sexy lingerie. "Did that please you then?" I said as nonchalantly as possible when he finally let it fall back in place.

"It sure did." He chuckled. "Turn around and you'll see how much." I turned to see that he already had his stiffening cock out and his jeans around his knees. "Take your dress off and get your gums around it." He commanded in his soft Northern Irish voice. My eyes locked on his and I couldn't stop myself even if I'd wanted to. I slowly unbuttoned the dress and let it slide to the floor. His large cock was now getting stiffer and pointing upwards.

Without a care in the world I stepped towards him and began fondling his cock and balls making my heart race like a train.

"Get on your knees and suck it." There was no malice in his voice but he made sure I knew that he was in charge. A second later I was kneeling in front of him and rubbing his velvety tip against my face as I gently cupped his wrinkly scrotum. My husband had always liked oral sex in the first few years of our marriage but I'd never really been keen; thinking it was something only 'cheap girls' did.

Tonight I was one of those 'cheap girls'. I opened my freshly lipsticked mouth and slowly let his purple plum go in. The second it entered my mouth I felt like a 'new woman'. Years of sexual frustration just peeled away and my inner self took charge…suddenly I was a sex crazed wanton harlot …and enjoying every damn minute of it. "MMMM good girl." He sighed as I closed my mouth and began flicking the gold ring with my tongue.

I really did feel cheap as I sucked and licked his magnificent tool. Although I'd hardly done this before I knew exactly what to do from my husbands repeated requests and the tales I'd overheard from girls at work. I squeezed his big balls and tugged and scratched his scrotum as I alternated between licking and sucking the main offering. "Yeh&hellip.oh YEH!" He groaned as I fed four or five inches into my mouth, "You dirty fucking cocksucker! Shhiiiiitttt! You look like butter wouldn't melt in your fucking mouth; but&hellip.ooohhh&hellip.you like a fucking cock in there don't ya?

Ooh Jools…you can suck cock as good as a fucking prossy." Stevie now had both hands on my head and tugged at my golden locks as I rubbed his shaft into my mouth and rolled his balls with my other hand.

"Oh fuck&hellip.oh fuck!" He began moaning as he gripped my hair. "That's it you fucking dirty cocksucker&hellip.faster!" I was delirious now and just wanted to please him. I gave absolutely no thought to the consequences of my administrations. "Yes…yes…Jools&hellip.faster, faster." He winced as I gripped his balls as tight as he was pulling my hair and rubbing my hand as fast as possible up and down his shaft while I sucked and licked the rest of his magnificent cock that was in my mouth.

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Suddenly he froze and grunted, "UGH!" This was followed by a mouthful of his cum. Jet after jet splashed onto the back of my throat then even more oozed out onto my tongue. At first I was shocked and tried to pull away but he held me in place and began thrusting his wilting cock into my oral cavity.

I was now breathing heavily through my nose and could taste his stuff as it filled my cheeks. It didn't taste anything like the smell he'd left on my knickers; in fact it hardly had any flavour at all as I gulped it down. If I'd known that I would have developed a taste for spunk years ago!

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Stevie pulled his dick out and shook the last few drops onto my boobs as I swallowed everything that was in my mouth: much to his delight. "Fucking Hell Jools;" he grinned as he tucked his cock back into his underpants. "You're a helluva cocksucker; I'd never have guessed you were a swallower as well." "That was my first time." I chuckled as I re-fastened my dress.

"Fuck off!" He gasped incredulously. "Well, I've&hellip.you know?" I suddenly became shy and embarrassed, "sucked my husband before…but never…you know?" My voice was virtually a whisper and I was blushing like mad.

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"I'd never have guessed." He shook his head in disbelief, "and I've had hundreds of fucking blow-jobs." I shrugged my shoulders and smiled as I turned the kettle on.

"Really&hellip. Jools." He whispered in my ear as he cupped my boobs from behind, "that was one of the best blow-jobs I've ever had." All I could do was smile and raise my eyebrows&hellip.I was lost for words. I had no idea if what I'd done was right or wrong.

We chatted about our mutual love of stockings and sexy underwear as we had our coffee and sandwiches. Later in the night Stevie showed me some websites that he surfed including some that you could buy stockings and lingerie from. One was especially good: www.stockingshq.com and we chose four pair of stockings including some seamed ones; which really excited us and a new six-strap suspender belt for keeping the seams straight.

We really applied ourselves for the rest of the night getting loads of work done. At 11.30 we went into my office and could hardly keep our hands off each other.

Stevie quickly had his hand up my dress and shoved two long fingers straight past my thin thong and into my pussy while I unbuckled his belt and flies with the dexterity of a pickpocket.

All I'd been thinking about for the last hour was sucking that wonderful cock again and swallowing a second load of his spunk.

It was quite undignified but I leant forward to suck his cock while I stood with my legs apart for him to finger-fuck me. My head was bobbing up and down like a glass ostrich as more and more cock went into my mouth and throat at the same time as Stevie twisted and turned his fingers inside my tingling pussy.

"Oh yes…yes.yes!" Stevie moaned and grabbed a handful of hair as I caught his ring between my teeth and gave it a little tug then flicked it with my tongue. His fingers were working their magic inside my hole as his palm pressed against and rubbed my clitty.

I was soon rolling my hips in time with his pressure and was very close to cumming when he let out a low moan as his hairy balls tensed in my hands. He pulled my head back making his cock fall out of my mouth and slipped his fingers out of my pussy.

His sticky fingers stunk of my sex as he began furiously wanking his cock in front of my face. It only took him a few seconds until a jet of spunk shot out and landed on my cheek and nose. He kept rubbing and groaning as he pressed the tip against my bottom lip as more stuff oozed out into my mouth and down my chin. The smell was unmistakable and just as intoxicating as when I'd smelled it on my knickers. I put my tongue out and licked the last drops out of his pee hole.

I was shaking with excitement as Stevie let go of my hair and I stood up straight again. "Play with yourself for me." He grinned, "Finger yourself." The idea instantly appealed to me. I moved back until I was pressed against a filing cabinet with my dress around my middle and my knickers around my knees. My eyes locked on his and I ran my fingers along my slit.

I couldn't believe how wet and sticky I was. My clit was sticking out like ball-bearing and made me shudder when I touched it; and touch it I did. Over and over again; fast&hellip.slow&hellip.hard&hellip.soft.

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Then I slid a finger into my pussy. Gosh it felt good. I was so turned on my eyes were now closed and I was biting my bottom lip. I could still smell his spunk as it ran down my face. I slid a second finger inside and thrashed at my clit with my thumb. It didn't take much longer until my breath got shallower and shallower and my chest tightened. "Ugh…ugh&hellip.ooh&hellip.yes…yeesssss&hellip.YYYEEEESSSSS!" I grunted as my rubbing and fingering paid off and I had one of the hardest strongest orgasms of my life; making my knees go weak and my pulse race.

Wednesday night and Thursday were much the same. I wore hold-ups and skirts both days and sucked him dry as soon as the office was clear and we'd have a frantic fuck at the end of the night with the occasional fumblings in-between. By Friday I was hooked on Stevie and had become his spunk-junkie! All I could think about at work and home was dressing up for my colleague and sucking his huge cock and feeling it inside me until he filled one or both of my orifices.

I wore a nice grey skirt that ended just above my knees with a lemon sweater that clung to me and emphasised my boobs. Underneath I wore a cream frilly set of bra, full see-through panties and suspender belt from La Perla and a pair of Gazelle Gervin RHT stockings with a thick black welt. As we wouldn't be working late that day I spent all morning planning how I could have one more session before the weekend. The Office closed at 2pm and I made sure that I left at the same time as Steve.

"Do you want a lift home?" I whispered as he held the main door open for me. "That would be nice." He whispered back. "I'll be outside Rosie's." Ten minutes later I pulled up outside of a local Wine Bar and he appeared from the rear door. He furtively looked around and when he was sure the coast was clear he got into the passenger seat.

We both giggled like naughty school kids for the next minute or so until Stevie asked, "Where do you want to go?" "Anywhere?" I shrugged my shoulders. I hadn't given that any thought and hoped that he would know somewhere discreet. As Stevie directed me to a derelict factory about 5 miles away he lifted my skirt and stroked my stocking clad leg and fiddled with the frilly suspender. I'd hardly pulled the handbrake on when he was kissing me and fondling my boobs under my cotton shirt.

"How long have we got?" He panted as he pulled my sweater over my head and began unfastening my bra. "An hour or so." I gasped as my 34b breasts flopped into view. "We'd better not hang about then!" He smiled as he tweaked my nipples. I leaned over him and adjusted his seat until it was as far back as it would go; then used my new found skills to unfasten his belt and release his cock for my pleasure. It was still quite soft as I pulled it from his pants as he wriggled his jeans down to his ankles.

I couldn't wait and stuffed it all into my mouth. The next couple of minutes were amazing as his cock actually grew stiff and hard inside my mouth as I caressed his ball sack and forced the tip of my tongue into his foreskin.

Stevie just lay back and called me all kinds of dirty names while he roughly squeezed my boobs and nipples as I thoroughly enjoyed performing my new oral skills on him.

It became a little bit uncomfortable so I changed position without letting his cock slip from my lips.

With my knee on the drivers' seat he now had easy access between my legs and quickly took advantage by stroking my labia through my thin panties. His cock was big and hard now and I was delighting in putting on a cock-sucking show for him; licking the shaft, sucking his knob, nibbling hiss ball-sack and rubbing it across my face.

Everything I knew he liked and I had quickly grown to love. He stopped his wonderful administrations for a minute or so to undo the zip on the side of my skirt.

He tugged and I wriggled until the garment was off and in the foot well next to the pedals. I felt incredibly vulnerable and horny now just dressed in a flimsy white g-string suspender belt and a pair of Platinum Gio 15 denier stockings that had arrived in the post the previous day.

Stevie's hand instantly went back between my legs again; pulling my gusset to one side and stroking my luxurious mop of pubic hair before sliding a couple of fingers into my eager vagina. My blow-job became even more enthusiastic as he gave me a real good finger fucking. "Oooooohhhhh!" he gasped, "So you like getting it at both ends do you?" I didn't answer&hellip.just kept on sucking and wiggling my hips.

"I bet you'd love having two guys at once…wouldn't you?" He gasped as he held my head in place, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. "You dirty fucker…you would wouldn't you? Two big cocks…ooohhh&hellip.one in your mouth and the other fucking the arse off you! I bet that's what you dream about when you're fingering yourself at home." In all honesty I'd never ever given such a thought any credence&hellip.but the way he made me feel&hellip.it was now a possibility.

I was in the early throes of an orgasm when some movement outside the car caught my eye. Horrified; I realised a man was standing in a doorway about 6 feet away watching us. I gagged as I tried to scream but Stevie just kept my head tightly in place and began bouncing his hips forcing his cock fully into my mouth while he began rubbing my clitty even harder and faster. Perhaps it was performing oral sex on my lover in a car while he finger fucked me in only a pair of stockings and a suspender belt but I came like a train!

My legs were shaking and my vagina muscles clenched his fingers as my whole body began convulsing. "Yeesssss&hellip. That's it&hellip.I'm cumming!" Stevie growled as his body stiffened and he instantly filled my mouth and throat with hot cum. I hastily knelt up covering my boobs and spluttered, "There's someone out there!" I even coughed up some of Stevie's cum as I was so agitated.

"Probably." He nonchalantly told me as he pulled his jeans up. "What do you mean…probably?" "This place attracts loads of peeping toms. It's well known around here." He winked saucily. "Well&hellip.well&hellip.I didn't know!" I told him most indignantly as I tried to put my bra back on without the stranger seeing my boobs. (I know that doesn't make sense…now!) I have to admit to being a little bit turned on my the stranger seeing me virtually naked sucking my 'boyfriends' cock.

Although I was genuinely embarrassed I still looked around to see if he was still there as I awkwardly got dressed in the front of the BMW. Once I was decent again and had applied a fresh coat of lipstick I drove him to his local pub where he was meeting his buddies. As he got out he turned back, kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my boob before saying, "See you on Monday." Then he was gone.

All of the way home and for the rest of the weekend all I thought about was Stevie and the outrageous sexual things I'd done that week. He had woken some dormant desires within me and I knew I was a changed woman. Guilt? Not in the slightest. I felt like a 'woman' for the first time in my life. I'm no fool and I realised that Stevie was using me and would drop me like a stone as some other female entered his life; but that didn't matter because I had used him too!

I wore stockings and suspenders for work every day the following week. Stevie pestered me to wear the seamed ones for him but I wouldn't. That really would have been a 'step too far' and caused all kinds of rumours to circulate the company. We had sex every night as we finished the project. I would suck his cock while he fingered me or licked my pussy before we started work and always finished with a good hard fuck.

By the Friday when we drove back to the derelict factory Stevie had got me to use words like fuck, cock, cunt and spunk during sex. I really was a changed woman after those two weeks and planned to use my new found skills and confidence with or without my husband.