Le facina andar mamando en el carro centro tuxtla

Le facina andar mamando en el carro centro tuxtla
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There's a loud knocking at my front door. Dropping the spatular into the pan, I take the curry I had been cooking from the heat and head to the door.

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Through the distorted glass I can make out the figure of a tall, broad shouldered male leaning against the door frame. I guess that it must be my landlord, Mr Klay, as he had rang only a few hours earlier to remind me that I was due an inspection on my house. Once a year Mr Klay comes round and checks over the house with a fine toothed comb looking for anything he could fine me on.

Up to now he has never found a single thing. I slide the latch out and open the door to his beaming smile. "Ah Mrs Fargo, it's nice to see you again." He walks into my corridor without waiting for an invite. "Its nice to see you again too Mr Klay." I lie. "I can't believe it has been another year already." "Yes well unfortunately it has and you know what that means don't you Mrs Fargo?" "Yes the dreaded inspection. Well I'm sure you'll find the house in as immaculate a state as always." I head back toward the kitchen to continue cooking dinner for my twin daughters that will be visiting later in the evening.

Now that they have moved off to university I rarely see them anymore.


"Well I'll start in the lounge and make my way up as usual shall I?" Mr Klay calls from behind me. "As you please. I will be in here if you need me." I call back returning the curry to the heat. My mind starts to wonder as I stir the curry.

Mike, my husband, has been so distant with me these past few months. If I didn't know him better, I'd say he was having an affair but knowing Mike as well as I do I know that it will probably be work that is stressing him out and keeping his mind off of me. Even so I do miss the feel of his strong arms embracing me at night, the tingles his kisses would spark and the shivers that I get down my spine when his hands caress my naked body.

Reality draws me back with the smell of rice burning and I snap out of my fantasizing to try and rescue the family dinner. From upstairs I can hear the usual banging and knocking that accompanies Mr Klay's inspections. Checking the time I realise dinner has taken a lot longer than expected and everyone will be home within the next hour so I rush upstairs and bump into Mr Klay on the landing.

His hair is ruffled, his pale skin flushed and his once neatly pressed suit is now crinkled. That will teach him for moving my furniture around every twelve months! "Ah Mr Klay, I am just going to run myself a bath. When you have finished your inspection could you please be a dear and let yourself out?" I ask whilst pushing pasting him toward the bathroom.

"No worries Mrs F. I know where the door is." He says with a wink that makes my skin crawl. I give him a polite nod and smile before disappearing into the bathroom, closing the door firmly behind me and sliding the bolt into place.

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I don't know why but Mr Klay has always given me the creeps even though at around twenty one he is probably young enough to be my son but the way he looks at me always makes me feel slightly uneasy, as though he is always mentally undressing me.

Oh well no time to worry about that. Plugging the bath, I turn both taps and add bubble bath. In the mirror I study my body as I let my clothes pool at my feet. After three children and 30+ years on earth it has taken a lot to keep my body in the shape that it is in. Five days a week I go to the gym for at least an hour but it has definitely paid off! My stomach is still as flat as it was when I was eighteen and waist is still small enough to make my C cup tits look bigger than they are.

Copious hours on the treadmill has kept my ass tight and firm just like me to die for legs. I'm not big headed, I just know that my body is still as fuckable as it was all those years ago.

After soaking my skin in the hot bubbly water, I step out of the water and wrap a towel around both my body and my hair. I wonder if Mr Klay has left? I've been in here nearly an hour so he must be long gone! After brushing my teeth I open the bathroom door and instantly my body is covered in goosebumps as the cold snatches my breath. Quickly my feet pad across the landing toward my bedroom only to be stopped in their tracks when I see Mr Klay sitting on my bed, head bent down and his hands holding something I can't quite see.

His back is heaving uo and down and for a moment i wonder if he is having some kind of attack as i can hear his deep breaths from here. Pulling the towel tighter around my body I clear my throat noisily.

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Mr Klay jumps his hands dropping simultaneously with his head snapping up. His cheeks are burning a deep scarlet as he tries to conceal whatever it is that he is holding. "Have you just about finished here Mr Klay?" I fail to hide the irritation in my voice as I hold my hand out for whatever it is he is trying to steal. He wouldn't be the first person to see my lavish amounts of jewelry and assume I wouldn't notice a few items missing. Only it isn't jewelry that he hands me.

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My heart jumps to my throat as a pair of my pink silk thongs fall from his palm to mine. I drop them the minute they make contact with my skin, the silk burning my skin with the shame they now carried. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I yell at his already embarrassed face. "How dare you come in my home and go through my underwear drawers?" Then as I take a second look at the thing a realisation hit me.

They were the thongs I had worn just two days ago in the hopes that my husband would notice the effort I had made. They had been in the laundry basket that sits on the landing! He has been sniffing my used panties!

I can't hold in my anger and a torrent of abuse escapes my lips. However the more I shout and scream at him the less embarrassed Mr Klay looks.

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Eventually my tirade slows and my anger begins to dissipate, replaced by sheer humiliation and something much nicer that I just cannot put my finger on. Mr Klay sees the pause in my anger and takes his chance to defend himself. "Mrs F, I have been trying to fuck you for years now and you have turned down every advance that I have made." He takes a small step toward me and instinctively I take one back from him but he keeps advancing slowly as he continues to explain himself.

"I've allowed you to live rent free for the past year because you lost whatever crappy job it was that you had and I've turned a blind eye to you illegally subletting your spare rooms to that polish lodger of yours," how the hell does he know about Oliwia? And why won't he stop coming towards me?

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We're back out on the landing now and I'm slowly backing towarda the staircase as he continues to approach me, his strides getting bigger and bigger. "Now I'm not the kind of man to force himself on someone that doesn't want him but I need to get my release one way or another." My foot stumbles on the top step as I reach the staircase. One at a time I try to minuvour the stairs blindly. Although I know it isn't the best idea my blood is boiling and I can't keep back the retort I spit out.

"So in your sick perverted head it would be better to sit sniffing my dirty thongs?" Before I see his reaction to my question, the world disappears from underneath me and I feel myself begin to fall. I frantically scramble at the walls, trying to get a grip on something, anything to stop me from falling down the rest of the stairs but there is nothing. Just as I give up trying to stop me decent I feel Mr Klays arms around my wait, yanking me up straight so that I am safely back on my feet and pinned so closely to him that I can taste his subtle aftershave.

"Don't act like you haven't thought about me Mrs F." He breaths into my ear. I honestly can't say that I have thought about him at least not in that way.

Until now. Now I can feel his raging errection straining against his suit pants. I can see the longing in his eyes, feel the lust dancing in the air around us. Why doesn't Mike get this hard for me anymore? "I'm going to fuck you here and now and you're going to love it." His free hand makes quick work of ripping the l from my still steaming body whilst the hand that holds me in place moves from the small of my back to cupping my left ass cheek.

My mind is whirling as I try to keep reminding myself just how wrong this is. My family will be here soon and Mr Klay is young enough to be one of them! Yet as his fingers rub circles on my clit I can't find the willpower to say no so instead I stand rigid, Feeling myself grow moist around his skilled fingers.

"See I knew you wanted me Mrs F." He smiles as he brings his fingers, wet with my juices, to his face and takes a deep breath. "They smell just like those sexy little panties. Smell yourself." He thrusts the fingers under my nose and I although I try I can't stop my breath fast enough to stop the aroma of my wetness from filling my nose.

"Tell me Mrs F, so you want me to fuck you?" I hesitate for a moment, torn between knowing what is right and wanting to feel good. If my family where to walk in now I would be the first thing they saw, naked, humiliated and dripping wet. How could I put them through that?


Then again if I say no will he listen? Or will he just take what he wants anyway? Turning to him I look him dead in the eye and give him my answer. "Fine." I spit. I won't let him have the satisfaction of seeing me vulnerable so I bite back the tears as he takes a handful of my hair and pushes my face into the wall. His bulging cock is throbbing through is tightening suit pants as he pushes his wait against me pinning me against the wall.

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I can tell he is bigger than Mike, longer, thicker. "I want to fuck you like a slut then I wanna make love to you like your husband never would." He smiles, sending shivers down my spine. I don't want him to fuck me much less make love to me but I won't cry, I won't let him get his sick kicks from me!

So I don't struggle as he rips the towel from between us and I hold back my whimpers as I hear his zipper being pulled.

His raging hard on flops out and rests between my ass cheeks. "Does that feel good? Tell me Mrs F, do you like it?" My cheeks burn red with humiliation as I try to keep the shame from my voice as I reply. "Yes.


Yes Mr Klay it feel very good." He grunts and suddenly he is no longer against me. Grabbing my wrist he pulls, spinning me around to face him then he is on me again so fast he knocks the air out of me. "Don't act like you haven't been thinking about it.

I've seen you checking me out when you're husband isn't looking!" He uses one hand to keep both my arms above my head, the other he uses to line his erection up with my opening.

"Smile for me!" He laughs as he begins to thrust, pushing bulging head into me in one swift movement.