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The first few hours of the night Sammi woke up frequently. The dim light coming into the cab and through the curtain between the truck seats and sleeper from the rest stop and highway lights were just enough to allow her to look at her most significant tattoo, the one on her right wrist, a puzzle piece. The tattoo she got to cover the scar that she intentionally created hoping to end the pain of her daily life caused by her mother's latest boyfriend.

The puzzle piece a reminder that life was very complicated but with hard work, determination and tenacity someone could overcome the most difficult of circumstances as well as fit together the most minor of details to survive and succeed life just as one single puzzle piece at a time, placed with another and then another begins to show the image of what will eventually be a complete picture.

After staring at the one on her wrist she looked at the cross on her finger, the clover inside her arm by her elbow and the dragonfly that was paid for by her first gang rape. For a few moments it was hard to breath.

Her very quickly planned decision to run away so far had gone pretty well, one puzzle piece at a time. She thought about the dragonfly she had wanted. Like many mothers and daughters she felt like her mother was too strict and was constantly changing the rules when she would try new things that before were not restricted by a rule, like getting a ride home with a boy named Luke in his car.

She was honest telling her mom she had done so and then suddenly she wasn't allowed to ride home with a boy from school any longer.

That same boy, when they were younger, who had captured fireflys in a jar with her so she could see them. She had loved them since then for their ability to light up, fly and be free, even though Luke would catch them so they could both look at them closely he quickly once again set them free. But like so many other new rules when she knew it was the tattoo she wanted more then anything in the world and she saved the money to pay for it and then asked and even begged her mom for the tattoo, her mom set a new rule, no tattoos till she was eighteen.

She pulled back the covers and pushed her leg out into the light, John had done a beautiful firefly tattoo and for a moment she touched the tattoo and thought about the first time Luke had caught a firefly in a jar and brought it to her to see and then even showed her how to catch, look at and them release them. But even with all the positive memories the firefly could bring back to her mind, it now also brought back to her the memory of the first time not one, or two but three men had sex with her, gang raped her.

What was even more daunting was that she could not say for sure who the second and third men were to rape her. She knew John was first, she suspected the second man was the other tattoo artist but she didn't even know his name and she hoped the third cock to push into her was Roger but she would never know for sure.

But the firefly tattoo that she had wanted so badly for so long would forever be a reminder of the day, three men gang raped her.

Men who she knew little or nothing about. Now the permanent tattoo would likely forever be a reminder of having three men use her against her will. But even as she thought about that, Roger's words filled her thoughts, ""Don't think Holly, don't question just experience it Holly. I know you're sore but your body is still responding. Feel the cock stroking in and out of you deep. You're swollen and raw but you're still responding even with the pain because you're a dirty, filthy, pain slut Holly and your body wants, no needs more.

Just accept it Holly, accept what you feel and who you are." Thinking about his words left tears streaming from her eyes. She realized she was rubbing the tattoo on her calf. Her biggest fear was what if any part of what Roger said was the truth? To take her mind off of Roger's words she took a few minutes to watch the older trucker, on who's chest she was lying, watching, hearing and feeling the rise and fall of his chest with each breath.

After everything Roger had put her through she was amazed to have found a man whom so far she felt she could trust. He could easily have overpowered her in the motel room when she walked out of the bathroom with only a motel towel wrapped around her body. But even though he had been forward enough to kiss her, when her body trembled, he did not push further and try to take more, instead he walked out of the room. It was only after that action she realized his kiss was soft and tender like she once had believed a kiss was supposed to be.

But before his kiss, every other kiss she had was from Roger or one of his friends or maybe she should call them associates.

Those kisses were not kind or gentle and definitely not loving. She looked at the trucker and wondered what it felt like to be his wife.

She couldn't help wonder how lonely his wife must have felt when he was gone on the road. She couldn't help but be curious how often they had sex when he was home. She blushed and felt some shame when she felt curious what it might feel like to have sex with him. Only a few months ago she would have thought the idea of flirting let alone sex with a male much older then eighteen gross, that was before Roger arranged for multiple adult men of varying ages to have sex with her.

Now here she lay with a man over fifty curious what it felt like for his wife to be married to him. She thought about their three kisses, the one in the hotel room when she froze and trebled with nerves. The one in the cab of the truck with him sitting in his seat where she felt like a school girl terrified he'd reject her.

And finally the kiss before getting into the truck just a few hours earlier, a kiss that for the first time in her life, felt both loving and romantic. A kiss she wished didn't have to end. She stared at his face, looking at every detail the limited light would show.

The one thing she had no choice but to accept was that the moment Roger came into her life he forever changed who she was. Had he never done so she most likely would not be in this truck now.

She finally laid her head back down trying once again to fall back asleep. Eventually she did. Only a few short hours later Joseph woke as the sun just started to ascend in the Eastern sky. When he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was the lovely young woman who was now lying on her side facing away from him. He woke also lying on his side facing her and her body was ever so slightly leaning back against him.

He realized that for the first time in a long time he had a raging hard erection. He couldn't help himself from looking her up and down. He loved the light blue shirt she had on as it showed most of her bare shoulders and arms. His eyes were reminded that she had removed her bra before she had gotten under the covers of the sleeper as he could easily make out the natural shape of one of her breasts including the nipple.

He loved the natural curves and the feminine shape of her body as he could distinguish her tiny waist and then the rise to her hips. With her body lightly pressed back against his, he couldn't resist ever so slightly letting his weight shift towards her.

He had not cuddled or spooned with a woman in so many years. She felt amazing, so soft and feminine, she smelled much better then the last time they were there in the sleeper before she had showered. Joseph closed his eyes and imagined what it might be like to wake her with kisses and make sweet love with her.

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Even with the fact he had already been a widower a few years he felt a bit guilty for the desires stirring inside him but that didn't stop him from imagining how amazing it might feel to be inside her.

He couldn't resist smelling her hair. By inching closer to her he could feel the firmness of her bottom against his hard cock and she just felt incredible and warm. Despite the sun continuing to rise and the minutes passing on time he could be driving he wanted to enjoy lying by her a bit longer.

He couldn't stop himself from thinking about gently turning her on her back, kissing her and getting on top of her to made passionate love. A few minutes passed as he enjoyed that fantasy, imagining what it might be like to have sex with the attractive curvaceous young woman. The thought of her youthful energy invigorated him. But after enjoying the fantasy for several minutes his mind drifted back to the hotel room and his attempt at a simple kiss that was met by uncontrollable trembling.

His mind thought about the number of bruises he saw on her body. Who had done that to her? Certainly that was part of why she was hitchhiking with so few belongings. He took one last opportunity to think about his own needs before bending down and kissing her cheek, "Mind if I slip past you hear we need to hit the road, I hope we arrive before five o'clock today if so we get the delivery bonus" he said.

Sammi looked up at him with groggy eyes still sleepy. But as he started to straddle her to crawl over her to get to the front of the truck she put a hand on his arm and asked, "Can I have a kiss first." At that point to give him room to get past her she had rolled flat on her back, so she touched his arm to stop him when he was almost fully over her. He quickly responded "Of course." At first he lowered just his shoulders and head and pressed his lips against hers, his intention was to just give her a quick peck and then keep going but the moment he leaned down to kiss her she slid her arms around his neck, something that was so much easier for her to do when not standing up since his he was so much taller.

Like all her other kisses within moments of making lip contact her mouth opened.

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He normally wouldn't initiate that with morning breath but how could he resist her. Joseph's intension was just a quick peck but with her hands around his neck and her mouth open kissing more passionately he couldn't just break the kiss and pull away. He was strong enough to hold his body over hers but without too much thought he slowly eased his weight onto her body.

It had been so long since he last had sex, just trapping his fully hard cock between his body and hers was almost enough to make him cum. He managed not to but couldn't deny how amazing it felt to have it pressed against her soft body. He was relived that she did not react negatively or begin to tremble because of feeling him lowering his weight more onto her.

The kiss, despite both of their morning breath, turned passionate quickly. He used her arms around his neck as a gage that she was okay. He thought as long as they remained around his neck, that was an affirmation that she was comfortable with his body lying on hers.

As the kiss continued he stopped working at holding his body up and let himself carefully settle on top of her.

He put his own hands to the sides of her face holding her gently with the kiss. For a few minutes he let himself get lost in the kiss, he couldn't remember feeling so excited and aroused for a woman except shortly before marrying his wife.

Like a teen boy he moved his hips slightly dry humping the young woman under him to stroke his cock. Neither of them were wearing much clothing. He was just in his boxers and she was still in her blue top, panties and no bra. Every ounce of his being wanted to take advantage of the situation.

He loved kissing Sammi. Her kisses were not timid at all, they were soft, wet and had a strange vulnerability to them, like she was inviting him to kiss her deeper. But making on time deliveries was part of his companies reputation. It was a reputation he had worked hard to build that he only failed to deliver on when there were horrible weather conditions and even a few times despite bad road conditions he had found a way to make the deadline.

With the time they had wasted at breakfast the previous day he was nearing the point of not making the delivery before end of the business day. He would still be paid for delivering the load, but the substantial on time bonus would be lost.


Was sex, now with Sammi worth that sacrifice. Just as he was struggling with the decision she moved her arms to around his waist.

He reluctantly broke the kiss and said, "Sammi, I'm so very sorry, but in order to keep my commitment to an on time delivery we really need to hit the road and with that he firmly pushed up and moved towards the front side of the sleeper and she let go of his waist saying, "Oh, of course." She wasn't sure herself what she wanted but it felt incredible to be able to lie with someone who didn't then force sex on her.

He found his pants and a shirt and his flip flops. Sammi, knowing she definitely needed a bathroom break also pulled her shorts and shoes on. Joseph put the leash on Ol'Jake and the three of them departed the cab of the truck.

On the walk to the restrooms, Roger's words echoed in her mind, "Dirty, filthy, pain slut. Your body needs to hurt more Holly." She started to feel terrible shame and humiliation because her how her body had responded to kissing Joseph, her breasts felt swollen, her areolas puffy and her nipples were fully pointy and hard. Inside her panties she was soaking wet, all symptoms of a dirty, filthy, pain slut. Upon getting back in the cab after they all took care of their business Joseph got out a few breakfast bars he had and said, "If you don't mind we will skip stopping for breakfast and lunch, other then maybe a fast food drive through to hopefully get there on time.

If we're on time and get the bonus I'll take you out for a nice dinner to celebrate. That is after we get the truck cleaned up." He added with a wink.

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He then slid off his flip flops and put on socks and shoes. Without any further delay he navigated the truck out of the rest stop and back onto the highway. Ol'Jack was happy as Sammi was once again petting him. Sammi's mind was racing through so many thoughts.

She wondered if she should feel shame for what she did this morning. She wondered if Joseph wasn't even interested in her that way. Her logical mind told her she should be at school flirting with a boy around her age, yet she found herself waking sharing the bed with an over fifty year old man and thinking about having sex with him.

It was hard not to hate who she had become. She looked down at the puzzle piece tattoo on her wrist covering the scar she made using a knife from her mother's kitchen the night following her visit to the tattoo shop. She touched it gently with her finger tips thinking about everything she had been through. __________________ Holly walked back into her home numb.

Roger even helped her all the way to her room and to her bed. Her body ached and her sex felt so raw, swollen and sore. She crawled into her bed feeling more like an object then a person. She wasn't sure if she took a nap or slept at all but the hours seemed to crawl by before at some point Roger came to her room, when she didn't get up out of bed he walked over took a hand full of her hair and pulled her out of the bed to her feet.

He put his hand on her shoulder walking her towards the bedroom but spanking her bottom with the belt every two or three seconds. "Get cleaned up" he commanded as he continued to walk her all the way in the bathroom striking her butt with the belt until they were standing by the shower. She was moving slow and lethargic so he began pulling at her clothes helping her undress until she was naked. He loved the feeling of power and control that gave him. He even turned on the water for her and helped her get into the tub standing under the shower head.

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Since she was still moving slow he gave her a command, "Wash." She slowly added body wash to her hand and began washing her body. Roger had never felt this much power and control over another person. He had relationships in the past where he had become abusive and had his partner intimidated into being compliant but nothing near the way Holly had become and none of those women had a body half as gorgeous as Holly.

He couldn't resist staying in the bathroom with her and he took the time to look at her naked body. For the young age she was he had to admit she had an amazing body. Her bra size was a 32 B and he guessed her waist was about 24 inches and her hips appeared to be around 32 inches as well. She looked like a model to him. He delighted at the fresh red marks on her bottom caused by him just hitting her with the belt and the black and blue spots on her body excited him too.

He had to admit there was something sick about that. The bandages were still in place over her tattoos but he couldn't wait to remove them. He found himself needing to push her to get her moving with her shower.

He finally left her to finish her shower and went to her room digging through her closet finding the highest heels he could and clothes he thought she would look sexy wearing. Like she had been doing lately, Holly took a very long hot shower until the water started getting cold. When he heard the shower turn off he hurried into the bathroom and enjoyed watching her every move.

It made her very uncomfortable. He told her to brush her teeth and to apply light makeup. Once she had her teeth and hair brushed she applied light makeup and she was surprised when he pulled her towel off her hanging it on the rod.

"Your look beautiful natural, no reason to hide anything around me, I've seen all of you" he said then guided her to her room. There lying on her bed was a think white blouse, a basic white bra, white lace bikini panties, a full white skirt with large red roses and on the floor next to the bed were red high heel shoes with ankle straps.

She looked at the clothing and then looked at him oddly and asked, "Where are we going?" He had an incredulous look on his face but then decided to give her a vague answer, "We're going to see a friend of mine, but I owe you no explanation, just do as you're told, get dressed. Holly felt so uncomfortable because he just stood there watching her. No one, not her mom or a girlfriend had ever just watched her get dressed.

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Only after getting the bra and panties on did she feel a little less self conscious. Once she was dressed he looked her over with a look of satisfaction on his face apparently pleased with the clothes he had selected. She followed him to his car and he opened the passenger door for her. They took about a 45 minute drive when they pulled up in the circle driveway of a nice hotel. Two men in uniforms opened both of the car doors and she was offered a hand as she stepped out of a car.

She was surprised when Roger walked over to her and offered her his elbow. A doorman opened and held the door open for them. He led the way through the lobby to the elevator, pressed the button and when one of the elevators opened he stepped in with her. He pressed the button for the tenth floor. After just a few seconds the elevator bell rang and the doors opened on the tenth floor.

He led her down the hallway to room 1018 and knocked on the door. After a few seconds a middle aged man, she thought to be in his forties, dressed in a blue button down dress shirt, a navy tie with light blue flowers and navy blue dress slacks and well as black men's dress shoes opened the door. He motioned them in with his hand and said, "Welcome, come on in." Once in the room the well dressed man with jet black short trimmed hair, offered her his hand and introduced himself to her, "Greetings, I'm Jim." Very timidly she offered her hand to him and very softly said, "Holly." He had just motioned towards a sofa in the hotel room suite when there was a knock at the door.

Jim quickly replied, "Excuse me that must be our dinner." He opened the door and a room service person brought in a rolling table.

He unfolded the sides of the table making it larger and then showed Jim the food under covers over the plates. He tipped the room service employee and then stepped back out of the door. Jim moved three chairs to the rolling table and motioned for Holly to sit down in one. He then motioned for Roger to take a seat. Jim then removed the lids from all the plates and opened a bottle the cork shooting off hitting the ceiling and poured something to drink in all three of their glasses.

They also each had a glass of water. He asked Holly which of the plates she would like and she chose one where she saw chicken. Roger took fish and Jim took a plate with a steak. With the fact that Roger said Jim was his friend Holly was surprised that Jim directed the conversation towards her, asking her about school, her favorite subject any extra curricular activities she participated in. When she answered that she wasn't in any, Jim asked her about dance and gymnastics that she had taken in the past.

He asked her if she was flexible and could do the splits. The last thing Holly expected was for the visit to Roger's friend to become a discussion about her. It felt very creepy to her that he seemed to know things about her. The longer the meal lasted the more uncomfortable she felt.

After finishing with their main dish, Jim pulled out three deserts and again let Holly pick which she wanted. She picked a pretty red cake with white icing that Jim called Red Velvet Cake.

She tried to be careful how much of the bubbling drink Jim had poured from the bottle she drank but both Jim and Roger kept telling her to take a sip. While she knew it was alcohol and she was very unsure, she was pretty confident that there would be consequences for not doing as she was told.

On occasion either Jim or Roger would pour more from the bottle into her glass so she lost track of how much she was drinking. She ate most of her desert and noticed that Jim was starting to touch her hand and wrist more often. Once they finished eating, Jim said to Holly, "You need to see the view from here" and he stood up, pulled out her chair and guided her into another part of the room where the bed was and had her look out of the large window out to a balcony and over a beautiful park with a river.

But when she finished looking at the view and turned back to the room she realized there was a door, now closed between the bedroom area of the hotel room and the part of the room where they ate and Roger was nowhere to be seen. She felt her throat fall into her stomach. The moment that Jim saw the realization in Holly's eyes that she understood they were alone he charged at her quickly pushing her towards the nearest wall, knocking her off balance with her in the high heels but using his strength to lift and hold her up until she was pressed against the wall.

Holly was starring at him with her eyes wide, totally caught off guard by how quickly he rushed at her and pushed her against the wall. His hands were initially placed under her arms since he knocked her off balance to keep her on her feet. But once she got over the initial shock of being shoved into a wall she realized his right hand was feeling and squeezing her left breast through her blouse and bra.

Jim broke the silence in the room other then the sounds of their movements by saying, "Roger says you're turned on and into it rough. I like it that way too. He really understated how beautiful you were." As he was talking to her, he switched hands and used his left hand to feel and squeeze her right breast.

He then leaned in to give her a kiss, but when he did she turned her face to the right to avoid his kiss. Roughly he grabbed her chin with his thumb and two fingers and forced her to face him again, but the moment her face was straight he used his right hand to slap her left cheek. The slap was hard and left Holly stunned for a few seconds. Once again he pushed his mouth to hers and of course this time she didn't turn away. He was even pleased how quickly her mouth opened allowing him to kiss her deeply.

She didn't realize it, until he broke the kiss that he had unbuttoned half of the buttons of her blouse from the top down. But the second he broke the kiss she felt his left hand push into her shirt and push hard at the bra until his fingers forced their way under the bra cup covering her left breast.

It didn't feel good in any way his fingers jammed hard against the firm breast flesh and his fingers pressed and probed until they found her nipple. The second they did, they pinched and pulled on her nipple harder then she would have thought anyone could while still having a bra on.

She tried to use her arms to push him away or at least to push that hand off her nipple as the pulling hurt pretty bad. To her horror when she tried to push him away with her arms it made him smile and it seemed like the second she saw his smile, she felt his right hand once again slap her across the face.

The slap was hard enough it forced her head to turn to the side but the minute it did he pulled his left hand out from her breast and again used his thumb and two fingers to turn her head till she was once again facing him. "Roger didn't tell me you fight back. I love a girl who fights back. Stop me Holly, don't let me hurt you, do your best to stop me, maybe, just maybe, I'll stop" he said with a strong voice his eyes locked with hers.

He then grabbed both of her wrists each with one of his hands and lifted them up pinning them just above her heard. He then pushed his body against hers and kissed her once again. Holly wasn't sure what to do, she wasn't sure he seriously would stop but she decided she at least had to try and turned her face the other way this time. He repeated the process using his right hand to turn her face back to center by using his thumb and two fingers.

Once she was facing him again he slapped her a bit harder this time but with the same hand his right on her left cheek but this time he moved it fast and after slapping the left side of her face he brought his hand back across and backhanded her right cheek but also got her nose. That immediately drew blood from her nose that dripped down onto her mouth chin and even her blouse. She immediately started to cry making her makeup run The look of satisfaction in his eyes terrified her.

Once again he grabbed firm hold of each of her wrists with each of his hands but this time he lifted them over her head until they were touching and he managed to grab hold of both wrists with one hand. Once he hand a firm hold of them both with his left, his right hand went down to her thigh and started tugging the long full skirt up until his hand had moved the skirt high enough to reach her bare thigh. From there he worked his hand up to her panties.

He rubbed around on her white lace panties a bit until his fingers worked to between her legs. Not very gently his finger rubbed and felt through her panties working to find her sex. He first used his right leg, to push her left leg out to the side a bit then did the same with his other leg pushing her right foot out.

Then once again his fingers started rubbing and probing over her panties on her sex. To the most part it was uncomfortable and didn't feel good to her but despite her hatred for what he was doing eventually all the finger probing at her sex started getting her panties wet.

Jim pushed his face to the side of hers and said softly by her ear, "Mmm, Roger was right you get turned on being hurt. Can you feel it sweetie your panties are getting wet." He then roughly pushed a finger inside the leg hem of her panties until his finger rubbed her bare sex.

He then pulled his finger out and smeared the wetness just under her bottom lip at the top of her chin. Out of nowhere he picked her up and quickly carried her over to the bed and like a tackle slammed her body hard against the mattress. He then pounced on her body straddling her thighs.

He started very roughly grabbing and pulling at her breasts. She realized her arms were free so she swung at him with little skill one swing hitting his chest and another his left cheek. "No, no stop, get off of me please" she begged. As Jim had said before he loved that she was fighting back. He intentionally pinched her breast, stomach and sides without trying to restrain her hands but as she swung her arms trying to hit and stop his pinches he quickly would hit her arms away.

Her wild swinging arms hardly made any contact with his body except for where his arms and fists struck her arms knocking them away. A few times she managed to hit his chest with her fist but he just used that as a reason to slap her across the face. Slowly he worked to unbutton the last few buttons of her white blouse and knew he had them all unbuttoned when it pushed open. Out of nowhere he quickly used his legs to lift his body weight up off of her and grabbed a shoulder and hip and flipped her over onto her belly.

Once there he lowered his weigh back onto her sitting on her bottom. He could tell she was tired from the struggle so for a few minutes he didn't do much but stroke her hair playfully. Holly was full of anger, fear and confusion not sure of what to do or not do.

Only a few weeks ago she never would have even imagined something like this happening. Once her breathing calmed a bit he very deliberately pushed her blouse up and unhooked her bra. "Please, don't. I don't want this. You're hurting me" she cried. Her begging delighted him and made him want to defeat her mind more so he carefully reached under her shoulders grabbing hold of the now open blouse and slowly pulled it down her shoulders, arms, wrists and finally off her hands.

He then firmly placed all eight of his finger tips just below her shoulders and scratched down her back with his fingernails, like a lover would do for their partner. He scratched her back in different angles and directions several times especially where the bra had been slowly increasing the pressure until his nails were leaving scratch marks.

Once again he caught her completely unprepared when he lifted his weight off her, grabbed a handful of her hair and her left forearm and lifted her back up to her feet. He hurriedly pushed her over to the end of a dresser until her legs were up against the end then put his hand hard on the back of her neck pushing her upper body down onto the cold smooth stone top of the dresser. She didn't notice or feel when he unbuttoned the top of the skirt she was wearing but heard it as the zipper went down.

She tried to reach down to grab the material but he was too fast and it was down to just above her knees out of reach too quickly. This time from behind he reached up hard between her sex and forced his hand to her sex.

This time he pushed two fingers hard against the material of her panties forcing the material with the tips of his fingers slightly inside between her pussy lips and in a low menacing tone said, "Roger was so right about you Holly, despite all your begging for me to stop, your body is aroused and you're soaking wet." Holly was too inexperienced and immature to understand her own body's natural responses and his words really cut into her mind and thoughts and her eyes poured tears.

She didn't understand why her body was feeling and reacting to what was happening even though she was terrified of what was happening and who was doing this to her.

She felt the skirt fall to her ankles and assumed he could have tugged it down as his hand slid up and down one leg and then the other him feeling the contour and muscles in each of her legs still well defined by the red high heels still on her feet.

She was suddenly horrified and shocked at the pain when rather the pulling her panties down her legs he grabbed firm hold of them and jerked up hard yanking the material hard up against her butt crack and sex.

His pull was hard enough it almost lifted her off her feet. It took him two more hard yanks before the material of the panties tore free from her body and it was quite painful how it pulled against her tender flesh.

She was now standing there nude except for the red high heel shoes on her feet. He then leaned over her pushing his hands under her until each hand found each breast.

There was an eerie sound of glee in his voice when he pointed out, "Holly, these nipples are hard as can be you're loving this." Her nipples having just been pressed against the cold stone now felt the warmth of his hands and fingers.

He pinched and pulled on them over and over working the nipples and areolas. He then moved his right hand between her legs and found her sex and rubbed roughly at her pussy and clit. Like he did with her nipples he pinched and pulled at her clit first softly working it fully from its hood and then once he had it between his fingers he squeezed it as hard as he could causing her to squeal out in pain.

The ache from her sex distracted her and she didn't recognize the sound of the top drawer of the dresser opening or his hand moved onto the back of her neck. He used her neck to slide her body partway off the stone top of the dresser and then pressed his elbow down on her back pushing her shoulder down. The scream that came from her was much louder then he expected when just about at the same moment he slammed the dresser drawer closed trapping her breast, still with the bandage from the tattoo shop in the drawer and thrust his cock into her sex hard.

His hard thrust also jammed her hips hard against the stone top of the dresser. He held the drawer firmly closed trapping her breast for several seconds before she finally managed to pull it free from the drawer and stone top scraped her breast as she pulled it free all while he continued to thrust his cock in and out of her sex. With the weight of the dresser it had no give and did not move at all so his thrusts cruelly slammed her pelvis over and over into the stone top.

Holly was in shock from the pain in her breast and the building pain in her pelvis as he continued to slam his cock in and out of her sex. Jim then once again grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her upper body up and her back against his chest. He quickly wrapped his arm around her neck his elbow under her chin and all but drug her back to the bed. He spun her by the shoulders facing him with her back to the bed and then pushed her onto her back, grabbing her under her knees pulling her legs up and then once again thrusting his cock inside her.

It was all happening so fast she could hardly think but could only react. He was fucking her brutally and it felt as much as a physical attack as it did a rape. As if he could read her mind his hand clutched and squeezed the breast he had trapped in the dresser drawer and it felt like the most intense squeezing she could imagine. Even as his hand held and squeezed her breast he continued to thrust his hips and pound his cock into her sex.

He also twice reached up and slapped her face hard. He used all of his strength and weight on his in thrusts and tried to push his cock as deep as he could. It was the most intense, brutal assault Holly could have imagined. She stopped struggling and just told herself to try to survive. The way he was fucking her felt like it was from hate and anger. Finally to her relief she heard his grunting change and he pressed down hard against her body and let out a loud long groan.

He held deep for a few seconds with that groan and then thrust his hips several more times making short quick groans and finally collapsed on top of her.

She cried as he laid dead weight on her, exhausted from fucking her. It took him a few minutes to find the strength to get up off of her. He got dressed and then opened the doors leading into the sitting area of the suite where Roger was seated watching the TV.

"You were right Roger she is quite the pain slut" Jim said and Roger corrected him, "A dirty, filthy pain slut" he said with a chuckle.

For a few seconds Holly curled up into a ball and cried but as she heard the two men talking and heard Roger say she was a dirty, filthy, pain slut she lifted her head slightly to look in their direction.

She saw something she didn't expect and it took a while to comprehend when Jim took money from his wallet and handed it to Roger. Jim then excused himself and left the suite. Roger came to where she was lying on the bed, picked up her clothing and tossed it on the bed saying, "Get dressed." When Holly didn't move fast enough for him, Roger started helping her get dressed.

He saw several fresh bruises on her body and it almost aroused him enough to want to rape her right then and there but he was ready to get home. He had her wash the blood off her face and had her wear her blouse inside out so the blood droplets would not be easily seen. Her panties were torn so he just put them in his pocket, she would have to go without underwear. He made sure they left nothing behind in the hotel room and then walked her to valet parking and gave them the ticket for his car.

Once again a man in a uniform opened the car door for her. She felt such shame and humiliation as she felt fluids escape from her sex and run down her legs.

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He drove them home with no conversation and she sat in the passenger seat hurting and mentally drained. He helped her get from the car into the apartment, into her bedroom and into her bed. She laid there sobbing on and off, her body hurting and her mind overwhelmed and confused.

She thought about the fact that Roger introduced Jim to her as his friend but why did his friend hand him money before he left the hotel room and why did they even go to a hotel? While she was young she knew the words whore and prostitute.

She had to question if Jim was actually Roger's friend or did he give money to Roger to have sex with her.


That thought terrified her. As the night turned into morning Holly could not find sleep. She hurt and felt dirty and filthy. She continued to picture the passing of money between the two men and she felt nauseated at the thought that Jim simply paid to have sex with her making her a true whore.

Her lack of ability to sleep led her to get to her feet and walk quietly to the kitchen to get something to drink. She got a glass of water but out of the corner of her eye she saw the kitchen knife block. She walked over to the counter where it sat and with her hands trembling one by one lifted each knife up looking at it's blade.

She took a few more sips of her water then set the glass down and slowly pulled one of the knives from the block as tears came pouring from her eyes. She quietly walked back to her room holding the knife in her hand closing the door behind her.

Holly laid on her bed crying clutching the knife she had pulled from the block. She wasn't sure if she had it in her to defend herself from Roger or if she even had the strength or nerve to even attempt to stab him with it or if she had the intent of trying to end her pain by ending her own life. She thought about her mother and her friends and her life before he came into their home but she knew she was not that girl anymore nor would she ever be that girl again.

He had changed that, he had changed her, through sex, pain and violence. Did she have the nerve to hurt him? Or was it easier to hurt herself. To end her own pain which might somehow end his pleasure. With her hand trembling she lifted the knife and put the base of the blade to her wrist.


Then slowly with pressure she drew the blade across her own wrist and blood started to pour from the wound. Within moments she passed out into darkness. She woke somewhere unfamiliar to her. At first glance she thought it might be a hospital but she soon realized there were only two other people there in addition to herself. It took a few minutes before she realized what she had attempted to do and looked at her wrist which had a thick bandage taped over it and it was very sore.

Of the other two people there she recognized Roger but the woman there in blue scrubs she did not know. "You stupid girl, I knew you liked pain but I wouldn't have thought you were into cutting yourself.

You must be more careful, you almost cut too deep. But I saved your life so it now belongs to me. I've just begin to explore your potential. I'm confident we can push your limits to even greater heights.