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Babe Fucking During Excellent HighDef Porn Video
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The Family Chapter two: The Revelations Jill did stop by the car wash before going home and once at home she parked in the garage so no one would see the large damp spot she was so consciously aware of.

In her mind everyone would know she had been fucking a black man if they saw it. She stripped her dress off and threw it and some other clothes in the washer and was standing there nude, her thighs and groin area soaked with their cum as she remembered the way Omar had fucked her so viciously and her pussy clenched, her entire body shuddered as an electric like wave gripped every cell of her body bending her almost to a fetal position.

Then, as her pussy screamed it's emptiness she cried, sobbed for the life she had had and sobbed even harder knowing the life she would be leading from now on. Standing there in their home she craved Omar's cock, craved it more than ever before. Jill realized that if they had fucked for ten more minutes that Layla could have been one of the people watching her fuck Omar and that thought filled her with a fear and apprehension of the consequences of something like that.

Jill walked around the house nude feeling happier than she had in years. The feel of Omar's cum leaking from her pussy and trailing down her inner thighs was a naughty delight that had her feeling so slutty. She remembered walking around her parents house full of black ball juice knowing everyone around her would disown her if they knew and how slutty it made her feel even then. That was what she loved about Omar's home, she could let that slut within her flourish. Jill had always known that someday it was inevitable for her and Omar to meet living so close together and it surprised her it took so many years.

After today she thought, she wished it had happened many years ago. Accepting the fact that she needed Omar and other black men in her life was the hardest part. She was reasonably sure she could pull off meeting him without being discovered as she had those years back then. She couldn't keep her hands from her clit as she recounted the days events. She even shocked herself as she was about to cum and she thought of Layla seeing her fucking Omar at the mall and instead of killing her arousement she immediately tensed and her hand flew over her clit as that thought intensified her orgasm.

She felt embarrassed, guilty as the image of her daughters' almost perfect body inhabited her mind and she found pleasure thinking of touching her in ways no mother should ever even think of. She felt so slutty after fucking Omar that she decided to just allow her mind to take her wherever it brought her pleasure. She closed her eyes and thought of the women she had been with at Omar's, gazing up into their eyes as her tongue caressed their clits.

In her vision she suddenly realized it was Layla's eyes she was staring into, Layla's pussy she was sucking and licking and Layla's pussy that was full of hard black dick as she sucked at her clit.

Jill's body tensed and shook as she allowed herself to wallow in the incestuous thoughts of her daughter. She remembered the softness of Layla's lips as she had kissed her earlier in the car, thought of her tasting the mixture of hers and Omar's cum she had sucked and licked from his cock and she couldn't help but think of them both sucking his cock and sharing his hot cum together.

Jill tensed so hard at that thought she thought her muscles were going to rip and her spine was going to break as she jerked and shook through many, many hard orgasmic spasms. Her thoughts of Layla left her exhausted, guilt ridden and her mind full of unanswered questions. If Omar saw her daughters would he want to fuck them as he had her when she was young, would she let him seduce them if he asked, or could she even prevent it if he decided to fuck them?

She knew they would love it and also that he would have them craving his and other black cocks for the rest of their lives. Could she allow that knowing how her addiction to black dick has affected her life and now possibly her marriage?

Jill had just gotten in the shower and was allowing the hot water to burn the days sins from her body when the shower door opened and Kyle entered. He wrapped her in his arms and whispered in her ear that he had talked to Layla and she said her and Alexis were going to a show and would be home later so they were alone.

His hard dick was prodding her ass as he spoke. For the first time since they married Jill felt guilt as her husband's dick slid along her labia while her vagina was full of a black mans joy at finding relief in his wife's cunt. Kyle guided his stiff dick to her pussy and began pressing into her. Normally it would take a few strokes for him to get his glans embedded in her tightness but this time his first thrust sent his cock deep inside her. "Damn Jill, you're wet as hell baby, you want this dick don't you honey", he asked as he began fucking her more forcefully, his dick lubed by Omar's large load of black ball juice.

Jill felt her arousement heightening as she felt his dick sliding in her cum filled pussy. She felt a perverse thrill at having her husband fucking her after a black man had stretched her as he would never be able to. She remembered the feel of Omar inside her and her hips began a wild hunching back into his dick as a result of her thoughts.

"Fuck me, oh god I need your dick baby.fuck me hard!"she cried almost pleading as in her mind she was again fucking Omar's black dick. Her hips rolled, undulating wildly as she tried to find pleasure in his dick. She felt frustration as his dick slid in her cummy pussy loosely and she cried out, "Cum in me Kyle, oh god I need your cum baby, give it to me." Kyle fucked his wife roughly and it had been weeks since they had fucked so he thought her pussy was just extremely wet from needing to be fucked and that was why she felt looser.

Of course he couldn't tell her that so he angled his dick and fucked her quicker, harder until he flooded her with what she needed to cum. He felt her pussy squeezing his dick, milking him as she tensed and moaned she was cumming. Jill faked her orgasm as tears filled her eyes with the knowledge she just wasn't turned on by Kyle's cock. She was determined he would never know that though.

She turned and put her arms around him and kissed him passionately allowing the love she felt for him to flow from her through her kiss. She did love Kyle as a person and never wanted to hurt him in any way. Omar made her feel whole and fulfilled but Kyle was her life, her rock, her only true love. She broke the kiss and said, "let me wash and then I want you to fuck my ass while the girls are gone. Go get the lube and that small cone vibrator ready" He smiled and said, "I knew you were really horny, I'm gonna tear that ass up", he said as he exited the shower.

She smiled and said, "And I'm going to love every minute of it baby".

When he was gone she grabbed the back brush and thrust the handle up her pussy and began fucking herself hard, hurting her pussy as her other hand mashed her clit until she cum hard with Omar in her mind. Tears flowed from her eyes as her body jerked and shook from the intensity of her orgasm.

She lathered up and cleaned her asshole well. She knew Omar would want her ass the next time they met so she was going to begin loosening it up for him so it wouldn't kill her when he did take it. Kyle loved fucking her ass also but she didn't allow it often so this would be a treat for him also.

She didn't need her husband wondering why her asshole was so loose if he hadn't been fucking it. Layla and Alexis were enjoying the show when suddenly the lights were raised and an usher directed them that they had to move to the lobby.

Once in the lobby they were told they had to vacate the premises as there had been a bomb threat phoned in. Everyone was handed coupons to give them entry to another show at any date they wished as the management apologized profusely. Police were guiding everyone out as explosive sniffing dogs were being brought in by heavily suited bomb disposal police so they hurried to their car and left.

"Well, I guess that pretty much ruins our night so we might as well go home and watch tv, huh, Alexis", Layla said to her sister as she drove towards home. They parked in the driveway and walked through the garage and entered through the kitchen. Once inside Layla told Alexis to go tell their parents they were home while she went to the bathroom. "Ok, I'll meet you in the rec room when I come back down.

I'm gonna get out of these clothes and put my robe on", Alexis replied as she ran up the carpeted stairs. She was undressing when she decided to take a shower later so she just stripped down nude and buttoned the top button on her robe.

Remembering she had never told her parents they were home she walked down the hall to their parent's bedroom and was about to tap on the partly open door but she stopped with her hand in the air as she gazed into the dresser mirror and saw her dad kneeling on the bed behind her mother.

She could hear her mom pleading with her dad to "Fuck my ass, oh god fuck it hard baby! Oh fuck you feel so big, I love it…aiieeeEEEE……ohhhhhh……Oh damn doit…doit hard&hellip.I'm cummin…… ohhhhshit…FUCK ME!" Alexis' breathing became instantly deep, rapid as she watched her dads cock piston in her mom's asshole.

Her clit was pulsing a deep hard tempo and she couldn't stop her pussy from clenching her need as she felt herself filling with a wet desire.

Her mind told her to leave but her feet were frozen, unable to move as she filled with a craving to have her dad fucking her ass like he was her mom's. She felt disgust at herself as she realized what she was wanting but even that didn't stop her hand from pressing into her robe and finding her clit and beginning to roll it softly under the balls of her fingertips.

As she watched her mom fell face down on the bed as she tensed cumming as her dad lay atop her ramming his hard cock deep inside her uplifted asshole. She saw him reach under her and her hips began pressing up into his hardest thrusts so enthusiastically she was lifting him with her rearward thrusting while moaning and begging him not to stop.

Her mom was really into his fucking her asshole and she couldn't seem to get enough of his dick. Alexis was close to cumming as she heard her dad groan, "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum baby&hellip.oh shit I love fucking your ass". She watched as her mom screamed, "NO, I want it in my mouth and her dad pulled out and her mom rolled over and her dad straddled her tits and began stroking his cock. Alexis saw his whole dick as he stroked it and when he bent and moaned her mom grabbed his dick and began sucking wildly on it as she stroked it.

He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth with forceful strokes and then groaned loudly while her mom sucked only on his swollen glans.

Alexis knew her mom was sucking his cum directly from his tip as he hunched into her tightly sucking mouth. His ass cheeks squeezed as his hips thrust and held his dick in her mouth while her mom's throat contracted and swallowed often. Knowing she was sucking her dad's cum from his balls sent Alexis into an orgasm that bent her into a fetal position before her knees gave out and she dropped to her knees trying desperately to stifle her moans.

Her fingers groped deeply in her pussy as the heel of her hand mashed her clit hard. She fell backwards on the carpet, her hips lifting as her hand roughly rolled her clit, body trembling, shaking as her entire body tensed hard. When Alexis opened her eyes her dad was opening the door and walking out nude under a robe that hung open at the front.

He had a surprised look etched on his face as he saw her hand moving on her clit, hips lifting, out-turning as she cum.


Seeing him, knowing he was watching her caused her to groan and her thighs straightened and she began shaking violently as she cum harder than ever before in her life. She wanted to stop but couldn't as the intense pleasure at her pussy was overwhelming.

All she could do was watch her dad's dick sway beneath his open robe and grip her pussy tightly as her fingers pressed deep into her flooding pussy. Her probing fingers raked her g-spot as her mind refused to send the signals that would allow her to stop and run in embarrassment.

She couldn't stop cumming, couldn't move except to respond to the spasms gripping and immobilizing her. She saw him close the door and put his finger to his lips and motion, shhhh before stroking his now hard dick as he watched her. No, No, her mind cried as she realized he was himself masturbating to the sight of her plight. His eyes gleamed with his arousement as his hand flew along his cock.

ArrrrgghhhhHHHHHH she moaned loudly as her orgasm intensified with the sight before her. His chest was lifting and falling quickly and then he stiffened, his glans swelling hugely as his hips out-thrust and a deep groan escaped his lips as his balls jerked visibly and his hand stroked swiftly for a few strokes before a long stream of pearlescent white cum streamed from his tip to land directly on the fingers rubbing her clit.

Her mind seemed to melt as she rubbed his cum onto her clit slickly causing wild sensations to permeate her entire being. He quickly stepped forward and the white stream hanging from his dick draped up her body as he quickly covered her from pussy to breasts.

Each hot load had her continuing to tense and shake. Once drained he smiled and bent and whispered to her, "Don't lock your bedroom door tonight sweetie", and walked down the hall towards the steps as he closed his robe and tied the sash at his waist.

Alexis finally calmed enough that she could rise and walk on weak legs back to her room. Once there she lay on her bed and allowed her hands to rub her dad's cum all over her breasts and down over her pussy.

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She couldn't get the sight of her dad jacking off over her out of her mind and soon she was again lost to the carnal throes the memory of his words provoked in her mind and body. She couldn't believe he hadn't yelled at her or anything.

Instead he looked like he wanted to fuck her right there. She liked the way it made her feel knowing he wanted to put his big dick in her and fuck her pussy or asshole. The thought of him coming to her room and actually touching her pussy, maybe eating her and fucking her young pussy had her both excited and scared to death.

She knew though that no matter how afraid she was she wanted her dad to fuck her, to feel his hard cock filling her pussy and cumming inside her. His dick was huge compared to her cousin's and she cum many nights thinking of how it would feel inside her all hot and throbbing. Those thoughts had her hand again twirling her clit and cumming until she collapsed back onto her bed gasping for breath.

She knew it was wrong at so many levels but she loved him and she knew he loved her so why shouldn't they express it physically. She knew she was kidding herself about the love part influencing her and that really she just wanted to feel what her mom had been feeling earlier.

The thought of her dad cumming in her mouth, pussy or her ass just made her crave it. She knew her door would be unlocked, she just wondered what he would do if he did come to her tonight. Her pussy thrilled at the possibilities. She lay back and closed her eyes as her breathing evened and she thought, I'll go take a shower in a few minutes.

She was fast asleep in less than two minutes as she lay there with cum drying over her entire frontal area. Kyle walked downstairs and found Layla in the kitchen and walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist and leaned down and whispered in her ear, "You just had to have some of this dick and couldn't wait could you sexy?" She turned and they kissed passionately.

Her hand pressed into his robe and she gripped his semi-erect cock as their tongues entwined and danced. She loved feeling him hardening in her hand and he was lengthening and swelling even quicker than usual. "Where's mom and Alexis", she asked him? "Jill is asleep in our room", and then he related what he had found outside their bedroom door when he came out and what had transpired between him and Alexis.

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"I think tonight may be the night sweetie so don't expect me", he told her. "I remember our first time dad, I was so scared you wouldn't like me or I'd do something wrong. I remember how bad I wanted to feel you in me too. I must have played with my pussy a few hundred times while pretending you were fucking me like you did mom. I'm gonna go put my robe on and check on Alexis and I'll be back", she said, before kneeling and placing his cock in her mouth and sucking him until he was good and hard.

Rising she smiled and said, "I guess there's still a little cum in those balls for me and I want it", and then walked out of the room swinging her beautiful ass exaggeratedly. Kyle and Layla had been fucking for a couple of years and he didn't even try to justify their actions anymore, he just accepted that she wants him sexually and he wants her so they fuck. They had deluded themselves at first that it was because they had so much love for each other, which is true.

But, they finally accepted that they were just turned on by their incestuous relationship. Seeing Alexis overwhelmed and lost to her sexuality knowing she had been watching him and Jill having sex had instantly aroused him.

He had to let her know that he too wanted her body in the same ways that she obviously was thinking of his. He had been aroused by her sweet ass since she was eleven or so but didn't want to influence her decision in any way. He wanted to just fuck her right where she lay earlier. He hadn't because he wanted her to be able to calm down and make that decision without her emotions aroused so that when he did approach her he would know it was really something she wanted to happen.

He sat stroking his dick remembering how Alexis had cum, how beautiful she was as her body betrayed her and wouldn't stop cumming even though she was embarrassed by his watching her. Her inability to stop as he watched her only intensified her orgasms. He saw the need for his cock displayed as an agonized pleading in her eyes as she watched him stroke his dick over her.

He couldn't wait to enjoy her young pussy while experiencing her inner passion. He was sure she was even hotter than her sister Layla. Layla had told him of Alexis fucking their cousin so she wasn't a virgin as Layla had been. He already had visions of the two of his daughters eating each other's pussies and other various threesome things.

His dick was aching for Layla's return. Layla stripped nude in her room and donned a robe and then peeked in on her sister and found her asleep still covered in their dad's cum. She thought about waking her up by licking her young pussy but then remembered her dad's hard dick awaiting her.

She started down the stairs but decided maybe she should check to make sure her mom was still asleep also. She walked to their door and glanced in and saw Jill still positioned as she had been while Kyle had been ass-fucking her with her ass held up by a couple of pillows under her hips. Her eyes were closed as she slumbered. Layla walked in quietly and stood behind her mother gazing at her cum filled asshole as her dad's cum dribbled from it and trailed down over her pussy and into it.

She was curious as to how her mother's pussy looked after being stretched so hugely by Omar's monstrous dick. She couldn't help but notice that her mom's pussy was still gaped from the fucking she had received earlier today. She smiled knowing the cum coating her labia and slowly oozing from her pussy was probably Omar's and her dad's.

How could he have fucked her and not felt her looseness after being stretched so hugely by that black dick she wondered. She had decided not to tell her dad unless her mom caught him fucking her or Alexis. As she stood there admiring her mom's gaped pussy Jill slowly rolled to her back and lay there with thighs spread widely and her hand laying upon her clit.

Her other hand reached out and felt the bed beside her as if seeing if Kyle was laying there. When she didn't feel him her eyes opened to find Layla standing at the foot of her bed with her hand at her mound. She grabbed the covers and pulled them over her and was about to ask her daughter what she was doing but before she could speak Layla said quickly, "Don't cover up mom, I like looking at you, you're so beautiful and sexy especially with cum dripping from you like that." Jill was embarrassed to know her daughter had been staring at her knowing she had been freshly fucked in the ass and pussy by the jism running from her.

But what really troubled her was the way her pussy clenched and clit pulsed hard with that knowledge. She pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them beneath the covers as she squeezed her thighs to the pounding in her clit. "I've already seen you mom so there's no sense in being shy now", Layla said as Jill noticed the passion expressed in her daughter's eyes and the way her tongue ran absent-mindedly over her lips leaving them gleaming with wetness in the light as she gazed at her mom.

"But honey it's just not something a mother should be showing her daughter", she said as her own gaze began adoring her daughter's nude body through the open front of her robe. Jill felt awkward as the thrills at her mound became so intense she was having to stifle moans in her throat and swallowing hard as her mind filled with thoughts of how her beautiful daughter would taste. She could feel her mind slipping into an abyss of carnality that she knew once she began falling her descent would quickly escalate till she was lost forever to any form of normalcy in her life.

Layla allowed her robe to fall to the floor exposing her young body completely to her mother's view as she slowly turned in a circle saying, "See mom, I'm not embarrassed for you to see me". Jill could not take her gaze from her daughter's body as she took in the shape of her breasts, her ass and the way her pussy proudly protruded.

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Her young daughter's nipples were erect and begged Jill's lips, but what really had her mesmerized was Layla's clit. It was swollen and pressing its pink tip from beneath its covering skin. It was then Jill realized that her daughter was aroused from seeing her cum filled orifices leaking cum. She swallowed hard as she said weakly, "You are beautiful Layla and you should be very proud of your body baby". God, jill thought to herself, how can I be thinking of fucking my own daughter?

She felt disgust at herself but that didn't stop the yearning in her pussy or the deep throbbing at her clit that had her breathing quickened and deep. Her mother's arousement was very obvious to Layla as she stared almost mesmerized at her nude body.

Her eyes seemed to glow from the seething need she knew her mom was feeling within her. Layla smiled as she took the covers in her hand and began pulling them down and off her mom while saying, "And you are also beautiful mom and you should be just as proud of yours, even prouder because you have as good a body or even better than I do and you're older than me".

Jill resisted at first, holding the covers on her legs but the sight of Layla's clit which was now fully engorged and standing out pronouncedly caused her hands to relax allowing the covers to slide from her and her legs to part exposing her own pulsing clit to her daughter's view. She saw the same hunger in Layla's eyes as she had the women eating her pussy at Omar's all those years ago. She allowed her mind to dive into the abyss as she lay back on the bed watching her daughter crawl between her now widely spread thighs.

She knew what Layla wanted and she had the same hunger burning within herself. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized that between Omar and her daughter her life would never be what it had been before today. She watched her daughter's tongue tentatively touch her taut bud causing a loud moan to escape her lips and her eyes to close. The sight of Layla's face between her thighs while feeling her mouth caressing her placed an insanity in her mind. She no longer tried to suppress her moans as Layla instinctively licked and sucked at her need.

Her mind was overwhelmed by all the taboos they were throwing aside as she allowed her daughter to lick at her pussy eagerly, her hips undulating, lifting, to allow her daughters incestuous tongue to easily enter her gaped, cum filled cunt.

Layla pressed her tongue deep in her mother's pussy as she used it to gather both men's cum and drink of it. Knowing Layla was enjoying her father's cum while knowing it was his had an insanity growing in Jill's mind.

Layla could actually taste the difference in flavor and texture of the two men's cum. Omar's was richer, thicker and formed lumps as she savored it on her tongue while her dad's was more watery and slimy.

She loved it all and hungrily licked and sucked it from her mom's pussy and then her asshole also. Jill's scent was intoxicating to her daughter and the heat her mom's pussy radiated against her face as she licked deep in her pussy was amazing. Layla knew if she touched her own pussy she would cum she was so aroused by their incestuous act. Then her gaze lifted to her mom's face as Jill pulled her to her pussy tightly, hips hunching, rolling as she ground her pussy into her daughter's tongue.

Layla felt the warm flood engulfing her tongue as she sucked at her mom's pussy. As she tensed she used both hands to hold her head tightly as her pussy clenched and squeezed, thighs tightly holding her daughters head trapped as she cum hard. Jill mashed Layla's nose to her clit so tightly her daughter couldn't breathe but Layla didn't care as her own body began tensing, her hand flying to grip her pussy between her squeezing thighs as they straightened behind her.

Jill's tensing, jerking orgasm finally began to subside and her thighs relaxed alongside Layla's face, hands releasing her as she lay gasping for breath. But Layla wasn't through with her mom just yet and her mouth rose to Jill's clit and she sucked hard while laving it with pressure.

Jill's reaction was immediate as she screamed, "No, no, oh god baby not again", as her hips out-turned presenting her pussy to her daughter's torrid sucking and licking caresses. An even stronger voltage like thrill coursed through her body causing her to tremble, then every cell of her body began quaking, shivers of intense pleasure spreading from her suctioned clit as her mind seemed to melt into the cauldron of her pussy as she cum harder than any woman had ever made her.

Her eyes gaped open widely as Layla inserted first her fingers in her pussy and then shoved her entire fist into her flooding cunt. Jill hunched strongly into her daughters pistoning fist as she loved the full feeling Layla presented her while sucking her clit simultaneously. Her orgasm became as one long tensing assault upon every cell of her body until her lungs locked, muscles tensing so tightly she knew they would rip from their tendons.

Jill felt such an intense love of her daughter as she expertly fulfilled and sated the hunger she had felt all these years for a woman's touch. Finally both their bodies stilled and they lay there panting as they tried to breathe, occasionally one of their body's would jerk and shudder as lightning like spasms tensed them with an aftermath of pleasure. "Did you like the taste of your dad's cum baby", Jill asked her as she ran her hand through her daughter's hair while feeling closer to her than ever before.

Layla's head was on her mom's groin as she lay there feeling safe and secure as her mom fondled her. In her relaxed composure she didn't think before replying, "I thought Omar's tasted better, it was thicker and more flavorful". As soon as she uttered it she realized what she had said and hoped her mom hadn't heard or understood her.

A long silence hung in the air and Layla felt her mom's body tense and she knew she had heard and understood her. Jill's voice trembled nervously and cracked as she said somberly, "You saw me didn't you Layla". Layla rolled onto her stomach with her chin on Jill's groin her gaze directed at her mom's face as she said, "Yes, and I heard you too. It was really hot mom. That guy had the biggest dick I've ever seen, even in porns online." "You think I'm a horrible person don't you? I never meant for that to happen today sweetie, he was someone I knew years ago before I met your dad.

I had fucked him way back then and today when he appeared, all those memories began flooding back and I got really hot and aroused and he just grabbed me and kissed me and the next thing I knew I had his dick in me and just lost it completely." "My god mom I don't blame you for fucking him, I'd love to feel him in me. You really used to fuck a black man way back then. I'm surprised your parent's didn't disown you especially Grandpa, he's always going on about nigger this and nigger that.

Did dad know you had fucked a black guy", she asked? "Nobody knew sweetie, I kept it hidden from everyone. You are the only person alive other than the people I had sex with at Omar's house that knows that about me", Jill confessed. "People, you mean you fucked other black guys at his house mom. Were you some kind of slut or what back then", she asked incredulously? "I didn't feel like it at the time because no one knew about it but me. But yes I guess when I was at his home I was about as big a slut as there was.

I was with men and women both and loved it all.

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Then I met and fell in love with your dad and I quit going there. I hadn't seen or heard from Omar until today and all those memories came flooding back especially the memory of how his cock felt inside me. I was determined I was not going to give in to those feelings and I made it all the way to the car and was moments away from leaving when he kissed me and began rubbing my body against his big dick and I just caved." "Would you care if he fucked me mom?

I haven't told anyone what I saw, not even Alexis. I got really hot watching him fuck you and I wanted to come over there and have him fuck me too. I almost followed him and told him I wanted to fuck him but you called right then." "Do you think you could get it in you sweetie, he's really, really huge.

I have to tell you Layla that once you fuck a dick like his, especially a black dick, you will always want to fuck black men. I hadn't fucked a black guy for all these years but whenever I masturbate I always think of the black guys I fucked at Omar's house and always want to fuck them. Your dad and you girls are all that kept me from doing it until today." "Mom, I heard you say today you'd never stop fucking him again, are you really going to again?" Jill thought about the possible consequences of telling Layla that yes she was going to as often as possible.

She knew she would want to go with her if she did and as much as she'd hate for her to become addicted to black cock, it would solve her having to worry about Layla telling someone what she was doing. Someone like her husband say. "Yes, after today I know I can't do without his dick anymore. Are you sure you want to become a black cock slut Layla because I assure you, you will if he fucks you?


Can you keep it a secret and not tell anyone, even Alexis or any of your friends, because if anyone finds out this family will be torn apart I'm sure. I don't ever want to lose your dad baby, I really do love him with all my heart. My body is all that Omar and his friends can have" Layla knew that even if her dad found out he couldn't say anything not with him fucking both his underage daughters.

"Will I have to fuck more than just him mom? I think I'd like to be with a few guys at once to see what it's like", Layla says. "You will be with a bunch of black guys and girls and white girls also honey and you'll love it I'm positive just as I did at your age. You'll have black dicks in your pussy, ass and mouth and hands all at the same time and have girls sucking your tits too baby", Jill told her.

"Oh god mom you're making my pussy wet thinking of all that", Layla informed her. "Well we'll have to do something about that baby girl", Jill said as she opened her drawer full of various size dildo's and realskin cocks and other vibrators and toys. She picked up a black cock about nine inches long and almost two inches thick and turned to her daughter and said, "This will be a good dick to begin you with and we'll work up to an Omar size cock before I take you to visit my friends.

Lay back on the bed sweetie and put your ass right on the edge so I can fuck you with this cock using my strap-on". Layla's chest was rising and falling rapidly as she thought of her mom fucking her with the black cock she had in her hand. She watched as her mom strapped on the big dick and it looked erotic as hell as she stood there with it jutting straight out from her groin.

It looked menacing as it swayed and bobbed as she walked to the bed. Jill lowered herself to the floor and knelt between her daughters open thighs before sitting down and admiring the young pussy in front of her. Layla's pussy was soaked thinking of her mother fucking her with that big black dick.

Layla watched her mom reach out and touch her thighs, run her hands over them before lifting them with her hands placed under her knees. Layla felt her hips rolling up, her pussy feeling naked and vulnerable as she watched her mother lower her head and begin kissing and licking the soft skin of her exposed inner thighs. Her mom's tongue felt warm as it initially touched her soft skin but the saliva it trailed over her felt cool as the air laved it. Layla couldn't prevent her hips from undulating as she felt her mom's tongue tormenting the skin between thighs and labia.

Her breathing was rapid and her pussy clenched and released with each exhaling of mom's warm breath as it caressed her inflamed mound. Knowing it is her mom licking around her pussy has her arousement escalating exponentially each second.

Her moans come fast and frequently as she is teased by warm licks and soft sucking all around her pulsing exposed clitoris. Jill sees her daughters asshole squeezing and relaxing as her pussy clenches with a yearning need.

She places her index finger into her daughter's moist vagina and allows Layla to fuck it by hunching her pussy as her moans escalate with the increased teasing she feels. Then her mom slides that soaked digit into her clasping asshole and feels that nerve rich muscle as Layla moans and squeezes it, hips moving as her ringed muscle milks her mom's finger.

Jill removes her finger and begins licking her daughter's asshole wetly. Each time Layla relaxes her asshole Jill slides her tongue into her hole and is rewarded by it squeezing instantly as she licks around the sensitive nerves there.

This time she presses two fingers into her ass and holds them there as her tongue slides between her labia and begins a slow licking along them. Layla's hips roll, ass squeezing the fingers impaling her there as her pride is dispelled and her inhibitions are fading fast and she pleads, "Eat me mom, oh god please eat my pussy".

Jill presses her tongue into the moist pit of her daughter's love and begins tasting her soft inner flesh as she licks and sucks at her sweet nectar. Her fingers spread inside Layla's ass causing her to moan, "Damn mom that feels so good, put some more in me, stretch me, I need something bigger in me".

A third finger enters her and elicits a quick hunching from Layla's hips as Jill finger fucks her daughters rolling asshole. Jill is hot, her clit pulsing as her daughter's reaction to her fingering her asshole drives her to stand and place the tip of the big black dong at her asshole and dripping spit down onto her gaping, pulsing hole before forcing its fat glans into her. Jill watches Layla's face as the pain of her stretching asshole has her fingers clenching the sheets in white knuckled fists and groaning, "Oh fuck its so big mom, its hurting me", and then as Jill forces the whole glans into her ass Layla screams, "Oh god don't move it, don't move it please." Jill holds it still and begins rolling Layla's clit under her thumb lightly until her daughter's hips begin undulating slowly and moans escape her lips as her breathing becomes deep and her hands move under her to pull her ass cheeks apart as she moans, "Fuck me, do it mom, fuck my ass with your black dick.

God I feel so full and stretched". Jill begins fucking her daughter's asshole while rubbing her clit slightly harder provoking Layla's body to begin writhing as her hunching matches Jill's stroking in her butt.

Layla squeezes her own breasts hard, her fingers pinching her nipples as her mom begins fucking her faster, driving her black cock deeper and deeper with each forceful thrust. With 6-7 inches of the dick impaling her daughter's asshole Jill lays down atop her and places her lips on Layla's and kisses her warmly as she fucks her asshole with long smooth strokes.

Layla's mind is as incensed as her body is inflamed as her mother's tongue slides past her lips to engage with her own before she begins sucking at her with a hunger borne of the deep fucking she is receiving in her asshole. The strap-on harness is mashing her clit with each deep thrust and subsequent grinding of her mom's hips. "You like having your asshole stretched by big black dick baby", Jill asked her daughter as Layla's ass gyrated, hunched up hungrily into her mom's hardest, deepest thrusts.

Jill loved the feel of her daughter's hands pulling at her ass, nails biting her flesh as the intensity she feels has her coming unglued. Jill lifts her thighs and holds them elevated with her outstretched arms as Layla's hips begin undulating, her head thrashing from side to side as she cries out, "Fuck me, oh god mom fuck me hard, please fuck me!" And when Jill does, her eyes roll back in her head and she quits breathing, lungs locked as every muscle in her body screams its intense joy as they tense.

Then, after what seemed an agonized eternity in her private heaven and a loud gasping for air&hellip."O.o.oh&hellip.g.g.god…s.s.sooo g.g.good mmmom…f.f.fuck ass&hellip.b.big……d.dick… m.much&!" Jill kisses her daughter's lips while continuing to pound her asshole forcefully then breaking the kiss says,"Omars dick is twice this big baby, we're going to both have to do some stretching before we go see him if we don't want to get ripped open.

Layla cums again hard before falling limp under her mom's body. Jill withdraws the dick from Layla's ass and bends and slides her tongue deep inside her daughter's pussy and stiffens it to tongue fuck her while drowning in her cum filled hole. Seeing Layla gazing down at her as her daughter's hips began undulating, lifting to Jill's deep laving filled her with the feeling she had craved to experience again for years. She watched Layla's arousement grow through her eyes, saw and felt her hands reach down to grasp her head as she began hunching roughly into her mom's face saying, "Oh god mom I feel it, feel your tongue inside me moving, oh fuck it feels so good.

Lick me mom, oh shit don't stop, oh fuck you're&'re&hellip.oh god I'm cumming…aaaiieeeeEEEEEEE". Jill excitedly began sucking and licking the warm fluids engulfing her tongue and smearing her face as she licked frenziedly while Layla held her to her pussy screaming and hunching uncontrollably. "ARRRGGGHHHH she growled as her hips hunched roughly into her mother's face. OH GOD MOM I LOVE YOU EATING MY PUSSY.don't stop, I'm cumming…oh god I can't stop mom…then aaaAAAAIIEEEE YES&hellip.YES", as Jill began sucking at her engorged clit.


Everything about her mom sucking her pussy crazily had Layla lost, completely overwhelmed by her arousement. Jill reached down and wiped the cock off with the top sheet and rose and roughly rammed it into her daughter's cunt and began fucking her roughly like most black men would. Layla's legs immediately wrapped her mom's waist and began pulling her pussy up into Jill's hardest thrusts, holding her pussy to the black cock ravaging her with its full length embedded to the harness holding it.

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Layla's arms held her mom tightly as she began trembling, tensing, driving Jill to fuck her faster, deeper until each thrust of her hips moved Layla's entire body as she screamed for her mom to fuck her harder, to give her that black dick.

Layla couldn't stop cumming as she felt her mom's soft skin beneath her fingertips while her pussy was stretched more than her dad ever had filled her. Layla gazed up into her mom's eyes and the passion she saw in them caused her pussy to tighten around the black cock she wielded so wonderfully.

She could see her mom's pleasure at dominating her, fucking her and coaxing her cum from her repeatedly as she hurt her deeply, ramming the cock into her so forcefully the pain added to the intense pleasure she felt as she tensed beneath her mom's body.

Jill looked down at her daughter and said, "You'll be fucked like this for hours by many, many different black men at Omar's house baby, fucked by men with cocks much larger than this one. Does knowing that turn you on?" "Yes! Yes!, oh god yes mom, I want that so badly, want to be fucked and fucked, used and made to do things to their black cocks&hellip.ohhhhhhhhhhhgodddddd…&hellip.fuck me……oh fuck yes…I do want that mom I'm cumming, I'm cumming&hellip.oh goddd I can't stop…FUCK ME HARD MOM!!!

Oh fuck mom, I want Omar to fuck me like he fucked you today……I want to feel his big black dick fucking me.ohhhhhhhh god mom I can't quit cumming, you're killing me…don't stop…hurt me&hellip.oh god yes…yes…DOIT MOM.aarrgghhhhhHHHHHHHHH……&hellip.unh………UNH……UNH…&hellip.oh goddddddYES.", she screamed as tears ran down her cheeks and she sobbed from the immense pleasure her mom was placing in her pussy as she teased her mind with her words.

Jill rolled her over until she was sitting astraddle her hips with the cock fully in her daughter's body. "Show me how you'll fuck the black men at Omar's baby, make yourself cum on my black cock. Layla began hunching into the dick, rubbing her clit against the harness before stopping and saying, "The harness is irritating me mom and I'm afraid I'll get sore.

Jill rolled her to her back and rose and walked to her dresser while undoing the straps and allowing it to drop to the floor. She rummaged through the drawer and then held up a long double headed dong, black and huge, thicker than the cock she was using moments before and smiled and said, "This will take you to a new level sweetie and we'll both enjoy it.", as she threw it to Layla. Layla immediately began trying to force it up into her pussy without much success.

Jill walked towards her holding a bottle of clear liquid up while shaking it at her saying, "You'll be needing this with that big boy baby&hellip.LUBE!" It took some effort but soon they were laying pussy to pussy hunching into the big cock as it buried deeper and deeper into each one of them.

They were moaning and hunching, their bodies writhing in a pained pleasure as they ground against the huge glans's stretching their deepest walls. That was what Kyle found when he finally realized that Layla wasn't coming back. His dick hardened immediately and his surprise was complete seeing his wife so utterly lost to what she was feeling as her and her daughter moaned and pushed against each other's pussies as they strove to shove all the huge dildo completely into their cunts.

How did she do that he wondered, Jill wasn't the type to engage in any form of incest, but, he thought, neither was I until she decided she wanted my cock in her tiny pussy.

He wanted to join them but he had another young pussy that he suspected wanted his dick for the first time. To be continued if the votes warrant it!